The known areas in which the future is going to be exploited in areas in terms of the technology are:

  • High speed Air Travel
  • Space Exploration
  • Energy Generation
  • Telecommunciation
  • Warfare

We also know FinTech, Financial Technology is also going to impact a lot of people and a,ot of lives in the next few years.

But, not many people know about this thing called Emotional Technology. This is going to be the future.

We are talking about things where technology can understand human patterns & human behaviour and guide us in the best possible way.

Actuslly I am looking at this from a very positive note because this can really create a much better and a peaceful world. I’ll tell you exactly how.

There are 4 things that are coming up when it comes to Emotional Technology:

1. Mood Reader

This is a technology where it helps you understand, based on your heart beat, your pulse, your interests and the way you’ve been living your life.

Technology can read your mind and tell you what your mood is like and based on that, can help people establish better relationships.

The mood reader concept is quite interesting. If you want to know more about this, go to and type “future life”.

I’ll give you access to that more detailed video with what I am talking about here.

2. Spouse Finder

All these dating sites, all these matrimony sites there right now, is going to be history.

Spouse finder is a technology again based on data, based on user patters, AI (Artificial Intelligence) will actually tell you whether you are compatible with the other person or not.

In the traditional times, we used astrology. Astrology also does something similar.

Based on the time you are born and based on the alignment of the planets, its also very scientific.

But imagine taking that as well as modern technoogy and technology devices which are already measuring every single thing that you do,

It will know if youre both enjoying your own space, if your confidence off sets that anxiety, if her honesty offsets her trust issues and this whole thing called the Spouse Finder is going to be the next big thing.

I’m talking within the next 10 years.

In the year 2030, 2040, this is going to be a normal thing for all of us.

3. Socretes

Socretes is a philosopher where he emphasised on the point that every person needs to understand their true purpose live for themselves.

So, we’re talking about Socretes in a technology form. Socretes as a wearable life coach. Imagine you’re wearing a fitbit.

Down the line, you’re going to be wearing a wearable device where Socretes will help you make decisions in life based on the right values, morals and ethics and so on.

Based on your patters and really what your purpose in life with.

We are not talking about just doing the regular AI work here. We are talking about something more emotional here thats why its called Emotional Technology.

Getting married is emotional, making the right decisions in life is emotional. Moods, its all to do with emotions.

You want to know more about this, go to and type “futurelife”.

4. Career Locator

Career locator also based on whether your background, your up bringing, and based on your basoc traits as a human being and there is a lot of places to measure that, this technology will actually help you make the right decisions regarding your career.

For example, it will tell you if you’re suitable to be a farmer or an accountant, or whatever careers that maybe there in the future.

And farming is definitely one of the big careers in the future by the way … Food, all of us need food.

No matter what technology and progress is happening, its high time that people start going back to the roots and also getting into how to start growing your own food.

So, you have technology that can evaluate and tell you more.

So, there is a lot more in this. I am not going to spoil the suspense. I’ve just given you a snapshot.

But, like I said, go to this website – and just type “furutelife” and you’ll get access to that video from where I am getting all this information from.

So, I am always searching for neww stuff & intersteing things that can transform my life and other people’s lives.

As soon as I come up with something really cool, I just thought of sharing it with all of you today.

Go check it out, have fun, make a note of it and start thinking out of the box.

Its hightime you start getting ready for the future and its coming much faster than you think it is. Cheers.

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