I used to struggle a lot in my business to make money. I had all the knowledge, but it never really reflected in my bank account.

And as I was decoding my personal journey in the last 25 months, I realized that I actually cracked through 9 layers. 4 of them are external and 5 of them are internal layers.

External Layers

  • Product
  • Systems
  • Sales
  • Traffic

Internal Layers

  • Productivity
  • Goal Clarity
  • Self Talk
  • Purpose
  • Love

By the end of this podcast, you’ll have the answers to why you may not be getting results as expected. Listen to this till the end and take action.

Learn the formula that over 7000+ experts are using to scale up.

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Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    65 replies to "9 Layers You Need To Break Through To Become Unstoppable"

    • Sudipta Sawant

      I loved listening to this. You truely said that internal layers make a huge difference! I hv experienced that! Love accompanied with compassion can do wonders. Thanks Sidz for starting this community.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you Sudipta!!

      • Deepshikha

        It’s epic Siddharth and reminded me of book by Brain weis… it’s very important to operate with love and everything will fall
        In place .. more power
        To you digital Monk

      • Nischal Modi

        Really inspiring! Thanks Sidz.

      • Satish Deshpande

        This is really good point which you have given of 9 points to taken care to be successful in digital marketing It’s Really Great Thanks so much for making the growth in any work

    • Amit GUPTA

      Its very inspiring !

    • Khairunissa

      Really its make sense and what a deep study.
      God bless you always.
      When ever I hear you it’d give me something new to learn.
      Thank you Sidz.
      I am grateful to be part of your community.
      Lots to learn from you.

    • Hetal

      A clear inside outside relation to everything we do. It calls for introspection & retrospection! Good !

    • Erva

      I felt as if I am coming by out of the layer by layer.
      Great analogy, described in detail beautiful concept in a simple way ↕️

    • Puneet Kumar

      Hi Siddharth,

      I am part of your community. Whenever things become tough on this earth. God sends his messengers to make necessary corrections and you are one of them. Every day I listen to you and my above thought gets converted into a strong belief.

      Thanks a lot and keep changing lives of millions and millions of people.

      God bless you. 🙏🙏

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        The feeling is mutual Puneet! Great to be virtually connected with you. We are on this journey together.



    • Gurdev singh Kalsi

      I learnt that , ofcourse all the 9 points are important, but the magic stand , to get out from cycle of birth and death.

    • Buddhi Raj Sharma

      Love, I love this. Anything done out of love will take us much higher. I am impressed by the layers. Thank you

    • Radhika

      I’m listening to this podcast for the second time and it yet again aligned me to my goal. My learning from today’s listening is to not lose sight of the bigger picture, get feedback and keep improvising my knowledge product, to begin influence building, positive self talk, self-love and being truly productive.
      Grateful for your guidance.

    • Punit Jaiswal

      This is really impacted my mind and getting more clear and powerful after listening to you.
      Now I would love to listen every day along with strangest secret .
      Thanks for great massage and more power to you.

    • Jigar Patel

      Very Inspiring and very deep touched layers.
      -External Layers require for Business purpose
      – Internal layers is ultimate because if you clear in this 5 layer then you win every aspacts of life and in terms of building a bussiness point of view then it is Foundation principle step which is not changes with time…this is ultimate foundation of life or building of any bussiness.

    • Vaishali Herode

      Very beautifully said, cover all the essence of Life, Mission, vision, Love, Purpose…… And last is the spiritual aspect……

    • Rajesh Kumar

      Ya it’s great and soooo inspiring but I am don’t know about digital marketing basic level. How do I start this journey and transform my life style. pls help me sir and guide me.

    • Sindhu Varma

      Hi Sidz. The first time I attended your webinar, I could make out that you were a deeply spiritual person and that. more than anything else, drew me to become an ILH member.
      Being in your community for the past one year, I realize that you have been helping us to crack these 9 layers time and again through different forums and mediums. So most of them – the internal ones mainly – have been busted pretty well 🙂 Loved what you said about purpose and it obliterates the avarice angle of making money completely.
      From a person who wanted to be perfect in people’s eyes to someone who is content and free to be one’s own self, I have come a long way in loving myself. Need to refine on that emotion lots more!
      Thank you Sidz for sharing your experience and guidance.

    • Mike Searles

      Thanks Sidz. Useful, as always. I’m working on my outer layers at the moment. Especially 9/Product and 8/System.


    • Mridula Pillai

      What an indepth study of all the 9 layers. I was exploring myself with each and every layer while listening to it. Mind blowing, great insights. I will listen to this particular podcast everyday, really inspiring. Thanks Sidz once again.

    • Karthik

      Thank you for the amazing Podcast Sidz. It’s a different game when you focus from inside towards out.
      So many companies are built thinking first about the product and then later go on to discover why people don’t love the product.
      Only when you start with love and end with Product can one prosper, and definitely cannot forget all the other 7 layers inbetween!

    • basanta

      Very deep podcast.I am regularly follow your content.Still i have not clear about my clarity.

    • Mahathi Gorthi

      I am really thrilled to see the layers unfold
      And the last and the number one layer being Love.
      Wonderfully put together
      Thanks sidz for the amazing teaching 🤝👏

    • Satheesh Veliyath

      This podcast hit me like a tornado. Sometimes going through the course curriculum I do feel why not skip some videos and go the meat of the course and learn how the systems are build etc. But today I realized how thoughtful you have been in designing the curriculum in such a sequential fashion and how the dosage should be.

      For me, the biggest takeaway was the first layer itself. Love for myself, the Creator, and others have not been in the most consistent form as it should be which is clearly reflecting in my purpose, the indefinite chatter in my head, the lack in my clarity, and obviously the damage in productivity it causes.

      I will definitely put more and more effort into working on the inner layers first and n no matter of time my results will speak with the progress in the outer layers.

      Thank you Sidz for such an immense valuable podcast.MPTY!

    • Satheesh Veliyath

      This podcast hit me like a tornado. Sometimes going through the course curriculum I do feel why not I skip some videos and go the meat of the course and learn how the systems are build etc. But today I realized how thoughtful you have been in designing the curriculum in such a sequential fashion and how the dosage should be.

      For me, the biggest takeaway was the first layer itself. Love for myself, the Creator, and others have not been in the most consistent form as it should be which is clearly reflecting in my purpose, the indefinite chatter in my head, the lack in my clarity, and obviously the damage in productivity it causes.

      I will definitely put more and more effort into working on the inner layers first and n no matter of time my results will speak with the progress in the outer layers.

      Thank you Sidz for such an immense valuable podcast


    • Srimaya Mahapatra

      Loved the “Onion Analogy”.

      I could visualize how one by one we need to peel off the 4 external and 5 internal layers. The way you have presented the information was powerful yet simple!

      After listening to this I realized that I need to work on:

      > layer 9 – make my product more awesome and simplified

      > layer 7 – need to fine tune my selling process

      > layer 6 – need to maintain consistency in influence building to draw traffic

      > layer 5 – need to focus on 12 most productive tasks a week

      > layer 3 – this is “was” a very big one for me. Now it has reduced, the self talk following your foot steps of listening to Strangest Secrets but I gotta work more on this


      Thank you so much Sidz

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Anand Nair

      9 Layers…9 Priceless Nuggets of Knowledge so deeply entwined to success! Every one of the layers had both depth and meaning. A brilliant session of empowerment!!

    • Sindhu Varma

      Thanks to you, Sidz, I have almost cracked the five internal layers and working on the external layers now.

      My takeaways:
      1. Build a product or service, simplify it to a form that can be easily consumed and used by your customer. Th product should also address a very real need, a pain point of the customer.
      2. Automated systems – systems give us freedom. Build your systems yourself first. Systems is for growth of your business. Have different systems in all dimensions of your work. For example , productivity system as well as digital systems.
      3. Selling – 2 reasons why this layer is tough. One is that people don’t have a good product which solves a problem in the market and two, there are self conscious while selling.
      4. Traffic generation – very important layer as no sales without it. People feel lots of money needed for generating traffic. But organic and meaningful connections can be nurtured through various social media platforms as well.
      5. Productivity – Plan only 3 major items a day. Do not procrastinate. Do only important tasks that will further your business. Delete, ignore, delegate or outsource the rest.
      6. Clarity – lack of clarity in goals, in niche, in target market will lead to procrastination, productivity etc.
      7. Self talk – chatter which happens inside your head. Negative self talk will keep us chained. Listen to the audio “Strangest Secret in the World” twice a day.
      8. Purpose – Have a true purpose; one which is bigger than you. Making money is a good purpose to start with. As you grow, your true purpose will evolve. Time freedom, Financial freedom.
      9. Love – Operate from a space/core of love. Love for Universe, creator, others and your product. Things will become clearer if you love what you are doing. Need to love people to succeed in this business.

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Mansha Roy

      Thank you sir for sharing this knowledgeable podcast and giving us the information about the 9 Layers To Break Through.
      My learnings from this podcast are‐
      Internal Layers ‐
      1. Love– Your core is love. If you do not operate to your business & life with the core element of love nothing is going to ever matter. Love for yourself, love for supreme lord & love for others. So when you love your creator, love yourself & love others then your purpose will get so much more clear, your self talk get so much clearer, your goal will get so much clearer etc.
      2. Purpose ‐ If you don’t have a strong purpose that’s going to fuel negative self talk. Because when you are very clear about your purpose in life then your self talk will start to get so much more clearer.
      3. Self Talk– Self talk is the chatter that happens inside your head while you are doing other things. People who have a negative self talk, who do not believe in themselves, who feel very affraid and who are driven by fear and scarcity and lack of resources the negative self talk will actually not move them towards their right goals. Listen to strangest secret in the world to remove the negative self talk.
      4. Goal Clarity ‐ Clarity on goals, clarity on exactly what you want, clarity on what is your niche. So lack of clarity in goals, lack of clarity in niche, lack of clarity in target market all of this will lead to procrastination, lack of productivity, lack of efficient use of time. Clarity in goals are really important.
      5. Productivity ‐ The key to productivity is to find out which are the areas which are really serving you more or which are the high impact activities you need to focus only on that area. Outsource the rest & delegate the rest.
      External Layers–
      6. Traffic – Without traffic nothing is going to happen because only if you generate traffic & leads will you even have a opportunity to sell something you have then your product and system will start to work. Nothing is going to work unless you have a constant steady, consistent stream of targeted responsive traffic. If can also generate free traffic by influence building & emotional connection.
      7. Sales– In this layer if you are not generating sales it’s because of two reasons 1. They have not created a product a product which is congruent with themselves and which is not solving problem in target market. They cannot see the value in their product and sales are not high. 2. Sometimes knowledge givers coaches, trainers, speaker, author, mentors they find it difficult to sell and they get conscious when it comes to selling. They are not looking sales as a system they are looking at sales as something where they just have to do it and they get stuck in the whole process of asking for money.
      8. Systems– You got to built your system yourself first. Once you understand how it works then outsource it to others. The purpose of the systems is to grow your business. Having clear cut systems in different dimensions of your business. You can have a system on number of days you want to work. You need to have your website which is the system, to have your learning management system and you need to have your community system or private network.
      9. Products ‐ You need to have a great product to sell. In the knowledge business the product is the course. If you don’t have a solid product and if have not crack through that layer of going & doing research and building a super super product that the market can really resonate with and a product where people are going through with were able to get there information in a very simplified and sublimed way that is the first layer you have to break through.

    • Sonu Singh

      The podcast of the 9 Layers to be clear actually gives more clarity about whatever project we are involved in life.

    • Dr. Fatima

      It’s an amazing journey with your Sidz.
      I am a diamond member and learning a lot from you and this community each day.
      Discovering new ideas helping me a lot to build my structure with the 9 layers you explained beautifully. You are not only a couch for me but you are a role model for me which I want to build my community and nurture them like you are doing with positivity.
      Thanks for sharing this podcast. I love to hear from you more in different aspects.

    • sankar Seshan

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILHsociety

      my perspectives / take aways

      A podcast to analyse yourself from great external to internal journey for the path to success

      External 1 — . A great product should speak for itself and take the user through the least path of resistance. Have a unique product or service which has got your signature
      External 2 – your Systems ( Eg: digital marketing , learning management systems etc should service your purpose of enabling the business . Systems should not be an impediment . This point Always resonates with Sidz’s statement of “People fail – Systems Do not “”
      External 3 – Sales should be happening consistently. Sales should be seen as systems through “Value exchange “. Example Webinar selling formula
      External 4 – Traffic generation and leads. Constant and consistent responsive trafic is very vital . Influence building through emotional connect through organic mode through free platforms like facebook is an example

      Internal -1 – Productivity is very important . This resonates always with Sidz’s statement of ” it is all about energy management . Time management is a myth”” priorotisation and focus on high impact activities .
      Internal -2 – Clarity precedes mastery. Clarity of goals, Niche , target market is very very important. Else procrastination sets in
      Internal – 3 – positive Self talk or Positive Subconscious influencing is very important , This is to avoid pull down factors like lack of confidence, scarcity thinking . This layer is very very important. If you can crack this Mindset layer – all external layers and the above 2 internal layers will make things happen.
      Internal -4 The layer of Purpose – Why you are in this World and the higher spiritual Goal for which you are striving for should resonate in your all actions . External purpose can be a starting point. Nothing wrong in aspiring and working towards your financial goals . This resonates with “More Money with Good People will do more good to the world””
      Internal – 5 – the layer of LOVE . the core of operation should be LOVE . Love for self, supreme lord and fellow human beings – purpose gets solidified all the above layers are byproduct.

    • Sofia Joghee

      Peel to Heal and Feel the Freedom!
      External Layer:
      Layer 9: Viable Product – Prepare a good Product and test the demand in Market
      Layer 8: Systems – Digital, Network, and Process – Automate With For a God Mode!
      Layer 7: Sales – Product to be congruent with themselves, or not what the market wants, Sales Physocology resistance needs to be overcome. Sale is a System
      Layer 6: Traffic – Targetted Traffic – paid marketing, Influence building, emotional connection with 10 people a day, 5 days a week for 20 days on social media

      Internal Layer
      Layer 9: Productivity – 4 days a week, 3 tasks per day = prioritized 12 tasks per day. See what is high impact activities and delegate the rest
      Layer 4: Clarity in Goals – Clarity in Goals, Niche, target market to be more productive
      Layer 3: Self Talk – Strangest Secret Listening, Chatter that happens inside the head when you are working on something. Helps overcome the scarcity mindset.
      Layer 2: Purpose – why do you do what you do..should be strong to keep you going even when the environment is not supportive
      Layer 1: Love – There is a deeper love for yourself and others to help identify the purpose and everything will fall in place. Nothing else would matter if there is no Love. That’s what you are!

      This is something we need to come back and check which is the layer to peel.


    • Yogesh

      it is all about helping people instead holding information with yourself.

      9. Product – we needs to have a product or service to sell. Create a prodcut which simplify the information. it is all about simplifying the information in this era of internet.
      8. Digital Systems – Build system yourself first and outsource later. Purpose of the Digital System is to grow your business.S. ystem needs to be work for us
      7. Sales – breakthrough the sales and master the sales process.Create value exchange sales is a system. we an become good in sales by following the step by step system.
      6. Traffic -paid marketing is one form of marketing, we an do free marketing by doing following influence building formula taught by sidz.

      5 Internal layers to fix to become sucesss in life….

      5. Productivity – find out the high priority activities and more focus on that and outsourse the rest.
      4. Goal Clarity – lack of clarity in goal lead to procastination, if you stuck in clarity then no system will work. write goals daily on paper, read affirmations.
      3. Self Talk – listen to earl nightingle regularly to win over self talk, this is really magical i am getting lots of ideas related to what i want to achieve in my life.
      2. Purpose – if i am clear about purpose of my life then i would get more clarity in my thoughts. I feel without haveing purpose one cannot achieve long term goals.
      1. Love – if you Love yourself, love others then your purpose get more clear, your self talk get more clear and you will becocme more productive, external layers are bioprocuts.


    • Amar Pratap

      Thanks for an amazing realization Sidz,

      My Take away are below:
      1- Love – I should Love myself, my creator and my people and follower
      2- Purpose- I should have strong Purpose to grow, Lack of Purpose leads to Negative Self Talk
      3- Self Talk – I will listen Strangest Secret daily without fail to conquer self-talk
      4- Clarity in GOAL- I should have strong clarity on my goals
      5- Productivity- 3 TASK Per Day x 4 Day a Week = 12 Task Per week
      6- Traffic- Organic- Influence Building, Providing Values, Emotional Connect
      7- Sale- My Product and Offer should be worthy so that automatic sale can happen
      8- System- TO grow in any business clear cut system is required (such as – Website, LMS, Community, Lead Magnet, etc)
      9- Product- I should have strong Product which resonate with people, my course should be problem solver

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks,Amar! This is just the beginning 🙂 the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!


      Hi Sidz,
      Through this poadcast realize my beatuful life different as what i leaving current lifestyle
      I will run behind that

      9 Product – Need to clear more & qualitative & more creative Should be Unique

      8. Systems – Automation is very imp to scaleup our business

      7. Sales – Sale is Service

      6. Traffic – When we came traffic required more consistancy regular posting on time our camunity will grow within short time

      5. Productivity – Day / week / Month Work planing to be more punctual & 100 % on work comments

      4. Goal Clarity – Need to be more clear about what need to make in life

      3. Self Talk – Need to be positive things always in lifelong & need to be more confident ourself

      2. Purpose – our Inenation to solve the people problems, Direct them into right path

      1. Love – 1st need love ourself, love work what we do, Love family , love friends, Love peoples

    • Yashoda Devadiga

      This podcast reveals your spiritual nature. You have beautifully entwined the external layers dependency on the internal layers. We are all creations of the mighty creator (Supreme Energy, Universe, God…) Every being on this planet is his creation. So love oneself and others too. It can be compassion, caring, affection, anything. When we love or care for others, the purpose should be to help or serve others from the bottom of our heart. ‘What we sow we reap’. In return the Universe will take care of us and our problems (obstacles). Being a spiritual person myself I feel the ultimate purpose of our life is to have liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The purpose of our soul is liberation but being in physical body one has to fulfill all responsibilities towards one’s family. For that vitamin M (money) is important and to earn this one needs to be successful in accomplishing the external layers. If we start with our inner journey(soul journey) and connect with the higher self, we are bound to receive help in the form of knowledge, guidance, support for whatever is stopping us from being successful. Everything will follow as they are all by-products.

      Thank you for the awakening


    • geeta

      Thank you for such an inspiring and enlightening discourse. loved each word you said. Gratitude.

    • Geeta Sahai

      It was extremely encouraging and inspirational. I always wonder that why am I not able to achieve what I dream though I have done everything…
      You have explained with such clarity the 9 layers. Loved each and every word. It made me see where am I going wrong. I am confident that with self-analysis I shall be able to cross the bridge. My most important lesson is a Purpose-having bundle of negative thoughts though appearing positive…and of course vitamin M.
      Thank you Sidz.


      My takeways are;
      9. Product/service has to be solid. Those are to be in a simplified knowledge and taking Ur students to their finishing line in a most easiest way at least resistance.

      8. Systems is a tough layer a lot of people stuck and the purpose of system is to grow your business. To crack this layer u has a clear cut system in different dimensions.

      7. Sales is a step by step process to follow. If you are not generating sales, they’re are 2 reasons for it;
      a. Created product/service not solving target market problems
      b. Sometimes knowledge givers like coaches, trainers find difficult to sell and they concious to selling.

      6. Traffic generation is what people think get it by paying money. But there is organic free traffic generation method (i.e, influence building) E.g; 10members*7days*4weeks*2months=560 members as a community.

      5. Productivity is a biggest layer if one can fix it they can move faster. Bring most priority tasks first which serves u more and delegate least priority tasks to others or outsourcing it.

      4. Goal clarity is a layer because of they lack clarity in goals,niche, efficiency of time. This is to make money for business, by making ur hobbies etc.

      3. Self talk is the chatter to that happens in your mind while doing other things. It can be controlled by listening strangest secret by “AL NIGHTINGALE” can create a positive mindset.

      2. Purpose is to be specific and why are you doing this(i.e, MISSION). They prosper themselves to have more time, financial freedom and they can express themselves to focus on true purpose.

      1. Love is the core element of all these 9 layers. If you love yourself,god, other people and make big difference in their life.

      Thank you sidz, for giving me a lot to learn from u and make my learnings improved day by day.

      #ilh family
      #ilh deep learner

    • Ujjwal Abhishek

      The most effective and useful podcast. Not only for Knowledge Givers but for every other business.
      It made me thing and rework on all the layers. Thanks a lot Sidz for touching some of the most critical principles of running a successful knowledge business. Sincere Gratitude 🙏

    • Sanjay Biswas

      I love the reverse engineering of the 9 layers. Going through the 9th layer and then reaching to 1st layer LOVE makes such a sense. Understanding what love means, makes all the lower layers so much clearer. Great explanation, very impactful.

    • Chandra

      Helping others is the main aim
      Four external layers we need to peel
      + Product is the offering we give. Build, structured in a simplified way.
      + Systems should be built. Missing the point, tools are to help them. Having clear cut system to work. System of functions. 4 day a week. Traffic, automation,not mastering them.
      + Sales. Great product and systems. But not getting result. Value exchange not happening.
      + Traffic generation. Stuck. Lot of money they need is assumed. Emotional traffic formula works
      + Internal layers
      Productivity. Time management. Structure and prioritise.
      + Clarity in niche and goals. Lack of productivity.
      + Self talk. Chatter that happens inside the head. People who are afraid or scared won’t move.
      + Make things happen. Purpose. That should be clear. Serve others.
      + Love for yourself and God and other people. All will be clear.

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