You wake up in the morning.

Your coffee comes to you.

You have a shower and you open your wardrobe.

You pick your dress for the day without any decision making as it’s planned.

Your meals for the week are pre-planned for optimum performance.

You open a few apps on your smartphone and you view every aspect of your business, personal health and schedules. 

This gives you an amazing feeling to control & freedom.

Your business processes are automated.

All you need to do is make the right decisions based on the data you see.

Your essential routines and fun elements are also systemised to ensure peak performance in your life. 

If you’re envisioning to live such a lifestyle then this video is for you.

A lot of us end up wasting a lot of time leading unproductive lives because we do not identify the tasks that can be automated. 

Role Of Automation In Daily Life

“Life automation” as a concept which is slowly gaining popularity all over the world with people beginning to take control over their lives by getting more disciplined in the areas which matter the most.

Here’s the 10 key areas in your life which can be automated:

  1. Personal Finances

    You can ensure that your finances are allocated properly into the different buckets (taxes, savings, charity, general, business operations) as soon as any income hits your checking account. Automating this process will help you get better control over your money.

  2. Diet

    Make a list of your favourite healthy foods. Get them on a calendar. Then educate your cook or anyone at home to help you execute that schedule. If you don’t follow 100%, you’re still much better off than binging based on your will.

  3. Home

    Today, we can go to the extent of controlling every part of the home from your smartphone device. But what I’m talking about mainly is in how you can declutter your home and have everything in its place for a start. Your home cleaning, car cleaning, sofa cleaning all can be set into a schedule.

  4. Shopping

    We all buy monthly provisions and shop for the same kind of things. Why not systemise this by working with vendors/suppliers to get all the stuff we need on specific days of the month. This can help you save a lot of time in meaningless shopping.

  5. Your Day

    Chunk your day into 3 parts. Your morning routine, the first half and the second half. If you plan your highest impact activities into these buckets, then it will give you more leisure time. Ensure you have a well-planned calendar. All you need to do is wake up and know what you have to do for that day.

  6. Daily Wear

    I have very few clothes for myself, but that gives me the freedom to pick anything from my wardrobe and wear them without thinking too much. Best the best quality stuff. Pay for it. But keep it minimal.

  7. Laundry

    Did you know that there are many on-demand laundry services? Just try any one of them, get on a subscription and automate this entire process on when they need to come pick up, complete and deliver your clothes.

  8. Fitness

    You cannot automate your personal fitness, but you can prioritise it and systemise it by getting an accountability partner. You can choose any type of fitness, but follow through. 

  9. Travel

    One way to automate travel is to work with a travel agent, then you going thru all the portals to buy tickets. If you’re traveling locally on Uber, etc. then use your ride time learning or any other productive task.

  10. Business

    If you’re “in” your business, then you’re not free. If you’re “on” your business, then you have the flexibility to do bigger things. In my Freedom Business Blueprint, you will learn how to build a real business that sets you free. 

In essence, it all comes down to a mindset shift.

The more you spend time in planning each of these areas, higher the chance of you systemising it.

How do you automate your life? Share your comments below.