If you have been thinking about building your personal brand online, then you will get a whole bunch of useful tips and strategies in this post.

Having been in the online space consulting with people like Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, Brian Tracy and more, I personally had the opportunity to study and work with top influencers.

Why Is Personal Branding Important

As Amazon’s Jeff Bezos points out, “branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

People buy from people. Period.

According to a recent article on Forbesauthenticity is key in the digital age. A strong personal brand can yield tremendous ROI whether you are working with an organization or leading one.

value of personal branding

Whether you like it or not, your customers will buy from you only if they like & trust you.

By defining your personal brand and by branding yourself online in the right way, you’ll have a higher chance of attracting the right customers to you than ever before.

Here are some of the reasons why I recommend that every single person needs to have their own personal branding strategy:

  1. The world is growing fast in the digital space. You need to be visible.
  2.  By showing casing your word and by increasing your credibility online, you will have the opportunity to attract more customers online.
  3. Your vibe will attract your tribe.
  4. Creating a personal brand identity for yourself will give your audience your flavour.
  5. By getting active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter your can expand your reach across the world. The world is your marketplace.

How To Build Your Personal Brand Online

Having studied online personal branding for years, I have boiled this down to 10 smart steps.

Brand Yourself or Get Extinct

The world is growing really fast. I hope you have understood by now the importance of personal branding. Ultimately, it boils down to action and consistency.

personal branding strategy

Are you going to do this or not?

In the video above, I’ve given you a personal branding strategy.

These 10 steps on building your personal brand online will immensely help you grow your influence, impact and income on the internet.

But to grow further, you’ll need to be a part of a community that inspires you to succeed.

Wishing you all the best on your personal branding journey online!