What is the secret to lucrative affiliate marketing?

Source: https://www.hubspot.com/state-of-marketing

Well, regardless of how content-driven the affiliate marketing space may seem, effective affiliate marketing is always a direct result of excellent data analysis and appropriate execution. See for yourself!

Source: https://www.hubspot.com/state-of-marketing

But crunching the numbers for every marketing campaign you run can get downright tedious. Not to mention, you typically need different tools for tracking different campaigns.

However, understanding data and testing out different strategies are some of the most essential affiliate marketing skills. You can’t improve your outputs if you can’t measure them.

In this post, we’ll be reviewing ClickMagick, which seems like a promising solution that both crunches numbers and removes the need for using multiple tracking tools.

It is an all-rounded marketing measurement software built to improve ROI – and we will analyze all of ClickMagicks’ features to understand who it’s right for.

ClickMagick Features

ClickMagick is a feature-rich software that enables you to track links on any platform and device. It also helps you track entire sales funnels!

But that’s not all. There’s a lot more you can do with ClickMagick!

Here’s a quick overview:

Sales Funnel TrackingAvailableLimited
Tracking Existing Links or Creating New OnesAvailableLimited
Cross-Device TrackingAvailable
Unlimited Custom Tracking DomainsAvailableVery expensive
Advanced Geotargeting And Mobile OptimizationAvailableLimited
Automated and Intelligent Split TestingAvailableLimited
Automatic Bot Filtering/BlockingAvailable
Click Fraud Monitoring and Traffic Quality AnalysisAvailableLimited
Multi-Mode RotatorsAvailableLimited
Add Retargeting Pixels to Any LinkAvailable
Customized Facebook SharingAvailable
Bulletproof Link CloakingAvailableLimited
Lightning-Fast Link RedirectsAvailableLimited

Needless to say, the suite has a lot to offer.

After thoroughly analyzing ClickMagick, we’ve created a list of highlights that covers the features you’ll likely find the most useful regardless of your current standings in marketing.

Supports All Platforms

You won’t need to find alternative tools to track your ads on different platforms once you get ClickMagick.

The software works with almost every advertising platform there is, including Instagram and LinkedIn!

The multi-platform compatibility, coupled with ClickMagick’s cross-device tracking features enable you to target and retarget customers across advertising platforms on all of their devices!

Visibility of your brand is maintained across the devices they use, maximizing conversion rates!

Create Funnels

ClickMagick makes tracking entire funnels exceedingly simple. Instead of needing to insert tracking links on every stage of the funnel, all you need to do is integrate the right website codes from the Campaigns section to your website.

The software will do the rest for you automatically!

But you don’t need to take the shorter route if you don’t want to.

If you’re looking to use individual tracking links to get better data about your funnel, you can also ClickMagick’s Funnel Tracking Set Up Tool.

It uses tracking links and link groups, making tracking more complex and sophisticated. It is more difficult to do when compared to using Campaigns, but this way, you get a clearer picture of the effectiveness of your funnel.


A lot of times, an offer you’re looking to promote on your site only accepts traffic from specific countries. Other times, when you’re selling solo ads, your clients may want clicks only from particular countries.

Or maybe you’ve figured out that a particular offer converts better in some countries than others.

ClickMagick’s geotargeting can help you redirect precious traffic to the right places. All you need to do is open the link (or rotator) and set up geotargeting from the “Geo” tab.

Filter Bots and Spam Traffic

Protecting from bad clicks is just as important as attracting good clicks. Regardless of if you’re selling solo ads or marketing your own products, bots, abusers, and spiders count as bad leads. 

You don’t want to be wasting precious resources dealing with bad leads.

ClickMagick enables you to permanently block them using the “Click Filters” tab in the Settings.

If you’re purchasing traffic using ads, you can also flag bots and later look at the stats to ensure that you got the traffic that you paid for.

Retarget Any Link

Most marketing software currently available only enables you to target users that visit your page.

However, on analyzing ClickMagick, we found it can help you track virtually any page!

To track a page, you first create a regular tracking link, making sure to enter the URL of the page you want to track into the Primary URL section.

All that’s left now is to add a retargeting pixel to this link. ClickMagick will then track the link automatically!

A/B Testing

ClickMagick makes A/B testing (sometimes called split-testing) super easy! 

Carrying out A/B testing is as simple as creating a tracking link and adding the URLs of your landing pages to them. Unlike other suites, you can A/B test more than two landing pages with one link!

Their effectiveness will be automatically recorded as people click on the link, and you will find your most effective landing page in no time!

Organic Tracking

If an eCommerce network does not allow you to place retargeting pixels or conversion tracking code on their site, it becomes virtually impossible to gauge the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing strategy.

However, there is a workaround.

With ClickMagick, you can use Postback URLs to track your traffic. Postback URLs are automated notifications that your affiliate network sends whenever a sale is made.

These enable you to track upsells, downsells, and even refunds, giving you a good idea of the viability of your marketing. 

Sub-ID Support

Sub-IDs are the most complicated solution for tracking affiliate conversions. However, using Sub-IDs is the only way to track your conversions if you’re connected with affiliate platforms like Amazon, LinkShare, and ShareASale.

You must add a Sub-ID to your original tracking link, and then pass the information through the affiliate network for it to get to you.

It’s not efficient, and it is difficult to set up, but it works well with stringent affiliate platforms.

ClickMagick Pricing – Which One Should You Get

ClickMagick offers three plans: the Starter plan, the Standard plan, and the Pro plan.

The $27 Starter plan is perfect for the individual affiliates looking for a faster way to earn profits. The plan allows tracking of up to 10,000 clicks per month and enables access to all of ClickMagick’s core features.

With this plan, you can track one funnel and set up two custom tracking domains. Data is retained for six months, which is apt for the price; however, there is one downside to getting this plan – you do not get live chat support.

You will receive their average Helpdesk support, and at this level, they cannot help you with anything that isn’t directly related to ClickMagick. You will be on your own if you need help with your page builder, autoresponder, or any other third-party service.

For this reason, if you’re a beginner, you should avoid this plan.

The $67 Standard plan is right for seasoned marketers and growing businesses looking to scale quickly.

You get access to everything from the starter plan, but you can track 100,000 clicks per month instead of just 10,000. Cross-device tracking, phone sales tracking, and the PPC click shield are also enabled!

You can track up to five funnels, set up ten custom tracking domains, use their excellent live chat support, and utilize their Experts Academy to learn and master the suite. These features are perfect for beginners!

The $97 Pro plan is great for power users and enterprises looking to supercharge their affiliate marketing.

The plan can help track up to a million clicks per month and gives you access to unlimited custom domains and funnels.

Furthermore, Experts Academy Pro comes unlocked, giving you access to expert-level masterclasses on the newest affiliate marketing concepts!

In our analysis of ClickMagick, we find that if you helm a marketing agency, or are looking to get your hands on a tool that can aid you in running massive campaigns, the Pro plan will be perfect for you.

Who Should Use ClickMagick

Reviewing ClickMagick, we’ve found that it is the perfect solution for affiliate marketers regardless of whether they’re an affiliate on the side or they’re professionals looking to boost business.

It enables targeting any page from any affiliate platform, ensuring that you have the best data handy regardless of vertical, niche, or industry.

Bloggers can also use ClickMagick to track their mailing lists’ effectiveness and boost sign-ups or sales by studying detailed data.

Small advertisers find ClickMagick especially useful since the unique Rotator feature enables them to cycle through links without having to fiddle with any code or configure any complicated setting.

Owners of eCommerce sites can use ClickMagick to gauge the efficacy of their adverts and product pages, and make quick changes based on the results!

Anyone that’s selling anything online can leverage ClickMagick’s features to attract more clicks and make more sales! 

ClickMagick Is Not for You If…

If you’re a complete beginner and are only starting to get familiar with affiliate marketing, ClickMagick may be a bit much.

The knowledge and execution of numerous marketing tactics is a pre-requisite to using ClickMagick. 

You can try out ClickMagick if you’re in the beginner stages of affiliate marketing, but you likely won’t know how to use the suite effectively and may end up misspending time and money you can use to get your business on track.

Additionally, if you’ve been an affiliate for a while and know your way around applying marketing concepts, but you don’t have much traffic, getting ClickMagick may not be worth it.

Although ClickMagick can help you grow your affiliate marketing business, testing strategies and gauging their effectiveness can only be done well if you’re already attracting ample traffic. 

After extensively reviewing ClickMagick, we feel that it is perfect for anybody driving a decent amount of traffic. 

However, if you don’t know much about affiliate marketing, or aren’t pulling enough traffic, avoiding ClickMagick and spending resources on getting your site up and running is the best thing to do.

ClickMagick Pros

A lot of Features to Optimize Your Campaigns

The unique rotator feature is a great way to test out the effectiveness of different adverts. It also doubles as the perfect traffic distributor, allowing you to ensure that all of your clients get the share of traffic they paid for.

Mixing and matching the four different Rotator Modes: Fulfillment, Spillover, Random, and Sequential gives you full control over the traffic you’re distributing and also the end user’s experience with your site.

But that’s not all.

ClickMagick also boasts excellent A/B testing features that enable you to gauge the effectiveness of each of your landing pages. ClickMagick is the only marketing suite available that allows you to test more than two landing pages in one funnel! 

One Tool Does the Job of Others

ClickMagick is not just a link tracking tool; it is a full-fledged marketing suite that enables you to target and retarget users, direct traffic to clients, set up and use marketing funnels, manage domains, and do much, much more!

Track External Pages as Well

The robust suite enables you to track landing and sales pages that aren’t yours!

It’s as simple as creating a tracking link and integrating a pixel into it!

Affordable Pricing Considering the Number of Features

Starting at $27 a month, it gives marketers on a budget all they need to boost business.

The extensive tracking features, funnel creation and management features, traffic distribution functionality, and powerful split-testing are only some of the tools you get access to for a few dollars a month.

The Standard and Pro plans provide access to better support, more domains, longer data retention, and enhance funnel tracking capabilities.

Their most expensive plan is $97 a month, which is impressive considering all the value you get.

Free Marketing Training Access on Certain Plans

ClickMagick’s Standard and Pro plans enable users to level up their marketing efforts by learning from 6- and 7-figure marketing experts.

Their Experts Academy is filled with tutorials that can help increase earnings exponentially!

ClickMagick Cons

Can Be Complicated to Setup for Newbies

Even if you’re a seasoned marketer, it will take time for you to get accustomed to the software and its offerings.

Beginners will have a hard time using it, especially if they have no previous experience with marketing software.

Need Basic Design Skills to Setup Some Elements

Setting up some elements like Click Tracking Codes require you to fiddle with your website and add the code in the appropriate place.

Knowing your way around the design of websites can help you set up and use ClickMagick quickly and easily.

How to Start Using ClickMagick

You can start using ClickMagick in under two minutes – all you have to do is head to their homepage and start your free trial!

Alternatively, you can subscribe to one of their plans directly.

After you sign up, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard, which is designed to give you a quick overview of your progress.

The links on the top of the page are what give you access to ClickMagick’s numerous features. The first four links, in particular, supercharge your marketing like nothing you’ve seen before!

Although you can use Campaigns to track almost anything, the section is built specifically to help track your paid ads on Google, Facebook, Microsoft/Bing, and other major ad networks.

Campaigns send traffic to your website directly – no tracking links are needed!

The lack of tracking links not only makes setting up your ads simpler, but it also eliminates any issues you may have had with getting your ads approved.

Data can be analyzed in over 20 different ways, which makes getting insights about your campaigns a lot easier and straightforward.

Additionally, generating detailed graphs of any of the data points is as easy as clicking on the right number!

The Links section enables you to track offers that you’re directly linking to. It also allows you to track specific buttons and links on your website.

Creating a tracking link is as simple as putting in the primary URL and setting a custom tracking URL.

After you create your links, you’ll get an overview of their progress in the Links section, and can customize any link it by clicking on it!

The ClickMagick Rotator is a click delivery tool that helps you sell individual (solo) ads and manage ad co-ops. 

Rotators work differently from split-testing. The latter helps you test the effectiveness of landing pages. In contrast, rotators help you distribute clicks to the websites that have bought traffic from you.

Setting up a rotator is really simple – you name it, set the link, configure the correct options, and give it a backup URL to use!

All that’s left to do is add the links that you want to “rotate” through!

There are no limits to how many pages you can rotate!

Lastly, the Tools section gives you access to a dozen and a half tools that can help you supercharge your affiliate marketing!

Now that we’ve examined ClickMagick’s layout and offerings, let’s find out what existing customers have to say about the tool’s power and ease of use. 

What Do Its Users Say?

Both new and old ClickMagick users love the assortment of tools the suite makes handy. 

Users agree that the support is fast, and the company provides quick resolutions to any issues. This is a testimony to the company’s commitment to helping you make more money.

Users report that ClickMagick is up and running 100% of the time, and feature requests that users make are often developed and integrated. 

The excellent prices, coupled with advanced features like fraud detection and geotargeting only empower marketers further!

ClickMagick Alternatives


Voluum is an affiliate tracking software that enables users to track all of their advertising campaigns and analyze the data to gain actionable insights.

It also helps optimize ad performance and can be an invaluable tool if you’re looking to scale your affiliate marketing business.

Priced at $69, the software directly competes with ClickMagick. It also offers features similar to ClickMagick, including fraud detection and push notification alerts.

On examining ClickMagick and going over Voluum’s offerings, we think Voluum is a formidable competitor and does an excellent job catering to a seasoned affiliate marketer’s needs.

However, it’s feature-packed nature is also a pitfall. Voluum is only apt for use by advanced marketers that have been in the industry for years.

Voluum is not very beginner-friendly, and although it can enhance a user’s ability to drive sales and clicks, the features are not simple enough to be used by complete beginners.

In contrast, while ClickMagick is also difficult to use for beginners, its design, support, and community are tailored perfectly to help a new user find their bearings.

If you’re a seasoned affiliate, Voluum is worth taking a look at, but ClickMagick is a robust marketing solution anybody can use to boost profits.

ClickMagick is not easy to learn or get used to, but once you understand the software, there are no bounds to what you can accomplish with it. 

Our experience with ClickMagick was positive through and through; the excellent selection of tools and the aggressive pricing makes the perfect tool for marketers on every part of the spectrum.

The design feels a little outdated –and dare we say– clunky. However, it does not take away from the strengths of the software, and a lot of times, it ends up simplifying functionalities rather than further complicating them. 

Calling ClickMagick a link tracker would be a massive understatement – it is a full-fledged marketing suite that every affiliate should get their hands on.

It can pay off a lot more than you invest in it!

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