The problem with the training and coaching industry is that most people love only the mindset part. A lot of them just remain happy being in the learning zone, without doing anything.

The problem with the digital marketing industry us that everybody is only focused on the tools & tactics and they don’t realise that great marketers are not people who just understand tools, but they understand human behaviour.

So these are 2 extreme ends of the spectrum.

One is β€œheart-focused” and the other is β€œhead-focused”. πŸ™‚

Do you want to know where the real magic is? Listen to the full podcast.

And by the time you are done with this episode, you will have absolute clarity and conviction to scale up your digital coaching business.

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Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    21 replies to "Coaches vs Digital Marketers – The Unspoken Truth"

    • Satheesh Veliyath

      Just listened to the podcast – Coaches vs Digital Marketers – The Unspoken Truth and it was so much value-filled.

      I highly resonate with the facts he shared about the coaches in the market who are either proficient with the mindset game or the tools and tactics. I have been there personally in that personal satisfaction of learning zone where I kept on juggling and courses and webinars and got boosted up but the implementation part was minimal.

      It is only transformational only when there is an amalgamation of Mindset and Toolsets training.Sidz has been true to this promise, I hardly had gone through three modules of training so far and I see how my skillsets are improving day by day. An analogy mentioned at the end of the podcast about how diamonds are created under pressure, if not remain as coal reflects this fact.

      At the end of the end, being a successful coach means you are able to resonate with the market, have the right intentions and be able to spread knowledge in a crisp and clear format.

      The 15 skillsets as shared by Sidz including the Research skills, List building skills, Webinar selling , Funnel building etc. should be core emphasis areas to improve as a digital coach. He/She must be able to be adaptable to leverage and use the toolsets corresponding to the skillsets. Currently I am in the curriculum design stage , I am excited to explore how my research skills will be able to pull out a fruitful course for many.

      I liked the analogy here he said ” Mindset will give you the fuel, Skillsets will give you the confidence and the toolsets will give you leverage”

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks, Satheesh! Your feedback really made my day! πŸ™‚
        This is just the beginning πŸ™‚ the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

    • J Venkat Rangan

      Clarity in Mind, Purity in Heart, and Sincerity in Action is the Golden Key to Success. Success is the constant realization of a worthy Ideal.
      This is the takeaway- meta takeaway.
      Mind Set, Toolset, and the Skillset are the three core ingredients. With untiring action and Constant learning to be practised

    • Titus Sam

      #ilhdeeplearner #youcancoach #icancoach

      Understand the human behavior unchanging core need to acquire skills. Because that need stays throughout the journey.

      Tools and tactics will be outdated.
      But never be outdated in understanding human behavior.

      Mindset: Fuel to move forward
      Skillset: gives confidence
      Toolset: Leverage to scale up.

      Success = Mindset+Toolset+Skillset

      Skillset means: The human side of skillset
      Bring the personality into that.

      Top 15 Skillset.
      1. Content Research Skills
      To understand the target market, competitions, trends, and pain points.
      2. Content Creation
      Written, video, and Audio
      3. Course creation skills
      A digital coach should never be just a course seller, but a mentor.
      4. Video recording
      5. Video editing
      6. Designing skills
      7. System set up skills
      The platform has to be easy to access and user-friendly.
      8. Funnel Building skills
      Consistent feeding with quality content is a must to nurture the students.
      9. List building
      10. Traffic generation
      11. FB ad
      12. Webinar Selling Skills
      13. Automation
      Scaling up multiply the value and give the benefit of leverage for both the coach and the student.
      14. Tribe Building Skills
      Mentoring and the co-learning atmosphere is a motivating factor in the journey.
      15. Cashflow management skills

      Success Formula: Combine with skills set with the right toolset.

    • Mukesh Kotiyan

      The Important Bridge between Coaches Vs Marketers is mentioned in this podcast.

      As I was just going through this podcast, it had a great understanding of this valuable podcast and a lot of lessons for me to develop.

      Many of the Coaches are more of talkers and less of action takers. But if they understand these concepts of human behavior psychology and do marketing with head & heart focused; the impact is huge. Personality Development and Skill Development in the digital space are very important in this present era.

      Learning is good, Implementing what we learn is best. Personality development or mindset development is most important in the digital space. It’s not only the products we sell to the customers, it’s our customer transformation results. This is only possible with a combination of personality development and having concern for the success of our customers. Right Positive attitude in the sales is important, people can sense it or else will get outdated over a period of time. Mindset, toolset, and skillset development will lead to a super successful life. Skillset development should be the goal.

      Mindset is important to leverage the power of skill set.
      Toolset and tactics are important as long as we use it aesthetically. Ultimately the skill on touching the human heart using these tools is what we have to set the goal and keep improving on a daily basis.

      In Internet Lifestyle Hub (ILH) we go through the journey of different levels of courses; building a skill-set is the major goal of every course. Along with that what we have developed is mindset and tool-set using it aesthetically.

      Tools keep on changing time to time, so we need to adopt new ways of doing things.

      These are Top Essential Core 15 Skills we need to develop within a year and we need to achieve mastery in these skills:
      1. Content Research skills: Extracting Hot Topics relevant to the pain point of our clients and deliver the best solution based on our expertise + experience.
      2. Content Creation Skills: There are many media by which contents can be created, viz., video, audio, graphics, post, emails, etc. by which our message can be reached to our customers/clients.
      3. Course Creation Skills: How we design our course to ease the journey of our customer, with the upgraded skills & expertise we have in our niche.
      4. Video Recording Skills: Mobile video recording, Video Camera recording, its settings, also light set up for the best appearance in the video; how we deliver the contents; engaging the viewers, call to action, sharing the ppt/mindmap, software used for video recording.
      5. Video Editing Skills: simple cut editing, adding effects, B Rolls, sound effects, video ratio, quality of exporting video, short videos, long-form videos, output matters a lot.
      6. Canva Designing Skills: User-friendly designer tool, use it aesthetic way to represent who are what you represent. Need to get a mastery over this.
      7. System Set-Up Skills: Building Online Systems. Like building a Website, managing a WordPress site, integrate the apps, traffic generations, google analytics, etc.
      8. Funnel Building Skills: Funnels to help our customers to be on the right track of journey and get the maximum results on the process. And it has to be mastered over a period of time.
      9. List Building Skills: customer email list is like blood, emails need to be collected on a daily basis.
      10. Traffic generation skills: Attracting the right customers to our system.
      11. Facebook advertising skills
      12. Webinar selling skills: how we start the webinar, engage with the audience, how we design the ppt, how we place the offer, payment options, etc
      13. Automation skills: totally automate the process of the business
      14. Tribe building skills: guest to customers and developing customers to lifelong community members by consciously nurturing and upgrading them from time to time.
      15. Cashflow management skills: to manage the cash better and this skill will help to increase the source of income.

      These are skills, each skills have tools to create. When we combine Mindset + Skill Set + Tool Set = A Complete Digital Master. There is no obstacles stopping us in moving forward in the digital space. This is a great combination of Coaches and Marketers.

      Many of Hall of Fame Members have achieved great success with mastery of the above skill set.

      We cant say we are good enough in the above skills. We have continuously practice and improvising the skill set.

      Mindset will give you the fuel to move forward.
      Skillset will give you the confidence.
      The toolset will give you the leverage if we use it in best possible ways.

      The hackathon process will help the speeding up the process. It’s like creating diamonds under pressure. We have put the self-pressure to get a breakthrough.
      Sidz communication ways by emails, voice notes, podcasts, videos always keeps us inspired from within and makes us take actions, and helps to create a big breakthrough. Thanks for these deeper concepts.
      I will improve my skillset and serve my clients/customers and create a better world.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks, Mukesh!This is just the beginning πŸ™‚ the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

    • Sindhu Varma

      #ilhfamily, #deeplearner, #icancoach
      Thank you, Sidz! I needed to hear this πŸ™‚
      My takeways:
      1. Heart focused and Head focused – need to amalgamate both ends of the spectrum
      2. Great marketers are those who understand human behavior.
      3. Mindset and tool sets are important but skillsets are more important.
      4. Mindset is important as it is needed to leverage /improve your skillsets. Just learning and feeling satisfied/happy is not enough. Don’t live in “limbo” .
      5. Toolsets are important but learn to use them aesthetically.
      6. Core skills will never change like tools and tactics.
      7. 15 core skills (1) content research skills (2) content creation skills (3) Course creation (4) video recording (5) video editing (6) designing skills – Canva (7) system set up skills (8) funnel building skills (9)list building (10) traffic generation (11) FB Advertising skills (12) Webinar selling skills (13) Automation skills (14) Tribe building skills (15) Cash flow management skills
      8. Combine mindset +skillset +right toolset – you become unstoppable

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Great takeaway- Great marketers are those who understand human behaviour.More power to you!πŸ‘Š

    • Gita Ramachandran

      My Takeaways
      The trainers and coaches focus on Mindset and so keep learning, attending and conducting Webinars trying to make all happy, with positive affirmations, personal development , feel good factor but rarely bother about implementation. They are basically heart focused
      The Digital Marketers on the other hand focus on Toolset. They talk about the tools and tactics , the hacks, the numbers, the conversions, the Traffic and so on. They are primarily Head focused.
      The best alternate is an amalgamation of the two with focus on Skill set . The real magic lies in leveraging the power of your mindset and toolset to builds skillsets which will be valuable and long lasting
      There are 15 skillsets which can be mastered by us to become successful coaches as follows
      1) Content Research skillset: with tools to research on hot trending topics
      2) Content Creation Skillset: using Text, Graphics, Audio, Video
      3) Course creation Skillset: using Audio, Podcasts, Video, Seminars, Posts, emails
      4) Video creation Skillset
      5) Video editing Skillset
      6) Designing Skillset: using Canva and other software
      7) System setting up Skillset: for Managing Websites, Administration
      8) Funnel creation Skillset
      9) List Building Skillset
      10) Traffic creation Skillset
      11) Facebook Advertising Skillset
      12) Webinar selling Skillset
      13) Automation Skillset
      14) Tribe building Skillset
      15) Cash flow management Skillset

      Success is ensured when you are able to amalgamate the mindset, tool set and skillset. The mindset provides the fuel, the skillsets will give you confidence and toolsets will leverage you to scale up. Diamonds are built on pressure as without pressure you may continue to remain as coal. So you need to come out of your comfort zone and become diamonds. When you contribute to your mindset with skill set, and the right toolset, then there is no stopping you from attaining Success.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks, Gita! Your feedback really made my day! πŸ™‚
        This is just the beginning πŸ™‚ the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

    • Sivasakthi Balan K


      Yet another Useful message from the Ever-Until unless you come out from your comfort zone (keep listening and learning, feed knowledge to your mind, and live in a dream world) to grind yourself with the meaning full Action, you cannot Uplift your Lifestyle.

      Keep mesmerize us Sid…!!!

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Rajesh Kumar Pandey

      After listening to the Podcast I felt as if it was made for me only.

      I can see myself getting to become more of a learning junkie than the action taker. The podcast stirs my mind & moves it to the right path.

      The crux of my learning :
      To taste the real success we must know that our Mindset must be fully utilised for building the right skillset, while each skillset will have related multiple Toolsets to master.

      So the Mindset works like fuel that helps us build skills which gives confidence in the business. Tools help us leverage things better and effective way.
      #ilhdeeplearner #youcancoach #icancoach

    • Srimaya Mahapatra

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily #sidzdigitalbuddha

      I believe this podcast is like a realistic jolt to many of us digital coaches. Truck loads of thanks to Sidz once again! πŸ™

      πŸ€”I often wonder, I am a dedicated learner, feedback scores from my learners confirm that I train well, I have my basic digital systems and tools in place as well but why am I UNABLE TO SCALE UP?

      πŸ’‘ Well, here is the answer, I am a POOR IMPLEMENTER because I keep toggling between the two spectrums:

      πŸ‘‰(one end of the spectrum) feeling awesome learning new things attending hundreds of webinars like “dopamine” doses

      πŸ‘‰(another end of the spectrum) feeling cool and geeky using some basic digital systems and tools in my coaching business

      πŸ”₯But, the MISSING PIECE in my case are the SKILL-SETs…

      After listening to the deep learning podcast, I realized that I must hone these 7 key skills out of the 15-to-the-point skills that Sidz has mentioned:

      1. Funnel Building Skills
      2. Cash flow management Skills
      3. List building skills
      4. Lead generation skills
      5. Automation Skills
      6. Facebook Ad Skills
      7. Webinar Selling Skills

      🎯Mindset (is like the Fuel) + Skillset (Gives you Confidence) + Toolset (Give you Leverage) = When your LIFE will be SET! πŸ™‚

      🎯We are always “Work In Progress” (WIP): Even if we learn these, there will troughs and crests through out the journey, we must NOT give up

      Did you find your missing piece?

      What are the key skills that you gotta learn to scale up your digital coaching business?

      Share your comments below…

      Best Wishes and Love to all us

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Great takeaways! This is just the beginning πŸ™‚ the more you invest time in learning you will discover newer ways of refining your positioning. Keep Inspiring!

    • Manish Shah

      Deep Learning out of the unspoken Truth of Coaches Vs Marketers –

      1. On the Coach Community Side – People are Missing on ACTION – The Personal satisfaction on β€œLearning” part is more. The Learning junkies of the world – are the ones who are not taking action.

      2. On the The Digital Marketer side – They are focussed on latest tools / latest strategies / who is making more money now – which is not deep and more shallow. One Needs to grow up from the shallowness – resonate more with your audience on a longer term. Once the tactics and tools get out dated – they fizzle out.

      3. Great marketers are those – who understand skillsets to a deeper level. Mind-sets are important, tool sets are important – but mastering skillsets – is the ultimate game changer.

      4. Mind-sets – without leveraging the power to muster skillsets – there remains a level of emptiness there. Learning without implementing the knowledge is like sleeping. The coaching people , who are just learning and learning – and not implementing – need to Wake up.

      5. Tool sets and tactics are important – only if you are able to use them more aesthetically. How are you going to bring in your personality into the same – is of importance.

      6. Building your core skill sets is going to be the major focus , going forward – and to supplement that – you need to master mind-sets & toolsets

      7. Below are the Top 15 core skillsets to master if you are really going to succeed in the future-

      a. Content research skills – Extract the most hot topics, and pain point the most important ones in your niche.

      b. Content creation – Video / Audio / Graphical / Posts / emails – master every content creation skill.

      c. Course creation – you need to master your curriculum – and keep improvising on your courses.

      d. Video recording skills – master this skill set – for long form content on Youtube.

      e. Video Editing Skills – master this for making your videos more appealing.

      f. Designing skills – Canava – used it in a aesthetic manner.

      g. System set up skill – setting up your website / management of your side / managing your posts, pages and plugins / traffic system management / content management / social media posting management, etc.

      h. Funnel building skills – not just the tools like click funnel – understand the concept of funnels.

      i. List building – very important.

      j. Traffic Generation – master all ways for traffic generation – paid, as well as organic.

      k. Fb ads- master the craft. Become better on ROI every month.

      l. Webinar selling – most important skill for any coach & trainer.

      m. Automation – How do you come up to a 4 day work week & do not burn out while earning more money every month – here’s where automation skills will help you.

      n. Tribe building – your tribe is your life – this is one of the top skills to master for every trainer.

      o. Cash flow management skills – Very few people talk about it, and here is where the problem is – forget about earning money – first manage the money properly, every week. This is important.

      There are tool sets for every skill sets. Learning the art of combining mind set with skill set with the right tool set – will make one shine to the top.

      Digital coaching is like a marriage between the coaching industry and the digital marketing industry. Both need to understand the other side of the game.

      Every single hall of fame member – has made it successful – by acquiring and mastering a skillset, and not just one – but couple of them – at least 10 out of these above 15.
      And remember – there is always a next level – its all about practice. You can always move to the next level. NEVER SAY YOU HAVE ARRIVED. One needs to perfect the crafty every single day.

      Sidz has already done 300 + webinars. So it’s a constant journey of personal evolution & transformation & growing daily. Hone the skillset every day

      1. MINDSETS WILL GIVE YOU THE fuel to move forward.
      2. SKILLSETS WILL GIVE YOU THE confidence to master the game.
      3. TOOL SETS WILL GIVE YOU THE leverage to milk the earnings better.

      Just as diamonds are created under pressure – you will need to put yourself under β€œPerturbation” – the systematic pressure. Sidz and the community is always there with you, all the way.

      Just stay focussed – push yourself / keep taking action / grow self daily & be in the community.


    • Varun Kumar Yadav

      My Takeaways
      The trainers and coaches focus on Mindset and so keep learning, attending and conducting Webinars trying to make all happy, with positive affirmations, personal development , feel good factor but rarely bother about implementation. They are basically Hard focuses.
      The real magic lies in leveraging the power of your mindset and toolset to builds skillsets which will be valuable and long lasting
      There are 10 skillsets which can be mastered by us to become successful coaches as follows
      1.System setting up Skillset: for Managing Websites, Administration
      2) Funnel creation Skillset
      3) List Building Skillset
      4) Traffic creation Skillset
      5) Facebook Advertising Skillset
      6) Webinar selling Skillset
      7) Automation Skillset
      8) Tribe building Skillset
      9) Cash flow management Skillset
      10) Course creation – you need to master your curriculum – and keep improvising on your courses.

      There are tool sets for every skill sets. Learning the art of combining mind set with skill set with the right tool set – will make one shine to the top.

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