In this post, I share my views on why I recommend DEMIO as the one of the best tools for those who want an alternative to ZOOM for conducting webinars.

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I did my first 300+ sales webinars on a platform called Demio.

I have also used Zoom and WebinarJam and I also cover all the pros and cons of these platforms as compared to Demio.

Why I recommend Demio is simple:

  • They have a great and simple user interface
  • Any newbie can set up a webinar within 10 minutes
  • You can design beautiful webinar registration pages
  • They have in-built webinar reminders which can be customized
  • Demio integrates with all your email autoresponders
  • You can preload all your PPTs and presentation materials
  • It’s completely browser-based. No need to download apps.
  • Their webinar analytics are really cool and visually appealing
  • It’s also very cost-effective for people who are starting webinars

Conducting a webinar is the most common and the least complicated way to build a relationship with your audience.

You can host an excellent webinar that could win you the right audience if you have the right connections and the right tools at your disposal.

There is so much that you can do with a webinar:

  • You could deliver a tremendous amount of values to your audience.
  • You could make sales without selling hard.
  • You could communicate with hundreds of people from anywhere around the world.
  • You could keep your audience engaged and entertained.

And many more. You will have all the freedom in the world to create the right kind of content that your audience wishes to see. 

Hosting a great webinar allows your business to showcase its expertise, industry knowledge, abilities, products, and skills. It builds authority and trust among your audience, setting you apart from the rest of the competition.

Moreover, webinars can be an added revenue stream to your business. If you have a broad set of passionate audiences, then you can conduct a paid webinar. As long as your webinar is packed full of genuine value for your customers, spending a few dollars to attend your webinar is entirely reasonable for them.

There’s more! The registrations forms for your webinar allows you to collect lead information, from their email address to their job titles.

Later you could use these email addresses to promote your products and services through email marketing techniques.

Webinars have become a significant part of digital marketing. You can always give it a shot. It has the ability to build your dynamic relationships with your audience and also to boost your sales. 

There’s plenty of companies out there that provide professional-grade webinar applications.

Let’s look at one of the best platforms among them, Demio.

What is Demio?


Demio is a webinar platform that has quickly gained a lot of popularity in the market. Demio is one of the best webinar platforms that are available in the market.

While many other webinar platforms are outdated and have failed to keep up with the new trends, Demio offers a modern and robust solution.

Unlike many webinar applications, which offer automated or live webinars, Demio provides both, as well as an option for hybrid mixes of pre-recorded and live recording!

What Can Demio Do?

Download Free Experience


It allows your audience to join your webinar without any software downloads. Your audience can attend the webinar with one click, right in their browser. 

It is 25 times faster for your attendees to join a webinar, through their browser than downloading an application for it.

Great User Interface


User experience is one of the essential factors that most webinar platforms lack. Demio provides a sleek interface that is visually pleasing and, more importantly, provides a great user experience for you and your attendees.

Create A Registration and Thank You Page


You can also create and customize your Registration and ‘Thank You’ page using their page builder, with ease. Choose one of their pre-build page templates and create a beautiful registration and thank you page within a matter of minutes.



You can apply your branding and logo across all of your event materials so that your attendees won’t be disturbed by any unnecessary distractions during your sessions.

High Definition Content


You can deliver High Definition Content in real-time to your audience, instead of some pixelated video that everyone will dislike. You can make your webinar more engaging with a whole new level of interaction with your audience.

Engage with Your Audience 

Have you ever watched a webinar and found that your attention is diminishing as it goes on? Started wondering what you are having for dinner or what you will watch on Netflix tonight?

According to a study made by Microsoft, the average person’s attention span is now eight seconds! 

An average webinar lasts around an hour, so if you want to keep your audience engaged until the end, you must engage with them.

So let’s see all the features that Demio provides, that you should use to make your webinars more engaging.

Interactive Polls with Stats


You could conduct an interactive poll with stats. You can ask your attendees a question at any time with Polls, and you can either keep the stats hidden or share with your audience for social proof.

A poll question offers you an excellent opportunity to learn something about your audience. You can even take the results of a poll question and use those results to adapt your content to their needs.

For example, a poll result may indicate that you have a majority of attendees who are interested in digital marketing.

So, it would be best to shift your content and focus on information that is applicable to those individuals, and in the end, you may provide them a link to your digital marketing course.

Organize a Question-Answer Section


You could organize a QA section at the end of your presentation, which your audience will love. With Demio, you could manage your Q&A with ease.

They provide you the feature to convert your Q&A to a public or a private chat. You could interact with your audience in real-time. 

Want more? You could even bring your attendees to the center stage! Give microphone or webcam permissions to your attendees so that they can come front and center stage.

Launch Offers and CTA’s


Never lose track of your end goals, when planning your webinar; think about what you want to achieve.

You could use their ‘Featured Actions’, to link your audience to an offer, sign up page, or any URL during the event. 

Their excellent ‘User Interface’ will make sure that your audience sees a simple, elegant slide in, that your audience will love.

Share Downloadable


You don’t have to pass any old-fashioned web address for your audience to download. Demio’s Handouts will help you to give freebies, homework, or even gifts to your attendees to download. 

Moreover, they will provide you all the stats, like the number of clicks and the percentage of the audience who downloaded your freebies; I mean, how great is that!

Share Your Recording 


Demio automatically records all your sessions in HD quality in the cloud. So you can download your recordings in MP4 format. 

Moreover, your recording is automatically hosted on a beautiful page that you could easily share with your audience for continued engagement. You can even customize or add any elements on the recording page, including a call-to-action for your audience.

Analyze Your Campaign


As you promote your event, you can track your registration progress through a graph that leads to the moment you go live.


You can even analyze and understand how many people have watched your webinar!

You can see a detailed chart, showing how attendees engaged with your content and even analyze the times where they lost focus or started dropping off. 

Who should Use Demio


Demio is an excellent tool for marketers to promote their services. You can use Demio as a top-of-funnel strategy to generate new leads for your products.

Hosting a webinar is a great way to boost your brand’s online presence. With the right kind of strategy, your webinars could turn attendees into potential clients and customers.

To generate leads, feature an upcoming event on your websites or blogs to turn visitors into your leads. 

Then provide some value upfront by conducting a webinar and building strong relationships with your new leads. Gradually your leads will turn into your new customers.

Product Sellers

If you have some products to sell, then you should definitely use Demio. You could demonstrate your products in real-time to help your potential customers to understand why this product will make their lives better.

You can even use a webinar to talk to your customers in real-time and build a strong connection among them.

You could answer their common questions during your Q&A and kill any objections in order to increase trial conversions. 

Demio could be used to announce your new products live, demonstrate its features, and get immediate feedback from them.

Affiliate Marketers 

If you have some services to promote, then you can use a webinar platform. With the right kind of strategy, your webinars could soft-sell your products. A lot of people make the mistake of teaching and then selling, but in reality, the best webinars teach and sell simultaneously.

Demio Pricing


Demio comes in three different plans: Starter, Growth, and Business plan.

Their starter package allows you to conduct an unlimited number of webinars with a duration of 3 hours per session and includes 1 host, along with a 50-attendee room.

It is perfect for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs getting started with webinars. 

The starter package will cost you around $49 per month.

The most popular package in Demio is its Growth package; it provides you more tools, automated events, and custom branding.

It allows you to conduct an unlimited number of webinars with a duration of 5 hours per session and includes 1 host, along with a 150-attendee room (along with everything from Starters plan).

Their Growth package will cost you around $99 per month.

If you want more, then consider their Business package. It is perfect for growing companies that need a bigger room size, team access, and dedicated support.

Their Business plan allows you to conduct an unlimited number of webinars with a duration of 8 hours per session and includes 4 hosts, a 500-attendee room (along with everything from Growth plan).

It will cost you around $234 per month.

Demio Alternatives



WebinarNinja is an all in one webinar platform trusted by various significant brands like AppSumo, Podia, and BareMetrics.

From integration with every significant CRM service to timed offers, built-in email notifications, WebinarNinja is designed to help you convert your attendees into customers.

Their platform is exceptionally well-designed and offers a variety of beautiful landing pages to choose from.

Their starter plan, which costs $49 per month, will allow you to conduct a webinar with 100 live attendees and unlimited recorded webinar attendees.



EasyWebinar is a webinar platform that helps you to run live events and stream recorded presentations, automatically in real-time.

They can support up to 4 presenters and lets you invite an audience to be a presenter as well. With the help of these features, you can create a strong relationship with your audience.

Their TrueVoice technology allows for noise reduction and high bandwidth streaming with no delay, even when two people are speaking at the same time.

Their standard plan costs around $78 a month, which allows you to host an event with 100 live attendees.



Zoom is a general-purpose video conferencing tool that allows business meetings, collaborations, and dedicated webinar solutions.

They don’t provide any webinar automation, but you will get a reliable system at an affordable price if you only need a live webinar hosting provider.

As a video conferencing platform, Zoom is an all-in-one solution that meets the needs of most corporate businesses. As a webinar tool, it does pretty well on live broadcasts, especially if you have a large panel of speakers waiting for their turn to speak.

Zoom provides a free plan, which allows up to 100 participants, an unlimited 1 to 1 meeting, and a 40-minute duration on group meetings.



It is one of the best webinar software currently available in the market. If you have little to no technical knowledge about setting up a webinar, this easy-to-use platform has your back. 

It’s perfect for you if you want to host webinars in an automated fashion to a broad set of audiences.

WebinarJam allows you up to 6 presenters to conduct your round table of experts with ease. It is a platform with an active focus on marketing tools, so getting back your investment from this platform will be an easy task.

WebinarJam doesn’t come cheap. They don’t provide any monthly packages, and their basic plan will cost you around $499 per year.

Demio Vs. Zoom



Demio is designed as a new product with all the features that you need. They provide you with all the tools at your disposal, like HD content streaming, interactive polls, question-answer section, analytics, and many more.

Zoom is an enterprise product with legacy roots. Zoom delivers everything you need for a sensational video conferencing event. Their video quality is excellent, and audio comes clear too. You could share multiple screens and use whiteboards to annotate projects.

Moreover, Zoom gives you the freedom to connect with any device that suits you, including your smartphone. 

Finally, all their features are great for video conferencing, but they lack features that are needed to create an engaging webinar. 


Demio offers a seamless, distraction-free experience for your audience right in their browsers. Your attendees can join your webinar with just one click. 

Your users won’t have to download any software to join your webinar. Whereas, in the case of Zoom, your attendees have to download their software to join your webinar.


Zoom is way cheaper for a large meeting and offers some generous limits (except cloud storage). They even provide a free plan, so that you could start free and upgrade according to your needs.

Demio doesn’t provide any free plans; their starter plan will cost around $49 per month.

Different Purpose

Demio is a software that is specially designed to boost your online presence among your audience. Each of their features is built in a way that you could market your products more efficiently.

Their analytics gives you all the details that you need to improve your strategies so that you could convert your audience into your customers.

On the other hand, Zoom is developed to be a great communication platform. They allow you to hold a meeting with your clients. They provide you some great features that would help you to make your meeting more productive and smooth.

User Interface

Demio uses some state of the art user interface, so, you as well as your attendees, will love their sleek design. They have included all the modern features so that your presentation will be seamless and distraction-free.

Zoom provides you more of a conference feel to your attendees. Their user interface hasn’t been updated to the modern design that most people love to see.

Demio Cons That You Should Be Aware of

Webinar Replays provides simple video playback with no CTAs or Document Share.

They automatically record your session in high quality in the cloud. You could download the recording if you need it. All your recordings are hosted on a page that matches the design of your registration page. You could customize the page according to your wish.

But remember that this is just a regular recording of your webinar because all the marketing actions take place in the chat sidebar of the event. So, polls, handouts, and CTAs that you share during your live event won’t appear in this replay. 


There is a way to solve this problem, which is to create an automated webinar based on the recording of your live steam.

Remember, if you convert a webinar recording into an automated webinar, then all your interactions will be gone. In an auto webinar, you have to recreate all the polls, handouts, and CTA’s from scratch and have to make them appear at specific times.

To be honest, this is no better than just embedding a replay video on your own website.

Demio redirects all of your audience to a default landing page after your event ends. Yes, they will advertise Demio on their landing page, to try to win new customers.

You should change the post-event redirect to your own custom URL, which is done in the room settings.


Finally, I want to point out their pricing packages. Their plans aren’t affordable if you’re going to have more than 150 attendees in your event.

If you want to host a webinar with more than 150 attendees in Demio, then you have to pay a whopping $234 per month!

Do I recommend Demio


Yes, Demio is a user-friendly platform that is very easy to use. If you don’t have any technical knowledge regarding webinars before and are just starting out, then you should definitely go for Demio.

Demio is an excellent platform for marketers who want to make a lot of webinars and don’t want to spend much of their time setting up webinars.

They provide you all the tools that you need to set up an excellent webinar for your audience. The analytics that they provide is just exceptional. They offer you all the details in a chart which shows when your attendance peaked when your audience lost interest and many more.

So if you are a person who is just starting out, then it’s an excellent platform for you. 

Otherwise, if you want to conduct a webinar with more than 150 attendees at an affordable rate, then you should go for some other webinar platforms.


The ability to reach a massive amount of audience with a webinar is just amazing. Webinars are powerful tools that you can use to build a great relationship with your audience.

Demio allows you to create some fantastic webinars with ease that will boost your online presence. So if you haven’t done your webinar till now, then start preparing your first webinar now!

What are your thoughts about Demio? Do mention them in the comment section below.

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    • Sai Leela Swaminathan

      Thank you Sid.!
      Your knowledge on digital tools is just amazing. The features you explain is inviting to buy but as a beginner I’ll think about it when I generate a good number. As part of Hackothon you made us use Demio and I do have a fair idea on the customization, integrations and other mailing features it has. Thanks for the crisp and effective podcast.!

    • Mritunjai Tiwary

      This tool looks promising and one pack solution to all my problems. Your research and information are Blessings…thanks for these golds…I appreciate your effort to make this podcast. I have been attending all your meetups and live sessions regarding Building products, doing ads, and finally bringing information or selling through a webinar. But let me tell you I was always confused with what tool to choose and move forward to conduct my upcoming webinars, after listening to your this podcast would definitely click to your affiliate link and opt for Demio account. Siddharth thanks for your all information regarding demio and all other new structured learnings which I got from here. You were so clear and perfect in delivering this awesome details. My sincere thanks.. Love you Siddharth..
      Happy Learning!!!


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