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We all strive for creating an identity, and then we thrive on it. Consider any leading brand and observe why they are famous. Their success largely depends on the brand image that they have created online.

Although they provide excellent services, unparalleled support and have experience of the related field, their recognition has a major role in automating their sales and profit.

They also have a single unique element that lays the foundation at whatever they do online. They have a single brand name that they use everywhere. Whether it is a website domain name or social media handles, they use a relevant name that makes them identified across the web.

However, finding a domain name for your business is not easy. 100% of top 10,000 family names are already booked. Also, 100% of two and three character domain names are also registered while writing this article.

If you think that you would get your domain by paying the amount to the existing owner, you may have to pay a huge amount to acquire the domain your dreams. As per a fact domain name, sex.com was sold for $14 million, and it is one of the costliest domains of all time.

Furthermore, you also want to ensure that your desired domain name is also replicated to the social media handles so you can have the same identity across the internet. Hence, you must choose those domains which are available for purchase, along with social media accounts.

There are two ways you can find your desired domain name.

1) You can go to domain name registrars and find it. Furthermore, you can go every social media platform and try to book your profile with the domain name.

If you cannot find any, you either go with other options or choose other domain names for your website.

2) The second option is to go for a domain name generator. These websites will make your procedure of finding the ideal domain not only more comfortable but quicker.

You have to give the name of your business, or the keyword of your desired domain and these websites will tell if that domain is available for particular extensions.

Here are the top 7 domain name generator that you can use in your quest to find the perfect domain name for your business.

1. NameStall

NameStall gives you the platform to search the domain name ideas in bulk. You can set different parameters to get the most accurate list and also get the link to register the domain.

So, once you land on the page of the tool, you can see a rectangle at the centre of the page where you will type the keyword of your industry.

The rectangle gives you the advanced options to provide a filter and a more precise search for the domain names.

You can choose where do you want to see your keyword in the domain. In the beginning or at the end.

The Word Group option shows different parameters like you wish to get the top 100 keywords, adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc. in your domain. Then, you can also choose four different versions of extensions.

We did search domain name suggestions for the keyword chef and set the parameters. After setting the values, you get to hit Generate Names button.

That’s when we got a tailored list of suggestions.

If the list is long, the tool will give you result in multiple pages. You can get the registration link too to book the domain instantly.

2. Shopify Business Name Generator

Domain names become extremely important for businesses that sell goods online. As the eCommerce businesses have only the website where users will come and shop, their websites are like a shop, and that’s why the name of the shop must be catchy yet sophisticated.

To cope with the challenging scenario of finding the perfect domain for the online store, the leading eCommerce content management system Shopify has a helpful resource.

They have a domain name generator which will give suggestions for e-stores of any niche.

Once you get to the landing page of the Shopify Business Name Generator, you will get to see a Blue button Find a business name. Click on that button to begin your hunt.

After clicking on that button, you will be redirected to a screen like below. Here, you can type the niche of your business, we have typed Book, and click on the Generate names button.

In the next step, you will get a screen where the tool will provide 100 unique options of the domain name for your business. If you like domain name, you can click on the domain name and register it through Shopify.

3. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a simple and creative domain name generator tool with an easy user interface. In their home page, you need to type the niche of your brand to get the domain name ideas.

The unique thing about this tool is that it tries to understand the intent behind the name that you enter and add related postfix and prefix to give you the options of the original names of your business.

For example, you deal with Books in your business. So, you can type the niche of your business; you will have a ton of creative and effective domain name ideas, as shown below.

This is just the above-the-fold of the page. You get an endless scrollable page with all the possible name suggestions related to your query. In our example, the suggested names start with postfix and then followed by prefix names.

Check the right side of the screen of the above screenshot. You will get to sort the domain name suggestions based on various parameters.

Twitter is one of the leading social media platforms out there. Lean Domain Search also lets you know if the Twitter handle a particular domain is available or not.

To know the availability of the domain of your choice, click on the option and you will get a pop-up, as shown below, which will show you if your domain is available.

You will also have a link to register the WordPress.com account with the domain. Moreover, you also get a domain name registration link of BlueHost.

4. Bust a Name

Bust a Name gives you granular control for researching an ideal domain name for your business.

You get some quirky and natural domain names to entertain your prospects on your website.

In the blue area of the screen, you can write the keyword of your industry. Then, you can also choose whether you would like to add your keyword in prefix or postfix of your domain.

You can also choose if the domain should look natural or not. This parameter will give you more creative and funny domain names.

Furthermore, you can also get to choose the character limit of your domain name. This tool allows you to select the domain, which is five to 15 characters long.

You can also see the domains which are already registered and get to see other options with different extensions.

If you like a particular domain, you can click on that name and see how much does it cost if you register from a specific domain name registrars.

In this example, suppose we want to book carnace.com and clicked on it to get the dropdown menu.

The entries of the menu are clickable. So, if you are interested in an option, you can click on it and Bust a Name will lead you to the registrar’s website.

5. Nameboy

Founded in 1999, Nameboy is one of the oldest in the business of domain names. In 2018, the website was acquired, and now it’s objective is to become the leading sources related to everything about domain names.

Nameboy has one of the most straightforward user interfaces to generate domain name ideas. The intuitive UI gives you instant results with almost endless ideas of domain names for your business.

When you reach their homepage, you will observe the search bar at the centre of the home page. You can type your niche keyword and hit enter.

For our example, we have found out a list of domains for the music industry.

The View Details button given beside every domain name suggestion redirects the user to BlueHost website where you can book your domain hosting for one year along with getting the domain name free with it.

Yes, for $2.75/month, you get one year of hosting for your website and get your desired domain name free for one year.

6. Name Mesh

Through Name Mesh, you can enter multiple keywords and find a relevant domain name for your business. The tool also provides the keyword suggestions below the search bar to try.

Once you provide the keywords in the search bar, the tool will give a long list of suggested domain names based on eight factors.

  1. Common
  2. Mix
  3. SEO
  4. New
  5. Short
  6. Extra
  7. Fun
  8. Similar

For example, we want to search domain names related to the keyword music video. So we entered the keywords in the search bar, and we get something like shown in the image below.

As shown in the highlighted block in the image, you can select the domain name extensions and choose the length of your domain name to provide a filter in your search results. Moreover, you can also remove already registered domain names to get a refined list.

You can also choose the name of registrars at the top right corner. By default, the tool selects GoDaddy as the registrar. However, you can choose other options as well.

7. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler is a creative platform to find a domain for a website. As shown in the image below, there are four options on the website.

  • Easy: This is the most basic form of search domains. You can enter multiple keywords separated with a comma, and the tool will combine them and show the results.
  • Advanced: In this option, you can enter keywords separated by a comma and include those phrases which you want to add in your domain. This way, you can also add your keyword and your company name both in a single domain and get suggestions around the same.
  • Magic: This option combines your keywords with famous words and gives dynamic domain suggestions. You can include multiple keywords, and all of them will be combined with the engaging phrases to provide you with a list of meaningful domain names.
  • Page Rank: All your domain names will be compared with each other, and the best options will be given to you in this option.

You can type your keywords in the box and select the extensions which you want in your domain name. Once you hit the search, you will get the results below the search bar, as shown in the figure.

If you like any domain, you can click on the cart button at the right side of the particular domain. Then you will get the links of leading domain registrars where you can purchase these domains.

After choosing the registrars, you will get registration links at every domain name option to instantly book your desired domain name.


Try all the primary domain name generators to get the best, a catchy and engaging domain name for your business. Remember that a domain name is a one-time investment and it will create a lasting impression of your business online.

If you have tried any of the above domain name generators or any other websites to get domain name ideas, share your responses in the comments below.

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