Broadcasting a video live also known as live streaming on various platforms has become a trend. The advancements in technology have made access to gadgets and the internet cheaper. Due to this, video consumption has gone up considerably and the next phase of the video era is broadcasting live to connect with your audience.

Going live to connect with your audience makes it more personal and, hence it engages the readers to a whole new level. And having engaging readers is always a boon for businesses. 

Live videos can be recorded and can be reused in several ways. They can be turned into video courses or be used as social proof. The uses are endless.

It almost forces your audience to follow you on social media accounts which increases your brand’s social media authority.

Talking about social media, your audience can be on any platform. These days, there are multiple platforms to socially engage with each other and with brands.

So as a business or a brand it is essential to have a presence on all platforms where your audience spends a lot of time.

One common feature of a lot of social media platforms out there is the ability to go live and interact with your audience. But setting up all social media platforms individually for live streaming can be a real pain.

To avoid wasting time and setting up everything with fewer mouse clicks, we recommend you to use Ecamm Live, a powerful live streaming platform for mac users.

With Ecamm Live you have an all in one live streaming app that helps you stream on various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc,

In this guide, we will discuss why Ecamm Live is the perfect solution to streaming to multiple platforms with ease.



Ecamm-hero.png is the perfect solution to streaming online on multiple platforms without pulling out your hair.

It is a comprehensive solution as an all-in-one live streaming production platform built specifically for the Mac.

Ecamm Live is a pretty simple software that is loaded with tons of features. It aims at streaming instantly at Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch video streaming at a click of a button.

To manage all the live attendees successfully you need a streaming service that has all the essential tools built into it. 

Ecamm Live is a professional live broadcasting production app that makes it easy to broadcast on several platforms at once.

You can go live on Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Twitch, and many other streaming platforms at once using the integration with

Since Ecamm Live is a Mac app, you can easily use the inbuilt webcam and microphone. It also gives you an option to connect professional cameras or use your smartphones as a webcam.

You can add Skype guests, add intro videos, share your screen and so much more with the click of a button.

And at the end of your live session, a high-quality recording is already downloaded and saved on your PC. Talk about convenience!

Ecamm Live is a feature-rich app that not only allows you to stream, but it helps you manage all the streams in one place. For example, if you’re streaming onn multiple platforms, you can see comments from over 20 platforms in a single chat window. Apart from this, you can add custom graphics, transitions and so much more.

Ecamm Live is filled with many more features to make the stream more engaging and brandable. We will discuss all of the features that come with Ecamm Live in detail in this post.

Important Features Of Ecamm.Live

As we discussed the features in a gist in the previous paragraphs, we will go through the main features that has to offer. is a feature-packed live streaming production app that allows you to stream live on various platforms quickly and easily

Live Stream On Various Platforms From One App



Making your brand presence felt on platforms where your potential customers hang out is essential. Hence, to make full use of the potential of live streaming, it is essential to steam on all available platforms. makes it easier to stream on various platforms in one single app. Since everything is loaded in a single app, it makes it very easy and convenient to manage and stream online. 

Multiple Camera Sources acknowledges the fact that users who stream live use different types of cameras. Few users use professional cameras while others use their smartphones. supports both types of camera sources. It is very straightforward to set up and no additional technical knowledge is required.

If you have a professional Canon camera, it is very easy to set it up with You have to simply use a USB wire to connect it to the app.

Hence is perfect for all kinds of users.

Complete Multicam Workflow

You can set up a multicam workflow with 

The beauty of this app is that you don’t have to go through time-consuming tasks to set up multi cams. gives you a very professional multicam workflow that you can work with easily. 

Screen Sharing


screen-sharing.png supports picture mode, hence it gives you the ability to share your screen to the audiences who are watching your live stream.

You can use screen sharing to present your slides and tutorials. This will help you explain or sell products in a practical manner.

Ability To Add Graphics

One of our favorite features of is the ability to add graphics and images to live streams. 

With the ability to add images and other graphics, it helps you add a logo or make the stream look more intriguing.

This helps you to increase your brand value and builds trust with your audience.

But that’s not all. With you can show videos as well. 

The videos can be used as an intro or outro. You can even showcase a previously recorded video as content for your live stream.

Invite People To Your Stream



You can invite up to five skype guests directly to your live stream and share their videos directly.

It uses spilt-screen to accommodate all the participants. 

The process is very simple, just make a call on Skype and your contacts camera shows up in

Along with their video, even the audio is used in the broadcast.

Schedule Live Streams With Recorded Videos

How cool would it be, if you could stream live on autopilot which means your presence is not necessary to conduct a live stream.

This is possible because of’s schedule feature.

With scheduling, you can broadcast a pre-recorded video that helps you make get more leads on autopilot.

4k Steaming With

Unlike other streaming apps, with you get to enjoy the ability to live stream in 4k.

This means the quality of your stream will create a good impression of your brand.

Nobody wants to join a stream that has a poor quality of the video. 

Your audiences wouldn’t appreciate a video where it’s difficult to understand what is being presented to them. Ultimately your conversions from the live streams will go down.

Live Stream Monitoring

When you are streaming live, it is essential that everything is going well. All eyes are on you and everything needs to go perfectly.

To ensure everything is going smoothly and as planned, you can monitor your live stream on an external monitor.

This feature is a lifesaver since it helps you to constantly monitor your live stream and make adjustments accordingly.

Use Cases For can be used for many purposes. A wide array of users can use Ecamm for their businesses or websites.

Let’s discuss some of the use cases for

  • Live Q & A For Your Product – 

You can use live streams to push your products to your potential customers. This engages them to a personal level and helps you increase your conversions.

You can go live and solve various concerns that your audience might have regarding your product.

By explaining your audience about the benefits of your product and having a live question and answer session about the product can really help scale the business.

With the features we discussed above it, you can easily take questions through the chat screen provided in the mac only app –

The questions can also be displayed on the screen, making the live QA eventful.

  • Conduct Webinars And Reach A Wider Audience

Conducting webinars to increase leads and sales has become a viral strategy in 2020. 

With webinars, there is one-on-one interaction which means you have the audience’s attention. If you pitch your product correctly, you can leverage webinars to make a fortune.

And with you can professionally stream live on various platforms. With the feature to add videos and images, it can make your webinar look aesthetically pleasing.

With the ability to invite Skype contacts and having a split-screen, you can invite your customer and ask them to share their success stories. This instills trust in the newer audience watching your broadcast.

  • Collaborate with multiple people on live video

With you have an option to broadcast live with multiple people and showcase a split-screen. 

This gives you an opportunity to collaborate with other creators. This gives you a much wider audience base from your niche. The collaboration works both ways and is beneficial for both the parties involved.

With you can invite up to five skype users directly to your live stream. All you have to do is call them via Skype.

Once they pick up they will automatically be connected to the live stream. Even their video and audio will be connected and routed to the broadcast.

  • Conduct Live Sales With Product Demos

With the onset of technology, the Internet has become very popular; almost everybody these days is connected to the Internet. 

This has given businesses more creative ways to get customers for their products. One such way is to offer exclusive deals on live streams. 

There is a two-fold benefit to this. Only interested visitors will attend your stream which means you have highly targeted traffic on your webinar. This will result in high conversion rates.

Secondly, you can demonstrate how useful your product is and showcase its full potential. 

Going live for exclusive deals and showcasing product demos is a great way of increasing your customer base.

  • Contest Live Contests

Brands and businesses are always in need of engaging customers. 

Contesting contests and giveaways are a great way of engaging potential customers with your brand.

You can go up a notch for contesting contests by doing it on a live stream. Engaging customers via contests and giveaways in real-time will boost your brand awareness.

  • Live Stream Events

You can conduct your seminars, workshops, etc on live stream and broadcast it on various platforms. makes it easy to conduct live stream events by allowing you to monitor live broadcasts on an external display.

  • Reuse Live Footage

You can conduct webinars on autopilot which means that you can reuse your live recordings to stream it multiple times.

This way you are repurposing your old live streams and saving a lot of time.

With is very easy to record your live stream broadcasts. After your live stream, it automatically gets downloaded and saved on your Mac.

  • Live Demo Of Your Product Or Service With Existing Clients

With you can invite your existing clients and do a live broadcast with them. 

You can showcase your products and how it has helped your clients get better at what your product is providing.

This way you get to show the capabilities of your product with live testimonials from your existing customers.

The potential customers watching your live stream can get a taste of what your products or services are and how they can be beneficial for them. 

Why is Better Than Its Competition is way ahead than its competition in terms of features. Let’s discuss why you should choose over its competitors.

Designed With Enterprise Broadcast Standards was built for enterprises, keeping in mind the highest quality of streaming requirements.

Unlike other competitors out there, makes it possible to stream in 4k. 

This ensures that the broadcasted video is being streamed at the best quality. 

Built-In Green Screen Effects comes with a studio-quality green screen effect with which you can easily add a custom background to your live stream.

Unlike the other competitors out there, green screen effect doesn’t have shabby borders around your body.

Multiple Camera and Capture Devices gives you the ability to choose your choice of camera. You can select from the native camera on your Mac or connect a professional camera. 

If you use a Canon camera, you can simply connect it o the app via a USB connection.

Apart from this, you can also use your smartphone camera to broadcast your videos. also supports screen sharing which can help you to present slides or demonstrate your products and services. Pricing pricing is affordable for all kinds of users. As we discussed earlier is built with enterprises in mind but the pricing does not reflect this.

It is extremely affordable and it is worth the charges we will pay for using their services. offers two plans which you can choose to pay either monthly or annually. provides you with a subscription model that has two basic plans. You can save up to 20% if you decide to pay a yearly fee.

Let’s dive into it and learn the differences between both the pricing models.

Standard Pricing

Pricing – $15/mo ( $12/mo if paid annually)

In the standard pricing plan, will not put Ecamm watermark, you can stream unlimited for any number of platforms.

You get access to integrations like and Switchboard which enables you to stream to multiple platforms at once.

The standard pricing plan will also unlock custom overlays and branding.

Along with that, you get screen sharing and picture in picture to help you present your screen live.

No more hunting for comments, as you get an in-app comment stream.

Add custom backgrounds with studio-quality green screen and ability to interview up to five Skype guests.

Pro Pricing

Pricing- $25/mo ($20/mo if paid annually)

With the pro pricing plan, you can unlock features that will take your broadcast to the next level

You get all the features from the standard plan and in addition, you get many more professional features.

You can stream in 4k and increase the quality of your live stream.

With the Pro pricing, you can add widgets as overlays. You can monitor the live video on an external display.

Also, will automatically post it to the Facebook page.

You can give Ecamm. live a try for 14 days for FREE. However, watermark will be placed on the live stream.

Pro’s And Con’s Of

As with any software or service, there are pro’s and cons of Ecamm live. Let’s have a look at what has to offer.

Pro’s Of

  1. With you can receive chats from all the platforms in one Mac app. You will not need to switch tabs to hunt for comments.
  2. You can directly invite guests from Skype and interview them on live broadcasts. However, it is limited to up to five skype invites.
  3. actively supports Newtek NDI support, which means you can connect multiple video systems and communicate with each other over the same IP.
  4. With split-screen support, you can show streams from various cameras or from the guests from Skype who have joined you on your live broadcast.

Con’s Of is well built and does a very good job of making live streaming easy.

However, there are a few kinks in its armor.

Let’s discuss the two points which work against the reputation of

  1. Mac Only – is built only for Mac, leaving out millions of Windows users that live stream on a daily basis. However, we have heard, a Windows app in the making and should be launching soon.
  2. Limited Streaming Platforms – has very limited platforms it can stream to. However, with its integration with, it solves that problem. Not only it supports multi-platforms but with it can stream to multiple platforms all at once.

2 Ecamm Alternatives

If you are still looking for a better solution to stream live, here are two alternatives that work.

BeLive is a web-based app, which means you simply open your preferred browser and start broadcasting live.

Almost all features of are covered by

It also has a free version that allows up to 20 minute broadcast per weeb and up to three people on a screen at a time.

You can always upgrade to a higher plan of $15/mo for more premium features such as custom branding on the live stream.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most powerful tools to stream online. It is an advanced tool and is completely free to use. It is available for Mac and Pc. With OBS Studio all broadcasting platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitch, etc are natively supported.

However, the drawback of OBS Studio is that it is not perfect. OBS Studio needs a powerful Pc to handle this software. Secondly, it is not beginner-friendly. There is a huge learning curve associated with OBS Studio.

Conclusion offers a wide variety of features at a reasonable price. It makes online streaming ease.

And the fact that is built for everyone, right from a novice user to a well-established streamer.

You can get started with for FREE for fourteen days and try out

We are sure you will fall in love with the experience of using for your live broadcasts.

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