Do you want to enhance your creativity and bring out your uniqueness? In this podcast, I share 10 different ways you get out of the normal and boring and tap into the creative powers that are already within you.

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What you will learn in this podcast?

Why it's important to enhance your creativity?
What are the 10 proves ways to enhance your creative powers?
How to get in your flow and add more value to the marketplace?
siddharth rajsekar

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Supriya Singh

      Write 20 new ideas per day
      Ideas improvement
      Learning music
      Try different roots while traveling in a city,,I have been trying this “”
      Use left hand ,,to break pattern
      Mandala Art work book
      Motion creates emotion
      Just go and think
      To mastermind with team
      Playing video games
      Get inspiration from opposite industry

    • Dr.r.K. Dua

      How to increase creativity, 10 ways to it.

      Uniqueness to do differently ,don’t go with the flow try to swim against.

      1. write 20 new ides per day…in 1 month you have 600..different into different categories.
      2. Music is a very effective way. Start learning new instruments, create music to enhance logical and creative part.
      3. Try different route to travel to destination…explore place.
      4. Use opposite hand means non dominant one, to induce more creative power. Break the pattern.
      5. Art like mandala artwork books try exploring with different colours to induce creativity.
      6. Motion ..produce motion as daily routine like walking
      7. One unplugged day in a week for recreation purpose to stimulate creative brain
      8. Mastermind with like minded people to enhance creativity.
      9. Play video games.. even surgeons with video games a hobby have good hand control over hands during surgery
      10. Get inspiration from other industries. What other people are doing, explore different. You can watch videos on YouTube.
      thanks Siddharth for eye opening. all the 10 thing I am already doing except writing ideas on paper, I keep thinking.I am a DIY person with various tools even my engineer friends don’t own. This all I share with my orthopaedic professor always on some new idea. All gadgets have to go through my eyes before service person is called.

    • Vijay Acharya

      10 different ways you get out of the normal and boring and tap into the creative powers that are already within you.
      1) Write 20 new ideas per day do continuously for next 60 days
      Ideas to improve creativity
      Ideas to improve health
      Ideas to improve the relationship
      New ways to look at same things it will fire neurons in a different pattern to enhance creative powers.
      2) Start learning a new instrument
      Music fires both sides of the brain
      3) Try different Route in your daily travel
      Explore new route go into uncharted territory
      4) Try using the opposite hand Ex; If you are using your left hand use your right hand instead
      Breaking pattern fires different neural pattern
      5) Mandala Art coloring
      It’s therapeutic in nature and helps you become more mindful.
      6) Motion and moving
      Motion creates emotion
      Emotion enhances creativity
      7) Have a day to unplug from work
      Recreation- Re-Create yourself
      8) Mastermind with like-minded people
      that will enhance your creativity
      9) Playing video games
      10) Inspiration from other industries from total opposite industry.

    • Debasmita Basu

      Interesting Topic Siddharth thank you very much for sharing-

      Biggest Takeaways-

      Creativity is one of those developments that human beings seem to have an intrinsic expertise of, however in case you absolutely ask them to outline it, they get tripped up.
      10 Different Ideas-

      1.Write 20 New Ideas daily.

      2.Music – I love to play Synthesizer like you , its my passion., I am just a beginner stage. And for last 2 years I am not playing since dye to time management, but start soon.

      3.Try Different Routes to reach home – explore and discover new places.

      4. Use Opposite hand to perform work – Nueropathway which helps the different part of the brain to work effectively.

      5. Art – Mandela Art to enhance your Mindfulness.

      6.Motion / Movement- Motion Creates Emotion, Emotion Creates Creativity.

      7. Unplug self for recreation .

      8.Mastermind of Like-minded People

      9 Video Game

      10.Get Inspiration from Other Industries.


    • Mansha Roy

      Thanks Sir for sharing your precious knowledge with us-

      My Learnings From This Podcast-

      1️⃣ Write 20 new ideas everyday and if you do this continuously for the next 30 days that means 600 new ideas and try to push your mind to generating ideas related to your life and business and these ideas can be bucket into different categories like ideas to improve your health, wealth ,relationships, business, career and creativity on day to day basis that’s going to enhance your inner power.

      2️⃣ Second way to enhance your creativity is through music, start learning and instrument because an instrument is something that fires both sides of the brain. Music has both the creative side and logical side.

      3️⃣ Try different routes in your daily travel just explore your city and drive to places where you have never driven before.

      4️⃣ See if you can use your opposite hand for doing any work because your entire physical structure and systems are connected to your neurons. When you are breaking patterns that actually fires both sides of the brain that enhance your creative power.

      5️⃣ Sit and start coloring mandala art because mandala art is therapeutic in nature and also enhances mindfulness.

      6️⃣ Motion and moving like exercising, running, walking can help you to get alot of ideas in your head. Motion creates emotion and emotion creates creativity.

      7️⃣ Have a day where you can completely unplug yourself from everything and you are spending some time alone to recreate yourself.

      8️⃣ Masterminding with like minded people because you have one way of thinking and when you connect with other people and start to discuss ideas that will enhance your creativity.

      9️⃣ Playing Video Games because playing is one of the best ways to find new ways to achieve things fast and easily.

      🔟 Try to get inspiration from other industries. Just go and read blogs, magazines, videos from totally opposite industries.


      • Satish Trimukhe

        Thanks Mansha for your detailed takeaways of todays Podcast..

        Actually I missed the Podcast and trying to read takeaways so that I can get important points. I will be listen this podcast as soon as possible.

        I read your takeways and learnt detailed main points of the Podcast that I save my time. It is super useful takeways.

    • Firdous Guffor Misgar

      # ILH 👪
      #I L H Deep Learner
      10 Ways To Enhance your Creativity
      01 : Write 20 new ideas per day .
      02 : Start learning 🎶 .
      03 : Try different routes in your daily
      04 : Use your opposite hand in any work
      05 : Engage your self in art Mandala art.
      06 : Motion .
      07 : Have a day where you can unplug
      Recreate yourself.
      08 : Mastermind with like minded
      People .
      09 : playing Video games .
      10 : Get inspiration from other
      Industries .

    • Shobhana Pawar

      10 different ways to tap into the creative powers within you.
      1) Write 20 new ideas per day
      2) Start learning a new instrument
      3) Try different Route in your daily travel n explore new route- go to unknown places (super like)
      4) Try using the opposite hand for any daily activity.
      5) Mandala Art coloring- mindful activity
      6) Motion and moving-any excersie or walk-Motion creates emotion and emotion enhances creativity.
      7) Unplug yourself from work and recreate/reform/recharge
      8) Mastermind with like minded people
      that will enhance your creativity
      9) Playing video games
      10) try and learn business methods from industries totally opposite from your industry.
      Wow… This was thoughtful. Learnt about Some innovative ways to enhance creativity.
      Thank you,

    • praful C Varma

      10 ways to enhance uniquely your creativity :

      Write 20 New Ideas every day. Idea to improve business, Health, Personal and creativity.
      Start learning any instrument for music .
      Try different routes when you travel in your city.
      Using your opposite hand to do more work will improve your brain pattern.
      Mandala Art work book and start coloring to enhance your mindfulness .
      Motion _Exercising, Jim it creates emotion inside you .
      Have a day to get unplugged from your day to day life to do recreation for yourself .
      Mastermind with like-minded people .It will improve creativity .a group of 3~ 4 people .
      Playing video games will help to improve in a new creative way .
      Get inspiration from other industries which you may not be familiar with .It will help you to enhance your creativity.

    • Ashvin Sonagara

      10 ways to improve productivity

      Add your unique flavour to content

      1. Write 20 new idea per day for 30 days
      2. Music – start learning musical instrument
      3. Try different routes in your daily routine
      4. Use your opposite hand to create thing
      5. Art – mandla art work book
      6. Motion – moving – motion create emotion
      7. Completely unwork on day – recreation
      8. Mastermind with like minded people – make group of 3-5 people and every week meetup
      9. Playing video games
      10. Inspiration from other industries

    • Samir

      — 10 Proven Ways to enhance your creativity —

      1. Write 20 new ideas per day.
      2. Start Learning an instrument
      3. Try different routes in your daily travel
      4. See if you can use your opposite hand to do all the activities
      5. Explore the beauty of Art
      6. Motions create emotions, emotions enhance creativity
      7. Unplug yourself for once in a while
      8. Mastermind with likeminded peoples
      9. Play video games
      10. Get inspiration from other industries


    • Santosh Pawaskar

      10 Ways to Enhance Creativity
      You are unique.
      1) Write new 20 ideas – 30 days, Document them
      2) Music – Play instruments
      I play Guitar, Flute, Piano and Violine.
      I will start spending some time to play.🎸🎻🎹😀
      3) Try different roots while traveling
      4) Use opposite hands (Left hand) to break pattern
      5) Art – Mandala art
      I am learning art journalin 🎨🖌️
      6) Motion – Motion creates emotion
      7) Recreation – Disconnect yourself
      8) Masterminds with alike minded people
      Document ideas
      9) Playing video games
      Use it for recreation, don’t get addicted
      10) Inspiration from other industries

      Sidz, I would like to add one more
      11) Play with your pets


    • Devanand

      10 Proven ways to Enhance your creativity :
      1) Write 20 new ideas per day – do for 30 days
      2) Start learning music
      3) Try different route in your daily travel
      4) Use your left hand in work
      5) Mandala Art work book – do painting
      6) Motion create E-motion : Do exercise everyday
      7) Recreate – stay outside every quarter
      8) Master mind with like mind people
      9) Playing video game – zelda
      10)Inspiration from other industries

    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      🔥🔥🔥 enhance your creativity.🔥🔥🔥

      Bring your unique felavour of representing ….

      1⃣Write 20 new idea everyday … FOR NEXT 30 DAYS..REGARDING Improve your health wealth career relationship spiritual life ….

      All the idea inside you ….











    • Meenu Chaurasiya



      Congratulations to all ilh deeplearner winner …

      Happy for you


      #ilhdeeplearner One of the most important skills to actually built is our creative abilities. Lot of people are doing similar things on online and if we want to standout from the crowd and if we really want to showcase our true flavour and our assent we go to tap in our creative energy and creative power. This podcast help me to bring out my talent. I am just listening this podcast but after listening to it I come out of an new idea from my mind . Out this 10 points I used to do 4 points that is 1) Right 10 idea per day, you told to right 20 but I write ten from today I will write 20 (2) Learning music (3) I used my opposite hand when I do a work and number (4) Video games, I love to play games like Brain out, Mobile legend and Pubg.But I play twice in a week. I will all the 10 points from today onwards. Thank you very much Siddharth Sir from the bottom of my heart for sharing us such and informative podcast that can scale up our business and to enhance our creativity.
      1) Right 20 new idea per day – If we do thus continuously for the next 30 days we can change our life. When we are really firing these neurons on day today base looking for new ways to thing about the same thing that’s gonna enhance our creativity powers. The ture idea are all inside our brain. If we do this we can see the true power of our brain.
      2) Learning music – An instrument is something fire both side side of the brain. Music have both creative side and a logical side. Music is a beautiful way to fire both side of our brain left and right to really enhance our creativity.
      3) Try different routes in our daily travel- If we are travelling from one place to other it is going on the same route we get very custom and we get used to that in very comfortable to one way of doing things. Travelling the route that we have never gone is one of the discovering way of new things and it also keep our minds sharp to observe what is around me. It also make us present when we are goin to uncharted territories. This is one of the way to enhance our creativity. We have to travel different routes in our city within or once in a week.
      4) We have to see that we can use opposite hand in doing any work- Because our entire physical structures and the systems are also connected to our owns in mental state when we are breaking patterns we will be using more of our left hand in things that normally right hands for that actually fires that help us the brain to enhance our creative powers and abilities. If we are using a spoon start eating with your left hands and we have to see what happens. It may feel occurred but the more we do it we start to open up other side of our brain and neurons. We have to use opposite side of our hands and start to break patterns that will enhance our creativity.
      5) Mandala Art work books – We have to start colouring in Mandala Art because Mandala Art is quite teriopaetic in nature and we can do our research on this and also enhance our mindfulness. Once we put a peace of paper with nice Mandala art and start colouring within than art and expression our self inner on creative way where we put in different colors and it really fires on different sides of our brain and enhance our creativity. This mindful state can really enhance our creativity.
      6) Motions and moving – While we are Exercising, running or walking going to gym have many idea. Motion create emotion and emotion enhance our Creativity. The more we can connect with our motion we can enhance our creativity more. We have to exercises, run and walk more if we are not having any physical activity that will jep and enhance our creativity.
      7) We should have a day where we can completely unplugged- Because sometimes the best work happens outside work. The word recreation means to create ourself. We should recreate ourself bh unplugging ourself and not doing anything . Thinking time help us to grow our creativity.
      8)Mastermind with minded people- Because we have one way of thinking and when we connect to other people we start to discuss ideas with other that will enhance our creativity. If we can make a group of three, four or five people who are like minded people, we have to mastermind them in every week and the format of the mastermind can be like everyone can share what’s working for them, what new ideas they come and one of us can documen of all the ideas we will be generate to turn over ideas. This can enhance our creativity.
      9) Video games – Video gaming is one of the best wat to relax ourself and one of the best way to find wat to achieving different things. We have to pickup the epic games and really nice story line, gaming is the amazing to enhance our creativity. We have to use it as a nice recreation.
      10) Get inspiration from other industries – We have to look what other industries is doing on , read other magazine , what other people are doing, go and read other people’s locks from totally opposite industries which we may not be really familiar with. When we go and start to explore different territories that we have never gone and seen we may have some slide changes in our mind that create our new ideas. If we can do the same thing we have to travel different routes and understand topic that wr are not even familiar with. This is will open jo our creativility and help us to start dots in multiple ways. If we have knowledge in many areas like gaming, music production, video production and the spiritual set of things, design and have other passion for always tuning into various different podcast and documentary, this enhance our ability to think understand from different perspective and other industries.
      Once again I really thank to you Siddharth Sir, I have learn many important and many new ideas from this podcast and even from other podcast. I am glad to be a member in ILH community. If anybody see my comment go and join sidz community that can help you to scale up your business and knowledge and solve your financial problems within the next 90 days. Reach here – Thank you Sidz for your spending your valuable time and sharing this podcast for us. #ilhfamily # ilhdeeplearner

    • suma

      How to improve your creativity: use the following 10 methods. Creativity makes you unique, and helps you look at things in your own way and be different.
      1. Write 20 new ideas/day for 60 days, ideas to improve your health, wealth, work, and creativity. This will enhance the thinking capacity
      2. learn music or instrument, as music has structure and creativity, it stimulates both right and left brain
      3. Take different routes while traveling home to the office. we discover new things and this keeps our mind active and new things we remember and new neurons will form
      4. use opposite hand for writing, eating using spoon etc, this will help that part of the brain grow
      5. Use art like Mandala Art drawing and coloring. Mandala art is therapeutic also. engages your mind and we become mindful
      6) Motion and moving like exercise, gym, walk, etc promote your thinking and new ideas flash. Motion creates emotions emotion increases creativity
      7) Take a day off. alone, stay in a hotel, rejuvenate and come back fresh. Bill gates did this often, he would read for a week and then come back with new ideas
      8) Have a company of like-minded people, like have masterminds with them, share ideas, listen from them and learn new things.
      9) Playing video games with children, the feeling of playing and winning gives you a good feeling.
      10) get ideas and inspiration from other industries, even from the total opposite industry. learn about different people, blogs, read magazines, when new information is learnt, we get new ideas and become creative

    • Mrunali

      #ILH family the 10 ways to enhance my creativity are:
      1. Write 20 new ideas for progress in personal, family and work business life.
      2. Practice playing guitar and keyboard and learn new chords and music to play and sing along
      3. Take new paths to explore in life, do differently.
      4. Use the inactive hand for doing certain things.
      5. Practice mindfulness do the mandala art painting
      6. Unwind, unplug from daily routine activities of the day, once a week and every 3 months.
      7. Meet and discuss with Master mind group on new learning experience.
      8. Move your body- exercise, motion creates emotion and emotions generates new ideas.
      9. Play games, video games that enhance your creativity
      10. Learn from experts of other industries and explore my creativity in my business

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