I realized that when someone keeps saying that “they want to do something”.. actually they do not. Here's the logic. 

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If someone really wanted to do something - maybe "start a business" or "start exercising" or "start eating more healthy"... then they would already be doing it.

By saying that ‘I want to do it'…. they actually do not. 

A lot of things go by in our life with the excuse we keep making to ourselves — “it takes time… it takes time".. or "the right time has to come!”, the actual fact is that - it only takes a moment's decision to make things happen.

Think about it.. (if you are married), it only took you that split-second decision to say ‘yes’ to your fiancé.

The time factor was just to explore the relationship. But the decision was made in one second.

So today’s message to you is..

If you have been pushing things forward for a long time.. you probably need to question yourself on why you do not want to do that thing.. even though you keep telling the world that you want to.

Once you understand the actual stumbling block, which is mostly your own ‘fear’, then just make a “split-second decision” that I will, and take action — move forward.

It’s sometimes the first step that’s the hardest thing.

After having read, heard, and watched a crapload of stuff over the years when it comes to “personal development”… it just comes down to ONE thing…

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. Period.

If you understand this one thing.. to the depth of what it really is.. your life will change.

What do you think? Does this make sense?


siddharth rajsekar
siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    43 replies to "Why Most People Lie To Themselves & Give Excuses"


      You are right sir ..that’s what I feel .Tell me what I should do ?

    • Firdous Guffor Misgar

      #ILH Deep Learner
      The takeaways from this short note is
      As :
      To be enough frank with you sometimes
      Life gets out of your control you feel so
      Helpless when things take a Wrong
      Directions everything seems going the
      Opposite direction. No doubts it’s quite
      Right quote Action speaks louder than
      Words. Hopefully 🤔 so you will catch me.

    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      Rather be in a state ..you plan to do things… And you do it … Then tell the world …..

      Not in a state … I want do this things !!

      Just do it ….

      Believe in yourself …

      Find a way ….

      Don’t make excuse

      Thank you for sharing ….

    • Vikram suresh borse

      If you really want to do something , you will do find a way , if you don’t , you will find an excuse !
      _ it only takes a moment’s decision to make things happen !
      _ you hv been procrastinating on so many things , questio yourself why you don’t want to do that thing ?
      _ stumbling block is your fear what others will think if you fail ?
      _ take a split decision ! and move forward !
      _ you don’t hv to tell anyone , rather plan and do and then tell the world ” i hv done it ”
      _ sometimes the first step is the hardest thing !
      _ after hving heard , learnt so much on personal development , it just boils down to
      ” if you really want to do something , you will do it !
      _ otherwise you will find an excuse ”
      _ it is this committment and diligent application that will change your life !
      _ now do first and then announce ” i hv done it “

    • Akash More

      It was a bulb on moment for me. If somebody says they want to do something they actually do not want to do it.
      I have been telling the world that I want to become a better developer and start my own business.

    • Ravi Kishore Bh

      Health & Fitness – Not Spending Time with myself – Saying but not following.

    • Gita Ramachandran

      In few lines what it implies is thatb if you are committed, enough, you will find a way or else an excuse. You procrastinate due to fear of failure , rejection, criticism or judgement . It just takes a moment to decide and execute. Yesterday I published a reel on this
      which is given below https://www.instagram.com/reel/CgnoYGPOu2r/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

    • Gita Ramachandran

      In few lines what it implies is thatb if you are committed, enough, you will find a way or else an excuse. You procrastinate due to fear of failure , rejection, criticism or judgement . It just takes a moment to decide and execute. Yesterday I published a reel on this

    • Reema Noor

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

      😁make split second decision and set it into action and move forward without any annoucement.
      🤓Do it and then let others know.

      Where there is a will there is a way.?

      I believe in evil eye and avoid announcing my plans b4hand. In addition ,announcing plans also makes one comfortable that you are doing something (delusion) when actually you are doing nothing except talking.

      Walking down the aisle is sth I have been telling people I want to do it or will do it but haven’t done it yet. 🤐 That decision………..


    • Dhanush Raj G N

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

      This is the 1st episode I’ve listened and I just now completed my 7th free webinar today where I’ve got one person trying to pay today, but the it got failed. In real cash, there were no conversions.

      And if you ask me Dhanush, are you upset about it?

      I’ll honestly say NO.

      Bcoz, as Sid mentioned from the 1st webinar, I keep on telling that, I’ll watch my own webinar to correct myself, but I didn’t watched properly even a single webinar till now.

      I keep on telling to myself that I want to restructure my ppt script for selling, but I’ll do that only on the day of webinar.

      I’m observing how I’m not nurturing my whatsapp audience once they are in grp in a right manner with the awareness of knowing, it’s not happening correctly.

      After listening this epiosde, I asked myself why I don’t want to do it? Though I wanted to do???

      I answered, “Bcoz I’m not following any process or system. Though I’m part of an online community previously, I’ve put my brains a lot and when you don’t follow exact steps, as you are amateur in the game, you’ll come across these kind of experiences. And I’m coming across these kind of stuffs, by putting my brains every here and there. But I joined ILH just 4 days back. And you believe it or not, the moment I jumped in, I was ready. I’m not new to sid. I’m learning from his YouTube videos, but I was in CoachEasily community, where though they are giving everything they possibly can to be as a student, for various reasons, I lost the zeal I had while joining there. And I was totally aware of how I’m underperforming in the game.
      But that’s not the case when I came here to ILH. It was a conscious choice I made to surrender myself to do exactly what sid teach.

      Till now I’m doing everything what I’m learning and I’ll do in the coming days as well.

      This is how, I’m now not telling I want to do, I’m simply doing it without bothering or announcing stuff as Sid told.


      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhcommunity #ilhmember

      Hey sir Thanks for this wonderful podcast 🙏 .. My biggest learnings from this podcast 🎙️ which is on 🔹WHY MOST PEOPLE LIE TO THEMSELVES & GIVE EXCUSES🔹

      🎯 Sometimes we actually give excuses to delay things , But if we really wanna do something we would be doing it already ..

      ⚡ It just take few moments to take decision , But applying what we have decided in real life is Somehow hard for those people who are actually giving excuses like it takes time , Right time has to come and on the other hand if you really wanna do something you would be doing it .

      ❓ Mostly we (Not all) have a fear of what other people could think of I make this action Or fear of society . Now if you actually Understand the actual stumbling block , Just make a split second decision and set it into actions and importantly just move on , Move forward ⏩

      🙅‍♂️ You don’t have to tell anybody about what you are doing , First you plan to do something and then you do it , Now you tell the world that I have done it . And yeah sometimes taking that first step is the hardest thing but if you could make that first step then rest of the process would become easier for you .

      🏂 We will somehow find a way if we really wanna do something , But on the other hand if we don’t wanna do it , Then you will find an excuse to escape from that thing ..

      Yup above are my biggest takeaways 👍 .

      👉 The one thing I wanna do but iam not able to do is Following minimalism , Somewhere somehow Iam doing things that are dawdling . I don’t wanna do so many things but to focus on one thing that can create an impact in my life and also saves my time .

      😊 Thank you Siddharth sir for sharing these kind of concepts . Looking forward to listen more Podcasts from you ❤️

    • Shanthi Mangilal

      That was as really an amazing topic you picked Sidz .
      I admit frankly I am the one who always gives excuses for myself….If i worked extra hours or any overloaded the day…,the next day u skip from my routine saying no problem Shanthi, you need rest for a while to work for this full day…so no matter you can work later and for now take rest for a while ,for a while and for a while and the day ends completely… When I look back the day and I see i have just postponing the action which am i suppose…
      Thank you so much Sidz

    • Shanthi Mangilal

      A powerful message i have learnt was keep doing consistently

    • Rahul George




      Bingo.Bango. 😊🤩💎⚡💪🙏

      Rolling out my hypnosis based business…was in research mode but now already taking focused action

      #ilh #ilhdeeplearner

    • Ruby Yogi

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily
      My learning is that action comes when thoughts are infested with bringing results.

      I wanted to start my own coaching buisness for more than 2 years now. But it is only now that I started acting on it.

      I wanted to eat healthy for 3 months continuously to bring about some health result. It is only now that I’m able to do it.

      Even in the past, I topped examination bcz I really wanted to do it… Whenever I quit what I started, today looking back yes I wasn’t really interested in it.

      Yes indeed… When I really wanted to do something I ended up doing it.
      This is a thought which can vanish the poison of procrastination from its roots.

      I’m going to preserve this thought on my wall today.

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Loretta S

      Thank Sidz. Bulb on. So true. When I say I want to do something and I don’t act on it. It means I am not serious.
      Sad that I blame every other thing than me.
      I will work on overcoming my fears.

      God bless.

    • SnehaL

      Yeah It was a bulb on moment. Yes I want to start my coaching business. I did lack clarity. Yes I took the first step by enrolling in your course. I intend to launch my courses by the end of this hackthon.

    • Visweswaran Sayee

      Why Most People Lie To Themselves & Give Excuses
      I started my institute in 2007 but because of circumstances had to close.
      From that point till date I always said will start again, time is not right now and so on.
      That procrastinating habit and fear to not come back strong as before made me stay in my comfort zone.
      We say we want to do something and we procrastinate, we stay in our cocoon as that is warm and comfortable. Actually staying in the comfort zone is the basic human nature. Fight back with your own self to become a new improved you takes a lot of effort and guts.
      To break the shackles and move away from the comforts is the key. Move to the unknown and the fear will be gone. Follow the mentor word by word and the world is there to be conquered.
      Very true right time is now and right place is here
      It just took the split second decision to join your course. Rightly said if someone wanted desperately to start of he/she would have done way back and not think of the right time.
      Siddharth ji you made me move forward and as you said in one of the speech “do and then think”. So have taken a decision and now focusing on how to align things to move forward.

      Thank you for your support and guidance

    • Pradeepkumar KP

      It’s true that most of the people finding “more satisfaction” on “saying” what they want to do than directly start doing it.
      Every time they make such statement, their mentality is as they achieved the happiness of having done it.
      Later it became a non-motivating action to perform.
      So, every time they think of it, they put off it for next time and never happen.

      Sidz teach in this podcast,
      better take actions and then let others know,
      so that we can keep the excitement till the time it complete.
      So, the false satisfaction will not go in to our head and disdain the actions.

      Generally, what happen is that, if we want to tell someone that we are going to do something, it’s part of our ego or boosting mentality.
      So as an equal and opposite reaction, who hear this may put a question mark on your ability do it or may leave a negative feeling. This also may put you down.

      📌This says, if someone really going to do something,
      they will not tell what they are going to do,
      instead he will be spending that “time and energy” directly doing it.

      Action takers find happiness in doing it, not in saying repeatedly” I am going to do it”

      Sidz says that if someone, not able to take action immediately, they must start question them selves ,why they are in such situations. Once understand it, take actions quickly. No need to tell anybody what they are doing.
      You do first then tell the world. If you really want to do something you will find a way, not an excuse.

      I also have found out in my life, many times that if I declare some one that I am going to do something, its negatively affect my actions.
      📌Firstly, I lose the charm of doing it, because I have already shared the feeling of end result.
      📌Secondly, Fear of that others will question me, if I am not doing it. So, loose the freedom, become a slave of my words. Then it became non-enjoyable act and never take off.
      Thank you.
      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Start living your life in such a way that you stop complaining about one thing that you always wanted to do. Plan and do something and then announce to the world you did it !

    • Debasmita Basu

      Thank you to put this message forward Siddharth , through Podcast where I feel , this is the platform to connect of heart to heart.

      Biggest Takeaways-

      I am sharing my hindrances and what I am lying to myself, thank you Siddharth , giving me a chance to confess.

      Social psychologists say people lie to themselves in an unconscious attempt to enhance shallowness or sense better. Evolutionary psychologists, who say exclusive elements of the brain can harbor conflicting ideals at the equal time, say self-deception is a manner of fooling others to our own gain.

      – 1st Lie I do every day to myself that I will start do Physical Exercise regularly , which I do not do, reason is I am lathergic, honestly as much asI require in the World , I want to live that much only.😚🏃‍♀️

      – 2nd lie i do everyday that to myself that I will increase the time of meditation 🧘‍♀️ , which i can’t , my focus gets deviated.

      -3rd lie I do to myself that I will tell truth everytime , but I tell white lie to my Clients to protect my Candidates , to protect my business.

      – 4th lie I do to myself that , everyday I do SWOT Analysis on myself , and make a promise on myself that I will work on my Weakness which I do not do

      Honest Confession I did , some I can’t write , its making me emotional , some hindrance coming inside me . The Law of Resistance is not letting me write .,extremely sorry for it.


    • Sudhanshu Shekhar


      I believe this is the shortest podcast from #sidz, but have the greatest message for everyone.
      this messages is just like the strangest secret in the world to take action by split decision and move forward without thinking about ifs & buts.

      Below are my takeaways-
      1. If you tell yourself that you want to do something but actually your not doing, then ask yourself why you are not doing?
      then you will find it may be due to some Stumbling block and that may be due to your own internal fear
      – Fear of judgement
      – Fear of society pressure
      – want to look good in eyes of society

      2. Get into action mode
      – just do that what you want to do, without any fear
      – 1st do that without knowing anyone and later on announce you have done that.
      take a split decision and move forward

      Thanks you.

    • Ananya Ohdedar

      Sidz, I am now only the action taker and sometimes thinker when I think what more to do.. There is no place to give the thought “I really want to do…” anymore any where in my end. If anything comes in my mind that I want to do, I just do it. Thank you.

      #ilh deep learner

    • Chandrasekaran

      Just do it

    • Ganga Narayan Das

      I don’t want to tell, I want to do and after I get results, then if required I tell others or they automatically come to know, and if they wish to inquire or gossip, I clarify.

      Yes, I have been avoiding many things that I wanted to do, but slowly I am adding them to my activities and getting them rolling.


    • Girish Shah

      In my opinion there are two concepts that come in the way. One is that of Power which has traditionally carried the connotations of physical strength, financial muscle and ability to control others. If we were to define Power as “the velocity at which we convert our intentions into reality” the emphasis gets squarely placed on performance oriented living.
      The other concept is that of time. We tend to categorize time into most appropriate, bad, good, most opportune and so on. Somehow, the present, the NOW is never a component of time. The best time is almost always in future. This occurs cleverly disguised in attractive packages we call ” planning, perfection, strategy, roadmap etc” with the consequence that the emphasis gets placed on a robust and perfect action plan rather than on an exploratory and pioneering to and fro movement between action and thinking. The net result is we end up having lots of insights, intentions and plans and very little performance.

    • Sumitra Manamohan

      The one thing I’ve threatening to is to write a book.Thanks Sidz Im now on the 30 day challenge and have to publish them.This podcasr has given me the idea that I can use the posts to compile my book and publish it by 330th Oct 22. Will take the plunge thanks to your podcast,

    • Sumitra Manamohan

      The one thing I’ve been threatening to do is to write a book.Thanks Sidz Im now on the 30 day challenge and have to publish them.This podcast has given me the idea that I can use the posts to compile my book and publish it by 30th Oct 22. Will take the plunge thanks to your podcast,


      This podcast is a very very amazing one and I find it to be creative and innovative . At least from my own personal experience.
      When I plan to do a thing, I do it as I find much reason and got over my inner conflicts or resistances. Otherwise like a great warrior Arjuna, I r get deluded with some kind of affliction of the mind, and many a time does not really understand the real resistance. So procrastination sets in. PROCRASTINATION IS NOT REALLY THE CAUSE, IT IS THE EFFECT OF A DEEPER CONSPIRACY WITHIN.
      so there is a requirement for a mentor like Krishna Maharaj in such a situation. We require a coach even if one is as competent a Warrior (or STAR/TRANSFORMER/AVENGER-Pun intended!) as ARJUN of MABHAT FAME.

      • Janardan Kar

        I am again writing as a comment on my earlier writing.
        The fact is, as I observe, there is a big gap between intention and action. To me, that gap is a lie.
        We want to do something and do it, it is done and dusted. But if we intend to be something or do something but take no action, then it remains the intention. That is a lie. The reasons are the internal resistance, they are many.
        So, the remedial action would be to be aware of them through awareness, mindfulness and contemplation and consciously overpower them.

    • sridhar kinhal

      Podcast mentions- By saying that ‘I want to do it’…. they actually do not.
      If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse. Period.

      Reminds me the shortest and the most powerful quote i have read in English –

      “”” To Begin, Begin – William Wordsworth “”

      What ever I want to do but have been pushing and give excuses for – only means there is an inauthenticity in my declaration – that I want to do it .
      Instead of giving bunch of excuses it is worthwhile to explore and inquire , Why I do not want to Do it ?
      Look and discover the real culprit- the stumbling block which is holding you from doing what you really want !!


      IF You really Want to Do it , you will find a way., Period – so they said – ” where there is a will there is a way .
      if there is no way – then look there is absence of WILL ( and not WILLS – pun intended – some people say- they get WILL when they puff WILLS )

      The Best approach is to First DO what you want to do and Then announce to the world !!

      This way we are avoiding the so called Quasi- mentors – questioning your want and the path !!

    • Mithin Kumar

      Its true….. People say but don’t do it….. I will not say till i did it…. 👍

    • Porandla Aditya Narayan

      This is THE most HONEST self-assessment podcast I’ve heard to date by ANYONE. I want to should be replaced by I AM.
      The pitfalls of the I-Want-To procrastination technique are that you’re opening up yourself inadvertently to a whole lot of querying, questioning, doubting, and unwanted peer, societal, and family pressure. Do you need that pressure? No!! You do not need all that unnecessary negative attention. I’d rather do it, make it as perfect as possible because perfection is a myth, no one can be perfect, except God and we are not Him/Her. So, do it, perfect it as much as possible, and THEN announce it. The questions would be different then, how? YOU? What? How come? rather than YOU??? LOL??? REALLY? COME ON!?!?!?
      So yes go ahead and do it and amaze the world.
      Actions speak louder than words and seeing is believing and doing is more concrete than just saying.

    • Moorthi P

      I am the person, you said above. I joined FBM in 2020 but i don’t give myself to you and i didn’t go through it. After long time i go through to your model, every concept amazing. Now i purchased diamond membership and now i am doing what i want.
      I realized and i chooshed following action words and i act upon it.
      passion, listen, patient, Persistency, consistency, strong commitment, courage and bold decision.
      It really wonderful, amazing..

    • Aruna Singh

      Hi, there is a big difference between wanting and doing. Just wanting something and telling everyone about it does not bring around any results. You have to take those consistent steps to make it happen. It is you who has to be convinced of your want. BE YOU, BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF. TAKE ACTION

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