After spending over $100K in Facebook Ads to exclusively fill webinars, I have come to realize that there are 6 important factors to keep in mind to maximize your return on ad spends.

What You Will Learn In This Podcast

  1. How to create a checklist even before you start running ads
  2. How to design a robust lead webinar magnet
  3. How to craft a clearly defined lead flow for maximum conversions
  4. The right campaign ad structure using Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO)
  5. What metrics to measure?
  6. 5 ways to optimize your Facebook ad campaign for better webinar conversions

The above are the 6 factors that can either make or break your Facebook Ad spends.

Resources Mentioned In Podcast

  1. Business Manager – This is where you create a business account on Facebook
  2. ClickFunnels – This is my favourite landing page system
  3. ConvertKit – This is my favourite email marketing system
  4. GetResponse – This is a highly recommended email system for starters
  5. ManyChat – This is the chatbot system that I use with my Facebook page

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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        You are Master mind actually…

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        Powerful tips

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        Tks for the useful info Sid.

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        Hi sidz. This is a genuine input. As,its just above my head . But points to ponder when plunge into the game after completing freedom finish goal post.

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        Excellent ????


      Very useful info I got from u sid….. Tq

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Bharath! This is just a small part of the bigger game of advertising.

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      I am very impressed by your achievements. I too am motivated to do the same.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        You will Raju! All the best

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        You are awesome!!

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        You are my mentor. One day I will surely buy Freedom Business Model.

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      Awesome Sidz.

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      Thank you Sidz for awesome and detailed podcust.

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      Very Nice Podcast!

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      soon going to become ur level 2

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      My name is Sachin Thakur.
      Self-taught Programmer and Web Designer.

      Thanks, sidz sir for adding value in my life.
      I also want to make more money online.

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      Thank You…Sidz… Nice & very useful.

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      I have started learning many things from you. Thank you!

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      Very informative. You are genius and scrupulous.

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      Thank you, Sid!

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      Learnt about different metrics for Facebook ads in a simplified version

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      Which CRM do you suggest for starters with a list of about 5 k ids.

      Pl share.

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      I appreciate how you explain everything in such a simple way..will buy your Freedom setup challenge course soon

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      Do I need an agency to run Facebook ads?

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      Dear Siddharth Rajashekhar, it was a pleasure meeting you at delhi seminar today . I have been able to go through some of your videos and really appreciate the structured way you are communicating about your courses ….. Also great info and knowledge on how to use facebook and other net based resources.

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      Myself became addict for your webinars,blogs n everything,it’s because you adding value to each article created.
      Thanks for adding value to our journey.

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      Awesome Podcast. Your insights have changed the way people look at Facebook Ads


      Dear Sidz,

      I cant tell you how much i am inspired and motivated to listen to you every time.As a new entrant to your system,being enrolled for the Diamond membership I am taking my baby steps in setting up my online business.Very useful guidance for a 1% novice like me,but i know i have the qualities to succeed and i will simply because you are my coach! Am now on ‘Awareness phase’…soon will get into selling mode once i complete my current 30 day challenge!…
      thank you,once again…

    • Lohit

      Sidz !
      Got clarity in facebook ad campaigning and monitoring it.
      Awesome !
      Must required podcast before starting fb ads

    • Lohit


      Must required before starting FB ads!
      Explained well to setup FB ads and monitoring it as well.

    • R Santhaakshmi

      Hi sidz, it’s very Usefull, cos I am spending lot money in Fb ads, ND reach is high, but lead is less, last week I put add as high value got around 200 email id’ s but exactly don’t know how to make dem Rivert back, or bring dem to sit in my webinar… Still it’s challenging for me… Let me follow this podcast first… Thank u sidz

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      Just wow !!!

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      Awesome Sidz. Very useful tips in nutshell.

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      Thanks for sharing valuable tips. I have Learnt about various metrics for Facebook ads in the easy way

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      Amazing…Thanks sidz for giving this timely podcast….I was about to run my Facebook ads and had no clue about it…Now, it gave a lot of insight ..Thanks Sidz ..

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      Super valuable Sid. You make learning really easy . And any person who hardly knows anything can learn and understand the Depth and calculation of concepts . Thanks for sharing ????????luv n blessings . MPTU

    • Sudhindra Haribhat

      Very deep, Sidz. I can confirm what you said towards the end.
      I had seen ur videos and wondered if you are giving away so much info for free how much more u must be doing for ur paid clients.
      I enrolled based on that thought and boy, have I got my money’ worth!
      Thanks for everything????.

    • Rajes murugasamy

      Super. I got some ideas even before i run my ads. #ilhfamily

    • Sumiti Walia

      In-depth knowledge you shared… thanks a lot…

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      Valuable information Sidz. Thank you…


      Unlearned and Relearned. It gave me more clarity again. Thanks, Sidz.

    • Balaji Gorantla

      I had bookmarked this podcast in one of our Leadership council sessions. Got to go through this today and felt like whaw!
      I made notes, rewinded where required and noted action steps.
      As you had rightly mentioned at the end of the podcast, making notes helped me to connect the dots better. I have now a better idea of what to do, before I start FB ad campaign again.
      I ran FB campaign in Jan’21 after completing Freedom finisher. Lots of gaps, it wasn’t successful. Took a step back for 5 months.
      In previous lockdown – Covid Wave1 I enrolled, set up the systems and got introduced to various activities and tools
      In this lockdown – Covid wave2, I resolve to get at ease with all the activities, especially marketing front, with lots of practice and take the business to the next level. My target is to reach 1 crore mark by 31st Mar 2022.

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    • Poonam Patel

      Very very informative especially for a layman like me.. still struggling how to begin the digital journey.
      Takeaways – Right from having a dedicated business manager to facebook pixels.
      the 6 steps from lead magnet to building funnels and nurturing tribes. Thank you!

    • Himanshu Huria

      I was looking for this. Finally got the answer. Thanks for explaining everything in easy to understand steps.

    • Inder jeet Singh ubhi

      My takeaway from this webinar

      As you had highly mentioned at the end of the podcast, making notes help me to connects the dot better. I have now a better idea of what to do before I start facebook ads Champaign.

      Check list

      Dedicated business manager
      This is where you create a business account on facebook
      Click funnels
      This is my favorite journey of leading page system
      E mail marketing system
      Converkit – This is my favorite e mail marketing system
      Get response – This is another highly recommend e mail marketing system
      Facebook pixels installed properly
      Webinar lead magnets
      Hook means title of the webinar
      Design of the page
      Lead flow
      People should feel they get lot of value in the funnel
      Thanks page – facebook groups – preframe them before they come in the webinar
      High nurturing them in the facebook group
      Survey after the Weimar
      Design your Champaign store
      Champaign budget optimization (CBO)
      Three ads set – each ads sets have two ads total six ads in a day
      Ads limits should not more than rs. 5000/ – per day for all the ads in the starting
      Your bantchmark should be Rs. 50/- per lead for India and outside India it can be more, but cpa and cost per customer should be in control which leads to at least 2x of the ads spends per customer.
      How you maximise the juice
      By building funnels
      To nurture the digital tribe
      Split testing
      Adding content value before they come to webinar

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights! ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Sunil Chaudhary

      Very useful and powerful session

    • K. Lalitha Parameshwari

      So much of value filled podcast. Every word counts,. MPTY Sidz

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