I used to play a lot of Atari, Nintendo and Sega during my childhood days. And I also loved sport. I used to play cricket and always looked forward to cricket matches and winning tournaments. And I guess that's why I started this 3-step Gamification System which is creating magic in the digital coaching industry in India and world over.

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What you will learn in this podcast?

How to make it fun for your students to learn more and feel good?
What is this 3-step gamification system that's working for over 16,000+ people?
How this will be the game changer in the industry?
siddharth rajsekar

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Samir

      — How to use Gamification to get better results for your students —

      Digital Coaching system built on Simplification and Gamification.
      Organize your course with different activities and after completion of each activity honor your students with some rewards.

      Money making Niche
      – Based on Milestone achieved earning money

      Health Niche
      – Activity Based (Finisher Award)
      – Result Based (Hall of Fame Award)
      – Superstar Award (Superstar Award)

      Business Niche
      – Activity Based
      – Result Based (Based on profitability)
      – Superstar Award (If the owner has achieved exponential growth)

      Career Growth Niche
      – Activity Based
      – Result Based (30 day challenge/ Result achieved)
      – Superstar Award

      Relationship Niche
      – Activity Based
      – Result Based
      – Superstar Award

      Creativity Niche
      – Activity Based
      – Result Based
      – Superstar Award

      Personal Development Niche
      – Identify the broader outcome from this niche and decide the gamification.

      At the end Be Creative while deciding the gamification ideas for your niche.


    • Kiran Kumar k u

      only three step gamification system to get better results for your students:

      today system is build based on simplification and gamenification

      today education system is bored once the gate success did not get any rewards

      if you see in this sports if you someone is win they will get awards
      first price
      second price
      third price

      in today education system also we have play this same system like sports, students also get better results.

      that result have to give based on the niche categories

      they are multiple niche is there like
      1. make money
      2. business growth
      3. health
      4. bcareer growth
      5. relationship

      if you see above niches have to gamify the rewards based on results like

      a. avtivity based
      b. results based
      c. super startaward

      these formula have to apply for all the education system now a days for example see below

      1. make money:

      if you see make money niche in the ILH community success achievers will get this rewards
      * activity based – @ freedom finish award
      * results base – @ hall of fame award
      * superstar based – @ hall of fame award

      if you apply system in hackathon get freedom finisher award. if made more than 3 lakhs they will get all of him or award. if make more than 1 crore they will get superstar award.

      this system apply in below niche
      -business growth
      -carrier growh and
      -ralationship growth

      creat target like
      A to B to C

      at level A set system for 1 weak to month and set reward

      at level B give reward based on result

      if next 12 moths implement and get more results give reward for level c

      in ILH so many gamififion is there like that if complete every activity get rewards like deep learners awards in podcast , give away, free course.

      formal education system is boring .
      secret of digital coaching business is based on simplification and gamification


    • praful C Varma

      You really made this journey with more fun and joy. the insight are as under:

      The formal education systems are designed more of memorizing whereas digital Coaching is built on gamification and simplification .
      Gamification labels for digital coaching are designed in 3steps _Freedom finisher,vHall of fame and super star award .
      Money making niche_ based on task and within 30 to 90 days and last milestone is superstar award .
      Health niche_ Activity based, Result based and super star awards based .
      Business growth niche_ profit, sustainable business and also without physical presence
      Career growth niche_ Task based achievement like handwriting for all levels like level-1,level-2 and super star level.
      Relationship niche _ for couples and any relation in the family .
      Art & Crafts niche_ for panting or any other art related activity will be applicable. .
      Tools like NLP where no tangible outcome and these tool will be used for solving the issues or problems .can be treated with creative idea and based on that gamification can be decided.

    • Neeraj Kumar

      “How To Use Gamification To Get Better Results For Your Students”

      How to Gamify as per different Niche :

      1. Make Money Niche –
      a) Activity Based Award – When they complete all the tasks.
      b) Result Based Award – When they achieve some result within 30 or 90 days.
      c) Super Star Award – When they achieve specific End Goal Amount.

      2. Health Niche –
      a) Activity Based Award – Create a 3 days / 10 days / 21 Days / 30 Days Challenge, if all the steps of the challenge are completed, give them the first award. (Finisher Award).
      b) Result Based Award – After the Challenge, if they achieved a Milestone in Health Goal like they lost 5 KG weight, or they have not been able to sleep earlier but now they are able to sleep properly. Interview them and give second award. (Hall of Fame Award).
      c) Super Star Award – If someone has maintained the Health or any particular milestone for a longer time then you can give a Super Star Award.

      3. Business Growth Niche –
      a) Activity Based Award – They have to complete some activity like 30 Days Challenge.
      b) Result Based Award – They have achieved some profitability. (If they have gone from Point A to Point B as per Profitability Goal).
      c) Super Star Award – If the business owner creates some magic in 12 to 18 Months (If they achieved Big Milestone)

      4. Career Growth Niche –
      a) Activity Based Award – Give them tasks as 30 days Challenge.
      b) Result Based Award – If they received small Milestone or got some breakthrough.
      c) Super Star Award – If they have been able to apply this for a longer time.

      5. Relationships & Love Niche –
      a) Activity Based Award – Give them some task like clearing their internal game, working on Mindset.
      b) Result Based Award – They can openly go and express their love to their spouse & if they got stability and brought back their love.
      c) Super Star Award – If they have completely transformed their life in 12 to 18 months.

      6. Creativity or Art Niche –
      a) Activity Based Award – Challenge
      b) Result Based Award – Small Milestone
      c) Super Star Award – Big Milestone

      Any Niche can be Gamified in 3 types of Awards –
      a) Activity Based Award – 1st Milestone
      b) Result Based Award – 2nd Milestone
      c) Super Star Award – 3rd Milestone

      Also you need to have your 3 membership levels –
      a) Sliver Membership (Level 1)
      b) Gold Membership (Level 2)
      c) Diamond Membership (Level 3)

      Membership levels should be independent of Gamification levels.
      Any person in your Level 1 Membership can also have the equal opportunity to achieve the Super Star Award.
      Any person in your Level 3 Membership can also have the opportunity to achieve the Super Star Award.


    • Rajiv Bhatia


      While the formal education system is based on volumes of information and its memorization, the Digital education system and knowledge giving is built on simplification and gamification so as to
      arouse the creative and learning desire by making learning fun.
      In the ILH community, the digital coach with different niches can make the gamify the learning process by offering rewards: Level 1 on achievement of say 30 days challenge, activity-based; level 2 for achieving the tangible results that is in line with the objectives and level 3 award i.e. Superstar award on sustained achievement of results say over a period of one year.

      The niche should be perceived as a vehicle to achieve Goals. Look at the benefits that it results and it would give ideas to gamify the learning process

      My additions from past learnings:
      In ILH; besides gamification of the learning process the environment created is magical i.e. meetups in Hives, Leadership Council Audits, and personal accountability partners support the learning process. As Sidz reiterates, you will fail only if you Quit. One needs to actively participate in the community and connect with the tribe members and enjoy sharing knowledge and deep learnings.

    • Adnan Buland Khan

      Gamification System
      1. Giving award to students like game.
      2. Can be applied in Niche.
      3. For Make money niche then apply activity based model.
      4. For Health niche, find end goal, give challenges then give award, for achieving 1st milestone then give good award or interview them.
      5. For Business Niche: result based award, activity based award.
      6. For Career growth: Give task and award them, for big challenge interview them.
      7. For Relationship : Give activity based, result and long term award.
      8. NLP, taro reading: these are the vehicle, and decide the end goal which one problem which you have to solve. When outcome is not tangable.


    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯How can you gamify your work and assignment πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

      Digital coaching is build on gamification and simplification……

      Milestone and rewards ….πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
      Activity based model (finisher)
      Result based model (hot)
      Super star model (crore club)

      Top niches where you can apply gamification…..
      1⃣ Make money niche …
      2⃣… Health based niche …
      3⃣… Business based niche …
      4⃣… Career growth niche ..
      5⃣… Relationship niche
      6⃣… Creativity niche …
      7⃣… Personal development …

      Look at these topic (nlp, astrology, numerology,healing ,tarot cards etc)as a tools to solve people problem…. And those outcome are the milestone which you can gamify ….

      All the awards are independent from level of course … All student can participate in game and win ….

      Formal education system is based on memorization and volume of information … But that is not the case in digital coaching

      Here less in more …

      Thank you sidz… Diamond membership is next goal …


    • Sumesh Chhabria


      Gamification System for Different Niches –

      1. Make Money.
      2. Health.
      3. Business Growth.
      4. Career Growth.
      5. Relationships.
      6. Creativity

    • Debasmita Basu

      Dear as always mentioned Siddharth thank you, each day is the new learning for me . One thing I should tell you that I am down with Covid from last 4 days, and can understand and feel Hermit Period , but truth is , I can generate new ideas as well .
      Biggest Takeaways-
      Learning become to much fun with Gamification. As a Digital Coach we should focus on imparting through the process of Gamification.
      The Fundamental Principles-
      Formal Education Systems build on Memorization and Volume of Information.
      Digital Education helps in Simplification and Gamification.
      3 Stages of Gamification-

      LOOSING WEIGHT 10,21,90 days – Reward Based
      Maintain for 1 year – Super Star-





      – Activity Based (Finisher Award)
      – Result Based (Hall of Fame Award)
      – Superstar Award (Superstar Award)


      • Nivedita Brahma

        Debasmita ma’am wishing for a speedy recovery. Hats off to your strong determination to keep the consistency of learning …

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        More power to you!

    • Trupti Shah

      How to use Gamification to get better Results for your students.
      3 steps.Gamification
      Digital Coaching system depends on Simplification & Gamifocation.
      Organize your courses with different activities. Activity Base, Result Based,
      Top Niche Based.
      Different Niches
      1)Make Money- complete on task and end goal. For fun and game you can keep Award for this.
      a) Activity Base Award (Finisher Base)
      b) Reasult Base Award (Hallbof fame)
      c)Business Niche (Super star Award)
      2) Health Issues-End goal person wants to achieve. Eg. 21 days challenges, 90 days challenges ,Mile srone.
      Result oriented in the health. Activity Base Award, Hall of fame Award, Super star Award.
      3) Help to how to grow there business.-sustainable growth, Goal, -30 days challenges, Some level of achievement, one crore bench mark.
      4)Career Base Activity-Change of personality, change with the words, handwriting ,work place.
      5) Relationship-Task- clearing- working on mindmaps-Activity- Transform.
      6) Creative Niche
      7)Personal Development Niche.
      Niche as a tool- Tarot, NLP multiple goal, to improve in the career.
      Topic – With one outcome you have to pick one problem to be solved.
      Course give away.-Milestone 1 ACTIVITY BASED – Finisher Award
      Mile stone 2- Result Based ( Hall of Fame Award
      Mile stone 3-Business Niche – Superstar Award
      So it is Based on simplification and its like fun so it is Gamification achieving Award.
      Thank you Sir to simplify the concept.

    • Dr.r.K.Dua

      Thanks a lot Siddharth for such a insight
      Here are my takeaways

      Formal system is boring and based on memorisation and volume of material to be consumed.

      1..make money
      3..business growth
      4..career growth .
      6..music, painting etc

      In the above common niches gamification can done by activity, and final result based rewards, Superstar award. Where straight gamification cat be applied here we can look for what is our target audience outcome and result based rewards can be given. Niche here is vehicle /tool to get result.
      Task can be give to complete in a given time frame and this can be awarded.
      Means every step of result or success should be rewarded in a creative way that you yourself can design based of niche target audience

    • Vinit Mehta

      1-Formal education vs Digital Coaching
      2-Usage of Gamification in the form of tasks for students to complete so that we get some tangible results.
      3-Have a 3 Types of Result based tasks and reward the people who complete the tasks.
      4- How do we incentives the action takers, as per human psychology incentivising people is the best way for them to take action. Example – CRED uses incentivising the members for paying Credit card bills on time, there are 2 advantages : one you become disciplined to pay your bills on time and over a period it becomes a habit. Two : you are rewarded for being disciplined in the form of vouchers/Cashbacks
      5 – When you play the tasks like a game it does not become monotonous and people start to enjoy the same and like Gary Vee says – Love the Process … Even if you do not like slowly you will start loving the process and once we start loving the actions become consistent and consistent actions will get you results for certain.

    • Nivedita Brahma

      Use of gamification & simplification as a powerful tool to make the learning fun😊 versus current formal system based on memorization & volume of info-

      3 step processes are –
      1. Activity based – FFA
      2. Result based – Achieving 1st milestone
      3. Superstar Award

      For instance as my niche is based on health & wellness,
      I use the above steps to produce the desired result for my target group.
      Fo instance to address stress
      i. 30 Day Challenge
      ii. Award for 1st Milestone = customers having better sleep patterns
      iii. Hall of Fame – achieved impactful results in long term i.e. b/w 1 – 2yrs.

      Same for other niches too – business, career.
      Certain niches which seem to have no tangible outcome – tarot card reading, mindfulness. Here focus should be on the outcome rather than the tools
      Other gamification tools = e-books, fb groups, etc.

      Lastly designing membership levels independent of gamification process.

      Thank you Siddharth.


    • Vinodkumar Desai

      Gamification and simplification as a powerful tool to make the learning fun where current formal system based on memorization & volume of information

      3 steps gamification
      1. Activity based (Finisher)
      2. Result based (Hall of Fame)
      3. Superstar Award

      Gamification System for Different Niches –

      1. Make Money.
      2. Health.
      3. Business Growth.
      4. Career Growth.
      5. Relationships.
      6. Creativity

      Thank you Siddharth Ji.


    • Ashwini Borkar

      Gamification for better results
      Digital teachings based on simplification and gamification.

      1) make money – Activity milestone
      – result based model
      – superstar model 2) health – see end goal for a person – award once they complete their goal.
      – once achieve milestone then give them hall of fame award
      -maintain their health for longer period of time then superstar award 3) business growth – 30 day challenge
      – profitability then give hall of fame
      – achieve massive results then
      Premium club award
      4)carrier growth -. Give task then give award
      – 30 days challenge take
      – massive results then
      superstar award.
      6) relationship – 30 day task then award
      – different tasks to express
      Love then interview
      – tangible results then
      Superstar award
      *Niches were there are no tangible results then you are just seeing your niche as tools.
      β€’ You have to use this tool to achieve multiple goals. You need to use these tools as vehicle to achieve required results.
      β€’ gamification ideas- course giveaway, book giveaways, options on things .
      β€’ membership levels are completely different from gamification award.
      # ILH Deep learner

    • Santosh Acharya

      3 Steps to Gamification of Coaching System

      Sidz, this was an eye-opener, specifically since gamification is open to all members irrespective of the level of membership. This is so unique and simple.

      3 Levels of Membership
      3 levels of Gamification
      1. Activity-Based
      2. Results-Based
      3. Score Board Superstar.

      Activity-Based is so simple to get them ready for the Game. So, at the activity level, the game simply creates a set of requisites to floor up the game and start monetizing. Simple, achievable, and game ready.

      Results-Based is where the rubber meets the road, a difficult level but achievable, the contestant has to prove his/her skills that take them to the next level. Results, because they really earn for themselves or create value for their life. This is life-changing.

      Score Board Superstar is all about scaling up and being a pro at what they practice. This brings self-fulfillment and a greater level of authority, abundance, and an environment that lets them achieve anything they want to create.

      #ilhdeeplearner # ilhfamily

    • Anita Singh

      Gamification is a new way to educate new generation so that they enjoy the learning process. In this way, the memorization also increases and forgetting decreases.
      For permanent and effective learning this gamification works as a magical wand.
      The stress level of learning decreases and many innovative ideas pop up if ones mind is free to understand concepts instead of mugging it up.
      Thank you Sidz. As it is my core of learning so it resonated super well with my belief. God bless.

    • Banibrata Khan

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      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks a ton, Banibara! More power to you! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable ! More to unfold..

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