Curious to know what does is really take to achieve the Hall of Fame in our community? This is the podcast for you!

Never did I imagine even in my dreams that would be able to help 130+ people make over $5000 (Rs.300,000+) and 20+ crossing $150,000 in revenues. It's truly a blessing to be in this business. After interviewing 130+ achievers, I have decoded their success down to top 12 traits.

If you are aiming to hit the Hall of Fame in the next 90 days, this podcast is for you. Take notes and implement these ideas starting today!

To Achieve The Hall Of Fame Is Not A Joke!

The reason I started something called the Hall of Fame was to encourage action taking. After running my business for 18 months, I noticed that a lot of people were not taking any action. They were watching my videos but were not doing anything with it. 

So I decided to gamify the whole process, where I created three milestones:

- Freedom Finisher: Anyone that completed setting up all their systems
- Hall of Fame: Anyone that achieves $5000 (Rs.300,000) in total revenues
- Crore Club: Anyone that crosses $150,000 (Rs.1 Crore) in total revenues

Ever since I introduced this gamification system into my community, I saw people take action like never before. More people were crossing milestones every single month than in the previous 18 months. And that's when I realised the power of incentivising your students learning journey into simple milestones.


All these interviews all less than 30 minutes in total duration. I usually ask them questions on what was it like before they joined my community. What all did they learn after coming into the community? And what results did they achieve after applying my systems? 

A lot of my students experience breakthroughs in others areas of their life besides just the money part. The game of Digital Coaching is a game of persistence, courage and consistency. I hope this podcast inspired you to level up your game.

I look forward to reading and replying to your comments.

All the best in building your own digital home studio.

To your freedom,

siddharth rajsekar

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    29 replies to "12 Amazing Lessons I Learnt After Interviewing 130+ Hall Of Fame Achievers"

    • Sumit Wadekar


      Key Takeaways:

      1) Solve a specific problem
      Go micro niche, have a targeted audience

      2) Be good at Video making
      Anyone can learn this skill

      3) Build a great product
      Keep improving along the way

      4) Persist during tough times
      Tough situations don’t last, tough people do

      5) Surrender to one system
      Just give it all with trust that results will show up

      6) Implement faster
      Money loves speed. Fail often, fail forward

      7) Become great at Webinar selling
      Follow Sidz template of Webinar selling

      8) Become great at using technology
      Learn it, it’s easy

      9) Give great customer experience
      Customer first always

      10) Reinvent yourself
      If something is not working, improvise
      Unlearn stuff to learn what is required

      11) Build community
      Don’t just sell products

      12) Have patience
      Every great thing takes time
      How much can u wait for ur success?

      Sidz is always the best
      Keep rocking

      ~Sumit Wadekar

      • Satish Trimukhe

        Teaching of Sidz and ILH now become a factory of Freedom Achievers.who making this Earth Beautiful for mankind..

        Thanks Sumit.

    • swapnil shiwalay

      Thanks Sidz, your all pease of content are amazing and lot of value inside thanks for showering your know knowledge. i can see the change inside me and the world you are creating with your fantastic system πŸ™

    • Manchal

      Solve a specific problem, be patient and persistent and follow the formula adapted to the Indian market. #ilhdeeplearner

    • Jacks Maliyakal

      Awesome Sidz, This is surely helping me to understand what all traits I have and what I need to work on to achieve Hall of fame. Now I feel more closer to Hall of fame and further my journey.
      The 4 traits I need to work on
      1 . Building a great Product
      2. Being a Fast implementer
      3. To be great in Webinar Selling
      4. Tribe Building
      Rest of the traits pretty much I have maintaining I believe.
      Thanks a lot for sharing this detailed study on Hall of Fame and their success.

    • Poulami Chatterjee

      The 12 Qualities of a Successful Coach :
      1. Micro Niche, 2. Video Making, 3. Great Product, 4. Persistence, 5. Surrender to the System, 6. Fast Implementer 7. Great at Webinar, 8. Tech Savvy, 9. Customer First, 10. Reinventing oneself, 11. Tribe Builder, 12. Patience
      Each one of these qualities are learnable, and practicable, if you are a student of Siddharth Rajsekar! (Talking from my personal experience!!)
      #ilhdeeplearner #siddharthrajsekar

    • Puneet Kumar

      Sidz you are a living genius on the planet whose mind needs to be studied like Einstein. I am your Diamond member. Every time I listen your podcast it increases a new flow of energy in my mind and body.
      I just want to bow down to you. I am lucky to have a mentor like you.
      God bless you.

    • Digital NiGo

      Just listened the podcast of 28.39 minutes including music on HOF achievers unique qualities…

      Really it is Bulb on moments for me as after being a Finisher I am on the way to HOF.
      My top takeaways..
      I can solve a specific problem.
      I am awesome in video making.
      I have a great product .
      I will touch the finish line with my persistence.
      I surrender myself to the proved system.
      I’m a first implementer.
      I’m a perfect webinar seller.
      I am sound in technology based stuffs.
      I have a strong COH-code of honour.
      I can reinvent myself accordingly.
      I have built a great community.
      I am still waiting to get the results with patience.

      Really Sidz ..Loved you .. Always with you…More happiness to you & family.πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ‘

    • biprajeet mallick



    • Raja N

      I have been in this community for 4 months; I rightly jumped in after hearing the code of honor of the 4 Months. It was a fantastic journey since there were amazing people in the community and a great Coach.
      Soon after joining the community, I jumped straight to the Diamond Member in the second inner circle call, which accelerated my learning in digital space.

      I think these 12 traits are fundamental for massive success in the digital coaching space.

      An incredible journey, rightly said, whoever reached the Hall of Fame has gone through an open Brain Surgery and hard-wired the neurons on all the 12 traits and more.

      1. Solving a specific problem to help people on a micro level thru Niche clarity. A big breakthrough for me.
      2. Making Videos – I don’t know when I started and realized that I had done 41 videos (practice sessions and kept improving) in a month
      3. Build a Great Product – Action and result-oriented with visible results in 90 days
      4. Persistance – it becomes a habit when you attend all 4 weekly meetups every week, including Hackathon
      5. Surrender to the system – If you are in flow, you don’t have time to think about something else.
      6. Being a Fast Implementor – You will never procrastinate after Freedom Business Intensive
      7. Great Webinar Selling System – Selling by giving value and pushing the product is incredible.
      8. Hands-on Technology – Most of the systems and tools become an addiction. Most of the tools sidz recommend I use it my regular business also in lead gen. dual benefits.
      9. Great Customer Experience – I am learning this every time live with Sidz
      10. Reinvent Themselves – The most impact I had is here; after the Freedom Business Intensive, Learning from his Mentors Blair Singer and Vick Strizhues were amazing
      11. Community Builders – Love and respect for each other is more important than selling
      12. Patience – THE ONE thing if you want to win in life. As Lao Tzu said, A journey of thousand miles starts with a single step is redefined here. A journey of thousand miles is faster when you take the right steps at the right time…

      My hearty gratitude to Sidz for impacting people’s lives to create a change in the education system ….
      Thank you Sidz

    • Girish Muttur

      Hi Sidz !
      After attending 7 hours of FBI 1st day event, it was an amazing experience to listen to your this powerpacked podcast. I, wholeheartedly, accept the fact that this 8 hours of continuous FOCUS on learning is the result of being in ILH community for almost one year. Thank you for strengthening me .
      Some learnings from this podcast in my words are:
      1. The benchmark which you have set for HOF achievers helps to get through all the strong resistances and never look back . The rocket gets out of the gravitational force.

      2. It is a token of gratitude towards our mentors and teachers that gives us energy. Always acknowledge your mentor. This thought has its roots in spirituality.

      3. Money and success lies in my ability to find and solve a specific problem. It is a mutual exchange process. Unless I solve the problem of someone, why should he be ready to pay me?

      4. Since , video is the only best way to connect to others virtually, I must learn and improve the video making skill. To overcome the fear and other resistances , everyday practice is the only key.

      5. Try to build a world class product that satisfies the challenges of time and place. Remember, your product cannot be better than you. So, improve yourself to improve your product.

      6. Persistence is the key to success. Rome was not built in a day. Success comes before work only in the dictionary.

      7. Stay away from shiny objects that distract you from the goal. Surrender yourself to a system and mentor of pure intentions.

      8. Money loves speed. Be a fast implementor. Knowing something and not doing anything is as good as knowing nothing.

      9. Selling is a system. It is a science. Selling is a service to mankind. Follow the webinar selling formula, master it and be successful. It is a tried and tested method. But add your flavour in the presentation.

      10. Since you are creating a space in digital world, technical knowledge is inevitable. For being self- reliant learn, understand and implement the technology. It is possible for you if you make up your mind.

      11. Give a great experience to your students/clients. They must feel 10 X value in your product. You are not selling a product but you are selling an experience.

      12. In the process of serving the community, reinvent yourself. Upgrade yourself. Find the real YOU in you. Only then you can connect with right kind of people.

      13. Dont just be a product seller but be a tribe builder. Your vibe attracts your tribe. So, purify your intentions. Find your core. It creates the vibrations that attract the people around you who are more loyal to you. Try to build a platform upon which anyone can find a place to serve the humanity.

      14. Last but not least, Patience is an important trait that every leader of virtual space must possess. Because, you know not, where and how your content or service is creating effect. The Universe will , for sure , reward you with compound effect for all the efforts you have put in .Believe in yourself and the power of Universe.

      Finally, I would say with due love and respect that it is Sidz pure intentions that has hold such a large community of ILH.

      More Gratitude To You My Dear Mentor Sidz.

      Girish Muttur

      • Girish Muttur

        #ilhdeeplearner #internetlifestylehub ##siddharthrajsekar

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you so much, Girish for those valuable insights!

      • Satish Trimukhe

        Teaching of Sidz and ILH now become a factory of Freedom Achievers.who making this Earth Beautiful for mankind.. Thanks Girish..

    • Girish Muttur

      Hello Sidz, This is the third time that I posted a long content below your podcast. But didn’t get published. I am not understanding, is there any different way of posting.? What mistake I am making? I am commenting this to check whether it gets published or not.
      Please guide in this regard. Thank you.

    • Girish Muttur

      Sorry. My comment was published after some time. I should have waited for some time. I apologize for my this hurried move. Please excuse Sidz.

    • Mrunali

      Truly inspiring and got the points to work on and understood the areas i need to work on, thank you very much it is truly helpful, Hearty congratulations to all the Winners, Thank you.

    • rajmessa

      When it hasn’t been your day, your week. Your month, or even your year, Sidz n the entire ILH FAMILY always sings , I’ll be there for you Just like the FRIENDS season series. YES!

      Even After Super charged Freedom Biz Intensive day 1 , this is how you feel, shifting from 2nd gear , yes 1st gear being (#imAfinisher)

      This blog, I should say just came like a blessing as I always wanted to listed all the HOF champions in an excel sheet, track their ads or go through all the ILH meetup at 2X speed n be an implementor of those action items.

      Remember, you’re the average of the five people spend the most time with. The more you watch the videos, the more you’ll start to think like these HOF achievers , 1cr Club is easy is start following everything Sidz say right from Strangest Secret Earl to Quantum Club.

      I never treated biz as biz up until boomeranged back to sidz even after knowing him after a decade. (complete story in my upcoming HOF story. YES! ),
      Breathe these 12 traits , characteristics,

      Start Documenting your entire journey from day 1 of execution
      Show gratitude to mentors who showed you the path, Acknowledge Higher intelligence

      we all have unique talents , we all can train or coach, we have the potential
      its not money , its not the number of likes you get on social media. Its the number of lives impacted or changed.

      Solve a Micro specific problem . Narrow down

      Amit Mogha, recently he got in to 1cr Club too remember his share within in the Diamond community
      Sonal Oswal – handwriting analysis , how handwriting can affect our personality and improve our overall life..

      Sankash architecture expert solving , he teaches his students how to do be

      To Solve a specific problem to help people on a micro level get your Niche first

      Video making is one of best and easiest skill which can be mastered post pandemic especially to publish long form or short form videos

      Jewellery Experts Pritesh & Vishwa did their coaching all in hindi

      Sameer Painting classes

      all these HOF members got great results because they built great products
      even we all can deliver and impact our audiences just BELIVE

      Prasanna coming from middle class income did it with right formulas

      Dr.Munish cosmetologist

      Persistence – is easy when you respond better

      24-Year Old Ramesh persisted with 30+ webinars with out any sales…

      80-20 Karthikeyan – message to marketing missing, so he adapted from English to Tamil reinventing the model.

      Jayan and ragi – 10rs in bank account to 10 lakhs in revenue by whatsapping n bootstrapping completely , remember that persistence pays

      take things to the finish line.. Surrender to the system. System which is proven, no BS , no beat around the bush Khushi did it.

      Same with Sumit upreti
      Apply the system and get phenomenal results Seema did that too as Rheumatoid Arthritis Coach

      Biggest challenge IN THE ONLINE SPACE is to stay away from the SHINY objects… and you can easily over come this if you follow this model.

      Be a fast implementor.. Shift gears, accelerate your journey,

      Vijay Mangam sending food deliveries to the tollywood celebrities in hyderabad did it coming from a different background all together shifting from US , though he comes from vijayawada.. My fav. HOF Interview πŸ˜‰

      Saurav pal who implemented automated webinars , MLS , fire fist aim later

      Books will NOT make us a master things be it like martial arts or Swimming

      Fail faster and fail forward.. Known the complete Webinar selling formula.

      Selling is one of the top most skills which need to be practiced system work and people fail.. Remember? SWPF

      what do every 15mins , how to go through the complete closing sequence, reminds me of the Africa to Delhi story now.

      Great Webinar Selling System – Selling by giving value and pushing the product is is incredible.

      Harvi Shah

      Ruma did it

      English teacher. Convincing parents selling high ticket competing with byju’s way ahead.,… now.

      Applying webinar selling formula.. They all know how to use technology, integrating everything within the system to keep the engines revving for impacting more lives.

      Atish Jain – Coding for kids–5k

      Great customer experience with students hitting the large members of the community ,
      Shruti did it.

      Everyone in the community follow the strong code of honor and they keep customers always first , HOF is all about reinventing oneself..
      Vineet Sharma – helping corporate professionals


      Apurva shah Bollywood no income.. Due to Covid n stand still .
      Simplified everything songs first n other advanced steps later on
      keep reinventing. growth comes only with reinvention

      Every HOF member is a TRIBE and community builder, nurturing and moving forward , sale is just the beginning of a great relationship n its a new journey , its a new life..

      Roshan Ray seedling man of India same school same class πŸ™‚ ECOPRENERS
      environment space..

      Every hall of fame member is not selling just coaching or products or digital courses
      Sathyanarayana Kannada language helping Entrepreneurs

      Sakshi chandran who joined 1cr club too..

      They are all tribe builders & they have patience

      Surmangol worked for more than a year for FREE>

      Jyoti and ujwal many couple with focused goals achieve it too…

      sanjay and samantha


      Perfecting the system not giving up so easily .,

      Its a long term game like a marathon

      Get started

      As you will byHeart the Code of honor
      FREEDOM To live and run a biz from anywhere in the world.

      learn, do and teach simultaneously – following the Golden triangle.. model be a
      practitioner not just a preacher..
      You will become an implementer..
      in strategy, communication, marketing, mentoring and results.

      to plan n create more content… systems are more scalable..

      Speed of implementation , taking quick action with precision & focus

      faster you implement, faster you fail, no perfection.. move on with imperfection.. n then

      n you try to emulate others who are walking on 2 legs..

      perfection comes only with practice..

      to create multiple streams , continuously growing passive income..

      To give back 10% towards charities & causes that you believe in

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Wow!!! This is insane Raj. Thank you so much for giving all the reference links!

        • Rajmessa

          Totally loved doing it @Sidz. Right from the fear of looking at the fan to the IlhFanfever to being a finisher to the free life of FBI… The new character is rosen like the phoneix from the ashes…. can’t wait to complete the tribe building formula at 1000x speed on October 10th…. Iam only begging the higher intelligence to resonate every word you shared with all of us right from the day we met you… Good old days of Shabda to impacting the lives of our great grand children leaving our legacy….in thousands of years to come… Let the Amazon Web servers and Google cloud servers n entire social media space live forever and ever…..

    • Ranvijay Bhaskar

      Documentation – Start Early – Record Success Stories of your Students
      Everyone has different Potential – Everyone can Coach
      12 Traits from 130+ Hall of Fame Achievers

      1. Solving Specific Problem – What’s in you that’s different and unique. Go narrow to solve unique problem.

      2. Video Making – Upgrade yourself

      3. Build a great product – Create a product focused on getting someone solve their problems or get results quickly.

      4. Persistence – Don’t stop. Be persistence and keep working, Test and re-invent your self if required but never give up.

      5. Surrender – Have Faith in proven System and stick to it.

      6. Fast Action Takers – Money loves Speed

      7. Webinar Selling Formulae – Follow the Blueprint to the Tee

      8. Learn Technology – Know to take help from technology : Funnels, Email Marketing, and a lot more

      9. Customer Experience – Provide great Customer Experience and Code of Honor. It’s game changer

      10. Re-invent yourself – to grow. Change your Character which is the future you

      11. Be a Tribe Builder – Build a Tribe that resonate with you.

      12. Patience – Be Ready and keep learning till you become success.

    • Natasha Balan

      My take aways from this podcast.
      The first and foremost thing is to be grateful for the mentorship and guidance. The universe always conspires to put you in the right space at the right time with the right environment/community.
      We all have the potental to lead. We have an ability to change lives due to our presence on social media.

      12 Commandments of a successfull Hall of Famer:
      1) Focus on solving a very specific problem that people have so that they can be and do better in life.
      2) Get good at video making. It takes alot to put yourself out there. But get uncomfortable and just do it. When you’re nervous, think of Service like you say Sidz. πŸ™‚
      3) Build a great product or program. It has to be able to deliver results quickly.
      4) Persistance pays – stay in the game and quitting is not an option. What is your mindset when it comes to obsticles? VEry easy to start and finish. But getting to the finish line is key.
      5) Surrender to the system – Trust the system. Just follow it, its been tried and tested.
      6) Fast implementer – fail fast and fail forward. Money loves speed. Get ready fire and correct your aim.
      7) Webinar selling – crack the code!
      8) Hands on with Technology – Know the how and what of tools. Get with Digital
      9) Great Customer Experience – Focus on customer delight. Strong code of Honor. Trustpilot is a great indicator of that
      10) Reinvent yourself – Be the example. Walk the Talk! Work on transforming yourself.
      11) Be a Community builder – Nurture your community be invested in your members. They are your team.
      12) Patience pays – This is a marathon not a sprint. You set your own timeline.

      You absolutely need to be a part of this game if you want to make a difference.
      #ILH #ILDDeepLearner

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable ! More to unfold.. πŸ˜‰


      My take aways from this podcast

      1) Solving peoples specific problem
      2) Be good at vedio making
      3) Build a grate product
      4) Persistance
      5) Serendar to system (Follow the system)
      6) Be a fast Implimentar
      7) Webinar Selling Formula
      8) Hands on technology
      9) Grate Customer Experiance
      10) Reinvent on Self
      11) Tribe Building
      12) Patiens ( Never Give Up Easily )

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable ! More to unfold.. πŸ˜‰

    • Sangeeta Naik

      Here is a community which serves. Reinvents itself to perfect the product. Simplifies ites steps to educate others with adding insights to existing knowledge.

      It learns the tools and helps each other.
      Complete strangers get connected within the community.

      Activity buzzing. No matter what one can serve and feel fulfilled. Money this much that much , has to follow.

      Transformations happening.
      People realizing their potential by following the system,

      We are expressing our astronomical dreams, wtgout being labelled. Collaborations happening just at the go.

      I HAVE A DREAM TODAY. And I know it’s happening because of the precedence created. We shall have a community billionaire book in the form of ‘2 d sky’. Just because it has a seeding from the community of achievers who give us the possibility

      No matter what, you can shine if you have the fire.
      Doesn’t matter if the fire is not burning yet,
      It will be kindled to a bonfire just if u r willing..
      The diamond in the making…allow yourself to undergo that tremendous pressure.

      What else one needs. Surefire success beckons each of us!!!!

    • Satish Trimukhe

      Thanks Sidz you are Unique Coach..

      ILH Society now became a factory of Freedom Achievers.who making this Earth Beautiful for mankind

      God bless and give more power to you..!

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