Do you want to know how to get over the fear of sales? After selling over $5 million worth of products in spite of being an introvert, here's a solution.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    157 replies to "How To Get Over The Fear Of Sales?"

    • Jyoti

      Thankyou, it’s helpful, for me, a beginner in sharing something that will really help the future generation

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Great Podcast. Based on my experience selling becomes an interesting game if one sincerely does deep research on the target customer’s evolving needs Customer Needs and how the Product and Service fit into his lifestyle and adds value and happiness. Example: A person moving up from a two-wheeler to a Car is lured by a larger high-tech car but needs guidance on what would be right for him whether an outright purchase or on a subscription or on a long period affordable EMI and of course the model that fits his budget the best. Maybe he can upgrade his car in stages as soon as he is financially better off. The salesman has to internally respect the individual and make sure he assists in a solution selection for need fulfillment that is adding true value to the Customer. It would be the start of a lifelong relationship.

    • Siddhanath Maurya

      Great insight , Sales is Art and Scientific Process , People are looking for Services and Products those can solve their pain points and elevate their current state . This is exchange of Value, Belief and Emotion.

    • praful C Varma

      Great Podcast “Sidz”
      Sales is always a very close topic to my heart . but the way you deliver the content always there are some points will give different prospect .
      I strongly agree with you that people make their buying decision emotionally . but according to me people don’t buy product or service .they transform or upgrade form point A to point B .

    • Pasadika Mindfulness

      selling is the transfer of energy. selling is the transfer of value. Fear of fear. fear of rejection that comes from school days. The root cause comes from childhood. Sales People don’t reject you They reject the offers. Detach yourself. Do you believe in yourself, and your product? Your offer buying is not rational, it is emotional. Other people get benefitted from it. Surrender the process. The solution to a pain point. First face sales result. Confidence, communicate ideas, and conversion happens through emotions.
      Clarity of mind with conviction can get sales.

    • Soumen Bose

      I personally liked the insight unveiled in this podcast Siddharth; Thanks. The emotional connect is the key to be successful in sales. Also, if I myself is not convinced about the product, I shall never be able to get through.

    • Rajan kumar choubey

      This is Powerful, We have to believe in ourselves and our product. If we don’t believe in our product then why people will?
      Selling is a transfer of energy, I loved it
      Thank you sidz for sharing this powerful podcast


      Selling is a transfer of emotion, energy , it is a value exchange .
      How to overcome the fear of Sales :

      Where does it come from :
      1. Fear of Rejection: Root cause: Comes from school days

      How to overcome it :
      1. Build Thick Skin.
      2. Detach yourself from the product or offer
      3. If you are afraid of selling, you are not buying your own product
      4. What you are delivering to your students something that will change their life?
      5. Establish Proof of Concept
      6. Ensure that your product or service is giving results to others

      Here is my take on Sales :

      We start selling too fast after knowing a little about a topic and that calls for a blunder.
      Enough expertise should have been done before creating a product to sell.

    • Madhu Kodidala

      Sales happend at Emotional level not at Logical level.

      Always be ready to accept the exact reality of sales.

      Sales is the rejection job unless we prove it is useful/ value is there in the product/service for the clients.

    • Aparna Ganesh

      Selling in a transfer of emotion and energy.

      Will stay with this thought Sid 🙂

    • Ritu Agarwal

      reject all rejections and believe in your product

    • Meena Y

      Unless I am convinced of my product, i not able to sale
      Fear of rejection
      Detach from product, if many of them are not rejecting product it not me.

      Buying is emotional decision

    • Sangeeta Naik

      Value exchange and service. Do I believe in what I am selling? Yes. It is a variable solution. Concretaizing the beliefs. People do not open up to the kind of service I sell. It take them time to internalize if they can trust me, and nothing to lose after all. So rejection happens. The offer is being rejected. Process of buying something is emotional – So what emotion they attach when they want a winning solution in a short time? People who look to be consistent at the moment, which only can bring the solution in the form of promotion, or growth.. In 121, it is easy to understand. Why do they fear coming 121? Or do they want me to call them for that? Should I not do more 121 so that I overcome their hesitation in more effective way? How do I grow up this level of reaching out? Go all in, and then have them filter out themselves?

    • Anshuman Khullar

      Selling is different ball game.

      Selling is service, selling is emotion, selling is value exchange.

      Face the fear.

      Fear of being judged

      Fear of being not failing

      Fear of being rejected

      We don’t want to get rejected from anywhere.

      This is because of our childhood upbringing. We want to be accepted in society.

      People don’t reject you. They reject your offer.

      Detach your product and offer.

      If you are afraid may be you don’t believe in your product or yourself.

      Conversion happens emotionally.

      Buying is emotional decision later it turns to be rational

      Selling is service. It will help people to change their lives if they follow the system.

      Overcome fear of sales:

      Face it head on

      To improve my sales I have to do more sales.

    • Vinay D Bajaj

      Service as a Sale (SaaS) 🙂
      If you believe in yourself or your product, you will be comfortable selling.
      Work on yourself first. Transform yourself first.
      Surrender to the process.
      Fail fast.
      Detach from the product and result.
      The only way of overcoming any fear is to keep facing it unless it does not make you trepid anymore.
      Give more in value if you think what you are offering is not enough for whatever amount you are giving.
      When you start off, give all attendees who stay till the end of a webinar, a free 121 call. On the call give them a small breakthrough. Even the smallest of breakthrough is enough for the customer to trust you enough and come into your community.
      Keep doing.
      Keep improving.
      Keep selling.
      Keep serving.


      Fear of rejection…that is the key…great podcast..we all have our internal fears and we all can remove them if we work on them….consistently for a longer period of time…

    • Purav Bhatt

      My key takeaways

      Selling is Service
      Selling is Value exchange
      Conversion happens when there is a transfer of Emotions and Energy
      Buying is an emotional decision, then we try to fit in logic
      Detach yourself from the Product – people reject the product and not you

      If you believe in yourself, you’ll be good at Sales
      When People gets benefitted, selling becomes a service

      Bottom line – Face the Fear, Go and Sell

    • M V Pavan Kumar

      Selling is Value Exchange and believe in myself.
      Fear of selling comes from being judged, being rejected and Root cause comes from childhood.
      Detach myself from product, people are not rejecting me and only product
      Afraid of selling means I am not confident of my Product and should have conviction on myself whatever I want to deliver to my students which can bring transformation in their life.
      Buying is emotional decision and not a rational decision.
      Look sales like showing my emotions and from of services I provide.
      To sell idea should reveal Problem for solution and pain points to buy my product
      To overcome fear of sales work on mindset and working on product
      Ways to improve fear of sales.
      1. Have confidence on my product product
      2. Can my product solve the problem and transform my student’s life.
      3. Detach myself from product and think from problem side of my students

    • Amala Rai

      by detaching myself from my product and meeting my fear head on. By working on myself and become authentic, believe in my self.. get emotionally connected to people and charge them.. let them see that I am walking the talk and then they will trust. Repeat and practice.. one day soon I will realize that selling is a service and energy exchange and value exchange. I will start enjoying it and will become a magnet where people will be automatically attracted to me.

      Thank you Sudz for this powerful insight.

    • shambu arun

      Selling is form of Service
      Buying is Emotional Decision making
      Selling is the Transfer of energy
      Selling is mind game

    • Rohith Shashishekar


      I am a wellness coach and I have made small Invitation cards to my wellness Center. I keep invitating people to my wellness center. At least 10 Invitations daily to new people. This is how I increase my sales. I took ILH Membership to reach out to people in digital space.
      The Podcast has given me more clarity towards sales.
      Thank You!

    • Dr. Ankit Agur

      Love that you’ve gone deep into the psyche of selling and that it indeed starts from judgements in your childhood.. Besides all the points you’ve mentioned, i’d also like to add if we go deep into the psychology, it helps me also when i think what is the maximum i might lose by selling, money, but i gain loads of experience and learnings when i fail.. but if i dont sell, that is the true failure..

    • Rahil Ahmed S

      My Key Take aways:
      Selling is a form of service, transfer of energy, and value exchange.


Fear of being judged, rejected and No.
it comes from our school days where we don’t want to be rejected from our family, teachers etc.

Rootcause is from our childhood.
Sales: People are actually not rejecting you they are only rejecting your product or offer or they are not ready for it at that point of time.

If you are afraid of selling that means you are not confident on your product or service or yourself in case of trainer/coach.

      Conversion happens when there is a transfer of energy.

Buying is an emotional decision, we purchase it only after we have bout it.

      When you see more of your clients or customers are benefitting from your products, You will start seeing that sales is also service.

Start selling more by detaching yourself from the product.

      Conversion happens at a emotional level.

    • Jagatjit

      * Selling is a service Value exchange
      * Selling is transformation of energy and emotions
      * Fear of failure and rejection which is imbibed in school days or childhood.
      People are not rejecting YOU but the product and offer
      You may not believe in yourself or your product
      Believe first on yourself then sell
      Buying is an emotional decision
      Transfer of emotion
      More you start to do more it will become selling is service
      Person surrendering to the selling
      Pain point and offer. Face it head on and detaching from the results sell with more confidence.
      #SiddarathRajsekar #Sidz

    • Mohammd Moin


    • Archana

      Just by trusting my capabilities and doing sales. Instead of fearing, i now understand that selling is transfer of emotions and transfer of energy and i don’t need to fear for rejection as people are not rejecting me but may be the product or the offer so best to do is start selling and see the difference. Thx Sid this helps to bring in clarity and time to take some action on the same.

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilhtasks #sidz
      Selling is transforming energy
      selling is a value exchange.
      fear of being judged
      fear of rejection.
      Inside resistance. Comes from childhood subconscious
      Detach yourself from the product. You are not the product.
      People may not like your product, then find why. Then improve the product.
      Make the offer more valuable than the price you are asking for. Offer 10 X value.
      Be Passionate.
      Understand their Pain points. Do proper research. Solve the problem
      PRINCIPLE, MINDSET, SKILL SET need to be addressed.
      Be empathetic, be in their shoes and passionately solve the problem as if you are in it.
      Fear is not real. Fear is a psychological blockage, a darkness which needs the light of analysis and reasoning to dispel it.

    • Vidya Krishna Swamy

      Learnings from the Podcast:

      Something that I am going to tell myself so that it gets registered:

      i) It is a form of service
      ii) transfer of emotion

      Why there is fear-
      i)fear comes from childhood
      ii) not having acceptance and fear of rejection

      steps to get out-
      i) a) detach yourself from the rejection.
      ii) b) have you worked on yourself? do you believe in yourself. conversion does not happen at logical level? conversion happens when there is transfer of emotion and energy. Anything we buy is an emotional decision. Sidz beleives the lives of people changes when they surrender to the silver, diamond memberships. i) establish pain points b) give them proof of concept about delivery of results c) sell with confidence.

      Awesome learnings. Thank you Sidz.

    • P M Pramela

      My takeaways from this podcast
      #1 Selling is a transform of energy and value
      #2 Overcome the Fear of being judged and the Fear of rejection
      #3 People are rejecting the offer and not me
      #4 Work on myself and believe myself
      #5 Conversion happens when i can make difference in their life
      #6 Selling is transforming emotions
      #7 Reveal the pain, solution and path
      #8 First face and start selling the product and detach yourself

    • Archana Avinash

      So many golden nuggets in this podcast.
      1. You can sell despite being an introvert
      2. Fear of rejection is deep-rooted, mostly connected to our childhood
      3. Overcoming this fear is to first detach from the product
      4. Be ok with people saying a “no”
      5. Conversion happens when there is a transfer of emotion
      6. Buying is an emotional decision
      7. Look at sales as a form of service
      8. Establish Proof of concept, reveal the pain points, reveal the solution and the path – Then give them the offer – This can help them decide to buy your product
      9. The more I sell, the better I get

    • Neyamathullah HM

      When a product or system is to be sold, the customer will ask, what am I getting from it? Investing in any amount brings many questions to the buyer’s mind. The hidden and invisible barrier should be understood first and then sell it. It is my experience that sales won’t happen easily. It is a process of understanding customers’ pain points and offering a solution. When it gels, then you have broken such barriers. Emotional connection is also important. Then the sales are done.

    • Shilpa Arora Sharma

      Thanku for the podcast Sidz, I do acknowledge that I also have that fear of rejection deep inside, which as you said, we can definitely overcome by detaching ourselves from the product. Additionally, any rejection or criticism may or may not be about Us, it’s about the people and their state of life, we need to be good in fetching the essence of it.

      Apart from that, the other thing that resonated with me is the ‘Mindset of Service’, which just feels so ‘Pure’ and it motivated me more to Sell My Courses to the people. So, thankyou again.

    • Richa Sahay

      Loved the point that if you would buy your product, you an sell it . Absolutely- Conviction in one’s visions and process is so very important!.
      Thanks Siddharth!

    • Deepali

      Working on mindset
      Trust in your own product
      Exchage of value and energy
      Working at subconcious level

    • Dipak Bhadra

      Amazingly powerful this power learning. My key learnings:
      * Sales is the Transfer of Energy, Emotions, and Values.
      * Detach yourself for the outcome and results. They are not rejecting you but your offer, product, and services.
      *Believe in yourself, and your product/services. They buy your confidence & belief.
      *Reveal their pains, reveal your solution and then give them the offer to make sales conversion easier.
      * Conversion happens at the emotional level (Subconscious level) and not at the logical level (conscious level).


      In sales, I understood that people but not through rational way but rather emotionally. So if I have to offer, first I should be able to emotionally connect with the buyers which is the most important lessons I learnt

    • Saumya Kumari


      Selling is a form of – service, transfer of emotions.
      Value exchange
      Fear of being judged
      Failure is a taboo
      Fear of Rejection comes from schoolings
      People are not rejecting you but the product
      Fear comes coz we don’t believe ourselves
      We should ask ourselves – Is the product good?
      What we are offering should impact their lives
      Detach yourself from the product

    • Akshay Kumar Sethi

      Selling is service that is really beautiful way of looking at it. The moment we detach ourselves from anything we become excellent at it. Be it selling be it life. I don’t know what the secret is but that is the best kept secret of nature. Detachment leads to Mastery.

    • Lopamudra Sen

      Key learnings:
      * Selling is a service.
      * Fear of rejection is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t want to sell.
      * Accept the “No” as it’s for the product/service & not to you.
      * Conversion happens only when it’s a transfer of right emotion & energy.

      As per me to improve sales,
      * We need to practice & prepare ourselves before moving on.
      * We have to have believe on ourselves & on the product/service we are going to offer.
      * We need to work on our mindset & skill sets to present the better version of ourselves every single day.
      * We should think of the benefits the people are going to get from our product/service while talking & tell the supreme power to empower us with the strength to serve better.
      *Patience is one more key to be successful in sales.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Clean, crisp and well though of takeaways, Lopamudra. More power to you!

    • Rupa Singh

      Thanks for this great insight on Sales. My key takeaways are:

      1. Selling is a transfer of emotion and we rationalize our decision only after we make a transaction.
      2. Sales is a service and the only way to improve this skill is by doing more sales.
      3. Detach yourself from the product.

    • Sushmita Bhatnagar

      Selling is a like playing a mind game…but with an emotional connect with the customers …and of course the feelings and the emotions have to be true …otherwise customers will sense that and sales won’t happen….
      Awesome podcast Sidz

    • Prem

      Selling in the knowledge business is more tricky.
      You need to believe what you sell, has it made a difference to you.
      Fear of selling originates from getting rejected and we have been educated to NOT fail right from school.
      However failure is a stepping stone to yourself.
      You need to detach from the results of selling. Dont take rejection personally.
      Perhaps you need to work on yourself and strengthen you faith in what you are offering and its more an emotional decision. So selling is a transfer of emotion.
      Soon as you gather more customers, you will find that you are providing a service rather than selling.
      Establish a proof of concept and reveal the pain points and show them a path to success.
      Conversion happens at an emotional level.

      Some steps I would take to do this is to tell them how hard it is to make a decision and avoid the fear of the unknown. Ask them to dream of a day that they are successful and imagine it. Really ask them is this something they want? Many are not ready. But the more they delay the longer this will linger in their mind.

      You may even want to compare what other solutions are there and explain why doing that maybe not yield results in a fixed amount of time. Even on a price comparison, are they locking you into monthly payment with no end date or not showing you a continuous improvement?

    • Moorthi

      Selling is emotional interchange between our customer, which we believe strongly and help us to scaling up to ourself as a better version and we believe, it will work for our customers.

    • Manchal

      1)Buying is emotional (it’s how you think the product will make you feel that makes you buy)
      2) Selling is a transfer of emotions. It’s important to be able to share our emotions and how we feel about our products and services & transfer that emotion & energy to the customer. It all starts with our subconscious belief & trust in ourselves, our products and services.
      3)Selling is a form of service because the customer experiences transformation when they buy a particular product or service.

    • Amit Kothari

      Great Sidz, Its always an inspiration to listen to you.
      Emotional connect is the most important learning. Surrender to the system for success. People do not reject you, they reject the idea.

    • Haritosh

      A lot of learnings in getting over the fear of Sales.
      A few aha moments for me are as below –
      1. Selling is transfer of emotions
      2. People are not rejecting you but your products as of now
      3. A lot of these fears comes due to our old schooling system

    • Adarsh

      Here are my key takeaways
      You cannot sell something to others which you cannot sell to yourself. This is possible only if your product/service is top notch and you are confident it will help the other person get the results he needs
      Selling is a transfer of energy and emotion. If the person does not buy into you, it just means he did not connect with your energy/emotion. It does not mean he rejected you

    • Ruchir Thakkar

      Maximum clarity when it comes to Sales.
      Thank you Siddharth for sharing it.
      My learnings.
      1. I am also a super introvert and the idea of serving others through sales clears my resistance.
      2. Being clear about the product and the results it will deliver to the customer is very important.
      3. Sales should be done to transform the customer and in the process transform ourselves.
      4. Build a system which is continuously growing and taking the customers to their goals.

    • Annu Yadav

      Thank you, Siddharth, I needed this podcast in my journey as I am a beginner in selling and am, facing most of the issues, you just discussed. It is wonderful and useful and I need to listen to it again and again

    • suchitra


    • Arjumand

      Bulb on moment for me was realizing that selling is dependent on my mindset more than anyone else. Mastering this science and art is the key to becoming a selling machine. Thank you for sharing Sidz.

    • Vidya Krishna Swamy

      Learnings from the Podcast:

      Something that I am going to tell myself so that it gets registered:

      i) It is a form of service
      ii) transfer of emotion

      Food for thought-
      Why there is fear-
      i)fear comes from childhood
      ii) not having acceptance and fear of rejection

      Learnings that I am going to apply-
      i) a) detach yourself from the rejection.
      ii) b) have you worked on yourself? do you believe in yourself. conversion does not happen at logical level. conversion happens when there is transfer of emotion and energy. Anything we buy is an emotional decision. Sidz believes the lives of people change when they surrender to the silver, diamond memberships. a) establish pain points b) give them path c) give them proof of concept about delivery of results d) sell with confidence.

      Awesome learnings. Thank you Sidz.

    • Badarinath Gella

      Selling is a transfer of emotion, transfer of energy and value exchange.

      Reasons are Fear of being judged, fear of failure, and rejection.

      Start selling by detaching yourself from the product – People are rejecting your product not you
      If you are afraid, you are working on yourself or believing in yourself.

      Buying is an emotional decision, not a rational decision.

      When you are confident about the impact your product can create, then selling becomes a form of service.

      Understanding more about your customer will give more confident to speak.

    • Prem

      Sidz has hit the nail on its head, that selling is not personal, it is the association of the buyer to the requirement or not, and the success of the sales man is in making the connection.

    • Rajat Jain

      1) Detach yourself from the offer
      2) Selling is the transfer of Energy
      3)Conversations happen through emotions

    • Karuna

      Fully resonated Sidz. As I do more and more webinars, rejection is not affecting me. I am focusing continuously on asking questions and listening to customer’s answers carefully. Based on that, improving my products and offers.

      I’ve conducted 20+ webinars as of now. I am going to focus on completing 100+ webinars asap. So that I’ll master this game of selling and I am detaching from the results

    • Ashvin Sonagara

      Great insight in this podcast about selling

    • Manju

      This is an amazing podcast that can shift perspective about selling in just a few minutes.
      My learnings:
      * “Selling is a form of service”
      * Selling is transfer of emotions. Conversions happens at an emotional level, not just the logical level
      * When we see sale as a service, we will also focus on refining our products. We refine mindset and our product.
      * Reveal Proof of concept, painpoints and provide solution

    • N Mangayarkarasi

      1. Selling is a Service
      2. Connect to the customer emotionally
      3. No conversion is not a failure
      4. Accept rejections, it is not personal
      5. Change mindset

    • ramnarayan singh

      Here are five takeaways on the post:

      “Selling becomes an interesting game with deep research on the customer’s evolving needs.”
      “People are looking for services and products that can solve their pain points and elevate their current state.”
      “The root cause of fear in sales comes from childhood.”
      “Emotional connect is the key to successful sales.”
      “Believe in yourself and your product to overcome fear in sales.”

    • Sandeep Kule

      Great learning sidz.
      As you said Sales is a service, this single point changed the perspective to look at the things…
      Improving sales can be used as fuel to further service.
      saleing is the value exchange…

      Everytime its a a crisp and simple explanation but a valuable one…
      thanks for being there Sidz.

      Sandeep Kule
      Real Freedom Coach

    • Anju Bhakri

      Really helpful tips as Iam going to start my webinars by next month. If we can give supervaluable product/service to our customers catering to their needs or painpoints then people will understand and they will like to buy.
      Also sales occur through emotional connection to have customers for life.

    • Akshay Jalan

      This podcast delves deep into helping us understand the challenge we digital coaches face with sales and how to overcome it.

      1) First we need to get our fundamentals right about the concept of selling.

      Selling is a transfer of emotion, energy and Selling is a Service. Sales is always an emotional decision, we rationalise it only after we have bought.

      2) Beleive in the product you are offering, do you have the conviction that your product can change their life?

      3) Fear of Sales come from:

      1) Being Judged
      2) Rejection from Society – the root cause which comes from Childhood and upbringing

      4)Sales means they are rejecting your product, your offer, not you.

      They are saying no to you, even if you feel your product can help them, be detached.

      5) How to overcome –

      It is important to work on yourself and conversion happens when there is transfer of emotion/energy

      Share your emotion of what you feel about your product.

      Share POC, pains PPL go through and give solutions in the form of your product to solve their problem

      Work on your mindset that product delivers results for the buyer but be detached from their decision of buying not.


    • Dr. Priti Hatkkar

      Hi Siddharth. This was totally a ‘Bulb On’ Podcast for me. My learnings from this podcast:
      1. Detach yourself from the product.
      2. Believe in your self and product.
      3. Change your mindset on the value that you have for your product.
      4. Selling is an emotional decision.
      5. Your vibe attracts your tribe.


      1. My biggest takeaway is people are rejecting your product not you , Thanks for mentioning that @siddharthrajsekar
      2. SALES IS SERVICE, this has to be sub consciously ingrained in every coach/teacher who is avoiding to sell.
      3. Just work on yourself to have conviction about you and your product, this will help you to vocalise about your product.
      4. Sales is transfer of emotion – absolutely… I bought many courses by emotional.
      5. As a coach its important to have energy, sales is a transfer of energy.

    • Lavanya Eedara

      #ILH #deeplearner
      1. Selling is a form of service.
      2. Selling is the transfer of energy.
      3. Selling is a transfer of emotions.
      4. Believe in our product then we can sell.
      5. Belief in yourself.
      6. Buying is an emotional decision.
      7. Sell that idea: i.proof of concept ii. Reveal pain points. iii. solutions & path iv. offer

    • Gita Ramachandran

      Great Insight on this Sidz
      How to get overcome the fear of sales

      To overcome this fear , you have to face the fear , be thick skinned and don’t worry about rejection
      This fear of sale comes from the 1 Fear of rejection , 2 Fear of being judged and 3 a fear of not being perfect
      When it comes to sale , we need to realize that they are not rejecting you , but rejecting the product
      So Detach yourself from the product and Be Ok with getting No
      If you are afraid of selling it also mean that you don’t believe in your product . So you need to work on Yourself and your Product
      As sale is a transfer your energy an d emotions you need to connect emotionally Conversion happens at an emotional levels and not at Logical level

      Selling is different ball game and let us realize that Selling is the transfer of emotions energy and is a form of service and value exchange

    • Sanjay Mhatre

      Proof of Concept – Pain – Soln/Path – Offer
      Work on self-conviction, succumb to process
      conversion: buying is emotional, and justification later is logical
      detach from P/S/O (product service offer) … people say NO to your PSO, not to You !

    • Dr. Sangeeta Pattanaik

      My Key Learnings:
      1. Someone not accepting my offer is not that they are rejecting my products rather they are rejecting the offer and the reason could be personal.

      2. Failing is also a feedback like success which is ok to fail and that’s quite comforting.
      3. Selling is transferring our belief to others along with emotional connection is a next level service.
      4. Driving our customers to get connected emotionally with the product which helps them to take a decision Emotionally.
      5. Our product should be helping our client’s to get a simplified solutions.

    • Fatima

      “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

      ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

      Negative thoughts come from fear. If we are to sell with confidence then our followers & customers must have faith in our products and in the courage we have to put our product out there.

    • Asha bg

      Yes,Selling is a Form of service bcz it helps people to transform their life with our products,it’s an exchange of energy with a positive intention to helps others ,so focus on providing your service Believe in your product,believe in yourself and be Ready to provide your service to society, nation for creating a better world .

    • Harshil shah

      Hi sidz, thank you for this podcast,
      this is my take away how I cam overcome the fear of sales – Understanding this –
      1. Selling is different game.
      2. Selling is also a form of service – it is transfer of energy, it is value of exchange.
      3. Fear comes bcz of – judgement, rejection or people saying NO.
      4. This comes bcz we are being taught since a early age that if someone says no or rejects our service it is a kind of failure.
      How will I overcome –
      1. Detach myself from the product/service.
      2.Be ok with people saying no.
      3. If I am afraid of people saying no – I don’t believe in the product.
      4. Always work on myself.
      5. Conversions will happen when buyer will feel the transfer of emotions.
      6. All buying decisions are an emotion decision.
      7. The more I sell it will become a service.
      8. Overcome fear by selling and face it head on
      9. More I sell better I will get.
      10. The matrix will unfold when conversions will happen at emotional level.

    • Neil Shah

      It was a great podcast
      Key takeaways
      1. Selling is a form of service
      5. buying is an emotional decision

    • Deepak Nagpal

      Wonderful Podcast full of Insights:
      -You need a strong conviction for the product or service you are selling,
      -First sell the same product to yourself and if you are convinced only then you can sell.
      -Selling is transfer of energy from you to the buyer at emotional level.
      -People don’t even try to sell because they are attached to results at the very first level.
      -Fear for selling comes from that attachment to the results and a question in your mind that if people don’t buy then what?
      -If people don’t buy from you they are not rejecting you but are rejecting your offer.
      -you should learn to accept NO from others if you want to get yes from them.

    • Meenal Wadaye

      Hi Siddharth.. Currently I am reading a book on sales by “Brian Tracy”. He has so aptly mentioned that if the biggest obstacle to selling is the fear of rejection experienced by the salesperson, then the biggest obstacle to buying is the fear of failure experienced by the customer. They are afraid of being stuck with the wrong item, paying too much for a lesser value product etc. Thus while selling its extremely important to first build trust of the customer , identify needs, present solution and then confirm and close the sale.

      All that you have mentioned are golden nuggets however a Key takeaways for me is:

      Detach yourself from the product/service…people do not reject you but the offer.

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Subadra Baskar

      Hi Sidz,
      I am learning a lot from every video of yours Siddharth. This one says that I should speak more about my students pain points in my webinar which I am not actually doing now. I need to start doing that . Each time I watch any of your videos I get some new ideas to implement in my community. I am an existing Silver member ,Waiting for my freedom finisher felicitation soon. I would love to go Diamond. I will do it soon. 🙂

    • Shalini Raghaviah

      It’s a great motivation that introverts too can sell by deploying certain methods. Good for us that we are in the digital age, so we can use all the tools and platforms!

    • Liz

      • Fear of rejection: with sales, the rejection is not about you, it’s about the product
      • You may not believe in yourself and your product. You have to belief what you have is life-changing.
      • The audience has to emotionally believe your product will change their life – transfer your emotion
      • Detach yourself from the product and do more selling

    • Sushil Lihitkar

      Only Consistent marketing and face the rejection makes you bold and confidence.
      there is no such magic stick and short-cut for the marketing n Sales.

      We cannot get the finest steel without putting into the fire.
      first need to do necessary work then important work and then difficult…

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilh family #ilhdeeplearner
      Selling is a noble service when it is done with the intention of helping the person to solve his problem.
      The barrier in selling is the feeling of cheating- a kind of inner wrong belief.
      When the intention is not getting money, when you are helping the other fellow.
      Money is the value exchange.
      What is needed is to understand the problem, develop the concept and validate it with proof of concept.
      Then sell with the emotions of helping people.
      Buying is after all an emotional activity. They buy your emotion first before buying your product.
      Tolerate rejection. It is not that they reject you, but the product.
      While selling detach yourself from the product.

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