You don’t always need a course to learn something new. You can learn lessons from everywhere. I share the 10+ places from where you can.

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siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    112 replies to "How Do You Learn Lessons From Everywhere"

    • shweta Pandey

      Focus to set right goals. Great analogy shared by Sidz. Learn your lessons from everything around you. Be it Nature, your own mistakes and even by others, future generation/children, your peers, public places, life’s trigger points/people, courses/videos/podcasts and of course from blogs/books.

      Thank you for sharing your valuable insights.

    • Naresh Vyas

      Top Points I
      1. Learning from Nature.
      2. Learn from Patterns of Mistakes.
      3. Learn from Other Pattern People’s Mistakes.
      4. Reverse Mentoring.

    • Ram Narayan Singh

      Very good session so also learning

    • Maurya SN

      Learning from
      1. Nature observation
      2. Own mIstakes
      3. Other People’s Mistake
      4. Children ( their perspective )
      5. Colleagues
      6. Public Places
      7. Disguished angels
      8. Courses /Video
      9. Podcast
      10 Medium /Blogs

    • Ravi Kiraan Vijapurapuu

      My Learnings from this podcast :

      1. Lessons can be learnt from an Life incidents of Self and Others, Situations, Persons, Inventions, Surroundings also apart from Books and Courses too.
      2. Just not limit learning from a particular thing only.
      3. Learn from Self or Other’s Mistakes.
      4. Learning cannot be just from elder persons, but even Children can be a point for us to learn a lot.
      5. Peer to Peer Learning should be a Good Perspective for Learning but not on a Competitive Perspective.
      6. Great Ideas evolve out of Traveling in the Public Places, Nature.
      7. Learn from Videos, Blogs which relate to our Niche.

      Finally , all above learning should be transformed into Actions without which Learning doesn’t make sense of our Progress.

    • Pasadika Mindfulness

      Lessons Learn
      Goal setting-opportunities see.
      1 Nature-
      2 Our own mistakes-Break patterns, improve
      3 Other peoples Mistakes-
      4 Own Children-Reverse mentoring –
      5 collogues-
      5 Public Places-
      6 Disguise members-
      7 courses
      8 videos, podcast
      9 Blogs

    • Vidya Krishna Swamy

      I totally resonate with you. I have been learning immensely from nature, from biographies of people. Calling naysayers as disguised angels is awesome. They trigger us, but the positive side of that, is we take actions much faster and get moving on things we would otherwise take our own sweet time to do. Thank you for this podcast

    • Aditya Narayan

      10 different places to find lessons and learn from:
      activate your reticular activation system
      when you know what you really want you’ll see the opportunities right in front go your eyes. Decode the essence of what ever you encounter in your own life
      1) Out of nature- park, beach, wilderness, garden etc. Inventions are adaptations of natural phenomenon
      2) From your mistakes: break the pattern of repeated mistakes, be a one mistake learner
      3) learn from other people’s mistakes-pull out patterns and document ideas
      4) Reverse mentoring: learn from your kids while you are teaching them
      5) From your colleagues: your peers, see what they’re doing, how are they improving, take lessons
      6) Public places: airport, bus stand, mall, the street. be receptive to your surroundings and how things are being done.
      7) Pull lessons out of your disguised angels in your life: people who trigger you, who put you down and naysayers, they strengthen your resilience
      8) Courses: online and offline
      9) YouTube Videos
      10) Blogs from sources like Medium
      Bonus: From podcasts
      3 actions that I will take from this:
      1) Be more regular on medium, create and consume
      2) Pay more attention to my surroundings
      3) Document things as and when they happen and try to analyse for ideas.
      -Aditya, The Alchemist of Words

    • Boini Vittal

      *I am Regularly Learning from videos and Courses but now this is different perspective.I must implement this.

    • Neyamathullah HM

      What I have observed from this podcast and listed down the learning areas.
      1. Learn from nature
      2. Learn from your own mistake
      3. Learn from others’ mistakes
      4. Learn from your own children (reverse mentoring)/ Learn- unlearn – relearn
      5. Learn from colleagues (grasp pointers from their strengths)
      6. Learn from public places (keep your eyes and ears open)
      7. Learn from disguised people around you. (Crab management technique)
      8. Learn from courses.
      9. Learn from videos/ podcasts.
      10. Learn from blogs.

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilheeplearner #ilhfamily
      1. I WILL FOCUS on my goal while travelling and subconscious will pull out lessons. RETICULAR ACTIVATION
      2. I will observe Nature in silence every day for some time in evening- while walking in the evening.
      3. I will analyze my mistake, understand why and how to avoid repeating it – make it a one-time mistake. Also, observe others’ mistakes in the same way.
      I will apply Shravan, Manan, And Nidhidhyas at all situations

    • Dr. Ritu Goyal

      1. reverse mentoring
      2. nature
      3. Disguised Angels who invoke pain and help learning.

    • Loretta Sridhar

      Action points
      1. Be awake to what happens to me every day
      2. Record My daily learning journal from today
      3. Start to seek lessons even when things go wrong in my life – Pearl wisdom

    • Nehha Jaiswal

      The 3 actions that I would like to take up inspired by this podcast are:
      1. Be present in the moment – to learn the lessons from what’s happening around
      2. Write down your thoughts immediately – in a book or phone notes
      3. Take out some me time and reflect on your notes and continue learning!

      Thank you Siddharth!

    • Golok Behari Ghoshal

      Great pointers for limitless knowledge gathering.

    • arvind jain

      1. focus on the goal and this shoots learning curve 2. learn from other’s mistake 3. Learn from KIDS “connect the dots with rishab / vanitha 4. Learn from collogues 5. Learn from Ads around you to design your ads, you are hit by 100s of ads every day. 6. DISGUISED ANGELS WHO hurt you and move away… never curse them. they mature you. 7. start referring 8 I love to learn from the emptiness / vibrancy of nature

    • Shankar

      Activation of reticular activating system for the goals to be aware of the opportunities that are passing through.
      Learnings from inner silience of
      Public Places

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      How to pick up lessons from everywhere?
      Perspective- Focus-When you know what you want you will find the opportunities.
      1. Learn from nature
      2. Learn from your own mistakes
      3. Learn from other people’s mistakes.
      4. Learn from your own children.
      5. Learn from your own colleagues
      6. Learn from the public places
      7. Learn from Disguied angels- Those who hurt you
      8. Learn from the course
      9. Learn from videos and podcasts
      10. Learn from blogs-
      The three actions I would like to take after listening to this podcast are to be mindful, keep my antenna alert and be a good learner.
      Thank you Sidz
      #ILH family

    • Gomathy Narayanan

      My Top 3 Actions:
      1. Listen to Podcasts in my niche, so I can draw inspiration to begin mine for parents.
      2. Continue on my 20 day learning challenge on Effective Communication
      3. Look at possibilities of starting a podcast with my child

      Thanks for the ideas and learnings Sidz!

    • Shankaran Paramasivan

      1.RECTICILAR ACTIVATION SYSTEM -Used to chase your Goals.
      2.We have to be active and keep our ears & eyes open to observe many things..from Nature..
      3. Inventors observed from Nature and adapted and modelled many such inventions..
      4. Learn also from other people’s mistakes ..
      5. One more area to learn is by observing the Children..
      6. Be on the watch for prminent places ,Billboards, Ads in Mgazines etc..Be an analyzer of those marketing messages…
      7. We can learn from disguised angels to come out of the situation they have created ..
      8. Look at and browse thru articles ,headlines.Hooks etc..
      9. Podcast also a place to learn from..
      Document all these ideas that you pick up from these and start implementing them one by one..

    • Anshuman Khullar

      Lesson learnt by Forgetting the id of his son.

      Seeing the print shop.

      10-15 print shops- Analogy of goal setting (What mind does not know eyes cant see)

      You don’t need courses or videos to be successful. You can draw lessons from everywhere.

      1- Nature: Some of the greater inventions are drawn from nature. Adaptation of nature.

      2- Your own mistakes: Some mistakes you repeat again and again.

      3- Smarter thing to learn form other people’s mistake. Pull up pattern and document those ideas.

      4- Children- Reverse mentoring. Children are very intelligent these days. Don’t think you are adult and know everything

      5- Colleague: There are no competitors as such.

      6- Public places: Mall, airport. Market material of indigo. You can get ideas from anywhere. you have lakhs and crore of researched base material in form of ads.

      7- Disguised angel: Make you learn so many things.

      8- Courses: Digital

      9- Vidoes and Podcasts

      10- Medium:

    • Dr T Rocky Devi

      Top 3 key takeaways for me are :
      1) Learning is a continuous process which can be learnt from anywhere or anyone
      2) if we observe closely, we can learn from the given situation which we undergo, even from our mistakes
      3) can learn from kids too as they behave very original and authentic

    • Jaykumari

      From the kids as well as people who are more than 80 years.
      From the nature.
      Disguise Angel is very good concept

    • Sunil Chaudhary

      Podcast Notes:
      Forgot ID Card, logged into Email ID, Printed
      10 Other Print Shops
      ID proof hota, no see
      Reticular Activity
      Focus more, you see more
      Start seeing opportunities, experiences, different situations
      You do not need courses, pull lessons and essence from anywhere, create impact
      10 different places to learn from
      First is nature: Go to a park, to the mountain for a few days
      Greatest inventions are derived from nature
      So many examples, ships are created, airplanes built
      Observe and model, integrate and create something new
      Second, from your own mistakes: Make a whole list of mistakes
      Break the pattern of making mistakes, pull lessons from mistakes
      Smarter thing is the third one: Learn from other people’s mistakes
      Study and analyze others, pull out patterns, identify their mistakes
      Fourth, learn from children: They are now more evolved, there is so much to learn from them
      Help children become creators and coaches
      They are Gen Z and they are in tune with nature
      Fifth, learn from colleagues: There is no competition, observe how they improve and adapt best practices
      Sixth, learn from public places: Markets, malls, magazines, marketing materials, offers, structured headlines, special offers
      Superb ideas to learn from, pick up lessons from anything
      Look around, observe billboards, big brands’ activities, be receptive and decode the wealth of research available
      Be smart enough to analyze and become an analyst
      Seventh, pull lessons from disguised angels: They come into your life to trigger and induce some pain, helping you level up your program
      These people are necessary for growth
      Eighth, pull lessons from courses: Join my community
      Ninth, learn from videos, learn from podcasts
      Tenth, learn from blogs, like Skim through high-quality content, learn copywriting

      So, you can pull out lessons from anywhere. Be more receptive.

      Summary of all 10 points:

      Nature: Spend time in parks and mountains, where many great inventions find inspiration.
      Learn from your own mistakes to break the pattern and extract valuable lessons.
      Study and analyze other people’s mistakes to identify patterns and avoid similar pitfalls.
      Learn from the wisdom of children, who are more evolved and in tune with nature.
      Observe and learn from colleagues, embracing their growth and adapting best practices.
      Public places provide opportunities to learn from marketing materials and creative ideas.
      Embrace disguised angels who bring challenges that lead to personal growth.
      Engage in courses and join communities to gain structured knowledge.
      Utilize the power of videos and podcasts to learn from experts in various fields.
      Explore blogs like to skim through high-quality content and improve copywriting skills.
      In conclusion, the key is to be receptive and open to learning from various sources.

    • Dr Aditi Sen

      When you are focused on something, you see more of that… that is how goal writing helps. When you know what we want, we see more of that, oppourtunities right in front of us. Decode your lessons from everywhere like
      1. Nature
      2. Learn from our own mistakes, failures.
      3. Learn from other people’s mistakes
      4. From Children – learn from their innovative mind
      5. Your Collegues – take the best practices
      6. Public Spaces – malls, airport, markets – be receptive, analyse the messages
      7. Disguised angles – those who are their to put you down, activate pain
      8. Online Courses
      9. Videos
      10. Podcasts
      11. Blogs
      Create a action plan, document your ideas…. LEARN and TAKE ACTION!!

    • Dipak Bhadra

      This is insightful information. Lot of sources are available around me to raise my level of awareness. What I need is just to become aware and then align to create new results. Thanks for such a wonderful podcast.

    • Arjumand

      Be present and consciously aware of events and situations around you.

      Often times we get so carried away by our past or future that we forget to consciously be aware of our present.

      Be open to learn priceless lessons from everyday life.

    • Adarsh

      3- Actions I am going to take
      1. Invest more time in going through courses and Meetup on ILH
      2. Study colleagues/competitors who are more successful than me
      3. Become more curious about marketing and influence creation done by big brands

    • Praful C Varma

      My insights are as under :
      Learn from other people mistakes.
      Learn from your own mistake .
      Learn from own colleagues.
      Learn from public places
      Nature, Disguises Angles ,Courses , videos and finally podcasts.

    • Anand Kumar

      Excellent podcast. It brings awareness about how we can always be learning and growing. My top 3 takeaways:
      1. Be present, curious and observant about things in nature
      2. Learn from your own mistakes and others
      3. Learn from public places (like glancing through magazines – understanding about ad copy styles).

      Thanks Sidz for sharing. Loved it.

    • Dr. Ritu Goyal

      1. reverse mentoring
      2. nature
      3. Disguised Angels who invoke pain and help learning.

      actions I will try to break the patterns and observe more carefully. will notice marketplaces more carefully.
      learn from pain points in my life.

    • Noble

      Deep Gratitude till infinty,
      1. Have full awaerness so that we can learn from everywhere, like a) nature, b) reserch done by other people, c) work done by other people, d) how nature works, e) how people behave, f hidden patterns of communcation, g) implemnet those ideas and test them….

    • Mahendran R

      My Key Takeaways – Get Lesson from Everywhere
      Learning from every experience, every moment
      You can learn from
      1. From Nature
      2. From own mistake / your life
      3. From others’ mistake
      4. From Children
      5. From Colleagues
      6. From Society
      7. From Disgust Angels
      8. From Courses
      9. From Videos
      10. From Podcasts / Audios
      11. From Blogs
      Create action plan and implement to get the benefit from your learning.
      Thank you for introducing

    • Ashok V Mathrani

      10 Different places from where we can draw lessons:
      01- Nature
      02-Own Mistakes
      03-Other Peoples Mistake
      04-Own Children
      06-Public Places
      07-Disguised Angles
      09-Videos & Podcast

    • Lavanya Eedara

      My top 3 action steps:
      1. I Should be one mistake, learner.
      2. Be open to receiving information from everywhere.
      3. Smart enough to decode information from everywhere.

    • Lopamudra Sen

      My 3 Immediate Action Steps After Going Through This Podcast:
      * I will spend 20-30min per day going through some articles from to learn copywriting better.
      * I will give myself a break for at least 1hour once in a week to enjoy with nature alone & learn.
      * I will start my podcast show with my 11-year-old daughter to learn better & give her an exposure to explore more.

    • Deepak Jain 2.O

      Learning from today’s podcast
      1. Nature is the best place you can learn just by observation
      2. Our Own mIstakes – best teacher
      3. Other People’s Mistake – we can move 10X in our goal by learning from others
      4. Childrens also the best teacher for us, but we need to down our ego to learn
      5. Colleagues-if our ears are open to accept our friends and colleagues then we can get learning from them as well
      6. Public Places – go and meet and observe
      7. Disguished angels – 😇 it’s awesome
      8. Courses /Videos – sidz is the best person to learn from hai courses and videos
      9. Podcast
      10 Medium /Blogs

    • Sushree Patnaik

      • RAS – Needs to be activated consciously. When we have Clarity about our goals, opportunities will be visible in front of our eyes more clearly.

      • Lessons are present in our very own life if we can mindfully observe. Everything and everyone has a lesson to teach from family, and colleagues to disguised angels to magazines, blogs, and courses.

      • What are the habitual mistakes we are doing, what are the mistakes others are doing is a great way to stop ourselves from repeating them.

      • Nature and young kids have information in the purest form if we can keep an open mind to learn.

      The top 3 actions would be to

      1. Active RAS consciously
      2. Practice mindful observation
      3. Reflect on your own and others’ mistakes and learn from them.

    • Pummy

      Thank you so much for this inspiring podcast Sidz.

      I absolutely love this idea of learning from life in all forms. Learning from nature, from mistakes (mine as well as others), learning from pain, and disguised angels, are some of my favourites.

      Adding one more on the list today- learning from podcasts! And here is a great lesson I am taking away from your podcast- to document my lessons and share them! I do it very rarely, kind of one in ten/ fifteen times. Your sharing inspires me to document and share my learnings on a more consistent basis.

      Thank you so much!

    • Sanjay Mhatre

      learn 24×7 from:
      1. Nature – biomimcry/biomorphology
      2. Own mistakes
      3. Other people’s mistakes
      4. Children – Gen z etc
      5. Colleagues
      6. Public places
      7. Courses (online, offline)
      8. Videos (YT etc)
      9. Audio (podcasts etc)
      10. Text (blogs – – premium content)

    • Srinivas T R

      ATL- Any time Learning
      All Time Learning
      All the way Learning
      Always Learning
      All the ways of Learning

      Be Life Long Learner
      Cheers for the Podcast

    • Shanthi

      The higher intelligence has manifested as all things in the universe. So, there is knowledge and intelligence everywhere to draw from. Thanks, dear Siddharth for your insight!!!!!!
      I learn from looking at fruits, vegetables, and seeds. They come under nature too.

      Currently, I am focusing on 3 areas to learn from:
      1. My daughter
      2. Disguised angels from my family
      3. Courses

    • Shankar

      we can get Lessons from everywhere:
      1.Nature- Many innovations are adapted by observing and modelling .
      2.From Our Mistakes
      3. Others mistakes
      4. Our Children’s they are born with technology
      5.Can learn from Colleagues/ peers.
      6 From Public Places- many from Marketings boards,hoardings.
      7.From disguised angels- lessons learnt to balance the life with these people.
      9.Youtube,Social media platorms.
      10. Podcasts/Blogs.

    • Fatima

      Thanks for the ideas and learnings Sidz! Awareness is the key and never stop learning from every experience
      Self-discipline with learning and a positive action-oriented mindset, ultimately leads to a transformative and fulfilling journey of self-improvement.

    • Manchal

      Being a life long learner and someone is who is committed to my growth and evolution, this podcast resonates with me on a deep level Sidz! 🙏

      Lately I’ve been reflecting on all the disguised angels in my life and sending them multiple blessings for having come into my life to accelerate my journey of self mastery. Acknowledging that each one of them has contributed significantly to the emotional resilience i’ve been able to build and staying on my path of being a conscious creator of my reality.

      Love every word you said especial about learning from nature, the way it restores itself, is self sustainable, after any storm and continues to remain abundant.

      Thank you for this enriching podcast Sidz! Grateful to be learning from you ❤️

    • Akshay Jalan

      You can learn from anywhere.
      Learn from Nature.
      Learn from your mistakes especially the ones that you keep repeating. Can you break the pattern
      Learn from other people’s mistakes.
      Learn lessons from your own kids
      Learn from colleagues, peer networks
      Learn from public places while travelling, in malls, on bill boards, their travel magazines.
      Learn from disguised angels who come into your life to trigger you
      Learn from courses
      Learn from videos/podcasts
      Learn from blogs –

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      We must be in a learning mindset all the time, There is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and much more from the mistakes of others. Pull out patterns. Learn from the disguised angels and from all the critics. There is so much to learn from the children , your family and friends.

    • Irene Gonsalves

      Lessons from Everywhere

      Our own Mistakes
      Other’s mistakes
      Children (reverse mentoring)
      Open public spaces
      Disguised strangers

      Keep an open mind and seek
      When you set an intent — you can see it everywhere
      Observe and look back to connect the dots
      Apply wherever it connects

    • Abhishek Gawle

      My takeaways-
      -Learning has no boundaries, universe teaches us at every moment.
      #We can learn from:
      -Others Mistakes.
      -Own Mistakes.
      #Be aware and keep mind open to observe from surroundings.
      #Disguuised Angels

    • M V Pavan Kumar

      Awesome insights and my top 3 learnings are
      1. Learn from brands and analyze from creator point of view rather than consumer point of view.
      2. Learn from places we go and also when we drive a vehicle.
      3. Learnings have to be implemented in real time

    • Surajit Mishra

      My top three actions are:

      I will start learning from Nature by observing it
      From my Own mistakes and Other People’s Mistake
      Children ( their perspective ), Colleagues, Public Places, Disguished angels, Courses /Video, Podcast, Medium /Blogs


      Top Key lessons from this podcast are—
      To activate our RAS (Reticular Activation System) we should learn from
      1. Nature 2. Own Mistakes 3. Other People mistakes 4. Own Children 5. Colleagues 6. Public places 7. Disguised angels in your life 8. Courses of Sidz 9. Videos Sidz 10. Podacast and Blogs

    • meena Y

      I lost my mother 19 days back, i was sharing my emotions and was angry with my brother for not owning any responsibility in arranging for the entire 14 days of rituals and the monthly rituals. i said the financial arrangements have to be done. I arranged for 14 days of rituals, my son who has just completed 1 st year of degree, said amma take my 10,000 and make what is possible and let Maama uncle own the responsibility for the remaining, if you make the arrangement, I will not bother

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks for sharing your story with us Meena. I’m sorry for your loss. Wishing you only the best!


      Thank you Sidz, for reminding and nailing to the points, to the major possible learning sources like, Nature, Our Own Mistakes, Others Mistakes, Children, From Collogues, Public places, etc.
      My action- Keep myself Open and START JOURNALING for 10 mins for ideation everyday, also checking back the ideas of last 7 days and applying them accordingly.

    • Gita Ramachandran

      1. Today I had lots of learning from the Webinar I conducted after a gap of more than a month and that too without practicing the sales Pitch . Few technical glitches from Zoom, The tweaking of all Landing Pages , Redoing all the Facebook ads and checking for their performance took up all my time last week , which left me with no time to practice and without proper sleep the energy dropped which made me nervous .
      Lesson 1 .Dont depend on past success. Practice alone can give perfection. you , and have plan B ready at all times
      2. I do learn from Medium and also write . Not been able to be regular , but will be regular from now on
      3 From Experts : I just love the sessions in the Hives now and have been inncorporatin them

    • Mritunjai Tiwary

      I totally agree on sid what you have stated here. we all can so many things from what is happening around us
      I love spending time at my Park listening to the senior citizens about their life experiences in different phases of life. I try to do this practice with both of my sons so that they also should know and relate with the era of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, and so on. Through this, I am being able to connect them with those stories and pasts which are so difficult to be seen by a new generation.
      My actions are:
      – Connect with nature the way honey bees do to create better, real, and ideal ecosystems around.
      – Keep an eye open when you are in our marketplace to grab creative, meaningful, and innovative ideas for your branding and marketing.
      -Make the best use of the resources that exist within your family, friends, and relatives to transform you and your outcomes.

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