Do you believe that there’s luck in entrepreneurship? Do you feel that there’s a higher force that’s acting upon you and the decisions that you make? In this podcast, I go deep into the 4 kinds of luck and its impact in your business.

Just to give you a brief background, I have analysed and studied various religions and philosophies – as my roots are grounded in spirituality.

I have read a lot from Indian Vedic scriptures.

I have been brought up in a convent school, so I understand the essence of Christian values and beliefs.

I have lived in the Middle East and studied the principles of Islam and truly respect their philosophy too.

And having been in the personal development world, I also understand the Buddhist roots that this industry also comes from.

Based on all that I have assimilated, I have come to understand that LUCK DOES EXIST – but it has to do with the individual and actions.

I believe truly that your thoughts, words and actions constantly create new seeds of actions and reactions in this and the next life – and luck has an important part to play in the bigger equation of the game – the laws of karma.

Luck in entrepreneurship is all about mindset and implementation of knowledge.

In this podcast, I go deep into the 4 kinds of luck and how it connects with entrepreneurship and business building.

Four Categories Of Luck In Entrepreneurship

  1. Blind Luck – This is the first category of luck where sometimes people win lotteries! Yes, this form of luck does exist and based on that particular person’s karma, they might win or lose aspects of their life based on their actions performed in this life or their previous live.
  2. Hustle Luck – This is the second category of luck in entrepreneurship where the whole focus is “force-based”. This is where you might have heard the saying that “when hustle meets preparedness, you get lucky”. It’s true, but there’s more.
  3. Spotting Luck – This is the third category where you have a keen sense of awareness to position yourself in a way by which you get better results or you avoid pain – purely based on your skills and knowledge sensitivity.
  4. Creating Luck – This is the ultimate form of luck. When you build yourself into a unique brand, a unique character with a unique mindset that adds value to the world – then luck finds you. You attract the people, opportunities and situations in your life without much stress. In my podcast, I go deep into very practical examples of how to position yourself in this way.

Final Thoughts – Luck In Entrepreneurship

luck in entrepreneurship

Whether you believe in luck or not, the fact is that there are higher laws that this universe is governed by.

Just because a child is ignorant about the laws of heat, does not mean that the child gets excused by touching fire. These are natural laws… just like gravity and more.

If you truly want to be lucky in entrepreneurship you will have to sow the seeds of value in every single step of your journey.

To build a successful business online, you need to be a value-giver.

You need to build systems by which you can serve a large number of people.

When you help enough people get what they want in their life, you can get whatever you want in your life and more. This is one of the foundational teachings of the great Zig Ziglar.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    53 replies to "The 4 Types Of Luck In Entrepreneurship That Can Impact Your Growth"

    • Pranjali

      Very inspiring, well clarified… thanks for sharing

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Pranjali!

        • MARIA

          Impressed by your four types of luck podcast. I have already experienced like you said blind luck, hustle luck and spot luck. Did not understand them earlier, got clarity now!

          I am thrilled to be on your bandwagon to create luck as I have already started getting the benefit and am sure, with your guidance and techniques, I will succeed.

          Blessings to you and your family and all five thousand persons following you and of course your mentors. I am so happy.

        • C D Poddar

          It’s a wonder. You saw me other side of LUCK (4the).
          I also believe in Luck.

          I am getting yours mails, I think it’s 4th Luck.

          Thanks to make me LUCKY.


        • Balaji Srinnivasan

          Awesome content and points Sidd. As always an eye opener.

          Thanks a ton

      • Nandhini

        Really appreciate your effort sidz… Your words are very positive and very Engertic… Mahaavatar bless you

      • Mohiuddin Shaikh

        you shattered the myth of so called luck.
        you proved the saying of Saint Rumi: What are you looking for ia also looking for you.
        Thanks for share such a valuable knowledge with us.
        May God bless you.

      • Devanesan

        I am amazed by this, creating your own luck, I thought indifferent while you spoke about luck, I wasn’t sure if I could create a luck for me? But now I need to work on it

    • Mansi

      I impressed
      You do good.
      Me also believe in spiritual and luck.
      I m studenting about how our star work on us.
      Astrology is my hobby

    • Punit sanganeria

      Hey sid,
      You talk genuine stuff and connect very well
      Keep going.. all the best
      Punit sanganeria

    • Shivanand

      Yes, it takes time me to learn if watched regularly, but I have not completely understand how to work out.

    • Obaidur

      I am Obaidur rahaman. I completed graduate. Recently I think that I will be online marketer. And change my financial condition.

      I want help my dear sidz sir. I am so interested for digital marketing.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Hi Obaidur, make sure you hop into my webinars. You will learn a lot in there.

    • Suvrojyoti

      Why do you want to help people? No one in this world, help any one without any reason. Why you want to help me? It sounds new business strategy to earn money. Helping others is one kind of social work but I have attended your last webniar where after all you tend to sell your products. How do you help others? You are selling your products. I think you never help any one without your self interest. Sorry friend. I am looking for genuine one who really help me and I really pay him

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        The law of the universe is “what goes around comes around’. My intention is to help you succeed because I learnt that if you help people get what they want in life, you will get what you want in life… and more! It’s the law of reciprocation.

      • Naseem Mariam

        Sid is a marvellous teacher. He serves his students digestible bits and bytes of information. When we implement his information and take action, we get great assured results. Naturally we must pay for our lessons. That is the Universal Law of Nature. (We value and take action only when we pay for something.)

        We get back our invested money from the digital marketplace after we start and persevere in our own online virtual shop.

      • Raghunathan

        What a explanation. You really nailed it. Truly inspiring.

    • Manisha Ashish Mehrotra

      Absolutely i agree that we can create our luck by generating good karmas and doing good for others.Im too very much grounded in Spirituality as one of my teacher says “Materialism and Spiritualism are two wings of Success.”So if we incultate Goodwill and Will to Do Good only then Good Luck or Universe helps us .

    • Sahil

      Always Inspiring n UpLifting

    • P.Venkateswararao

      Well Explained Sidz Sir….I Do Believe in Level.4 Luck..Because it stay with us forever…

    • Ajay

      I’m looking very much forward to see how this concept would shape up

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Ajay! Implement this methodology into your life. And you will start to bloom.

    • Madhukar Hegade

      Luck Very well explained Sid ..following your webinars .. trying to put together your thoughts to help unlucky Farming community with my knowledge & experience .. I am sure your thoughts will help in building my course

    • Satya

      Super Podcast..
      Many thanks

    • Santosh Gogave

      Wow! Got new perspective on luck!! Thanks Sidz:)

      • Indira Nair

        I am convinced about 4th form of luck.It is inspiring.But our inhibitions and limitations hold us back.Want to do lot of things.But don’t know how ?



    • Pavithran Nair

      A good start for me. Would like to follow as far as possible as I am a Retired Senior citizen with sufficient liabilities through social welfare done by me..
      I am not tired let me see if I can attract luck.


      Pavithran Nair

    • Fazal Ahmed Sha

      There’s so much information shared on LUCK.

      Thanks, Sid 🙂

    • Pawan Kohli

      Dear Rajshekhar ,
      I am highly convinced with details on luck in your podcast .
      I really want to get into creating luck with your guidance .
      Blessings to you and your family.
      I am very happy after reading this article .
      Waiting next opportunity to speak to you live ..

    • Pramila

      Amazing, loved the fourth category of luck.

    • Urvashi

      This podcast opened a gate of new opportunities for me. I have always believed that if your intentions are good then wonderful things happen to you. We should have faith in our uniqueness. Looking forward to attend your webinars.

    • Sandip Jirage

      Sidz I will be your xerox copy in next four Month. I am putting down my education qualifications aside and surrendering you…
      It is My Luck That I Find you at Right Time!!!!!!!!

    • Obaidur

      You are great…. I like your active live…. I want learn digital marketing in your online training. You help me…. I follow you.

    • Arjun

      Great ! Really loved to cnosume the content !

    • sheila Naravane

      Hi Sid,
      Very true. If we make our Brand very unique, reach out to people, serve the community, the Luck will find us.

    • Varsha Anthony

      Hi, Siddharth,
      This is Varsha Anthony, I am ur level 1 student. Really impressed by this podcast. I believe in luck. That is why I am following you. My Course is ready & launching very soon.

    • Rahul Gupta

      Really inspired sidz as want to creat my own luck I have taken your course 10 month back but could not go through the whole session but now I will not miss any single session of your thanks

    • Nickyta

      You become what you think about is very close to creating luck. Sometimes we wish for something very deeply and forget but that energy remains in cosmos. I think that exactly happened in your journey, you created and it had come to you.
      Your segment for luck is very appropriate and relavent.
      Great stuff

    • Sam Renga

      I have purchased the program and synergies with your awesome training. I’m listening to the audio subliminal message & firmly believe that we must never be cheap. Invest in ourselves like what have done & we will be blessed with abundance. Thank You, Sidz.

      Sam Renga (Singaporean)

    • Kirti singh

      Hey sid.. I just listen to your podcast and first thing I have to say that I don’t believe in luck but if I have To tell you if I am lucky or not then I must say I am lucky Enough right from the day I was born mentally and physically fit .and as you say third kind of luck then I must say that most of the time I find your thinking just like me . I don’t chase things or people just believe in karma .. have few basic principles inculcated in me by my parents like ‘ serve good get good .’or what goes around comes around . I just follow them and I keep looking for god’s hint to me and follow them with my heart .. in my daughters case too … they are always blessed with the best coaches in the Indian tennis to coach them .. it just happened.. I never searched for them . And in my case too I read your post on fb regarding your music .. I commented n got a comment back from you . I felt connected somehow and I jumped into your live webinar without even knowing what was happening there and bought your course .. somehow I felt that it was the thing which I was looking for .. subconsciously in my mind .. I started this journey with you without having any knowledge even without any planning in my wildest dreams to go online but it just happened and I followed my heart . I don’t know what will happen next .. only thing is that I am following you .. I am trying to surrender and let see how it goes .. I am on a journey to explore myself . This lockdown may prove a game changer .. life changer for me .. who knows . Thanks . -Kirti Singh

    • Niranjan

      Hi Sidz,
      I was just sitting in the midnight, as I was thinking about my financial situation. I happened to see your podcast. I invested in your tripwire and level 2 course , created my passion to income growth model. But somewhere I was feeling it requires lot of time and I was feeling bit lo w, thinking despite my physical challenge I have been working hard but still somewhere luck is not favouring me. But this podcast answered all my mental disturbances. Thanks a ton for creating this podcast

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