If you have been contemplating on launching your coaching business as a personal brand or company brand, you will get a crisp and clear answer to that question in this episode.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    72 replies to "What’s The Difference Between A Personal Brand And A Company Brand?"

    • Jitendra Kumar Roy

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      What is the offer to join silver plan?
      How much money can I make to join silver plan?
      How will you guide me on mobile communication?
      What is ILH coupon?
      What is URL to fill?

    • Sumesh chhabria

      Very nice Podcaast Sidz 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    • Supriya Singh

      Absolutely Amazing
      Thank you for creating Internet Lifestyle Hub

    • K. Lalitha Parameshwari

      Awesome explanation. Got lot of insights into the difference.

    • Yogendra Kr Malik

      Awesome Sidz. Modulation and voice quality is awesome in this. I am ready to be facilitator.
      Love and respect always Sidz

    • Amuthakalavalli .P

      ILH……Amazing platform to learn….Sidz…almost a Mentor for so many top most couches and budding couches in India. My blessings to you dear siddharth.

    • Raja Kumar

      It was an amazing content.
      For life style hub
      Such a valuable content.
      Sidz sir you are an assome podacst content.

    • Dr. Sangeeta Pattanaik

      Thank you for showing the Direction and Complete Clarity on How to Build Brand in a Broader Aspect!! I am glad I am on the Right Path and following The Same process.

      In the beginning Personal Brand with Establishing Credibility and Then Building the Community Brand with core values where every member starts aligning. Ever Grateful ☺️

    • Rohith Shashishekar

      I personally believe personal brand makes difference in the market initially but if your community is growing bigger than your threshold (more than the number you can focus one to one or bigger than you can do group coaching) than you will have to go for a community brand.

    • Anshuman Khullar

      Personal Brand Vs Company Brand.

      1st 2 year- personal brand

      3rd and 4th year- company brand

      Mission, Vision, Values are important which shows what you stand for.
      Thank you for bringing the deep concepts with uch ease.


      start small, grow as a baniyan tree.
      own brand and lead the company.
      Tata is the example.

    • Sanjay Karn

      In my view also when you are starting especially in my case I am working with a professional Personal Brand matters the most and one needs to focus on the same.

      Once you establish a solid personal brand you can focus on a company or community brand without which you can grow beyond a certain level of growth.


    • Shankaran Paramasivan

      I understand what you are saying…Since this is a proven method of approach to a branding i will go by what u say…I.e start with Personal brand and move on to community brand as we enough people in the community… Thanks siddharth for this podcast..

    • Subhavahini Seetharaman

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilh

      Personal Brand : How do i grow beyond my name.
      Company brand : I have to be still the face of my brand .. but the focus is to community

      Loyalty they have with the community will be when people trust me . so personal brand will be the best to start with. Evolving to the community brand will help to grow.

      Before ILH, I started my coaching business with community brand. Now post ILH when i shift my focus to establish personal brand, I see the difference. I have more credibility.

      Thank you Sidz.

    • Arundhati N

      Awesome ideas. Had this question in my mind from a long time


      Thanks Sidz for this Podcast :

      Most of the time, I realised we compare and aspire to be like our mentors . we also try to do what they have done forgetting the fact that they also started from somewhere and we too need to start from the base.
      This podcast changed my decision of publishing my landing page on a community name domain to my personal name domain.
      looking forward to building a great Personal Brand first and then shifting to Community Branding .

    • Deepak Nagpal

      Great Job Sidz, true analysis on branding, to begin with in case of a knowledge based business, personal branding is very important because your ideas and your knowledge are the most important products to be sold. But in the long run for the sake of perpetuity A Company brand is very Important for taking it to next generations, a personal brand dies with the person but a company brand exist till the value system created by that person exists inside the community.

    • Pallavi Walia Raj

      I completely resonate with what you’re saying, I loved the line that this isn’t a Valuation Game it’s a Value Add Game. As an individual who has been in the public eye for over 24yrs through my Media and Entertainment work, I feel I need to shift my audience’s perception of me, from just being a Powerful Speaker to someone who can help them be much more powerful as Speakers, Trainers, Coaches, Hosts, etc. Maybe the move from Personal Branding to Company Branding might happen earlier for me. The time taken to move would therefore depend on each person right Sidz?

    • Jayati

      ~ Personal brand ➡️build credibility ➡️com(pany)munity brand
      ~ Individual ➡️(employees) ➡️facilotators
      ~ Profit ➡️ (valuation) ➡️ value driven
      ~ Money ➡️ (knowledge) ➡️ vision

    • badarinath Gella

      Typical company brands are building to sell
      Knowledge business is to connect on a personal level
      Community brand shares equal values with all the members

      Start with the personal brand to gain credibility.

      Evolve it into a community brand with values, vision and mission.
      The focus of the community is not you; you should start to empower other people to grow the community.
      That loyalty will directly improve business growth.
      Building a community of value-add game

    • Gaurav Gandhi

      “ It’s not about you, it’s about them.’ Let the brilliance of universe take care once you have done the initial work well I.e. once you establish your personal brand essence, let the bigger aspect do the rest. Awsm

    • Sunil Gupta

      When you are starting, there is no community, in that case you are the brand.
      Once the community takes shape, create a community brand.

      Ultimately it’s not about you, it about your community members.

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH #casunilgupta95

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      Build a credibility around your name first then grow beyond that and evolve it as a community brand.
      Empower other people to grow.

    • Rahul George

      the perfect pathway – starting from me, who I AM and eventually framing out the bigger mission as a community MOVEMENT…

      love the framing – personal vs. company while the truth is it is all about the community.. and the community comes from me to begin with…

      love these bitesized nuggets sid.. always sharing philosophy and marketing in the perfect blend.. mpty…

    • Shabeena A M

      From the knowledge business perspective Personal brand is better to start with. After a period of time find a way to evolve it beyond you. Shift the focus to your community. There you can go with community/company brand.

      Here focus on your values rather than products. People who resonate with your values will stand close to you.

      Start with personal brand first then evolve it to the community brand.
      Play the value addition game instead of the valuation game

    • Prem Alvares

      Start with a personal brand establish a brand recall, build trust. Move beyond your brand to community brand which is an extension of the trust. Most company brands just sell but a community brand builds higher social values. What happens here is that a program being offered will be of immense value. The community helps people feel they are not alone and helps people stay motivated. Personal brand helps you to get known for it. A community brand shows a whole movement where people are known for it

    • Lavanya Eedara

      My Key takeaways are
      1. First two years, focus on personal branding for trust and credibility in the market
      2. After that focus on company branding, and set the vision, mission, and values for the community. So the members of the community will be aligned.

    • Vinay D Bajaj

      One should start with a personal brand until the credibility is established. Once the mission becomes big enough, it can be changed to community brand. Basically once the community becomes big enough for impact to happen from the community members instead of the self, we can move to the community brand. For knowledge givers, it should be community brand instead of company brand as we are not manufacturing software or hardware of any kind. We need to have enough people totally aligned with the mission, before going to community branding.

    • Ajay Kumar

      Thanks Sidz for explaining, how to start as personal brand the take to Company brand. Very clear guidelines and path shown in the podcast

      Thank you Sidz
      love and respect


      I lead with my company name, but publish all other content on my own nickname (whatever name, I want people to know me from). Because people connect with someone real and with big company too. So company is for reputation in market and nickname (personal brand) is for value adding and making connections for nurturing.

      People should know & trust us first, and then our community. So I think both are necessary, but to start with, name is enough.

    • Karthikeyan

      Start with personal brand for credibility and loyality at Initial stages
      and once gain followers make it as a community brand at later stages

    • sunita sharma

      amazing , how briefly you solved all the the doubt to related personal branding , amazing podcast sir.

    • Sathish Kalluri

      Amazing Podcast Sidz.

      Personal Brand Vs Company Brand.

      you super clarity about why one needs to focus personal brand.

      Building company brands are to sell

      Building personal brand is the need of the hour is your want to grow in your business.

      Valuation game Vs Value added game.

    • Atanu Sengupta

      I understood that Personal Brand should be to establish ‘My Identity’ and once the trust is built, gradually I should transform into a Community (Not Company) Brand where I will hold the steering of the community brand.

    • Dr D Srinivasa Rao

      I completely Resonate with this idea. This Strategy is the best in the Knowledge business. Works wonders in Community Building. Thank You Sidz

    • Asha Badge

      My Key Learnings are-
      If you are having a huge mission to do any business then should go with Company Brand, but before that, we had to build a Personal Brand as people trusted our Value, so, later on, they will support us for our community / Company mission, and vision. Here Focus is not on you, it’s not a valuation but a Value-addition game to make a huge transformation in people’s mental, physical, and financial lives.

    • Praful C Varma

      This is really an amazing podcast brought by you sidz .where it has been driven very softly and clearly the difference between personal branding and company brand.
      According to me it’s not about personal brand or company brand in knowledge business. It’s all about community and the members of the tribe. As long as they are aligned with the vision and mission. it’s all about the purpose.

    • Aman Kabir Juneja

      Magical sharing and so insightful; Here is what I learnt and how i feel about it:

      1) To begin with, work on your personal brand
      2) Create a personal brand and promote it – make it achieve a certain heights
      3) Then transition into the community brand, it works like magic ( as the personal brand is established, its now about the community and now about an Individual)

      Much Love

    • Pasadika Mindfulness

      personal vs. company while the truth is it is all about the community.
      create a community brand
      and evolve it as a community brand.
      make community brand with values, vision, and mission

    • Rajeev Sahu

      Whoever is planning to start a Business, this is the first step to understanding how to go ahead. Most People underestimate the power of Personal Branding thinking that just registering a company name can help them with starting a Business. Sidz has wonderfully explained the concept which I am sure is gonna help millions of people planning to start their career as Digital coaches or Entrepreneurs.

    • Nitin Mahajan

      Its important to have a personal brand in the knowledge business , as that creates faster trust and deeper engagement with the community. Once that is created , we can build a community brand that helps carry the mission and the vision to new heights..
      Trust , value and results will enable the personal brand transform into the community brand and that would hold the test of time .. Legacy can be created through the community brand , that can help spread the fire wider !!

      My thoughts !!

      Thanks to Sidz for this well crafted , short and simple Podcast

    • shweta Pandey

      Most common and misunderstood concept of brand and positioning. Being a Brand and positioning coach, I understand the confusion and inner conflicts.

      concept of building your personal brand is solely to offer value to your company brand.
      before we sell anything, we must stand the test of time. Show that you practice what you preach. Personal brand answers all the doubts of target audience and boosts confidence to go and try your products. That’s how your company brand gets a welcome greetings and you become the first reference of your own business.

      Short and sweet learning provided by you Sid.

      God bless you.

    • sridhar kinhal

      personal brand — has the I in it and does not sell for Long and has an expiry date whereas Community brand sells for Eternity as the Community is driven by Leaders ….

    • Vinitha J

      Personal brandiing is good to start to establish you and to connect more with the mentor.
      As you grow, your brand/mission becomes BIGGER THAN YOU, thats thetime to establish the community name aas the brand.
      At starting ppersonal branding helps people to connect with the mentor while as the community name becomes the brand, peoople start to involve more with the community.
      Community start to thrive.
      Yes ofcourse its always good to start with personal later with community brand.
      Thanks for this podcast Sidz…

    • Swati Tripathi

      I appreciate you sharing this excellent information, Sidz. 
      Our coaching journey might begin with personal brand building before moving on to company brand building.
      In the knowledge business, community brand is prioritized over corporate brand.
      They consider themselves to be serving the city and adding value

    • Pia Bhagchandani

      What is the difference between a personal brand and a company brand?

      In the initial stages we need to establish credibility, we should use use our name in the brand.

      In the second phase, it is better to shift the focus to community name.

      People who are building a company brand, the intention is to sell.

      When we are approaching a knowledge business, things are little different.

      Which is better?

      Start with a personal brand and evolve that with a company brand.
      The company brand should have set of values and mission statement.
      There should be a value add!


      In the beginning, personal branding is the strategy to establish credibility, later on shift to company branding as your tribe has been created


      In my views there is not much difference between Company Branding vs Personal Branding. Both are recall value.
      However having the word “Personal” in personal branding always gives a feeling of personal touch, as people connect with people first than with the company.
      So personal branding take the first seat in coaching business. Becuase it’s about establishing your authority in the domain.

    • Riddhi Deorah

      Start with a personal brand. However, the end game is to build a company/community brand.

      You can be the face of the brand but the focus should be on the community.

      If you evolve from a personal brand to a community brand gradually the people in the community will be more loyal to the community and will be more aligned with the code of honour.

      Always be focused on the value add a game and not on the valuation game.



    • Rajiv Bhatia

      I totally agree need for establishing credibility as a coach to start with and thus Personal Branding is key . Next step is to evolve into a community brand where the focus is value addition.

    • Archana Avinash

      What I understood from this podcast:
      – Personal brand is what is created around me. I take my skillsets and present them to my market. I create visibility, add value, deliver and make my mark.
      – Company brand is much bigger than the individual. However, it is based on what I have accomplished for myself and my students.

      Great Podcast, Siddharth! Thank you!

    • Ravi Kiraan Vijapurapuu

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH

      As per my Opinion, A personal Brand is more about ‘Us’ to our Customers. Before establishing our Company Brand, one needs to establish the Personal Brand on the Online Space. Personal Brand is not just about the Branding elements in the Website etc, but it is more about how authentically deliver our Product/Service. Do not Sell Courses but it is about the Memberships we offer to our Customers.

      Only after our Customers come to know about our Product / Service and the value we deliver authentically , only then they start to trust our Company Brand. Hence it is our Face Value we put up before our Customers.

      Hence First establish our Products/Services on our Personal Brand and then Scale up to the Company brand once our Community grows.

    • Pranali Naik

      Totally Resonating…When it comes to human; Trust is the biggest value we have. And no better way than building first personal Authenticity, Credibility and then building trustworthy community…And As you always mention…” Trust is the currency of Future!”…..then this podcast is the answer…Wonderfully said:)……Loved the Podcast…!

    • Jeffery

      You’re into the “VALUE ADD” game and not the valuation game! That’s powerful.

      Thanks for making it crystal clear, when it comes to building a community first and community based coaching business 🙂

    • Hetal Desai

      It was needed, as I decided to go with Brand name for coaching journey. But i will surely take all these points under consideration.

    • Ashvin Sonagara

      Super topic sidz #ilh #ilhfamily

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