Do you want to know how to get rid of self doubts and fears while growing an online business? I uncover the simple ways you can overcome this, and ONE powerful secret!

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Do you find yourself struggling with self-doubt? 

Do you feel like you're on the brink of success, but your inner voice keeps holding you back? 

You're not alone. 

Self-doubt is a common problem for many entrepreneurs and business owners, and it's one of the biggest obstacles that can prevent you from reaching your full potential.

But what is self-doubt, exactly? 

Simply put, self-doubt is the nagging feeling that you're not good enough, that you're not capable, or that you're not worthy of success. It's the voice in your head that says you're not cut out for this, that you should give up, or that you should stick to your comfort zone. Self-doubt can be debilitating, and it can keep you stuck in one place, unable to move forward or make progress.

But the good news is that self-doubt can be overcome. You don't have to let it hold you back. In this blog post, we'll explore the root causes of self-doubt and offer practical tips and tricks to help you overcome it once and for all.

The Root Causes of Self-Doubt

There are two main reasons why self-doubt creeps in:

1. Being in uncharted territory - When you're starting a new project or learning something new, it's natural to feel a little anxious or uncertain. You don't know what to expect, and you don't know if you have the skills or knowledge to succeed. This can lead to self-doubt, especially if you're entering an area that you're not familiar with.

2. Comparing yourself to others - When you see others in your niche or field doing better than you, it's easy to feel discouraged. You may start to think that you're not good enough, or that you don't have what it takes to succeed. Comparing yourself to others is a surefire way to bring on the self-doubt and kill your motivation.

Overcoming Self-Doubt: A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know the root causes of self-doubt, it's time to learn how to overcome it. Here are a few practical tips that can help you turn self-doubt into confidence and success:

1. Identify your inner critic - The first step to overcoming self-doubt is to identify the voice in your head that's holding you back. Write down the negative thoughts that you have about yourself and your abilities. This will help you become aware of the self-doubt and start to work through it.

2. Reframe your thoughts - Once you've identified your inner critic, it's time to reframe your thoughts. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, think about your strengths. Focus on what you're good at, what you've accomplished, and what you're capable of. Write down affirmations and positive affirmations, and read them daily.

3. Take small steps - If you're feeling overwhelmed, break your goals down into smaller, more manageable steps. Celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small. This will help you build momentum and increase your confidence.

4. Surround yourself with positive people - Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people can do wonders for your confidence. Seek out people who believe in you and your abilities, and who are willing to cheer you on.

5. Get outside your comfort zone - Finally, getting outside your comfort zone can help you.

Hope you found this useful. All the best.

To your freedom,

siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    129 replies to "How To Get Rid Of Self Doubt And Fears?"

    • Gaurav Kamboj

      Getting rid of self-doubts and fears while growing:

      Problem (Downward Spiral):
      1: Excitement of Learning
      2: Implementation Fear (don’t have the ability) Zone of Unknown (don’t wanna leave comfort Zone)
      3: Comparing Self with other People’s Success. Fear of Unkown, Fear of failure

      Solution (Upward Spiral):
      1: Put Yourself in the environment of action-takers
      2: Take more Action
      3: Transaction Happens
      4: More Confidence and takes more Actions

    • Mangai

      Exactly addressed all the self doubts…you really cleared all self doubts even i don’t know that exist in me .. Thank you sidz.. Proud to be in your community…

    • Priti B Singh

      Yes it is true.Getting started is the greatest problem. I feel that I am a school teacher. I am not tech savvy. How will I do things that requires computer knowledge. Nice to hear you.I shall move forward despite my short coming ss

    • Deepshikha

      Good for thought Sid,

    • Neyamathullah HM

      Self-doubt is an invisible virus protruding into human cells, aggressively flattening most people from progressing. Its twins are fear and procrastination. It is required to strengthen and to protect oneself from the environment we live in. Your input is valuable.

      • Ashwani Sharma

        SIDZ I was going through all these mentioned fear this very morning!
        & believe me this podcast of your pop-up to my mail and healed me with positive direction to make me forward consistent Action.
        It was like you personally addressed me to deal the situation
        Thanks a Ton with the best wishes, please keep up this initiative 🙏 👏 ❤😍🙏

    • Sangita Gaikwad

      Thanks Sidz for giving us solution – create and be in an environment which helps you to grow
      -Mastermind – accountability helps
      -Community base model

    • prashant saini

      Amazing…i can deeply resonate with this… thanks Sid

    • Swapneel A

      What I Learn is, If we want to get out from fear, we need to face the fear by doing it.

      Fear is always there in mind, but by showing up daily, push the efforts in, we build the confidence & move into upper spiral.

    • D. Hassan

      It is about having interaction build relationships
      It is briefly pre occupied how yo overcome the fear of growing business and internal negative things

    • Vrajangna

      Was literally not able to move ahead thinking myself small but I knew somewhere that I don’t want to settle for less and this podcast came and reply it was message from universe and you to move ahead without self doubt

      • Deepak Kumar

        MPTY Vrajangna…


      Don’t doubt your potential..just go for what you want…believe in your potential…awesome sir

    • Paras Kumar Paswan

      It’s really give me the clarity of getting start coming over of self doubt n fear.

      And what you says i think somewhere we all know inside all of us but still by know we are not able to get started and that’s where such mentor coach play the roal to get you start n keep going
      Thanku Sidz

    • Monal kanade

      Thank you so much to learnt…
      Live your comfort zone, Don’t waste your time on self doubt, take an action and Focus is important..
      Community building is must.
      Selfdoubt to self-confidence journey.
      Ur environment is more powerful than your will..It’s so true..Thank you Sid..

    • Gunjika Vishwanath Misra

      Roots of self doubt and fears:
      1. Implementation phase triggers fears and doubts; unchartered zone worries.
      2. New locations and zones of unknown are also triggers.
      3. When you see others rocking your niche. Undue comparision and self limiting self dialogues. Leads to Implosion. Comparing self to others unduly. “Fear of What if I don’t make it”.

      How to overcome them:
      1. Take these challenges heads on. Take action.
      2. Shortcut: put yourself in an environment that helps you grow… “Community Magic”. BE A PART OF A COMMUNITY OR MASTERMIND. Communicate and Exchange ideas.
      3. Start creating content that inspires.

      Absolutely loved this and resonate with this message, Sidz.

      • Deepak Kumar

        MPTY Gunjika…

    • Hemant Kumar

      Your environment is stronger than your will 👍
      Version 1 is better than the version none 👍👍
      Let’s get started ✊✊

    • Deepak Kumar

      Self-doubt act as a Concrete barrier for me…always. And it can lead to the birth of my greatest Fears.
      You are absolutely right Sidz…
      These problems arise when we compared our 1st page with others’ 20th page.

      The only way to escape from this zone is by taking action, turning our Fears into our greatest Potential.

      That’s true Our environment is stronger than our will. So, always surround ourselves with highly energetic like-minded communities.
      Thank you so much Sidz for being here with us.

      • Gunjika Vishwanath Misra

        More Power to You, Deepak!

    • Vajinder (Ricky)

      Don’t fall for downward spiral, go and take actions. Stay put with action takers. Go for more.

      Thx Sidz.

    • Bhairavi R Shah

      Little Voice creates Fears & doubts, breaking us from Within, Comparision, Fear of Failure, rejection we dont take actions -leading to Downward Spiral , Usually people break this Barrier & take Action , Your Enivironment is stronger than your Will , so build an environment of right people , turning Self-doubt to Self Confidence, = Results = Upward Spiral
      Right people around you help to move on & a community to support, mastermind is deeper Connections ,5 people who align with Personal vision can help to build an active community

    • Amit Dobariya


      Most valuable podcast on how to out come over fear.

    • Meenu Singh

      Beautiful insight as always. Thank you Sidz for sharing.

    • Aftab Pasha

      My takeaway from this podcast is turning from self doubt into self-confidence is learning and implementing the knowledge.

    • Janardan Kar

      LEARNINGS: self-doubt, fear
      ROOT cause-self doubt
      unknown territories
      Unknown people
      Unknown situations/events
      Fear- Doubt generates Fear of Failure, what people say, what will happen, and comparing with others – generates more self-doubts and more fear. A downward spiral.
      pushing fear out- taking massive action
      Creating a positive environment
      creating a community of achievers/similar values.
      Be part of a mastermind group
      developing an accountability system
      daily affirmations and believing in divinity within you and his perennial grace.

    • Aditya

      Create. Don’t compete.

    • Praful C Varma

      Hi “sidz” yet another great podcast.
      Self-confidence is a fuel to take action loved it. right environment will make you to succeed.

    • Pranali Naik

      Absolutely resonating….Environment matters 🙂

    • Janani M S

      Turn your self doubt into self confidence – upward spiral.

    • Saumya Kumari


      – Feeling weird is OKAY
      – self doubts comes when you are in un-comfort zone
      – Do not compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 10
      – Fear – What if I fail, self doubts coming in.
      – Turn fears into actions (only 4% are on top)
      – Your environment is stronger than your will
      – Put yourself in the environment of likeminded people (Community building helps in this case)
      – Self confidence is the fuel to take more actions
      – Downward spiral & Upward spiral (Depends on the environment)
      – Be a part of community and be a part of masterminds

    • Vijay Rao

      Thanks for this Siddharth,

      I am stuck in the Self Doubt and Low Confidence phase right now. This Podcast did not only help making me aware of my situation, but helped me with the way out.

      Also, i meet with my Mastermind Group once a month and now i realise increasing the frequency of meetings can help…

      Thanks for everything…

      Cheers and God Bless!!!


      It happens that Self-doubt in unknown zone comes up sometime. When Others doing well. I expect if I can have a chance. Implosion comes from internal voice. Self-doubts turn into fear of what if I don’t make it. If you take action, you will turn doubts into momentum. Those who don’t overcome they go in downward spiral. If you really want to overcome put yourself in environment, of association with community of blue ocean. Action increase confidence. Automatically market responds and transaction happens. New sense of confidence begins. There is downward spiral and upward spiral. Community is a power and driving force towards success. Meet with same mindset 4-5 people once or twice a week to grow more.

    • Veena Bk

      Thanks Sid. Needes to hear this. So many learnings

    • Shankaran Paramasivan


    • Sudeep Kumar

      Environment is stronger than will
      Overcome fear–>
      part of community and Master mind

    • Taresh Bhatia

      Awesome tips

    • Pragya Jain

      The podcast shown me the right path at right time.

      I am in a zone of self doubt which is slowly turning to self fear up untill now.

      After listening to it, I am confirmed that I am on the right track as self doubt&fear comes but have a clear vison about what the next step should be taken.

      Hence I am on action mode to accept this unknown uncomfortable zone.

      Thank you Sid

    • Arunkumar Raman

      Yes, This is true, It resonates with my life now. I am now accountable and following the path and planning to complete the Hackathon.

    • Mukesh Sharma

      Well said Sidz!!!

      Even with fear and self doubt if you take actions you become a warrior .And self doubts convert into self confidence.

    • Shivani Choudhary

      1 feel uncomfortable
      2 how can I do it
      3 I feel I can’t do it
      4 i fear if I’ll be fail..
      5 uncomfortable in the unknown zone

    • Inder jit Singh ubhi

      It is true that getting started is the great problem.
      Getting rid of self doubt. Self doubt is an invisible virus. And fear while growing
      Excitement of learning
      Implementation fear ( donot have the ability and knowledge.
      Comparing self with other people success.
      Fear of Failure
      Put yourself in the environment action takers and achievers
      Always take actions
      Transsiation will happen
      More confidence and take more actions

    • Shashidhar CN

      Awesome Podcast Bro Sidz. You have made it a habit of giving your community byte-sized nuggets of Gold. This podcast is among one of the many that I have listened to. Thanks again. MPTY.

      My learnings from this podcast – 1. Its normal to feel self doubt when starting off, its important to surround yourself with a community that is empowering, positive and encouraging us to take action 2. Create a Mastermind with people to exchange knowledge and wins 3. Take Inspired action

    • Dr. Takhellambam Rocky Devi

      It is quite natural to have self-doubt and fear but how I face it will determine whether implosion happen making me to spiral down or take actions to spiral up.

      One of the best way to overcome self-doubt and fear to join a community or to be surrounded by a group of mastermind.

      Thank you Sidz, for this valuable message

    • Sanjay Karn

      For me too much of self-analysis is paralysis especially when you are targeting cold audiences for any product or service that is what I have understood in my 17+ years of experience in Businesses development and CRM.

      It should be tested through your target audience and their responses.

      It is only the results that matter, instead of being in self-doubt and fear start putting yourself in the uncomfortable zone of interacting and understanding the actual need of your audience.

    • Ganesh Pawar

      It’s wonderful to listen but going through that journey and that phase is very painful.
      But what you say and suggest these are the true solutions to come out of it.
      And it’s really good options to recharge ourself and catch the track and do the things as mentor says. Without mentor it never happen in right direction. When we are in a learning phase.
      Great sidz thanks.

    • Mac

      Self doubt , doing things ad-hoc, are the biggest tumbling blocks

    • Tamjid

      Ya… Sidz i am having the same promlem as you said in this podcast…. Now i will try my best to get rid of all the fears and self doubt

    • Ankur Aggarwal

      How to convert self doubt into self confidence.
      Be an action taker even amidst the fear and self doubt….

    • Vishakha Vashist

      When you listen your mentor talking about the problem you are facing. And he speaks about the solution in a deeper level it gives you a confidence that Yes, I can do it.

    • Satish

      My take-aways

      1. Self doubt is part of the game,
      Acknowledge it.

      2. Understand the root cause of self doubt and work on roots

      3. Lack of ability and knowledge make us to feel more self doubted
      So works on the skills.

      4. The self doubt kicks in when we enter the new zone

      So its very natural to self doubted

      5. Get out your comfort zone to eliminate the self doubting thru getting do a comfortable

      6.dont look at other successful people and compare your journey
      . This is one of the biggest mistake we do & get disappointed

      Never compare

      7. Be unique and trust ur process

      Remember comparison is thief of the joy

      8 take actions to move forward that’s how you are going to be part of upward spiral communities to overcome the self doubting

      10. Eliminate the downward spiral

      11.take care of your environment

      12 get into the game,
      Take actions and eliminate fear

    • sheetal jain

      Getting rid of self-doubts and fears while growing:

      Problem (Downward Spiral):
      1: Excitement of Learning
      2: Implementation Fear (don’t have the ability) Zone of Unknown (don’t wanna leave comfort Zone)
      3: Comparing Self with other People’s Success. Fear of Unkown, Fear of failure

      Solution (Upward Spiral):
      1: Put Yourself in the environment of action-takers
      2: Take more Action
      3: Transaction Happens
      4: More Confidence and takes more Actions

    • Sathish Kalluri

      Awesome Sidz.
      Downward Spiral Vs Upward Spiral
      The environment is more powerful than your Will power.
      Be in powerful environment.
      Play BIG. Play Fully.
      Thank you so much Sidz for an amazing podcast.

    • Abhishek Ranjan

      The root cause of self-doubt and fear:
      1. When implementation starts or when we enter the unknown zone of implementation.
      2. when we compare ourselves with others, then our self-talk turns into fear.
      Fear of failure.
      But when we take action we change our fear into potential and create momentum, and in case we don’t take action it will go into a downward spiral.

      So the solution is to create the environment or surround yourself with action takers and take action

    • Dr Hemraj

      Yes Sidz
      self doubt and fear are self inflicted weapon which would be taken care of by be in zone of positive thinker and taking consistent action

    • Subhasish Banerjee

      It’s the inner roadblock that comes like self doubt/fear in the journey towards destination.

    • Neeraj Anand

      Fear of Unknown is a most general fear and to deal with it you should take you in the environment where you can interact with the people who succeed.

    • Dr. GN Suma

      How to get rid of Self-doubt and Fear:

      Journey to Success
      1. starts with Excitement.
      2. After a while Self-doubt Sets in – do I have the skill, I am not good enough, I become Uncomfortable, in the unknown zone, compared with people who are already successful, we get doubt who am I to do this I nobody like this. So go into Implosion, making ones self small, which is a downward spiral
      3. Ther sets in fear of the unknown, fear of failure.
      How to beat self-doubt and fear is ACTION, If you take action fear turns into a potential strength. only top20%.of people can do this, others don’t take action
      Two ways you can overcome this is
      By being in the right community and Mastermind. The environment is stronger than your will, a community where you are allowed to grow and bloom, Self-confidence, the market responds, upward spiral, make sales and money. Package your coaching into the community-based model. enter a community, get into a mastermind get together and hold each other accountable

    • Kavita Koul

      1) At the point of implementation some fear and self doubt may cripple in because we feel we are incapable as we do not have enough knowledge or we may feel anxious because of unknown zone or uncomfortable zone.
      2) while implementing we may start comparing ourselves with others and the self doubt may cripple in and we may doubt our capabilities and qualities.
      In order to get out of self doubt we need to keep ourselves in the company of action takers and we also need to stop comparing ourselves with others. We need to take more action.

    • Puneet Kumar

      To get rid of self doubt, we need to take the following action:
      1. Come out of comfort zone and explore the unknown zone
      2. Stop comparing and make a momentum
      3. Our internal implosion decides our external explosion
      4. Be a part of a community
      5. Be part of a mastermind and become an action taker

    • rajiv Bhatia

      Fears and Self doubt Creeps in when you are in in Unknown Zone and not equipped with ability. It is these times that one need to use it as a trigger to correct and change . Take action inspite of self doubt so that the downward spiral due to fear is arrested and replaced by Up ward Spiral. Solution is to be part of a community and still better is MasterMind.

    • Huzefa Tapia

      So true. It is something that always haunts me.

    • Sumitra Manamohan

      From Self doubt to self confidence :
      These are my learnings:
      1.Root doubt :learning part is fun , fears doubts creep in implementation stage: an unchartered, anxious or unknown zone hence SD looms up.
      2.Other’s successes & you compare yourself to them, and ask can I like them —————implosion happens. Sd turns to Fears , not having enough,fear of failure, no resources & their skills and downward spiral happens
      Push yourself inspite of this it turns to action.
      If you don’t push through you go a down spiral
      “Environment stronger that your will”, so put yourself in an environment that encourages, that;s when self doubt leads to self confidence leading to results . Market r sees your potential and you expand.Up ward spiral happens.Build or be part of a community, or join or form a mastermind.

    • Rajesh Gupta

      Thanks for this Amazing …podcast. Getting started is a big problem in starting we are full of energy but when it comes to take action fears overcome and put hurdles and stop us from taking action and procrastination comes in our behaviour. But now it will help build self confidence.

    • Manoj Soneji

      ICC/Power Learning/09-Feb-23

      Solution to short circuit the brain to make progress.

      Root Cause:
      Project -> Learning – > Deeper into journey – Fear, Doubts, Not equipped with knowledge.
      Unchartered zone -> Get FEAR (Anxious Zone) -> Self-doubt and fears creep in.
      Unknown zone of implementation
      Looking at other people becoming successful.

      Self-doubt creeps in, 2 Options:
      1. Take Action – You will turn FEAR into potential Energy, keep the momentum
      2. Don’t take action – Will go into downward Spiral of FEAR

      How to Overcome: (Blair Singer -> Sidz)
      Your environment is stronger than your will.
      There is a short cut,
      If you want to overcome your fears, then put yourself in an environment where you can bloom and grow -> Community.

      Conquer Self-doubt into Confidence
      Confidence -> Fuel for more action
      More Action -> Impressed Confidence -> Increased Results
      Start making Videos and content with confidence and context = Transaction happens

      Upward Spiral: Transaction > More Money > New sense of Confidence > More Action = Upward Spiral

      Downward Spiral: FEAR, doing it by yourself.

      Be part of community.

    • Amala Rai

      Starting something new is always filled with fear of unknown because you have self-doubt about yourself because you do not have adequate knowledge or skills needed in that area. And then you see others are doing well and you start comparing yourself. The comparison leads to jealousy and jealousy leads to anxiety and fear. When these feelings creep in your system, your self-esteem is hit and you start thinking that I am not good enough. But it opens 2 possibilities: 1 is that you quit and 2 is that you go ahead and acquire knowledge and skills needed to bloom and flourish. Surround yourself with people who are winners. Connect with them. Communities is the best way to over come your fears because like minded people will provide you with support. Practice regular brain power and that changes the entire game of winning. From self-doubt, you move to being self confident and people are attracted to your energy and that encourages you to take actions.


      Getting rid of self-doubts and fears

      Problem (Downward Spiral)
      Implementation Fear , Zone of Unknown
      Comparing Self with other People’s Success. Fear of Unkown, Fear of failure

      Solution (Upward Spiral)
      Put Yourself in the environment of action-takers
      Take more Action
      taking More action gives Confidence and
      action gets results
      & more confidence.

    • Surajit Mishra

      This is simply awesome. I am overcoming the downward spiral. This definitely helps. This is to the point, short, crisp and cogent solution.

    • Chetan Kapadia

      Your Journey from Fear to Confidence to Action taker

      The root cause of the fear is
      – Fear of self-doubts
      – Not equipped with enough knowledge
      – To remain in a comfort zone
      – Looking at highly successful people and compare yourself with them
      This takes you to the downward spiral of fear

      TO come out of this
      – Create a circle of like-minded, action taker at least 5 people
      – Meet at least once a week and discuss new ideas and actions and be accountable to each other
      – Go to Unknow Zone, Explore it
      – Take actions that will bring confidence
      – The confidence will bring more action and market reach
      – Market reach will bring more transactions hence more money
      This will take you to the upward spiral of confidence

    • Alapaty Shailaja

      The journey what one really goes through 🙏

    • Gita Ramachandran

      Thank you for posting this at the appropriate time when we are trying to step into our most uncomfortable zone of Selling
      As you have rightly pointed out , We get self doubt as we fear the Unknown , as also when we see others doing well and and start doubting our own capability.
      The doubts and fears keep us from taking the first step so essential for us to move forward. So its either a freze or a flight , and if its a flight then that momentum will keep us moving forward , buildingour self confidence ,helping us to take action and further build
      ing momemtum: and if its a freeze , then its the start of the downward spiral . The best way to counter this is to join a community of like minded people who will provide you with encouragement , support and monmentum or be a part of a Master mind which is being provided by the ILH Community
      Thanks Sidz for a valuable insight into a common problem faced by all of us and also for encouraging us to be apart of this community

    • Shankar R.M.

      1.Come out of Comfort Zone,Zone of Anxiousness,Zone of unknown, unknown zone of implementation. 2.Remove self doubt ,looking similar nice people/trainer to overcome them, it is implosion. Take action Now,immediate Now..Else this self doubt will turn into Fear, 3.Taking action will build momentum, else will go back to downward spiralling.And action of implanting Now with conducive Environment makes to grow, 4.Action will short circuit the Fear in mind into potential momentum and Conquer the fear to Self Confidence ,will give result. Good Podcast of Overcoming the Fear and conquering it by facing and taking ACTION.

    • Biprajeet mallick

      My takeaways from this Podcast are as:-

      ► Removing fear and doubts is “It’s easier said than done”.
      ► Use the situations as triggers to overcome and make progress.
      ► When you get deeper into the journey of learning and the implementation comes in, that’s where the fears and doubts creep in.
      ► You are entering an unchartered zone where you’ve never been before.
      ► As humans we like to be in the comfort zone.
      ► That zone is a very anxious zone, zone of unknown.
      ► Doubts and fears start creeping in.
      ► other area where doubts and fears creep in are when you look at other people being successful in that especially in a knowledge business.
      ► They are already doing it, then who am I do to this?
      ► We get imploded and never took action or move forward bcoz of these things, of being in the
      ► unknown zone and
      ► making myself smaller
      ► comparing myself with somebody else
      ► Substantiating and rationalising it, saying that maybe I can.
      ► The only next step is that you either have to take action, or you don’t take action.
      ► If you take action inspit of the self doubts, you will turn those fears into potential energy.It is going to build momentum.
      ► Only 4% of the people are in the top of the game of whatever topic of nature, any industry.
      ► This Downward spiral of fear.
      ► Decoding the root level of the problem and where it is coming from.
      ► Your environment is stronger than your will.
      ► and this is the shortcut, if you really want to overcome your fears, then put yourself in an environment that allows you to bloom and grow.
      ► That’s why Building communities is the way out.
      ► To gain momentum people go through Hackathon and by the end of it they conquer those spheres and turn the self doubt into self confidence. It
      ► It’s like fuel to take more action and the more action increases the confidence and increased confidence, increase results.
      ► So once they start selling and once they start putting videos and content with that level of confidence, automatically the market is able to perceive something unique in that person.
      ► The market responds and transactions happen.
      ► When transactions happen in one, money starts hitting the bank, new sense of confidence creeps in. And that inspires more action.
      ► So this is an upward spiral.
      ► Downward spiral happens when you are not in a very uncomfortable in the unknown zone.
      ► Once you are in the right environment, or in the right community surrounding yourself with people who are inspiring you to move forward, that changes the game.
      ► The message is that just do only consulting or just sell products but do courses and just do coaching.
      ► It’s combination of all these and packaged as community based models.
      ► So the number one way to overcome self doubts and fears is to be a part of a community. Still better is to be a part of a mastermind.
      ► You exchange ideas with three to four or five people there’s more accountability in this and a deeper set of connections.
      ► Exercising that brain power in you for productive and creative decision making and startegy thinking. And ofcourse backed you by action when these five people are inspiring you to take action and you are holding them accountable. and they are holding you accountable.
      ► So the entire game changes.
      ► And that’s the power of the mastermind.
      This is originally spoken about by Napoleon Hill many many years back.

    • BankidassJain Jain

      Very very excited


      Root cause of fear & doubt creeping in is- entering an unchartered zone we as humans like to be in comfort zones.
      comparing yourself to others – results is implosion making ourselves smaller, self doubt turns into fear. Taking action is the solution those who dont take action they get into that downward moving spiral.
      Putting yourself in an environment where there are likeminded people who are taking actions will help you also to take actions & gradually it will become an upward moving spiral.

    • Parikshit Sreedhar

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

      FEAR is debilitating. FEAR is a threat if left unchecked can lead to swift demise of our confidence and shame us into ANXIOUSNESS and INACTION. Taking a strand from an epic of ancient India – Imperialism had its own allure. An incisive strategy is to take ACTION and CONQUER FEAR by nurturing allies with an uplifting community of like-minded people.

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