You play for the name on the front of the jersey and will be remembered for the name at the back. In this episode, I share my views on how this correlates to business and life.

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To your freedom,

siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    106 replies to "What’s In A Sports Jersey?"

    • Prachi Joshi

      Such a beautiful yet powerful principle…I am so happy you shared this Sir. Thank you so much… 🙂

      Now.. the perspective..

      IN SPORTS…
      Back of the jersey.. I
      Front of the jersey.. I WITH YOU..( MEANING THE TEAM)

      It starts with I…
      BUT it should end with YOU… ( MEANING THE STUDENT) ……I WITH YOU.

      In essence, there is a saying..
      “ The journey of Swarth to Paramarth… evolves an aatma into a Paramatma.” Because Swarth represents Desire.. And Paramarth represents Bhav.
      In short…
      It’s the journey of…
      “ aatma to Paramatma in the evolution ” 🙂

      It happens only with complete surrender..

      i with I
      I with You.
      And… eventually…
      I…You…We.. The Community..

      On a subtle note…
      Jivatma to Aatma to Paramatma.

      Thank you… for giving me a reason to express….:)

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      Phenonemally Philosophical and Practical. I have to listen to it thrice to get the ideas to go deep down.
      My takeaway is this- Play for your tribe. It is not about me, it is about them.
      Thank you SIdz.
      #ILH Family

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you , Pradeep!

        • Gopi

          1) learn the rules
          2)play it according.
          3) results will come automatically

        • Akshay

          Aim to be the Best representator of your Field
          The jersey in the soprts is the representation of the sport and the back of its shows the representator and that is “YOU”

          You represent the community , which has its pwn code of value and you will have to respect that ,

          learn and lead as a Mentor.

          Sometimes What we owe does not get pursued in the process , there the law of olattraction that brings it back to you.

          As you deserve to be the main leader .

    • Debasmita Basu

      3 Best learning to implement in business from Sports Jersy.

      Thank you Siddharth for the wonderful topic –

      @👉Branding and Identity: Sports jerseys are powerful tools for creating a strong brand and identity. Just like sports teams, businesses can use jerseys or similar merchandise to build a sense of unity and loyalty among employees and customers. Implementing this strategy can involve creating customized uniforms or merchandise that prominently display the company logo, colors, and other branding elements. This helps establish a consistent and recognizable brand image in the market, fostering trust and familiarity among customers.

      👉Teamwork and Collaboration: Sports jerseys symbolize teamwork and collaboration, as they are worn by athletes who work together towards a common goal. In a business context, this concept can be applied to foster a sense of unity and collaboration among employees. By encouraging teamwork and emphasizing the importance of collaboration, businesses can enhance productivity, problem-solving, and overall performance. Implementing this strategy can involve team-building activities, cross-functional projects, and open communication channels to promote a collaborative work environment.

      👉Fan Engagement and Customer Loyalty: Sports jerseys are often worn by passionate fans who show their support for their favorite teams. Similarly, businesses can leverage this idea to engage with their customers and build loyalty. Implementing this strategy can involve creating exclusive merchandise or offering special discounts and rewards to customers who demonstrate loyalty to the brand. By nurturing a community of dedicated customers, businesses can increase customer retention, word-of-mouth marketing, and overall revenue.

    • Ravi Kiraan Vijapurapuu

      My Top 3 actions

      1. I will show-up for my Community everyday to give them the best Value they expect from me.
      2. I will live-up to my Community’s Mission and Vision because that is my true purpose of my being on this earth.
      3. My Students Success is my True Success and it is not about my Making Money, etc.

    • Ajeet Kumar Ranka

      My Top 3 Action That I Would Take After Listening This podcast..
      1. I would be the best student of my Coaching or of my Niche.
      2. I would be loving what I am Doing as My Niche is already my Passion.
      5Ps would be following
      3. I would be stick to The mission first and then would be on community.

    • Saumya UNSTOPPABLE

      You play for the name on the front of the jersey and will be remembered for the name at the back. This statement hit me hard.

      My top 3 actions after listening to this podcast :

      A. Find the Passion – Do more of what I love doing!
      B. Go through the Grinding Phase
      C. Add community values and team structure

      Collectively we can do more and fast (The Ripple Effect)

      #ILH #Sidz

    • Vivek Deshpande

      My actions:
      1. Lead by example and help your team win
      2. Follow your passion. It leads to the purpose.
      3. Lead and nurture the Community
      4. Mission is everything
      5. Perform consistently

    • Deepak Choudhary

      Key Takeaways
      Step 1. Devote yourself to a Proven, Successful, established Brand and a System , (then you are not alone and the whole system develops you and likewise the others in the system) as your initial Phase.
      This is the front of the Jersey

      2. Walking this process over time, devotedly, You develop as a Brand yourself. But this is the second step -This is the Back of the jersey. Then you can Help other individuals and contribute to Giving back.

      3. Do not Try to do all yourself either in ego or naivety.

    • Jayant Nautiyal

      1)Play for the name in front of the jersey.
      2)Aim to be the best student of your topic
      3)Find mission, higher purpose and play for it with the collective force.

    • Madhu Kodidala

      Top 3 Lessons Learnt

      1st Lesson- Aim to be the Best Student of the Niche.

      2nd Lesson-Its Not about you, It’s about the student’s results, what I really aspire to.

      3rd Lesson-Its not about the individual, It’s about the community, to coordinate and scale each other for one special cause to get the results for the students

    • ramnarayan singh

      “Don’t try to be the absolute best; instead, aim to be the best student you can be. Focus on improving yourself and doing well in your studies. Remember that true success comes from personal growth, finding a balance in your life, and feeling satisfied with your educational journey.”
      “Follow your passion and turn it into your profession. When you do what you love, work becomes a source of joy and fulfillment, helping you reach your full potential and make a positive impact in your chosen field.”
      “When your name is on the jersey, it represents more than just a personal identity. It symbolizes the dedication, hard work, and commitment you have invested in your craft. Wear it proudly and strive to leave a lasting legacy that goes beyond the name on your back.”
      “When your name and number grace the back of the jersey, it’s a reminder that you’re part of a team. It signifies unity, support, and the collective pursuit of greatness. Embrace your role, give it your all, and let your name and number become a testament to the passion and camaraderie that fuel your journey.”

      “Be a valuable team player through effective communication, collaboration, reliability, positive attitude, adaptability, continuous improvement, and respect.”
      Focus on being the best student, not the absolute best. Follow your passion and turn it into your profession for fulfillment. When your name is on the jersey, embrace your role, unity, and strive for greatness. Be a valuable team player through communication, collaboration, reliability, positivity, adaptability, improvement, and respect.

    • Ruchir Thakkar


      1. Just wanted to let you know that I’m all about being a team player. I may lead at times, but I’m still part of the whole group.

      2. I’m also really motivated to learn the best teaching techniques out there. I want to be the best I can be!

      3. Lastly, I try to approach everything I do with the attitude of Karma Yoga. It’s like being Hanuman Ji and doing Lord Rama’s work. I’m just doing my part to help out!

    • Karthikeyan

      Dont aim to be the best, aim to be the best student
      Play for the Community and play to make them win

      The mission should Define a Higher Purpose, a Collective Mission
      3 phases – Preparation, Acceleration, and Contribution phases

      Values of the Community & Code of Honour
      Specific Team with a structure

      The foundation is the Mindset of the individual and the Team
      It’s not about you, it’s about community members

      Performance is important

    • Prakash Karnani

      When you do things for a bigger purpose, the universe conspires to make you win and get lucky.
      If you follow the code of honour, your values, the feeling of community, instil the right mindset you will succeed. Its not about the best talent, but it’s about the right combination coming together where you and your team win. When you play to make your team win, you will be remembered for your talent and for that. So strive to make your team win, you’ll win anyway through that 🙂

    • Rashi Chauhan

      1. Trust the System
      2. Follow the system
      3.And the mission and purpose will fall in place .

    • Gopi

      1) learn the rules
      2)play it according.
      3) results will come automatically

    • Aditya Narayan

      Play for the name in the front and be remembered for the name and number on the back.
      Think number 10 Maradona and Sachin Tendulkar.
      The sports jersey plays an important role in who you become just by wearing it.
      Don’t aim to be the best rather the best student of the topic.
      Playing the game not just to win but for the team to win.
      The front of he jersey is like the business mission, define the mission.
      To reach your purpose two stages be passionate and turn the passion into a profession and that’s when the purpose is revealed.
      Implement the ideas, build your skills and one day you WILL find your purpose
      Preparation phase, acceleration and contribution phase: Purpose
      Front of the Jersey is the mission.
      The logo represents the collective mission, the community.
      Represent the values of the community, the logo is the representation of the community’s value.
      For a team to operate there must be structure just like a community has values.
      Foundation is the mindset, collective mindset of the community.
      The back of the jersey with tournament and number is what you will remembered by.
      Many people want their name to be in the front.
      If you don’t have a mission but riding on your name, it is pompous and self-righteous as perceived by others.
      The name and number represents the skills, your contribution.
      Make the back of the jersey valuable by your performance.
      Its not about just talent but the right combination of players who work together as a cohesive force, not individual superstars but a collective mission.
      The back of the jersey connects to the front.
      When you start to play the game for the name on the front and work for the community you will be remembered by the name and number on the back.
      Awesome insight!!!

    • Deepu KG




    • Nirjhar Ojha

      you would be known for the name written on the jersey.
      I would not aim to be the best, but rather aspire to be the best student.

      my mission: higher purpose of serving community.
      my mantra too would be from Passion to profession, a key to success.

      preparation, acceleration, contribution phase all is yet to be done by me, I am working on the prep work now.

      I have to follow the code of honor of ILH, and I would resonate the same in my course and community as well.

      I always value this thing: Mindset: individually and collectively.

      Back of the jersey: I learnt that when I make others win, I win automatically.

      The right combination of people – the collective force – the cohesive energy- works wonders. I alone cannot stand the glory. it won’t be sustainable.

      Be remembered for the change, transformation that you have created, that’s success.

    • Savitha Puttaswamy

      1. Don’t aim to the best just aim to be a best student , 2. You should love to do what you’re doing that is passion 3. In front of Jersey is mission and community of the jersey is mindset, 5. The back of the jersey represents who you are

    • Naresh Vyas

      My Biggest takeaways from this podcast
      Have a Bigger Purpose
      Follow Community with Code of Honour
      Have a structure in a Team
      The collective mindset of the team Matters
      You will be remembered for the Name at the back which defines your skills, and performance.
      Collective Destiny is more powerful than Individual Destiny and it can give power to individual when your mission is for collective results.

    • Raju Saha

      1. Have a mission/ Purpose
      2. Build a community with values and Code of Honour.
      3. Develop a strong resilient Mindset.

    • Gaurav Gandhi

      It’s not about You, IT’S ABOUT THEM.
      Leadership is amazing

    • Suman Kumar

      It is the transformational Journy
      It happens only with complete surrender to the system
      Play for your team that is your tribe. It is not about me, it is about them means your team.

    • Priya

      It’s not about individual superstar, it’s about a collective space. Having a connection to the higher purpose is so important. If you play for the mission, that’s on the front of the jersey, you will automatically be remembered for what’s on the back of the jersey.
      Very well put up sidz.

    • Hemant Kumar

      After listening this podcast 👉

      My top actions are
      1✅ I want to reinvent my mission, I have some confusion about my mission, So I Want to reinvent it.
      2✅ I want to restructure my course, because I have some queries that is more related to my topic or Niche 👍
      3✅ I want to improve my learnings related to my topic or Niche because in this podcast a most valuable lesson I got that is ‘always be a good student in your topic or Niche ‘
      So I also want to be a good student in my niche 👍

      Awesome 👍 thanks for sharing #Sidz

    • Mansi Bhatt

      3 learnings from this podcast:
      1. Systems / Processes win in anykind of learning. A lesson for breakthrough to learning since decades ago
      2. Define your mission (simultaneous to your passion), eventually you will be defined by the same
      3. You may feel you are working alone but actually you are not. Your community, your virtual team is your true sense of belonging. Live up to it in full swing.

    • Roshni Khanna

      Know your mission, live your mission
      Live your passion > profession -> purpose is revealed to you
      Preparation + Acceleration + Contribution -> Contribution phase is
      Front of Jersey: Mindset – Team, & Individual
      Back of Jersey: Name Number – Who you are, your characteristics, preferences, strengths, skills.

      My passion is to mentor people, to get them to their highest potential
      My profession has been of a customer service, and I did that always for people’s businesses
      And my first startup was to get women to believe in themselves through feminist fashion
      And I use my passion of speaking on stage, and mentoring people & that how my purpose got revelead to me
      My purpose is to get people to their highest human potential possible on earth,
      I do so by spreading my light as a speaker, a teacher (mentor), and as Roshni
      I have gone through the Preparation in my childhood as a youth leader, Acceleration in corporate
      as a Individual Contributor, as a Woman Leader – Coach, & Speaker. And now it all comes together
      As I am “Human Potential Coach” building the next wave of conscious leaders, changemakers and purpose driven
      entrepreneurs by “Creating a Tribe to help entrepreneurs, professionals identify their purpose & build a
      community ecosystem to elevate human consciousness and create global impact”

      Front of my Jersey “Purpose Driven Leadership Tribe”
      Back of my Jersey “Roshni Khanna – Bringing More Light to the World”

      More light,

    • Sandeepa Zakarde

      1. Mission – love what you’re doing, turn passion into profession
      2. Collective missions – bigger purpose (Community)
      3. Set of Values and Code of honour binds together the community
      4. Specific team and their mindset – Specialised individuals working together
      5. Preparation leads to Acceleration leads to contribution

      1. Characteristics
      2. Preferences
      3. Strengths
      4. Specific skills
      5. Uniqueness
      6. Combination of players
      7. Numbers game

      Conclusion is Mastery in :
      Tribe building
      Content creation
      Traffic generation
      Team player

    • Sushmita

      Very deep concept and a brilliant one. Playing for the team/community but being remembered for who you are (analogy as back of the sports jersey) is truly a deep insight.
      Having a mentor and going through the phases of preparation, acceleration before the phase of contribution for a bigger mission is again a very deep analysis of what actually everyone goes through, as Sidz’s journey.
      Mission cannot be achieved without values, community cannot be formed without values, so code of honour is so important in this journey.
      Mindset of individual and collective mindset of the team/community is another crucial feature of successful business.

    • Devanand

      Three Action I am going to take :
      1) I will start posting Video on YouTube
      2) I will explore more on available whatsup sources
      3) I will connect with Coach similar with my niche.

    • Dinesh Kumar

      Done’ aim to be the best. Aim to be the best student.

      To find one’s purpose, one has to go through foundation phase, acceleration phase and contribution phase.

      Don’t do it just for yourselves, do it for the community.

      Individual brand without bigger mission will not last long. Individual brand combined with bigger mission will do the wonders.

      It’s not about you, it’s about them (audience and customers). Play for your tribe

      #ILH Family #deepLearning

    • Sarveen

      3 points that I would like to implement:-
      1. Turn your passion into your profession and make it larger than life.
      2. Connect with the higher mission.
      3. Mindset is very important.

    • Shankaran Paramasivan


    • Truptiranjan Mohakul

      Thank you Sidz, wonderful learning today from this particular podcast… For me this is like
      1. Define your mission for the journey …the higher purpose.
      2. Preparation phase _ turning your mission to passion, your daily action & become that person first.
      3. Contribution phase _ Serve to the society to fulfill the mission. (Why you are doing what you are doing, people will remember you for this mission)

      My sincere gratitude for creating this learning podcast for us, very very useful

    • Satish Kumar SY

      Key takeaway from Podcast.

      a. Don’t aim to be best, aim to be best of topic
      b. Front of Jersy represents your mission, purpose, and community.
      c. back of Jersy represents your performance-specific skills, strength

    • Vrushali Garde

      My Actions:1. Mission First, me last.
      2. I am the best student of my niche Emotional Empowerment
      3. I am the best value to my community
      Thanka a ton Sidz, God bless!!

    • Monal kanade

      So many take aways.
      Thank you so much sid..🙏🌿
      Got new perspective..
      Define a you on your jersey,
      Passionate what you love,
      Redefine new education system.
      Front of the jersey represent the mission, community.
      team work
      U can not work without structure.
      One unit one force.
      Foundation of jersey is your mindset.
      Back of the jersey is your name.
      Back of the jersey define your character, strength..
      It’s not about individual.
      Legacy, it’s your transformation journey..
      It’s a sporting attitude.

      #ilhfamily #ilh

    • Arif Mohammed

      Figure out the right purpose and win collectively

    • Dr T Rocky Devi

      Very apt podcast which gives the message for me to take the below three actions;
      1) Alignment of my mission and code of honour and the value
      2) Building community
      3) focusing on the front of my jerseys

    • Meghana Tirumala

      1. its you playing off the stage but leaving your mark in everything you do
      2. you are what your thoughts are and how well you spread your message to make a change in others life
      3. its not about you its about the community came in trusting you

    • Aarti Teckchandani

      My Biggest 3 Takaways from this:-
      1. Mindset of Individual & team is important
      2. It is very important to understand that you are doing it for you or community
      3. Collective force is important

    • Vikram suresh borse

      I am going to be a team player
      Mission 1st, community 2nd and me 3rd will be my preference
      I will try to be the best student of my niche

    • Swathi Gomedhikam

      In the realm of business, it urges us to move beyond self-interest and focus on the collective success of the team or organization. By channeling our passion, dedication, and skills towards building a strong brand or company, we become part of something greater than ourselves. Similarly, in life, it reminds us to strive for a meaningful impact on others, leaving a lasting legacy of kindness, compassion, and positive influence. When we play for the name on the front of the jersey, we embrace the responsibility to uplift and empower those around us. By doing so, we leave a remarkable impression on people’s lives, and our own name at the back becomes synonymous with integrity, excellence, and profound contributions.

    • Gaurav Khanna

      well defined mission
      passion to profession to purpose
      collective good/growth for the community

    • Sanjay Mhatre

      name of school in front of the jersey
      based on your performance, ur name & no. – you will be remembered.

      Front of Jersey
      Mission: your higher purpose (passion turned into profession, in the process you find the purpose)
      preparation, acceleration, contribution

      Community: bigger than you, COH, Values = Team with

      Structure of the Team

      Mindset of Individual & Collective

      Back of Jersey:
      Who you are,
      Your characteristics
      Valuable Asset to team
      Talents/Stars don’t win – but a right combo as a cohesive force
      Not abt individual superstars – its about the collective community

      back connects with front of jersey

      when u play for the larger purpose,
      u will be automatically remembered

      • Sanjay Mhatre

        3 Action Points:

        1. Embrace your higher purpose: Discover your passion, turn it into a profession, and make meaningful contributions.

        2. Foster a team-oriented mindset: Prioritize collective success over personal glory and value each individual’s strengths and skills.

        3. Connect the front and back of the jersey: Align your actions with your mission, perform at your best, and leave a lasting impact on the collective community.

        Regenerate response

      • Sanjay Mhatre

        3 Action Points:

        1. Embrace your higher purpose: Discover your passion, turn it into a profession, and make meaningful contributions.

        2. Foster a team-oriented mindset: Prioritize collective success over personal glory and value each individual’s strengths and skills.

        3. Connect the front and back of the jersey: Align your actions with your mission, perform at your best, and leave a lasting impact on the collective community.

    • Dr.C Mallesh

      My implementations from the podcast:
      1. Define our Mission
      2. Community for matain values and code of honour
      3. Team Structure
      4. Mind Set

    • Aparna Tushar Pawar

      – Don’t aim to be the best, but aim to be best student of the subject.
      – Get your team to win.
      – Your mission – operate on day to day business.
      – Need to be passionate of what you doing.
      – Preparation, acceleration and contribution phase.
      – collective mission of your team.
      – Follow the values. No community without values.
      – For team to operate, there has to be structure.
      – Should have bigger mission.
      – Right combination of player work together.

    • Maurya

      Top learning
      I would more focus on Mission and community than myself
      Need focus on students success

    • Rakhi Choukimath

      1. Your Mission has to connect to your higher Purpose. When you are passionate about what you are doing then your purpose will get revealed.

      2. Implement your ideas

      3. Become best student, be a life long learner

    • Dattatraya Kamble

      The incredible importance of teamwork

    • Fathimath Farzana TM

      If we are working or playing for the organization.
      Be the best student rather than becoming the best
      You will be remembered by the actions

    • Archana Charanpahari

      Key Takeaways and Actions

      1. Become a better student of my game and upgrade skill set for benefit of community members.

      2. Try to Connection to Inner Self for Higher Purpose

      3. Talent has to sharpened along with cohesiveness in collective wisdom, I will try to sharpen talent.

    • Praful C Varma

      This is really an awesome and practical business podcast .
      My takes are as follows :
      Mission first >community second > me last .
      The purpose has to be clearly defined and it has to be mission driven
      Tribe building is the mantra . Because in the competitive environment its very important to be in the mindset to achieve mission .

    • Kalaivani Ashok

      Always be student of what you do, not to be best but to teach.
      Play for your team and community.

    • nikiita

      1. He should be passionate whatever we do upscale your skills.

      2. the name in the front always represents the Community. for eg: ILH there is a community, code of conduct, values etc. which binds us together as a community.
      Also there has to be a structure.
      3.We can represent our self as a team and win as a community.

    • Aravinth

      Lessons learnt:

      Front: Misson is not individualistic, rather it’s collectivistic.
      Back: Responsibility (of representing a team and contributing), is more individualistic rather being collectivistic.

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Todays Learning:
      1. Create a strong code of Honour for the community to align to achieve the common purpose of Community.
      2. Create a strong foundation and mindsetof the team member
      3, Serve to build Success of each team.

    • Latha R

      Yeah our performance plays a vital
      role to reach the pinnacle of success.
      We need to have
      # well structured value based actions
      #goal oriented strategies
      #consistent efforts to achieve the mission and vision

    • Saii Adityaa Vijapurapu

      Super valuable Podcast !! I have really connected to this podcast. Thank You For this Sidz !

      The lessons I Learned from this podcast :-
      1) Find your passion and do what you love.
      2) When you are doing something , do it with great team spririt.
      3) your name is very important in Jersey

    • Ashok V Mathrani

      Initally we need a passion that we can use to bring out to help our community.
      I am not important its the team or community.
      You’ll automatically gain as the whole communitu gains.


      with right mindset , with higher perpose build your mission .. passinate about your work ,, build world class product and community

    • Kalaivani Ashok

      1)Always be student of what you do, not to be best but to teach.
      2) Play for your team and community.

    • Mansi Bhatt

      3 learnings from this podcast:
      1. Systems / Processes win in anykind of learning. A lesson for breakthrough to learning since decades ago
      2. Define your mission (simultaneous to your passion), eventually you will be defined by the same
      3. You may feel you are working alone but actually you are not. Your community, your virtual team is your true sense of belonging. Live up to it in full swing..!

    • Hamsa

      Your values create a revolution among your community
      Be a Best student in your topic
      Connect with Higher Purpose with right mindset

    • Priyanka Kulkarni

      Life mission will be alligned with the community,
      I will follow value system
      I will be student to achieve mission


      1.Give more importance to create a team working collectively for accomplishing the goals of the mission.
      2.Try to update and improve the skills of the community members to achieve the goals.
      3.Not try to win personally but help the team to win

    • Rekhilesh Adiyeri

      “Don’t AIM to be the Best, AIM to become the BEST STUDENT in Your Niche” – Blair

      LOVE What You’re Doing, the Find Your Purpose and Mission to Build the Tribe.

      ** The front of the jersey **

      Represents the mission, community, and team.
      Finding one’s purpose requires passion, profession, and preparation.
      A community needs values and structure to function.

      ** The back of the jersey **

      Represents individual performance.
      A personal brand is important, but a bigger mission is necessary.
      Talent alone does not guarantee success, a cohesive team is needed.

      ** Being a team player **

      Important in both sports and business.
      Follow the process and aim to be the best student of the topic.
      Create an environment where team members can win together.


      Very nice and mind-blowing analogy. Absolutely well aligned to the missions of every one

    • Prajakta Keni

      3 important actions i have learnt from this podcast
      1. Passionate about the niche or what that’s make you happy.
      2. Mission
      3. Build your own brand

    • Smitha

      1. Mindset is the most important
      2. Its not about you, its about what value do you provide
      3. When team wins, you win

    • nandita richie

      collective success is more important than individual success


      Big Takeaways from this-
      1. Mission First- as front logo means bigger purpose and
      2. Community Second- means Team
      3. Me Third- back of the Jersey, i.e. Your skill, name, everything will be for the around 1st two i.e for bigger mission and community




    • Sanngita P Gaikkwad

      Thank you Sidz for this wonderful learning experience!
      MY top 3 actions:
      1] Already I am living my values and will continue to
      2] I am aiming to be the best student of my mission
      3] I am in the preparation stage and hope to move soon to the acceleration stage. The contribution will continue to.

    • kabak vicky

      Front of the jersey for our community
      The back of jersey may reflect our name
      People alway take note our our excellency which show our community

    • Sunil Dandge

      Top 3 actions based on jersey teaching
      1. Don’t m to be the best aim to be a best student of own chosen topic
      2. Deciding the higher mission and connecting aligning every action with the higher purpose becoming the passion
      3. Foundation of winning team is mindset of individual as well as team and cohesive force of a team

    • Surajit Mishra

      My learnings from the Podcast:

      1. Be the best student of your domain
      2. Follow the process and enjoy what you become in the process.
      3. Play with Mission first, community next and me last.

    • Fathimath Farzana TM

      1.Be the best student rather than becoming the best
      2.You will be remembered for your actions as we see names of the player on the backside of jersey
      3.walk your talks

    • Samir

      Here is my Learning.

      – There should always be a higher mission and purpose for your journey.
      2. Turn your mission to your passion and perform action on it on a regular basis.
      3. Serve to the society. Be congruent with your mission and passion. Work for your community to get the best out of it.

      Don’t Aim to be the best. Aim to be the best Student.

      Thank you Sidz.

    • Stanly Richard

      I play my game with my mission and community which helps me to grow personally and professionally. I always remember my front name Jersey as my desire in this life. My last perspective on this speech is that spend more time to fulfil my mission. Thank you Sidz

    • Supriya AVS

      Awesome !!I am in line with my mission..Just gonna play my game

    • Naveen Kanchan

      1) Show up to you community consistently.
      2) It is not about you, but about them the people you are serving

    • Neetika Srivastava

      Be passionate in what you are doing and your purpose will be revealed
      Your no tells about your preferences, characteristics and strength
      Don’t aim to be the best. aim to be the best student of that sport

    • Viraj

      My Top Actions To Take are
      1-I Don’t Aim To Be Best I Want To Be Best Student Of My Topic.
      2-I Have To Work With Team Not Just For Me Only.
      3-Everyone Just Want To Start With Their Name First Then Mission But I Want To Start With My Mission First Then Me.

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