Amidst our busy day to day lives and packed schedules, all it takes is doing a few small things everyday for ourselves, to keep the happiness quotient in our lives, high at all times.

One of the major reasons for the overall happiness dropping in people’s lives is, STRESS.

Stress could get consuming and eat into people’s peace of mind slowly and gradually until being stressed, becomes their natural state of mind and being.

All it takes is a decision to live your life as you wish. Your happiness is just a DECISION away.

The happiness you may be experiencing now is purely because you decided to experience those feelings.

Here are 7 things people do be happy & less stressed:

1.  Know your Goal and Why you’re pursuing it:

Stress is caused due to lack of direction, not lack of time. So, just keep your consciousness clear.

2. Do Less by Focusing only on what is Important:

The key to increasing Personal Productivity, is to focus on what’s IMPORTANT, than what’s URGENT.

Most of the time, people end up focusing on the small and easy tasks and leave the big and important tasks pending. This adds to the stress in a big way.

Focus on the essentials and eliminate the rest.

3. Choose Progress over Perfection:

In the quest to achieve success, most people set an IDEAL for themselves and strive really hard to achieve it.

Perfection need not be attained and cannot be attained. What’s more important is the journey.

Every step taken towards Personal Growth, is an accomplishment and has to be celebrated. This is accelerate Progress and help you reach your goals very fast.

4. Cleanse your Heart every night:

Just like it is very important to cleanse the body every day, its equally or more important that you cleanse your heart of all the negativity.

If someone has hurt you, humiliated you, insulted you, spoken harsh words to you, simply release all the hurt and negativity from your heart every night before going to sleep.

Its important that you don’t carry any regrets or resentment to each new day.

5. Keep Changing your Thoughts periodically:

Before you can create a new way of living, you need to think in new ways.

Every situation you are going through, whether they are good or bad are a result of your thoughts. If you’re suffering, it is because you’re thinking about suffering.

The minute you change your thoughts, the suffering ends. You can change your life by changing your thoughts.

6. Take care of your Body:

Having a consistent work out routine and eating healthy, can keep you free of stress by a long way. You’ll also feel energised throughout the day physically as well as mentally.

7. Do one nice thing for Yourself Everyday: 

Nobody deserves more love and kindness from you before yourself. Put yourself on top of your priority list .

When you start loving & respecting yourself first, the world will love & respect you.

Treat yourself to some laughter or a nice and long walk, or anything that cheers you up.


Happiness is just a decision away. Make that decision to be happy at all times.


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