In this podcast, I share all the essential and recommended gear and tools for creating videos, podcasts, and courses.

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I start off with the basic gear for those who have a shoestring budget. And I also recommend the best gear for those who want to up their game in terms of quality.

Sound Equipment

Video Gear


Other Accessories

Hope you found this podcast useful. Please share your comments.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    6 replies to "Best Equipment & Software For Creating Online Courses, Videos & Podcasts"

    • Kirtikumar

      This is amazing information. I can’t imagine you are telling all your secrets like this in public. Really time is changing. And you are the king of it. Thanks Sidz. U r unbeliveable.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you Kirthikumar!! Yes, there’s nothing to hide. Anyone can become successful in today’s day and age.

    • Subhash Chand

      I have learnt about intro of making video .

    • Dibyendu

      Great width. Applies to us novices and provides the link to scale up as we grow. For many of us tied to the Windows ecosystem it could be a challenge so the Windows options are most welcome.

    • Shekar

      Awesome list. Thank you Sidz

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