It’s really exciting to see the coaching and consulting industry grow! But at what cost? In this podcast, I will be revealing some really important matters which will uphold the credibility and respect of coaches and trainers.

What’s Covered In This Podcast

I first talk about the 3 purposes of this episode.

Then I go deep into the 5 biggest challenges of this industry:

  1. Quick Results Mindset
  2. Copy Paste Mindset
  3. Lack of Creative Thinking
  4. Selling “Air”
  5. Not Developing A Unique Formula

The above five factors are critically important for you to avoid if you want to create a long term, sustainable and high-impact training and coaching business.

Then I go on to share on the elements which need to be unique:

  • Websites
  • Landing Pages
  • Webinar Content
  • Products
  • Coaching
  • Designs
  • Ads
  • Emails
  • Social Media Posts

The above elements can all be easily copied from one place to the other.

But by doing that you will not be able to stand out from the crowds.

If you resonated with this message, please share your comments below.

Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    43 replies to "How To Save The Coaching Industry From The Deadly Copycat Syndrome"

    • Vlatka

      Yes completely true. Thank you to share and bring clarity to importants to be authentic. ????

      • Irudaya Malar

        Great insights.
        Shortcuts are short lived.
        Thank you for sharing and guiding us ….
        Keep up the spirit Sidz
        God bless

        Thanks a lot

    • Dhramendra kumar

      Keep empowering

    • Hemant

      Be the shining light in your niche which Inspires many more to follow in your footsteps and create more shining lights to serve a hungry market.

      Thank you for preaching the message of authenticity and implementation oriented knowledge delivery.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Hemant!! Yes, this is more important than any other tools, techniques, and hacks. This ONE concept will actually help people get exponential results!

      • Vipul Maheshwari

        Mission is unclear to an individual, who goes with CopyCat Syndrome.

        As every part of the puzzle gets resolved by your system, although people hear about value and service to be the main thing consciously, subconciously the clarity that they can earn fast using your concepts,takes over.

        Desire for profit takes over the pure intelligence which says to focus on value and service.

        It’s the most difficult thing in this world. To maintain the original pure intent / message.

        Anyone who is not practicing or aspiring to practice genuine spiritual traditions/values won’t be able to do it.

        Every day i have to remind myself to focus on my mission and motivation to serve and not on the ????. And honestly, it’s difficult. But that’s the only right way and it has to be done that way, no matter what.


      Yes Sidz Absolutely True
      Even too I hate Copycat Syndrome
      My professional is ISO Consultant. I want to implement as per Standard requirement. I am feeling guilty, we are copycat for more than 10 years. In my coaching lot of value addition like Waste mimisation, Kaizen techniques, Goal (Objective) oriented Growth, Business model Canvas A3 Process and all giving and customer is getting results.

      Can i call me LEAN BUSINESS COACH and my niche too

      Sidz your advise Am i doing Copycat and Start working on my script

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks for being honest Sakthivel. As I mentioned in my podcast, get into deep learning and creative thinking. Formulate new ideas and make that your own. You’ll be amazed at the kind of results you can achieve.

    • Dr. Shama

      Well said. Completely agree to it that we have to be authentic and unique. Regards

    • Kalyan Bhattacharjee

      Thanks so much, it cleared 100% of all my confusion.

    • Santosh More

      Wow, so clear and precise. Thanks for sharing.

    • Sakshi Chandraakar

      Authenticity takes courage, character & hard work. People who have a strong core can certainly resonate with every word you said Siddhaarth. This community is grateful for all the incredible efforts you are putting in uplifting them. Inspiring people to be good & do good isn’t a task of any normal human being. Arigato Arigato Arigato my Mentor????????????

    • Vipul Maheshwari

      This reply of yours, little bit gives the impression that the course Video Making Mastery is also a product of CopyCat (since you have replied to above comment). However, I am part of Video Making Mastery and yes, the elements are based on your concepts, it’s totally unique contribution of the mentor of the course. Personally i have received lot of help by going through Video making Mastery course and practicing the principle and I became more natural and comfortable with making videos.

    • Jai Prakash Verma

      Siddharth ji I was having same thing in my mind, when u were talking scarcity mindset & abundance mindset

    • Abhishek gupta

      Yes its really a valuable information.

    • Deepa

      Very good podcast Sid!!! Truly agree, if we have signed for your course. You are our mentor and we shall never do something that will be against your teachings.

    • Dr Apeksha

      Your truly a friend, guide philosopher holding my hand and guiding me towards light everyday. Yet another learning from you through this podcast. Thanks is a small word. Yes today society needs to be aware & we must have our unique quality to stand out. God bless you.

    • Vasudevan

      The points you have covered, especially about being authentic and bringing out one’s originality resonated with me. These days there are so many people trying to sell the same concepts. Unless you have something unique is not going to be sustainable. Great insights Sidz. Thanks for sharing.


      I am with you. One should have inspiration from some one’s creation but he must add his own ideas to make it different & unique . Only an honest try is required .

    • Sunil Kulkarni

      Hi Sid,
      Very true and as usual very nicely put without directly hitting anyone…to be very honest I was doing the sane and I am half way through makibg the same,and now this podcast…Now I need to redo the entire issues..will do it and share with you…Thank you again for correcting me in right time…

    • Vireesh Halli

      You have nailed it Siddharth. Every add on FB and insta am getting is not the different from one another.

      It is making me take off my eys from the real good ads which can be of some help to me.

    • Malathi

      Very True, there is no point in copying and launching the course. We will never be able to relate it to our core value. I strong believe that every individual brings in their own core value and building the message around our core value makes us unique. Honestly, this was one of the reason I got stuck for 2-3 months, did not more ahead since I was not comfortable running it like a race when I know I cannot resonate with someone else’s core. After lot of deliberations I have now zero down on what is the messaging that I would like to launch my courses on and this is truly a great sense of achievement.

      This podcast is very helpful, Thank you Sidz!

    • Mac

      Gr8et Podcast!
      Our human brains are much more capable than just having a monkey mindset. You just have to let your imagination soar beyond the tipping point and see the unimaginable materialize before your eyes.
      This is Freedom … & this true freedom comes from your core intellect & from the will & belief to contribute and give back to the society in some unique way.
      Every individual is unique and is capable of providing a unique solution to certain problems pertaining to his/her Niche. This is what has to be seeded into our minds and into our belief system early.
      Ones Imagination, mind potential & strong belief together can help anyone get rid of this dangerous copycat syndrome.

    • Preetha Balakrishnan

      Totally agree..:-)…I think it is a journey for everyone! Even if one starts off using your elements, it needs to grow into their own…otherwise, it will not work…Frankly, I have using your elements and I already see myself evolving into my own UNIQUE is a journey..we need to have a balance…It is great that you have brought this up…I think its about maturity and self-awareness which will bring the uniqueness over a period of time…Thanks Sidz…Respects, Preeth a

    • Rajat Rashmi

      This is so valid and relevant. I appreciate the effort you have taken to bring out this concern.

    • Sreenu Kambala

      Thank you Sidz

      Great unique points to improve Business

    • Swapna

      Hey Siddharth
      Totally agree!! Thanks for guiding us to be unique. It’s great to be part of your community.

    • sky

      With all due respect, you are a hypocrite. Your entire talk makes you a hero and your learners as villains. Why not emulate a good model..isn’t that the premise of your offering?
      Come learn from me how to make it as a coach?
      You just said you gave credits to mentors n made your own unique thingy.
      Then you said “people selling air”? Your own content to a great extent overlaps with the hours of stuff already on YouTube…what is good about you is your weekly webinars where you upsell the level 2, 3.
      N for each upsell webinar you teach
      some new insight.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks for your feedback. I have only 3 responses:
        1. I make my customers my hero, you can see that in all my Hall of Fame interviews.
        2. You can watch hours of YouTube videos and still get confused. What people pay me for is structured knowledge which helps them get results.
        3. Have a look at reviews on TrustPilot and you get a perspective on what happens inside my community.

        All the best

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