How to improve writing skills? Words are the basis of everything in life. And writing is this unique ability to put words in order.

Copywriting is one of the highest paid professions on the internet today, and there’s a growing demand for good copywriters for social media, blogs, email newsletters as well as websites.

If you’ve been looking to know how to improve writing skills, then here are some good resources.

1. Writing For Email

With the rapid decrease in the email open rates in the last few months, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to even get people to open emails, what to speak of reading.

  • The subject line has a huge part to play in the email open rates.
  • Make sure you personalise both in the subject line and in the body of you email.
  • It’s has to be in a conversational format – like how you would usually speak.
  • Having your copy action-oriented, enticing, impactful, concise and clear will give you that edge.
  • Include a strong Call To Action at the end of the email, as well as in-text hyperlinks.
  • Make sure you have just one link in one email.
  • Keep all your emails informative, consistent, educational, non-sassy and impactful.

2. Writing For Social Media

Social Media is all about having that casual tone when you write. By knowing how to improve writing skills for each social media platform, you will be able to better engage with your fans and followers.

  • Facebook posts need to be conversational, shareable and action-oriented for best results.
  • Twitter needs to be short, friendly and personable, using the relevant hashtags.
  • Instagram is more contextual with usage of multiple hashtags.
  • LinkedIn copy works best when it’s written in a more professional and concise way.
  • Pinterest copy on the other hand, can be more casual and descriptive

3. Writing For Websites

Your website is your office online, that works for you even while you sleep. So learning the art of how to improve writing skills for web can give you that edge over your competitors.

  • Today’s web copywriting is more about shorter paragraphs, broken into sections.
  • Having a powerful headline or sub-headline for all pages and sections can help increase conversions.
  • Writing to one person (not to a group of people) is one of the most fundamental rules of web copywriting.
  • Having consistent call to actions on all pages of the website can dramatically increase leads and sales from your website.

Vertical Response put together this infographic to explain each medium a little better.

how to improve writing skills


Still not sure on how to improve writing skills?

The best way is to keep writing every day.

When you read more, and hear more, you’ll automatically start getting ideas on how to write great copy.

Here’s some quick resources:

  1. Check out to read some of the best newsletters on the planet.
  2. Visit and check out John Carlton’s copywriting course.

Best Routine To Have Everyday

  • Read for at least 30mins to 1hour a day: Blogs, Articles, Books, etc.
  • Listen to audios for 30mins a day: Podcasts, Recorded Seminars, etc.
  • Write for at least 60mins a day: Either using pen and paper or even just typing them down on your system.

What Are Your Thoughts On How To Improve Writing Skills?

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