Money, name, face, beauty, and power can easily allure people into a zone of inauthenticity. In this podcast, I share my views on how to stay grounded in spite of being successful in all these areas.

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siddharth rajsekar
siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Debasmita Basu

      Thank you Siddharth really important topic-

      Biggest Takeaways-
      The powerful quotation by Blair Singer-

      “If someone has a better idea, be willing to listen with an open mind and keep quiet until they complete their thoughts.” “The key to success is playing to people’s strengths.” “The minute you can step outside yourself and look at yourself objectively, is when little voice mastery starts.”

      According to Dr. Demartini – Humility is an essential ingredient for growth ,it prevents arguments and ends our need to be defensive and breeds respect .
      Humility helps us remember that we have a great deal to learn. No matter how much we know, when compared with the magnificent universe we live in, our Universe is a only pebble in the stream of consciousness.
      When you humbly turn the credit you recieve over to others, your magnetism grows.

      Humility is the exceptional line among confidence and overconfidence. While self assurance can take you to places, overconfidence turns you right into a jerk.

      How often we appreciate people who think they may be the neatest and above every body else? That their narcissism is cool?

      We don’t admire skills in human beings. We admire their humbleness due to the fact that’s what we have a tendency to bear in mind approximately them.

      But fulfillment gives, aside from different things, gives you wings. It’s not terrible to fly but you need to return lower back and take a seat on the identical department-your roots. Especially brand new society which tend to recognition on opposition and individualism. Yet, being humble is a virtue to cherish forever.

      If you can draw people together with your power and position, that’s worry. If you may draw them together with your humility and

      Over years I’ve discovered following traits in humble beings:

      A) Listen

      Wise and vintage keep telling you that ears over one mouth ought to compel you to listen extra. They are not incorrect. When you listen, in place of speaking, your focus shifts on others rather than being on yourself.

      B)Better enterprise

      When you are the excellent in anyplace you cross, you turn out to be complacent.

      You are the common of 5 those who surround you. If you are with those who does everything higher than you, it’ll make you comprehend that there is so much to research.

      C) Apologize

      This doesn’t only mean pronouncing “I’m sorry”. Feel it because you probably did a mistake. Empathize with the person you hurt. This kills your ego.

      A step in the direction of killing an ego manner a step taken toward being humble.

      D) Chuck expert opinion, make your hands dirty

      It may be very smooth in theory to advise how a particular factor need to be done. It is sincerely no longer. Try palms on. If you sense being a home maker is easy, ask your mother to take a seat returned and loosen up while you observe her each day routine. It will kick the stardom out of you.

      E) Remember the call

      When you are a hit, you see best flashes of brilliant light. Go again in time whilst all turned into dark. See a person status alone who changed into referred to as “nothing”. He is some thing now however it took plenty of effort to reach wherein he stands these days. Remember the name of the individual that took the first step on this direction. It will even make you realize the hardships of the course you followed.

      F) Make comfort your enemy

      Why surrender comfort and comfort while you labored so tough for it? Try for a week. Leave your car and take public transport. Travel with much less cash. Eat much less and try to live on with out a headache.
      This will inform you that fulfillment manner various things to specific people.
      What you live on a each day basis is a dream of thousands.

      G) Help

      Help people who are bodily project. Their battle will placed matters in distinctive mild for you. If not anything learn tenacity from them. Seeing the demanding situations of others conjures up humility because you realized how blessed are you? Instead of cribbing over matters, you discover ways to make every second depend.

      H) Think less

      C.S Lewis said genuine humility is not thinking less of your self; it is deliberating yourself much less.
      People who’re humble consider extra top. They recognise they’re no longer precise enough and thinking about it makes no distinction. Because being properly sufficient method perfection and with out humility perfection is impossible.

      I) Shoulders of the large

      In the 1676 letter of Isaac newton he noted If I have seen further, it is by means of standing on the shoulders of giants. No achievement is ever possible by myself and it makes little or no feel to be boastful about some thing which was both a team attempt or build upon the base already created via others superior to you.

      Be humble and recognise that had the shoulders were lacking, you will have overlooked the whole lot that you see now.


      • Rajiv Bhatia

        Thanks Debasmita, you have added so much more knowledge into the great Podcast by Sidz. More Power to You !!

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you, Debasmita. Theses are great.

        • Debasmita Basu

          Thank you Siddharth 🙏, its really means a lot for me

      • Aradhika Mattler

        wow Debasmita.. respects…. =)

      • Meenu Chaurasiya

        So much to learn from this detailed post …

    • Reema Noor

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily
      how to stay grounded in spite of being successful in all these areas?
      🎉Whatever is inside you automatically gets magnified (money, fame, beauty). It can go either way bewilderment or it could also go right way depending on oneself.
      💞Work on inner aspects.
      When one is happy with oneself, one will be able to handle. Stop putting people on pedestral and pits. Stay grounded.
      1)have a mentor
      2)ppl who can check on you
      3)surrounding (master mind)
      4) keep learning
      5)Spotlight on ur contribution to the world and not on you.
      Right perspective and right mindset.
      ✒ My take :By and large stay away from Temptations.sometimes they are test from God to know your worth or inbuilt character (how strong your core is) ,ethics ,values or morals. OVERALL BLESSING CAN BE TRIAL or TEST IN DISGUISE which brings out the true self of one although people have a notion that only struggles in life are a sign of tribulations or trials. But that is not true. A trial can be a blessing and a blessing can be a trial in disguise, one may not know. Because big picture resides with GoD.

    • Devanand

      Money, fame, beauty and power are like Ballon. As they grow, we must ensure that there is no leakage, junk, because it’s also grow simultaneously. We will not be able to sustain.
      Create strong authentic foundation, live by highest value. Must understand true ego and false ego.
      So, have a mentor, surround by people who can check you, be a part of mastermind people, keep learning. Thank you sidz.

    • Shalini V Bhagath

      Hey Sidz, love the way you explain things making it simple but so powerful.. MPTY

      My Top takeaways are
      1, By becoming rich what is inside you amplifies… Money, Fame, Beauty and Power all these will magnifice your personality which is inside you already.

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      2. People do crazy things to fill the lack or vacuum inside them mostly this is from their past the lack of self love or love, appreciation and other things create the vacuum inside them.

      3. Ultimately its all about how authentic and happy you’re within, when you are living with your highest values you will stop putting people in peddastrial and pits… this quality of equality is everything

      4. To be grounded in spite of having money, fame, beauty and power is
      – have a mentor
      – Be with people who can check on you
      – be a part of Mastermind group
      – be a life long learner
      – focus on what is your contribution to this world rather than focusing on you and yourself, These things will make sure to spot light on right things and to stay grounded


    • Visweswaran Sayee

      A)Once you become rich, have more fame, power and beauty what comes out is what is inside you..that gets magnified. Work on your self on a daily basis irrespective of money, fame, beauty and power you have that’s is when we can work on our inner aspects.
      B) Most people do crazy things just to fill the vacuum that might have been created because in the past they might have lack of money, lack of self love and lack of education and upbringing. So love and respect others views
      C)Ultimately it comes down to authenticity and happiness. You will have the humility to handle all that you get. When you live with your highest values you will not put people in pits and pedestal.
      D)How to stay grounded -1) have a mentor, 2) Have someone who can check on you, c) be a part of group where you can constantly learn , d) always keep learning, e) let the spot light be on the contribution to the world and not you,

    • praful C Varma

      #ILHDeep Lerner

      how to stay grounded in spite of being successful

      Whatever is inside you automatically gets magnified by money, fame, beauty .

      Work on inner aspects. When one is happy with oneself, one will be able to handle. Stop putting people on pedestals and pits. importance of stay grounded.

      1. Have a mentor.
      2. People who can check on you.
      3. Be apart of master mind .
      4. Keep learning.
      5. Spotlight on your contribution to the world and not on you.

      Right perspective and right mindset.

      My biggest learnings are from your podcast is : Always be grounded and add values to people life .money is by product.

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      #ILHFamily #ILHDeepLearner

      Money, Fame, Beauty and Power exposes everything in us.

      Always Stay happy and live authentically.

      How to Stay Grounded :-

      1. Have a Mentor

      2. Be with people who can check on you.

      3. Be a part of Mastermind group and
      be a Lifelong Learner.

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      What impacted me most is : “Let the Spotlight be on contributions you make to the world and not You. Everything will move forward.” ?

    • Ruby Yogi

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      Money, fame, beauty, and power expose your real character.
      I can relate it to my own life. As soon as I got money I saw a whole new character developing inside me. I needed relief from the pain inside… I started acting in so many ways which were nothing but reflections of what my real self was.
      It wasn’t pretty. It was the reason why I started crumbling…

      It is very important indeed to get your internal pictures correct before layering them with Money, fame, beauty, and power. This is such a true bulb on for me… The scary self is exposed because we aren’t grounded before we get these four things in life.

      It is important to stay grounded to not lose all of these things in life to expressions of internal pains (aggression, drug addiction, depression etc.) Grounding can also make us relish fully the sweet fruits of Money, fame, beauty, and power.

      Grounding creates an equilibrium between our mental state of elevating to a pedestal and falling into a pit.

      Hence, before and even after we achieve any of the four things in life, we need to make effort to stay grounded.

      How to stay grounded?

      1. Seek the help of a mentor
      2. Have an accountability partner
      3. Have a mastermind group having regular meaningful, value-added interaction
      4. Keep learning new things
      5. Feel the spotlight on the contribution to the world rather than on self.

      So insightful!
      Only if I learned this right out of school, I would have suffered lesser than I did… Whenever I came in contact with any of these four things…

      But I am happy that I can know this now, so I can apply it now… Most importantly I can relate to it better now…

      Thank you Sidz. Very insightful podcast. Looking forward to your next episode…

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Ananya Ohdedar

      Key takeaways :

      Whatever is inside you, magnifies.
      1. Money magnifies your personality.
      2. Fame magnifies your personality.
      3. Excessive beauty magnifies what is in you.
      4. Excessive power magnifies what is in you.

      According to Blair Singer, “When somebody is given more money, fame, beauty and power, what is inside you are exposed.”
      When you live with authenticity and high value then you will not put people on too high or too low.
      When you will be grounded then you can see your true ego and your false ego.

      How do you stay grounded

      1. Have a mentor
      2. Surround yourself with people who can check on you
      3. Be a part of a mastermind group
      4. Always keep learning and let keep focus on your contribution, not on you.

      #ilh deep learner

    • Ravi Kishore

      • Have mentor
      • Surround yourself with people who check on you
      • Be a part of master mind of group
      • Keep Learning
      • Spotlight on our contribution not on us


      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner
      1. Awareness- who are we, the spirit undergoing life journey in HUMAN FORM of unlimited choices and consequences of those choices.
      2 Outer World Resouces Money, Power, Fame, Beauty, (Even) Knowledge is not us -all temporary. They belong to us but not us.
      3. Inner Resources Even the BODY, MIND, and EMOTIONS are not us. They are our Primary resources which we utilise to make those secondary Resources in the outer world. Memory, intelligence, and Ego are also inner resources- all these get developed with individual effort and the grace of GOD. Unless the internal resources are managed and controlled properly, the outworld resources will play a negative role and most likely play a self-destructive role.
      4. When we have them, others evaluate us as successful and this success goes into our Heads and pumps up our EGO-which leads to destruction. The challenge is to manage/control/channelise the destructive energy of the Ego in a constructive direction.
      a. by becoming aware that they are ephemeral.
      b. meditation & prayer- trusting the superpower and its grace.
      c. practising to be non-judgemental.
      d. being a Life long learner.
      e. being Humble.
      f. have Guru/Mentor/Coach
      g. have an accountability partner
      h. be the part of a mastermind

      To sum up, in one sentence- be clear with all the awareness that all those are ephemeral and utilise them for the service of the people to have the best utilisation of those resources and it will always keep one absolutely grounded.
      Those things are CONTENTS in the CHALICE OF LIFE, the CONTEXT. The CHALICE is to be big and strong to hold the contents securely without overflowing or leaking.

    • Jadi chakri


    • Jadi chakri


    • Dr. GN Suma

      “How To Stay Grounded In Spite Of Being Successful”

      My learnings
      Money, fame, beauty, and power, expose what’s inside you.
      Be grounded, and don’t put yourself on the pedestal or in the pit. If you are authentic, you will not get carried away by name and fame.

      People who are incomplete and not authentic end up spending money in crazy ways like having a flashy life, getting into bad habits, just to fill that lack/ vacuum, that exists from childhood experiences.

      Living authentically makes you happy from inside, and you will be able to handle, name, and power in a mature way, and don’t get allured by them, and so will be able to take it forward and grow.

      Living authentically with the highest values, you will not put anybody on a pedestal or into pits. (Dr.John. F. DeMartini)you will maintain that equilibrium.

      How to be grounded is by
      Finding a mentor
      Surround yourself with people who can check on you
      Be a part of the mastermind, so that you keep learning continuously with likeminded people
      Always keep learning, and keep moving to the next level,

      Let the spotlight be on your contribution to the world and not on you
      If the spotlight is on. You, your inside will get exposed like holes in a balloon.

    • Rahil Ahmed S

      My Learning:
      Money, Fame, Beauty & Power get magnified as you become successful and what’s inside them gets exposed.
Usually it comes from their past (Lack of Vacuum)
      Ultimately it comes down to authenticity
When you are grounded you can see difference between your true ego and bad ego.
Solution to stay grounded.
Have a mentor
Be sorrounded with humble people
Be a part of mastermind group
always keep learning
Let the spotlight be on your contribution to the world not on you.

    • Jasmeet singh

      Spotlight should be on the contribution that you want to create for people and not yourself.

    • Ganesh Rawat

      # Deep learner
      # ILH Family
      Thank you Sid for this podcast . It helped to look inside & think deeper.How to stay grounded when you are successful in your chosen areas?
      1-Whatever is inside us automatically gets magnified such as money, fame, and beauty. It can go either way positive or negative depending on the individual.
      2- Work on inner self.
      When one is happy with oneself, he will handle well. Stay grounded.
      3-have a mentor
      4- Sorround yourself with people who can check on you
      5- Be part of master mind group for enhanced learning.
      6- keep learning on daily basis.
      7-Spotlight on ur contribution to the world and not on you.
      8-Right perspective and right mindset.
      Stay away from Temptations.They are test from God to know your worth or inbuilt character ,ethics ,values etc. A trial can be a blessing and a blessing can be a trial in disguise, one may not know.

    • Rameswara Sharma

      Be grounded is a power packed message.
      Simplicity, reduces many arguments, tensions, time wasters.
      Keep cool, focus on contribution to society.
      Practice, practice and practice.

    • Aradhika Mattler

      #ILH #Sidz. Thank you for sharing this.

      Take aways…

      *Humility is very important – We can easily get carried with extremes of anything. Just don’t! Stay grounded. Work on yourself every day.

      *Avoid Attachment: We should not get attached to the results of our actions. Everything is temporary.

      *Be Grateful: for everything that comes your way. Good bad ugly. we should be unaffected by it. Rather be grateful. Because it’s for our own growth and benefit.

      * Create a balanced life: in every aspect of life. identify your strengths and weaknesses. work on them.

      * Be Authentic: Live by highest standards and values. Surround yourself with people who can help you stay focused. Have a mentor (Sidz for me)

      * Respect all

      * Keep an open mind. – our mind is like a parachute. it functions the best when open. We can learn from everybody around us.

    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      Money magnifies what inside you …

      More money …more power ..more beauty is given to some one ..then what’s inside them get exposed …

      Its important to work on yourself on a daily basis …irrespective how successful you are famous you are .. How powerful beautiful …. Work on those inner aspect …

      Usually it comes from there past.. Maybe …they have Lack of self love ..lack of security ..lack of appreciation.. Lack of money. . lack of health .. Lack of support …. So to fill that gap that lack ..they do stupid things …

      Live by authenticity… Live by highest value …. Stay grounded …. How we do that ..

      1⃣ have a mentor
      2⃣ surround yourself with people who can do check on you
      3⃣ be a part of mastermind group
      4⃣ always keep learning … Let the spot light be on contribution to the world ..don’t put spotlight on yourself .. Its problematic

      Would like to add debasmita point also

      Be humble …for that
      Be a great listener
      Think less
      Help other
      Shoulder of large

      Gratitude ….

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      In this world we meet people who are wealthy, knowledgeable, famous, and powerful and in them we find two types of personalities. Most of them we find are egoistic people who show off their trappings, that makes you shrink. Other types are humble, down to earth and you don’t feel they are so rich, famous and powerful.
      Why such differences? External things like power, position, wealth, and fame only magnify the internal characteristics of a person. For example- if there is a blemish on the skin of the balloon, the blemish will look bigger and bigger as it is inflated.
      In the same way a person could remain grounded if he has done Inner- engineering and appear humane even when he achieves success in the external world by acquiring wealth, name and fame. Inner-Engineering develops balanced personality with acquisition the virtues like truthfulness, non-violence, compassion, empathy etc. He understands the external acquisitions are not permanent, but his good internal qualities will serve him well throughout his life and beyond life he will be remembered for those qualities.
      The question remains how to do the inner-engineering?
      1. To be aware of it first.
      2. Remaining in the company of good people and surroundings.
      3. Giving the right inputs to the body, mind, and soul. Good food, the right positive thoughts, and trust in good Karma.
      4. Having a competent Guru will help immensely in these matters.
      5. Above all, taking full responsibility to create a sublime life for himself.


        Amazing explanation of the Post. MPTY @ Janardan Kar.

      • Parikshit Sreedhar

        #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

        Agree with Janardan Kar.

        One’s CORE personality swells in response to external stimuli (money, fame, power etc). It wouldn’t be unwise to constantly work on our internal geometry and refinement.

        Equanimity will certainly help us in staying grounded.

    • Shekhar Srinivasan

      Just wanted to drop a note and say that I loved your episode on the Spiderman proverbial twist (With great responsibility comes great power) and the transformational lessons shared therein.

      They blew my mind away and I am committed to the actions. Also loved the episode on 10 YouTube lessons from your journey to 7.5 Million views. 

      Thank you so much.  I must say that you have become my Earl Nightingale. 
      Best regards,

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable! More to unfold.. 😉

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