What’s common between Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein, Barak Obama & Christopher Nolan? It’s their wardrobe! They dress with less, and there’s a psychology behind that.

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Did you know that some of the world’s most successful people in the world wear the same clothes every day.

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Christopher Nolan, and Albert Einstein are but a few examples of those who used to wear the same set of clothes every day and got more done in their lifetime than anyone else.

Let’s understand the 10 reasons why successful people choose to wear the same set of clothes every single day.

1. Less Decision Fatigue.

Did you know that we make thousands of decisions on a minute by minute basis, on a daily basis in our lives? To be successful is optimizing energy and by having fewer decisions to make. There is a high chance that you can increase your productivity. And that’s the first reason why successful people decide to wear the same clothes every day because they don’t have to make a decision on what clothes to wear.

2. Less Time Wasted

Imagine having a closet filled with clothes. You are going to take so much of time to choose what you’re going to wear for that day. And time is your most valuable asset. So by having less number of clothes or less number of choices, it gives you the opportunity to be more productive. So successful people prefer having fewer choices in their wardrobe to optimize time and to be more productive.

3. Less stress.

If you have so many options in your wardrobe, you will come up with questions like, “is this too formal?”, “is this too short?”, “is this too long?”, “is this appropriate for today?”, and this on the builds on to your stress.

Having a stressful mind is not optimum for being productive and successful. So by having less on your wardrobe, you are going to have lesser stress and that will lead to your success.

4. Less wasted energy.

According to The New York Times magazine Chris Nolan decided long ago that it was a waste of energy to choose a new set of clothes to wear each day. Did you know that Chris Nolan has directed some of the world’s biggest blockbuster movies in Hollywood like Batman, Inception, Dunkirk, Man of Steel, and many more?

If he has to say that it is a waste of energy to choose and wear something new every single day, there is something to think about!

5. Less expensive

By you having to choose less, by you having to have less in your wardrobe. That is surely going to be a lesser amount of money that you are going to be spending. To buy clothes. And that is a benefit.

6. More peace

Did you know that Drew Barrymore put her closet on a diet? Some of the world’s biggest celebrities, after achieving great levels of success have realized that less is more! By having less on your wardrobe is going to give you more time for yourself to be more productive in your day. And that leads to better peace of mind.

7. Feeling unique.

As you keep wearing your same set of clothes every single day you will start developing a unique favor of your own which others around will start noticing in you.

Once they start noticing this and you, just like how Steve Jobs wore the same black turtleneck shirt, Levi’s blue jeans, and his NewBalance shoes, he’s recognized for that unique sense of dressing. Similarly, by dressing in this way. there is a high chance that you can develop your own sense of uniqueness in your dressing style.

8. Quality over quantity.

Since you’re going to be wearing the same set of clothes every single day, you can opt to go for the best quality, rather than having many sets of clothes. Shop for the best. Shop at the biggest brands. And every time you walk out, people will sense that level of radiance from you. Always choose quality over quantity.

9. Clothes reflect the mission.

Just like how army soldiers wear uniforms, just like how Navy SEALs wear uniforms, just like how Air Force pilots wear uniforms, once you start reading the same set of clothes every single day, your clothes will start to reflect the mission which you strive to move towards.

Just like how Steve Jobs wore his black turtleneck shirt. His Levi’s. Jeans and his New Balance shoes, over a period of time it really reflected his mission of driving forward the innovation in technology. So clothes will reflect your mission.

10. Become iconic.

Initially, people may think of you as boring. They may ask you, why aren’t you wearing any other set of clothes. But the more they start getting used to you is when you start becoming iconic. So that is one of the biggest reasons why you need to have less on your wardrobe and was a unique sense of style – an iconic representation of your own.

So these were the 10 reasons on why successful people read the same set of clothes every single day.

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