Want to know the best way to name your community? I have a simple formula that will help you stand out from your competition. Apply this simple concept and build your brand fast!

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siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Santosh Kumar Gupta


    • Monal kanade

      Community name is much important..
      Track our own progress is much needed, build up community is main game, support n empowered facilitator..
      Thank you Sid for this clarity from this podcast.. Gratitude 🌿🙏

    • Kavya Mohindroo

      #1: To name your community, you need to keep in your mind

      – who is your audience?
      – what problem are you solving for the audience?
      – what goal are they looking for?

      #2: you can name your community with
      – hub
      – club
      – tribe

      #3: before you name your community, you need to have a mission for your community.

    • Savita S Agarwwal

      Awesome sidz love the physiology behind building a community

    • WIN Vinoth Babu

      Your Target Audience should feel themselves that they belong to the right community.

      Well Said!

    • Naga Padma

      Got the clarity on how to name the community with simple techniques. Thanks a lot

    • vinayak M Pillai

      First word can be Enterpreneur (Target people)
      Second word Profit
      Third word may be like Hub, tribe, club
      Its better to have 3 words nicely. that’s more than enough.
      thank you.

    • Amala Rai

      There are 3 criteria to name your community. It should clearly define your mission.
      1. Focus on your target market.
      2. What is your goal
      3. A suffix

      I have named my community as Theatre Teachers’ Tribe (TTT)

    • neelakandan

      how to name a community is the learning from this podcast.

    • VEENA B K

      Wow.. Its crystal clear. I checked my Tribe Name.. Maa Healing Mandala and it matches what you suggested. Thanks Sidz

    • Jayant Nautiyal

      Name for community??
      Psychology of community building
      Better than Course selling. (Reinforce engagement)
      Consulting (Challenge is scaling)
      Programmer (Physical presence)
      Thats why community is better.
      Go to
      #NicheclarityBlueprints too for naming your community
      Selecting a name
      Understanding audience
      What problem you are solving
      Make people to feel them to be a part of something bigger.
      Mission oriented, to empower people.
      1st word can be target market.
      2nd word can be goal
      Break it down into 3 word

    • neelam

      awsome clear lesson on naming. thank you sidz

    • Abhishek Ranjan

      Student retention is very low in completing the course selling model, whereas in consulting we can’t leverage more, In Program-based depends on physical capability.

      steps to choose a community name:
      1. Who is your audience, What problem are solving
      2. should be around your mission.
      3. First word would be your target market
      4. the second word should be the goal
      5. and third which represents the community.

      what an easy and simple techniques

    • Arunkumar Raman

      Community around a mission

      Name for your community

      1. Course based Model
      2. Consulting based Model
      3. Program based Model
      4. Community Based Model

      Who is your audiedence
      what problem you are solving
      What goal they will achieve

      Suffix: Hub, Club, Tribe, Academy, Alliance

    • akash jaiswal

      Great Insights and techniques to name the course.

    • Huzefa Tapia

      Build a community and name it effectively as it is based on psychology. Course based community or consulting based model or program based model.
      For the name you need to keep in mind audience, problem you are solving and suffix it with tribe or hub or club.
      The mission should be the core of your name.
      1st word could have the target market
      2nd word should have the goal
      3rd Hub/ tribe / club / academy
      My communities name is Creative Thinkers Hub


      My Key Learning :

      1. Community based model is what’s going to do the magic in your Business. It’s going to b the Game changer for u.

      2. How to come up with cool name for your community ?
      Make it 3 words name. Use Target market/Goal/word like Tribe or Hub or Club

    • Firdous Guffor Misgar

      The take aways are as under:
      01 : Physchology behinnd community building
      Ccommunity buildind model
      02: Tine band
      03: Program based model
      04: Name of comnunity
      05: Mission for Community

    • Rajesh Gupta

      Awesome experience listening to the podcast, very useful information about forming community and selection of name, it’s really crisp and mindful. Thanks for everything you share Sidz.

    • Maurya SN

      Community name = Target audience + Goal + Hub/Alliance
      super learning to form a community and run it in autopilot mode.

    • Saranya Sivaselvanayagan

      My community name is Digicept Artistry
      I hope i help my community members to live a happy, healthy, prosperous and peaceful life.

    • Praful C Varma

      #ILH Family
      Yet another great podcast “sidz” on name on community.
      Totally agree with you that community has more power and that’s why this is the powerful model

    • Tarun

      Simple 3-word formula but is really powerful and energizing for the community membership to get associated on a long-term basis.

    • Deepak Kumar

      The best is to give your community name around your mission.

      Here are the steps which I learn while listening to this podcast…

      1. Understand who is your audience.
      2. What problem are you solving for your audience.
      3. What goal are you looking to achieve them.

      – Start with the MISSION of the community.
      1st word should relate to the TARGET MARKET.
      2nd word should represent the GOAL.
      3rd word should represent the COMMUNITY.
      Just 3 magical words and you are ready with your community name.

      It was so easy now…wow…
      Thank you so much Sidz…MPTY.

    • Sujata Naik

      Though Community Idea is something different thing, I have different courses and each course would Target a different customers in such case what do I do?

    • Rajasekhar M

      The power of building a community and the scale benefits compared to selling digital content and time explained in a simple way. Importance of apt name for community highlighted.

    • Ibrahim Tandel

      great upto mark, crystal clear…

    • Sweetha Mary Rejy

      Crisp and clear.
      1. Building a community around your niche is the ideal way to ensure connection and continuous growth.
      2. Simple is better. Naming your community is all about the reason behind the creation of the same.

    • Saumya Kumari


      – Course model
      – Consultation Model
      – Program based (Bootcamp)
      – Community based model (Recommended)
      – Understand the audience, their problem, goals
      – Name the community according to the niche (should be around the mission)
      – Mission should be there
      – Target market
      – Goal of the community

    • Dr Krupali Rathod

      Busypeople’ fit health club

    • Janardan Kar

      Course selling
      High ticket consultation
      Seminar/ Boot camp
      Webinar model
      Community is the most effective
      The naming of the community- depends on all the elements given below:
      what problem
      For whom-Target Market
      What is the congruity with your passion?
      Internet Lifestyle Hub
      Student Development Hub
      Professional Achievers Club

    • Ruth Nneka Nwokolo

      Awesome insight and clarity

    • Shivani Choudhary

      1. 1 to 1 consultation
      2. Community base model
      3. understand your audience, their problems
      4. target market
      5. Goal of the community

    • T.S Venugopal

      got some idea. Thanks

    • Mini Menon

      This podcast has come at a appropiate time. I was thinking on what to name my community
      My takeaways
      – The community should have the name of our target audience
      – It should also have a word which denotes what is that problem we are intending to solve
      – IT can also have Hub, Tribe etc to make people feel part of the community.

      As always thanks Sidz for reading my mind and bringing the information in such an easy and crisp manner.

    • Ramkrishna Patel

      Great knowledge

    • Jeet Patel

      Thanks sidz for your valuable Episode
      My key take aways are below:

      1, First community name should be target market name
      2, Second should be #1 goal for our target market which we are going to accomplish
      3, Third word should be Hub, Club, Academy like that so can we understand that this is the community name



    • Ishita Deb

      3 Things to note to name my community are
      1. Targeted audience
      2. Mission of the community
      3. And goal that the community is going to achieve


      Now I got Idea to name the community like ILH, there should be 3 components. target market, niche and community name

    • Savita S Agarwwal

      Closer interaction, can help ppl closely

      Better scale, high ticket

    • Dr D Srinivas Rao

      Not able to play.

    • Amitaj Ram

      Build a Community around your mission..

      Course  – Dont have a retention
      121 – has Time bandwidth
      Community is best – Where actual nurturing happens

      1. For WHO?
      2. What Problem?
      3. What Goal you are looking out for?

      Should be around your mission, Target Audiences

    • Dinesh Jayachandra Setty

      !. Reinforce learning through community building has better impact
      2. Consulting is having closer interaction with more impact. Cant Scale because of time constraint
      3. Program based like sharing knowledge with boot camp or i day or 3 days program challenge requires your physical presence.

      Community building is confluence of all the above 3 and leverage time and presence with the community.
      When looking out for a Name for community we need to have the knowledge as to what we are addressing as in
      1. Who are you focusing
      2. What are their pain points
      3. What are their Goals
      Create a mission and Vision and around that Community name should be built


      Thanks, Sidz you gave me amazing Insight to select the name for my community and This podcast give me clarity regarding importance of Developing community for our business. Really appreciate your efforts and I am really feel proud to be a part of INTERNET LIFESTYLE HUB. Blessings.

    • Naga Padma

      Yr target audience
      Benefits that they are going to get
      Hub, club, academy


      Criteria to name the community: –
      Phycology: starting community/membership is better than course. first build community than to sell course.
      Need to know your audience, what problem you are going to solve.
      Name may be Hub/Club /Academy
      1. First word: Target market
      2. Second word: Goal want to achieve.
      3. Third: word: represent community (Hub/Club /Academy)

    • Subrata Halder

      Podcasting and making community is ,basic for making digital assets ,It’s fundamental

    • Gita Ramachandran

      It got stopped in between


      That was a very thoughtful way to come up with a community name. The name itself will attract new members to the community as it would clearly bring out the essence, the mission & the target audience of the community.



    • DR G M PATIL

      take ways
      community base madel
      who is your market
      what problem to solve
      traget market

    • Subrata Halder

      Podcasting and making community,is basically and fundamentally needed

    • Hemraj Tungria

      Building community is steps towards freedom.
      Community name should be based on target audience, problem to be solved and goal to be achieved

    • Srikanth

      Quite a few interesting views learnt
      1. Connect with students shld be continuous affair
      2. Name shld reflect the mission and purpose
      3. Though different types of offerings are provided it’s important that value is shared beyond classes
      4. Building tribe is key to succeed


    • shambu arun

      Community naming strategy
      Target market first word
      goal second word
      hub or club third word

    • Ankur Aggarwal

      Surely. It’s a great method of naming. What about general names like like Talentshala?

    • Sanjay Bedi

      Should focus on the goal and action oriented

    • Meenal W

      See Who is your audience,what problem you are solving and
      and what goal they’re looking for and name accordingly your community name.


      Criteria To Name Your Community :
      1) Your community name should have three words
      2) Your community name should include words like Hub, Tribe, Society, etc.
      3) It should have narrowed down your niche
      4) It should represent your niche
      5) It should be easy to remember like Sidz ILH-Internet Lifestyle Hub

    • Thankappan.K.G

      What we intend to accomplish as a goal in life for the students can be the criteria for Naming the community.

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Community Building enables closer and continual contact among the tribe. It enables unlimited possibilities to support each other and form collaboration. Community name should be simple to decode: Ideally, three words expressing : who is the audience, what problem is being addressed and what is the Goal.

    • Murli Sharma

      It is better way to think our community name to add customer types, their goals, and the different name of association like..tribe, hub , academy etc… awesome… learning……

    • Aashish choudhary

      target marketing
      three models – consulting, courses and coaching
      Consulting as 1-1 and we can charge little higher and as premium member
      Program based model
      Community based model – and tends to group coaching model – it will save time and energy
      community name should have some suffix and prefix which will give sense
      Community should have mission
      first word is target market second word is goal and third word as community.

    • Manoj Soneji

      ICC/Power Learning/Podcast/Take Aways/16-Feb-23

      How to Name a Community?

      The Psychology:
      Mode 1:
      Course based -> Course completion is less -> retention is low
      Therefore Community is a better

      Model 2:
      Consulting based Model -> 121 consulting Life coach -> Closer Interaction -> Deliver Impact /Clients at much deeper level.
      Challenge -> Won’t be able to scale unless there is a time band

      Model 3:
      Program based model -> 2 day / 5 day / Boot Camp
      Challenge : Time
      Reach: 1 to many -> Depends on Physical presence

      Model 4:
      Community base Model -> Encompass all into it.
      Membership based model -> Access to -> courses, weekly coaching, group coaching, Super High Ticket consulting [Quantum level, leverage the support of the community + ILH]

      1. Who is the audience?
      2. What problem are you solving for the audience?
      3. What Goal they are looking out for?

      Suffix: Hub / Club / Tribe / Academy / Alliance
      Make the audience feel they are part of something bigger.

      Step 1: Mission for the Community
      Ex: ILH is mission to help people live lifestyle of freedom
      Lifestyle + Hub + Internet =>Internet Lifestyle hub
      Deeper mission : Teachers and leaders -> Leverage power of internet to grow and succeed
      It is around the Mission -> Least employees

      Example 1
      1st Word: Target Market
      [Ex: Entrepreneurs]

      2nd Word: Goal
      [Ex: Entrepreneurs create more profit]

      3rd Word: Hub / Academy

      Outcome: Entrepreneurs Profit Hub/Academy

      Example 2: Students Communication Hub / Academy



      HEY HEY HEY SIDZ “NAAMKARAN” VERY IMPORTANT TOPIC A SPECIAL DAY FOR NAAMKARAN VIDHI IS DONE ON 6TH DAY AFTER A BABY IS BORN ITS JUST LIKE THAT OUR BUSINESSIS OUR BABY AND OUR COMMUNITY IS PILLAR SO NAME SHOULD BE STRONG AND AROUND GOAL AND THUS NAME HAS ITS OWN POWER .ITS AN ENERGY WHEN WE SPEAK , ITS AN FEELING WHEN WE GET TOGETHER AS IF WE ARE A PART OF SAME KUL AND SHINE AS KULDEEPAK IN COMMUNITY AND ALL CAN CELEBRATE THE SUCCESS . MY GOAL IS TO GIVE A SECURED LIFESTYLE TO EVERYONE specially to fresher learner, working and non working women BY direct selling platform giving them a right advance education and advance system of direct selling and help them to grow business digitally from home through internet tools and social media. Digital Direct Seller Leader Hub. perfect name i feel for my community and according to my niche, of building digital direct seller system through coaching .

    • ramnarayansingh

      “Building a successful community is like giving a name to a baby – it should be strong, reflect its purpose, and encompass its potential. The mission and vision of the community should guide its name, with each word carefully chosen to represent the audience, solve their pain points, and achieve their goals.”

      Naming a community requires a deep understanding of the target audience, the problems they face, and the goals they want to achieve. It’s essential to have a mission and a vision for the community that aligns with the audience’s needs and values. Adding a suffix or prefix like Hub, Club, Tribe, or Academy can give the community a sense of purpose and make the audience feel like they are part of something bigger. Choosing a name that is easy to remember and represents the niche is also crucial. Building a community is about creating a space for continuous communication and collaboration, where everyone can support each other and form a tribe. Community building can take different forms, such as consulting, program-based, or community-based models, depending on the audience’s needs and preferences.

    • Umesh Prasad

      I run a computer institute offline face to face classes. I am going to take my computer institute online with a niche.

      I want to give my community name as Indosoft Computers King (www.indosoftcomputersking.com) or ICK Family to start my community.

      Please let me know how my community name is?

    • gurcharan singh

      Amazing insights about the community model and their name..
      Thanks & regards

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilh family
      Understanding of the content: Why & how community building is important
      1. One deals with knowledge-giving as a coach, consultant, or mentor.
      2. The very purpose is to impact their lives by adding value and getting them the desired results.
      3. If you sell a course or do a few high-ticket sessions of 1-2-1, or conduct a live seminar/online webinar- it is a kind of one-time activity and it ends at the end of the activity. The continuity of impact is not guaranteed. Further engagement to have accentuated impact is not ensured.
      4. In the selling of the course, does not ensure its completion nor has the provision to get further clarification.
      5. High-ticket 1-2-1 consultation takes out time freedom as to cater to a large number of people you have to invest an awful amount of time and associated energy.
      That is the reason it will be a smart win-win way not to sell a course alone but also to sell the membership of a community of learners and implementors. So, it is pertinent to build a community and naming it properly will create a brand image with time to attract people who vibe with its Vision-Mission-Values. This V-M-V will be the bedrock of the community. The name of the community should connect with the target customer, problem/goal and of course a word for the community (Tribe, Hub, Academy, etc.)
      Having understood the why part and giving it a name/ brand, now it comes to the How part of community building.
      A. While selling the product or service add the membership of the community free. Post content on the page regularly to add value. It is to enthuse them to be familiar with your genuine intention to serve. The scepticism and doubts & fears, which are natural for human beings, will go away with time and they will buy the course.
      B. For the paid members, organize weekly group coaching to fortify the principles and also answer their questions, and remove their doubts. These questions will give further clarity about their problems and it will give (a) you the topics to address in your regular content postings, (b)improve the course material, and (c) create further advanced courses.
      Of course, it will make you an expert in dealing with internal resistance and addressing their future queries.
      C. As members in the community grow up it will help in accountability, members helping each other by answering queries and sharing their learnings. It opens up all kinds of creative and innovative things to make it a vibrant community of passionate members to help each other and grow together.
      Janardan Kar

    • Parikshit Sreedhar

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

      A charismatic leader with a powerful CORE message will attract people around his mission and vision. Gradually a community is formed. Over a period of time, leaders will pass away and die. A NAME for the community will live for eternity and a quintessential one should radiate the core mission and vision set out by the leader at the start. It is recommended to consider the community name in three parts. COMMUNITY NAME = TARGET MARKET (Who are you targeting?) + GOAL (What problem are you solving?) + SYNONYM FOR COMMUNITY (Hub / Alliance etc).

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