If you want to know what are the different stages of growing a coaching business, this is the podcast for you. It will give you the inspiration to grow!

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siddharth rajsekar
siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Debasmita Basu

      Thank you Siddharth , for publishing the podcast , as I eagerly waiting for it . This is according to me the best platform to learn and grow for me.
      Biggest Takeaways-

      “Established approaches do not open new doorways’
      The Environment of regular disruption and unlimited opportunities has created an unparalleled quantum of asks from leaders. Technological, social and geopolitical adjustments have added to the complexity. The hitherto hooked up leadership behaviours and actions fall quick of making the enterprise impact. Delivering commercial enterprise, patron, worker, and shareholder impact desires leaders to dynamically pivot method, enlarge the realm of possibilities, and be emotionally resilient.
      Vick Strizheus explaination – What usually comes easily is not worthwhile .Worthwhile Products we can’t achieve easily

      Focus on Beyond the Journey
      Focus on prepare the Valuable Product

      Focus on the Milestone , to accelerate to reach your goal .


    • Visweswaran Sayee

      My take away from this podcast-
      We can only reach the airport once we decide the destination.
      Once the destination is finalized, we just need to be in the process and work on it. No questions asked. The process and systems are established we just need to move along with it and focus on now.

      देर सवेर मंज़िल मिल ही जाएगी
      आज के कर्म पर ध्यान देना ज़रूरी है
      आसान नहीं है सब मिल जाना
      पर अपना हौसला बुलंद रखना ज़रूरी है
      What ever be the stage, be in the journey. Focus on the next milestone. Stay in the process, in the system.
      Stage 1 – Focus on building a good product, create value addition .
      Stage 2 – Improve the product and serve the audience
      Stage 3- Getting good sales and improving sales process
      Stage 4 – Improve your sales pitch and reinvest
      Stage 5 – Scaling stage -outsource to work and focus on empowering team


    • praful C Varma

      #ILHDeep Learner
      Hi, sidz thanks for wonderful podcast ,my take away from this as under :

      What comes essay is not worthwhile and what come with great difficulty is really worth .
      In case of travelling to a destination. Once the destination is finalized, we just need to be in the process and work on it.
      There may be different situations with each one of us. some may have landed to airport ,some may be in security check, some may be in lounge area, some of us would have just boarded the plane and finally some of us would be flying .

      Our business is also in the same manner .so we have to proceed accordingly.
      What ever be the stage, be in the journey. Focus on the next milestone. Stay in the process, in the system as per the stages .its fail proof system.

      # Focus on building a good product, create value addition .
      # Improve the product and serve the audience.
      # Getting good sales and improving sales process.
      # Improve your sales pitch and reinvest.
      #Scaling stage _outsource to work and focus on empowering team.

    • Renuka S

      We all are at different stages in Life as well as in Business.

      But the journey is continuous , there’s always a next level, just need to be aware of it and keep Moving forward, with the only mission “never to quit or give up” bcoz whats easy is not worthy, and what’s worthy isn’t easy. As it’s a continuous process of achieving and achievements , untill you are in the momentum.
      We instead of getting struck with anxiety and nervousness about the present situations , need to Focus on what’s coming next and work accordingly in present.

      Reaching our destination is the ultimate goal.
      No matter who we are and what level we are , keep moving having faith in self of achieving that destination,which we are supposed to Reach.
      Thanks for that inspiration Siddharth !!

    • Balan

      That’s a wonderful podcast explaining the stages of a growing business by giving a simple example of the various stages in the process of air travel.
      My takeaways:
      1) what is really worthwhile does not come easy & what is easy is not that worthwhile.
      2) at every stage of the business, we should just focus on to achieve the next stage. this focus will lead you for the smooth flow to the final destination of success.
      3) different stages of business:
      a) Initially work on building a good product.
      b) Improve the product, when you have already built a product
      c) Focus on getting sales, when you are very confident of your product.
      d) Begin to scale the business by automating, outsourcing,delegating.
      e) Empower leaders to do things for you.

      Just focus on the next milestone & quitting will be your own defeat.

    • Ananya Ohdedar

      Key takeaways :

      Be on the journey.

      If you are at beginning stage, focus on building a solid product.
      If you have built the product, focus on improving it.
      If you have good product, focus on sales.
      If you have good number of sales, focus on scaling so that volume of sales will be increased.
      If you have volume of sales, focus on doing automation.
      If your sales is at per, then focus on empowering leaders and facilitators whom you can delegate your duty.

      Take one step at a time and when it is achieved then focus on next step and go on the journey.


    • Vishal Sharma

      First time in my life i have seen a coach like you wo have very much clear about the bullet point of coaching and very crisp and shorted. amazing its like my long journey got shortened each and every step is giving me booster dose of learning. thanks sidz feeling blessed to be a part of your student zone.

    • Shankar Mallapur

      You have used A great analogy to explain that each person’s journey isunique and different, and we need to concentrate on one’s journey. One needs to demonstrate Progress in one’s unique journey is most important.

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