Do you want to know what it takes to go from scratch to making $ 10000 per month? In this podcast, I share the 6 steps that worked for me.

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To your freedom,

siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Rekhilesh Adiyeri

      The 6 STEPS to 10K per month.

      -> Find a MENTOR
      -> Have a STRONG MINDSET
      -> Build SOLID PRODUCTS
      -> Be a Good MARKETER
      -> Be good at SALES
      -> Have Multiple Income Streams

      I’m ready to follow these 6 steps.. what about you?

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you!

        • M.suguna Mohan

          Thank you so much sir invite your 6 step

        • Saleha Javed

          It’s my pleasure

      • Harsshad

        Yes. Ready to follow and following already Sidz and will keep following. Thank you so much to bring-these-on as a reminder like an everyday 30 seconds crash course to go through multiple times to be in the game.

        More power to you.

    • Vrushali

      Thank you. Helpful information.
      Prioritize SERVICE..Money will be byproduct is my key takeaway for action.
      Thank you. Stay blessed.

    • Hetal Desai

      Roadmap Insights –

      1) Right Mentor
      2) Surrender to him / her
      3) Strong Mindset
      4) Breakthrough the Resistance
      5) Surround with Uplifting Community ( Sid’s Community πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ™Œ)
      6) Have a Business Plan with Execution Strategy
      7) Marketing Of your Products with System
      8) Be Good At Sales ( specifically through Webinar, Video , 1-1 )
      9) Build Multiple Streams ( Refering, Recurring )

      Such a golden nuggets! Blessed to be part of your community Sid πŸ™Œ πŸ™

    • praful C Varma

      Hi Sidz,
      Yet another great podcast on how to refine our journey. Every time i go through your podcast ,I have different prospects .My takeaway from this is as mentioned below:
      1.-Find A Mentor _Who has got a Result
      2. Strong Mindset :
      i. Internal game Vs External game .
      ii. Change from make money mind set to problem solving mind set .
      iii. Surround your self with action takers .
      3. Build Solid products :
      Low Ticket & High Ticket
      4. Be Good At Marketing :
      Organic Marketing ,Inorganic marketing & Develop a system.
      5. Be Good At Sales
      i. Webinar Sales
      ii. Video Sales
      iii. 1-1 Sales
      Finally 6. Build multiple stream of Income
      Digital products ,Affiliate products.
      This is a success mantra .

    • Maurya SN

      6 steps Process :
      1. Find a right mentor and follow a path
      2. Work on Mindset ( Income v/s impact ) . add value without expectations , Money will be by product , solve problems
      3. Make Solid Products
      4 . Master the art of marketing
      5. Master the art of sales

    • Yogesh Lokhande

      The 6 STEPS to $10k per month.

      -> Find a MENTOR
      -> Have a STRONG MINDSET
      -> Build SOLID PRODUCTS
      -> Be a Good MARKETER With System
      -> Be good at SALES
      -> Have Multiple Income Streams

      I’m ready to follow these 6 steps.. what about you?

    • Apoorva s kulkarni

      six steps
      1. find mentor -i found my mentor as you who has value ,results and proven system
      2. strong mindset – power of manifestation, association with same mental strengths, swift of paradigm, overcome your negative self talk
      3. Build a product – building a different level from low to high ticket
      4. good at marketing – organic marketing & paid marketing and create a system
      5. be good seller – on webinar selling , with high conversion by both group & 121 coaching
      6. multiple income stream – affiliate marketing, recurring income

    • Richa

      Thank You Siddharth,
      Each word resonates, makes so much sense.

      My specific takeaway:
      Gear up on Marketing and developing a system.

      Being part of your community gives lot of confidence.

    • ravi sachan


    • Sangeeta Naik

      My take away

      i. Associate with people who are making 10000 $ already – action point
      ii.Surround with Action takers – in the diamond community with mentor from Quantum
      iii.Solid products , results, stack of products, world class – in process
      iv. Organic marketing – need to work more on this
      v. test market the product
      vi. Develop a marketing system – contemplating to do so
      vii. Webinar selling – delivering impact – move resistance (Building that skill)
      viii. 121 selling – closing deals – need to build
      ix. multiple revenue streams – recurring income products (affiliates, renewals,)
      x. set group of customers who are giving a set revenues

      Finding a mentor .. already have the entire mentoring system in place.
      Tracking growth, habits, business growth..
      Game on..

    • Rutu Amaliyar

      6 Steps to go for $10000 per month.

      1) Find a mentor.
      Follow one mentor. Find mentor who is getting results having system and who is in alignment with your value system.

      2) Work on Mindset.
      Results are reflections of mindset. BE problem solver, not money maker. Work on financial thermostat and vibe up with people who are already there. Breakthrough own resistances by cutting all negative chatter by becoming part of the community.

      3) Build solid- world class product with stack of them.
      Have Low- and High-ticket products.

      4) Be good at marketing.
      Organic and paid marketing are the ways. Develop marketing system for leads, marketing and tracking.

      5) Be good at Sales.
      Webinar selling, video selling, 1-2-1 Selling are skills to build.

      6) Build multiple revenue streams
      Own product, affiliate marketing, and recurring revenue streams. And add multiple stream from existing members.

    • Pasadika Mindfulness

      from scratch to 10000$/month
      find mentor-information
      value system.
      2 strong mindset
      internal game
      money thermostat
      successful people
      decision making
      break thro resistences
      join Sidz communities
      3 solid products
      low/high ticket product
      4 marketing
      5 sales
      ads on
      marketing system
      good selling
      your products
      recurring revenue

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilh # sidz A steps to 10 cr.earning
      1Find a mentor-1 who vibes with you, who is getting result
      2 Mindset- strong mind set- money making to problem solving. Setting the money thermostat. Create/ surround yourself an environment and get into association with those making money.
      3. Creating excellent products- high ticket and low tickets. Stack of product. Create a business plan.
      4. Marketing- organing and inorganic- creating content and getting leads. First organic then ad based/ paid. Creatinf effective system
      5. Selling- creating system- webinar, whars app, seminar.
      6. Creating MSI- crating a multi steam and automate to have consistent passive residual income to fuel business

    • Rahul George

      find a mentor
      work on your inner game
      create amazing products
      become a sales magnet

      you will get there.. just begin NOW!

    • Badarinath Gella

      My learnings

      Find a mentor.
      Strong Mindset (Your internal games reflect on your external game)
      Money mindset to problem-solving mindset

      Associating with the people who are making this money.
      Consuming the content of achievers

      Break the resistances.
      Overcoming negative
      Build a solid product (Low and High-ticket product)

      Good at Marketing

      Organic – Posting on Insta, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and diverting them to webinars.
      Paid: Facebook and YouTube ads

      Good at sales – Delivering impactful course.
      Video recording skills
      1-1 selling

      Create a model with Multiple revenue streams – Own products, Affiliate marketing, Recurring income.

    • Neera

      6 steps to become a Successful coach
      a. Find a MENTOR
      b. Right MINDSET
      c. High Value Products
      d. Learn MARKETING & Sales
      5. Have Multiple Income Streams

    • Gurcharan Singh Ghatoda

      The 6 STEPS to 10K per month.

      1 Find a MENTOR
      2 Have a STRONG MINDSET
      3 Build SOLID PRODUCTS
      4 Be a Good MARKETER
      5 Be good at SALES
      6 Have Multiple Income Streams

    • Chaitanya Gundi

      My biggest takeaways from this Podcast are:-
      1) To work on my mindset
      2) To create a world-class product
      3) To learn the skills of Marketing and Sales

    • Amala Rai

      If you have the first one right – that is a mentor, then everything is going to be right. You will be able to follow the rest of the 5 steps with ease and cheerful mental state.
      Mindset is something that one needs to work upon the most, rest 4 will be taken care of by themselves. Mindset will make them happen. Strong and positive mental attitude will attract the all the abundance in every area of life that one desires for. And can move the mountains.

      MM – (Mentor & Mindset), will motivate you to create world class courses based upon aesthetics & needs. There is no way that you will create sub-standard courses, because you are responsible for thousands and crores of people.

      Hence there will be value in your content, and when there is value, you will design amazing marketing and sales strategy and will attract the right people who will value your service.

    • Anshuman Khullar

      Power learning assignment:

      6 Step roadmap to consistently hit 10,000$

      If you want to do this online.

      1- Follow a mentor: 3 Tips

      1- Value system

      2- Results

      3- Powerful System

      2- Strong Mindset: Whats going inside will be reflected outside. Money makin→ Problem solving mindset.

      Money thermostat: You have to vibe up your money thermostat. Get in minds of successful people listening to them

      Break the resistances: Overcome the resistances by joining communities.

      3- Build a solid product.

      Low ticket product- High volume

      High ticket product- Low volume high value

      4- Organic marketing and Paid marketing:

      Organic: Sending signals

      Paid market: Go for it

      Develop a marketing system: Single line report.

      5- Selling skills-


      1-2-1 call

      Selling through videos

      6- Multiple revenue Streams:


      Affiliate links

      Recurring income products

    • Gomathy Gowri Narayanan

      Powerful 6 steps Sidz!

      1. Find the right mentor who has good values, systems and show results
      2. Mindset: watch ur money thermostat
      3. Systems
      4. Marketing
      5. Sales
      6. Multiple streams of Income

      Thank u Sidz

    • Meena Y

      roadmap – don,t waste time, follow mentor – 1)find mentor, follow -one system, value system, getting result, has proven system 2) mindset – internal game manifest on external . not focus on money.
      3) MoneyThermostat – associate with people, listen to them, break through resistance, be a part of community who are action takers to achieve, excellent products at various levels – have business plan,
      4) Marketing – organic, paid marketing – test , get feedback before going to paid marketing, marketing system – outsource
      5) Selling – webinar selling, video selling, one to one call
      6) multiple revenue stream – courses, affiliate, recurring income – tools

    • Venicia Creado

      $10k per month Road map:
      1. Find the right mentor
      2. Develop the right mindset – shift from money making mindset to problem solving / service mindset. Change your money thermostat. Raise your vibration. Breakthrough you resistances (Be a part of a community)
      3. Build a solid product (low ticket + high ticket)
      4. Get good at marketing (organic+paid)
      5. Master the art of sales
      6. Build multiple revenue streams (your products, affiliate products, recurring revenue streams by promoting tools)

    • Gaurvi Jadhav

      Key takeaways:
      1. Find a mentor you resonate with
      2. Work on your mindset
      3. Master skills of selling through webinars / workshops
      4. BE part of an awesome community like ILH
      5. Create MSI

    • Madhu Kodidala

      Strong Mindset.

      Problem solving Product.

      Change the money Thermostat.

      Expertise in Marketing

      Organic or in Paid

      Solid Product which solves the clients major problems

      Need to expertise in Selling.

    • ravitej Janagouda

      6 Steps.

      1. **Find a Mentor**
      i. Resonate in value system
      ii. Getting Results
      iii. Proven System which is working
      2. **Strong Mindset**
      i. Internal Game will become reflection of your External game
      ii. Money Thermostat.
      iii. Associate with people who make $10000.
      iv. Breakthrough the Resistances.
      Become part of community.
      3. **World class product**
      low ticket and high ticket product should be there.
      4. **Good at Marketing**
      i. Organic Marketing
      ii. Paid Marketing – Before starting , get response of your product in the organic market.
      iii. outsource- Reporting system.
      5. **Good at Selling**
      i. Webinar selling
      ii. Video Selling
      iii. 1-2-1 selling
      6. **Multiple Revenue Streams**
      i. Own product
      ii. Affiliate system

    • Karthik Sundararaman

      Simplified Step-by-step process to $10,000

      The 6 STEPS to 10K per month.

      1> Find a MENTOR – one’s values you can resonate with
      2> Have a STRONG MINDSET – to play the long-term game with confidence
      3> Build SOLID PRODUCTS – that generates results for your students
      4> Be a Great MARKETER – market yourself, your product, your community, your values, your results
      5> Be good at SALES – ABC as Sidz says – Always Be Closing
      6> Have Multiple Income Streams – Set this as an intention


      Having mentor who get results
      Having strong mindset
      Having world class product which solves problem
      Having good marketing Skills
      Having sales skills

    • arvind jain

      Wov, I learnt the 6 steps….find a solid mentor, Upgrade your mind, have a world class product that elevates life of your client, Market your self by building a great brand, Excel in selling, Have multiple streams of revenue [Direct, Affiliate, subscription] is an easy to cross 10000 a month, with a load of freedom.
      The idea that I bought home was to Think of serving and impacting numerous humans than simply counting your sales. Thanks to sidz for simplifying

    • Tania

      The points are very straightforward. Superb way to articulate steps to build your digital business within matter of 10 minutes.
      Take away point is
      The internal game ….which we must conquer to win the game of life. Thanks Sidz!


      The 6 STEPS to 10K$ per month.

      -> Find a MENTOR with whom u resonate with values and have results with proven system.
      -> Have a STRONG MINDSET since internal game plays vital role in ur business.
      -> Build SOLID PRODUCTS like courses with levels of support.
      -> Be a Good MARKETER – Organic and paid- First start with organic to have test drive..
      -> Get good at SALES – 3 ways of selling and get mastered in it.
      -> Have Multiple Income Streams – through courses, affiliate and recurring revenues.

      Own these principles and make your dream come true…

    • Suchitra

      I am a diamond member and part of your community since a year. but after HQ1 2022 I went dormant attending to family. Now getting back so I am like a begginner ready for HQ2 2023. Need all the encouragement to get back into the process

    • Karunakaran

      1. Have A Right Mentor
      2. Focus on Mindset
      3. Create Great Products
      4. Get Good At Marketing
      5. Get Good At Sales
      6. Build Multiple Streams Of Recurring Income

    • Rupa Singh

      Find a mentor

      – who you resonate with value system
      – who is getting results

      2. Strong Mindset
      ~ Having a problem solving mindset.
      ~ Increasing Money thermostat: Listen to more successful people.

      3. Breakthrough own resistances
      ~overcome negative chatter
      ~ Join community

      4. Build a Solid Product

      ~ Have a stack of product
      ~Low ticket and high ticket

      5. Have a Business Plan

      6. Be good at Marketing
      ~Organic and Paid

      7. Develop a marketing system
      ~ Create a roprting system

      8. Be Good at Sales

      9. Having multiple stream of Income

    • Vrajangna

      Its easy to achieve desired results only with a proper channel and the steps to follow are simple as mentioned
      1. Find the mentor
      2. Have a strong mindset
      3. Build a solid product
      4. Be good at marketing
      5. Be good at sales
      6. Create multiple income streams

    • Jayaram Amin

      6 Steps roadmap to go from scratch to $10,000 per month.
      1. Find a mentor and surender to him.
      2. Build a strongmindsert, Breakthrough the resistance
      3. Have a buisness strategy and build strong products
      4. Get into organic and paid mktng. Be the best in it.
      5. Be good in sales throgh webinar, Video mktg, on eon one.
      6. Have multiple income streams.

    • Nieekita Pathare

      My learning’s
      1 mentor
      2. Work on mindset
      3. Business plan
      4. Marketing
      5. Good at sales
      6.Build Multiple revenue system

    • R. Mahendran

      Scratch to $10000 every month consistently
      1. Find Mentor
      a. Who resonate with your value system
      b. Who is getting results
      c. Who has proven system
      2. Strong Mindset
      a. Internal to external
      b. Money Thermostat
      c. Associate with right people
      3. Product – World class
      a. Low cost entry product
      b. High cost
      4. Marketing
      a. Organic
      b. Paid
      c. Automate Paid Marketing
      5. Selling Skills
      a. Webinar Skilling
      b. Video Skilling
      c. 121 selling skills
      6. Multiple Revenue streams [MSI]
      a. Own product
      b. Recurring Income
      c. Affiliate income

    • Rajeev Sahu

      Hey Sidz! Thank you for the beautiful insight on how to build a business that pays you consistently in these 6 Easy steps:
      1 Find a Mentor
      2 Work on your Mindset by aligning with people with similar vibes.
      3 Build a Solid Product to solve A Big Problem
      4 Be Good at Marketing your Product and Idea
      5 Learn the art and Science of Selling
      6 Generate multiple income streams around your product by creating an ecosystem that helps your customers.

      Great to be a part of this wonderful Community! MPTY!!!

    • Anand Choudhury

      Thank you Sidz for your super valuable insights. The top learnings I learnt from this podcast are as follows:

      1. Find a Mentor

      Find someone who shares a similar value system.
      Find someone who has a proven system to get you results

      2. Build a Strong Mindset

      Your inner game reflects your external game
      Change from money-making to problem-solving mindset
      Increase your money thermostat
      Get into the minds of people who are successful
      Join a solid community

      3. Build a solid product

      Have a stack of products,
      Low ticket products as well as High ticket products

      4. Be good at Marketing

      Organic Marketing and Paid marketing

      5. Be good at sales

      Webinar selling. How can you deliver and get people to buy

      6. Build multiple income streams

      Your own products
      Affiliate commissions from selling other courses
      Affiliate income streams from products that you recommend

    • Subhavahini Seetharaman

      Wow, Siddharth, thank you for sharing such inspiring information. It’s truly remarkable!

      I listened to another exceptional podcast on enhancing our journey. Every time I tune in, I gain new perspectives. Here are my key takeaways:

      1. Find a mentor who has achieved tangible results.
      2. Develop a strong mindset, differentiating between internal and external games, and shift from a money-making mindset to a problem-solving mindset. Surround yourself with people who take action.
      3. Create excellent products, including both low and high-ticket items.
      4. Become skilled at marketing by using both organic and inorganic methods and developing a system.
      5. Excel at sales through various means, such as webinar sales, video sales, and one-on-one sales.
      6. Lastly, Build multiple streams of income by creating digital and affiliate products. This is the recipe for success.

      Thank you,

    • Madhusudan V

      S…. i am Ready for $10,000 and more Per Month….

      1. Have Powerful Guide / Mentor / Wellwisher
      2. Have Positive Strong MindSet to achieve Goal – Work on Internal Game first
      3. Must have Low & High ticket Client Products
      4. Marketing – be in market
      5. Good Sales – Good Selling
      6. Have more than 1 v Passive Income stream lines….

      and lot more…..

    • Vinay D Bajaj

      Scratch to 10K $ per month:
      1. Find a mentor – Sidz
      Value system
      Getting results
      Proven system
      2. Strong Mindset – internal game. Money making to problem solving, no expectations. Raise money thermostat. Break through your resistances
      3. Solid products – stack of products. Business plan
      4. Get good at marketing: 1 Organic 2 Paid 3 Marketing system (team to manage marketing). Develop a reporting system
      5. Get good at selling. Video selling on Landing page. 121 selling on Zoom
      6. Multiple revenue streams. Own products, affiliate products, recurring income

    • Neha Akhtar

      Super happy to learn from scratch in this podcast again!!!
      To Success In Any Business Follow This Steps And Atten Live by my Mentor #sidz here
      The 6 STEPS to 10K per month.

      -> Finding a Great MENTOR Who Shows The Path!
      -> Building a STRONG MINDSET To Keep You Motivated All The Time
      -> Building A SOLID PRODUCTS To Help Your Community
      -> Being a Great MARKETER To Market Your Products
      -> Being Awesome at SALES To Help Your Community By Selling
      -> Having Multiple Income Streams Is A Super Skill

      Following these steps advised by my Mentor! Always with you Sidz! Many thanks and deep gratitude for sharing the amazing stuff.

    • Sudeep Kumar

      1. Find a Mentor – already found Sidz as my mentor
      2. Have a STRONG MINDSET -Daily listening to strangest secrets , reading think and grow rich
      3. Build SOLID PRODUCTS
      4. Be a Good MARKETER
      5. Be good at SALES
      6. Have Multiple Income Streams

    • Sanjay Mhatre

      6 Steps to make 10L / month.

      1. find mentor with whom u vibe with
      2. strong mindset – people-problem solving mindset w/o expectations – money is a by-product, negative chatter (be part of a community having action-taking mind)
      3. solid P/S/C, stack low tic P/S/C gets vol, hi tic max profit
      4. Get good at Marketing: organic, paid
      5. Systems & Teams
      6. Get good at Selling: impactful webinar, video-sellling, Eco-system

    • Janardan Kar

      Power learning
      6 steps to 10 cr. earning
      1Find a mentor-1 who vibes with you, who is getting result
      2 Mindset- strong mind set- money making to problem solving. Setting the money thermostat. Create/ surround yourself an environment and get into association with those making money.
      3. Creating excellent products- high tickets and low tickets. Stack of products. Create a business plan.
      4. Marketing- organizing and inorganic- creating content and getting leads. First organic then ad based/ paid. Creating effective system
      5. Selling- creating system- webinar, WhatsApp, seminar.
      6. Creating MSI- creating a multi-steam and automation to have the consistent passive residual income to fuel business

    • Vennila Sathyamoorthi

      Awesome Steps to Make it happen
      1) Find a mentor who you can resonate with, who has produced results, who has a system in place.
      2) Work on your Mindset – Make a mindset shift from ” How can I make more money?” to ” How can I help more people?”
      3) Build solid products – a low-ticket product to attract volume and a high-ticket product to maximise profits
      4) Be good at Marketing – organic and paid
      5) Be good at Sales – Webinar selling, Video selling and One-to-one selling
      6) Create Multiple Streams of Income



    • Shashi Thapar

      Hi Sidz,
      My takeaway from the Podcst are mentioned below:
      1.-Find A Mentor _Who has got a Result
      2. Strong Mindset :
      i. Internal game Vs External game .
      ii. Change to problem solving mind set .
      iii. Surround with action takers .
      3. Solid products/Stack of Products
      4. Marketing (Three Aspects of Marketing)
      Organic Marketing ,Inorganic marketing & Develop a system.
      5. Be Good At Sales
      6. Finally Build multiple stream of Income
      Digital products ,Affiliate products.

    • Parul

      great inputs. ! always an inspiring set of inputs from you.

    • Sunil Gupta

      My 6-Step Roadmap To Go From Scratch To $10,000 Per Month

      Key steps:
      1. Find a mentor
      – who has similar value system
      – already has shown results
      – has a proven system

      2. Strong mindset
      – Problem-solving mindset
      – Upgrade money thermostat
      – Break your resistance
      – be part of a positive and POSITIVE community

      3. Sold product
      – have a solid product
      – have low ticket and high ticket product
      – have a business plan to execute

      4. Marketing
      – master both organic and paid marketing
      – have a marketing system

      5. Selling mastery
      – master webinar selling
      – master video selling
      – master 121 selling

      6. MSI
      – have multiple stream of income
      – Own product
      – Affiliate product
      – Recurring income via tools etc

      Great insights. Thanks for sharing


    • Sumesh Chhabria

      ORGANIC and Paid Marketing

      Folllow one Mentor.


      6 steps to making $10,000/ Month


      #1 FIND A RIGHT MENTOR : a)who had value system b)results c) proven system
      #2 STRONG MINDSET :a)internal game manifest as external game
      c) moneymaking to problem solving d) money thermostat e) overcome resistance
      #3 BUILT SOLID PRODUCT : low ticket and high ticket
      #4 GET GOOD AT MARKETING organic paid and develop with marketing system outsource

    • Shankaran Paramasivan

      My learnings are as below from this podcast.
      1.-Find A Mentor _Who has got a Result
      2. Strong Mindset :
      – Change from make money mind set to problem solving mind set .Surround your self with action takers and a strong community.
      3. Build Solid products :
      Low Ticket & High Ticket world class products.
      4. Busines Plan is required to go to 10,000 USD/Month
      5. Be Good At Marketing and Sales.
      Organic Marketing , Paid marketing & Develop a system to automate the process. Webinar Sales/ Video Sales/ 121 Selling.
      6. Build multiple streams of Income through Digital & Affiliate products.

    • Fatima

      A great pathway for earning 10k a month, Sidz. I love the way we can build the journey with intention and not just focusing on the outcome but the experience.

      The Six steps to a $10,000 income a month

      Step 1-Find a MENTOR ( who has achieved the results you want)
      Step 2-Build a STRONG MINDSET
      Step 4-Learn to be Good at MARKETING
      Step 5-Learn to be Good at SALES
      Step 6-Create Multiple Income Streams

    • Sathish Kalluri

      My Top Takeaways are.
      1. Find a mentor
      2. Build a Strong mindset.
      3. Breakthrough your resistances
      4. Get good at Marketing.
      5. Build a solid product.
      6. Get good at Sales
      7. Have Multiple Steams of Income

      Thank you so much Sidz.
      This Pod is very impactful.

    • Satish Trimukhe

      Six Steps that basics of Game plan of digital business
      1. Find a Mentor that id implementor
      2.Have Strong Mindset
      3. Products entry level and High ticket
      4.Good at marketing
      5.Good at selling
      6. Build multiple Streams of Income
      Thanks Siddharth,

    • Ramnarayan Singh

      Here is a roadmap to go from scratch to $10000 per month revenue, based on his teachings:

      Find a mentor: One of the first steps to building a successful online business is to find a mentor who has already achieved what you want to achieve. This mentor can guide you, provide you with feedback and help you avoid common pitfalls. Siddharth Rajsekar himself offers mentorship programs and courses to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

      Mindset: Building a successful business requires a strong mindset. You need to be able to overcome obstacles, take risks, and stay motivated through tough times. Siddharth Rajsekar emphasizes the importance of developing a growth mindset, which involves focusing on learning and development rather than just outcomes.

      Build a solid product: To generate revenue, you need to have a product that people are willing to pay for. This product could be a physical product, a digital product, or a service. Siddharth Rajsekar recommends focusing on creating a product that solves a specific problem for your target audience.

      Marketing: Once you have a solid product, you need to market it effectively. Siddharth Rajsekar recommends a combination of organic and paid marketing strategies. Organic strategies include content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. Paid strategies include advertising on social media platforms, Google Ads, and influencer marketing.

      Webinar selling: Webinars can be a highly effective way to sell your product or service. Siddharth Rajsekar recommends developing your skills in webinar selling, which involves creating engaging presentations, building rapport with your audience, and using persuasive techniques to close the sale.

      Multiple income streams: Finally, Siddharth Rajsekar recommends building multiple income streams to diversify your revenue streams and reduce risk. This could include creating multiple products, offering consulting services, or developing passive income streams like affiliate marketing or selling digital products.

    • Sridhar Pai

      6 steps to get to $10k rev per month

      step 1 – find a mentor
      the mentor should have the connection with you
      β€’ a value system that resonates
      β€’ a proven system that has worked for him and others
      β€’ someone you can reach out to
      step 2 – mindset
      create a mindset that would lead you here to the goal
      you need to have a strong perspective that helps
      else it would work
      legacy, backlog but these are deeply embedded within you
      need to shake out and bring

      step 3
      join a commnunity
      that does this
      else you will have loneliness factor that will kill your goals
      remove the desire to chase this dream

      step 4
      in marketing
      an important skill you should learn
      paid and unpaid marketing
      unpaid marketing – through social and other
      paid – through FB and Linkedin ads

      step 5
      important skills
      via no-sales webinars
      sales webinars
      you tube recordings
      one on ones

      step 6
      multiple income streams
      your product
      affiliate product
      numerous streams of subscriptions revenue streams

    • Ganga Narayan Das

      6 Steps to make $10k per month
      1. Mentor – Value system, Getting Results, Proven System
      2. Strong mindset – Internal game will change the externals. Shift from money making to Solve problem or help people
      3. Money thermostat – vibe up by associating with people who make that much – Consume their content
      a. Breakthrough my own resistance – Join community
      b. Build a solid product – Low ticket and a high ticket product – have to have a business plan
      4. Marketing –
      a. Organic – Help build raport with cold audience
      b. Paid – Ads
      c. Develop marketing system – Systemizing FB Ads & YT Ads
      5. Get good at sales
      a. Webinar Selling
      b. Video selling
      c. 121 Selling
      6. Multiple revenue streams – MSI (Multiple Streams of Income)
      a. Own products
      b. Affiliate products
      c. Tools & Systems subscriptions

    • Prashant Chitnis

      Key steps:
      1. Find a mentor
      – who has a similar value system
      – already has shown results
      – has a proven system

      2. Strong Mindset
      – Problem-solving mindset
      – Upgrade money thermostat
      – Break your resistance
      – be part of a positive and POSITIVE community

      3. Sold product
      – have a solid product
      – have low-ticket and high ticket product
      – have a business plan to execute

      4. Marketing
      – master both organic and paid marketing
      – have a marketing system

      5. Selling mastery
      – Master webinar selling
      – master video selling
      – master 121 selling

      6. MSI
      – have multiple streams of income
      – Own product
      – Affiliate product
      – Recurring income via tools etc

      I think I need to work on points no.3 & 4 and expect that by acquiring further knowledge from this course, I will catch up on points no.3 to 6.
      Great insights. Thanks for sharing



      The 6 Steps to Rs10K are –
      1- Find a Right Mentor

      (i)Who has proven the system and got the results?
      (ii) aligned with your goal, mission
      (iii) surrender to him

      2- Have a Strong Mindset

      (i) Your internal games reflect on your external game
      (ii) Money mindset to problem-solving mindset
      (iii) surround yourself with a successful community and upgrade the money thermostat

      3- Build Solid Products

      (i) Product should be both low and high ticket
      (ii) have a strong business plan to execute

      4- Be A Good Marketer

      Develop a system for-
      (i)Organic marketing
      (ii)Inorganic Marketing

      5- Be Good at Sales

      (i)Specifically Webinar Sales
      (ii) Video Sales
      (iii) one-to-one sale

      6- Build Multiple Streams of Income

      (i) Own Digital Products
      (ii)Affiliate Products

      Thank You Sidz πŸ™Œβ€οΈ

    • Vyomesh Raseshkumar Buch

      Learning form the today’s podcast 6 STEPS to 10K per month.

      -> Find a MENTOR.(Value, Results, Proven System)
      -> Have a STRONG MINDSET (Internal Game in mind, change thermostat, Break through internal resistance)
      -> Build SOLID PRODUCTS
      -> Be a Good MARKETING (Organic and Paid)
      -> Be good at SALES (Webinar Selling, Video Selling,121 selling)
      -> Have Multiple Income Streams (Affiliate product)

      I’m ready to follow these six golden step. What about you ???

    • Poonam Sarkar

      My learning from today’s Podcast.
      1. Find a right mentor
      2. Money making mindset to problem solving mindset
      3. Build solid products- low ticket and high ticket.
      4. Be good at marketing.
      5. Be good at sales.
      6. Have multiple income streams.

    • Prachi Joshi

      When you don’t know, learn.
      When you know, still learn.
      My learning’s because I don’t know :
      6- Step Business plan : Scratch to $10,000 per month (Online)
      1) Find a mentor : Follow one ( Value/ Results/ Proven System)
      2) Work on your mindset : i) Money making to problem solving – Byproduct = Money
      ii) Money thermostat – Vibe up
      iii) Breathrough resistances- Community
      3) Build a solid product – Results/ World – class/Stack ( Low ticket = Volume , High ticket = Maximize Profit )
      4) Good at marketing – i) Organic – Posting on Instagram / YouTube / Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter ii) Paid – Run ads on Ad network iii) Systemizing
      5) Good at Sales – Skill up ( Webinar/ Video / 1-1 )
      6) Create ecosystem with MSI –
      Own Products/ Affiliate/ Recurring income ( Tools / Email marketing/ Hosting Systems/ Landing page systems)

    • Parikshit Sreedhar

      Find a mentor who aligns with your value system, who has implemented what he preaches, and has shown tangible results. Build world class products. Get good at attracting people to your product (Marketing) and closing the deal (Sales). Leverage the power of data. Build multiple income streams. Most important, have and maintain a positive internal dialogue and vibe up to the income thermostat of high achievers.

    • Anant G Ranjan

      Money have thermostat – need to develop
      Need to break own reservations
      Solid Products & Stack Products
      Business Plan & Most Importantly How To Execute
      Marketing & Marketing Data Analysis
      Good At Sales – Webinar Sales / Video Sales / 1 2 1 Selling
      MSI – Multiple Source Of Income

    • Hetal Desai

      Thank you so much Sid for sharing this ..

      The road map you share is always very concrete and help to achieve next milestone in this journey!

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