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Siddharth Rajsekar | India's Leading Digital Coach

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Siddharth Rajsekar

Founder - Internet Lifestyle Hub

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is the founder of the Internet Lifestyle Hub, one of the world’s largest communities for coaches, trainers, teachers, and experts with over 20,000 members.

As an acclaimed lifestyle entrepreneur and international speaker, Siddharth has trained over 500,000 people in the last 10 years. Recognized as one of India’s leading andsought-after “info-marketing” specialists, Siddharth has worked closely with renowned International experts like Robert Kiyosaki, T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy,and Jack Canfield.

After running many multi-million-dollar online campaigns for companies and helping people make money online in the last 10 years, Siddharth has developed and perfected the Freedom Business Model. The Freedom Business Model focuses on helping people take their expertise online and building a super-profitable digital coaching business, without an office or employees.

His mission is to reform the education and employment system by building a new breed of Digital Leaders, based on the core principles of humanity and simplicity and by enhancing one’s social skills, happiness, and overall productivity.

He is the author of this book, “You Can Coach” which decodes all the steps for experts to successfully PLAN, LAUNCH, and GROW a digital coaching business to six figures a month.

Wearing multiple hats, Siddharth is a husband of a loving wife, a father of 2 boys, a minimalist, futurist, spiritualist, a YouTuber who has published over 300 videos, as well as a podcast host!



Many of us have a problem saying no to people, situations, meetings where we are giving away our valuable time. The more we say yes to these things, the more we say no to what is of value. Do you want to have more time to commit to the essential goals and people in your life? Time is precious. Only 23 hours each day to accomplish everything, including your work and your personal life. Be aware of how you spend it. 

As adults who want to make the most of our day, we're constantly faced with a mountain of tasks and responsibilities. How productive we are and how well we use our time will determine the quality of our days and eventually of our lives. 

If you implement just a handful of these changes, you will find that the mindset of ‘Less is More’ will be what leads you on the path to a better life. Enjoy life’s experiences rather than having things in excess. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to focus exclusively on the core activities that create the most value for your home life, work-life, or business, and hire other people to carry out all the different steps of the systems you have in place. 

The best method would be a combination of minimizing, systemize and automate. Some areas you can systemize, some areas you can automate where you have to do it once then you forget about, and minimizing is a third aspect where you have less to do more. Most of us get stuck in life because we have too much stuff around us, and it does not allow us to move forward or do things at a much faster pace. 

You can automate, systemize, and delegate, not just in business. I’m also going to go into topics outside your business, like personal life, because when you remove all the frictions from your personal life, you’ll have more space to be productive in your industry. Everything is connected; if your personal life suffers from a lot of friction and too many complications within it, your business will stagnate and won't grow.

The essence of the DAD principle, delete, automate, delegate. Negate and minimize all the things on your plate today that are taking up your time and are definitely not high-impact activities.

Systemization can make things more manageable, so you don't have to do repetitive tasks every day. A system is a method, procedure, or routine which is created to carry out a repetitive activity in a strategic way. Systems can help you run your work and home life more efficiently and effectively. 

The last thing is delegation. If you want to ensure that all of the important work gets done, but you can’t do it yourself, find the right one to outsource it to. If somebody else has a skill set better than yours, you should be delegating it straight away. If you need help in a critical area, but you need a human to do that work, whether creative work or design work or something like that, you can think about delegation. This is one of the most important skills when you know you can’t do every single thing. There are two ways; to do it with an internal team or outsource it to an external unit.


Once you understand the difference between minimization, systemization, automation, delegation, then we can get into the next part, which is why we should automate, all you can automate, and what you cannot automate.

Here are five reasons why you need to automate, systemize, and delegate different parts of your life and your business: 

When you're able to automate, you'll be able to reduce your daily decision-making so that you can focus on bigger things; you’ll know which are your high-impact areas, and then you can only focus on those areas.

Systems work. People fail. If you don’t have time for family and friends, and you’re always stressed while you’re doing something, but you’re not getting closer to your goals then you’re on the wrong track. You should not be feeling guilty when you’re not working. Completing your topmost tasks shows how productive you are, not the amount of time spent on your computer or phone. If people are left on their own, they are bound to fail, and if you're able to follow a system or systemize some areas, then there's going to be faster progress.

Systemizing will protect you from you. Sometimes you get too creative and don't follow through on activities and actions because you don't have a system. So for me, I have a strategy. I work a four-day workweek. So I work for two days, take a break, work for two days and take a break. So that is a system that I’ve created for myself which protects me from trying anything ad hoc. Whatever ad hoc actions I have to do, I do it within that framework that I’ve created for myself

You can get all the humdrum things out of the way and get other people to do it for you. If cooking is tedious for you, you can outsource it; you can delegate it. If it is washing and cleaning stuff, anything that is repetitive and dull for you, you can get others to do it for you.

You can focus only on super productive tasks. Super productive tasks are those top twenty percent tasks that are going to get you eighty percent results.

You can systemize every aspect of your business. You can systemize the marketing, lead generation, and sales process. You can systemize the customer management process and only work on high-impact areas. For me, sales, content development, and tribe building are my top three areas because sales I wouldn't want to outsource to anyone. I want to do the sales myself. I use automated systems and webinars, but I still like to be there live when I do a live webinar. I'm not going to give it to somebody else to do it. 

Content creation I feel only I can create the content and bring it out the way I do. I do have systems for the way that I build my tribe, bringing out my unique flavor.

Distractions bombard us from no end of sources in today’s constantly connected world. Social media, text messages, phone calls, answering phone messages, emails, letters, the internet, TV, telemarketers, people around us. It’s a challenge to get anything done. 

If you want to achieve a four-hour day of super-focused work, try putting your phone on airplane mode. You'll be able to grow much faster if you're willing to consciously make these changes to increase your productivity. 

Knowing this and not doing anything about it is equal to not knowing.







This is the concept of having less and doing more, even physical space, digital space, emotional space. When you can clear the clutter in your physical space and your digital space, you'll have the bandwidth to do more. Less is more. This is a concept where you consciously minimize and create more happiness, focus, and productivity in your life. Minimalism is about removing unnecessary pastimes and hobbies that don’t add any actual value to your life.


To be a super-efficient human being, you need to think in terms of systems, think in terms of automation, and work towards minimizing things like distractions. Free yourself from things that drain your energy. Preparation is the key to success.  Stick to your workflow, avoid anything that can disturb it.  If you are firm and take the necessary steps to avoid interruptions, your day will be more productive. What is systemizing? It is nothing but making things easier.


This is when we run or operate something, such as a factory or system, using machines or tools instead of people to do the work. 

There are five reasons why automation of your life and systemizing your life is going to help you. The first reason is you can reduce your daily decision-making to focus on the bigger things in your life. Many simple things like what clothes to wear, what food to eat, your personal finance tracking, monitoring your health are things we do daily. Often this takes so much time it stops us from doing the bigger things in life. So the first step is how you can reduce daily decision making. If you cut back on certain aspects, it will free up more time to devote towards whatever pursuit you deem more worthwhile. 

Systems work. People fail. 

As humans, we are designed to fail but if we get into a system or we follow a strategy in our life, then there's a high chance that we can achieve our goals

Systemising will protect you from you. Systemize within your home itself; the basic stuff like cleaning the clutter, keeping everything in its rightful place, deep cleaning your home. You can systemize a way by which you can get others to do it for you that will give you more free space. You can have your house cleaning systemized in such a way that whoever is cleaning your home can do it efficiently. Give them clear guidelines on what has to be done, so it's maintained that way. Use the energy you save for more important things instead of micromanaging your helper. 

While reading this, you may be excited and say yes! I want to do this! But unless you create a system out of it, you're not going to follow through. Systems help you to achieve your goals. A system protects you from your own monkey mind that becomes easily distracted, so if you want to get anything done in life, your challenge will be to shut down the monkey mind.



Daily Learning

Spiritual Life



Daily Learning

You cannot automate this. You cannot systemize this. You have to do your bit of learning and if you ask me two hours a day is what I would recommend in today's day and age. If you want to stay up in the game and move forward, move fast in your field spend two hours a day learning. Did you know that Warren Buffett spends six to seven hours a day just reading? Then, based on all that knowledge, he makes those critical few decisions and the rest of the stuff he has people to do. So think about learning as a priority.

You cannot outsource meditation; you cannot outsource your spiritual growth. You have got to do it daily. I would recommend a minimum of one hour a day like I do one hour of japa meditation.


Again, this is something only you can do. You cannot get somebody else to do this for you. Journaling I would recommend 30 minutes per day whether you are doing a gratitude journal or reflections for the day. If you're doing it once in two or three days, please inculcate the habit of journaling. On a Mac, I use an app called Day One. I have all my journals from 2005 to date. There have been some gaps in between, but I can see a pattern of how I've been evolving over the last few years. Journaling has helped me a lot.

This is something that you have to do every single day. Don’t write down too many. Often people write down over ten goals. The brain can only remember so much and the reality is you won’t get to them all. I suggest you look at your goals with the mindset of single digits—no more than ten, but ideally less than five. Keep the list focused and realistic. 

For me,  it's 30 minutes per day. I have my goal card, for example, in my wallet. I have my goal card, which I've set for myself on where I want to be; by what timeframe. I have written it down; I visualize every day and have a vision board where I'm looking at my goals daily on what I want to achieve. So visualizing for 30 minutes a day is non-negotiable.


Here are some easy ways to minimize and de-clutter your life, freeing you up to be more creative, more productive, more efficient, more clear-headed, more friendly, more healthy, and less stressed. You should always try to do your best but don’t be too critical or set unrealistic standards for yourself. Remember that done is better than perfect. Try to finish the task even though it’s not 100% perfect. You will need to devote some time to put these systems into practice at first, but you will save so much time in the long run!

Reconsider changing the little things that add up to waste your precious time. This is where you can get all the boring stuff out of the way. The tiresome chores are what stops us; it’s like hitting the brakes. You're not fully hitting the brake, but you're like hitting the brake halfway so that there's a drag that happens in your life and the tiresome things are what create pain in our life.  Focus only on the super productive tasks. This can help you move much faster.

Personal Finances

My wife and I take care of the finances together and have created a system for managing your money. You’ll be able to get much better results; we like TWCGO.

There are a couple of tools that I recommend. You can automate personal finances with a formula from one of my mentors, who earns close to $1 million a month. He uses this formula called the TWCGO for the money that is credited into his bank account.

Taxes (30%) 
Wealth account (20%)
Charity (10%)
General household expenses (30%)
Operations for running his business (10%)

That means the minute something hits your bank account; someone can do all the allocations. 
You can use a tool called It’s a free tool by Intuit. There is another tool called YNAB tool where you can gain total control over your money. It’s a personal finance software that gives you excellent clarity across all the different bank accounts that you may have, all the cash on hand, and it will provide you with a really good snapshot and work out all your monthly budgets using this tool. YNAB, which stands for you need a is a beautiful tool, and I use that for managing all my finances. I use YNAB personally, and I’ve structured it into all the different buckets so I’m able to systemize personal finances. Most people get irrational with money matters, but when you’re able to remove the emotion and put that into a system, it will start to work for you so much more. You will not do impulsive buying, or you will not just be tight-fisted with money you’ll be able to do so much better in really utilizing your money in the best possible way.

You can also check out The Jar Principle by T. Harv Eker on Google.


The next part you can systemize is your diet now, depending on what your situation is. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not a dietitian, but I’ve created a system at home to streamline this. You can even create a weekly diet chart. A lot of us wake up in the morning, and we wonder about the day’s menu.

Siddharth Rajsekar | India's Leading Digital Coach

My wife and I made a list of all the possible things that we can have for breakfast, all the possible things that we can have for lunch, and all the possible things that we can have for dinner. There’s a lot of variety, and we grouped them into what will work best together so if you are doing breakfast with chappati one day, maybe we won’t repeat that for dinner. 

So we did permutations and combinations, and we mapped it out on a calendar of 30 days; and one is we have chunked it into a monthly calendar, and that calendar is on our fridge. I prefer a Herbalife shake. I’ve been doing it for more than 18 months now, and it gives me a lot of energy. I tried many other health supplements, but this is something that is like a balanced meal replacement. The minute I come and sit at 8 30 a.m. on my desk in the morning when I start work I’ve got the shake next to me and this is a system that I’ve created in my home where the cook makes sure that it is on my table at that particular time. Then I have some salads and some kind of snack at around 11:00 in the morning. My lunch is at 1:00. 

I do another shake because now an essential thing about the diet is that around 6:00 p.m. hunger that most people have really kills most people. You know they binge on all kinds of snacks and oily stuff in the evening between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. That’s why I need to have something good, and then my dinner is between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m., and then I’m done. My webinars are like I do at 9 00 p.m., so I’m done for the day by 8 00 p.m. as far as diet is concerned, so this is also an example of a system that I’ve given you. Right now, you can create a weekly diet. 

I would also highly recommend an app called Lifesum. You can track your steps; you can track your food intake, your calories, and everything. It’s got like an all-in-one guide there, and it’s super. I used it for some time, and I was able to see exactly what’s coming in and I could also plan my diet and stuff like that. So it’s an excellent way you can systemize your food. 

This is an app that I’m using where I can add what I’m eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including snacks, and it gives me the calorie count. It also links how much water I’m drinking in a day. I need to have at least 3 liters of water a day, and this app is tracking me and prompting me through the day. So you can use your smartphone to be more efficient, and you can systemize this into your life.


The third thing I would recommend is to minimize things in your home environment. Declutter your desk, your laptop, and your phone. Follow Marie Kondo’s rules by throwing away and deleting everything that you don’t use. Keep only the things that are either important or “spark joy”, like a plant or a framed photo on your desk.

Most of us have more items than we need cluttering up our homes. Discarding things that you no longer use or love will make you feel less burdened and tied down; if you’ve never used or which have no purpose in your house for and have been lying around for over two years. Put them all into one box, and if nothing comes to use after two months, just give it away to some orphanage or some blind school. So minimize things, declutter your home and make sure everything is in its place. There are some excellent apps like Urban Clap or House Joy you can use. Even with other outsourced services like pest control, I have a reminder system for myself every three months.


All of us have our monthly shopping list. Update your standard checklist regularly. I have fixed vendors offline. I shop a lot on Amazon and set some specific days on which I want to shop. So on Saturdays, we do vegetable shopping for the week.

For provisions by the third or fourth of the month, we have a standard list. I call my typical vendor who’s nearby home, and I just order it all. Again it’s systemized, and my wife just gives him the list. By evening the entire monthly stock comes home, and that’s it. The rest of the month, we don’t have to go shopping for the provisions, so this also is something that you can automate if you sit for an hour and plan every detail. 

If you are shopping on Big Basket or Amazon or getting your monthly groceries, you can do stuff like this. You can keep a standard monthly list and have fixed vendors online and offline. Some people prefer to be spontaneous because they dislike being too systemized, but you’ll have free space to create other things. You’ll be far more productive in your business. I want to systemize it, set and forget. It has to keep running like clockwork.

Plan Your Day

Use your calendar well. For me, morning meditation is essential, so I wake up and chant a japam, then drop my son at school, and I’m at my home office desk at 8.30 a.m.

Again focus on your high-impact activities; as I mentioned, spend four hours a day on high-impact activities. For example, creating a video takes me maybe a couple of hours, and then for marketing, one hour. Then I’ve focused on my other business. So 4 to 5 hours is what you need to work. From 8 30 and 9 30 a.m. I do a lot of personal learning, and then, in that state of mind, I am recording, and creating content. When I started on my business, I would spend maybe one or two hours a day learning, watching videos of my mentor, and then the next two hours just implementing whatever he said; implementing systems, implementing strategies, recording videos, and putting together all the systems. 

So if you can break it down into these two elements of creation and implementation; creating strategies, creating content, and then executing that and putting that out there, it will help you structure your day much better. All my meetings start from 11 a.m. to around 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. I finish off all my appointments by 3 p.m. when I pick up my son from school. Any clarifications on a one-to-one that I need to do with my teams, I do it between 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. At 5:30, I go for an hour of yoga and another 2 hours of walking in the park with my son. Back home at 7:00 - 7:30, so I’m fresh and energized to come back to work. I do my webinar from 9:00 - 10:00 p.m. We hit the sack by around 10 30 p.m. 

I use my calendar a lot. I want a four-day workweek structure. So I work on Monday and Tuesday, then I take a break on Wednesday. Then I work on Thursday and Friday with a break on Saturday and Sunday. So Mondays, I focus on the top three things that I need to do on Tuesday. When I look at a break on Wednesday, it is usually a thinking day. I drive out of town or stay in a hotel for a staycation. 

I got this idea from Bill Gates. He used to spend one week every three months just going and thinking in a log cabin without any technology. Nothing but reading a lot of books and taking a lot of notes. He comes out of that cabin with tons of ideas, which gets implemented later on in his business. So the whole concept of incorporating a thinking day within your week is impressive, and you can also do like top three on the other four days. So if you’re able to bring it down to the top 12 items or top high impact areas, 

For example, recording my videos is one of my top 12 action items for the week, and that’s why I’m doing this now. Saturday and Sunday, I try to spend time with the family as a spiritual day. This has been the routine, the way I’ve set my daily pattern. We can slightly shift more family time, take them out Sundays, go to the temple. I have planned my week in such a way so that I focus on the most important aspects at different chunks of the day, and I would like you to chunk your day in that way. 

Calendly is a tool where I’ve just set it up once with my calendar. Anybody who wants my time needs to go and set an appointment on Calendly, especially the people I’m coaching on a one-to-one basis, and I have only a few selected slots. For example, I don’t do any one-to-ones on Wednesday because that’s a free day for me. Sometimes I also do like a mid-afternoon midday matinee movie if I have to just de-stress. I’ve also planned one day of the week where I focus entirely on myself and not doing things for others, so that way, you can also design your day much better.

Clothes Shopping

Doing this online can also save you money on petrol, public transport, and car parking fees. It also takes less time, freeing you up for more productive or enjoyable activities. The minimalist concept challenges you to dress with 33 items or less for three months by creating a “capsule wardrobe.”

There are many benefits to minimizing your wardrobe, from saving money, making faster decisions, saving water and time spent on laundry, not to mention reducing your impact on the environment. I wear a lot of Nike Dri-FIT, and I’ve just got three pairs of jeans, around five of these shirts, I’ve got two or three of the black and white shirts that I keep wearing, so my wardrobe is minimalistic; I don’t have to make any big decisions. I just go in there, pick what is in there and just wear it. 

Some of the most successful people like Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs wear the same thing every day. Why? Because they focus on more significant decisions. Many people waste precious time thinking about what to wear, and they spend 20 minutes 30 minutes planning that. If you want to be a high achiever or move forward in life, unless your profession demands it, I would say you can automate this entirely or just systemize your entire wardrobe.


Most people would have the laundry systems set at home where the clothes go into different baskets for the adults and different baskets for the kids. I’ve got a young child, and I want that to be washed separately, so that has also been systemized.

If you’re somebody who doesn’t have a large family, you can use websites, and they just come pick up your clothes; you can systemize this. They come every two days collect the clothes, and it comes back clean, crisp, and ironed. That’s what you need. If you have fewer clothes, it can be smooth. The problem occurs when you’re changing three-four times a day.

Health and Fitness

You can systemize this as a part of your day. You cannot automate this, but you have got to be fit. You cannot just automate losing weight. You’ve got to do things for fitness, so that’s why I say systemize it. Block at least an hour a day for fitness, whatever may be your inclination.

For example, I’m more inclined to do yoga, you may be inclined to the gym, lifting weights, running, walking, depending on whatever fits you, but you have got to move every single day. What I recommend is to get an accountability partner. For me, my wife and I are accountable to each other, so she pushes me, and I motivate her. People do this class together, so that way it helps, and like I mentioned again, with the Lifesum app, there is an option where you can enter your fitness goals.

I’m also wearing an Apple watch, so I measure my fitness daily. They have an option that shows you the number of steps you have taken for the day, how long you stood for the day, and your movement. The overall exercise and action for the day are at least 5,000 steps. When doing the walking part, having an app is good for me; the data on this syncs up with Lifesum, and I know exactly what’s my fitness level, and when you systemize your health and fitness, it will impact all other aspects of your life. It will impact your business and your personal life. You’ll feel much more energized and active.


I’m looking at travel in two different ways; how you can systemize it. Many of you may travel from one place to the other as part of your profession. Some of you may travel a lot within your city. I would recommend planning your drive out in off-peak hours; that actually helps me. I like to use my road time for learning.

If I’m driving out of town, I like to listen to podcasts and things like that which actually helps me get more productive. I’m always feeding my mind with good stuff. 

When I plan to travel abroad, I just work with somebody who can get everything done instead of researching the tickets. If you’re traveling a lot, work with an agent if you can find somebody you relate with for all your ticketing. You don’t have to go and check the flights and do the booking and find the best, just work with somebody, pay them a little more; they’ll take about Rs. 300-400 more, but they can make your life much easier. Give them clarity and get them to do it, and see if how you can minimize your road time. 

If you have to drive from one place to another, one option is to use the drive time for learning. See how you can optimize your time, systemize that drive time to be doing other things. You should be listening to podcasts and keep learning and by the time you get to work, you would have used that time; sometimes it’s okay, but you can optimize much better.

Your Business

How can you systemize and automate your business? If you are doing everything yourself, if you’re the Superman superhero, you know what? You’re going to burn out, and that’s not the way to run a business. The way to run a business is to be on the company and create systems to help you scale. This is what I’ve been doing for my business.

I am systemizing every aspect; my marketing systems, my lead generation systems, my sales process, my people management. For my agency business, we have set up operations and procedures for every aspect. I do a one-hour call with my top team once a week, then once a month, we do a two-hour call. This way, I know what’s happening, so I don’t have to be there micromanaging anyone. I have set up all the checks and parameters we just review once weekly, which is why I’m able to run an entire business virtually from home. If you’re running a business, you need to focus only on the high-impact areas. For me, my high-impact areas are what I’m doing right now, content creation, training my internal teams, and networking I go to meetings and network with people, only for my top three areas. My teams completely handle execution. As far as my affiliate marketing business is concerned, my content is doing the work for me. The only high-impact areas that I work on are doing my webinars and again training and educating people. 

I did a lot of heavy lifting work to set up my system. It took me a lot of time to set it up, but now a lot of things are automated in my business.

Social Life

Ultimately, you need to have a wonderful social life; you need to go out to network, meet people; so fix that weekly slot; whether you want to catch a movie with friends, you want to systemize this. You can decide which days of the week you’re going to go out and have fun, because if you’re just working like a robot, then there’s no joy in life.

We are social animals, we need to engage with our peers and have a good social life. My social life is that I go to the temple on Sundays and meet many different people there. I connect with like-minded people and of course, I attend a lot of business events. I have like both; spiritual circles and business circles, also BNI, and my good friends.

Internet Lifestyle

Finally, I want to build a business on how you can live the internet lifestyle. I’m going to go deeper into how you create a freedom-based business model for yourself, how to build a $1000 a week digital business that gives you freedom and choice to do whatever you want, whenever you want, based on automation and delegation.



Automation can give you freedom. If you’re a digital coach, if you’re a trainer or a consultant so that you can free a lot of your time and you can maximize your efficiency in your business growth, I have just like two or three freelancers working for me. And I’ve scaled my business rapidly without many human components because I have implemented automation at a level that very few people are implementing in this space. 

A lot of people have basic websites, email automation, and autoresponders. You can set the trigger point and then actions after that as a one-time set and forget model. For me, setting up all my automation was a one-time effort, but it has saved me hundreds of hours which otherwise would have been manual work. These are recommended professional-level tools. The other way to maximize your profits in a digital coaching business is to implement automation.

Automation Tools - 

If you want to put your business into GOD MODE, you need to use an integrator tool like Zapier. This tool is the most popular in the automation space used by most of the world’s most prominent marketers. An integrator is a tool that connects multiple other tools. Example - If you want all the details of a person who has just completed buying your product using PayPal to go into a Google Spreadsheet automatically, then you can use a tool like Zapier. Zapier starts at just $20/month and increases based on the number of automation tasks every month. 

Zapier is a tool that integrates many other devices. If you want to maximize your profitability as a digital coach, you have to automate all the repetitive tasks which take a lot of your time. This is how I’m able to save time:

All these steps happen within a few seconds, automatically. It might have taken me a few minutes per customer if I had to do this manually. But Zapier has saved me thousands of hours.

Automation is going to play a critical role in your overall profitability. 

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates, co-founder Microsoft 

I stumbled across this fantastic tool called MightyNetworks. MightyNetworks and Circle are two of the best community-building platforms out there. With over 10,000 members in my private network, it becomes easier for me to communicate with my tribe. Platforms like these have all the features that Facebook has. Groups, Events, Newsfeed, and Forums. Today I have a lot of facilitators in my tribe who answer questions posted by new members. All the interactivity happens inside the private network. The purpose of building your personal network is:

To provide better support for your paid members
To have more control over your communication with paid members
To provide a home online for your premium customers
To help your paid members network with other members
To showcase success stories and information within the network
To help members find accountability partners within the tribe
To help all members connect with your community brand

These are just a few points, but there are so many more advantages of having your private network compared to just using a Facebook or a WhatsApp group. While I love using a Facebook group to invite the public who are still not my customers, I love MightyNetworks for all my paid members. Your LMS is going to be your members’ area for all your students. They will be able to access all their courses by logging in with their username and password. It becomes so much easier for you as a knowledge giver to expand your reach and impact with your knowledge. 

When I used to do live training and seminars, I reached out to around 500-600 people in a year. After putting my courses on a platform like Teachable, I reached out to more than 45,000 students in a year. That is the power of setting up your knowledge portal, comparable to putting up courses on Udemy or other public platforms. When I put up my classes on Teachable, I have complete control over my content and systems. All the technology hassles are taken care of by them. All I have to do is pay them a nominal monthly subscription to use their tool. The best part is that I’m able to map this to my custom domain. 

If you want to test drive Teachable, go to

Appointment System - 

Do you have a tough time managing your appointments and calendars? If so, you need a proper appointment system. As a digital coach, you need a more streamlined way to fix one-to-one sessions with your students. These appointments automatically synchronize with your calendar, and that’s best! After trying many systems and tools in the market, I found Calendly one of the best. It’s simple to set up your meetings and available time slots. You can test drive this tool on

Calendly starts with a free version. In their premium version, it has an option where you can synchronize this with Zoom. As soon as someone books a time slot with you, a Zoom link automatically gets created and sent to them. This will save you a lot of time. All you need to do is open your calendar and click on the Zoom link to start your meeting.

Funnel System - 

Yes, you may have a website, but that’s only for people to discover you. A funnel system is your lead capture system. Its only purpose is to help you collect leads and drive them into your email marketing system. I have tested many funnel builders over the years - OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, GrooveFunnels, Instapage, Unbounce, and more. Honestly, all of them are great. They have their pros and cons. The one I love and use regularly is ClickFunnels. The reason I like this tool is because of its speed of use. I’m able to build funnels on this tool much faster than other tools, and more importantly, I’m able to share these funnels with the paid members of my community. So if I have spent a lot of time designing a funnel, all I do is, make a copy of that and share it as a link to my members. It saves my members a lot of time and energy trying to build their funnels. That’s why I like ClickFunnels, and I’m okay with paying a monthly fee of $97/month to use their system. 

If you are starting and not generating any income from your coaching business, just stick to ConvertKit, use their landing page builder (which is simple), and begin to generate revenue. Once you are making some money, then upgrade your funnel builder to ClickFunnels. 

“Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.” – Kim Collins. 

You can test-drive ClickFunnels on The more important reason to use a funnel builder is to drop in all your tracking codes: Google, Analytics, Facebook pixels, Google pixels, and more. When you add all the conversion tracking pixels into each stage of the funnel, you will be in a better position to track the effectiveness of your business. That’s why you must never cut corners on all these essential tools. You need these and you need to learn how to use them one by one. If you are in my community, you know how simple I make learning and launching these tools.

Link Tracking Tool - 

You might have heard of before. This is an example of a link tracking tool. This tool aims to help you understand how many people are clicking on your links and track where they are coming from. Location, device type, browser type, and more. Bitly is free and an excellent tool to start with. But if you want more advanced tracking as a professional user, I highly recommend a tool called ClickMagick. These are the benefits of using a link tracking tool:

You can track the number of clicks.
You can track their location.
You can track whether clicks are coming from mobile or laptop.
You can track which browsers people are using.
You can activate the link to be visible only in specific countries.
You can track conversion rates - lead conversion, sales conversion, and more.
You can also put your links on link rotators to split test your marketing better.
You can map all your tracking links on your custom domain (not just bitly)

There are a lot more features available if you use a professional link tracking tool like ClickMagic. There are many other alternatives to it, but I have been using this for more than 5 years without any issues.

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker. 

You can test-drive ClickMagick on

Payment Gateways - 

While all the above systems are core to your business, it’s never complete until you have your payment gateways set up. This section will list all the top payment gateway solutions and other resources and tools to make it smoother for you to collect payments and track your sales.

1. Instamojo - If you are based in India, this is one of the best payment collection engines. It’s pretty easy to set up your account if you have your company and bank accounts set up. You can create different products and payment links in this system. Once set up, you can share the payment link with your prospects where they will be able to make a payment via credit card, debit card, net banking, and other options. The best part is that you can track all your data on a single dashboard once the payment is received. Additionally, you will also be able to process refunds as well as send messages to your customers from this platform. 

2. RazorPay - I love using both Instamojo and RazorPay. From my experience, these two are the best payment collection engines if you reside in India. RazorPay has pretty much all the RazorPay has pretty much all the features that Instamojo has. The only difference is that this tool has some advanced API integration features with other payment engines. So if you want to build custom solutions for receiving payments, RazorPay is a good option. I use both systems in parallel. In case people are unable to process the payment on Instamojo, I have an alternate payment link on RazorPay. I’m also able to receive international payments in USD and other currencies on RazorPay. Currently, on Instamojo, I can only set the receivable currency as INR. 

3. Stripe - This is a global player, one of the world’s most trusted payment processors. Since I reside in India, I have this as a backup payment engine. They have an excellent dashboard and advanced features and integrations with numerous platforms. My Teachable learning management system directly integrates with Stripe. If anyone buys my products now on my knowledge portal, that payment gets routed into my Stripe account. This way, I can track direct payments vs other payments on separate payment gateways. Ultimately, all payments hit the same bank account. I prefer having just ONE bank account for receivables. And ONE debit card for all my tools and payments. 

4. PayPal - This is the world’s most popular payment engine. I usually do not use PayPal for receiving payments as I already have the above options. I mainly use PayPal as a backup just in case someone cannot make the payment on RazorPay or Stripe. My PayPal account is mainly used to receive affiliate commissions. That way, I can track all my inflows from other sources besides my core products. I also use PayPal to make all my tool payments to pull all the reports once a month and track all tool expenses in one place.


How can you automate your leads? You would have heard of this concept called email autoresponders; it’s the most basic form of automation. If somebody comes on your landing page, and they give you their name and email, you can send them a whole sequence of emails for as many days as you want after they have signed up on your form. So email automation is the most basic form of automation that you can do. If somebody saw your lead magnet you could invite them to a free webinar, or a free giveaway, or a free ebook, you can send them a whole series of emails that can nurture them. Even after that, there’s one level deeper in this. 

You may also have multi channel lead communication. The way I collect leads is not just the email ID, because email ID is just one of the options. Email is an important channel, but I’m also noticing the email open rates are going down, and there are other channels where we can get much better engagement. 

I’m able to correspond with a specific audience in a much better way with WhatsApp groups. Someone who attends my webinar can join a WhatsApp group. Then you have a whole reminder sequence of that too, if you can use the Facebook group. So after you’ve collected the lead, you can automate a process by which they get into the Facebook group itself would on your thank you page. 

And the third thing that you can do is also have SMS automation when you collect people’s mobiles numbers. SMS open rates are much higher than any other platform that I’ve seen; even than chatbots, provided you have the right messaging in place. So as a part of your automation, you can do email, SMS, and group automation. This is the first of the seven different things that you can automate.


Let’s come to the second one, sales automation. Now, as automation can happen in a few ways, how can you automatically get somebody to buy your product? An SMS automation process that you can implement this the easiest way to do an automated webinar. If you go to this link,, it is an automated webinar that is working 24x7. I’m getting sales through them, this particular training. So you can have an automated sales funnel happening through an automated webinar. 

The second sales automation that you can do is using a tool called Webinar Jam. Webinar Jam has some excellent features for tagging. So when somebody comes to a webinar they get tagged as an attendee. If somebody misses the webinar, they get tagged as someone who’s missed. If somebody leaves the webinar early, they get tagged as somebody who’s missed the webinar. If someone has stayed to the end of the webinar, or up to a particular point, maybe one hour, they get tagged as somebody who attended the webinar. So for each of these four different segments of lists, I have additional sales automation going over there. 

So the people who attended my webinar, I gave them some goodies. If somebody has bought my product, they won’t get this kind of notification. Those people who participated in the webinar but did not buy it would get a whole series of communication, giving them another opportunity to buy the same thing. If somebody missed my webinar, I would bring them to the automated webinar. If somebody came and stayed till a particular point, I would give them some gifts. You can do different things regarding sales automation, how you can drive sales based on this.

You can make sales by chasing those who came on your landing page, who went on the product purchase page but did not buy it. You can even remarket them. That also would be done by automation. 

I’m just giving you an overall idea of how the study works. 

You can see over here more to do with data aggregation. There’s a concept that I learned from my mentor. And it is what I shared with you earlier, but let’s go deeper into this. Now, how can you aggregate data? Data aggregation is a process of you segmenting your audience and your list to have different communication for them based on various stages that they’re in your journey. 

You have to look from the cold market to the warm market, warm market to becoming a customer. There’s a warm to hot, hot to customer. And then there are different levels of customers. I have a whole data aggregation sequence. If somebody becomes a lead, they get tagged as a webinar lead. If someone clicks on any of the links on my web, in my emails, they get tagged as someone serious about it because they’ve engaged in my emails. They’re not just left the emails unopened. Some people have not opened my emails. After some time, they automatically get deleted from the whole system, like the people who put fake email addresses. We have the ones who engaged with emails. Then I run people through, which is a qualification form. This determines whether they would be ready for digital coaching or not. If somebody goes through this qualification form and qualifies, I tag them as a separate segment in my data aggregation list.

So we have cold leads. We have engaged leads, and we have qualified leads. And then, when they come to my webinar, attendees are the hot leads because they’ve engaged with me. 

And then with customers, I have three, four different segments. So if anyone buys my product on any of my links, they automatically get tagged into whichever stage they’re in. And the best part is everything happens in complete God mode. I’m not doing anything physically. I’m not doing anything manually. And this has saved like hours or hundreds and thousands of hours of effort if I had to do these tasks manually.


You can automate your advertising on Facebook ads. You have some rules. I’m not sure many people have tried this, but those of you who want to explore this, you can do that. You can set up different ad sets when you’re running ads. 

So, for example, you’re running a campaign and targeting that campaign to get more people to come and do a webinar. And when one is getting them to a webinar, which is my fragmental Facebook ads method, you have to have multiple strands of ads. Under the campaign, you need to have at least 5 to 10 different ad sets, each ad set targeting a different target segment. And under each ad set have multiple ads, a combination of various media, a combination of video, image, and other media, such as a blog. 

So when you have this fragmented Facebook advertising when you have multiple ads, let’s say, for example, you’re spending Rs.1000 a day, it should be distributed to at least 10 to 20 views. That’s how Facebook can bring it and make it work for you. 

You can set rules for Facebook ads like if the cost per lead goes above a particular level, the ad should automatically switch off after waiting for two days, three days, or whatever; you can set those rules. So once you can put in like a cap on ad automation, the kind of level of control that you can have on your cost per lead is fantastic. 

As I mentioned, very few people do this, but you can go deep into learning this and implementing this. It is possible to get 3 X, 5 X, 10 X returns on ad spend, ROAS.


I love this part the most in my system, which I have customized for myself. You have reports which are already available on Facebook if you’re running Facebook ads or Google ads. 

You can also customize a dashboard for your business, sitting on Google sheets. So if anyone buys any of your products, their data goes into a Google sheet. It totals up how much revenue is being generated. How much did they pay based on what payment processor they paid with? This instant module is PayPal Stripe. You can have all these different payment processes on a real-time dashboard. If you open the dashboard, you’ll be able to know what is the exact number of sales until today. Real-time, what is the total ad spends? What is the CPA, cost per acquisition, on the level one program? What is the lead to level one conversion ratio? What is the level one to level two conversion ratio? Everything is real-time; at the exact second, it gets updated. 

Now, when you can see your entire business on a single line report like this for every month, once you’re able to see a single line report like this, it gives you control, like never before. You can make decisions on the fly with reporting automation. 

If you know the CPA for Facebook or CPA for Google cost per acquisition for a customer. You can track that pattern on a monthly basis. Then you can check what kind of revenue has come out of Google alone? What type of revenue has come from Facebook alone? And how many have upgraded from one to the next, depending on where they’re coming from. So this is reporting automation. It may seem like a lot to understand, but you have to get started. And there’s so much more to this game that you don’t know, but if you get into this, it’s going to open up a whole new dimension to you for running and building and scaling a business. 
But you can only scale if you’re able to implement this.

 The Customer Support Bot 

This is another automation, which is very important. Anyone who has logged into my learning management system and the bottom may have noticed I have a chatbot in which I have preloaded more than 200 to 300 questions that people ask regularly. In some cases, I pointed them to the resource inside my community itself, where they can get the answer. So customer support automation has saved me so much time. Earlier, one used to respond to many emails on the same questions being repeated, now with the introduction of the chatbot, which is called the freedom bot, people will log into a system that has opened up a whole new dimension to them. Being able to get an instant support answer specifically on the question that they want delights customers. 

Otherwise, they are directed to a resource, a video, or a download. So you can even automate your customer support. 

Finally, you can automate your messenger bots. You can have these on your website, blog or even on your Facebook page. In fact, if any of you want to experiment with my messenger bot, okay. You can just go and go and check out this link. It’ll take you to my Facebook messenger and just go and type the words, dtc.


Lead Automation
Sales Automation
Reporting Automation

Lead Automation - Imagine a lead registers for your webinar and for some reason, they miss the webinar. When this happens, you can automate a process where this lead can be tagged as a “missed webinar” lead. You can send a whole different stream of communication to this person, with resources and reminders for them to attend the next webinar or you could also send them a replay. 

Let’s say someone attends the webinar but does not buy your product. Then you can tag them as a “webinar attendee, but not yet a customer. For this person, you can have a different sequence of emails that can nurture them with more valuable information, till they eventually buy your product. If a lead converts into a paying customer into your Level 1 course, you can have a different set of emails going to them, orienting them on how they can get started on the journey with you as a paid customer. 

If you noticed, there are 4 different segments of leads:

Registered Lead

Missed Webinar Lead

Webinar Attendee Lead

Customer Lead

I use a tool called ConvertKit (, where I’m able to segment all my leads into the respective lead stages, and I’m also able to communicate with them on a different level. This helps me get a better open rate in my emails which leads to better conversions, and ultimately profits. 

Sales Automation - You can also automate your sales process by getting your prospects to buy your products by watching a video or attending an automated webinar. In an automated webinar, the people will feel that the session is live, but in reality, it is not. This will give you so much more leverage as a knowledge giver, provided you have a proven sales pitch and process in your webinar. 

Reporting Automation - Imagine you can see all your leads, sales, and customer data in one single Google spreadsheet where all the numbers get updated in real-time. This is how I have set up my business. From the time I started my business till date, I have all the data sitting in one simple Google spreadsheet with a single dashboard.


1. Digital Coach Blueprint 
11 Part Video Course

2. Digital Coach Masterclass 
Register For Live Session 

3. Freedom Budget Blueprint 
One-Page Business Plan

4. Freedom Bundle
Join The Community

5. FourPercent
Join The Community 

6. Consulting Accelerator
Top Notch Consultant Training

7. NameCheap
Buy Your Domains Here 

8. WPX Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting 

9. Bluehost
WordPress Hosting 

10. ConvertKit
Email Marketing System 

11. GetResponse
Email Marketing System 

12. Flodesk
Email Marketing System

13. Demio
Webinar System 

14. WebinarJam
Webinar System 

15. EverWebinar
Automated Webinar System

16. Teachable
Learning Management System 

17. Calendly
Appointment System 

18. ClickFunnels
Funnel Building System 

19. ClickMagick
Link Tracking System

20. Zapier
Automation System 

21. MightyNetworks
Private Network Platform 

22. Instamojo
Payment Gateway (India)

23. Razorpay
Payment Gateway (India)

24. Stripe
Payment Gateway (Global)

25. PayPal
Payment Gateway (Global) 

26. CollectChat
Website Chatbot System 

27. ManyChat
Facebook ChatBot 

28. Vimeo Private
Video Hosting 

29. Wistia Private
Video Hosting 

30. Digital Market
Freelance Marketplace 

31. eCamm Live
Video Streaming 

32. ScreenFlow
Video Editing Tool (Mac) 

33. Camtasia
Video Editing Tool (Windows)

34. Mindnode
Mind Mapping Tool (Mac) 

35. Garageband
Audio Editing Tool (Mac) 

36. UseProof
Social Proof Tool

37. Telegram
Messenger Chat 

38. Mint Personal
Finance Tool 

39. YNAB Personal
Finance Tool 

40. Attract IO eBook
Creation Tool 

41. Zoom
Webinar & Meeting Tool 

42. Canva
Image Editing Tool 

43. InShot
Video Editing App 

Disclaimer: Some of the links are my affiliate links. I make a commission if you decide to purchase them


Siddharth Rajsekar | India's Leading Digital Coach

The future of business is automation. The future of a knowledge business is about getting into these granular level automation implementations that we need to do, which can save you a lot of time, energy. This is the only thing that can help you scale. 

Trust me, the more human competent you have in a system you’ll have less scalability there. But if you’re able to bring automation competent, that can actually follow it’s like iron man, you know, that has to be man plus machine. If it’s only man, it won’t really work. I would like to automate every single area of your life so that you can be super-efficient and super productive, only doing work that you really need to do. 

Watch what happens when you automate or systemize things that are time-consuming and repetitive. You will add more hours to your day – that’s the magic of time efficiency.

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      If you want to put your business into GOD MODE, you need to use an integrator tool like Zapier. This tool is the most popular in the automation space used by most of the world’s most prominent marketers. An integrator is a tool that connects multiple other tools. Example – If you want all the details of a person who has just completed buying your product using PayPal to go into a Google Spreadsheet automatically, then you can use a tool like Zapier. Zapier starts at just $20/month and increases based on the number of automation tasks every month.

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      3. As a coach what I shouldn’t delegate: Learning, spiritual life, journaling and visualising my goals.
      4. Loved TWCGO formula to manage my finances.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights! ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Rutu Amaliyar

      1.)mindset of ‘Less is More’ is so essential to achieve true success by financial freedom!
      2.)Systems work. People fail.— systemize everything and have it in mind from the day 1 as end goal to taste time freedom!
      3) Money management system- I can automate personal finances with a formula- TWCGO!!

    • prem alvares

      This is as big as a book ! Delegate and automate routine tasks. There are physical tasks and electronic tasks.
      When a customer receives prompt responses to their actions it builds confidence and reputation.

      You can’t outsource Breathing ! So there are many things that are too personal to delegate or outsource.

      Automation is going to be a serious way forward in life because we are going to focus on living as man-kinds future.

      Lots of food for thought in this eBook

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights! ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Digital NiGo

      Now life and our journey will be automated.
      MPTY SIdz for keep us informed and connected.

    • Maneesha Bhat

      Systemizing has always been a personal challenge for me in the past and most of the times, it lead me to Randomness rather than Conscious Decisions.

      And this guide has been the excellent step by step delegation, automation resource not just for me but for my entire family so we focus on what is important., what is needed to be done rather than just following any random actions and going with the flow.

      I especially loved the way you planned the diet, and the day to bring mind in that correct state and then implement what is learnt.
      Focus exclusively with a TUNNEL level FOCUS.

      This ultimate guide is super awesome and has done an amazing help both in personal and professional life. THANKS A TON SIDZ ♥♥

    • Satish Trimukhe

      Great Ultimate Guide.

      It is Race against TIME.

      We must be get ready for Automation for Maximisation of our time.


      Thanks Sidz.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights! ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Pushpraj Singh

      It is perfect eye opening guide, why people fails in automating the things, which is needed more.
      A step by step guide how to get success in automating every aspect of life and digital courses.

      Explained the need and formula to automate.

      It is MAGICAL guide to your Super Success.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks a ton, Pushpraj! Really appreciate your feedback. More power to you!

    • Usha Karimpanakkil

      What really stuck a cord with me are the list of things which cannot be automated – Learning, Spirituality, Journaling.
      You sometimes forget how important continuous learning and inveting in self is.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights!I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Supriya Raja

      Hi Sidz ,

      It is an amazing guide . It is a very step by step to automating your entire life, both personal and business. it is so opening that We can automate our diet , leads, shopping, time etc. Truly worth it.

      Thanks a lot .

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Supriya! Your feedback really made my day! Glad to serve you 🙂

    • Maya Talkar

      Simplest guide to live a freedom life by not automating your daily learnings, spiritual life, journaling and visualising your goals and automate rest of the things in your life.

      Thank you so much Sidz for these guides which is really helping me push myself and implement it one step at a time.

    • Kantigiri goswami

      This pdf guide is very much useful as far automation is the need for hour. The real freedom is automation or autopilot status. I am totally cleared about the automation as I have felt autopilot during my sorties of helicopter in Indian Air Force when it was put in autopilot mode. I will definitely use automation as per your guidance. I love automation. Thanks for such an initiative to provide me this type of crisp information.

      I can never leave amazing community for rest of my life.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights! ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Satheesh Veliyath

      The guide is a gold mine. Thansk you Sidz for simplifying this topic which is very alien to many including me.
      – There can be a lot done when it is a combination of minimizing, systemize and automate.
      – Application of DAD formula is a super hack that can help in achieve automation.
      – Automation helps to Focus on bigger things that is important
      – It is not just processes but a lot more things can be automated like Personal FInance, Fitness, shopping etc.
      – Processes like Appointments, Link tracking, payment gateways,Webinar selling etc. so there is more freedom.
      – The more you can simplify the better.Simplicity leads to proftability

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights! ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Deepmala Singh

      An awesome guide on automation , as automation is the only way towards our freedom in this journey –

      My biggest learnings from this automation guide is –
      1) Systems work , people fail – so create a system . Automate every single area of our business.
      2) Different tools of automation for business- extremely valuable .
      3) The skill to automate , systematize and delegate professional as well as personal areas of life – to support in growth .

      Thankyou Sid for always giving us so much value.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable ! More to unfold.. 😉

    • Rohini Gupta

      Love the idea that ‘the best method would be a combination of minimizing, systemize and automate. Some areas you can systemize, some areas you can automate where you have to do it once then you forget about, and minimizing is a third aspect where you have less to do more. Most of us get stuck in life because we have too much stuff around us, and it does not allow us to move forward or do things at a much faster pace.’

      Made me ponder over what I can automate, systemize, and delegate, in my business as well as every area of my life!
      Very comprehensive and deep guide! An eye-opener for personal and business growth!

      Thank you for the wonderful teacher you are, Sidz, who simplifies the most complicated stuff!

    • Srinivas TR

      It is Crazy, Awesome Guide. Very useful for. You are impacting, Transforming thousands of lives who in turn are impacting others. Look forward for more such guides.

      More Power to you to inspire, Motivate and ignite mentees

      Cheers Srinivas T R

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable ! More to unfold.. 😉

    • Satish Trimukhe

      Great Ultimate Guide.

      It is Race against TIME.

      We must be get ready for Automation for Maximisation of our time.


      Thanks Sidz.

    • Babu Khan

      Wonderful guide. Very precise, to the point and complete in all aspect. Grateful for list of tools in detail. Simple to comprehend.


    • arvind jain

      your purity makes you super productive. I admire your mentors and you for the excellence you pump into humanity. Wov.

    • Brayn Dias

      Dear Sidz,

      I’m privileged to Have you as my mentor. Thanks for putting entire journey in a pdf and helping. Really great stuff.

      Stay Blessed
      Brayn Dias

    • Sheebba Chemaraseri

      Powerful guide. Very useful for all knowledge seekers. Thanks a lot Siddharth sir.

    • Prakash Karnani

      Simply phenomenal guide for automation of life digitally mentally financially socially , business areas sll business functions ,family , spiritual , etc etc
      All digital solutions are difficult to implement but u make things so clear snd simple that it looks so easy to implement but when we do it we find it tough but your community snd your personal mentoring in group coaching is so precise and accurate generally most problems if all get satisfied or u May address it one to one in group and solve it or your community facilitators help . It’s simply amazing ! God bless you always ! Thank you Sidz . Mow it depend on us how well we or I follow you and achieve the results I want for myself and my life .thru automation !

    • Mangesh Billava

      It’s really an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and fulfill our dreams and desires. thank you very much for your support, time, and energy.

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