Do you want to know how I started writing my book YOU CAN COACH? In this podcast, I go deep into all the elements.

What’s in this episode?

Step 1 – How I came up with the CENTRAL IDEA

Step 2 – How I decided on the BOOK TITLE

Step 3 – How I created the book content STRUCTURE

Step 4 – How I planned GROWTH ELEMENTS before writing the book

Step 5 – How I approached the WRITING PROCESS

Step 6 – How I got INTERVIEWS from other influencers

Step 7 – How I planned the GRAPHICS for my book

Step 8 – How I crafted my MARKETING STRATEGY

Step 9 – How I approached the PUBLISHING STRATEGY

Step 10 – How I planned the NEXT BOOK idea while writing this one

I cover all this and more in this podcast. Please listen to this episode fully and share your comments below.

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Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    47 replies to "How I Planned My First Book Launch Strategy In 10 Steps"

    • Vidyadhar Alhat

      It is very useful if someone wanted to write a book. 10 useful steps are valuable steps.

    • TL Sushanth Ram

      Sidz, you are amazing. You laid out the process of seeding and germination, I am so blessed to be part of your community. Infact, I would like to focus on book writing and I will follow the process you listed

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Sushanth!! Glad you got some cool tips from this to launch your next book!

    • Rugmini Mishaw

      10 steps mentioned is very important and helpful for all the upcoming writers…Thank you

    • Mamtha Agarwal

      Your amazing sid the best inspiration for students being a student when I see you and the way u plan I feel amazing to get in touch with you and build myself into my big dreams thank you so much for your precious time for us.

    • Mahathi Gorthi

      My take away
      collaboration with like minded highly knowledgeable people is always a win win win situation

    • Geetha Jeevani

      Amazing this truely inspires to organise plan and put the content out there just not content also gave direction how to create impact
      planned book content
      chapters and content
      include case studies influencer stories
      marketing strategy
      – including influencer storiws even they promote
      – quotes from book
      – # tag u can coach
      – # book is launching create the curiosity
      – launch in differernt communities and your communities
      – pre launch email list
      – pod cost of big influencer speaking about book
      – and talking about the book with other influencers

      #ILH DeepLearner

    • Sneha Rajput

      Marketing strategy is good .l am publishing my second book. You too buy and review it.

    • Janardhan. P.H.

      Hearty CONGRATULATIONS Sidz, for writing a book.
      The three take aways, plan, launch and grow are really practicable and will add value to your readers and community as well.
      You are not only strengthening, but also diversifying your coaching industry, by writing series of books, and including the INTERVIEWS of different, successful Legends and your own students will be DEFINITELY A WIN- WIN STRATEGY.
      This strategy has massive success track record in the History.
      Cheers and good spirits to you.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Janardhan! Yes, there’s always more power in collaboration than competition.

    • Nishigandha Mahajan

      1.CENTRAL IDEA: original title of first book digital tribe, second title freedom business model. Set aside idea for while…let it season, then revisit it. Breakthrough will happen by working,taking experiences and talking to people.

      2.BOOK TITLE: title should be in alignment with central idea. when you have set things into motion, when you are constantly thinking about it, it will pop right up in your head one day; that result it aggregated effect of all the thinking you have been doing about it.

      3. CONTENT STRUCTURE: research and analysis of structures of other books.
      there are 3 parts to the book: Plan, Launch and Grow. and there are 3 chapters under 3 parts.once the structure was clear, the subtitle of the book got clearer.

      4. GROWTH ELEMENTS: 1st: not only theory but also stories which changed the trajectory of life. theory + stories + lessons learnt. 2nd: visibility of book to the audience even before launching the book to gain leverage. 3rd: make a list of legends and industry experts and get Interviews from them that’s how book will have not only sidz audience but all other interviewees audience. It’s win win for all.
      5. WRITING PROCESS: put together the mind map and decide which are the main concepts you want to share in each chapters then do brain dump audios. upload audios to to get back as transcribed audio notes. then refine it.
      6. INTERVIEWS: set of similar questions and communicating these questions to those people and ask them the answers in any form possible(written or audio form). then basic proof reading and formatting of interviews happened.
      7. GRAPHICS: 10 to 15 Infographics for the book. it gives visual effect to book.
      8. MARKETING STRATEGY: 1. including interviews of different influencers. 2. landing page for book to have pre launch email list. 3. lot of posts on social media. use of book hashtags. training of subconscious mind. 4. mega online launch event. 5. talking about the book, mentioning the book wherever possible.
      9. PUBLISHING STRATEGY: traditional publishing and self publishing in various formats and on various platforms. self publishing better for beginners.
      10. NEXT BOOK: next level to previous book. win win situation for everyone.

      book is not just an information tool but it is branding tool, marketing tool,etc. purposes of the book can be different for every author.
      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Chetan

      Hello Sidz, Below are my ILH Deep Learning from Podcast.

      Podcast: How I Started Writing My First Book & What TO Expect
      Date: 12th May’21

      – Central Idea of / for the book should 100% resonate with who we are.
      – Refer to other successful book for STRUCTURE of the book. (Parts, Category, Chapters etc.)
      – Growth Elements came about in the book with win-win collaboration with other influencers
      – How to Transcribe audio – text & rewrite to refine (
      -InfoGraphics at the end of each chapter is for higher retention value of the knowledge.
      -Mktg Strategy: HasTag, Email List, Pre-Launch, Online Launch Event with SGS, Launch within ILH, Collaborating with other influencers.
      – Self Publishing is good way begin our journey as a author.
      – Next Book – I CAN COACH Volume 1-2-3-4-5.
      -Writing a book os not always about Branding & Marketing. Core Purpose is & should be to give massive value through the book. Branding & MKTG will automatically happen as side-effect.

      Thank You, Sidz. More Power & Success To Your Brand New Book. YOU CAN COACH.

      Chetan Poojari

    • RITU

      Thankyou sir.Your work is by heart .

    • Mahesh Deshmukh

      Amazing Sidz.
      Clarity is power and provides fuel to take massive action.
      All ten chapters and process you developed provides crystal clear clarity.
      This not only removes confusion but also will inspire many wishful authors to take next step of action and launch the book as early as possible.
      By the way i am also wishful author, thinking and dreaming one day i will publish my book.
      I am super duper charged and going to publish my book very soon.
      More power, prosperity and peace to you.




      Honestly , After going through Broad cast , I too want to write a book. I thought of writing a book , but till now it has not happened .Hope your work will spark my dream…

      My idea is to write a Book On
      “How to Live a Happy family Life”
      without moving away from your dear and near ones ,(your parents , Your close relatives etc) .

      There is tremedous rise in broken marriages .
      I believe a good or a high EQ person can make his family life much more fruitful and lively than a person who is having more IQ or very less EQ .I believe before marriage the bride , the bride groom and there parents and close relatives should definitely should or try to get some good advise from there family counseling doctors or from professional counselors before the marriage of there son /daughter

      I have lot few more advises from my own personal and also from other couples young and old ,how they applied to overcome there difficulties and lived a great and awesome family life .

      Any way one day I will also try to fulfill my dream of writting a book, which I think it will benefit or help to create a healthy and social responsible society .
      Hope you agree with me .

      Any way Great start Siddharth.

      Siddharth ,you know the word “Sidddan” means a person has got the power to heal , So let your thoughts and words reflected through your books and your webinars and through other media help to change the mind and thoughts of much more and more…. people in the coming years .

      Best Regards,
      George Varghese
      Food Processing & Certified Energy– Consultant

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks George!! Love the way you have expressed yourself. More power to you! Let’s heal the world together and make it a better place!


          Dear Siddharth,

          Thank you very much for your warm reply.

          Siddharth , there is a saying in the Bible,

          If any body have a faith or belief as a small mustard seed(smallest among the seedss) and if you ask the mountain to shift and move into the Ocean/ sea , it will definitely happen.

          Jesus was mentioning this during His preaching

          You know the specialty of a mustard seed , If you throw few mustard seeds in the hottest oil it will only break / split into two or more pieces , you cannot melt it or soften it .
          It is as tough as rock , like you can only break a rock into pieces.
          Like this you can find so many wonderful & inspiring quotes in The BIBLE

          So Siddharth.. , Along with all of us ,I strongly Pray to Almighty God to Guide you helping millions of people to live a happy and a Joyful life(Family Life too), apart from reaching there own goals .

          With lot of Thanks & Warm Regards
          George Varghese
          Food Processing & Energy Consultant

    • Srimaya Mahapatra

      In 1998, when I noticed that my anxiety significantly reduces each time I document my feelings honestly in a daily journal, I fell in love with writing!

      As of today, I am on my 14th volume of daily journal that I call “The Naked Truth of Life (TNT for Life!…in a twisted humor).

      However …

      In this process of expressing myself honestly yet privately, I realized that I had collected 70+ personal stories of my friends, my relatives and my own life involving pretty deep, complicated human emotions and how they interestingly manifest several other things in life – achievements, failures, job choices, business growth – everything.

      And, in those stories I saw patterns emerging…and therefore…

      I so much wanted to publish a book since 2015 on how human emotions can be simplified, uncomplicated to actually help us achieve more in life but, never could do that…

      While that Fire is still there to publish my book…

      This podcast actually has given me a VERY PRACTICAL OUTLOOK of the “HOW TO”!

      Instead of “just” publishing, now I know the 10 steps algorithm of strategically launching a book that works!

      This has become my “quick reference guide” for launching my most desired book…

      I am going to save this podcast…
      I am going to implement this podcast…
      I am going publish my book by October, 2022… ​

      Brilliant as always. Thank you so much Sidz! 🙏😊
      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner #youcancoach


      Congrats sidz, for first book publishing and achieve like this in your life for your growth and prosperity………
      The 10 take ways…..
      1. Central Idea of theme came out on may 2019
      2. Book title create on YOU COACH.COM
      3. Structure has 3 parts like;
      A. Plan consists of find niche, design curriculum, plan budgets
      B. Launch consists set-up system, launch ur product, attract quality lead
      C. Growth consists grow revenues, neutralize tribes, maximize profits
      4. Growth elements
      5. Writing book process
      6. Interview process
      7. Graphic elements
      8. Marketing strategy
      9. Publishing strategy
      10. Next book I CAN COACH.COM

    • Gita Ramachandran

      Step 1 – How I came up with the CENTRAL IDEA
      As Sid has already done coaching and had been successful in coaching others to teach as well as raked in millions , the idea of writing a book took shape in his mind which could to inspire every single human on earth to teach others and build a new breed of teachers
      Step 2 – How I decided on the BOOK TITLE
      Though the Book Title was initially planned to be ‘Freedom Business Model’, the idea that anybody can coach paved the way for the Title of his book “ You can coach”
      Step 3 – How I created the book content STRUCTURE
      Sid planned 3 parts for the book, namely, Plan, Launch and Grow , which was easily considered for the Subtitle of the Book “ How to plan Launch and Grow your business to 6 figures in a month”. Each Chapter was to have 3 sub sections which meant 9 chapters and the 9 chapters were decided as follows
      PLAN 1)Find your niche 2) Design your curriculum, 3)Plan your budget LAUNCH 4)Set up your system, 5)Launch your course, 6)Attract Quality Leeds
      GROW 7) Grow your avenue , 8)Nurture your Tribe and 9)Maximize your Profit

      Step 4 – How I planned GROWTH ELEMENTS before writing the book
      Sid had more than 20 stories from his life which were inspiring to be covered in each chapter . In addition , he decided to reach out to Influencers who mentored, collaborated and influenced, other digital Marketing experts, colleagues in the same digital space. This would ensure that his book garners visibility and also ensures Win WIN for all the stake holders, viz the Influencers, Sid and the readers
      Step 5 – How I approached the WRITING PROCESS
      He put the concepts in to the Mind-master, Voice recorded his concepts, which were then uploaded to from where he got the transcripts of his Audio, which came to nearly 60000 words which was easier for him to be edited and finally compiled into book format
      Step 6 – How I got INTERVIEWS from other influencers
      For the Interviews, he designed 10 standard questions and after appraising the Influencers , forwarded the google link to get either text or voice inputs which were converted to text and edited with the help of professional editors speeding up the process of compiling all the 21 interviews
      Step 7 – How I planned the GRAPHICS for my book
      At the end of each chapter he has planned beautiful Vector infographics to be designed by the Graphic designers from raw designs/ icons done by him in PowerPoint to enhance the book
      Step 8 – How I crafted my MARKETING STRATEGY
      Book Launch should have a proper Marketing strategy for which he had a multipronged strategy of 1)getting 20 interviews from Influencers who will shout out to their tribe 2) Getting email list using the a landing page to youcancoach,com 3) Hashtagging #youcancoach on his Instagram and other social media handles and 4)Announcing it at all public events and planning the launch at the next Mega Event Success Gyan 5) and expecting his tribe to send out the word 6) In fact I think this podcast is also another marketing strategy
      Step 9 – How I approached the PUBLISHING STRATEGY
      He decided to go for Self publishing as against Traditional Publishing, as we are free to decide the royalty, publicity and launch rather than chasing Traditional Publishers for that
      Step 10 – How I planned the NEXT BOOK idea while writing this one
      After interviewing many coaches who had already launched successful coaching business and were real life success stories he planned the next Book in the same series as ‘I Can Coach’ This will again ensure Win Win for readers , Sid and the coaches who will get featured, as they will benefit by getting visibility, as well as give publicity in their tribe
      The book is slated to become the Information, Branding and Marketing tool . This will be a sort of Text book, structured for his students which will stand the test of time , will not become outdated and can be referred along with the modules
      All of the above was great learning for me as I have already authored a book “SKYROCKET TO NEW HEIGHTS “ and now planning the next one in the same series and can use many of the learnings from here for the next book immediately

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Gita! Great to read your comments and also got to know about your book!


      Great Content!

    • Paul George

      Hi Sid,

      Actually, this is the first time I had heard your podcast. You have shared so much through your video and courses which has already changed my life in so many ways. When I was listening to this yesterday after the 5th Hackathon Session, it started with me trying to figure out the technicalities of podcasting and I just got drawn into listening to it. And I had the most amazing breakthrough moment ever. I realized that redefining the education system can happen only when I redefine my learning process. Something that i myself had not done. As much as I completely think the education system has to change, my learning process had to be redefined. Plan launch and grow….. Just learning concepts and principles and mugging it was not going to cut it anymore. I am looking forward to now being a quick implementor and going to change some of the strategies of the game I am playing! Feeling very empowered after listening to this. Thank you. And being in this community since 2018 has reshaped the person I have become today. The best advice I have taken from you is to just ” follow one Mentor” and that’s exactly what I did. Thank you!


    • Rajkumar S

      Gone deep into the understanding of writing, presenting, marketing, branding and experience in bringing out the birth of an innovative book. This is going to create wonders and will be very much useful to the entire audience across the Globe. Thanks SIDZ

    • Prithika Chary

      Thanks Sid for these useful tips. You are very methodical and have systems for everything. Best of luck with your book launch.

    • Yashoda Devadiga

      My heartiest Congratulations on your first book publishing!
      Now my ILH Deep learning from the podcast are:-
      The Central idea of “anybody can become a coach” = inspire others to teach and build a new breed of teachers.
      Redefining the education system.
      The book structured in 3 parts with subsections.
      1. Plan : Finding niche, designing curriculum, planning budget.
      2. launch : Setting up system, launch products, attract quality leads.
      3. Grow : Growing revenues, nurturing tribe, maximizing profits.
      Elements added in the book : 1. Stories which helped to grow & change life.
      2. Interviews of influencers (making book more visible even before launch)
      Doing brain dump & refining it (transcribing the mp3 files)
      Marketing Strategy : interview process, landing page, #you can coach on Instagram, email list, launch on mega events.
      Self Publishing is best for a new author.
      The idea of next book “I can coach” series featuring success stories….

      Thank you & wish you lots of blessings, success to come your way.


    • Basavarajaiah.j.n@

      I like to thinking it’s good

    • Anandhkumar Chellappan

      No other secrets to open further about the book writing strategies…
      You are awesome Sidz.

      It has REALLY Inspired me a lot!…
      More Power To You!….

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