I have consciously implemented 5 strategies in my business growth process that have helped me achieve over $5 million in sales and attracted over 15,000 paid members in my community.  Listen to this podcast to get all 5 of them within 10 minutes.

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What you will learn in this podcast?

Why it's important to understand how to develop a growth strategy?
How to grow your business in cycles?
How to use data gathering, drawing boards, brakes & accelerators?
siddharth rajsekar

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Debasmita Basu

      Thank you Siddharth –
      Biggest Takeaways-
      How to plan Business and Community Growth-
      Based on 5 Principles

      1.Cycles- We should focus on 4 days Working Templates.

      2. Data Gathering- Which can be done through Webinar , through Survey Polls,

      3. Drawing Board- Integration, drawing data analysis.

      4.Implementation- Put them into Action .

      5.Brake and Accelerator- Aware about when to hit Accelerator and Brake.


    • balan

      Ideas to plan your business growth and community growth

      1) CYCLE: structure your business model into weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly cycles.
      2) DATA GATHERING: take initiative to listen to the market. Allow community members to voice out their feedback in weekly inner circle call, leadership council calls.
      3) DRAWING BOARD: allocate time to analyze data on your drawing board to take better decisions.
      4) IMPLEMENTATION: implement ideas through small internal team & external/virtual teams.
      5) BREAK & ACCELERATOR: analyze data on a quarterly basis and decide on stopping and also speeding up with the required modifications.

    • Ashvin Sonagara

      5 Strategies for business growth and community growth

      1) cycles – every business is cyclical
      4- day work week – weekly schedule for a whole week.

      2) data gathering – from inner circle call
      all questions give clarity to better your product

      3) Drawing Board- put whole data into the drawing board and analyze

      4) implementation – put whole data to implement for better growth

      5) Break or Accelerator – be aware of when to brake and when to accelerate
      if something does not work for you just stop and if you find that things grow your business
      accelerates that thing

    • Vikram suresh borse

      5 strategies to plan business and community growth
      1st_Cycles_4 day work week template
      _weekly inner circle calls
      _quarterly goal setting
      _every 6 mnths freedom business retreat
      _once in a yr we reboot and launch new things
      2nd_Data gathering_ weekly inner circle calls_thru google forms o hv asked abt 6000 questions
      I keep listening to my customers and develop products accordingly to solve their problems .
      2 _Leadership council calls_for my Diamond members-hot seat_clarity to know their problems and challenges_to develop better solutions for them _survey
      -ad nos. , conversion data , content data
      _data gatheting vimp on a monthly basis
      -daily basis i hv automated systems And lot of data is gathered
      3rd Drawing board _ideation And action plan based on data that i am seeing
      Purpose of data _to make better decisions
      _single line report every month _ income , outflow ,Roas, Level 1 cost per acquisition , Level 2, 3, 4 conversion %
      _7 to 8 imp. Data pointers
      4th Implementation _ internal team , general manager of operations _ customer interactions
      Content manager_posts my contenton social media and responds
      Community manager
      Execution thru my internal team_virtual team, video editors, website systems, funnels
      Small internal team and project based free lancers
      5th Break and accelerate_ break on things not working , put that on my ideation
      Look on a quarterly basis
      Things that are working_i don’t touch
      Key _ listen to market and always keep learning .

    • Anuradha bansal

      Hey Sid
      Your podcasts always help me get back on track. Thanks for inspiring me again.
      Here are my key learnings
      1. Work in cycles- weekly, quarterly annual. This helps to analyze the progress and check ” what’s working and what is not”

      2. Collect data from all the areas you are working on like social, webinars, etc. This gives ideas for future use.

      3. Put all the ideas & data on a white board, analyze, brainstorm

      4. Implement the information collected

      4. Review regularly to put a stop to ideas that don’t work & boost the ideas giving more returns

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you, Anuradha. I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable 🙂

    • Mansha Roy

      Thank you Sir for sharing your awesome concept with us-

      My Learnings From This Podcast-

      1️⃣ Cycle- Working on 4 day work week template. Work quarterly, annually, monthly and weekly cycle.

      2️⃣ Data Gathering- Allow your community members to give you their feedbacks, ask questions, get some idea about challenges they have faced in there learning journey and collect all the data on a Google Sheet.

      3️⃣ Drawing Board- Look at all datas that you have got from your members and come out with some great ideas and action plans.

      4️⃣ Implementation- Once you have the data and once you make the decisions now you need to put that into action. Implementation can be done using internal teams and virtual teams..

      5️⃣ Break & Accelerate- You need to be aware on when to hit the breaks and to what tasks and when to hit the accelerator..


    • Vijay Acharya

      “How I Plan My Business Growth & Community Growth Using 5 Strategies”
      1) 1st step is cycles. Implement cycles into business. Everything is cyclical in nature. Four day work week template. Work for 2 days take a break Think about new idea time to recreate. Weekly cycles to connect with the community. Quarterly goal setting cycle.If you want your business to grow massively levels start think in terms of cycles weekly, quarterly, binannualy and annual cycle also have 4 day work week.
      2) Data Gathering: a) Google form b) Leadership council Pain points to provide better solutions on monthly weekly daily basis, listen to customers ask them question and get answer
      3) Drawing board: Integrate and assimilate data looking at Data coming up with creative ideas ideation action plan based on data we are seeing. Purpose of data is make to better decision Level 1 to level 2 conversation rate? ROAS return on ads spents
      4) Implementation: Once you have the data you have take that into action General Manager handles all customer interaction Content manager who post all contents on social media Community manager who handles meeting with facilitators
      5) Brake and Accelerate: If you want really plan your business growth to massive level you need brake and accelerate. Hit brakes on things that are not working put that on ideation we need to know when to hit brake and accelerates.

    • Sanjay Sethi

      How I plan My Business & Growth & Community Growth using 5 strategies
      1. Cycles – 4 day per week work template.
      2. Data gathering – Run polls, Q&A with customers to gather more information on what issues they face and how you can improvise your system which will help them in a better way.
      3. Drawing board – Analysis data to make more valuable content
      4. Implementation – take action on the basis of the data analysis with intern & external team
      5. Learn to brake and accelerator – Stop things which are not working, do an analysis in course of time
      “Listen to the Market and always keep learning”

    • Ananya Ohdedar

      Takeaways from this episode are –
      5 strategies

      1. Cycles – maintain different cycles to run and grow business

      2. Data gathering – gather data and use it to develop business

      3. Drawing board – After gathering data in respect of all data points, doing data analysis is important. On basis of data analysis develop creative ideas for business growth.

      4. Implementation – After getting ideas, implementing it is needed on different steps like business management, community development, video editing, funnel creation, etc.

      5. Break and accelerator – use break in case of which is not working.
      Which is working don’t touch but let it accelerated for spiking up revenue.

    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      🔥🔥🔥business planning 🔥🔥🔥

      4 days work week…..

      1⃣Weekly cycle for connecting my community…

      Quarter cycle…

      Yearly reboot…

      Weekly inner circle call… I give answer to my audience pain points …. Live QnA …

      2⃣Gathering data ….

      3⃣ drawing board …. Do analysis of different data collected …. Listen to your maker … Then make some twick ..some changes to add more quality … To give better service ….

      4⃣ implementation … I talk with my team … Content manager ,community manager ,customer service manager … Internal team …..

      External team … The freelancer

      The key is to have small internal team …

      5⃣ break and accelerator …. Break to which is not working in your business …. And accelerator things which are working good for your business

      After collection of 3 to 6 month data then decide which is break or which is accelerator…

      The key is keep learning ….

      Happy learning


    • Maheshwari Bhol

      Business Growth and Community Growth by using 5 strategies-
      1. CYCLES- Structure your business functions into cycles. Weekly, quarterly, bi annually & annually. Work atleast 4days a week.
      2. DATA GATHERING- Gather data from customers or Community members through Google forms, survey polls etc.
      3. DEAWING BOARD – Do the analysis of the Data collected, integrate them to get new ideas to work further.
      4. IMPLEMENTATION – Take actions now with internal staffs or outsourced team
      5. BRAKE & ACCELERATOR – Aware when to hit brake or Accelerator to grow your business.
      Thank you

    • Firdous Guffor Misgar

      # ILH 👪
      HOW I Plan My Business Growth &
      community Growth Using 5 Strategies :
      01 : Cycles I have been implementing
      Simothing called Cycles into my business & everything is cyclic in nature. I have 4 day work week template. I work for 2 days I take a break. I again work for 2 days & take a
      02 : Data Gathering Which can be done through webinar, through inner circle calls.
      03 : Drawing Board Allocate time to
      Analyze data on your drawing board to
      Take better decisions.
      04 : Implementation Implement ideas through small internal team& external /
      Virtual teams.
      Break & Accelerator Analyze data on a
      Quarterly basis & decide on stopping &
      Also speeding up with the required Modifications.

    • Farhan Rahman

      1st – Cycles – 4-day work week templates Mon Tue and Wed break. Thu and Fri work and sat-sun off. launch new things Weekly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual cycle
      2nd – Data gathering – in form of Google forms as questions, Run polls, and Surveys.
      3rd – Drawing board – Data analysis. Creative idea for a better decision. 7 to 8 important data to analyze
      4th – Implementation – Put Action and hit the break which doesn’t work and accelerate which works for you.
      The Key is to Listen to the market and keep always learning

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