Your personal branded website is like your home online. I this episode, I talk about the top 10 elements of a high-converting personal branded website and how you can attract more visitors and business through this website.

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What you will learn in this podcast?

Why it's important to have your own personal branded website?
What are the 10 elements of a high converting personal branded website?
How to ensure more people come to your website?
siddharth rajsekar

Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Pradeep H

      The personal website is where people cone for value.
      Why do we need a website: Your domain website is like your home.
      Ten elements of a website
      1. Clean and functional home page. The visitors should get the clarity and call to action.
      They should also know more about you, endorsement and social media links at the end
      2. The clarity in your core message. It should be the same.
      3. Sleek, cool and minimalistic look and feel. Don’t clutter the website with text.
      4. Have brand consistency: Have a consistency across social media too.
      5. Have a lead magnet . The readers should get to know more about you.
      6. Your blog page: Have clean, functional and nice thumbnails and catchy headlines.
      7. Blog post formatting. Have your podcasts embedded into it
      8. Have a resources page. Let the people know what you are using.
      9. Products and services page. In case of Side he doesn’t have a product page but pdf ultimate guides
      10. Privacy Policy: Disclosure and terms.

      Remember people search in mobile phones so optimize for mobile first
      #ILH Deep learner.

    • Ashvin Sonagara

      10 elements of high converting personal branded website

      1. Home page needs to have clarity in your core message and call to action button.
      Bottom of page social media links
      2. Clarity in your core message in all place
      3. Slick cool design look and feel
      4. Brand consistency – brand colour
      5. Need to have lead magnet 🧲
      6. Blog page
      7. Blog post formatting clean
      8. Resources page
      9. Products page
      10. Footer cover


    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      _🔥🔥🔥high converting personal branded website 🔥🔥🔥

      Hello sidz…

      If you just depending on social media for lead generation that means you don’t have home for your audience … You are inviting your audience in other people house…. Where you don’t have control what could happens….

      1⃣FHOME PAGE DESIGN….Clear core message ….
      Get to know about new things like books.

      2⃣ really slick cool designs color text … Less text is more power full

      3⃣ brand logo and brand consistency….

      4⃣ must have lead magnet … How people can get more value form us

      5⃣ blog pages …. Nice thumbnails … Catchy headline … All the button is clean and functional

      6⃣ blog post page…..

      7⃣ resource pages … What tools you use …the affiliate link of that tools…people will come back what new tools you are using currently

      8⃣ product page …. Ultimate guides page


      🔟. OPTIMIZE YOUR WEBSITE FOR MOBILE VERSION …. because your audience is using mobile to see you … Your website has to fast while loading …


      Diamond membership is awesome


    • shobhana pawar

      10 elements of a high converting Personal Branding Website:
      You should have your personal branding website with your own name
      1. Have a very clean and functional home page- clarity in core message, call to action button,
      story, videos, SM links, book details (if any), endorsement from others
      2. Clarity in core message -across website
      3. Sleek, cool, minimalistic design, look and feel- less is more, do not clutter it with text.
      4. Brand consistency- consistency in Logo and brand colors are important.
      5. Lead magnet- value add for visitors in the form of resources -downloadable material, webinar
      6. Blog page – blogs and articles- clean & functional
      7. blog post formatting – headline with intro, takeaway, signature, profile- clean and clear
      8. Resource page- info tools, software, books, courses you use
      9. Product page- products or services offerings
      10. Privacy policy
      Fast loading, simple, mobile friendly websites are trendy.

      Thank you,

    • Mansha Roy

      Thanks Sir for sharing your awesome knowledge with us.

      My Learnings From This Podcast-

      1️⃣ You need to have a very clean and functional home page design. The home page is your main page where people is going to come. The home page needs to have a clarity in your core message, and clear call to action button. In your home page people should know about your core message, community, story and they get to know about endorsement from different community leaders.

      2️⃣ Clarity in your core message that needs to be there not just in your home page but across all the different parts of your website. The clarity in your core message is going to help you to attract right kind of audience.

      3️⃣ You need to have a really cool and minimalistic design look and feel. The colors, fonts and how easy for people to navigate from one page to other. Keep less text and convey the message in a very powerful way.

      4️⃣ You need to have a brand consistency the company logo, name logo and also brand colors.

      5️⃣ Your personal branded website needs to have a lead magnet. You should have something that helps people to know more about and how they can get value from you.

      6️⃣ Your blog page should be clear with nice thumbnail, catchy headline where people can easily navigate and click through topic which interest them.

      7️⃣ Blog post formatting should be clear with nice headline and functional buttons.

      8️⃣ You need to have a resources page of all the different tools, software, books, courses that you recommend to others will be useful.

      9️⃣ You need to have a product page where you talk about all the different products and services that you are offering.

      🔟 You need to have a privacy policy, refund, terms and conditions just for the compliance.


    • Kapeel Gupta

      10 Elements of A High Converting Personal Website

      1. Home Page Design
      2. Clarity and Core Message
      3. Design Look and Feel
      4. Brand Consistency
      5. Lead Magnet
      6. Blog Page
      7. Blog Post Format
      8. Resources Page
      9. Product Page
      10. Privacy Disclosure Terms

      Optimize Your Website for Mobile first as its used more often by users.

    • Firdous Guffor Misgar

      #ILH 👪
      # ILH deep learner
      10 Elements If A High Converting Personal Branded Website
      01 : You need to have clean & functional
      Home page design the home page is the main page.
      02 : The clarity in your core message but accross all the different parts of your website.
      03 : The third element of a high converting personal branded website. You need to have really sleek, cool minimalistic design & feel. The colours you use, the fonts you use & how easy is it for people to navigate from one page to another.
      04 : You need to have a brand consistency the Logo you have.
      05 : Your personal branded website also
      Needs to have a Lead magnet.
      06 : Your blog page.
      07 : Blog post formatting.
      08 : You need to have a resources page
      Of all the tools, resources, books you
      09 : You can have a product page which talks about products & services that you are offering products that you have.
      10 : You need to have your privacy policy closure refund policy with all the terms & conditions

      • Meenu Chaurasiya

        Dear when you are writing #iilhdeeplearner …. Don’t allow space in between …. It has to be #ILHDEEPLEARNER OR #ilhdeeplearner no space

        🤗🤗 hope you got it …
        Sorry for commenting like this …its just a correction point …


        Keep sharing

        You are deep learning …
        And welcome to the family 🤗🤗

    • Reema Noor

      #ilhdeeplearner Have your own domain name.
      1)clean and functional home page (clarity in core message and call to action button) at the bottom all social media links
      2)clarity in core message
      3)sleek,cool,minimalistic design for easy navigation. Less text.
      4) brand consistency
      5) lead magnet (below podcast)
      6)blog page (clean and functional and catchy headline)
      7)blog post headline or format
      8) resources page of all tools and resources.
      9)product page or guides
      10)privacy policy, compliances and T&C

    • Personal branded website gives an immense value and makes people trust you .
      My deep learnings:-
      our homepage should have a call to action so that they easily navigate to your system easily . Design your call to action in such a way that if they have seen your homepage they immediately should look into your system.
      2)Maintain your same brand consistency on wherever you are giving value . Whether , it’s your webinar or your podcast or your course videos etc. if you maintain this type of brand consistency of your brand by simply putting your brand logo or sharing about your website for the new members or the members who are on your community, they might feel that you are going to give immense value than expected in all your webinars , courses and stuff.
      3)You need to have a lead magnet that is attached to your landing page which can drive the costumers into your system. The lead magnet can either be a Free pdf or a free video or free consultation.
      4)Don’t put up all the things together and get stuffed up I.e have less text and provide more and powerful value inside your system.
      5)Attractive Blog pages – Have clear and Crystal thumbnails , catchy headline so that people when they see your thumbnail itself they should be able to click and read easily .
      6)resource page – you need to set up a new resource page so that people can actually know your resources still what you are using. If they know your resources, they can easily connect with you a lot and if they have any interest in your resources they can also easily use the resources which you are using.
      7)product page – this page should be like an ultimate guide for your system. It should promise for what you are offering to them in your system.
      8)optimise your website for mobile version. Because , people in this generation, they will operate everything using their mobile . They hardly follow your system in their laptops or desktops. So optimising your website according to their convienience leads to your beneficial and the people who are following your system can also have benefit. Because in some cases, where there are people who lie in the middle class family or lower middle class family , they cannot afford to buy a laptop . So their convenience is your benefit.

      Thank you sidz for a mind blowing and bulb on podcast .


      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks a ton! More power to you! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable! More to unfold.

    • Dr.R.K.Dua


      Own name website is just like having your own home for comfort and peace of mind.

      1…Clean and functional home page…..for clear and crisp core message to the public. With clear call to action button…your story, video and photograph..about young your achievements and goals.
      2…Clarity in your message in everything on the different pages, podcast, blogs, core message should be uniformly displayed all over
      3…Sleek & minimalistic design congruent with your core message.
      4…Brand consistencty..brand consistency in the form of logo colour combinations
      5..Lead magnet..leading to various thing you are doing to get more value from you.
      6..Blog Page..clean functional
      7…Blog Post….clean and functional and with clear and crisp message.
      8…Resource Page…to give people glimpse of what you are using and same you are suggesting to audience, affiliate links
      9…Product page…clearly showing products and services you era .
      10.Privacy policy, compliances and other legal informations, refund policy.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks a ton, Dr. Dua! More power to you! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable! More to unfold.

    • Devanand

      10 Elements of a high converting personal branded website :
      1) Clean, clear, core message home page. story, mentor, book, community, social media link
      2) Clarity of core message on total website
      3) Design- Slik, slim.
      4) Brand consistancy, logo,
      5) Lead magnet, ultimate guide
      6) Blog page, nice, slim
      7) Blog post should be clean
      8) Resources page, tools, software, books
      9) Product page, ultimate guide
      10) Privacy, T&C.

    • Debasmita Basu

      10 Elements

      1. Have a clean and functional home page design
      2.Clarity in Core Message
      3.Sleek,cool,minimalistic design,look and feel
      4.Brand Consistently
      5.Lead Magnet
      6.Blog Page
      7.Blog Post
      8.Resource Page
      9.Product Page
      10.Privacy Policy


    • Santa Ghosh

      Here are my top 10 takeways

      1. Clear and funtional website in terms of
      Core message
      Your story
      Industry leader
      Your community
      Other links
      2. Clarity in your core message. This should not only in website but also in social media.

      3. Your need have really clear, silky, cool and minimilistic design look and fill. Here look and fill is
      The colour you are useing.
      The formate you are useing.
      How easily people would nevigate from one page to other.

      4. Your website should have brand consistency.

      5. Website should have lead magnet.

      6. There should be blog page. That should be clean funtional and catchy headline.

      7. Blog format should be butiful landing page.

      8. Need to have resource page. Where you have all the different tools, software and books or courses they can use during their learning journey.

      9. There should have product page, which talks about all products and services.

      10. You need to have privacy policy, years and disclosure, refund policy just for compliance.


    • Santosh Pawaskar

      10 Elements of High Converting Personal Website
      1) Clean home page. Core msg, CTA
      2) Core msg every where
      3) Minimalistic look n feel
      4) Brand consistency
      5) Lead magnet
      6) Blog page
      7) Blog post formatting
      8) Resources page
      9) Product n service page or ultimate guide
      10) Compliance pages like privacy policy, t&c etc.

      Fast loading site.


    • Sumit Pathak

      Personal branded element that helps to grow business rapidly

      1. Personal branded website
      2.simple core message
      3.simple and cool design
      4.Brand cinsistency every where
      5.lead magnet
      6.Blog Page
      7.Blog formating
      8.Resource page
      9. Ultimate product guide
      10.All complince pages like privacy policy, Disclaimer etc.

    • Prem Alvares

      1. You need a personal branded website.
      2. Clear core message and call to action page on your home page.
      3. Your back story, testimonials and resources can follow.
      4. Consistency in message in all pages, videos podcasts
      5. Easy navigation, lots of white space, brand consistent including social media
      6. Have at least 10 resource guide
      7. Blogs with podcasts and formatted well.
      8. Resources pages, affiliate link
      9. Products/services pages
      10. Have you compliance links in place at the footer.

      All these elements are needed as your customer could get hooked on any of these sections.

    • praful C Varma

      10 elements of A high converting personal branded website

      Why do you need a personal branded website ?

      1.Home page _Clean website and clear call to action .Like people can go through podcasts,my Book and my community.
      2.Clarity on your core massage .It will help you to get the right kind of audience.
      3.Mimalistic design and feel.which navigate to the audience .
      4.Brand consistency and brand color
      5.Lead magnet _the homepage has to be lead magnet for lead generation.
      6. Blog Page _Latest blog and podcast .
      7.Blog post formatting _ text and signature .
      8. Resources page _to grow the business and tools and courses available on the website .
      9.Products and services and guide page .
      10.Privacy policy .

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      10 Elements of a high coverting website :-

      1. Have a Homepage having the Core Message and CTA.

      2. The clarity in our Core Message.

      3. Have a real design and feel on your website.

      4. Have a Brand Consistency.

      5. Have a Lead Magnet 🧲

      6. Our Blog Page.

      7. Blog Post Format.

      8. Have a Resources Page.

      9. Have a Product page

      10. Have a Privacy on your Website.


    • Amey Prabhu

      The personal website is where people come for value.

      Your website is like your home on the Internet.

      Quick Summary
      1. Captivating Homepage
      2. Clarity & Consistency of core message
      3. Decluttered look & feel
      4. Branding consistency
      5. Lead magnet – a freemium
      6. A clean text blog
      7. Podcast blog page
      8. Resources page
      9. Products and services page
      10. Privacy policy and disclosures
      11. Mobile optimised website

      Ten elements of a website in detail:

      1. Captivating Home page:
      – Clean and functional home page. (should have lots of empty space)
      – The visitors should immediately ger the clarity of your core message – your vision statement or mission statement
      – prominent CALL TO ACTION – it can be to join the trip wire or book discovery call or check out Knowledge base – blog, podcasts, or vids
      – They should also get to know more about you, your origin story – a video and blog both
      – place endorsements from your peers and testimonials from students on the homepage. (you can even display rating / stars from third party sites like Google listing, Facebook, trustpilot, justdial, LinkedIn, etc in the main topmost banner on homepage. You can add photos of good reviews given on these third party websites too.)
      – news media mentions and other authority building projects
      – social media links at the end

      2. The CLARITY and CONSISTENCY in your core message – let it be the same at all places. Repeatition of the same message helps drive create impact.

      3. Sleek, cool or warm, and minimalistic look and feel. Don’t clutter the website with text. Less is better. Make it easy to navigate from one page to another. Minimum fluff

      4. Create brand image and maintain consistency:
      create consistency across all channels / locations.
      – logo
      – brand colours
      – fonts
      – call to action button colour
      – icon
      – posters
      – banners
      – background images
      – social media profiles

      5. Create lead magnet:
      – A freemium that creates value
      – it can be “Ultimate Guides”
      – Use it to create leads
      – have a squeeze page to collect email, name, phone no.

      6. Blog Page:
      – clean & functional presentation
      – beautiful thumbnails
      – catchy headlines
      – call to action

      7. Blog Page For Podcasts :
      – Format every podcast episode page
      – Header
      – sub headline
      – What you will learn
      – Call to action
      – about me
      – testimonial

      8. Resources page.
      Let the visitors know what you are using to learn and grow your business
      – courses
      – creation tools
      – productivity tools
      – vids
      – books
      – products

      9. Products and services page.
      Lead magnets, freemium, blog, and podcasts should lead to tripwire or webinar or appointments

      10. Privacy Policy: Disclosure and terms.

      11. Remember most people search for you and consume your content on mobile phones, so optimize for mobile first

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