We often hear the word "community" being thrown around loosely by many people in the online space. However, are they truly building a community? That's what I want to delve into in this podcast because I aim to explore the various elements that constitute a community.

What is Community?

What truly makes a community a community? Is it merely a collection of numbers on an Excel sheet, or is there something deeper than that? The first crucial element is purpose.

For a community to genuinely identify itself as such, there must be a common vision or purpose. Take, for instance, the HBA whose purpose is to redefine a broken education employment system by creating a new breed of teachers and leaders. I consistently emphasize this vision and mission, ensuring that those who align with it become deeply connected to this larger purpose. Everything else then becomes secondary.

So, what makes a community a community is a robust purpose that extends beyond the community's founder. It transcends the individual who initiated the community. The second key element is leadership style.

Various leadership styles exist, ranging from dictatorial to service-oriented. I personally adopt a service leadership style because I prefer not to be the focal point of attention. I am a private person and create an environment for others to flourish. In contrast, some communities operate with a dictator-style leadership, where the leader strives to assert dominance. This approach is more controlling, with the leader calling all the shots.

The third element defining a community is the value system. For example, at the Internet Lifestyle Hub, we have six core values: freedom, growth, clarity, efficiency, abundance, and contribution. Each value is defined, such as freedom allowing one to live and run a business anywhere globally. These values go beyond mere tactics and tools, and I consistently emphasize and reinforce them every week within the community.

In essence, what makes a community is a shared purpose, a leadership style that empowers rather than controls, and a set of values that transcend the tactical aspects, bringing people together with a common set of principles.

The fourth element of what makes a community, a community, is rituals. In our community, we have a ritual, such as listening to the strangest secret in the world every single day, writing goals daily, and engaging in affirmations. I've created various activities for committee members to do daily, including the implementation of the seven habits of highly effective coaches, especially for our diamond members. These elements contribute to what defines our community.

The fifth element is the lingo, or the vocabulary within our community. For instance, in our community, we use terms like internal life cell hub, bio, bring it on, bo bulb on, game on, and money love speed. These phrases have become so ingrained that they are recognized even outside our community. The lingo has organically spread, creating a sense of unity and identity among our members.

The sixth aspect that makes a community unique is its flavor, which is determined by the community leader. Whether the community is more friendly, open, strict, disciplined, technical, or spiritual, the leader's characteristics influence the overall vibe. This flavor extends to various aspects such as the music played, branding, colors used, and personas, contributing to the community's distinct identity.

Seventh is the content delivery style, especially crucial in a knowledge-based community. The way information is presented, whether direct and to the point or more elaborate, influences the community's overall experience.

The eighth element is gamification. Having a reward system encourages members to engage and complete tasks. Connected to this are the ninth and tenth elements—rewards and recognition, and loyal empowered leaders. These factors play a crucial role in evaluating progress and fostering a sense of accomplishment within the community.

In conclusion, when purpose, leadership style, value system, rituals, lingo, flavor, content delivery style, gamification, rewards and recognition, and loyal empowered leaders come together, a genuine community is formed. Without these elements, it cannot be considered a true community. If you're not a diamond member yet, click on the link below to learn more about building communities in my next level diamond certification process. Best of luck, and I'll catch you in the next episode.

siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    14 replies to "What Makes A Community A Community?"

    • T Chandra Banu

      A beautifully defined community. I am proud to be part of ILH community, which is a nurturing and empowering community. When my sister was about to face a challenging situation I told her MPTY. She asked what. More Power To You. She smiled and later thanked me that MPTY boosted her morale and she was successful. Grateful to you Sidz for creating ILH community.

    • Ranjeet Malakar

      It’s really amazing description of community and how to grow community and nurture, really it’s useful for all ILH family and other who serve community and empower community, I am proud feel in ILH family members.


      Amazing definition of community buliding
      I also want to set the code of honour nd principles for my own community

      Thank you so much that I m part of this ILH community and learning so much new things that really hits 🎯💯

    • Ananth

      What makes community a community?

      The first crucial element is a common vision or purpose.

      The second key element is leadership style.

      The third element is the value system [ Internet Lifestyle Hub, we have six core values: freedom, growth, clarity, efficiency, abundance, and contribution]

      The fourth element is rituals (daily activities)

      The fifth element is the lingo / vocabulary within the community

      The sixth element is the unique flavor(music, branding, colors used, personas)

      The seventh is the content delivery style

      The eight element is gamification

      The nineth and tenth – Rewards & Recognition

    • Manjunath Nadagoud

      #ILH Family

      Here are my key takeaways:

      1. Are you really building the community?
      2. What makes the true community?
      3. Purpose: Needs the common vision to work with
      4. Vision: will be in tune with bigger purpose
      5. Leadership style: dictator, service style
      6. Service: empowering others. Dictator: He has to show that bossy type
      7. Value system of community 6 core of ILH: Freedom, growth, clarity, efficiency, abundance and contribution.
      8. More people hear the common set of value. They get inline
      9. Rituals: listening to strangers secrete
      10. Lingo: Use keywords like BIO, BO, money loves speed, MPTY
      11. Flavor: leader of community, friendly, open, strict, discipline or to the point, free flowing, fun.
      12. People attract according to your frequency
      13. Content delivery: how you are delivering. Point shot style
      14. Gamification: Have rewards system. Evaluation someone progress
      15. Loyal and empowered leaders: come in deliver a value and hold a space for the community

    • Naga Swathi T J

      This Podcast brought me more information about our community! This is because I am very new to the community!
      The values ✨✨
      Code of honour 🫡
      Discipline 👍

      The 8 elements are insightful!

    • Lakshmi Nanduri

      Essentials for building community and maintaining its sanity in the right order, by implementing the practices –
      Purpose: A shared vision or goal, for the community to be established
      A service-oriented Leadership style would be more impactful
      The community and its members to be oriented to a Value System with a set of: Core values defined and adhered to
      Rituals: Unique activities or practices, like daily affirmations, that define the community.
      Lingo: Specific vocabulary or phrases unique to the community can add greater synergies and understanding within the community
      Flavor: The overall vibe set by the leader, would influence community characteristics, so very vital that Leaders walk the talk
      Content Delivery Style: How information is presented, impacting member engagement is important to take all along
      Gamification: Reward systems to motivate and engage members would help the team with motivation
      Rewards and Recognition: Acknowledging achievements to foster a sense of accomplishment would help learn and get inspired from others
      Loyal Empowered Leaders: Leaders within the community who embody and promote its values are needed to further expand the wings of the community

    • Siddhanath Maurya

      Key learnings to build communities :
      1. Strong purpose beyond self with service leadership style .
      2. Value systems driven.
      3. Ritual driven for tranformation.
      4. need Lingo/Vocabulary of Community.
      5 Flavour of Community
      6. Vibe of Community ( Vibe attracts your Tribe)
      7. Content Delivery style
      8. Gamification ( Reward & Recognition ) for an excellent engagement.
      9. Loyal and empowered Leaders.

    • Chinnaiyan Ayyasamy

      🎯 Purpose:
      A clear and compelling vision that unites members beyond the founder’s individuality.

      🤝 Leadership Style:
      Service-oriented leadership, empowering individuals for collective growth.

      💡 Value System:
      Core values shaping principles beyond mere tactics, consistently reinforced.

      🔄 Rituals:
      Daily activities and engagement practices fostering routine and unity.

      🗣️ Lingo:
      Unique vocabulary creating a shared identity and recognition among members.

      🎨 Flavor:
      Leader’s characteristics shaping the overall community vibe.

      📚 Content Delivery Style:
      Presentation of information influencing the member experience.

      🎮 Gamification:
      Reward system and gamification elements for increased engagement.

      🏆 Rewards and Recognition:
      Acknowledgment fostering a sense of accomplishment and loyalty.

    • Monalisa Lal

      Loyal community is what creates the culture and it’s vice versa and at times when we are not sure what we like or dislike, is the vibe of community and it’s sumtotal of purpose, style and language of delivery, gamification.

    • SHASHIDHAR B P Achar

      community words like bio, bring it on, bo bulb on, game on, and money love speed. that they are recognized even outside our community.
      More love You

    • Renuka Shri

      What makes a community a community ?
      The Following are elements of the community. That makes community a community.

      1.Purpose: common vision and common purpose for all Community fellow members.
      When you focus on your goals or purpose
      then all the obstacles and distractions becomes secondary, either they get solved or all the blames gets melted.

      what makes a community a community is
      strong purpose which goes beyond the Founder of community.

      2.Leadership style.. either Dictator or service Leadership style.
      Service oriented community is letting off, free flow, control free style. To let people grow in a conducive atmosphere and environment. wheres Dictator style is controlling people and Bossing style.

      3. Value systems for the community..
      Eg. Freedom, growth, clarity, efficiency, abundance and charity.
      With common set of values people get aligned and come together to form a community.
      4.Rituals.. These are the habits that gets inculcated in people who are committed to the process by doing it on daily basis consistently.

      5. Lingo or vocabulary.. words that are repeatedly Vocalised eventually started by the leader becomes a part of regular peoples life these things can be seen in religious and political movements making them feel of being a part of bigger purpose than what they think about themselves.

      6. Flavour of the community.. like friendly,openness, strict, disciplined, free flowing, fun, to the point having a particular vibe . You attract what you are , could be good or bad type of people . It also includes music, colour, persona

      7. Content Delivery style : the way one delivers the content.. straight forward , on the face type and so on.

      8. Gamification : the criteria to evaluate somebody’s progress..

      9. Rewards and awards. as people take action and make progress to achieve 🎯each milestone in reality as if they are playing a video game 🎮 , also making their inner child happy 😊. by receiving the awards or rewards.

      10. Loyal Empowered Leaders: When these achievers get benifits for themselves they share their path of experience with the fellow members to give back to the space, where at a point they were struck and found solutions, are now sharing their success journey.

      This happens only when enough loyalty has been built..and earned by the founder.

      When all the above happens then a true community is built.


    • Marimita Debnath

      Very important points to implement.

    • Vijaya Parvathareddy

      What is a community?
      It is a group of people with same bigger purpose.
      1. Purpose
      2. Leadership style: Service leadership style
      3. Value system
      4. Rituals: Goals, Listening to secret audio everyday
      5. Lingo: Short words and different stuffs which are special
      6. Flavour:
      7. Content delivery style
      8. Gamification
      9. Rewards
      10. Recognition

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