I lost a dear aunt recently, and I thought its important for me to share the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Why Health Is Wealth?

It's crucial to prioritize three aspects of health, especially as you grow your business. Merely earning money without maintaining good health is counterproductive. I'm referring to mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. These three dimensions are essential for making a meaningful impact while expanding your business. I'll share my personal approach to staying healthy during business growth, including how I handle health issues. Please note that I'm not a health expert, doctor, or nutritionist, but I'll share what has worked for me based on my body type. You should gather ideas, understand your body, and optimize your health practices accordingly.

Now, let's break down what I do into three parts: mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. Your body is like a temple, and neglecting it can hinder your ability to make a positive impact. Many business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and trainers harm themselves, affecting their personal and professional lives. First, let's discuss the importance of mental health.

Mental health is often underestimated, but it's crucial. I personally experienced a panic attack in 2015 due to sleep issues, anxieties, and fears. This affected my entire well-being, and I had to reset my body through pancha karma to regain mental balance. Inputs into your system, such as information and food, significantly impact mental health. Watching negative news and consuming food prepared by anxious individuals can affect you. Just as water stores information, the energy of those cooking your food transfers to it.

Additionally, your environment at home influences mental health. Being mindful of basic principles like vastu can contribute to a positive mental atmosphere. While I won't delve too deeply into vastu, awareness of its basic principles, such as the southwest positioning of your master bedroom, can enhance your mental well-being. Taking care of your mental health is a fundamental step toward overall well-being and business success.

Yeah, the northeast needs to be heavier than the southwest. The northeast should feel like water and air, while the southeast is more like the fire element in the kitchen. Before moving into my current house, I ensured the basic principles were in place. Your physical space influences your thoughts, just like food does. Energies out of place at home can lead to complications, affecting physical, mental, and spiritual health.

I've observed this in my life. My grandfather's 40-room home in Bangalore flourished for 40 years based on proper principles. However, when we made structural changes and shifted the master bedroom to a different zone, issues arose. Back then, lack of awareness led to the problem. This experience sparked my interest in the science of spaces and zones.

Understanding the principles of nature is crucial. You don't need to delve too deep into details like the color of your desk bottle. Following basic principles can significantly impact your thinking. Your circle of friends is another factor affecting mental health. Ensure they align with your visions and goals or consider changing your circle.

Maintaining mental health involves building communities and receiving appreciation. I love the gratitude from those paying for my services. Having clarity in your purpose is crucial. For me, it's redefining education and contributing to a new world leadership. Spiritual purpose is also vital.

Working in cycles, taking breaks, and daily learning are keys to mental health. Creating content, building communities, and helping others add value in various ways contribute positively. Now, moving to physical health, like in religion, there are multiple paths. I personally avoid milk products as part of my health routine.

I consume minimal sugars and salt, avoiding white poisons as much as possible. Eating out is limited to one or two days a month, and when I do, it's not oily or greasy. In our family, we strictly follow South Indian cuisine, excluding onion and garlic, sticking to traditional recipes. I believe in embracing the culinary heritage of the family you're born into.

Coming from a South Indian Tambram background, our cuisine primarily consists of Rasam, Sambhar, and other South Indian dishes. Since adopting a spiritual lifestyle, we've eliminated onion and garlic due to their negative pranic value. Even while traveling, we opt for Jain food.

We prioritize structured water at home, utilizing copper plates to enhance its quality. I begin my day with a Herbalife shake, made with almond milk, as a meal replacement. A light dinner consists of easily digestible items like idli. Occasionally, I undergo an annual Pancha Karma treatment for detoxification, balancing the body's elements.

Understanding my body type, which is more Kapha, influences my dietary choices. Pancha Karma includes a combination of breathwork, specific postures, and detoxifying treatments, providing a holistic approach to maintaining balance. While I'm not an avid gym-goer, daily brisk walks contribute to my physical well-being.

I've maintained a consistent weight and health for over 15-20 years by controlling indulgences and occasional cheat days with chocolates and ice cream. Now, let's delve into spiritual health.

Spiritual health involves daily practices to center yourself, recognizing that we extend beyond our mental and physical bodies. Strong spiritual habits provide a larger perspective, bringing balance to other areas of life. Personally, I engage in JAA meditation, chant the Hari Krishna Mantra, and read scriptures like the Gita. Regular temple visits and contributing to deity dress expenses are part of our family routine.

Charitable activities, such as sponsoring Abhisheka ceremonies, help maintain spiritual balance. I pray for everyone's success and approach my business as a service to the community, with a portion of income going to causes I believe in. Living in surrender and love daily, I find inspiration in Arjuna, the enlightened warrior from the Bhagavad Gita.

Incorporating devotional service into my business, I follow the path of karma yoga—performing actions with love and dedicating the results to a higher power. Believing in the principles of bhakti yoga, emphasizing love, I approach every aspect of life, be it business, family, or community building, with love and devotion.

Recognizing life's temporary nature and understanding that we are more than our bodies, I strive to serve others and the Supreme Lord. This perspective positively impacts mental and physical health. In conclusion, treating our bodies and homes as temples allows us to lead fulfilling lives with a lasting impact on those around us. Despite occasional illnesses, maintaining awareness of our mental health contributes to overall well-being.

Recently, I lost a dear aunt due to a massive brain hemorrhage, and I dedicate this podcast to her. It just happened today (the day I'm recording this podcast). She passed away, and for many years, she kept all her emotions bottled up inside. It was over 15 years, perhaps more, of suppressing her feelings.

Eventually, it reached a point where she couldn't contain it anymore, and it manifested physically. Maybe that was her soul's journey. The issue here is that mental health affects physical well-being. She left us at the young age of 47 or 48, which is quite early for a woman.

I want to highlight the importance of health because neglecting physical and mental well-being can profoundly impact your life, including your business. It's crucial to address and process emotions, releasing them with a solid spiritual foundation.

Please share your thoughts on the lessons learned from this podcast. I encourage each of you to share it with family and friends who might benefit, as I believe it can make a significant difference in society's well-being. Wishing you all the best, and I'll catch you in the next episode.

siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    27 replies to "How I Maintain My Health While Growing My Business"

    • Marri Gopi Srinivas Reddy

      Dear Sidz
      I connect to many points in this podcast. I am myself a practitioner of Vaastu Shastra .I ,my parents, wife and children live in a north east corner Block. My entire family has been taking Herbalife nutrition since the last 13 years. As charity, we have been giving free education every year to over 100 students in our school since the last two decades. We as a family go to our Lakeside farmhouse every week to be in the lap of nature. I thank God for helping me to lead a contented life and I sincerely feel that whatever obstacles and challenges I am facing right now have been designed by the divine force to make me a stronger and better person.
      Thank you Sidz for this enlightening podcast which took me down the memory lane.

    • Mumtaz Shanavaz

      Very inspiring and informative content that gives a clear vision about health and prosperity. Thank you so much Sid for your dedication and concern

    • SHASHIDHAR B P Achar

      Hi ,,
      mental health
      physical health,
      and spiritual health this three prinicipal the greter then anything i feel.


      Very much needed for me. In the journey of becoming a freedom finisher I am totally neglecting my health. Thank you for reminding me. Will get back to it

    • SHASHIDHAR B P Achar

      Om Shanthi


      Awesome Sidz!
      An Eye-Opener for each every Individual in the Forum.

    • Renuka Shri

      My deep condolences on your loved one’s passing.. may her soul rest in peace..

      Thank You so much for sharing your lifestyle secrets.. highly valuable for each person . Bcoz we all are humans having brain to think on right and wrong….
      We just need to be concious about our 4 bodies to be taken care of are….

      1. Mental

      2. Physical

      3. Spiritual

      4. Emotional.

      And the most important thing is they all need to be aligned and balanced proportionately..

      One has to take care of all of them at required frequent intervals….

      Even I was unaware of all these real concepts of Life earlier, but learnt from our non spiritual Guru.. who is not there physically but his lessons and values are still being followed by thousands of people, me one among them..

      Thanks for reminding me on the above most valuable concepts, it’s like a wake up call for all of us to set the priority to take charge of all our 4 types of body and take proper care in right proportion and at required frequent intervals, can’t ignore any one of them . Specially being a trainer or a Coach or a teacher have to take responsibility of ourselves first.

      Yes! We all learn from each others Life..for a better life.
      Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable important knowledge.

    • Maurya SN

      Key learning :

      Food is also depends on intension which is cooked.
      Water carries information energy/information .
      Spiritual health is important to keep it going in Business .

    • Loretta Sridhar

      Mental Health
      Inputs to the mind impact your mind.
      Friends /inner circle people
      Build communities

      Physical Health
      Structured water

      Spiritual Health

      Prayer time
      Spiritual Reading
      Prayer for others

      Action in the present. Doing everything in Love.
      Home is a Temple,so need to take the time to declutter.

    • Swetha

      Sidz, thanks for the beautiful inputs – Mental, physical and spiritual health, it’s truly needed for all people currently. I believe if we take care of health…we need not visit doctor in Hospital but rather surrender yourself to nature in the lap of Almighty!

    • Monalisa Lal

      We can do something impactful and worthwhile only when our physical, emotional, spiritual health are in place and then aware of karma which should be in line with our purpose of life.

    • Disha Gupta

      I have been drinking water from a copper vessel for a long time but got to know about panchkarma via your podcast. I search immediately for it and found 2 centers in the city itself. However, when I researched, it said monsoon is the best time to go for panchakarma treatments.
      Vaastu is definitely important. I feel it’s a forgotten knowledge and we need to be more aware of it.

    • Manmohan Agarwal

      Hare Krishna 🙏
      So sorry to hear about the untimely demise of your dear aunt@siddz. May the soul go back to the Lotus feet of the Godhead Krishna.
      This podcast is a simple but very effective antidote for anyone and everyone who considers health to be an important pillar in this sojourn called Life. A must listen for one and all irrespective of age ,gender, profession, cultural & religious affiliation etc.
      This 21mts of listening has the potency of changing the whole prospective of one’s view of life with respect to work , health, spiritual & mental synchronicity for peaceful joyous and satisfying life .
      The analogy of Arjuna from the 1st chapter of BG is so very perfect.
      We we all spiritual beings on human journey not vice-versa. We all have the seed of Love or Bhakti programmed in our DNA . Whatever we do we have to do it with an angle of Love, devotion or service.Each of our transaction ,whether a business transaction, a normal routine people to people transaction or an interaction with friends & family , all should have an ingrained element of Love or service. This will truly make our mundane and boring life become blissful and full of Ananda.
      Like you said the running away from the life’s duties (like Arjuna)isn’t a solution, instead doing one’s karma with a service angle is the ultimate path.
      Health is wealth, yes in this day and age we have to give utmost priority to all the things ,mental ,physical and spiritual that determines our health. If we are healthy then only we can do justice to the cause of our experience on this planet. Holistic living is the solution is what you rightly said.
      Thanks for this wonderful podcast.🙏

    • praful C Varma

      This is an awesome podcast on how mental health affects physical health profoundly. Addressing emotions is crucial for overall well-being. Insights through this podcast can benefit others’ well-being.
      #Mental well-being is crucial for success in business and life.
      #Sleep, anxieties, and external influences significantly impact mental health.
      #Home environment and positive circles of friends matter.
      #A personalized diet based on body type is key.
      #Focus on traditional, healthy food and detox routines.
      #Regular exercise and balanced indulgence maintain physical health.
      #Daily practices like meditation and charity support spiritual balance.
      #Integrating spiritual principles into business and life brings fulfillment.
      #Recognizing life beyond the physical body is essential for well-being.
      Thank You Sidz for bringing this podcast.

    • Naga Swathi T J

      Sid, this podcast reminded me of a saying in Hindi 💖“Jaisa ann waisa man”-as is your food so is your mind! Also the way how you explained about mental and physical health is so simple yet powerful! 🔥
      Your simple living and high thinking is so inspiring 😌
      The tips you provided about the sanity of physical space and its impact on mental health is priceless. The way how you explained ancient wisdom in simple terms is amazing!


      Very very deep message
      Don’t let your emotions bottled up
      Mental issues leads to physical health issues
      It is very much necessary to process the emotions

      Thank you sir for such a deep message
      Eye opener

    • Rakesh Mahalley

      Why health is wealth

      The physical, mental and spiritual health is equaly important in our life to have a balanced life.

      Your body is like temple 🛕. So take care of it.

      First let’s see how mental health is important & what can affect your mental health as follows:

      ➡️ The inputs that you give to your system the information input & the food input. If you are watching negative news or food that you’re consuming is prepared by person who is having negativity it automatically affects you.

      ➡️ It is affected by your environment by which you are surrounded continuously.

      ➡️ Also it depends on Vastu. As it affects the way you think 🤔. And it brings complications in health, wealth and spirituality.

      ➡️ Friends/ people with whom you’re associated always. Try to build community.

      ➡️ Have clarity in your purpose.

      ➡️ Take breaks

      Now let’s see how to maintain physical health as follows:

      ➡️ Avoid milk 🥛 products.

      ➡️ Avoid white poisons I.e. maida , sugar , excess salt 🧂.

      ➡️ Use less oil . And have satvick food. Have your traditional dishes.

      ➡️ Use Structure water to drink .

      ➡️ Can have herbal life shake .

      ➡️ In evening have light meal.

      ➡️ Have annual panchkarma which bslance vatta , pitta , kaffa. People having vatta are more thinner generally and having kaffa have a tendency of putting weight. Hence need to balance these doshas

      ➡️ Also one should do pranayama and breathing exercises.

      ➡️ Also need to control the urges of tongue 👅.

      Now let’s see the how to maintain spiritual health as follows:

      ➡️ Follow daily spiritual practices.

      ➡️ Do mantra chanting and scriptual learning on daily basis.

      ➡️ listen spiritual lessons of your Guru’s.

      ➡️ always be in mood of devotional service.

      ➡️ Always be surrender to your spiritual mentor and other mentors.

      The path for this age is about Action in devotional service and dedicate those fruits to higher power.
      Do everything with thread of love ❤️. Serve others . If you Treat your body and home 🏡 as temple 🛕 you will impact more and more people .

      It was really very emotional and spiritual podcast. May your aunts soul rest in peace 🙏🏻.


      Earth is rotating under magnetic field. So for this rotating magnetic field under the “Panchatatta”, this podcast is very useful.
      Synchronisation of Physical Health, Mental Health and Spiritual Health, otherwise Energy will totally lose.
      Food is our direct input into our body. So toxic food into body drain the all energy and disbalance the synchronization of whole body, mind and spiritual health.
      Really now in digital as well as physical world, this type of lesson is rare…so lots of thanks. I am also a pure vegeterian from my birth and fully devotee to my Lord krishna. My name is also Golok Behari i.e. who wander in Bishnu Dham means Sri krishna. I am very lucky that I have got my so wonderful family and you also. Thanks Sidz. My biggest positive learning.

    • Marimita Debnath

      My heartfelt condolences for your beloved aunt! May her soul rest in peace and may the entire family be blessed with the needful strength during such time!

      I completely connect & agree with what all you mentioned in this audio.
      Many of us realise & practice, few to many of these things which you mentioned, but I really want to applaud for compiling the facts & connecting all the dots with explanation. Great work & inspirational indeed!

    • Lakshmi Nanduri

      Health is integral to personal and professional success.
      Each aspect of health – mental, physical, spiritual – plays a critical role in overall well-being.
      Personalized approaches to health based on individual needs and body types are essential.
      Balancing these aspects can lead to a more fulfilling and impactful life.
      Prioritizing mental health by managing inputs (information, food) and environment (home setup).
      Implementing principles like vastu for positive mental atmosphere.
      Focusing on physical health with suitable diet and exercise routines.
      Adopting spiritual practices for overall balance and perspective.
      Practicing moderation and controlling indulgences in diet.
      Incorporating structured water and specific dietary preferences based on body type.
      Engaging in regular spiritual activities, meditation, and community service.
      Maintaining a holistic approach to health, recognizing the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

    • chinnaiyan ayyasamy

      💡 Three Pillars of Health: Mental, physical, and spiritual well-being are crucial for business success and personal fulfillment.

      🧠 Mental Health Impact: Factors like sleep, anxieties, information consumption, food quality, and home environment (including principles like vastu) significantly affect mental health, crucial for overall well-being.

      🏡 Space and Mental Harmony: Adhering to basic principles of energy flow in living spaces impacts mental well-being, while disruptions can affect overall health.

      🌿 Natural Principles Influence Thinking: Awareness and adherence to basic natural principles can notably impact mental clarity and thoughts.

      🤝 Community, Purpose, and Clarity: Building communities, having a clear purpose, and periodic breaks are critical for mental health.

      🥦 Physical Health Practices: Specific dietary choices, understanding body type, and adherence to a particular cuisine contribute to physical health.

      🌱 Detoxification and Balance: Occasional detox methods and balanced routines, like Pancha Karma, aid in maintaining physical balance.

      🧘 Spiritual Practices: Engaging in meditation, reading scriptures, contributing to charitable activities, and viewing business as a service to the community foster spiritual health.

      🚦 Lessons on Health Importance: Personal stories stress the vital role of mental and physical health, highlighting the need to process emotions and prioritize health for a balanced life and business success.

    • Preeti Agarwal

      Absolutely agreed that health is most important, if we are healthy, wealth will come in but an unhealthy body will not be able to enjoy & use wealth.

      Great nuggets received:

      Body & home are like a temple!

      Mental Health is affected by:
      1. Information input : news n negative stuff we take
      2. food input : who cooks, their energy passes to us.
      3.environment : basic vastu checkpoints affects us! Don’t mess with nature, it’s bigger than us.
      4. Friends we associate with.
      5. Have clarity in your purpose: why u doing what u doing
      6. Work in cycles: don’t burnout yourself, keep learning daily.

      Physical health can be maintained by:
      1. Avoid white poisons: milk, maida, sugar.
      2. Eat family traditional recipes.
      3. No onion garlic
      4. Structured water: copper vessel
      5. Annual body detox
      6. Daily brisk walks
      7. Controlling tongue indulgences

      Spiritual health can be done by:
      1. Meditation
      2. Gita & bhagwat reading
      3. Listening to discourses of masters
      4. Charity: deity dresses, Hawan, devotional services to purify the income earned.
      5. Temple visits.
      6. Doing everything with love.

      Mental health affects physical health too.

    • Manjunath Nadagoud

      #ILH Family

      Here are my key takeaways:

      1. 3 dimension of health: Mental, physical and spiritual health
      2. Treat your body like a temple
      3. Information and Food inputs to the body
      4. Water stores information
      5. Mental health is affected by what you eat, environment, aware basic things vastu
      6. Maintain the friends circle who vibrate with your frequency.
      7. Clarity in purpose, in what you do
      8. Takes breaks intermediately
      9. Consider traditional food to eat
      10. Consider the water with copper cup
      11. Balance vata, pitta and kapha
      12. Daily do jappa or meditation
      13. Listen to spiritual masters
      14. Contribute to the charity
      15. Be aware of whats going around

    • aparna tushar pawar

      Thanks Sidz. Eye opener session.
      Thanks for valuable insights towards Physical, Mental and spiritual health.

    • Vijaya Parvathareddy

      3 Dimensions of health – maintain health through out:
      1. Mental Health
      2. Physical Health
      3. Spiritual Health

      1. Mental Health
      Many people don’t realize this. Information inputs, food inputs. Stay away from negative news. Surround yourself with people who support your growth.
      2. Physical Health
      Food and water is also sacred. Be aware of your body food needs. Choose and eat food that aligns with your body and nature. Go to your roots, consume traditional and local food as it is connected with your DNA.

      3. Spiritual Health
      Your body and mind have to be in alignment. For this you need a deep understanding. Be meditative and keep your aura clean. Keep your mind calm n peaceful.

      Health is of prime importance no matter what you want to achieve in life.

    • Jayasri Murali

      Thank you Sidz. This is a timely post. After FBR I fell sick and slowly recovering now. Taking care of our overall health is very much essential. Thanks again for your valuable post.

    • Manju Thomas

      Thank you for this blog. I just needed this. I agree that understanding the principles of nature and giving charity is equally important while maintaining good health and business.

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