Do you feel insecure about competition taking away your market share? Listen to this podcast as I share my perspective on this.

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What is Competition?

How do you outperform your competitors? You know what? I don't believe in competition in the traditional sense. To me, competition acts as a catalyst, and I'll explain exactly what I mean.

Competition is for losers – those who are insecure and view others as rivals. They focus on studying their competitors, trying to outperform and outrank them, playing a market share game fueled by insecurity.

However, I prefer to analyze top companies like Apple and Steve Jobs. Despite competing directly with Microsoft and Bill Gates, Jobs approached Apple with a vision that followed his intuition and prioritized customer experience. He let his customers lead the way, rather than being led by competitors. This approach has inspired me throughout my journey.

Even though there are countless others doing similar things, I don't dwell on studying their actions. Instead, I devote my energy to gathering feedback from my own customers and innovating based on their needs. This has led me to a point where many of my so-called competitors are replicating my models, and I welcome it because it contributes to the growth of the entire industry.

I see every competitor of mine as a catalyst for progress. Each of them offers unique knowledge and experiences that add up to the growth of the industry, whether it's the digital coaching industry or any other sector. In sports, for example, competition is essential for the game to be enjoyable and thrive.

My focus remains relentless in helping my customers and students achieve their goals and aspirations. By dedicating myself to their needs rather than scrutinizing competitors, I stay ahead in the market. While ideas and tactics may come from various sources, tapping into my own mind and creativity allows me to be a path maker and a path breaker, inspiring others to follow me in my niche.

So, instead of viewing competition as a cutthroat race, I encourage you to focus on creating a unique path in your field, leading the way for others to follow. That's how I perceive competition. What do you think?

siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    48 replies to "Competition Is For Losers?"

    • Shampa Chatterjee

      Yes very very true.. with competition you actually loose focus on your own style, your own growth and you start following others style. Insecurities hold the place and you start focusing on beat that person and forget your growth and your start fueling that persons growth once you start this you automatically looses..
      Focus to grow yourself and serve better something unique to your people who following you rather wasting your time in competition.

    • Ashok Mathrani

      Hey Sidz, very true. I fully resonate with you.
      Yes, instead of looking at others, it’s better we create a path that others love to follow.

    • Pradeepkumar KP

      This perspective is very healthy for the Industry as well as Individuals. I will follow the same🙏

    • Ashok Mathrani

      Hi Sidz, yes fully resonate with you.
      Instead of wasting time and energy on others it’s better to focus on one own’s work and as you clearly said create a path that others will love to follow.

      Yes look at others in a healthy way to learn & enrich one own self.

    • Vinitha J

      You ate absolutely right sidz.. There is no competition unless u find it in yourself.

      You said it right n I second You completely…

    • Maurya SN

      Yes , that’s correct . Completion is meant to raise the Bar , learn from others and come up something more valuable . Imagine if there is no competition in Telecom, we would have never got super services almost at no cost. I would say complete with yourself to evolve everyday and raise the Bar and become a pathmaker .

    • Latha R

      Hi Siddharth,
      Wow,what a great interpretation!! Robert Frost’s poem ‘Road not taken’ has got deep-rooted in my mind from my childhood. I could feel the essence of that poem in this podcast. You have made the great philosophy of life so simple and easily understandable. We have to compete with our own self by restructuring our methodologies with innovation and enthusiasm. As everyone in this world is bits and pieces of divine power, nobody can be considered as a competitor. Love all Serve all this is the message delivered. Thanks a lot for making my day Sid🙏🙏 REGARDS

    • Dhanush Raj G N

      300% agree

    • Neeraj Kapoor

      It’s the mindset that differentiates the destination. As soon as I change my mindset and start to look at my “Competition” as a “Catalyst”, my actions changes 180 degrees and those new actions calls forth to contribute to the industry and my business


      Never follow the competitors. Always try try to out of box thinking. Which motivates your mission.

    • Mohandas Panikkar Knnath

      I absolutely believe in the positivity that will engulf the universe when even if a single soul keeps aside personal interests and works for building communities for exponential growth. Building communities is not a solution but The Solution for every aspect of life.

    • Mohandas Panikkar Knnath

      Prime focus has to be on the major higher purpose . And the way is to focus on the client/customer. If this is done at core level competitors will become a part of the whole you create

    • Ajeet Kumar Ranka

      Very Good Sidz, this is very good point you have given here .
      I really Appreciate it. if there is no competition actually there will be now growth.
      and seeing competition as a catalyst is the key to grow yourself.

      thanks sid,
      and keep Doing it.

    • Kanick Raj

      Yes Sidz totally agree with you, if we focus on the competitor, we lose our focus on our goals and lose the speed or momentum.

    • Tania Das

      I think, it’s brilliant way to see competitions out there. If there are no oppositions, what’s the fun in the game. But it’s got to be healthy.

      Thanks for this insight Sidz.

    • Ganesh Bhat

      Yes, we need to focus on the quality of product and customers’ need.

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      I agree with you 100 per cent on every point and it takes time sometimes because of various factors to achieve the Results. Sticking to the meaningful part is the best way for creating our future and life 👍🔥✨👌

    • Deepali Honyalkar

      True. Instead of competing with others, sticking to the process which get the results matters a lot.


      I completely resonate with you, Sir. As you rightly said, we should create our own path that others follow. Instead of focusing on our competitors we should focus on our work and what our customers need and make the changes accordingly in the system that is the best way to grow personally and the industry as a whole.

    • Fakhera shahwar

      Yes , very true we should take our competitors in a healthy way so that we can concentrate on our own skills and strengthen our confidence to help others and keep inspiring by doing things what you love to do.

    • Shoumi

      Awesome Sidz. I loved what you said and agree with every word. You hit the nail on its head. We need to rely on our intuition and creativity to find our way and not copy others. Also what you said- That take feedback from our students/clients and understand what they need and tailor our material based on that information is invaluable.

    • Santosh Pawaskar

      Yes, 💯 agree. If there’s no competition there’s no game. Healthy competition adds value in the industry we work.

    • Harshitha

      Hi Sidz,
      Recently I joined your community and I was little worried about both competitors and copy cats. Thank you for this

    • Dr.Pavithra mallam

      Competing with someone unknown makes no sense,you are right sidz but one shall never forget to compete with ownself on daily bases when you understand you are growing and ahead in your own ideas ,thoughts and implementations everyday , ticking your own old idea scratching some new one daily makes it enthusiastic!!!!!!!!!

    • Prakash Karnani

      Competition happens however much u feel it doesn’t affect you it does most of people why? Demand is less makers , creators are more and capacity is huge in manufacturing trading and taxes and games of policy and politics affect each country’s policy in competing with another country . So saying competition shouldn’t bother seens a noble idea but actually it does affect all . For eg india taught bangladesh textile and garment manufacturing , China Taiwan made it grow in bangaladesh to huge manufacturing . Europe and usa supported by not adding duty giving duty exemption and garments governments policy helped Bangladeshis factory’s to make huge factory’s so all big volumes used to go to Dacca at .50 cents to a dollar cheaper to Europe so for 2/3 decades the volumes reduced to Indian exporters who innovated and got into value addition and innovation and domestic to survive these times as 80\90 % business went to bangaladesh beating india in a big way but a few exporters survived who didn’t let competition affect them but to say they are losers I don’t agree circumstances make them end as profitability matters to all and so many prefer closing than doing competing and making losses . But they are winners as then they find their journey to better pastures in domestic and better valuable innovative branding and selling at better margins in exports and domestic but completion will always exist and nothing is permanent it all changes and evolves and costs increases too , those who can control costs and overheads survive better ! There is no free lunch anywhere in world .

    • Prachi Joshi

      It’s all about consciousness.. How and Why?

      What is Healthy competition?
      I Win – I am happy. I lose – I say ‘ I can be better.’
      The other wins – I am happy as well. The other loses – ‘ You can be better as well.’ .
      What is Unhealthy competition?
      I Win – I am very happy. I lose – I am frustrated.
      The other wins – I am not happy. The other loses – I am ‘really’ happy.

      Competition is all about YOU. It’s never about the other person. The other person is just the lamp post helping you get past your own shadow. Because the definition of competition in Wikipedia says ‘ Competition is a rivalry where two or more parties strive for a common goal which cannot be shared: where one’s gain is the other’s loss (an example of which is a zero-sum game).So, competition in a game is because of the other person. That means, there is separation. And the separation is only because of a common goal which cannot be shared. Now, that’s what life is. Isn’t it? Life is a game. And like every other game, it has its own rules. Because a game is a game only because of its rules. Else, it’s a mere chaos. And God is your referee.
      To illustrate..
      This is from the time when my life had turned upside down and God wanted me to turn upside down. Yes, practicing ‘ Shirshasana ‘taught me some of my biggest lessons off the yoga mat. I could initially do it with the wall support. Now it was time take the support off. As I started practicing,
      I fell, I rose. I fell again, I rose again. It was my anchor and my competition were my vices.. The ‘Shadripus’ as we call them. Both of us were competing against the other. And our common goal was not to let the other win. I didn’t want them to win.. They didn’t want me to win. And my anchor were the asanas I practiced. Each emotion was nullified with a yoga pose.. Keep practicing…Keep practising. I told myself. Finally, I could get into a full headstand after 5 to 6 months of continuous practice. It taught me ‘Never to give up no matter what ‘…. And the joy was unbound. And this is not to show off but to put the point across. Your vices are your biggest competition. Even if they may be the representation of the triggers in your environment and we feel that our competition is on the outside. But your competition is not on the outside. When we learn to conquer our so called competition from inside and operate from that space. Then.. there is no competition for you. Everything is just a play.. And then as the competition gets tougher, you get tougher. Because then you learn to play fully, totally, the best of your capacity.
      We fall , we rise..
      We fall hard, we must rise harder.
      And that’s ‘real life competition. ‘
      It shifts us from playing ‘A Game of I’ to the ‘Game of We’.
      And that’s ‘Abundance’.

      As per the ‘Gunas’..
      In competition,
      Tamas – Not involved in the competition at all
      Rajas – Involved but restless with no objectivity
      Sattva – Totally involved yet not involved or dispassionately passionate because Absolute detachment requires absolute involvement. That’s real freedom.
      So, cultivate sattva and then go beyond to bond with the ‘BEYOND’.

    • Om prakash priyadarshi

      Sir…just now join Gold community and started to go through…watching said cource..Really sir…life and it’s Growth submission is not completion…its process to live happily with the company of others and each and every thing in life that’s called fulfillment …this is not cracking the exam and getting govt job.So in this real game of life it’s competition of losers…winners just chill and live their live to make association with successful fellow whom have faith in fulfillment and freedom…

    • Om prakash priyadarshi

      Great sir…you give the new horizon and differentiate the mindset of looser and winner .Really mean competitors are looser because they give their full output and time to see and analysis to their competitors and forget to creativity and new approach of growing their business .

    • Shantini N

      Dear Siddharth,
      Very valuable understanding of this word!

      Generally, it is understood as fighting with your opponents. Here you have brought out the near-real essence of the word. Competition is about chasing and improving our own skills. Yes, you have it perfectly right! The world needs to change its perception of competing as positive. Test of one’s boundaries and other landmark!

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