Do you feel stuck growing a business due to personal issues? In this podcast, I share some practical ways to bounce back based on my experience.

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How I Overcame Personal Issues?

Growing a digital business can sometimes be incredibly challenging. Personal obstacles and various other hurdles are topics we address in this podcast. I want to offer insights on navigating these personal issues as you expand your business.

I recall 2015 when I embarked on this journey. I was pushing hard, lacking financial resources and facing significant challenges in my relationships. Every time I returned from a workshop or training, I'd come home to my wife's question: "Will our situation ever change?" There were times when the month outlasted our funds. From an outsider's perspective, I appeared successful. However, after accounting for team salaries, tools, taxes, and other expenses, when I'd take my wife out for dinner, I'd find myself perusing the menu's right side, choosing only the cheapest items.

This financial strain culminated in immense pressure. In 2015, I experienced a panic attack, rendering me sleepless for two weeks. My health, relationships, and finances all seemed to be in decline. What I aim to convey is that if you're encountering a similar situation, I deeply empathize.

We often think we have business problems, but more often than not, it's personal issues manifesting in our professional lives. Despite my aspirations to grow my business, these underlying issues stymied my progress. I'll segment these based on wealth, health, or relationship situations. These facets are paramount. Wealth, health, and love – these are the trinities of human fulfillment. With these elements balanced, everything else is a bonus.

So, let me guide you through this. As I relay these strategies, you might glean valuable insights.

It's essential to realize, as I did, that our circumstances, like the ones I faced in 2015, are often drawn to us by our actions and mindset.

The first step was accepting the situation and taking personal responsibility, rather than blaming people, situations, or others. I chose to take it upon myself, acknowledging that my current circumstances were a result of past decisions and different situations I had experienced. Additionally, my mindset played a significant role.

If I go back to 2011 and 2012, when I lost my job and my wife was pregnant, I can see that during that time, I was trapped in a scarcity mindset. Prior to 2011, when I had a secure job, I held an abundance mindset. Earning a comfortable salary of ₹75,000 to ₹80,000, I would clock in 7 to 8 hours a day and return home without worries. Even during the initial years of marriage (2009 and 2010), life was comfortable. However, I wasn't actively working on improving my mindset. Although traces of scarcity thinking existed, I wasn't upgrading my skills or self. When I faced job loss, my initial response was to point fingers at my boss, the situation, and the industry.

Because of my scarcity mindset, the years 2012 to 2015 served as a wake-up call. This period led to my realization that I hadn't been focusing on personal growth despite remaining connected. Throughout these years, I experienced exhaustion due to mental and physical overwork.

Reflecting on my life before the breakdown, I recognized that I lived in a perpetual state of stress and personal conflict. These were personal issues. In 2015, my panic attack prompted a complete rejuvenation. I delved back into spirituality and drafted a 14-page document outlining my ideal life—a detailed portrayal of my perfect day. This document included my waking time, living situation, daily activities, family interaction, time spent with children, and business interactions. It was created even when my financial capacity was limited.

Now, in 2023, I can confidently say that about 90% of what I detailed in that document has come to fruition. While some specifics differ, the overall outcome aligns closely.

This experience led me to realize that most people are trapped due to a lack of clarity about their desires. This often results in a cycle of blaming circumstances, people, and external factors.

And that marked the turning point in my life. Although my life didn't transform overnight, that document I had written became a reference point. If I were to trace back to 2016, I encountered the magic of my mentor, Blessinger. He truly enhanced a dormant ability within me, one I never knew I possessed.

So, because I had authored those two documents in 2015, I'm aware that I attracted the mentor into my life. Some of you may believe in the concept of the law of attraction, while others may not. For me, it's about focusing your thoughts on your desires rather than your lacks, thereby uncovering opportunities, circumstances, and individuals that aid in manifesting your goals.

Now, even during my journey in 2016, I faced numerous moments where quitting seemed plausible. Primarily, I lacked the funds to invest in such a high-priced program. Nonetheless, I managed to swipe my family member's credit card, allowing me to proceed. I then ventured into an advanced program worth ₹7 lakh in Phuket, spanning five days, led by the mentor Blessinger. Financially, I was still in the same situation, but internally, I possessed the conviction and faith that I could make it work.

Indeed, despite the financial tightness, I held the firm belief that this decision would revolutionize my life, committing to its success without a fallback plan. I discarded all alternative plans and made this my sole focus. While this might seem risky to many, it's the unwavering conviction that propels one forward, and it was my mentor who instilled this conviction within me.

His words resonated deeply: "You are greater than your circumstances. The world requires more educators and leaders." These affirmations echoed in my mind, such as "I am amazing," "I love myself," and "I attract success." When negativity crept in, I countered it with positive affirmations.

The key to altering your situation, even amidst personal issues, is employing affirmations to redirect your thoughts. Whenever your mind veers into negativity, you hold the power to shift it back. Your thoughts determine your reality; your mind is potent. Hence, writing that document in 2015 initiated the journey, and 2016 provided the opportunities. I seized those opportunities without hesitation due to self-belief and determination. Even afterward, obstacles persisted—ongoing tests of my commitment towards achieving my aspirations.

So the universe presents distinct challenges at various stages to thoroughly assess whether the path you've embarked upon aligns with your genuine desires.

Let's delve into the strategy for addressing personal issues. Firstly, gaining clarity about your desires is crucial. Imagine elaborating on your ideal day in a comprehensive 10-page document. Be explicit about your income goals and your envisioned living situation. Dream without limitations; there's no fee for aspiring. Your dreams can extend as far as your imagination allows.

Initiate your dreams, harness the potency of your creativity, and explore your boundless capabilities on paper using your hand. This fosters a connection between your neurons and brain, unlike mere typing. This step is pivotal.

The subsequent step involves crafting affirmation statements to swiftly intercept any challenges. If you're encountering health issues, construct affirmative declarations. If necessary, seek existing examples online and customize them to suit your needs. These affirmations rewire your body and mind to resonate with good health. Envision yourself as vibrant, brimming with energy, and living a robust life well into your 90s or even past 100. Also, affirm your immunity's strength and other related factors.

For financial matters, tailor affirmations similarly. I offer a tool called the "Freedom Creed" to my community members, empowering them to recite these affirmations daily. This routine helps reprogram their minds when negativity surfaces.

Concerning matters of love, the principle remains consistent—embrace affirmations. To receive love, giving love is imperative. Actively bestow affection to start attracting it. I advise my students that community-building necessitates a profound love for people. It's not just about acquiring customers; it's about nurturing relationships. Authentic love evolves when one has undergone experiences like heartbreak or lack of affection.

Two types of individuals emerge from challenging situations: one withdraws into isolation, unable to reciprocate love, while the other discovers the hidden depths of affection within them. I've witnessed this phenomenon during my participation in events with my mentor. Exploring the core motivations behind actions often prompts breakthroughs. Some have recognized their latent potential due to suppressed affection that has remained dormant for years.

For me, the love that I had for my grandfather remains unchanged. I continue to hold that same affection for him. This love has been the inspiration, energy, and fuel behind everything I'm currently engaged in. It's due to the profound care, respect, and love he had for numerous individuals, as well as the respect he garnered from others due to his unwavering and relentless service to fellow human beings around him.

His care and concern for others have become a part of my own DNA. When I managed to establish a connection to the source of my values, everything in my life underwent a transformation. This change extended to my business as well. I am now constructing both my business and my community from that foundation of love - the same love that my grandfather instilled in me, and the love that my parents also shared.

I understand that some of you may have had differing experiences during your childhoods. If you didn't receive this kind of love during your early years, you can choose to reverse that pattern. You might decide that because you lacked this love in your past, you're committed to providing more of it now.

Human beings undergo diverse experiences, shaped by their pasts and current circumstances. By connecting the dots between these experiences, you can formulate a personal mission. Craft affirmations that draw upon the love within you, and this love will manifest in all your actions. This resonance will attract like-minded individuals who connect with your thoughts, enabling you to establish communities and your own tribe.

Remember, people buy from people and connect with people. Artificial intelligence (AI) serves many purposes, but it won't be making purchasing decisions from us. For addressing personal issues within your business, the process involves three steps: gaining clarity, transforming insights into affirmations, and taking actionable steps. The law of attraction only works when combined with the law of action.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    158 replies to "How To Handle Personal Issues While Growing A Business"

    • Ram Narayan Singh

      Here are the key takeaways:

      Challenges of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship involves overcoming personal obstacles and navigating various challenges. The journey can be financially strenuous and impact relationships.

      Recognizing Personal Issues: Often, business problems stem from underlying personal issues. Addressing these issues is crucial for overall success.

      Balancing Wealth, Health, and Love: The trinity of human fulfillment comprises wealth, health, and love. Achieving balance among these aspects contributes to a fulfilling life.

      Accepting Responsibility: Accepting personal responsibility for one’s circumstances is essential. Blaming external factors or people hinders progress.

      Mindset Matters: Mindset plays a significant role in attracting circumstances. Moving from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset can reshape outcomes.

      Clarity and Self-Belief: Gaining clarity about desires and having self-belief are transformative. Crafting affirmations and redirecting thoughts can lead to positive change.

      Seizing Opportunities: Taking action and seizing opportunities despite challenges is key to personal growth and transformation.

      Law of Attraction: Focusing thoughts on desires rather than lacks can attract opportunities and circumstances aligned with one’s goals.

      Overcoming Personal Issues: Overcoming personal issues involves gaining clarity, creating affirmations, and taking consistent action.

      Love and Connection: Love and authentic relationships are essential for personal and business success. Positive affirmations can reprogram the mind for love and growth.

      Finding Purpose: Connecting past experiences and values helps formulate a personal mission. Affirmations based on this mission attract like-minded individuals and build communities.

      Combining Action and Attraction: The law of attraction must be combined with the law of action for desired outcomes.

      Community Engagement: Engaging in a community of like-minded individuals provides support, learning, and accountability for personal and business growth.

    • Vandana Bhasin

      Wealth, health and love are trinities of human fulfillment.
      Accepting the situation and taking responsibility rather than blaming
      You are greater than your circumstances. The world requires more.educators and leaders
      You hold the power to.shift it back.
      Clarity about desires.
      Harness potency of your creativity
      Craft all area of life to swiftly intercept challenges

    • Dinesh Kumar

      1. We often think we have business problems, but more often than not, it’s personal issues manifesting in our professional lives.
      2. The first step is accepting the situation and taking personal responsibility, rather than blaming people, situations, or others.
      3. our circumstances are often drawn to us by our actions and mindset.
      4. most people are trapped due to a lack of clarity about their desires.
      5. the universe presents distinct challenges at various stages to thoroughly assess whether the path you’ve embarked upon aligns with your genuine desires.

      1. document outlining my ideal life—a detailed portrayal of my perfect day. This document includes my waking time, living situation, daily activities, family interaction, time spent with children, and business interactions.
      2. focus your thoughts on your desires rather than your lacks, thereby uncovering opportunities, circumstances, and individuals that aid in manifesting your goals.
      3. it’s the unwavering conviction that propels one forward
      4. gaining clarity about your desires is crucial. Imagine elaborating on your ideal day in a comprehensive 10-page document. Be explicit about your income goals and your envisioned living situation. Dream without limitations; there’s no fee for aspiring. Your dreams can extend as far as your imagination allows.
      5. Initiate your dreams, harness the potency of your creativity, and explore your boundless capabilities on paper using your hand. This fosters a connection between your neurons and brain, unlike mere typing.
      6. craft affirmation statements to swiftly intercept any challenges. If you’re encountering health issues, construct affirmative declarations. These affirmations rewire your body and mind to resonate with good health. Envision yourself as vibrant, brimming with energy, and living a robust life well into your 90s or even past 100. Also, affirm your immunity’s strength and other related factors.
      7. Human beings undergo diverse experiences, shaped by their pasts and current circumstances. By connecting the dots between these experiences, you can formulate a personal mission. Craft affirmations that draw upon the love within you, and this love will manifest in all your actions. This resonance will attract like-minded individuals who connect with your thoughts, enabling you to establish communities and your own tribe.

      Two types of individuals emerge from challenging situations: one withdraws into isolation, unable to reciprocate love, while the other discovers the hidden depths of affection within them.

    • PavanaShree B.K

      1. Being responsible
      2. Being the source of Love and joy(Who I am is Love and Joy)
      3. Goal, Affirmation and actions

    • Manmohan Attri

      1 We often think we have business problems, but more often than not, it’s personal issues manifesting in our professional lives.
      2. The first step was accepting the situation and taking personal responsibility, rather than blaming people, situations, or others.
      3. Two types of individuals emerge from challenging situations: one withdraws into isolation.
      Human beings undergo diverse experiences, shaped by their pasts and current circumstances.
      4. People buy from people and connect with people.
      5. The world need more teachers and leaders.
      6. Human beings undergo diverse experiences, shaped by their pasts and current circumstances. By connecting the dots between these experiences, you can formulate a personal mission.
      7. Our mind is extremely powerful.
      8. Getting clear on what you want. Start dreaming on paper.
      9. Craft affirmations. Health, Finances, love etc.
      10. It’s people business.

    • Sarada

      Get clarity
      Transform the emotions into affirmations
      And take actions

    • My Learnings From This Podcast
      1. Mindset is the pilot of our destiny. So we need to rewire our subconscious mind towards the success and significance and not towards the scarcity or survival mindset
      2. Journaling is the important part of our success journey as it activates our Reticular Activation System. This will help us to achieve our goals
      3. Face the negative challenges by reading affirmation to be sticked to your desired journey of success
      4. Don’t ever play the victim card. Our thoughts will attract the same situations in our life, by law of attraction
      5. You Need to know your purpose of the life so that can drive you towards your successful journey

    • Sandeep Kule

      Takeaways :
      1. It’s a personal problem that showup in Business so focus on solving your Personal problems if you want to grow your business.

      2. Wealth Health and Love are the three important dimensions that co-relate with each other.

      3. Dont Blame others for a situation

      4. Write Goals to design your Future. – Law of Attraction.

      5. you can feed the positive or negative so go for Affirmations rather.

      6. Clarity is a key.

      7. Put that affirmation into action.

    • Praful C Varma

      This is really a heart touching podcast which shows all the ups and down of the life .but my take from this podcast is if you wish to achieve any thing in life it is possible and what you focus you attract .this is life .
      Start working and universe will show you the path and you will reach your destiny.
      rest will become memory and story which will be communicated to people as your life journey …………

    • Ravi Kumar

      How to Overcome Personal Challenges
      1. Accept the situation and took on personal responsibility rather blaming others,
      -know what you want, abundance mindset, have written document, have one mentor in life
      -Law of Attraction works
      -have conviction that I can do it and make it happen
      -no plan B
      2. Use Affirmations to shift your thought, awareness and ability to feed positive, we have powerful mind,
      – take opportunity when it comes
      – obstacles test every times, universe throws challenges every time,


      1. Getting Clear what you want- money, house, health, etc…
      start dreaming
      power of imagination
      write down your goals

      2. Craft Affirmations to short circuit challenges
      -You cannot receive love unless you give, when you are people lover, you will be able to build people community. – Compassion towards other people
      – spread love to your community, make it a mission
      we will attract people according to our vibes

      3. Put it all into Action – Law of Attraction, when we take action, we will get the results.

    • Digital NiGo

      I’m greater than my circumstances. I love myself. I’m amazing. I attract success.

      I am writing this in my own hand to connect with it.

      Really Bulb on moments and learning from this podcast.

      More gratitude to you Sidz . Keep us inspiring always 🙏🙏

    • Niladri Bihari Nayak

      My top five key learnings from today’s podcast, focusing on health, wealth, and love:

      1. I must own my Circumstances and Mindset for Wealth: Taking responsibility for my situation is crucial. My mindset matters – shifting from limiting beliefs to growth-oriented thinking can improve my financial prospects.

      2. I must Embrace Challenges and Seek Health Opportunities: Personal health challenges can impact my professional life. I must overcome obstacles by adopting positive affirmations and addressing mental and physical well-being.

      3. I must Nurture Love for Personal and Business Fulfillment: Cultivate love for myself and others. Genuine care can help build relationships, communities, and a sense of purpose in both personal and business endeavors.

      4. I must Be Clear and Use Affirmations to Reach Goals: Set clear goals for my finances, health, and relationships. Write down my aspirations and reinforce them with positive affirmations to guide your actions.

      5. I must combine Attraction and Action for Transformation: Positive thinking and affirmations are important, but they must be backed by consistent action. Blend the power of attraction with purposeful steps to achieve your desired outcomes.

    • Amit Dobariya

      Today’s Learning

      Wealth / Health / Love

      1. Except Situation and Take 100% Responsiblity
      2. Perday Document writing Today it Self
      Wakeup – Live – Part 1 / Part 2
      3. invest in self – High Ticket
      4. No Plan B X — – – -Only Plan -(A)
      5. Afformation – positive information
      6. think only what you want – use the full of Mind
      7.what you want – write – dreaming – paper – Hand -connection
      8.Affarmation on my voice
      9.Give what you want – Love – Money
      10.Known why you doing and what you doing – with person
      11. connect the dot and convert in to mission
      12. poeple by from people
      13. Clearity
      14. Affarmation
      15. Action

      Thank you somuch for going deeper.

      Heart Love,
      Amit Dobariya

    • Niloy Kundu

      #ILHFamily #ILHDeepLearner
      There is no business problem,all personal problems reflects in business.
      3 key factors of life are wealth, health and love.
      here is some point to get rid from the personal issues :
      1.geting clear what you want
      2.start dreraming ,start utilizing the inner power
      3.craft affirmation statement for short circuiting the brain,use sidz.creed for financial problem
      4.give love and bring that love from within you of attraction only works when we put that on action so lastly take action

    • Deepali Honyalkar

      My key learnings –
      1. Its so true that what you attract you get.
      2. Taking 100% charge of life and not blaming others
      3. Abundance mindset is absolutely important
      4. It is of utmost importance to not blame the people, situation and upgrading oneself continously
      5. Planning matters a lot
      6. Scripting what you want is vey very imp.
      7. People are stuck because they are unaware of what they want
      8. Mentor plays a crucial role in one’s life
      9. The conviction and belief matter a lot
      10. Realisation of self-love
      11. Shifting the state of mind through positive affirmations
      12. Challenges are thrown to check your abilities
      13. Getting a clear picture of what you want
      14. Love yourself and the people
      15. Always remembering and respecting the Role models

    • Meghna bansal

      We often think we have business problems, but more often than not, it’s personal issues manifesting in our professional lives.

      It’s health, wealth and love which all we need

      – Take 💯 % responsibility – no blame no complaints
      – Scarcity mindset vs abundance mindset
      – Mindset, skills need to be updated regularly and consciously
      – Avoid constant state of personal friction through spirituality. Design your own life by journaling
      – Get out of stuck mindset – by knowing what you want in life. Path will show automatically
      – Law of attraction- when you intensify your goals, you manifest
      – Delete all the plan Bs. Grit, conviction, belief and trust builds inside
      – The secret is to use affirmations to feed the positive, negate the negative thoughts
      – Obstacles test you. Universe throws different challenges to test you

      Solution to handle personal issues
      1) get clarity. There’s no cost to dreaming. Use power of imagination. Use the creativity to write and carve your life out
      2) craft positive affirmations to short circuit your body and brain. Be a people lover – to build a community of compassion and empathy. Don’t cave yourself. Build from space of love. people connect with people, people buy from people.
      3) law of attraction will only work when you put law of action into action.

      Keep going!

    • Saumya Kumari

      My learnings :

      The key to altering your situation, even amidst personal issues, is employing affirmations to redirect your thoughts.

      Whenever your mind veers into negativity, you hold the power to shift it back. Your thoughts determine your reality; your mind is potent.

      So the universe presents distinct challenges at various stages to thoroughly assess whether the path you’ve embarked upon aligns with your genuine desires.

      Let’s delve into the strategy for addressing personal issues.

      Firstly, gaining clarity about your desires is crucial. Imagine elaborating on your ideal day in a comprehensive 10-page document.

      “You are greater than your circumstances.

      The world requires more educators and leaders.

      ” These affirmations echoed in my mind, such as “I am amazing,” “I love myself,” and “I attract success.” When negativity crept in, I countered it with positive affirmations.

      Remember, people buy from people and connect with people.

      Artificial intelligence (AI) serves many purposes, but it won’t be making purchasing decisions from us.

      For addressing personal issues within your business, the process involves three steps: gaining clarity, transforming insights into affirmations, and taking actionable steps.

      The law of attraction only works when combined with the law of action.

    • sangita

      my takeaways
      -Write the life the way you want to live a life.
      – invest in your learning.
      -Believe in yourself , challenges will be there to test you.
      – be clear and craft an affirmations and bring love for yourself through it.
      – why you are doing ? what are you doing ? find the answer to create a remarkable journey.

    • TR venkatesh

      Everyone go down in life either by personally or by professionally. But, Keeping Our Health, wealth & Love if filled up in our cup other is a just a bonus. To get this take an action about your mindset which make Abundant within. Leaving comfortable life to move from scarcity mindset to growing mindset is the key to success. Not to overwork by breaking our head with stress and personal friction. Come back to spiritual life and contemplate all the things happened without your efforts. Realization of blaming situation, people and circumstances made us to go down.
      If we have a spiritual master to bring back those our core values and ethics makes us a man of miracle to attract back anything. Inside our core once all our core beliefs and purpose when realized back with daily rituals will surely makes us back at what ever the situation we face. Understanding the importance of writing journal also makes us to ger back at whatever the universe throw to us. So, once we get back to our core message with dreaming with putting on paper by rewiring our brans leads to a great come back at any low energy state.

      With all these rituals of this community we follow on daily basis with deep rooted self love makes us to go in a community based tribe and grow fast to get back from the cave and Box to Box lifestyle.

      Even I too following the same with such a rituals to transform within.

      Thank u sids for giving such an breakthrough from this beautiful voice

      Thank u sids


      Top Learnings:
      1. Wealth Health & Love are we want in lIfe.
      2. Whatever happen in our life we attracting these…
      3. We need to Accept the situation…
      4. Scarcity Mindset is like to destroy everything…
      5. We Just Blame, People, Event & Situation
      6. The Life Change: Pefect Day Exercise- Home, Family, Kids, Business, Relationship, Health, Money… everything…
      7. Shift Your Mindset: Positive Affirmations – Feed Mind
      8. Universe Check our stength by giving us challenges

      Handling Personal Issues:
      1. Start Dreaming, Perfect Day Exercise
      2. Craft Your Short Circuit in Brain- Positive Affirmations on Health, Money, Love (Give Genuine Love, Compassion)
      3. Building Community on the Base of Love.
      4. People Buy From people
      5. Connect with the Roots
      6. Law of Attaction will only work when the Law of Action work.

    • Mukund Khasnis

      How you can overcome personal challenges while growing a digital business?
      1) Accepting the situation and taking personal responsibility, rather than blaming people, situations, or others
      2) Coming out of Scarcity mindset and not focusing on personal growth despite remaining connected. Work on your mindset- abundance mindset.
      3) Have your own my perfect day document – document outlining your ideal life—a detailed portrayal of your perfect day. Now start living that document. Get clear of what you really want and purpose of your life. Allow Law of Attraction to work.
      4) Have clarity about your desires to get out of cycle of blaming circumstances, people, and external factor – have mentor and accountability partners, have affirmations to shift your thought when your mind goes back to your old pattern.
      5) Dream without limitations; there’s no fee for aspiring. Your dreams can extend as far as your imagination allows. Write your goals, affirmations, challenges and take massive actions. Initiate your dreams, harness the potency of your creativity, and explore your boundless capabilities on paper using your hand. This fosters a connection between your neurons and brain, unlike mere typing.
      6) Crafting affirmation statements to swiftly intercept any challenges – express love and show empathy – enjoy the process and focus on the person within you that is progressing providing service mindset -connect the dots and make that into a mission. Build love within you and attract your tribe with your vibe.
      7) Take massive action and refine.

      Thank you Sidz.

      • Mukund Khasnis

        #ILHFamily #ILHDeepLearner
        How you can overcome personal challenges while growing a digital business?
        1) Accepting the situation and taking personal responsibility, rather than blaming people, situations, or others
        2) Coming out of Scarcity mindset and not focusing on personal growth despite remaining connected. Work on your mindset- abundance mindset.
        3) Have your own my perfect day document – document outlining your ideal life—a detailed portrayal of your perfect day. Now start living that document. Get clear of what you really want and purpose of your life. Allow Law of Attraction to work.
        4) Have clarity about your desires to get out of cycle of blaming circumstances, people, and external factor – have mentor and accountability partners, have affirmations to shift your thought when your mind goes back to your old pattern.
        5) Dream without limitations; there’s no fee for aspiring. Your dreams can extend as far as your imagination allows. Write your goals, affirmations, challenges and take massive actions. Initiate your dreams, harness the potency of your creativity, and explore your boundless capabilities on paper using your hand. This fosters a connection between your neurons and brain, unlike mere typing.
        6) Crafting affirmation statements to swiftly intercept any challenges – express love and show empathy – enjoy the process and focus on the person within you that is progressing providing service mindset -connect the dots and make that into a mission. Build love within you and attract your tribe with your vibe.
        7) Take massive action and refine.

        Thank you Sidz.

    • Parmvir Singh

      My take aways:
      1. Be responsible.
      2. Be clear on what I want.
      3. There is no plan B.
      4. craft affirnmations.
      5. Write my perfect day.

      • Janardan Kar

        Agree more

    • Rajeev Sahu

      The top 10 Learnings from this mind-blowing Blog are:
      1. We don’t have Business Problems. We have Personal Problems that show up in Business.
      2. Take Personal Responsibility rather than blaming others.
      3. Shift your Mindset from Scarcity Mindset to Abundance Mindset.
      4. Your Present Situation is not the FInal Situation of your Life.
      5. Visualize the perfect Day and Life you want to live with minute detailing.
      6. Take a Leap of Faith and Believe in your Mentor.
      7. Find a Mentor because he guides you to achieve your fullest potential.
      8. Use Affirmation to shift your Thoughts from a Negative mindset to a Positive mindset in every important aspect of Health, Relationships, Carrier, and Wealth.
      9. Get Clear about what you want. Write, think, Dream, and believe in yourself.
      10. Your Vibe attracts your tribe. People Buy from People.

      Thank you so so much for this amazing insight! MPTY SIdz !!!

    • Devanand

      Poerfull content :
      1. Wealth, health love are most important parts.
      2. Its not about business problem, its about your personal problem.
      3. Work on personal problem using affarmation.
      4. Clear about what you want
      5. Love the people
      6. Clarity, affirmation, action
      Thanks sidz.

    • Sai Dheeraj

      Brilliantly put real world experiences.
      Here are few of the learnings
      1) Accept situation and take full responsibility of it
      2) Envision your Future self and believe
      3) Get a very clear vision of your Ideal day
      4) Use positive affirmations to Short circuit negativity
      5) Tap into Love within to give out more love and create affirmations of love
      6) Law of Action

    • Janardan Kar

      IT IS PERSONAL PROBLEMs hampers Business
      Healing self,
      Setting mind
      Stop blaming others/ Take responsibility for everything.
      Destress and bring clarity – your goal and why, how to achieve that
      What you want to become- managing Feeling, thoughts, Beliefs, Action to attract the goal.
      Changing the internal frequency to attract by tuning Feeling, Thoughts, Beliefs and Actions
      #CLARITY> Courage>Consistency of discipline to go for it.
      #Daily affirmatio in all 4 areas- Health, Relationship/Love, Meaningful work, and Money/ Wealth
      #Healing self of negativity and then attract positivity
      ###People get attracted to people. Be a People Magnet. Be your true self

      • Janardan Kar

        Contemplate and write your vision ,mission and write candidly what you wish to brcome

    • Abhishek Gawale

      #Get Clear about what you want exactly, Write it on paper.
      #Craft own affirmation to keep minset positive.
      #Become people lover, we are in peoples business.
      #Love is the only source to success.
      #People buy from people.
      #The Law of Attraction only works when you put law of action to work.

    • Prachiti Sharangdhar

      Wonderful learning. The most important point I could resonate with is, to take responsibility for my actions

    • Jaykumari Vighnesh Trivedi

      Business challenges are reflection of personal challenges
      1. Having clarity writing✍️ down
      2. Manifest it
      3. Taking action in that direction

      Thank YOU Sidz for being vulnerable and sharing your own life challenges.



    • Ankita Singh

      My key takeaways:
      1.Don’t give up in tough times, keep going.
      2.Health,wealth and love completes us.
      3.Correct Mindset is key to growth and peace in life.
      4.Think less Act more.
      5.Having clarity about the life i want and about my goals is important.
      6.Use Affirmation to shift your thought in positive vibe.
      7.Obstacles or Challenges in life are necessary to grow.
      8.Write the life you want in details.
      9.Craft Affirmation to overcome the challenges in life.
      10.Craft Affirmation in Health,Wealth, Relationship.
      11.Only a people lover can connect with communities.
      12.People buy from people. People connect with people.
      13.Law of attraction will only work if Law of Action is done.

    • Rohith Shashishekar

      Tuff times requires tuff decisions.

      1. Take responsibility for your present situation.
      2. Work on your mindset.
      3. Write a personal document on your perfect day. How much money you want to make. how you want to live.
      4. Positive affirmations are important.
      5. Use freedom creed.
      6. You can’t build a community unless you deeply love people and clear intentions to commit for the growth of those people.
      7. Connect the dots and build you mission.
      8. people buy from people and people connect with people. So, build your creed and affirmations with that deep connect.

    • Virendra Rajawat

      This is really amazing and the key takeaways for me are as follows:

      It’s a personal problem that shows up in the business.
      Wealth, health, and love are important, all others are extras

      What should we do?
      Accept the situation and work on yourself.
      When we are in a comfortable situation, we generally do not work on ourselves.
      We need to get out of a scarcity mindset and move on to the abundance mindset.
      Most people are stuck because they are not clear about what exactly they want in life.
      Your mind is so powerful, whatever you manifest it in this….will come true.

      The solution, how to get out of the personal problem
      1. Start Dreaming, and write down your perfect day with your hand
      2. Create some affirmations for yourself and go through these as many times as possible for Health, Money, and other areas of life
      3. Be a people lover, only then you will be able to create a powerful community
      4. People connect with people

      The law of attraction only works, until the law of action is at work.

      Virendra Rajawat

    • Dharanidharan Rajkumar

      The first step is not to blame circumstances or people but rather to take full responsibility for our lives.
      Start having clarity about your goals and write them down.
      Craft them into affirmations and put them into action.

    • Pooja agarwal

      Overcoming personal challenges in the journey of professional growth:
      Money constraint impacts Health, relations and deeply mindset.
      If you have a lot of background frictions, it adds on to the challenges.

      We seek only 3 things to get fulfilled- wealth, health and Love.

      1. Firstly we must understand to accept the situations and take a personal responsibility that I am here today due to my own decisions so its me only who can bring myself out of it.
      2. Working on mindset constantly is important to survive adverse situations in life.
      3. Rewinding and analysing is when you step back and see how it happened and how I would like to see it change. Documenting would give a clear picture of what you want exactly coz you could now track back in time and make some mental notes of certain action steps.
      4. One should have conviction and belief that next step is gonna change your life. Presence of a mentor is the biggest anchor.
      5. Secret is to change your mindset with the affirmations. Your mind is extremely powerful.
      6. Ongoing obstacles are always there to check and test you time to time. And its important to have it as it strengthen your conviction and faith.

      Solution to get out of relationship issues:
      1. Start dreaming- use creative power of your mind and put it on paper
      2. Craft affirmations to connect your body and mind in case you have health related issues
      3. For finances also craft affirmations.
      4. For love create affirmations plus start giving it to the people. Its a people business. You have to be people lovers to create a community. Compassion for other will come in more and more.

      To conclude:
      1. Get clarity
      2. Craft affirmations
      3. Take actions

    • Anirban Das

      Top takeaways
      1. Balance of wealth, health, love, all 3 cups filled up
      2. Taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in my life, No blaming anyone, any situation
      3.Need to go from scarcity to abundance mindset
      4.Upgrading my skills esp when situation is not conducive
      5.What you attract depends on what you are thinking
      6.Connection with spirituality helps us grounded and develop the abundance mindset
      7.Writing a vision document/ affirmation helps upgrade our frequency.
      8.Our life is a sum of our frequencies.
      9. Importance of mentors and staying connected to them to accelerate our journey, to start seeing the opportunities in our lives
      10 Secret for shifting our situation/ upgrading our frequencies is to use affirmations
      11. Power of Focus – No plan B
      12. How to handle personal issues
      *Clarity in what we want in terms of money, career, health , relationships, No boundaries
      *Write it out by hand, establish connection between neurons
      *Coaching is a people business. You can’t get love, until u give love. It also begins by writing affirmations loving yourself and others
      *AI is only an amplifier, not a solver
      *Take Action: Law of attraction when coupled with Law of Action.

    • john s tamang

      Three powerful takeaways
      1. Seek the clarity & direction
      2. Create affirmations for what i want to achieve in life
      3. ant take relentless action
      Bulb on:The law of attraction only works when combined with the law of action.

    • Loretta Sridhar

      I am going through this phase, Sidz and need some support. God sent – you made this part of today’s LCC – alignment journey.

      I need to accept the situation and take responsibility. A lot has to do with my mindset. Scarcity Mindset. I cannot blame anyone for who I am today. Write of how my life needs to be. How do I like to see MY Day? It takes time.
      I need to be clear about what I want.
      Law of Attraction: Intensifies your thoughts on what you want, not what you don’t want.
      The belief that I will make.
      No Plan B.
      Secret to shift your situation: Use Affirmation over your negative thought.
      Mind is so powerful. Feed it with Affirmations and not anxiety.
      The universe challenges you.

      The solution to handle your struggles.

      Get clear on what you want.
      Start Dreaming and write on paper.
      Craft affirmations to short-circuit your challenge( Career/ relationships/ Finance/) and bring that love for you from within you. That will attract your vibe and build your community.
      Always reflect: Why you are doing, What you are doing.
      The law of attraction works when the Law of Action happens.

    • Vijayakumar Murugesan

      How to Handle Personal Challenges while growing Your Business
      We don’t have biz problems its just personal problem
      I accepted the situation with personal responsibility
      Lot to do with my own Mindset (Scarcity Vs Abundence)
      Thinking about it and not working on it
      Write your perfect day
      Most people struck bcoz thy don’t know what they really want
      Magic of Mentor in Life
      Law of Attraction – When you intensifies
      Conviction n Belief that I will Pull it off – I am going to make it happen…Only PLAN A no PLAN B
      Attract success in Life with right Mentor
      Use affirmation to shift your thoughts
      Your awareness and ability to feed your mind
      Craft affirmation and start shortcircuit or reprogram your mind
      Deeprooted love for the people
      People buy from people n connect with people
      Sum Up: To handle personal issues…..CLARITY – –AFFIRMATION—ACTION.

    • Suryadeep Majumder

      Top Learnings

      🧯 1) Pressure and Breakdowns are a sign that we need to breakthrough to the next level, by taking a massive action on the personal problem 🔥
      ❤️ 2) Human beings look for Health, Wealth and Love! 🔥
      ✅ 3) The first step is to ACCEPT the situation, and take personal responsibility. 🔥
      🫂 4) All our actions are because of the decisions taken in the past! That includes the decisions taken, as well as decisions not taken🔥
      ☔ 5) Safety and Security = Scarcity Mindset, where we are just OKAY with whatever we have! 🔥
      💡 6) Blaming others is a sign of Scarcity, we push ourselves away from taking responsibility 🔥
      😞 7) Stress and Panic is a sign of not making enough progress in our Mindset🔥
      ✍🏻 8) Rejuvination begins with WRITING EXACTLY HOW WE WANT OUR LIFE TO BE! Getting laser 🔥focussed on exactly what we want, and how would we ideally want it! 🔥
      💡 9) Writings and Intentional cravings that starts the clock of Law of Attraction and Manifestation🔥
      🪴 10) We are not moving forward because we aren’t clear on what we want, and we end up blaming situations and people around, without taking responsibility.🔥
      💌 11) Once we are clear, we attract the SOLUTIONS, and work towards it, rather than looping negatively around the problem🔥
      🎲 12) Our struggles happen because it is coming to us as a TEACHER, the sooner we accept it, the faster we learn and grow!🔥
      ❓ 13) We have 2 choices, a) COMPLAIN and STRUGGLE b) ACCEPT and ACT, alpahbets starts with A, we make the choice to choose the latter!🔥
      ✅14) The only FREE WILL and the CHOICE we have is whether we FEED THE POSITIVE 🔥
      ✅ 15) Let’s get into the zone of acceptance of DREAMING!🔥
      ✅ 16) Writing is the most under rated visualization exercise!🔥
      ✅ 17) Be YOU! Be Authentic, that’s when you will GLOW!

      Honestly blown away with the emotions I went through while listening! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Veeranarayan Kulkarni

      Sidz, you have opened up the chapters of your life so that others can benefit from it. Thank you very much

    • Karuna

      Top Takeaways

      Step 1. Get Clear On What You Want & Where You Want To Go

      Step 2: Make Your Goal Into Affirmation

      Step 3: Take Action On Your Goal Every Single Day

    • Shuvo Brahmachari

      Key Learnings:

      1. Taking responsibility for your situation. Instead of blaming others for your situation understand that you are solely responsible for where you are.

      2. Changing from Scarcity mindset to Abundance mindset. Getting back into spirituality and using affirmations to get away from negative. And reciprocate with love.

      3. Most people are stuck because they are not clear about what they want. If you are sure about your goals, you will attract the right people in your life and the universe colludes to make success happen.

    • Indermohan Khandelwal

      Is this situation ever going to change is the thought going in your mind every now and than?
      Pressure and panic attacks when you are in deep grind.
      Frictions are more of personnel developments negligence or ignorance or lacks.
      Whatever you go through, you attract them because of yourself.
      1. Take responsibility – this is all because of your mindset and past decisions.
      2. Not upgrading the skills and personnel development – constantly working but not introspecting. Burning out.
      3. My perfect day document. Write it now for yourself, define it deeply.
      4. What you want is the most difficult question to answer and fix it.
      5. Law of attraction.
      6. Mentors.
      7. Conviction and belief will change your life, delete all plan B because they will increase your chances of failure.
      8. Pop in with positive affirmations to shift your thoughts.
      9. Take on with the opportunities and the Universe at times test you and eventually showers on to you.

      How to get out of this grind and negativity
      1. Write it out your wants!
      2. To craft affirmations to short circuit the negative thoughts which pop in between. Money, love, relationship, wealth, health.
      3. Why are you doing what you are doing.
      4. Love can do wonders for everyone – yourself, relationship, students.
      5. Law of attraction will only work when you will act. So, act and implement, don’t wait too much.

    • Anshuman Khullar

      We don’t have business problem we have personal problem which shows up in business.

      We seek 3 things:




      Whatever I was going through I attracted it in my personal life.

      I am in this situation because of my decisions which I took in my life.

      Scarcity mindset was the reason of the situations in life.

      Constant state of stress and frictions created the issue.

      Most people are stuck because hey are not clear about what they want.

      When intensify what you want Vs what is lack you manifest whatever is required.

      No plan B if you want plan A to work.

      What are you feeding positive or negative?

      Obstacles test the ability if you really want it or not. Universe will keep checking.

      1- Getting clarity on what you want. (No cost to dream)- Write it out

      2- Create affirmations to shot circuit your mind and body.

      3- Give that more what you want more.

      Law of attraction will work if you apply law of action.

    • Franky Fernandes

      My biggest takeaway from this podcast is

      Develop an abundant mindset as opposed to scarcity mindset and do that I must be clear what I want in life and back it up with Positive affirmations and put it into action

    • Pooja Bhargav

      Accept the situation whatever it is Take complete responsibility of it.

      Draft or Design the document on how you want to see your life with the purpose.
      Start dreaming and use the power of imaginations and the creativity in you. Write it, don’t type.

      Craft affirmations or statements to short circuit any challenges in your life(body or brain), personal or financial, love etc.

      First get clarity, understand the affirmations and third is to take action.
      As law of attraction says the same.

    • Mini Menon

      We don’t have a business problem it is personal problem that shows in the business

      – whatever your going through is what you attracted. So accept the situation and take personally responsibility
      – map out your ideal day
      – when you intensify your thoughts on what you really want v/s what you lack in life you will start to see opportunities and situations in life that will help you manifest that
      -there should be no plan B, follow Plan A with conviction
      – use affirmations to shift your thoughts when your mind goes in the negative direction
      – universe throws different challenges at you at dif

      1. Get clear on what you want ( how much money you want to make, how much movey you want to make)
      – start dreaming, utilize your imagination
      – write with your hand

      2. Convert you challenges in affirmations so rewire you mindset (health, finances and relationship)

      3. Put into action. Law of attraction will only work if you put law of action

    • Vaneesh Mittal

      Self-belief changes everything. Always look forward and keep moving ahead one step at a time, in the right direction.

    • Purav Bhatt

      Very nicely share Sidz.

      This will be a must listen for all entrepreneurs as atleast once in the journey they would have been thru such a situation or they might in future.

      🔸 Dream big, it does not cost you, but it might show you the possibilities
      🔸 Show Care, Give Care – The secret to building community
      🔸 Law of Attraction Works only when you take Actions

    • Shankaran Paramasivan


    • Sheetal Damey

      1. The Business Problem is the reflection for prolonged personal life problem
      2. Inner world healing will start changing the outer world
      3. Live the best everyday, you are already living your purpose

    • Supriya Raja

      14-page document

      1. Be clear about what you want .
      LOA – when you intensify thought of what you want , the universe helps
      Conviction and grit
      Success afirmations, short circuit negative thoughts
      2. visualise
      3. Action
      Universe will test you
      Why do you do what you are doing

    • Shailesh Narwade

      Take Aways:

      (1) Whatever you go through is the result of your decisions made in past.

      (2) Seek mentorship.

      (3) Write a 10-page document describing how you want your life to be.

      (4) Start dreaming and use power of imagination.

      (5) Law of attraction works where law of action is.

    • Ravi Kishore

      • Focus on
      ○ Wealth
      ○ Health
      ○ Relationship
      • Take ownership of activities and decisions and accept the situations as it is rather than blame situations and others
      • Be a part of any spirituality process
      • Prepare Perfect Day Document
      • Attract right mentor into our life
      • LoA – We need to intensify our thoughts what we really want Vs what we lack in life, we will see the situations and people will help to manifest it
      • Plan A only don’t even think of Plan B to act more intensively in Plan A
      • Conviction & Grit
      • Feed Positive
      • Universe through challenges to test us
      • There is no cost for dreaming, use power of imagination, write with our own hands
      • Create some powerful affirmations w.r.t Health, Welath and Relationship and write down and read on daily basis or record with our own voice and hear everyday
      • Why are doing what you are doing
      • Build communities with pure intensions and lovely relationships
      • People buy from People, People connect with People
      ○ AI will be only co-pilot
      • Focus on
      ○ Clarity
      ○ Affirmations
      ○ Action
      • Law-of-Attraction only work with lots of Law-of-Action

    • Deepak Deopure

      This is so valuable information. Thank you for sharing your personal story which is so very inspirational.

    • Lalita Arun Chaudhari

      He was having a mentor and sticking to his teachings.


      This Podcast pierced inside me like an arrow with a sharp point.

      By the 5:00 mins itself, my heart is heavy, my eyes are full of warm tears and you just nailed it Sidz by saying that ” People are stuck because they don’t know what they want” and that Business is just the reflection of your personal situation 💔

      Here are my ✅ TOP LEARNINGS from this podcast🔊

      🏮Your Investment into your Learning is the same situation I am going through with the same conviction that I will pull off and I too burnt all my ship so that I cannot return back.

      🏮I learn and relate here that ” Conviction & Grit ” will keep us aligned and make us bigger.

      🏮What you are brewing is what you will produce.

      🏮Universe will always keep on throwing challenges to test ” If you really want to continue or quit”

      🏮Start Dreaming. There is no cost to dreaming. Write your dreams: This is one important activity I will do today.

      🏮Create an Affirmation statement for Health, Finance, and Love: Will create My Own Creed by this week.

      🏮If you want to build a community, You need to have love within fo people.

      🏮People connect with People and will Buy From People

      🏮The secret to winning in the business is to get Clarity, create your Affirmation Statements and take the right Action to make the law of Attraction actually work for you.

      Love this Podcast: 🙏

      Many tasks have got created for me from here :
      1. A Note to Myself on what type of life I truly want to live
      2. Maky my Own Creed
      3. Build the Affirmation statements for where I feel weak so that I t can negate the energy
      4. Look at my personal situation and business situation and crate the list of Root cause of every loophole .
      5. Get more Clarity in what I what so that Clarity can help take actions and then Law of Attraction will be a blessing in Life.

      My Gratitude to You Sidz for creating such platforms and Content pieces for us.

      Sanghamitra Sabat

    • Neha Patel

      If you are facing many personal issues and you are not able to grow in your life you need to:
      First, Accept the situation as it is. Go from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. overcome stress and personal friction.

      second, Get the conviction, belief, and grit for yourself! Shift your thoughts with the help of affirmation.

      and finally, Don’t back out in the time of struggles\challanges that’s just a way of showing your commitment to the universe!
      Easy and fast steps for Solution:

      1. Getting clear on what you want. You can dream big, start small.
      write it out with the help of imagination
      2. Create particular affirmations in all of your areas of life. e.g. Health, relations, wealth. Incorporate the love and affection you get and operate from that space!
      3. Put that into action. The law of attraction also has the word action.
      Your thought is like the car you drive but the actions you take are that car’s fuel!
      so keep taking inspired actions, and be better every single day!!

    • Ganga Narayan Das

      1. I will write a long document covering all details of my perfect day. No charges for dreaming.
      2. I will create affirmations for myself and my community.
      3. Because there is something wrong in me, it shows up in my account.
      4. Change the approach to change the outcome

    • Kalpesh Vyas

      3 Steps to overcome personal issues…

      1. Get Super clear about what you want…. Write down every single details on the paper and Visualize the same.
      2. Transform Your Dream Life into a Affirmation. Write down what I am who is living that Dream Life.
      3. Do the Work and Take massive action…. Make “Law of Action” work.

      To Get Love Start Giving Love.

    • Lopamudra Sen

      I really need to hear this podcast from you today, Sir. I don’t know how you always read my mind and give me a solution immediately.

      My key take aways:
      * Take responsibility of your own life.
      * Everything happens for a reason, so connect the dots and feel empowered.
      * Frame affirmations & use them repeatedly to empower you live a life of purpose.

      Thank you so much.

    • Jeena Girilal

      It was a real Game Changer

      Wow, Sidz!!!!! You said it Again

      My Takeaways

      1) Stop Blaming Anyone or Anything
      2)Become Responsible for your Account.
      3)Build an Abundance Mindset-Purposefully
      4)Be Patient with yourself and prepare a doable blueprint.
      5)Believe in Yourself
      6)Connect to your Roots.
      7)Law of Action follows the Law of Attraction

    • Sunil Gupta

      There are only 3 actions points to take on any personal challenges:
      1. Gain clarity: Write a detailed document of what’s your ideal day is all about. Go detailed as much as possible
      2. Affirmations: To keep your self in positive frame of mind.
      3. Action: Nothing works without taking those concrete steps. Keep moving towards your ideal day.

      Sidz, thanks for sharing these insights as these always inspires to keep moving

      Sunil Gupta
      Prosperity Investment Mentor

    • Rashi Joshi

      The 3 steps to handle your problems
      1. Get clarity
      2. Transform with affirmations
      3. Take actions because..Law of attraction only works when you put in law of action..

    • Vijay Srinivasan

      Embracing Accountability: The significance of personal responsibility over blaming external factors is highlighted.

      Mindset’s Role: The podcast emphasizes mindset’s pivotal role, detailing how a transition from abundance to scarcity mindset due to personal setbacks necessitated continuous personal growth.

      Clarity and Visualization: The transformative power of visualizing an ideal life, even in financial constraints, is showcased. This practice attracts opportunities aligned with aspirations.

      Affirmations and Attraction: Positive affirmations lead to transformative outcomes.

      Self-Belief’s Triumph: The unwavering commitment to personal development programs amid financial constraints drive significant positive changes.

      Navigating Challenges: Challenges are seen as tests of alignment with true desires, prompting introspection and recommitment.

      Desire Clarity: A strategy involving detailed documentation of ideal life and income goals is necessary for fostering deep aspiration connections.

      Affirming Change: Tailored affirmations’ importance in addressing health, financial, and relationship concerns is helpful in reshaping mind and body for positivity.

      Action and Attraction: Combining the law of attraction with action is key for manifesting desired outcomes.

    • Priyanka Pai

      Hi Sidz
      Excellent podcast. It was truly relatable. Happy to be your student as I get to hear all this wealth of knowledge from you. Thank you.

    • Nitin Mahajan

      This is absolute GOLD for anybody that is struggling in life or looking to climb the next ladder of life

      Below is my learnings from the PODCAST

      Live with GOALS , DREAM and PURPOSE and this is how you can achieve it

      1. Get Clear on what you want – > Dream and GOALS -> Write goals with Imagination and Visualisation with hand
      2. Write affirmation and Read them regularly -> Let them go deep in yourself
      3. Give LOVE to people -> Best way to build communities -> Be in the state of Giving always -> Attracts LOVE
      4. Craft MY mission -> By connecting the dots backward from my own journey
      5. Take Massive Action to achieve my GOALS and DREAM and support this with the right mindset , by reading Affirmations and writing GOALS regulalry … Keeping what needs to be achieved , very close to me

    • Nehha Jaiswal

      Another amazing podcast Siddharth! It’s true that we are seeking health, wealth and love.

      Anything’s missing will shift our mind. But the practical tips that you’ve given here are amazing!

      1. Get clear on what you want
      2. Create affirmations
      3. Get you root cause and understand situation to resolve it
      4. Take action
      5. Never give up!

      Thank you again!

    • Mahendiran Periyasamy

      Key Take Aways:

      I take personal responsibilities about my past, present and my future. I attract based on my own frequencies.

      1. Wealth Situation
      2. Health Situation
      3. Love or Relationship Situation.

      Need of updating, upgrading myself and not to blame others or other situations.

      Get clear on what you want. Start putting together your most IDEAL day. Believe in the power of imagination. Craft Affirmation statements to short circuit your body and brain with refined affirmations to recite these daily. This routine helps reprogram their minds when negativity surfaces. The words of mentors calls out the inner core through “You are greater than your circumstances. The world requires more educators and leaders.”

    • Pummy

      Powerful and Inspiring!

      So true!! One of the most important factors in overcoming challenges while growing a business, or navigating through any area of life is taking personal responsibility for change!

      When we do not have clarity about our desires and goals, it is easy to get into the trap of blaming the external situations. However, real growth and success is possible only when we take personal responsibility.

      A good place to begin with is going within, and having clarity about our desires and goals. Documenting the specific details of what we want to create and experience in life is extremely helpful. Affirmations and creative visualizations boost the process, helping us to stay aligned into the frequency of what we desire to create and experience. And last but not the least, taking inspired actions.

      So, to sum up: Clarity, affirmations+ visualization+ inspired action!!

      Thank you for this inspiring podcast Sidz! Gratitudes!!

    • Shekhar Srinivasan

      Heartfelt and impactful podcast. Here are my top learnings.
      1. Your personal life reflects directly in your business results
      2. People buy from people and when we genuinely exude love for our people, that purity of intent attracts people to buy from us
      3. We attract what we become and to become what we want to attract, we have to let go our old self and visualize a new identity

    • Shampa Chatterjee

      shape yourself from pasts and current circumstances
      Employing Affirmation to redirect your thought
      Create Affirmation for your own
      Initiate your dreams
      Harness the potency of your creativity
      Explore your boundless capabilities

    • Nilesh Bomble

      1. i am at the situation right now it’s because of my own mind set and programming
      2. need to work on mindset
      3. need to focus on upgradation
      4. nobody is responsible for my current situation than me
      5. need to write – how i would like my life to be in coming years, visualize and write down everything in details and read that document every single day
      6. People most if the time stuck where they are because of their personal programing.
      7. attract right people / mentor in your life
      when you intensified your thoughts on what you want energy automatically flows there
      8. you got to bring out that deeper conviction, deeper clarity about what you want and just go for it.
      9. You’re bigger than this- i am awesome, i attract success in my life,
      10. use affirmation to shift your thoughts in right directions
      11. your mind is extremely powerful, learn how to utilize power of it.
      12. universe is going to through different challenges at different time in your life to check whether you’re really capable for it.
      13. Start dreaming, start using the power of your imagination!
      14. start short circuit our mind by creating personalize affirmations.
      15. you cannot receive love until you give love to others – Be a people lover
      16. connect the dots from your childhood

    • Asha Badge

      Thanks Sidz for this Valuable powerful learning session. My Key Learnings are-

      LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS – Whether You believe or not, the only thing you have to put Law of Action to it..

      1. Clarity- What you want, why you want , what’s purpose of your life.

      1. START DREAMING -It’s Free of Cost

      2. Financial Affirmation- How much you want to earn ,write down in your goal card with specific amount .

      3. Love- To receive love, giving love is imperative.

    • Pankhuri Omar

      How to approach personal life while building a business from scratch!

      There is no cost to dreaming…. so DREAM BIG!

      Whatever you are going through is what you attracted in life. If you want to overcome these hurdles and start attracting abundance, here is the solution:

      The Solution:
      1. Stop Blaming. Take 100% responsible
      2. Get clarity of what exactly you want in life
      3. Write your perfect day document
      4. Your mentor and opportunities will appear to make it happen
      5. Have the conviction and belief that you can pull it off
      6. There is no plan B. Delete everything and follow just one path
      7. Replace Negative thoughts with positive affirmations
      8. Universe will throw challenges. You need to pas the test
      9. You cannot receive love unless you give love- Its a connection, compassion and love business
      10. People don’t buy from people, people connect with people


      When you apply and abide by these 10 rules in these 3 areas of your life:
      1. Wealth:
      2. Health:
      3. Love/Relations:

      You become a magnet to miracles and attract all that you want abundantly by connecting the dots and formulating your personal mission, which ultimately becomes your purpose which people will fulfill with intention and dignity!

      Thank you for sharing Sidz. I hope I have justified your golden words into precise action steps!


    • Barathkumar Karunanidhi

      How To Handle Personal Issues While Growing A Business
      1. Wealth
      2. Health
      3. Love / Relationship

      => I Accepted the Situation and took on Personal Responsibility
      => I’m how I’m due to the decisions I took in the past
      => Due to my own mindset
      => Scarcity mindset was there earlier and didn’t upgrade or upskill myself
      => Wrote a 14 page document as how my life to be
      => Each day how it is to be
      => People Get stuck – ‘coz they do not know what they want
      => No Plan Bs… only Plan A – have the Conviction and Grit – given by Blair Singer in his sessions – using the Affirmations shared
      => Secret to shifting yourself – is by using Affirmations to shift to the positive mindset
      => Universe will throw challenges to know if we really wanted to do what we want to do
      => Start Dreaming – put it in paper – write it – How your day you wanted it to be?
      => Craft your affirmations – To short circuit any negative emotions & feelings – to have a good health
      => Craft your affirmations – for Financial stability
      => Craft your affirmations – for Love – Give Love and you will Receive LOVE
      => Bring the Love for yourself within You and that will help you create connections with people
      => AI is not gonna buy from us; it helps and guides us in many things

      Keys to overcome personal issues:
      1. Get Clarity on what you want
      2. Craft Affirmations based on the clarity you attain; Affirmations are the Key in any situations to keep yourself Positive always
      3. Put that into Action

      => Law of Attraction will work only when you put Law of Action into Work.

    • ShashiRekha

      Thanks, Sidz for the wonderful Topic you have chosen to motivate us on our Digital Journey.Below are my takeaways.
      Whatever we go through we attract
      Rather than blaming others, take it on self- It was due to the different situations I have been through in the past and due to the mindset issues
      Stop blaming others work on self.
      Organize the day-to-day activities and follow that to achieve what we want for a better outcome.
      People are stuck as they start blaming others.
      When you intensify as against what you want, the universe will conspire to help us get it.
      Have belief in self. The decisions will change our life. The grit and convictions help move to the next level . There are says by Bair Singer that motivate us like -” You are bigger than this”, and “You are awesome”.I attract success in life.”
      When going through personal problems is to be aware and feed the positive affirmation that guides you through the tough times.
      The universe throws different challenges to test what challenge we ourselves are we capable of handling or no
      Start dreaming
      Use the power of imagination and creativity without boundaries.Write them down to create the connectivity to the brain and body
      We can define the affirmations on all areas of life
      Give more of what you didn’t get in your life and from previous experiences.
      People buy and connect with people.AI cannot connect with us.
      To sum it up:
      1.Get clarity on the goals set for life
      2.Write Positive affirmations
      3. Put yourself into action to work as the law of attraction works on this principle.
      Thank You !

    • Stanly

      My takeaways are
      1. Health, Wealth, Relationship and Love are important
      2. Scarcity mindset elements should be eliminated otherwise it may block your success.
      3. Narrate a story you want in your life which give clarity and guidance. So, this will fast-track your success.
      4. You can’t receive love unless you give
      5. Law of attraction works only for the law of action.

    • Rashmi

      Hi Sidz,

      Wonderful points in this podcast. I am sure your grandpa will be very proud of you and would shower you all the blessings from wherever he is.

      Key takeaway:
      Taking ownership for our decisions and actions
      Being accountable for the people who trust us
      Not letting self belief depreciate (when you went to the training inspite of other challenges the winning formula was activated)
      ***Law of atraction will not start until law of action comes into play***

    • Harshitha

      When the student is ready,the master shows up. Yes when I am ready this master Sidz came into my life. I could easily relate this podcast as I am going through the same situation right now. And I did the same thing what Did did.Investing on myself. I am a person who don’t even buy a dress which is more than Rs.1000. But my husband was really shocked when I asked him to invest Rs.6000 for silver membership and immediately around Rs 200000 for diamond membership. Because I believe in me and my master Sidz. He is handholding each one of us in his community

    • Anita Clifford

      We all face challenges at different stages and our mindset plays a very important role in either pulling us down or lifting us up. Wealth, health and Love are common desires of all human beings, and the lack of it can trap us in a negative space. We can get out of this trap by having a positive mindset, If it is difficult to have a positive mindset when going through challenges, we can use the help of positive affirmations. Also, even if the path is not clear, if in our mind we know what exactly we want and are able to vividly document that, and work towards achieving that step by step, we will attract all that is required for us to achieve those desires/goals. No matter what challenges come our way if we have a strong belief and conviction anything is possible.

    • Raja Rajeswari

      The Law of Attraction will only work when You Put the Law of Action to it, This Statement needs a lot of Commitment, I am working on it. Thank You Siddz For showing Mirror through this Podcast Episode.

    • Manoj Gupta

      Such a wonderful podcast on “How To Handle Personal Issues While Growing A Business”..This is a real self-experience citation and practical solution to deal with your issues and take your business to the ultimate level.

      Great Insights captured as below:

      Navigating Challenges and Cultivating Success Amidst Adversity

      Growing a business is thrilling, filled with its fair share of highs and lows. As entrepreneurs, we often face many professional and personal challenges that can significantly impact our path to success. Acknowledging and addressing these personal issues while pursuing business growth is essential. This article will explore effective strategies to overcome obstacles such as financial constraints, cash flow issues, team management, panic attacks, health concerns, and family matters.

      Friction in the Background: The Nexus of Personal and Professional

      Personal Issues Impacting Business: Often, personal challenges like financial strain, health problems, and family issues can spill over into our professional lives, hampering business growth and decision-making.

      Balancing Wealth, Health, and Family: Striking a balance between building wealth, maintaining good health, and nurturing family relationships can be overwhelming, leading to stress and burnout.

      Solution Approach: Navigating Challenges with Resilience

      Acceptance and Personal Responsibility: The first step is acknowledging your challenges and taking responsibility for finding solutions. Embrace the situation and commit to overcoming it.

      Cultivating a Positive Mindset: A positive outlook can significantly influence your ability to face challenges. Focus on the opportunities within adversity and maintain a growth-oriented mindset.

      Harnessing the Power of Affirmations: Crafting and repeating affirmations related to health, abundance, and success can help rewire your subconscious mind, reinforcing positivity and resilience.

      Documenting Everything: Maintain clear documentation of your business operations, goals, and struggles. This clarity will enable you to identify patterns, make informed decisions, and track progress.

      Adapting to Change: The universe often presents challenges to test our adaptability. Embrace change, remain flexible, and view every hurdle as an opportunity to learn and grow.

      Key Objectives: Setting the Foundation for Success

      Clarity Through Vision: Devote time to envisioning your dream life and business. Write a detailed, creative, 10-page document outlining your aspirations, goals, and the impact you aim to create.

      The Power of Affirmations: Craft personalized affirmation statements encompassing health, immunity, freedom, and an abundance mindset. Repeat these affirmations daily to reinforce positivity.

      Conclusion: Empowering Growth Amidst Personal Challenges

      In pursuing business growth, it’s crucial to recognize that personal issues are integral to our journey. By embracing challenges, cultivating a positive mindset, leveraging affirmations, maintaining clear documentation, and adapting to change, entrepreneurs can rise above adversity and continue on their path to success. Remember, your ability to overcome personal hurdles will fortify your business and lead to a more fulfilling and prosperous life. You can transform challenges into stepping stones toward greatness with determination and resilience.


      If u are going through challenges
      1)Accept the situation & take personal responsibility
      2)3 most important areas of life- health,love,wealth
      3) First be clear what u want in each area, formulate affirmation & practice them regularly & take inspired actions daily

    • Dr Ashwani

      What do we suffer that is attracted by us
      Our mindset gives us what we have
      Childhood mindset occupy our life and career
      Upgrading needs to be done for revelation
      Scarcity mindset attracts scarcity
      Analysis and rewind is necessary
      Must write the terms doccument to live own life .
      It may take time to live the life as per your written doccomument
      Life does not change overnight
      You must intensify your thought to manifest your life you want
      The conviction and belief inside can do change
      You shouldn’t have plan b only plan A
      Only your mentor can give you experience that you are bigger than this.
      Affirmation can shift your thoughts ..
      Your ability should be to feed the positive
      If you believe in your self any situation can not fail you in test
      Solution to handle personal doubt
      1 Start using creative power in writing
      2 Craft affirmation of your own for your body and brain
      3 Craft affirmation for your finances
      4 Give love to seek love
      Its not customer based but people based business
      Express Compassion for other people needed
      Relentless service for human around must give back to you
      No matter what you get in childhood, but live the mission to give that to others
      People connect and buy with people
      1 Clarity
      2 Affirmation
      3 Action
      Law of attraction works if implement law of action at the same time

    • Lavanya Eedara

      My key takeaways are:
      1.Clarity on what I want by writing and visualising.
      2.Creating my own Affirmations to short circuit any challenges in my life.
      3.Do action

    • Dr. Sangeeta Pattanaik

      My Key Takeaways:

      1. People Buy People and connect with people. The more we are Vulnerable and authentic in sharing our personal stories, experiences and challenges the way People deeply connect with us.

      2. 3Things that we Seek:
      Health, Wealth and Love.

      3. First step is to come out of constant stress and worry and Accept the Situation. take responsibility 100 percent rather than blaming on people, environment and situation.
      4. Write out How does my Perfect Day, Month, Year, Relationships, Health, How much Money and How Does my Perfect Life looks like, feels like… Dreaming doesn’t cost anything. so Dare to Dream big.
      5. We are Stuck not because of our challenges rather because we don’t know clearly and exactly what we want.
      6. Craft Positive Affirmations to Short-circuit the Negative Thoughts.

    • Paul George

      My Key Takeaways from this podcast!
      1) Taking Personal Responsibility: The First Step to Transformation
      Personal Responsibility: At the core of addressing challenges is the concept of personal responsibility. Acknowledging that you have the power to shape your reality is the first step toward transformation. By understanding that what you’re going through is a reflection of what you’ve attracted into your life, you empower yourself to take control and make positive changes.

      2) Mindset Matters: Overcoming Scarcity and Attracting Abundance
      Shifting Mindset: Your mindset plays a pivotal role in shaping your experiences. If you find yourself constantly surrounded by scarcity situations, it’s essential to recognize the scarcity mindset you might have adopted. Shifting from scarcity to abundance involves rewiring your mindset. By altering your thought patterns and beliefs, you can attract more positive outcomes into your life and business.

      3 Penning Your Desired Reality: The Power of Visualization
      Creating a Vision: To manifest the life you desire, it’s crucial to pen down your aspirations. Divide your days into sections, detailing how you want each day to unfold. Consider the emotions you want to experience in this ideal life. Often, people feel stuck because they lack clarity on what they truly want and the emotions they wish to experience. Writing a legacy document outlining your vision sets the stage for transforming thoughts into reality.

      4) Navigating Challenges: Overcoming Fear and Building Conviction
      Facing the Unknown: Overcoming the fear of the unknown is a vital aspect of personal growth and business success. Trusting the conviction and belief you have within you is crucial to achieving your goals. This conviction is often inspired by mentors who guide you on your journey.

      5) Fueling Conviction: The Role of Affirmations
      Harnessing Affirmations: Affirmations serve as powerful tools to fuel your conviction and grit. Craft affirmations that start with “I am” and align them with your desired reality. In the face of daily challenges, affirmations help shift your thoughts from negative to positive directions, maintaining a productive and optimistic mindset.

      6) Embracing the Daily Grind: Using Affirmations to Stay Focused
      Maintaining Positivity: The daily grind of business can sometimes become monotonous and draining. Affirmations act as your shield against negativity, helping you stay focused and motivated. Your awareness determines whether you feed negative or positive energy into your reality.

      7 )Legacy Document: Starting Point for Transformation
      Crafting Your Legacy: The legacy document you create becomes the foundation for turning your thoughts into reality. It serves as a roadmap for your aspirations and acts as a source of motivation during challenging times. As you follow this path, you’ll encounter obstacles that test your commitment to your chosen journey.

      8) Overcoming Obstacles: The Path to Authentic Success
      Handling Challenges: Obstacles are part of every journey. They test your dedication and help you evaluate whether the path you’ve chosen aligns with your aspirations. When challenges arise, revisit your legacy document and the emotions you want to experience. This realignment will guide you in deciding whether to continue on your chosen path.

      9) Get Clear on Your Desires: Dreaming with No Limits
      Dream Big: Achieving success begins with getting clear on your desires. Dream without limitations—envision the car, the house, the bank balance you aspire to have. Write down your dreams using pen and paper, as the neurological patterns formed while writing can amplify your intentions.

      10 ) Rewire Your Mindset: Crafting Empowering Affirmations
      Empowering Affirmations: Rewire your mindset using affirmations that start with “I am.” Craft statements that resonate with your aspirations. By consistently repeating these affirmations, you reshape your beliefs and thought patterns, aligning them with your desired reality.

      11 )Holistic Vision: Encompassing All Areas of Life
      Holistic Approach: Your vision should encompass all areas of your life—career, relationships, health, and more. Strive for a balanced life, as success is a holistic concept. Building communities and connecting with people requires a genuine love for humanity, which stems from your experiences and emotions.

      12) Uncover Transgenerational Coding: Understanding the Past
      Transgenerational Impact: Our mindset is shaped by generations before us. Understanding your transgenerational coding helps you identify patterns and beliefs that might be holding you back. By breaking free from these inherited limitations, you can create a new reality for yourself.

      13 )Give More to Get More: Law of Attraction in Action
      Law of Attraction: The law of attraction operates on the principle of giving and receiving. To attract more of what you desire, give more of it to others. This positive energy contributes to your success and positively impacts your business.

      14) Embracing AI and Human Collaboration
      AI and Human Synergy: While AI won’t make purchases, it can enhance clarity and productivity. Humans, armed with AI’s insights, can translate this knowledge into actionable strategies for their businesses. The synergy between AI and human expertise propels growth.

    • Sanjay Mhatre

      more month than money
      health, relationship, finances down
      personal problems show up in business
      wealth health love – is really all we seek

      I accepted that I attracted, due to my decisions, scarcity mindset – i take responsibility
      during comfortable phase, became complacent
      14 page document – written down – 8yrs 90% achieved.
      Stuck as not clear about what they want … hence blame.
      When you intensify of what u want (rather than lack) u attract even the right mentor.
      7L swiped w/o money, no plan B, grit & conviction to move to next level – inspired by my mentor – positive affirmations to shit your thoughts “i am awesoem, i love
      the only freewill n choice u hv in life = ur awareness to feed the positive or negative – whatever is brewing w/i
      Obstacles only test wx i really what i of what i think i want

      1. Get clear on what u want (no cost to dream!)

      2. Affirmations – to short circuit MBA (Mind Body Atma) any challenge. Also for finances & love & care people to build community & tribe, People buy from people (release the locked up love due to any sad past coding). Connects the dots & make that your mission!

      3. Action !

    • Siddhanath Maurya

      we have got what I attracted in my life
      accept the current situation.
      Take the Bold steps and Risks to come out the situation.
      We need to practice affirmation to attract our desired life style.

    • Vrajangna Patel


    • Truptiranjan Mohakul

      My Learnings are :

      1. Accepting the situation, then things will change in life.
      2. Be responsible.
      3. Be clear on what you want.
      3. Eliminate the Plan B from your life.
      4. Design your affirmations.
      5. Write your perfect day.

    • Akanksha Verma

      This was a much needed message for me right now. I am also in the same dilemma where I have financial crises still I want to do something big. It’s not that I don’t have resources but I am stuck in kind of self doubt in investing huge amount of money in Digital Business. I have taken that risk before and stabilised an offline business which running well, still this time I have a kind of doubt.

    • arvind

      my action should work before the law of Attraction works for me. My volcano of love needs to explode in the right way, and find an effective way to serve others.

    • Jayaram Amin

      As Always Sidz makes it so simple to understand and execute.

    • Dr. G M patil

      take responsibility of your failure
      evalute failure
      document your challenges
      write daily goals based on what you want
      imagination your goal . dreaming is free
      transform yourself

    • Srinivas TR

      Golden Triangle

      1) Crystal Clarity
      2) Transformation/Healing/Revelations
      3) Actions

      Thanks Sidz for another Diamond. You give me when i need the most when struggling.
      Business Problem is not business Problem

      It is a personal problem showing in Business


      We attract whatever we go through in difficult situations. At that time, we are in scarcity mindset and go into a “victim” mode. Unless we take personal responsibility of the entire situation – which means introspection, setting goals WITH CLARITY taking action for the visualized goal life you desired WITH conviction & belief. NEVER keep plan B because we tend to become complacent the moment we have a PLAN B. Make affirmations to make that shift to realize that goal. Although many challenges will be thrown at you to in your day to day life, we HAVE to tide over them. Building your Dream Life will only be achieved when we strengthen the pillars of LOVE, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS and your business goal will not only be overcome and achieved, but also grow in leaps & bounds.


      My top learnings
      Give more of what you want and you will get it back
      Third is Tke the decision 100 percent and take massive action.
      Take Responsibility for things in your life 100 per cent

    • Archana Avinash

      Everyone has personal problems

      Accept the situation you have
      you have attracted it

      write how you want youy ideal day/life

      get clear about what you want

      we attracrt what we want
      intensify what you want and it will help manifest it

      have grit and convection
      use affirmations to shift your thoughts

      1. get clear with what you wa t

      2. write affirmations

      3. you cannot recieve love unless you give love

      4. put law of action to work

    • Kiranmai

      1. What i am going through, i attract it
      2.Scarcity mindset leads to blame game that leads to friction and we attract similar situations subconsciously.
      3.Realise where we are stuck, start the initial step and start working
      4. When we are aligned with our thoughts, we attract great people who can help us to achieve our goals
      5.We always have a choice to make what we want.
      6. when you start working obstacles are put in front of you to test .
      7.solution- Clarity on thought, transform affirmations leads to transforming actions

    • Sathish Kalluri

      My Top learnings from this podcast is
      1. Take the responsibility of your life.
      2. Don’t blame people and Situations
      3. Universe will through different challenges at different stages of life. Be ready for it.
      4. Write your perfect day. How it looks, what you do on a perfect day.
      5. Craft your Positive Affirmations and keep reading on daily basis
      6. Start giving Love
      7. Law of Attraction works when Law of action is present.

      Thank you so much Sidz

    • Mamtha Rajesh

      2. Create your own affirmations for health. very important to rewire the brain
      3. write down your vision statement in minute detail. write in your hand. do not type.
      4. accept yourself and embrace your challenges. theres a priceless learning waiting for you.



    • rajiv Bhatia

      Quote “For addressing personal issues within your business, the process involves three steps: gaining clarity, transforming insights into affirmations, and taking actionable steps. The law of attraction only works when combined with the law of action.” This is the essence.
      Everything starts with understanding that we have a business problem but more often than not it is personal issues manifesting in our personal life. #ILH

    • Rashi Chauhan

      WHAT AN AMAZING INSIGHT TO OVER COME CHALLENGES . We humans undergo diverse experiences, shaped by our pasts and presents circumstances. By doing affirmations that draw upon the love within you can help you heal and take challenges and over come them .
      my favourite line is The law of attraction only works when combined with the law of action.

    • Kanick Raj

      Learnings of today LC
      To change your current situation
      1. Bring clarity in your mind of what you want in life and how do you want to live your life
      2. Work from imagination n visualization of you future life, replace negative thoughts with your Goals
      3.If health is problem, make set of affirmation of your good health

    • Pooja Porwal

      – Be positive as much as possible in all situations by practising affirmations.
      – Have an abundance and growth mindset
      – have a clear view of what you want your life to be and make every effort to make it a reality

    • Akshay Jalan

      Stop Blaming Situations and CircumstancesTake Responsibility
      Law of Attraction WorksUniverse Attracts What you keep thinking on
      Write with PEN your OWN Vision document about a perfect day in your life let your imagination go beyond boundaries clearly mentioning your goals in health, relationships, career and income goals envisioning your perfect lifestyle.Use affirmations to short circuit whenever the negativity feeds inStart giving love to people even if you cant feel loveLaw of attraction will work only when law of action will work

    • Adarsh

      My Key takeaways for this episode
      1. If you are in a deep trouble it’s not a Business problem…It’s a personal problem
      2. I need to accept that everything in my life is attracted by me. It’s the result of my past actions, behaviours and mindset
      3. I need to create my detailed Perfect Day Document. It’s necessary to build clarity on what I really want in life
      4. I can manifest what I need in life only When I intensify my focus on it with full clarity
      5. Challenges are Univese’s way to test if I really want what you think
      6. Affirmations are a way to short-circuit your negative thoughts
      7. Craft Affirmations to overcome all your problems
      8. Put it into Action- Law of attraction works only when it’s supported by the Law of Action

    • Jagan Damodaran

      Understand what you want why you want it craft an affirmations and start taking action to attract the results you need
      A very Good Way to break the barrier or challenge and move forward in life with health wealth and love

    • Rahul Wathore

      This Podcast needed to Align with my goals..
      Thank you so much Sidz Bringing back to Mindset and Clarity

    • Harsshad

      It was a really strong connection for me as I have gone through those days and even sometimes now.

      I have created my perfect day no matter what challenges are thrown at me will live up to it peacefully and the universe will help me with it to address those challenges.

      Probably that one thing is what it is handholding me even today in any kind of mess that I fall in due to different circumstances.

      I can truly connect to the affirmations and many affirmations actually came true. Even now while listening to this podcast tried to write the affirmation and related call received and said directly that I am in community meeting and will connect later to handle it.

      It’s more powerful.

      Thank you sidz for such an awesome podcast. It realized me to look into it again sincerely.

      More power to you.

    • Shilpa Hiremath

      Come at the right time. Love health and wealth is what what everyone seeks. Sidz attracted the best when in 2015 he stopped the blame game and took 100% responsibility. Accept life and take change of consequences.
      Comfortable life- is all about blame game and scarcity mindset. This kind of life lead to panic attack for Sidz. Stress, Personal Friction, Mental Fatigue….
      Things changed!
      With a 14 page doc on his perfect day
      Clarity helps you manifest everything what you want. Law of attraction in simple words is intensifying your thoughts on what you want and NOT on what you don’t want.
      He attracted the mentor at this point.
      He invested a lot of money in leaning and what changed is the decision. Deep conviction that he could do it now.
      Also, not to forget what happens between the ears.

      Dream big.
      Use the power of imagination.
      Last but no the least, LOA will work only if you take action!

    • Vidyut V Mhetras

      1) Get Clarity- by doing Creative Thinking and Nothing Everything like Day Activity Schedule, Work, Leisure, Hobby, Holiday.
      2) Transform it into Statements-
      Affirmation, Vision, Action Oriented Staments
      3) Put the Statements into Action
      – Take Action one baby step at a time in a logical sequence to ensure all Action Steps are covered.


      A deep and heart touching podcast. Thank you Siidz as it’s a great evergreen reminder. 3 steps to follow when we need to excel in what we are doing inspite of the challenges life is throwing us : 1. Clarity, what I want in life, using imagination and visualizing 2. Writing own empoweringaffirmation connected to the root of my life, spreading the love for my inner self 3. Action, Law of attraction will only work when i will put law of action in work. Brilliant!!!

    • Lavnika

      1. We do not have business problems, but it is more of personal issues manifesting in our professional lives
      2. Getting clear what you want, as much as in details as you want. We are stuck because of lack of clarity.
      3. Craft the affirmations / statements to deal with your current challenges make personal assessments that connect with your current situations and for health, relationship, Money and career.
      4. Love to get love first start giving the love all your surroundings
      5. Put this in action.

    • Neera Pandey

      Such a relatable podcast, Siddharth! Really needed this today: my top learnings are-
      1. Your current external situation is a reflection of your inner situation; work on yourself if you want to improve your external situation
      2. Be authentic and not what others expect of you
      3. Have a mindset of adding value in peoples’ lives and your life will improve automatically

    • Shailesh Yadav

      Amid life’s chaos, we often lose our way, drifting from our true treasures. Yet, life’s detours are purposeful, guiding us to our core. Sidz shares a formula: detail desires from dawn to dusk, aligning with health, wealth, love, and family. Inhibitions should shed while writing the clarity goal, pen affirmations, hear them in storms. Unearth hesitations’ roots. Remember, action births fruit; it’s life’s essence. Embrace the dance; Sidz’s wisdom lights the path.

    • Rajdeep Dhakad

      You are where you are because you somehow attracted that.

      To change that do the following things

      1. Write down what you want(Clarity).
      2. Write down Affirmations related to the areas you are lacking.
      3. Start loving people
      4. Start taking action.

    • Dr.Nalini Sankar

      Top Learnings:
      1. We can change our life the way we want by evolving our thoughts
      2.Short circuit your negative thoughts with positive affirmations
      3.Have conviction in the decisions you take.
      4.Intensify your thoughts

    • Shankar

      1.Access the Situation and take owning the Responsibility,rather blaming the situation and People.
      2.Have a clear clarity of desires and Goals.intensify the thoughts of what we want
      3. Key to alter the situation is employing Affirmations to redirect our thoughts.Dream with out limitation, Imagine, Visualised this foster connecting our neuron’s & Brain.
      4.On Relationship – Give love, and receive love ,attracting and building the community.
      5.Connect the dots, based on experiences and formulate the Mission,resonating with like minded individuals connecting with their thoughts, and establish the Community and Tribe.

    • Renuka

      When Business doesn’t grow then it’s the
      Personal problem interfering your business and not business problem.

      When one can’t spend the basic necessities while in outing with family, make that as the checkpoint of your financial situation.

      Ideas to overcome

      Improve in these 3 ares
      Wealth, health, love.

      1. Acceptance of yourself and present situation.. taking your own responsibility, saying all these happened because of your past situations, and not blaming others.

      2. Upgrade yourself, self education

      3. Over working leads to health issue.

      4. Goal setting is the best way to overcome few of the issue to get right direction.. leading to manifestations.

      5. Lack of Direction can lead to blaming other.

      6. Law of attraction.. intensify what you want.

      7. Conviction and belief in your inside is Must. Conviction in your vision is necessary, to attract the best abundance towards you.

      8. Your awareness is either take the good or bad.

      9. When you approach the challenge, overcome it , and learn lesson from it ment for your by the universe.

      10. Craft affirmations
      Yes I’m healthy
      Also for Finance
      Again for Love
      If u seek , u have to give first

      11. Realise your true potential for what you do, why you do…

      12. Connect the dots and be in that vision.

      13.PPL buy from PPL
      14.. PPL connect to PPL.

      15.The law of attraction works only if law 9f attraction is put into action.

    • Harshitha

      Takeaway from this podcast🤩
      🌸 Stop blaming others and the situations. Accept and take the responsibility.
      🌸Go from scarcity mindset to abundance mindset.
      🌸Start dreaming big.
      🌸Be clear on what you want
      🌸 Write positive affirmations.
      🌸Law of action that results in law of attraction

    • Shweta Swarnkar

      We are humans and until we grow holistically it becomes difficult for us. we can’t grow in one area and neglect the other.

      It’s always a personal problem that shows up in the business or profession.

      Remembering and following the below points will be helpful:

      1. Whatever you go through is what is attracted by you.
      2. Take responsibility of your situation.
      3. Your present is the result of your past.
      4. Scarcity mindset is blaming others. Remove the scarcity mindset, and work on it consciously.
      5. Connect spiritually
      6. Built a habit of journaling.
      7. Introspection.
      8. Be clear about your desire. Focus your thoughts on desire.
      9. You are greater than your circumstances.
      10. Mind is very powerful, Use Self-belief and determination.
      11. Write your goals on paper to create a connection between neurons and the brain.
      12. use affirmations to rewire your body and mind. use it for different areas of your life.
      13. Find the core motivation behind the action.
      14. Connect the dots between pasts and your experience.
      15. Connect to people, people buy people and not products.
      16. Law of attraction is powerful when backed up by the Law of action.

      Shweta Swarnkar

    • Yogeswari Sugumaran

      💡How to get our life back on track?


      When I heard the podcast I felt like its the message God is sending for me. I am stuck and have no clue what to do!

      💎 My Takeaways

      🟢Wherever we are now its because of the choices we have made in the past. Accept the current situation.

      🟢Blaming others or victimizing ourselves will not help us.

      🟢Realize what you want and write it down clearly and start working towards it.

      🟢Make huge leaps and be determined in it. No plan B

      🟢Fix the mindset to attract the right mentor (anything for that matter)

      🟢It’s always important to have LOVE as the key

      🟢 only with LOVE we can build a community.

      💡Find that story and get going

    • Naveen Kanchan

      My Top 3 Takeaways:
      1) Write in detail how your ideal day will be
      2) Write Affirmation and read it loud daily
      3) People buy from people. Genuinely connect with them.

    • Santhosh Shetty

      Top Learnings :
      -Overcoming Personal Challenges
      -Take Personal Responibility for the situation you are in
      -Get into a Success Mindset
      -Upgrading Knowledge
      -Envision Future
      -Setting Goals
      -Clarity of thought
      -Intensify our thoughts on what you want
      -No plan Bs in life
      -Awareness and mindfulness of what’s going on in the mind
      -Use the power of our imagination
      -Service to Community with Love

    • Rohini

      I resonate with every word you have shared, Sidz!
      “You are greater than your circumstances. The world requires more educators and leaders.” These words by Blair are truly a great reminder.
      I have also experienced the Power of love through the community that we create and serve. I feel, at the end of the day, these genuine values are the ones that matter. You have certainly demonstrated these in ILH and I am truly fortunate to be a part of it, learning and implementing it!

      I really needed to hear this today.
      Creating and writing with a pen on paper, one’s perfect desired life/day is a powerful reminder!

    • Dr Vishwas Srivastava

      Siddarth Rajeskar, I am truly blessed to have been a part of your community since Jul 2020, which has forever transformed our lives. Your openness about your personal journey and the transformative steps you took is deeply inspiring. Your emphasis on addressing internal struggles, mindset shifts, and personal growth has been life-changing. The strategies you’ve shared for gaining clarity, using affirmations, and taking action are invaluable. Your holistic approach to wealth, health, and relationships resonates profoundly. Your emphasis on building a love-centered community is transformative. I’m excited to continue learning and growing within your community. Your story is a testament to resilience and self-belief. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.

      Best regards,
      Dr. Vishwas Srivastava

    • Urmi Dasgupta

      Thank you, Sidz for sharing your heartfelt story. There is so much to learn from it.
      My top learnings were:
      No matter how difficult life gets, it’s just a wakeup call for us to find inner alignment with our true purpose. The moment you are able to tap into the brilliance behind difficult situations, the moment you are able to understand what the situation is trying to teach you, you can choose to take your power back by making small changes in your life and live up to them consistently.
      And, if there is a guru or a mentor to guide you in this journey, your progress will be that much faster and impactful.

      Also, it’s important we realize that WE ATTRACT WHATEVER HAPPENS TO US, so we too have THE POWER TO CHANGE IT.

    • Maithili Janye

      My learnings
      1. take the responsibility that you are responsible for the current situation
      2. LOA is very powerful Use it to manifest your mission and vision
      3. have clarity regarding “What you want from your life “

    • Satish Trimukhe

      ” How To Handle Personal Issues While Growing A Business ”
      Hi Siddharth, your podcase on the above subject is useful to every member of ILH Society. I highlighted some points.

      1. Personal problems of Health, Wealth and Love shows in the Business

      2. Wright your perfect day document. write clearly what exactly you want in you perfect day in your handwriting.

      3. Write your Affirmations aligned with your current problems.

      4. Your mind has extreme power use it by affirmations.

      5. Start Dreaming – Imaginations

      6. Love, Care, and Respect are the core value of Humanity. Use it in yourself as your DNA.

      Thanks, Siddharth for the super useful podcast that has the power to reform overall society for a better humanity and personal development to make this earth live a better place for every human.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Awesome, Great Insights! ! I’m glad you found this learning journey valuable.

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      Personal problems are the biggest rocks on our road to success. In this podcast, Sidz shares his journey of transformation!
      Just like anyone he was leading a mouth-to-mouth existence in 2015.
      He was putting in a lot of effort but that was not showing in the bank account. A point even came when his partner pointed a finger of doubt.

      After undergoing a severe panic attack and two weeks of sleepless nights, Sidz realised his problems. He understood that he was running a car with the handbrakes on. He understood all he was experiencing was a result of HIM. Because we get what we attract! He was working on a scarcity mindset!

      He immediately underwent a mindset shift. He wrote down his ideal life in fourteen pages! Immediately abundance started to show up.
      It first came in the form of an influential mentor- Blair Singer!
      He understood his more significant purpose in this universe. He believed in his gut. He totally surrendered to his mentors.

      To sum up, if you can follow the Four Sidz Laws you too can be like him and he would love your results!
      Be Clear on what you want- The house you want to live in, the car you want to drive, the money you want to make…
      Craft Powerful affirmations- We attract what we want. So look at positive affirmation.
      Be a people lover! Give a lot of love and receive a lot of love.
      Finally, Take a ton of action! Without action, nothing will work.

      Thank you Sidz. It was a fantastic session.

    • Dipak Bhadra

      Clarity is the key. Knowing where I am and where I want to go.

      It is important to create a picture of the ideal/perfect life I want to create., using imagination create these pictures on screen of my mind, using right affirmations, build my believe with abundance mindset, and take right actions every day.

      This is the formula to shift focus from something not happening right in life to something I really want.

      Amazing learning with a new level of awareness. Thanks Sidz

    • Prema SHamarao

      MY take aways
      to over come personal challenges to overcome business
      1. Have right clarity
      2. put an action
      3, law of attraction will work only you have law of action
      4,use of + ve affirmation to boost the morale Health wealth and love
      5. take the help of positive affirmation and try to short circuit the our bring with positive affirmation to get the confidences and boost our energy level .

      few good affirmations noted during pod cats
      people connect with people
      you can’t build the communities without love
      your awareness is ability to feed either -ve or + ve to the world
      you are bigger than this — many more !!


      How to Handle Personal Issue while Growing A Business?

      Amazinggg Podcast on How to tackle Personal problem. It’s, as if i needed it the most today.
      My key takeaways are:
      1. No problem is Business Problem but it’s personal problem that shows in Business.
      2. Whatever we go through is attracted by us.
      3. We should have acceptance to whatever goes around is due to me not because of somebody else.
      4. We need to work on Mindset.
      5. Most People are stuck as they are not clear about what they want to do.

      When you intensify your thought on what you really want rather than focusing on Scarcity, You will start seeing opportunities or people that come to your life to help you to Manifest* :))))))

      Personal Issues can be resolved by following below:
      1. Be very clear as to what you want. Make your perfect day document as the clearest one.
      2. Dream Big Has no Taxes or Charges applicable to Dreaming.
      3. Craft Affirmations for Money, Love and Health.
      4. Coaching is a people business so we should have Deep Rooted love.
      5. People Connect with People. There are different experiences we human beings go through, we should connect the dots to convert our experiences into positive impact on people.


    • Neha Chimbalkar

      Taking Responsibility of our present situation = mindset + decisions made

      Even if the situation is comfortable keep upgrading

      write down about ” my perfect day” visualization is very powerful

      We get stuck because we are not clear about what exactly we want. And that makes us blame the others or thr situations , as we try to shift the responsibility of the situation on others.

    • Surajit Mishra

      Following are my key learnings from this podcast:

      1. Wealth, Health and Love
      2. What you think you attract.
      3. Take personal responsibility.
      4. No blame, complaint and judgement
      5. Scarecity mindset to abundance mindset.
      6. Working on the mindset
      7. Upgrading the mindset
      8. Thinking about it. But not working on it.
      9. Stress and Personal Friction
      10. Rejuvinate and Spirituality
      11. Write a My Ideal Life Document
      12. Most people are stuck because they are not clear about what they want.
      13. They get into a loop of blaming people, situation and others.
      14. Get a mentor to reinfroce the ability in self.
      15. Law of attraction – when we intensify our thought to what we want which we lack in life, we will see opportunities, situations and people coming to our life which will help manifest that want in life.
      16. Borrow money if you don’t have. Get a mentor. Surrender to the mentor. Work on self. Have the grit and conviction in self. Stick to the plan. There is no plan B.
      17. Move to the next level inspired by the mentor.
      18. Put positive affirmations in mind to shift thoughts in life.
      19. The only freewill that we have in life is the awareness and ability to either feed the positive or to feed the negative, what ever is brewing inside our mind.
      20. Obstacles are tests which test our ability and conviction in what we want or not in life.
      21. Universe throws challanges at us to handle these obstacles.
      22. There is no cost to dreaming. Use the power of imagination and creativity without any boundaries and write in down.
      23. Write it down make the connections in the neurons in the brain are established.
      24. Craft affirmation and statements to short circuite the body and brain.
      25. You cannot receive love without giving love.
      26. Deep rooted love for people have to be there. This is a customers and clients business. This is people business. Be a people lover. Then only you can build communities.
      27. This love/compassion only happens when we have gone through heartburns, loss, did not have love.
      28. Get to the core – why we are doing what we are doing ?
      29. Space of love from childhood experience.
      30. Connect the dots and make that your mission.
      31. Your vibe will attact your tribe. That is how you build communities and tribes.
      32. People buy from people. People buy from people.
      33. AI is not going to buy from us.
      34. So to overcome personal problems in business we need to have clarity, write affirmations, understand the root and then put that into action.
      35. The law of attraction will only work if you put the law of action to work.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Brilliant points! Love how have taken this learning experience and brought so many good insights out of it!

    • Thangeswari N

      A masterpiece.Thank you for sharing.

      Few notes below:
      Balancing Act 🤹‍♂️:

      Juggling personal challenges while running a business.
      Finding equilibrium between personal and professional life.
      Relationship Issues handling.

      Ownership 🕵️‍♂️:

      Accepting situation and taking ownership can help.
      Stopping Blaming.Take right decisions.

      Resilience in Adversity 💪:

      Overcoming personal setbacks and using them to fuel business success.
      A nice blog on Inspirational stories of turning personal struggles into triumphs.

      Clarity Check 🧠❤️:

      Clarity in what you want matters.Focus on what you want not what you fear/lack.
      Have Faith in your victory.Believe you are amazing and worthy inspite of what inner critic or surroundings say.
      Be clear on income goals.

      Writing down Dream 🤗:

      Writing down your dream life in 1 page during tough times can help.

      Learning from Setbacks 📉➡️📈:

      Siddharth’s experiences turning personal challenges into business lessons.
      Learn lessons from setbacks.

    • Sushanth Ram

      Thanks, Sidz for a masterpiece recommendation. As a member of your community, I can truly echo what you said. Below are my key takeaways

      Be an Executor and not a Driftor: Challenges would be there, and roadblocks would be there. It’s all about how you focus on executing things rather than drifting away from the challenges. Take ownership and be the Captain to execute the things

      Manifest and Elevate yourself: Constantly manifest and be in the Zone of Successful people, hack your brain for the larger success than thinking negatively

      Conviction and Confidence: Have strong beliefs about yourself, You are born to win and you will be a winner if you stay in the race

      Trust your Mentor: Trust is the key component on your journey towards success, trust your beliefs and trust your Mentor because your Mentor is seeing the invisible side of you which you wouldn’t be able to see today

      Thanks again, Sidz. I am always grateful and thankful to you for transforming us for the larger gamut of things



      Take aways:
      1. In the first place, on anlysis there is nothing as business problems. It is the personal problems which reflects in Business.
      2. So, the 1st step is to be aware of the above fact and then contemplate what are the problems. Get absolute clarity, as much clarity one could bring in.
      3. Accept those situations without resentments and blaming others or situations.Take responsibility to change them to situations you wish.
      4. Every one wish to have good Health, sound relationship, engaging work, adequate money for a Fulfilled life. Define them for you.
      5. Find the gap between the current situation and bring positive thoughts and consistent actions(to acquire the skills and resources) to realise them . Patience, perseverance and persistence would make you successful .

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