Do you want to delegate and outsource your work while growing your digital business? In this podcast, I share some tips that's helped me scale my business to over $7mn with just 3 employees.

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siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    223 replies to "When Is Right Time To Delegate And Outsource Work?"

    • Archana KS

      Set Clear Goals and Prioritize:
      I will Prioritize my goals based on their importance and the impact they will have on my life with a clear direction and focus to stay motivated

      Continuous Learning and Personal Development:
      I would commit to expanding my knowledge and skills in areas that interest you or are relevant to your goals and be open to feedback and Engaging in personal development activities will enhance my confidence

      Cultivate Healthy Habits:
      Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and sufficient sleep contribute to physical health . Manage my time effectively, prioritize tasks, and eliminate distractions to improve productivity.
      Also celebrate my small wins each time along the way, learn from my failures, and keep striving to become the best version of myself.

    • Rahoul Paatil

      First Level delegation are Designs those are logo, website and other stuffs
      Landing Pages to be delegated
      Video Editing to be delegated when we are up for growth

    • hariom singh

      My Top 3 Take away:
      1-Get your hands wet before delegate the work which takes more time of yours
      2-find the best person who is perfect in that work
      3-Create content on your own

    • Lalit Hundalani

      Hi Sidz, thanks for sharing this podcast.My Top 3 Action Points based upon the takeaways from this podcast :

      1.Creating My landing Page by tomorrow, had been delaying it for some time now.

      2.Learn and start with FB ads. by this weekend

      3.Start with weekly sales webinars from next week.

    • Rashi Chauhan


    • Geetali Supekar

      My 3 Action Points are
      1) Running FB ads on my own with Immediate effect
      2) Building up my content on my own & editing it as well
      3) Getting Hands on managing all this from Lead generation to sales & after sales as well, monitoring & tracking.

    • Devanand

      1. Tasks you can outsource :
      – Design
      – Funnel
      – Branding
      – Website
      – etc.
      2. But at initial stage do not outsource anything except Design part, Get hands on experience.
      3. Get hands on experience on Content creations.
      4. Get hands on experience on Pod
      5. After one year when you get hands on experience, many things can be outsourced.
      6. Outsource to external team on project base.
      7. Principals – keeping things lean, flexible.
      8. When you want what you want you can guide people well

    • Dharanidharan Rajkumar

      I can outsource many of the work and just focus on the main areas.

      Not oursource anything except design in the beginning.

      When I can get hands on at content creation in the beginning, I can gain mastery at it over a course of time.

      It also helps when you start outsourcing the work later.

      We should be focusing on end-to-end before we earn a stable profit (for atleast a year).

    • Nitanjalii Bedi


    • Ramapriya Valmiki

      My three lessons from this podcast
      • Get hands on before outsourcing
      • When I get hands on content creation and content editing – I can roll out courses at much faster speeds
      • Being hands on helps the learning curve will help to be confident

    • Sandeepa Zakarde

      Thanks Sidz for sharing different phases
      In an initial part of journey –
      1. Design – pay for it to get it done from an expert : Logo design, signature logo,
      Community management, Content management later On

      – create a lean system first after getting hands-on and then delegate

      #Content creation and content editing-
      #Building Landing pages,
      #Email list,
      # learning management system, #editing of video content using inshort, camtasia
      #Link tracking system – clickmagick
      # Write an ad copy and ad creatives
      #Traffic generation

    • Abhi

      Ultimate points, wasted lot of time in designing 🙂

    • Aftab Attar

      Top 3 Actions plan

      #Learn everything once you are cash rich automate, optimise business model

      #never outsource business core

      # Outsource once you get handone


      Do it your own untill cash flow comes

      building your own landing page
      email list
      learning management system
      editing your own video content

      it can speed up your businnes without depending on someone else

      outsource video editing (only if you have cash flow)
      better quality work
      video and audio

      managing your own fuinnel system

      link trackiong system e.g clickmagic

      diy end to end video and images
      Do ad on your own
      diy till the cash flow comes

      community management system
      deliecate your communicatriion
      outsource video editing
      pr,pay per task activities
      managenning funnel for google ads
      after getting hands own

      keep things lean and flexible

    • Falgun

      My actionable :
      1. Designing Work – Boxes for Product Showcase, Logo Design
      2. Hiring Operational Manager after 3 months
      3. Things I will do on my own – Advertising, Website, Email Marketing, Landing Page, Hooks.

    • Madhu Kodidala

      Top 3 Learning from this Podcast.

      1. Don’t Delegate Initially take charge of your challenges, Learn and after hands-on then delegate after a year.

      2. Delegate if required where in concentrate more on sales .then will delegate the work s of Advertising, Video editing, Design work, etc.

      3.Take tiny actions consistently towards the end goal.

    • Sandip Mitra

      1. Not to outsourcing during 1st phase of journey
      2. Delegate outsourcing internal things like operations, community, content in 2nd phase of journey.
      3. Delegate external things like video editing, Ads to external agencies.

    • Aparna Das

      top 3 action
      build own landing page
      managing email list
      learning management system

    • Saurabh Singraulia

      Top 3 Takeaways :

      1. I will take full control of my Website and become hands-on.
      2. I will not automate my Funnel.
      3. I will outsource my Video Editing and Design.

    • Nidheesh

      Our approach will be to delegate funds when our cash flow is stable. Initially, we should prioritize delegating design tasks, as they contribute to the aesthetic value. Over a 12-month period, we can assess progress and gradually appoint delegates step by step. For instance, we can start with a communication manager, content manager, and community manager, before considering other roles. It’s crucial to pay attention to the landing page and content quality. Creating an effective funnel should be a priority from the outset. As we grow and succeed, we can continue to delegate responsibilities to ensure continued prosperity.

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      1 Delegate design – Website, Logo, Boxes, Photoshoot
      2 Landing page
      Editing video, audio
      Content creation – do hands on for 12 months.
      3 Then outsource operations, content manager and community manager.
      Advertising, PR, specific paperwork and legal and chartered accountants to be outsourced. Idea behind the whole thing is to remain lean and agile and simple in structure.

    • Dr Neil Gautam Shah

      My 3 action steps after listening t this podcast
      1. I will do my own video editing
      2. I will run fb ads on my own
      3. i will build my own landing pages

      Thank you so much for this podcast 🙂

    • Deepu KG




    • Monica Jaswval

      My key take aways
      Don’t delegate initially, get hands on except designs.
      Keep it lean
      Keep it flexible
      Delegate when you have enough revenue generated and need time for more productive tasks.
      Tq sidz

    • Nishu sharma


      Takeaway 1: Gain Hands-On Experience
      The podcast emphasizes the importance of gaining hands-on experience in various domains like design, video editing, website development, ads, funnel creation, and branding. By personally working on these tasks for a year, you develop a solid foundation and understanding of the processes involved. This hands-on experience enables you to make informed decisions, effectively communicate with outsourced professionals, and ensure the quality of work.

      Takeaway 2: Prioritize Building a Lean System
      During the initial year, it is recommended to work on all domains independently to create a lean system. By focusing on each aspect yourself, you have complete control over the quality and consistency of the work. This approach allows you to streamline processes, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your operations. A lean system minimizes waste and ensures efficient utilization of resources.

      Takeaway 3: Outsource Strategically for Growth
      Once you have established a strong foundation and achieved a stable cash flow, it is advisable to strategically outsource certain tasks. By outsourcing design, ads, PR, website development, and video editing on a project basis, you can leverage specialized expertise and free up time for sales-focused activities. Additionally, hiring a communication person, content manager, and community manager can further streamline operations and enable you to focus on revenue generation. This planned outsourcing approach allows for scalability, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to changing business needs.

      By initially working on various domains yourself, you can gain valuable experience, create a lean system, and eventually strategically outsource to optimize your operations, free up time, and increase cash flow.

    • Nitesh S

      1. All system setup except design, you should do it yourself to atleast 1 year period.
      2. Start with delegate & outsourcing only when you see enough cashflow & profitability from your work & business.
      3. You can delegate and Outsource – communication, content & system management, advertising, video editing, design work & PR – only once you have good hands-on in these areas, working for at least a year or more.

    • Aruna Singh

      1. First learn yourself and try to understand all the processes yourself. Gain authority.
      2. Get hands-on with your content as this will come from your heart straight – landing page, email list, learning management system, editing of videos—all things to be done end to end by yourself.
      3. Design can be one of the things you should outsource.
      4. Delegation depends upon your level of income.
      5. Pay attention to quality as it will not be cheap.
      6. Delegate when you are ready with practice, doing it yourself and have gained enough authority and cash flow.

    • Laxmi Prasanna

      Hands on first

      Experience it with your results.

      Then delegate

    • Gaurav Juneja

      *Non-core activities can be delegated
      *Core activities have to be done on your own to get absolute clarity. once you learn the basics then delegate it.
      * Two levels of delegation( Internal & External)

      Your greatest assets are not your clients, they are your loyal team members and your team members will take care of your clients.

    • Muralidhara Reddy

      Design oursource

      Community manager



      My 3 Takeaways
      Setup all system by myself except few
      Learn first and then deli-gate to do things faster
      Higher more on contractual employees

    • Anand Kumar

      Top 3 action items which I would like to delegate
      1) Design work
      2) Video editing
      3) Advertising

    • mukesh

      my top 3 take aways.

      1. initially dont outsource about managing leads.
      2nd. Email list
      3rd LMS.
      initially just outsource about logo design.

    • Neha Jaiswal

      Thanks for this wonderful podcast Sidz! My top 3 Actions from this are:
      1. Get hands-on Building landing pages, Email list, LMS and content creation
      2. Give yourself 12 months to get really amazing on handling entire business.
      3. Improve and raise your standards every time.
      When you get hands on you have the moral authority to ask for the standard and quality when you outsource and you know how get the best by outsourcing!

    • Shiv kant

      My top 3 action points for delegation-
      1- Designing (Logo, product boxes & web)
      2- Video Editing (After 3 months)
      3- Google ads

    • Vivek Pravin Tole

      It was very helpful to decide when to outsource the work, need to be hands-on first. Atleast need to give 12 months.
      Thank you Sidz, I learnt it should be lean, high quality, flexible.

    • Neha

      My top 3 learnings
      1. Get a hands on on building your systems, managing them, content creation & editing before outsourcing them (except design). It reduces your dependency.
      2. You get better quality stuff when you eventually do outsource as you can convey exactly what you want & you get moral authority to guide and do
      3. After you have cracked the code of product & sales, delegate your content, communication & community management to an internal team and Outsource advertising, video editing, PR
      Keep things lean, of highest quality & flexible level

    • Dipinder Kaur

      Top 3 Action

      1. not outsource Design work, Logo, Product Boxes and Website at the beginning
      2. Hands on to some things like editing video, recording podcasts, etc.
      3. After 1 year when you hands-on to some task then hire people for better results

    • Ankit Kothari

      My 3 Action Points

      01. Setting up my systems before the 25th June Hackathon.

      02. Learning and Creating Content one piece daily.

      03. Delegating my TWCGO finances to a Chartered Accountant.

    • Moksh Chauhan

      My top 3 actions
      1. Plan for Content Creation
      2. Hands-on Building a Landing Page
      3. Video & Podcast Making

    • Nikhil V Kumar

      My Top # Actions Points are:

      1. Be hands-on first, learn the skill then delegate
      2. Keep a lean team and outsource to agencies, you can even have multiple agencies for the same task
      3. Need people to do the work so invest in the right people

    • fouwad Ahmed khan

      1.HANDS on WORK grown
      2.QUALITY & on time Delivery
      3.Customer Happiness & receiving profits automated

    • Dipak Bhadra

      My top 3 learnings:
      1. Gain hands-on experience on full-cycle activities even though I am not comfortable with them, so I can guide others while delegating.
      2. Delegate some of my activities after 3 months of time from today.
      3. Use mindmap to create the courses faster, put ideas on mindmap.

    • Bhargavi Lavanya

      Inspiration cannot be bought. Motivation cannot be outsourced 🙏 Thanks Sid
      My 5 take aways
      Moral authority
      Lean clean and humble
      When you are good at something DIY
      Optimisation of your own energy

    • Bramara Shivanna

      My 3 action Steps:
      1. Outsource my Logo creation
      2. Learn editing my course videos
      3. Building my website and landing page myself


      Having Hands on Experience is very important to Understand what we do , Why we do and How we do..?
      Helps to Guide people when we Outsource our Project so it comes out as Expected with Good Quality.
      It’s a reminder of Know it,do it and Teach it…
      Thank you


      My Top 3 Action Points

      1. Video Editing recording and publishing by me only.
      2. Managing my own funnels, website, email marketing system and Learning management system.
      3. Creating my own landing page and add related and traffic generation stuff should by done by me only.

      After getting moral authority and hands on on my business then I should go for delegation.

      Thanks Sidz for eye opening Information. Thank you.

    • Shweta Swarnkar

      Gain hands-on experience:
      1. Building landing pages.
      2. Email list-Convertkit
      3. Learning Management System
      4. Editing of video courses
      5. Content Creation.
      6. Click tracking system

      The result will be faster course recording.

      Outsource ones you have hands-on experience and you have generated enough cash flow.

      Delegate and outsourcing: Few tasks which can be outsourced: Design Work, Video editing, funnel building, and advertising.

      After 18 months, the internal team can be created
      General Manager-Operations
      Content Manager
      Community Manager

      Free up time, Delegate the tasks
      External team: Advertising, Design work, Video editing, PR, Ads, development work, events production

      The principle behind this is having a Lean system, be of the highest quality and flexibility

      “Everything in this world requires people and the best part is when you know what you want.”

      Actionable step:
      1. Get hands-on experience in Content Creation and
      2. Outsource after around 18 months.
      3. Follow the principle: Lean system, high quality, and flexibility.


    • senthil

      1. do it yourself first
      2. delegate outsource after getting hands on know what you want

    • Suman Kumar

      Top three action points

      1. First work your self to gain complete knowledge about tools and systems
      2. Learn-Practice – Implement
      3. After getting consitant cashflow in the business you can outsource to improve on design, advertiseing, websystems etc.,

    • Aarti Deswal

      1. Learn and do things at own untill you get expertise into….it is important to make you confident, self dependent as sometimes you may face challange in terms of people to who you outsourced or technology….so its important that you know in and out
      2. Once you reach at a certain point means created a system…start outsourcing sothat you can utilise you time in other productive activities
      3. Foucs on virtual setup for yourself and your support system as time is money….

    • Simple Jaiswal

      Delegate once you are hands on , that way one can guide better and get result what is required

      my action plan –
      1. COntent creation and managing to do on my own till better cash flow situation.
      2. Learn myself the tools to develop the comfort level
      3. Lean team after a year

      thanks Sidz

    • Subrata Bar

      – editing my own Videos
      – crafting my Landing Page
      – creating my Learning Managment System

    • Dipti Singhal

      Initial 1 year manage your design on your own,
      Building your own landing page.
      Keeping things at high standard.

    • Dilshad S

      The following can be done by you then outsourcing
      Managing your landing page.
      Manage LMS.
      Editing your own video
      Audio editing for the podcast.
      Managing your own website, funnels, etc
      Clicks and links, the progress of business on a single dashboard
      Till enough to create cash flow do it yourself then can outsource
      Paid traffic, designing do it yourself until create income.
      How to write ad copy
      Image creat using CANVA
      That learning curve you go through initially to get better design.
      For all the system setup, content creation setup, traffic creation, and ad setup do it yourself, then outsource.
      Designing can be outsourced.
      Delegate outsourcing: hire one person like a general manager who took charge of external and internal communication.
      The second person can be the content creation
      The third person is a community manager.
      These are the three people who support me.
      I have a home office and a virtual address for company registration.
      advertising, website management on pay per task basis, video editing, video thumb, PR person for news articles in different places, Managing google funnels, and all the tasks happening
      You don’t need large teams. Nobody is on your payroll. Everything is outsourced to an external agency. If one agency is not working we can switch to another agency. Or I can use both agencies simultaneously.
      When to outsource is after getting hands-on
      Keeping things lean,
      Optimization is around profitability
      There is no manufacturing cost.
      Another team for event productions.
      Everything in this world requires people, when you know what you want you can guide them to do what you want.

    • Vani Priya

      Top 3 Takeaways:

      1. At the initial stage Learn the skills and Do yourself
      2. Once you are on the go outsource the process with an expertise.
      3. Have a Team of Supporting system.

    • Parul

      Action points:

      1. In the beginning doing most of the things on my own
      2. Will delegate only designs (already doing that)
      3. slowly improving on the system
      4. Delegating areas where i already have an inside out knowledge (already doing that)

    • Nisha

      i have been handling my social media pages for the last 5 plus years. i was not confident on delegating this task…But now i feel i can find a person and assign the task as its consumes so much of my time.

      a Calendar to track the business received through social mediate and other platforms i am maintaining this is something that i will delegate with immediate effect.

    • Aparna Tushar Pawar

      – Design basic stuff yourself.
      – Build your own landing page Eg – with CONVERTKIT
      – Give yourself one year time befoe delegation.
      When to delegate once you get hands on
      Outsource internal & external work whereever possible.
      Last but not the least, Keep the things at highest level & flexible.

    • Ankit Khandelwal

      Top 3 Action I will take:
      1. Outsource my logo design and other relevant stuff to be designed.
      2. Start using click magic to analyze my business.
      3. Do not look back for next 12 months. Then generate enough cash flow to delegate work like editing videos, advertising etc.

    • Sreekala Sunderrajan

      Lovely podcast.
      My top 3 learnings –
      * Get Hands on. No other way out
      * Reflect periodically to evaluate when you are ready to delegate. Do it when ready.
      * Understand the how before you delegate.

      My T3A –
      * Create a clear schedule to do things hands on – Structure time
      * Start creating podcasts without delay
      * Create a review chart to delegate after setting up a process to self do and eventually outsource.

    • Mounata Dutta Majumder

      Delegate & outsource only when there’s enough cash flow to afford it.

      It’s important to get hands-on experience wherever possible in order to delegate more effectively & get highly desirable results

      Keeping open the option for flexibility in delegation is less complicated & more risk free

    • Ravish Vasan

      Great learning experience from this podcast! As I am in early stage of building my knowledge business, my top 3 action points are:
      1. Doing everything hands-on for a year and build necessary confidence
      2. Outsource design work to right agencies on pay-per-element basis (after trying myself on Canva) to ensure great quality & branding
      3. Focus on learning skills like preparing email list, landing pages, Learning management system, video shooting, video editing & publishing as these would be core of my business. Give 1 year to build the muscle & gain confidence.

    • Vrushali Garde

      Thank you Sidz for this very important podcast! My action plan-initially for 1 year i will do landing page design by myself. Desing Ad hooks , Ad creatives and video creatives by myself. Convertkit and LMS by myself.
      I have delegated logo and website work which i will continue like that. Click magic -progress growth monitored by myself.

    • Shanthi Yogini

      Thanks, Dear Siddharth for clarifying!

      3 Action steps for me:

      1. I will go through FB AD Mastery course and run the Ads myself
      2. I will focus on my email system and content creation for the next 1 year myself
      3. I will outsource design work

    • Rakhi Chawla

      1. Lean Systems create exponential growth instead of linear ones as we feed back into the system with learnings and mistakes—big fan of lean systems. Already acting on it and moving ahead.

      2. Learn, strategize and optimise the process; that’s how I have learnt all my Mathematics & Computers-Coding, and now business!

      3. Building Business is an art, and I need to learn that art myself before I can build a second line of leaders who can multi-fold the growth.

      Great Work Sid!
      Thank you for all what you’re doing…

    • kabak vicky

      1. Going to outsource the design of my website
      2. Going to outsource my product boxes design
      3. going to learn video and audio design myself.
      4. going to attend the next webinar for free.

    • Nirmal Bhagat

      In short, we should no out source all our work except Design and logo.

    • Vivek Deshpande

      Get hands-on with the systems and tools to understand how it works.
      Delegate to improve the quality when cash flow is good.
      Outsource if you are not an expert in it.

    • M V Pavan Kumar

      My top 3 Actions
      1. Will deligate my design work like logo, product box design
      2. After getting hands on only deligate
      3. Recruit 3 persons once my community grows

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Great Learnng! The three top action points for me are to concentrate at the start to get hands-on experience with all tasks end to end2) Outsource Design work to create an international Quality look and feel and 3) Acquire skills for building landing pages and content creation so that can churn out new contents of desired quality fast. #ILH

    • Savitha Puttaswamy

      Garden: After listening to a podcast about delegating tasks, consider hiring a professional gardener or asking someone knowledgeable about plants to help take care of your garden.
      Cooking: Put the advice from the podcast into practice and seek assistance from a personal chef or someone who enjoys cooking to handle meal preparation.
      Video Editing: Apply the insights from the podcast and find a professional video editor or someone skilled in editing software to take on the task of editing your videos.

    • Shubhada Kanani

      three action points-
      1. Make videos and learn video editing
      2.Design and produce courses and upload on LMS-Teachable
      3. Network and build email list

      shubhada kanani

    • Manchal

      ✨This podcast is so timely and useful Sidz!✨

      Following your advice to the T on getting hands on with all these aspects before considering outsourcing and hiring a team!

      Top 3 action points :

      1) ✅Learn video editing, website design, funnel building
      2)✅ Skills to get hands on – Building landing pages, Managing LMS, Content editing and managing website
      3) ✅Performance marketing, system and automation setup:)

      ☺️Such a beautiful recipe to build a digital coaching business!

      Thanks sidz for putting it all together in such a crisp way!🤗🙏

    • Arunkumar Chandran

      It’s been helpful on what’s to be delegated and at what stage it’s to be done.

    • Ritika

      Top 3 action points –

      1. Stick with the plan – I commit to not falling into the shiny object trap and go for outsourcing to service providers in the first year of implementation.

      2. Embrace the learning journey – It’s tough to learn so many systems, but I commit to being hands-on

      3. Gain moral authority – I commit to becoming comfortable with the discomfort of doing everything by myself, so I have the moral authority to outsource.

    • rajni gobhil


    • Angelyne Nongpluh

      My top 3 action points:
      1. Get hands on everything except designs.
      2. I will do it by myself until i’m confident to direct others.
      3. Maximum 1 year

    • Devina Rao

      Really needed this podcast! Gained a lot of clarity.
      My main takeaways:
      1) You can outsource design work in the beginning
      2) Edit your own videos in the beginning
      3) Put your ideas in a MindMap
      4) Once you’ve got the hang of it/enough hands-on experience and you want to free up time to nurture your community, you can start building an internal team (communication and general manager) and external team (advertising etc) . Usually takes around a year to do so

    • HunlangLynshing

      My top three learning are:
      1. Outsource only after having my hands on the things.
      2. Even though things may be difficult we can all learn by repetition and consistency
      3. Learning to do things by myself will make me more confident and have the depth of what I am doing and later on when I outsource I have a better authority to ask for world-class standards.

    • Nisha

      Good to do it on my own initially to know that I have a good hold before outsourcing.
      1. Landing Page
      2. LMS
      3. Editing videos
      4. Link Tracking

      What to delegate?
      1. Communication
      2. Advertising
      3. Website Management
      4. Video Editing
      5. PR
      6. One time tasks

    • Parvathy Radha

      1.With hands on experience..make things lean
      2.It should be of high quality and reliable
      3.We should be able to delegate and bring it to our standards to automate completely

    • Amit Suvarna

      Top 3 Actionable Takeaways:
      1. Don’t delegate right at the start. Get hands on with everything that your business needs to nurture (except design) including content, ads, web, email lists, LMS and so on. Get proficient not perfect for 12 months. Build SOPs.
      2. Look out for cashflow and profitability to delegate.
      3. Use experience to delegate effectively to replicate and better SOPs created while being hands on.

    • vikash Kumar

      My top three learning:
      1. Not to outsource at the early stage of your business
      2. Don’t be cheap on your journey of greatness, build world-class product by delegating the design tasks and all.
      3. Create content on your own on daily basis. It will help much faster to build knowledge based products.

    • Akshay bhinge

      Top three learnings i learn from this podcast are1.Before outsourced become master of things you learn in initial one year learn yourself ,and do all things of your own.
      2.once u do by yourself u will outsourced to good person at better price and good quality work made by him
      3.main intention is keeping things lean ,flexible, and outsourced to different people who are master in subject.
      4.Keeping general manager,content manger and community manger to handle to whole team saves lot of time and easily deliverable to all people with less efforts
      5.keeping youself free to thinking new creative ideas and giving quality time to loved once,and also solve the problem in market in better way.

    • rakshitha cv

      my top 3 biggest lessons i can take from this podcast is
      1. Don’t delegate untill and unless you get hands-on experience on the things you delegate
      2. you must get into End to end managementon your own before youtrain your teams
      3. this is one of the best model which is very simple , no much cost involed , not more employes are needed .
      4. give yourself one year to get the experiencebefore you delegate!

    • Ramji Balasubramanian

      My Top 3 Action points
      1. Simplify Content creation System and make it faster
      2. Driving Traffic myself first
      3. Not to outsource any tasks, 12 months approx or until reaching good cashflow to outsource

    • Preety Mehandru

      3Action Points
      Making Videos
      Doing Podcasts
      Making Landing Page

    • Sumitra Manamohan

      Action Points :
      1.Get Hands on knowledge of Landing Pages, Content creation, Video editing
      2. Email List handling & LMS. All these in a years time when you become e sure of your product and have cracked the code
      3. Outsorce your design work
      Then hire because you can extract better quality and keep a lean system. and ensure profitability

    • Vivek Pravin Tole

      Action Points:
      1. Get Hands on first.
      2. Handle everything except Design.
      3. After 12 months than can give paid per task basis.

    • Sarveen

      My takeaways from the podcast:-
      1. Try to get hands on with everything, by doing it all yourself, for atleast 12 months.
      2. Keep it all lean, flexible and quality based, with focus on profitability.
      3. Doing everything yourself will be difficult initially, but its much easier than depending on others.

    • Aditi Sen

      As you suggested, I am learning all the systems and getting hands-on experience like CANVA, building landing pages, Email marketing systems, Setting up Website
      My Top 3 Action Points will be
      1. Setting up my LMs system
      2. Creating video courses – editing and uploading them
      3. Organic Lead generation – creating content and sharing on social media platforms.



    • Nitanjalii Bedi

      To automate we can outsource so many things.

      1. Conceptualize products as per your niche.
      2. Focus on initial crearion of the products so that you have know-how of your products.
      3. Invest in learning, master all skills such as video editing, podcast editing, recording, content writing, product development so that you need not to rely on anyone else.

      However, you must outsource to start and grow fast in Digital Space and automate your business. Given below are main areas where you can automate.


    • Hemant Kumar

      Awesome 😎
      My top 3 actions after listening this
      1. I want to deligate my personal website and webinar landing page design because I am not an expert in this field.
      2. I want to deligate my course boxes designs because I have no idea about this,so it is easy for me to delegate.
      3. I want to also deligate my Facebook ads campaign and fb ads post designs, because it is too technical for me.

      I want to delegate these 3 tasks onwards.
      Thanks for sharing this valuable podcast sidz👍👍


      MY 3 Take Aways Are
      1. Initially Manage your Own all the Activity and Hands on all activities except design
      2. Delegate some things which are time consuming
      3. Take 1 year for all this things

    • Vinita Vohra

      3 Don’ts .
      Do not delegate in the initial phase of business 1. Content creation, 2. Content Curation and 3. Content marketing
      5 Do’s
      Do’s : 1. Create your own videos. 2. Edit your own videos 3. manage your Emailing list, 4. manage your landing page 5. your website too

    • Abhishek Gawale

      My 3 Action Points:
      1)Do on my own content creation and content editing.
      2)Learn and run Ads on by myself with immediate effect.
      3)Get hands on –
      Landing Page
      Communication System
      Learning Management System
      Video & Audio Editing
      Driving Traffic

    • Atan

      My Top 3 Action Items
      1. First 12 months do it yourself & then delegate & outsource
      2. Keeping things lean & flexible
      3. Hands on first to hands off

    • Aditya Gupta

      – Do all Video, Website, Funnels, Ads, Branding, PR in the initial days hands-on to understand what it really takes (Tools: ClickMagic, Video Editing, Canva, ClickFunnels)
      – Once things scales then only outsourced as you will be able to guide better and get right value in less cost
      – Keep things lean and of highest quality

    • Subhash Chand

      1.Do it yourself
      2.bild your own page
      3.Then out source

    • Vikram suresh borse

      Initially do on your own , when cash flow is just starting
      Design can be outsourced
      When you have cracked the market code with your product , then you can outsource landing pg , advertising and branding etc when you have already hands on it .
      Knowledge business team should be lean and profitable .

    • vidhya

      my top 3 action tsking points are
      1) Let me work on building my landing page, website, LMS, funnels, video content editing and managing my email list initially at least for 1 year till I get hands on experience on these.
      2) definitely will outsource the designing part to make it standard quality and to save my time.
      3) keep things leen ,high quality and flexible

    • Sushmita

      My biggest takeaways:
      1. Unless u learn and do stuff hands on to build your business, u will not have the moral authority to get work done from others.
      2. Best time to outsource is once I get good enough cashflow and business and when I need more time to nurture my community and also work on increasing sales.

      My 3 main action points are:
      1. I shall immediately start working on learning and building my systems on my own which I was shelving for some time, as this is the best way to build my business
      2. Will build the website in a weeks time
      3. Will create my own landing pages

    • pradeepkumrar

      Your discussion on the importance of delegation and outsourcing was incredibly informative.


      3 actions from todays podcast 1. skill development 2. outsource only when your are in profit,. 3. give enough time for learning

    • Latha R

      1. No need to outsource at the beginning stage.
      2. Update myself with basic and important aspects required for presentation
      3. To build a strong community with enthusiastic people to improvise content quality and delegation

    • Subhasish Banerjee

      Take home from the Podecast:

      1) Do every thing of your own & get hands on experience in everything (except for design work) for first 18 months (atleast) in the business.
      2) Outsource the eliments after having hands on in initial days of the business.
      3) In knowledge business very lean & thin TEAM on payroll is sufficient.

    • Viraj

      Top 3 Learning
      1-Have Hands Free On Your Important Tasks
      2-Learning Management Systems
      3-Have Project Based Team

    • Nirjhar Ojha

      My top 3 learnings from this highly useful and helpful podcast that I would take actions on right away are:

      1. In the initial Phase of my digital coaching business, I would do my landing page design, funnel copy, ad copy on my own.
      2. I would do my email marketing, basic editing, lead generation also by my own to get more Handson first, so that I am well aware of it.
      3. when I have more cash flow, then I can delegate or outsource.

    • Sanngita P Gaikkwad

      Thanks Sidz for your guidance.
      My top three actionable:
      1] I will do all tasks for setting up my business like the landing page, website building, and webinars except logo and boxes design
      2]I will improve my business by doing every small action to gain my own experience
      3] I will follow all instructions of Automation Hackathon

    • Sharon mary

      My learning’s :
      1. First get hands on experience on the system like email list, editing my vidoes, learning management system etc. till I’m able to earn …
      2. Important thing to outsource for now is Design
      3. PR I need to get someone else to do ..

    • monika

      my 3 takeaways from this my podcast

      1 internal outsourcing and external outsourcing
      2 outsourcing only when things keep on your hands
      3 principals

    • Jayasri Murali

      Top 3 actions what I am going to take from the insight I got from your podcast are
      1. Giving more focus and time to create world class content to be ahead in my niche and to give highly valuable content to my clients
      2. Creating design is not my cup of tea. So I am going to outsource designing logo and product box etc because i admit that these are not my strengths.
      3. I have to learn the necessary skills to monitor the outsourced works to get better work done

    • Godwyn Crosse

      Top three takeaways from this podcast of Sidz:

      1) It’s not a question of whether to delegate/outsource but when. And from Sidz’s wealth of experience, we get a clear idea about this aspect.
      2) What should you not outsource or delegate in the knowledge business? Everything for a year except design work. Design because you need to look the part – it’s not what you deliver, but how you show up and deliver it. Everything else you need to get into the skin of the game.
      3) How to build a lean and effective organization when cash flows are good.

    • Elango Pugazhendhi

      Top 3 Action Points
      1) In the first stage of business dont outsource anything till you get a good cash flow.
      2) Use the tools that was recommended and have a complete handson
      3) Landing Pages / Email List are few examples that should be done without outsourcing

    • Surajit Mishra

      1. Why? To Save time money energy

      2. what to delegate

      Design (logo, basic elements of website, boxes)

      3. what to be Hands On

      Managing Laning Page
      Email list
      Editing of your own video
      Content creation and content editing
      Much faster speed
      Conceptulaise, Record, Edit, Rollout (end-to-end)
      Audio Editing, Publishing
      Link tracking system

      Facebook Ads
      Google Ads

      Landing Page
      Ad creatives
      Image creatives

      4. Delegate and Outsource after one year:
      Hire one person for General Manager Operations – external and internal communication (took 18 months)
      Content Manager
      Community Manager

      5. Ousource: (After getting Hand on)
      Website system manager (pay per task)
      Video Editing
      Design work
      Managing Funnels
      Goodle Ads
      Facebook Ads
      Event Production

      Why ? Better moral authority to guide them to do things better.

      6. Principles behind the approach
      Keeping things lean
      Keeping things at the higest quality
      Keeping things flexible where the oprimization of my business is mainly around the profitability

    • Magical MindCoach Partha

      Top3 Learning Action Points from Siddharta Rajsekhar’s Knowledge Business course from the Internet Lifestyle Hub

      1. Goal setting concentrating to be come digital coach as per my niche – doing everyday.

      2. Making minimum 3 achievable small chunk of task-parts out of big task as set as per the goal mainly process goals.

      3. Reviewing weekly as to check the convergence between achieved outcome goals and acted process goals.

    • Kunal

      Top 3 action points
      1. At starting phase – Do important things yourself like – creating landing pages, email list, LMS system & editing videos. And outsource designing work / photoshop work.
      2. Second phase – After 12 months or when you start getting profits then outsource task like running facebook or google ads
      3. Third phase – Have small team with 3 to 4 people and extend further task on pay per project basis.

    • Srilakshmi Uravakonda

      Delegation is not just offloading tasks indiscriminately but a strategic decision to empower team after you have had a complete hands-on on all the tasks that you are about to delegate. This way you will be maximising yours and team’s productivity and efficiency.

    • Jayteerth Katti

      1. Do not outsource anything except design in your initial days
      2. Get hands-on content creation and editing yourself
      – Building Landing Pages
      – Managing Email List
      – Learning Management system
      – Editing your video content – InShort / Screen-flow
      – Managing your website
      – Your Link tracking system
      3. Do it yourself until you have a stable cash flow – give yourself 12 months. After getting hands-on is a good time to delegate

    • ARCHANA Charanpahari

      Top learning and Action point

      1. Generation of leads through practicing development of good landing pages and management of email system
      2. Gaining moral authority by learning video editing
      3. Churning good content for nurturing youth to become a powerful positive developmental force.

    • prem anand

      I will outsource 1. my design work this week. 2. keep lean and mean
      3. I will start working to become hands-on
      wonderful clarity, for directions thank you for this

    • Karuna

      Top 3 action items I would like to delegate

      1. Video Editing
      2. Content Manager
      3. Community Manager

    • Ashok V Mathrani

      Top 3 Takeaways
      Try to be on you own if you want to learn.
      Outsource only things which are beyond your reach
      outsource your system once you have set yourself and concentrate on more productive tasks.

    • Manas Temurnikar

      I do my design part myself coz It comes to me.. only like website design, landing pages and other design part.. Yes I have outsourced automation part…..

    • Chandan Mukherjee

      When you recognize that your time could be better utilized for more impactful work and you find yourself burdened with repetitive tasks, it may be an opportune moment to consider delegation and outsourcing.


      Build you home (BUISNESS RELATED AREAS) first. As per your choice and place with material of your choice then redecorate it by outsourcing decorator.
      so, hand on experience first when comes to major parts related to business and once the cash flow is enough i am going to outsource it.
      Keeping things lean will work for me.
      Keep the project base team as per your requirements when you feel right.


      3 biggest Takeaways as –
      1. At first for the 1st year do the basic activities like creation of Landing Page, email marketing, LMS, VDO editing, add vdo and link tracking at his own to build Authority. Without authority we can not do direction others ethically and legally.
      2. Then outsource for GM operation, Content Manager and Community Manager for speed-up and scale-up your busuness.
      3. Then for outer agency like add agency, vdo editing we can hire for higher efficiency and automation.

    • Pooja

      1. Get your hands dirty in the process
      2. Outsource the designing and give yourself 12 months to learn
      3. Be adaptable, be flexible and have a lean team for better results

    • Maheswari Srinivasan

      Do it till you get more money and less time to do it on your own. Then delegate!

      You also need skill to delegate it to others. So you need hands on experience on everything.

      You delegate to expand more.

    • ashia Bano

      You do not need to automate your business in the initial stage, once you have hands-on you can do so.

      You can automate your logo part but the rest do it on their own.

      Once pro you can delegate the stuff to a third party.

    • Rahul Madhiwalla

      The three action points are

      1.Initially do everything yourself except designing logo, product design and others.
      2. The few main things to focus on is landing page,email marketing, LMS, editing your own video. with this you can roll out courses faster.
      3. only after 1 year or more have just one or two members for internal managment like community managment, replying to emails and few other things. In external team outsourse advertise and some marketing work.



    • Neerja Mahajan

      Three action points
      1. Outsourcing my design work
      2. Handling video editing myself
      3. Handling traffic and leadgeneration at my end only

    • nikiita

      top 3 points for the podcasts is what action i will take.
      1> Initial stage I will handle all the funnel framework advertising, branding, design my website on my own. I will only outsource design photoshop as i do not have hands on.
      2. For initial once i get hands on and then i will outsource, advertising and PR.
      3. once the cash starts flowing i will automate the systems.

    • Asha Badge

      Valuable session. Now get clarity on when to delegate things. So, my key learnings are-
      1. First get a hands-on experience in each area, like website building, landing page creation, editing videos, audio, LMS traffic generation through ads, etc.
      2. We should give ourselves at least 12 months before hands-off.
      3. Keep things lean, flexible, and profitable from your business point of view…

    • Ravi

      Outsource – Design work, Funnel Building, Advertising, PR, Website Designing

      Not to outsource in the first stage of Business

      1. Do not outsource except design, get logo design, product box design,
      2.Building your own landing page, hands on your email list, tool convertkit
      3. Manage own LMS
      Give one year time, to do self

      After one year hands on.. hire for

      Content Manager, GM Operations, Community Manager

      Before Automate.. we should do self for atleast one year

    • Veena Reji

      Three takeaways –
      1. When we start a freedom business, we shouldn’t delegate all the tasks except designing till our business becomes profitable and we experience the cash flow.
      2. The main tasks such as content creation , editing, ads etc will help us have a moral authority to guide and do the tasks better while we delegate it.
      3. Once we find the cash flow profitable, we can start delegating tasks such as editing, designing etc. to people such as operational manager, content manager, PR with an aim keep the content higher quality and flexible.

    • Ravi

      my biggest lessons that I would like to implement –

      1. Get the Hang-On of your stuffs / work before you give it to delegate some important tasks. Could be after 12 to 18 months once get fully used to the task and done it multiple times.
      2. To climb on next level of your success ladder its very important to outsource some tasks as it will give leverage to focus on more productive part of business.
      3. Delegating & outsourcing helps in bringing more revenue to business as the person becomes free of day today task & bring new ideas & concepts to business which brings compounding growth to business.

    • Meghana Tirumala



      Task Delegation & outsourcing
      Design, video editing, branding, PR can be outsourced .
      But only outsource design in the initial stage -logo designing, box designing & at the most website designing.
      skills we need to be hands on are building our own landing pages, email list, LMS, editing of own video content. speed will build up gradually if ywe know how to create content & edit it. later YT editing can be outsourced.
      Outsourcing should begin once good cashflow starts or atleast after 1 year of doing maximum things on your own. Designing headlines & hooks should be done by self. Writing the add copy, end to end needs to be done on your own.
      .After this one can delegate email communication, then content manager, then community manager .
      Delegate your communication, website , video editing design work, outsource PR, google adds tracking can happen at one place. In knowledge based business no big teams are required, no permanent role is required.
      Also Outsource development work like the platforms. Keep things lean & flexible
      opitimise business around profits.

    • Ajeet Kumar Ranka

      My Take Away from this podcasts are
      1. Do not Outsource anything initially until you must be just perfect
      2. since you know after hands on then you will be able to get minimise in price and maximize the quality.
      3. when you have moral authority of all your work then you can easily get hands of to other.
      4. give at least one year or until get more cash flow after one year.
      5. Delegate an outsource according to pay per project so you can save more money.


    • Suyash

      Key take aways:
      1. Get hands on for first year of starting up.
      2. Once cash inflow is healthy
      3. Get hands on with video and audio editing and publishing, managing website, email marketing systems, learning management systems, link tracking system(click magic)
      4. After initial year of learning and getting hands one can outsource Advertising, design, funnel building.

    • Amit Kushwah

      Top 3 action items which I would like to delegate
      1) Get hands-on with everything except designs.
      2) After getting hands-on only delegate
      3) Do not look back for the next 12 months. Then generate enough cash flow to delegate work like editing videos, advertising, etc.

    • dinesh solunke

      biggest take away
      1 just delegate design in first phase do other stuff on your own.
      2 when to outsource when you have good cash flow, atleast 18 months older
      3 just need few persons to help in last phase when you need more time to go higher.


      My Top 3 Action Points:

      1. Learn to do yourself first.
      2. Delegate at the later stage
      3. Get better at content creation by regularly doing it.

    • Loretta Sridhar

      Skills hands on : Building landing pages / Manage email list/ Manage LMS/ Edit video content
      Content creation and editing to be done by Self
      Out source only after you have made the money
      The learning curve gives you a moral authority to feel good.
      – keeps the process lean
      – Highest quality
      – Flexible
      Focus on profitability

      My actions
      Cultivate a mindset that I can do all to manage my content creation and editing myself
      Learn the apps or software that can help me
      Become independent to manage my business
      Thanks Sidz.

    • Sanjay Pandey

      The top 3 Learnings are
      1. Don’t outsource the task in your initial days
      2. System set up, Content area, Ad related things, and Traffic generation-All do this for initial 10~12 months, After that delegate or Outsource
      3. When to outsource – Once you get hands-on and When outsourced – Get hands off

    • Ajay Patel

      Not Outsource digital product initially
      build website its own
      when delegate
      To make landing page, manage leads, Emil list, LMS, editing Videos with Inshot
      outsource help from others
      FB ADS, Google Ads, Logo and Book design,

    • gita

      What you need to do on your own in the initial stage
      1. Building your own landing pqge
      2. Mange your own email list / EMM system in convert Kit
      3. Learning management system
      4. Editing of your own content – Inshot/ Camtasia .. ( for windows or Mac)
      5. Audio editing of the Podcast also should be done by you
      6. Link managing system to manage your link
      7. When you have to drive traffic to your Website/ landing pages , you should know how to set up the Ads/ Ad creatives/ LP/ FB Ads . The learning curve it gives you , will help you to get the authority to guide the Agency you may engage

      Well : I have done all thse by myself
      • You will be able to mange your content at higher speed
      • Roll out your courses in no time
      • Except design do everything yourself to Get confidence in your own skin

      1. Outsource after you are thorough and on your own
      2. Till you are about to earn Cash flows do it yourself
      3. Delegate and outsource after you a get experience
      4. Delegate to one who can completely handle the communication- Operation
      • Take content manager to manage Content
      • Also you can have a community manager , who can manage your Community
      Do it for a Year where after you will need to free up time and engage an Agency
      Delegate only after getting Handson.
      Engage Project based outsource to outside teams . Switch to another agency if they don’t perform
      And Pay per project
      Development work can be outsourced once you grow in your business
      Now you can outsource your Website/ video editing/ PR/ Paper Tasks / FBAds/ Google Ads
      Keep things lean and keep things at high quality
      Optimize based on Profitability
      As well as Event management .. Benchmark in Industry
      You need People , but only if you have been hands on you earn the right to delegate
      Top 3 Action Points
      Start outsourcing after I become a HOF

    • Girija Sankar

      My top 3 actions
      1. Plan for Content Creation
      2. Hands-on Building a Landing Page
      3. Video & Podcast Making

    • Sanjay Mhatre

      1. 1st learn tools in 1 year, only then outsource – so u can better steer the ext agency & get results u hv defined & want
      2. nurture people to do that work
      3. Create content myself to create my flavour & keep having fun with the fun stuff i love doing

    • Aditya

      I made the biggest mistake in my journey in digital coaching by trying to delegate a part of my coaching itself to another person but then realised, soon enough, that for you to delegate your work, your creation, to someone else first there must be congruency apart from proficiency. If they are not congruent with your mission and vision, however proficient they may be in the field, it just won’t work out. Also in this podcast I’m happy that Sid corroborates what I have always believed and done, hands on first, every minute aspect of the work and project on hand, then delegate mundane, routine tasks and retain tasks which require your personality and character as inputs into them. Thank you Sid

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