Want to know the 7 hacks of effective communication? It's not about what you communicate, but the way you communicate. Listen to this podcast.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    94 replies to "7 Hacks For Effective Communication"

    • Aakash Raj Gupta

      1st : Habit tracking & Listening Strangest Secret daily without fail
      2nd : Improving my Sales Funnel
      3rd: Learning, attending all calls & Implementing SIDZ Divine Systems

    • Kshama Vishwanath kulhalli

      Write down ideas
      Communicate with conviction .
      Create convincing contents .
      Use appropriate hook lines.

    • Nisha Srikanth

      My Action Items.
      1. I speak a lot and listen less…. will start reading a book a month.
      2. I have a scrap book of ideas but i don’t write all the time…will ensure that i make a note the ideas in written format.
      3. Connecting with people who provided feedback to my video or post this is something that i need to do regularly.

      • Purav

        Point No. 3 – Even I need to actively do this, thanks Nisha

    • Purav

      My actions:

      1. Mind Maps to Process Information
      2. Mind Maps of Power Words

      3. Analyze Platforms – What content works and What should be the frequency
      4. 90 Days Challenge – Posting / Videos – Using Power Words

    • Daisy

      Thank you Sidz!!
      Listening is one of my strengths, I will make it more active and deep, & learning and digesting things I love. Connecting is something I have neglected which I will have to focus.

      Writing is something I need to focus along with my natural flare for it.
      I going to maintain a scrap book with daily building my resources.

    • Shabeena A M

      Two modes – online and offline
      >offline – 1-2-1 & 1-2-many
      >online – audio, video, text

      1. Listen
      >Listen more than you speak
      >observe the tonality, voice modulations etc.
      >listen to topics that align with you

      2. Digest
      >digest the information -keep a scrapbook of ideas

      3. Writing
      >master copywriting

      4. Create information
      >short & long video content
      >drafting emails

      Less is more and less is tough to create

      5. Connect
      > connect to people through your content
      >use the vocabulary of your audience
      >connect with people outside your domain as well & bring their vocabulary to your domain

      True effective communication is a process not a performance

      6. Analyse yourself, the content, topics, frequency etc

      7. Build trust
      communicate authentically
      be empathetic

      >Pick a topic
      >assimilate the topic and put it into mind map
      >keep a scrapbook
      >put it into short videos, podcast, text etc

    • Abhishek Gawale

      1- Listen more speak less.
      2- Upgrade and update with vocabulary of different areas.
      3- Build trust by authentic communication.
      4- Self analysis.

    • Deepak

      Create MindMap of Ideas
      Sharing information in the form of video
      Connecting More with People

    • Ruchir Thakkar

      Three Actions

      1. Maintain Idea book and create more Mindmap
      2. Go out of your domain and connect with people
      3. Practise Building Trust.

    • Saumya UNSTOPPABLE

      LESS IS MORE!!

      Will Create 1 Long form video a week and 3 short form video a week.
      2 Podcast a week.
      Pick Topic
      Write something about it.
      Create a Video out of it.

      Staying Unstoppable Since I was BORN πŸ˜‰

    • Maurya SN

      Learning and Actions
      1. Play with right words
      2. Be creative in writing
      3 Connect with People with outside your domain
      4. Analysze the pattern that works
      5 .Build Trust with with being Authentic

    • Golok Behari Ghoshal

      Yess Way of communication is the main to communicate with other. 7 hacks are are really great points which will guide for better understanding of communication.

    • Sanjay Mhatre

      80% communication = words (like water)
      listen effectively / more than u speak
      listen to content and voice modulation, tonality, accent.
      1. learn things u love
      2. process what u input (mindmap scrapbook notes buzzwords catchy headlines)
      3. writing – constuct power words, save msgs, hooks, mags.
      4. creation – from writin to reels, videos, podcasts, emails, grahical/visual content
      5. connect with people, listen to, converse with … vocab specific to the field/discipline … can adopt their into yours
      6. respond, reply to emails, social media posts … conversation mode rather than performance mode!
      analyse content patterns on various platforms, learn their ways, content, frequency
      7. trust, empathy, people’s NDPs

      CTA: create and share 1 reel or post /day … 10-20 people/day to get amazing at communication

    • Gomathy Narayanan

      LISTEN: Listen effectively, and Listen more
      PROCESS: Process the info you learnt, Revise/Mindmap to document ideas/ Scrapbook of ideas
      WRITING: Copywriting using power words. Save attractive words/headlines/buttons, et. Seek idea from everywhere – be alert
      CREATION: Reels, Long form Emails, Quotes and posts, Less is more. Less is difficult to create.
      CONNECT: Have Conversation with people, respond to ppl on post
      ANALYSE: Analyse Data, fall in love with data, frequency
      TRUST: Build trust, authenticity, logic and empathy

      Communication is not a performance.

      – Start a Scrapbook of Ideas
      – Practice Less is More
      – Spend time on data Analysis, every Saturday
      – Create a story post based on wat I read – 2 posts in FB

    • arvind jain

      My action points
      1. personal
      2. personal
      3. read books by listening to sound of the author —I will use audible
      4. scrap book of ideas
      5. I will pick attractive ideas in other ads –
      6. personal
      7. connect with people – move into a different world Learn new expressions.
      8. analyse platforms … fb, ig, ln, yt, content
      9. by building trust
      10.use mindmaps
      11.90 days – 90 podcast challenge.

    • Manmohan Attri

      I got 3 takeways:-
      1. Words are building for any communication.
      2. Construct the words in writing format.
      3. Creation – Shorts & long term videos, podcasts, Texts.
      4. Connect with 20 to 40 people everyday.

    • Mohita

      Very relatable, & actionable. Simply told.

    • Asha Iyer

      I want to get started with podcasts and reels. And this hack of find an idea, make a mind map and convey the content sounds cool. Shall surely follow it.

    • Dr T Rocky Devi

      1) listen effectively
      2) digest the information
      3) writing
      4) create
      5) connect
      6) analyse
      7) building trust
      The ultimate of communicating from sender point of view is to convey and make the receiver to receive the msg which is intended by the sender. All the 7 hacks will definitely help to convey effectively. Thank you Sidz πŸ™πŸ½ Lots of love and respect to you

    • Moorthi P

      1. Active listener
      2.Connect with people atleast 10 people
      3.Build trust

    • Dr.Chandralekha M.S

      actionable steps
      1. be better listen
      2. pick ideas from every where
      3. learn the power of words

    • Haritosh Srivastav

      Thanks Sidz. My top 3 Actionable Takeaways –
      1. work on improving the copywriting skills
      2. Go through 90 days creation challenge
      3. Learn something new about my topic (Storytelling) every day.
      Gratitude & more power to you

    • Nilesh Jain

      – Going to focus more on Listening than I speak
      – Going to save attractive ideas and apply them in my way.
      – Going to convert all my interviews into multiple pieces of content
      – connect with other industry people to learn their vocabulary

    • Arif Mohammed

      My Top 3 take aways
      1. Listen – Just listen and Learn
      2. Once you learn Figure out a way to process which is Mid-maps or scribbling book
      3. Look for Ads every where – you never know when that magical statement comes from

    • Vyomesh Buch

      7 Hacks of Effective Communication:
      1) Become better listeners
      2) Maintain Scrapbook to write my ideas
      3) Learn copywriting
      4) Content Creation
      5) Try to connect with people as emotional level
      6) Do analysis of content after published and also take opinion from community
      7) Earn trust of the people

      Go to social media of someone working in same niche and go for like, comment his content and try to increase our contact list.

    • Amit Dobariya

      1. Writing
      2. Connection
      3. Content Share
      5. Trust Building

    • Dhara Sheth

      3 actionable takeaways:

      1. Listen more, observe tone of speech, vocabulary
      2. Prepare a book of hooks, buzzwords, taglines
      3. Talk to people outside domain to improve vocabulary

      As suggested, I plan to pick a topic to learn, my microniche, prepare mindmaps on what I learn and post the learning as content – 90-day content challenge.

    • Prachiti

      Thank you for this highly insightful podcast. My action steps, 1. I’m going to create an action plan for my podcasts, 2. I’ll start using more power words in the podcast scripts. 3. I’ll try to engage more with the audience

    • praful C Varma

      This is really an awesome Podcast Sidz. My action is for 90 days is as follows:
      1. Post every day 1 reel/1 post and engage with people who made comment on your post .
      2. Create _Long form videos/email to your customers .
      3. Communicate massages which goes to the deep level ,not as massage it should be like 2 way communication.

    • Archana

      1thank you for these important communication hack
      1 My biggest action would be listen more to communicate more.
      2 take down list of power words to use in my communication
      3 communicate more from heart and my higher self rather then what i have learnt or planned to communicate

    • Neha Jaiswal

      This was an amazing episode!
      My 3 actionable takeaways from this:
      1. Save amazing ads and keep building the scrap book for ideas
      2. Conversations are powerful, engage more by commenting genuinely on others posts
      3. Start a 90 day challenge to post one content piece per day!

      Thank you Siddharth!

    • Adarsh

      Listened to this 2nd time and still felt like it’s new. Here are the 3 actions I am going to take from here
      1. Improve my listening skills. In fact I kept my eyes closed while listening to this and It felt more impactful
      2. Start organising my ideas better by maintaining system of scrap books, notes and swipe files
      3. Connect with my customers 121 and listen to them to generate content ideas


      My top 3 actionable takeaways
      1. Process information- scrape book, mind map
      2. creating content based on my learning
      3.Analyse patterns and follow them.

    • Subhavahini

      Amazing insights Siddharth. Thank you so much .

      My takeaway
      I used to make one content and post it everywhere in all the platforms the same content.

      I will analyse contents for different platforms. By that i will be able to make my communication even more effective..

    • Neerja

      Great information
      Three actions I am going to take
      1: Listen carefully espe the authors when reading which so far I never thought of
      2.Maintaining scrap book for new ideas/ words
      3. Analyse content trenand patterns

    • Golok Behari Ghoshal

      Two modes – online and offline
      >offline – 1-2-1 & 1-2-many
      >online – audio, video, text

      1. Listen
      >Listen more than you speak
      >observe the tonality, voice modulations etc.
      >listen to topics that align with you

      2. Digest
      >digest the information -keep a scrapbook of ideas

      3. Writing
      >master copywriting

      4. Create information
      >short & long video content
      >drafting emails

      Less is more and less is tough to create

      5. Connect
      > connect to people through your content
      >use the vocabulary of your audience
      >connect with people outside your domain as well & bring their vocabulary to your domain

      True effective communication is a process not a performance

      6. Analyse yourself, the content, topics, frequency etc

      7. Build trust
      communicate authentically
      be empathetic

    • vidhi

      the top 3 actions I will focus on
      1- meet more people from different fields
      2- Replying the comments
      3-analyse the frequency and social media platforms

    • Ravi Kishore

      100% Taking 90-Days Challenge. I lag in this honestly Sidz, because fall in online info overloading
      1.Select Topic
      2.Assimilate The Info into Mindmap
      3.Write Text Content and Note down bullet points
      4.Create Short for or Long Form Content
      5.Share the Content on Social Media.

    • Lavnika Agarwaal

      It is amazing way to express your feelings and share knowledge with more people. Interesting way to can create and document your thoughts and feelings.

      Communication – Offline / online

      1- Listening – most most important
      2. Process the information
      3. Writing
      4. Creation
      5. Connect
      6. Analysis ‘
      7. Building

    • john s tamang

      My biggest takeaways

      Words hold immense power and are the foundation of effective communication. To excel in communication, start by actively listening. Process the knowledge you acquire, capturing captivating ads and headlines you encounter. Learn from them.

      To become a better communicator, engage with new people, attentively listening to their perspectives. Respond to those who acknowledge or comment on your social media posts, and address messages promptly across various platforms.

      Analyze your communication regularly: what works, what doesn’t, and what people are seeking. Understand yourself, your audience, and your content. Determine the optimal frequency for posting.

      Above all, be authentic in your communication. Genuine connection is the key to effective conversations. Stay true to yourself and your message.”

    • Urvashi

      Nice bite size information, Will try out the 90 day challenge and share my learnings every day to create a deeper understanding with my community. Thanks!

    • Mahendran R

      My Action Points :

      1) Wind Energy Specific – Content [ Video, Audio, Text, Visual]
      2) 90 Days challenge – LinkedIn platform
      3) Building New Linkedin Group for Wind Energy Professionals India

    • Aarti Teckchandani

      1. Make mind maps
      2. Make videos
      3. Writing in Scrape book new ideas coming up in mind

    • Kapeel Gupta

      7 Hacks of Effective Communication

      Two domains
      1. offline communication
      2. online communication

      Words are the building blocks of any form of communication.

      1. Listen Effectively
      Listen more than you speak
      2. Learn to process/digest information that you have received or listened.
      3. Writing means copywriting
      one can get ideas from anywhere.
      4. Create your written word in any other form.
      5. Connect with people
      it improves your vocabulary.
      6. Analyze content/topic/frequency/platform patterns. See what works best for you.
      7. Building trust by communicating in a way that you are authentic, you care about people, you give value.

    • Madhusudan V

      amazing 7 Hacks of Effective Communication : 1. Be a Powerful Listner… 2, Meet & Connect more more People… have conversation with them…. 3. the most imporatant is Building Trust….

    • Dr Omkaar Hari Maali

      Thank You Sidz for this amazing Podcast.
      My Take aways
      1)Communication and content ideas can be extracted anywhere we exist
      2)Being consistent is the key to success in SOcial media life.
      3)understanding the audience and delivering accordingly will help us succeed.

    • Dinesh Kumar

      Top 3 actionables for me:
      1. Assimilate learnings in a mindmap
      2. Create video to share learnings
      3. Connect with people

      #ilh #ilhfamily

    • Vrushali

      As usual awesome podcast Sidz! I’m blessed to have you as my mentor. God bless you .
      My takeaways
      1 . Words are powerfully
      2 Use all mediums of communication wisely to solve people’s problem – writing,audio,video
      3. Connect with people other than your topic ,expand your vocabulary
      4. Ideas book – keep writing your ideas
      5. Speak authentic ,well researched and knowledge topic to help people and solve their problems.

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Words are Power. Listen more than you speak i.e. 2: 1, you know it why you have two ears and one mouth. Pick a Topic that you want to Learn. Assimilate Topic, Maintain a scrapbook of bullet points that u wish to share on the Topic. Make Content. Publish in the form of Long Form/ Short Forms or Videos and Audio. Respond to people’s comments. Remember Effective communication is two ways.

    • Prem anand

      I will do one post every day on my subject- Butlering
      1. value
      2. knowledge –
      3. etiquette
      4. employer oriented
      5. career-oriented – employees
      6. travel tips
      7. knowledge- interesting facts

    • Shankaran Paramasivan

      I would like to work on the following areas to improve my communication…
      01. Listening to people without reacting in between..
      02. Learn to modulate my voice and tonality in my videos ..particularly SM posts to create that emotion while telling the story or trying to make a point..
      03. Build trust and credibility with my targeted audience by adding value to them…
      04.Analyse the platforms and create the new ones modelled on them…

    • neha

      offline + online communication!
      Different rules for different modes!

      80% of communication is built around our words!
      Key Points for effective communication:

      1. Listen more than you speak. Listen by reading the sound of author.
      Learn the topics that aligns with you.

      2. learn to process the information. Document through maintaining mind maps/ scrapbook of ideas/ buzzwords.

      3. Copywriting: Write and record your thoughts.

      4. Create through videos thru reels, long videos, podcasts, posts.

      5. Connect with people. Improve your vocab by communicating, listening to the world. Connect with the people outside your domain. Share your views through replying/commenting on social medias..

      6. Analise yourself, your content, patterns, frequency, platforms.. & start to do more of that!

      7. build trust by presenting info with strong logic and empathies to people.

    • Kritibas Nayak

      Simple Awesome PODCAST.

      # Top Actions:-
      1. Listen more than speak
      2. way of Communication is important, WORDS HAVE POWER
      3.Connect people beyond your DOMAIN

    • Preethi Sunallini R

      top 3 actionables –
      1. create an idea bank for -hook phrases, topic ideas, power words, , etc
      2. writing
      3. create a content creation and posting cycle and stick to it!

    • Priyanka

      Excellent podcast. I realised the power of penning down quotes, ideas immediately for improving our channel of thoughts which further affects our communication skills.

    • Loretta Sridhar

      Learning notes
      1. Listen More than you speak – Go beyond the words of the speaker
      2. Learn to process information – record ideas
      3. Writing for a content writer
      4. Create the information in other forms
      5. Connect with people – Listen to others
      6. Analyse content – what works on what platform
      7. Building Trust

      Action Points
      1. Observe creative ads and record them for this week
      2. Research how various platforms work: Insta /FB /Linked
      3. Choose a topic – make a mindmap and create a video

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      To be successful in any field one needs to be a lifelong learner and a leader in implementing the learning.

      My three action points:
      1. I listen more and more intensely. Observe the way one speaks the words used and the tone and meaning behind all these
      2. While reading I will observe the words and the way they are presented and note them.
      3. I will process the information gathered, assimilated and note it to cart contents effectively.


      Listen more than u say,Digest the infectious using mind maps,keeping scrap book of ideas;Write-Copyright

    • Rohith Shashishekar

      I personally believe staying 100% true to yourself is the key to communication. Copying someone else or following a structure for communication will not work.

      Practice makes man perfect. So talk to people on daily basis.
      Consciously make efforts to improve yourself.

      I have heard elders say when we speak to someone, our words must be like pearls, one by one put into a beautiful necklace. Thats how communication works.

    • Pradeep Hariharan

      The seven Hacks I remember after listening to your podcast closed my eyes.
      1. Listen
      2. Digest
      3. Writing
      4. Create
      5. Connect with people (outside your network)
      6. Analyze content Patterns in the platforms
      7. Building Trust- Authentic, Logic and empathy

      My Action:
      I will pick up a topic, will create a scrapbook and will share my ideas.
      Thank you Sidz.
      Happy to be part of your community.

    • Gurudutt

      Active Listening: Practice the art of listening more attentively. Pay close attention to the things I love and find interesting. This will not only enhance knowledge but also make conversations more engaging and meaningful.

      Information Digestion: After acquiring new information, I will take the time to process and understand it thoroughly. Reflect on the insights gained, connect them to my existing knowledge, and extract the key takeaways.

      Copywriting: I will start maintaining a journal to capture compelling content and ideas that resonate with me. Collect inspiring quotes, thought-provoking passages, or impactful stories that I can refer back to for inspiration and reference when crafting my own communication pieces.

    • Aditya Narayan

      different modes, different platforms, so different styles.
      communication in the form of audio, video, short or long written form.
      Fundamental is the written word.
      1st hack: listen effectively by reading books ( voice of the author playing in your head), youtube videos or videos by observing tonality, learn things that you love
      2nd hack: Maintain notes and observe
      3rd: writing, copywriting. save attractive ads, messages, and hooks.
      4th: once you have listened and learned, create. Create written word in other media
      5th: connect with people, listen and have conversations with people. you can improve your vocabulary and learn jargon that is consistent with your industry or niche or even outside your doamin. Communication is two-way process. it’s not a performance its a conversation.
      6th: analyse, frequency, platform, content, medium, self, the way you communicate, your content, topics,
      7th: build trust: have empathy, really care for people.
      5 actionable items:
      1)pick a topic
      5)share it in the form of a short or long video

    • Shankar R.M.

      Action to be taken are :
      1. Improve writing the content with Correct Hooking , and keep noting others’ Hooks,adds.
      2. After Listening ,and digesting the process in it, Create design with proper graphics, text etc using Canva
      3. Have to Connect with People ,by replying their post, comments, and keep engaging with people in conversations .

    • Dev DUTT

      “7 Hacks of effective communication” by Sid focused on 3 important points: 1) Listening more than speaking. Listen to the things that you love – Books, YouTube, etc. 2) Learning how to process or digest information – recollect through mind maps or notes 3) Building trust by means of logic, authenticity, and empathy.

    • Neyamathullah HM

      Communication is key
      words have power
      text/ video/ audio are different methods
      7 Hacks
      2 ways to communicate – offline & online
      offline- 121 communication
      Online – Video – YouTube, Video
      Read books and listen to it.
      Podcast – Verbal communication, but observation and listening are important
      Textual communication – Messenger/ WhatsApp/ Emails/
      Don’t only concentrate only on what is communicated, buy tone, and emphasis are important
      Maintain scrapbooks to write ideas pop from time to time.
      How to create your ideas into short podcasts/ shorts/ YouTube long videos.
      Connect with people to improve communication, get ideas, build vocab etc.
      Improve communication via conversation.
      True effective communication is a conversation, and it is not a performance.
      Analyse yourself, frequency, posts, and platform and listen to it.
      Building trust is important.

      1. Better Listener
      2. How to Process the information (different tools like a scrapbook, mind Map )
      3. Writing is powerful. (scrapbook, save attractive ideas, a snapshot of good ads in the magazine, article)
      4. Create written ideas in other media
      5. Connect with people (an effective way of communicating to build vocab, )
      6. Analyse how it perform
      7. Building trust.

      • Rohini Gupta

        Pretty much to the point synopsis! Thank you for sharing.

    • Vidhya Murugappan

      My top 3 actionable take aways are
      1) Copy writing
      2) creation
      3) building trust

    • Rohini Gupta

      Thank you for the 7 hacks based on pure experience Sidz!
      To begin with loved the calm and tone with which you have shared the entire podcast!

      My actions henceforth based on these learnings are,
      1. LISTEN! Listen to everything the tone, the words, the sound, and everything around it to understand better.

      2. Observe and learn the culture of every platform. Learn what works and follow it.

    • Archana Avinash

      Great Value as always. Thank you Siddharth!
      My Learnings :
      1. Listen to what you want to learn more. Listen more than you speak
      2. Learn copywriting – 80% of communication is words.
      3. Maintain a scrapbook of ideas. Observe hooks, billboards, magazines
      4. Connect : Have conversations with people outside your domain
      5. Conversations are improved through communication

      My 3 Action points:
      1. Analyse and observe content pattern, frequency of interactions of people in my domain
      2. Start a scrapbook for my ideas
      3. Social media conversations – connect with people

    • nandita richie

      in hospital with parents and phone didn’t support the program .will listen once home

    • Anshuman Khullar

      Words have power and you can communicate in multiple ways

      Text, image, videos, PODCAST

      2 ways in which you can communicate.

      Offline- 1-2-1, Stage

      Online- Different platforms different ways (Podcast, YT, Insta, etc)

      Message based

      words are basis of any type of communication

      80% of communication is build around the words you speak.

      More you do the things better you become at it.

      1- Listen effectively: Reading books, watch videos (accent, voice modulation). Learning things what you love.

      2- Digest information: Revise an digest the information using Mind Map.

      Scrap book of ideas.

      3- Writing: Keep saving attractive words. the better you do it you will become better at it.

      You can get ideas from every where.

      4- Creation: Essence of article in form of quotes.

      5- Connect with people: Listen and communicate to people.

      Common vocab

      Connect with audience for better

      6- Analyze: Analyze yourself, the way you communicate, numbers on medium.

      7- Building trust: Authentic, Presenting information with strong logic. Empathy- You care form them

      1- Pick topic which you want to learn.

      2- Assimilate the topic- Create notes, Mind Map

      3- Write something about it in your way

      4- Create a video

      5- Share this for next 90 days. Build repo with people 20-30 touch points everyday.

    • shamli

      My biggest lesson which I learn today is ;

      Communi cation is not a performance , its a conversation .

    • Ravindra S Dhande

      Communication Modes:
      ⦁ Offline and Online Communication Modes:
      ⦁ Textual Communication
      ⦁ Video Communication
      ⦁ Podcasts
      ⦁ Messenger-Based Communication
      ⦁ Social Media Communication

      Communication Approach:
      ⦁ Prioritize listening over speaking.
      ⦁ Observe voice tonality, accent, and other nuances.
      ⦁ Explore resources like books, YouTube, and courses to enhance listening skills.

      Learn to Process:
      ⦁ Utilize mind maps to effectively digest information.
      ⦁ Maintain a scrapbook of ideas, buzzwords, hooks, etc., for inspiration.

      ⦁ Identify power words and save examples from ads, billboards, magazines, etc.
      ⦁ Capture snapshots and create collections of ideas.
      ⦁ Use writing as a tool to generate and refine ideas.

      ⦁ Translate ideas into various formats, such as emails, graphics, and videos.
      ⦁ Convert concepts into visually engaging materials.
      ⦁ Engage in conversations and networks.
      ⦁ Seek interactions with people from diverse domains to broaden vocabulary and knowledge.
      ⦁ Foster relationships by providing value and support.

      ⦁ Study communication frequency, patterns, trends, and mediums.
      ⦁ Identify preferred platforms and topics to optimize communication strategies.

      Building Trust:
      ⦁ Demonstrate genuine care for people.
      ⦁ Reconnect with individuals based on their needs.
      ⦁ Offer valuable assistance and solutions to build trust and rapport.

      Remember, effective communication involves active listening, continuous learning, impactful writing, creative creation, meaningful connections, thorough analysis, and building trust through genuine care and value delivery.

    • Sathish Kalluri

      Awesome Padcast Siddharth
      1. Take Inspiration from your mentors
      2. Words has lot of power.
      3. Connect with people. Have conversations

    • Val

      Action No 1: Make it a conversation.
      Action NO 2: Respond to the comments shared.

    • Vikash Sharma

      7 Hacks For Effective Communication

      Communication is Key!

      Without Good Communication Skills, We can’t go ahead and create an impact in Digital Space
      Words Has Power. Words are the building blocks of Communication. 80% of the entire communication is built around words.
      2 Domain of Communication- Online & Offline Space

      7 Hacks For Effective Communication-

      1. Listen Effectively- Listen More and Speak less. Listen By reading Books. Dont Just Listen but observe the tonality, accent, Voice Modulation. Become a better listener by learning thing you love.
      2. Digest The Information-Learn How to Process Your Communication.
      3. Writing- Copywriting- Its Very Imp.
      4. Creation part- Once you listened, Written and digested the information, Convert them into different media
      5. Connect- Connect with people- Listen to people, Speak with them
      6. Analyze – Analayixe topics, Pattern and Frequency. Analyze the way you Communicate, and Analyze your content.
      7. Building Trust- Be authentic. Present everything with Logic. Empathy with people and care them genuinely

      5 Actions-

      1. Pick a Topic you really Wanna learn
      2. assimilate the topic and put them into Mindmap or ppt
      3. Write Something about it like Scrapbook /Bullet points
      4. Share it in the form of Long video or short video
      5. Practice This for next 90 days

    • Noble

      Communication = offline + online + text = short form and Long form a) words have power, 80% listening 20% speaking while Speaking observe tune, accent b) process information using mind maps and scrape books to write ideas and process communication C) Know how to write short-form content and long-form content D) connect with people and understand vocabulary Communication is conversations, not one-way thing E) analyses contents and frequency of content F) built trust and care for people F) pickup a topic my topic is Deep Ai, ML, DL and DS, GAi. i will create 2000 videos more

    • Gita

      Words have power and form the building blocks of communication
      You can create and communicate using Text / Video and Audio. SO here are the 7 Hacks
      1. Listen – By reading/ By Watching videos or course .. Listen to the Tone/ voice modularity/ learning things that you love
      2. Process the info .. Use mindmap to document the idea or journal the same ..
      3. Writing – Copy writing .. construct the same using power words /
      4. Create the LF/ SF content in Text/Audio Video .. Less is more and so becomes difficult to create
      5. Connect with people/ network/ understand ir vocabulary/ Share the comments ( like in Coaching we use terms like funnels /CPL.. Communication is conversation
      6. Analyze your self the way you communicate/ the platform/ the context
      7. Build Trust – Be Authentic/ Use logic/empathy to build Trust

      Action Points
      Pick a topic
      Write about it
      Share it as SF or LF
      For the next 90 days – 90 pieces a day .. connect with people on different platforms
      I am already doing it . 1 Reel or 1Post with caption adding value to my topic. Planning to continue with my Blog ( today I posted one blog ) and videos on You tube and Podcast later on


      Thank you, for sharing the deep and your-type communication hacks Sidz.
      I got 5 points that i am going to apply as actions,
      1. I am collecting the power words from whatever I read and hear/watch
      2. I am working on my idea book and scrap book
      3. What I am going to start learning on topic of my choice and structizing it in mindmap and creating, sharing content on that
      4. Will expand my communication horizon by interacting with people from different people.
      5. Practicing to speak with more conviction ( spending time with my conviction as well)

    • nandita richie

      on phone as am in hospital , will listen once home as the phone doesn’t support

    • Vikram suresh borse

      Words hv power
      Textual communication
      Words are building blocks of communication
      7 Hacks – 1 . Listen more than you speak, we hv 2 ears and 1 mouth , use in that same proportion
      2. process what you hv learnt
      Scrapbook of ideas
      3. Writing- set of power Words you use
      4. Creation-shot videos
      Long videos
      Image graphics
      5 . Connect with people
      6 . Analyse patterns , platforms , frequency , content n yourself
      7. Build trust – authentic
      Present with strong logic


      The Important takeaways from this podcast are-

      1. Words have power whether you are communicating either Offline or Online Mode because words are the building blocks of any communication just like our body is made up of 80% of water and our planet is made up of 80% of water.

      2. Before communicating we should listen proactively and then digest information using like mindmap, scrapbooks, etc.

      3. Then we should write the contents, analyze it, and then with good trust should communicate it.

    • ashwini borkar

      -words have power
      -Listening carefully is key
      – Processing Information
      – Copy Writing
      -connect to people more
      – Build trust

    • Shariwa Joshi

      My top 3 action Takeaways
      – STart Making scrapbook of ideas
      – 50 121s and listening with an intent of serving
      – Speak from the core

    • Lavanya Eedara

      My Key takeaways are:
      1. Maintain a scrapbook for Emails, hooks, benefits, buzzwords, hooks, and headlines.
      2. Make a record of it.
      3. Observe other domains to learn vocabulary.
      4. Analyse the platforms, frequency and big persons.

    • kanika khanna

      Listen more speak less, Pic a topic, make bullet points and create reels and share for 90 days

    • Jagadeesh

      Thank you side, the best take away is listening 80% is very important and we have two ears and 1 mouth, and the trust you wanted to build. And the action points you have shared

    • Ganga Narayan Das

      1. Build Trust while communicating
      2. Assimilate the learning
      3. Make a consistent content

    • Fatima

      Thank you Sidz!! Some great points on listening and hearing. There are indeed two different facets of communication. My key takeaways
      1. Active Listening: Focus on listening attentively to understand others better, including tone, words, and the environment.
      2. Cultural Adaptation: Learn and follow the cultural norms of different platforms, observing what works well and adapting your approach accordingly.
      3. Copywriting Skills: Recognize that 80% of communication relies on words and invest in learning effective copywriting to convey messages persuasively.
      4. Idea Scrapbook and Networking: Maintain a scrapbook of ideas to stimulate creativity, and engage in conversations with people outside your domain to gain fresh insights and foster collaborations.

    • ramnarayan singh

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    • Ajeet Kumar Ranka

      Hello Sidz,
      Very impressive thoughts or podcast you shared.
      almost all things i Do but not regularly will do regularly.
      my Take away from this podcast are:
      though I always try to listen more speak less but i write very less. now from today onwards i’ll write more and more whatever I learn.
      -> will podcasts from now on.
      –> will make short or long videos.
      and will work on 5 actionable things
      -Topic I really want to learn
      -assimilate all the info
      -Write in scrap book or make Mind map
      -share in any form
      -make it 30 day or 90 day piece of content

      Ajeet kr Ranka

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      LISTEN More.
      Creation Part.
      Connect with People.
      Make a record of it.
      Building Trust.

    • Jaykumari Trivedi

      Amazing as usual
      1. Conversation not performance
      2. Build trust
      3. Analyse the market

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