Are you looking for the best Facebook Live ideas to skyrocket your affiliate business? Then this post will be very useful for you.

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Considering that Facebook is giving more prominence to LIVE videos on the news feed, it’s obvious that to get better visibility, you’ve got to get more active on Facebook LIVE.

How To Go Live On Facebook

Step 1 – Open up Facebook (browser or app)
Step 2 – Hit the LIVE Button
Step 3 – Enter the topic and description
Step 4 – Go LIVE and start speaking

Facebook & Affiliate Marketing Challenges

One of the biggest challenges you may face as an “affiliate” is some of your links will not be approved by Facebook ads.

Facebook does this for the right reasons because they do not want people spamming links all over the place.

That’s why the better approach to take is to EDUCATE first, thru Facebook Live, then give links to your affiliate offers thru the education process in a very discrete way.

With this approach, you will not only be able to promote your links better, but you’ll also be able to attract quality customers who see value in what you’re offering to them.

20 Creative Facebook Live Ideas 

It’s for this reason that I have created this short video with 20 different Facebook Live ideas specifically for affiliate marketers who are keen to create multiple streams of income.

In the above video, I go thru in detail on all the 20 ideas for you to be able to increase your visibility, credibility and profitability in your affiliate marketing business.

You can see below that Facebook LIVE more effective than any other type of content format.

How To Make $1000 Per Week Thru Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been struggling in affiliate marketing, then you’ve got to approach this game in a different way.

  1. Serve First

    Start add more value to your audience thru Facebook Live

  2. Get Leads

    Bring in all your engaged viewers into your own “email list“.

  3. Grow Your Hub

    Nurture your leads and bring them into your own “hub

  4. Make Money

    Once you have them in your world, then you can monetise by offering them the right affiliate programs.

This is the best way for you to achieve your first $1000 month thru affiliate marketing.

I have created a course which can help you achieve great results in your business. Just follow my step-by-step system and see your lifestyle change.

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