Do you feel that you like to start things but are never able finish things? In this podcast, I share three ideas that will help you take things to the finish line.

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siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    106 replies to "How Not To Quit And Take Things To The Finish Line?"

    • Vyomesh Buch

      Learning form Podcast:
      1. Your goal must be specifically written.
      2. Find out your strength and weakness.
      3. Play game to finish it means always built community.
      4. Mind is difficult to control to control it we have to do meditation.

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      We should Keep Moving forward and be a life long learner always writing our Goals.

    • Debasmita Basu

      With you Siddharth absolutely please don’t 🙏 leave just submit to the Process . It will guide you .

    • Manoj Sahu

      Start should be done only to finish. Great sharing sidz

    • Vrushali

      1. Have clear goals 2. Know your personality Type 3. Clarity about bigger purpose.

    • Vikram suresh borse

      1. Clarity in. The goals. And writing goals daily.
      2. Making. Long. Term welfare. Promoting decisions
      3. Controlling the mind by mantra meditation and pranayama
      Yes Sidz , I will. Improve in this aspect of my life .
      Thanks . More power to you 🙏🏻🙌❤️👍👌🤝🙏

    • Hetal Desai

      This what i have learnt from you which was my pattern for many years .. but now i can consider myself as a action taker !!! 💪

      The guidelines you share with us to keep us on track, starting from goal card activity to having eye on our daily progress activities..

      I’m grateful I’m part of your community and you are my Mentor 🙏🙏🙌🙌

    • Hunlang

      Clarity and Desire is the map
      Break the pattern of quiting

    • Aditi

      3 ways I can reach the finishline….
      1. Keep the goal in mind while taking decisions. To have clarity write goals daily.
      2. Controlling the mind… do things which gives long term benefits rather than short term pleasure.
      3. Work in teams or have an accountability partner to be on track….

      Interesting podcast Sidz.

    • Ram Narayan Singh

      When the going gets tough,
      And the road seems too rough,
      It’s easy to throw in the towel,
      And let go of our goal’s powerful growl.

      But listen, my friend, don’t give in,
      For success is a race you can win,
      You’ve got the strength and the will,
      To persevere and climb up that hill.

      Remember, every step counts,
      And even the smallest progress amounts,
      So keep moving forward, one step at a time,
      And before you know it, the finish line you’ll climb.

      And when the journey seems too long,
      And your willpower feels all wrong,
      Take a deep breath, and find your why,
      And let it propel you towards the sky.

      For quitting may seem like the easy way,
      But it will only lead to regret and dismay,
      So hold on tight, with all your might,
      And take things to the finish line, bright.

    • Dr T Rocky Devi

      I see myself in that Chakra of starting things and quitting it once I know how.. I understand that it is because of the lack of clarity of the bigger vision of starting .. thank you Sidz.. you always inspire me

    • Parimala

      How Not To Quit And Take Things To The Finish Line?

      1. Have clarity on your goals. Write your goals – If possible with specifications. It is not a 1 time goal writing process; it is a daily goal writing process.
      2. There are some profiles who like to start things and may feel challenging to finish things. These are creator profiles. They like new things to come up. Some profiles who don’t like to start things, but finish things. Go through the website, just to understand your personality type and that is not to excuse yourself to be just a starter and not a finisher, but to understand that where your personality traces are so that you can be aware of your strength and weaknesses and to start working on them simultaneously.
      3. Put yourself in the environment that is conducive to taking action. Some people start new things and don’t take things to finishing line because they are solo/alone. They don’t have someone holding them accountable. That is why being in a good company that motivates and being in a like minded community is very important, to create a progressive culture of learning. Once your are in a community, you can find an accountability partner and share your wins, struggles and get support answers. It is not about getting information anymore. Information is abundant, everywhere. What you need is the right energy and most importantly, right intention on why you want to do, what you want to do.
      Mind is like a money jumping every moment. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You can control your mind through practice. Things like meditation, prayer, getting more centered, spirituality, things that center you as a person – these factors can also help you stay focused and achieving your goals. These can also help you in getting long perspective of things.
      Thought – When you are able to make decisions today, that is going to have impact for 30-40 years from now, those are the decisions who have got to make. In other words, if you ask yourself that the decision that am making now, will it have a positive impact in my life for other 40 years from now, if you get the answer as ‘Yes’, do more of that. If you feel that is going to give you only a momentary satisfaction, but in the long run it is not going to help, then those are the decisions you have got to stop.

    • Saravana prakash

      This is like truly what I’m searching for. On Point. Crystal clear. I’ve started forming something out of this. Thanks Sid

    • Ankit Kumar

      My Top Learnings include:

      1. The root cause for Not Taking things to the Finish line is: Not Having Clarity in the Bigger Purpose or Vision. When we can develop it, e will have the power to say no and refrain from getting diverted.

      When we have Clarity and are Actively looking for what we want, we can find it and spot what will work for us.

      Hence before starting anything, It’s essential to have End Outcome in Mind and Get Clear on the Goal (by writing them daily).

      Starting with the End in Mind and Working Backward.

      At the start of the goal writing process, everything will be vague. But it’s OK. The specific things and be improved later on. Most important is to start and push through when the going get’s tough.

      2. Understand the Personality and Start Working on Strengths and Weaknesses.

      3. To put ourselves in an environment that pushes us to take action. Most of the time we are playing the Solo Game and Nobody is holding us accountable.

      Hence we are starting with excitement but stop when we hit some obstacle, we stop.

      It’s important to surround ourselves with action-takers.

      Plus as a leader, Create Progressive culture of learning and growing.

      4. The time is now to build a Community for growth. Not based on Information. But with the Right Energy and Intention of Helping Students get the result they desire.

      5. Mind can be a best friend or worst enemy. Hence it’s important to Focus on things that help us to center our minds.

      Take decisions that will have positive impact in the longer-term (say minimum of 10-20 years).

      Focus on Long Term Happiness even if it means pain in short term.


    • sankar seshan

      Finish What you start —- thanks for this podcast. my learnings 1) clarity 2) bigger purpose 3) right community 4) break the pattern .. these are the main things which will take you to the finish line.

    • Nisha Srikanth

      i believe this is true to a great extent matching my current situation “not having clarity on the goal or end outcome.” This is the area i need to work on. thanks for the support Sidz

    • Nilesh Sarjare

      This is what I have learnt from this podcast –

      1. Have clarity on goals
      2. Understand your personality (work on your strength & weaknesses)
      3. Put yourself in the community to be in the zone of productivity
      3. Control your mind with practice (meditation, prayer, getting more centered, spirituality)
      4. Have long term perspective on things
      5. Resist temptation in short term to get massive results in long term

      Thank you…it was awesome!

    • Vyomesh Raseshkumar Buch

      Take Away from Podcast :
      1. Clarity
      2. Try to recognize of pattern and break that pattern.
      2. Work on you strength and Weakness.
      3. Write your goal with proper intension.
      4. Put yourself in community so you get support from accountability partner.
      5. Control your mind with practice through mediation, spiritual rituals.
      6. Make a decision which has positive impact on community after 10 to 15 years.

    • Rakshitha CV

      It’s not about giving information, it’s about right energy
      Sid.. I can only listen to your podcast without any 1% distraction of my mind
      Everything u speak I listen with full attention
      I just started harkaton, I have some fear but still I am going to do this
      I am taking the game to finish line. And I am going to do again and again
      Thank you so much❤😊

    • Janardan Kar

      1. It is easy to start and equally easy to quit. Excitement to get something propels people to start.
      2. On the journey comes the doubts about the process, the capacity of self and courage to go on, and the patience to wait for the results. They are the resistances on the path towards the GOAL.
      3. The reasons are- excitement not clarity which propelled them. So, from the beginning, one should have clarity of purpose, and know what he wants to do and why.
      4. Having clarity of the Goal, the next thing one needs to do is to analyze his present character/Personality, its Strengths, and Weaknesses. Then mold it to have that personality that will get him to the desired worthy Goal.
      5. Then focus on acquiring new needed skills and knowledge by setting the right intention, right discipline, and conducive environment of a community of right-minded people.
      6. Above all, one should have a positive mindset and attitude toward life, events, and people by taking good care of the BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT through daily positive Habits- eating right, drinking enough clean water, doing exercise, sleeping well and faith on Almighty (meditation, prayer, charity, humility and service to mankind)

    • Haritosh Srivastav

      Great learnings as always.
      It’s easy to start, it’s easier to quit but it’s hard to finish.

    • Pramila Gupta

      Write your goals for clarity! Think about how your decision now will impact your life 30 years from now. Know your personality. Be a part of a community.


      Hey sidz,
      It is the perfect time this podcast had given me the insights how to break the patterns of starting and quitting again starting and quitting and the root cause to be evaluated in 3 terms i.e 1.clarity in goal 2.taking right decisions at tough times and finally 3.Controlling the mind and making it to take to you to the Next Level.
      Thank you sidZ love you.

    • Seema Chirag

      The step by step 🪜 process to achieve any Goal..
      You are the best mentor 🙏

    • Laxmi Prasanna

      Positive thinking leads to positive decisions. Decisions drive destiny.
      Should adopt positive change consistently till the finish line.

    • Parikshit Sreedhar

      There have been many a times when I have started a task only to see myself hopping to an other activity in no time. The initial excitement of starting a task could have petered out. If we investigate hard enough on the root cause of this, it would certainly be the lack of clear GOALS.

      When I am actively looking for a particular thing, that thing seems to appear more frequently. This is due to the Reticular Activating System (RAS).

      Having a pristine pure clarity of our goals will give us the power to say ‘NO’ to that those activities that do not align with our goals. We draw our confidence from our GOALS to discriminate between things.

      Focus on working towards goals that would serve us in the long run. Privileging delayed gratification over temporary happiness will certainly take us to great heights and glory.


      1. Starting things is easy but quitting things is easier due to lack of clarity. Finish what you start.
      2. When we will write goals daily, we will activate our reticular activation system, which will help us to visualize and manifest our desired goal.
      3. Clarity has power, when you have clarity about where you want to go then you have the power you can say no.
      4. Write your Goal daily and more specifically what you want to achieve in your life, e.g., the Color of the Car, Model of the car, etc. to manifest your dream life.
      5. Put yourself in a conducive environment where you can grow and build a learning community and stay in touch with an accountable partner to get the right intention and energy for your growth.
      6. Mind is like a monkey; we can control our mind by practice as Lord Krishna tells Arjun in Gita.

      Thanks, Sidz from bottom of my heart for guiding us in our growth. MPTY.

    • Parikshit Sreedhar

      It is so important to be in an environment that will allow you to bloom and be at your highest productive self. Aim to be a part of a supportive and a vibrant community that will root for you and stoke you to action.

    • Shivendra

      Write your goal.
      Write your daily goal/to do list
      Optimize your mind
      Optimize your body
      Optimize your workspace
      Above all Take Action and be consistent.
      Be a part of community,
      your environment is much more powerful then your willpower
      Even then fail, Restart again!

    • Namrata Dave

      I am a life long learn and if any obstacles come in my path that also giving me a lesson. If you didn’t get an obstacle in your way means that it is a wrong path. Edison came to know that there were 100 ways which could not make a bulb because he stuck to his work.

    • Aan Oberoi

      My learnings from the podcast:
      It is easy to start things but difficult to take things to finish line. To complete and take things to finish line we should have:
      1. Clarity of purpose: We should be clear about our goals 30 years ahead in time.
      2. Clarity of intention: Having a clear intention is a great way to measure our success and stay motivated till the finish line.
      3. Having the right environment: We should keep ourselves in the environment of achievers so that they can uplift our spirit as well as expand our vision to help us finish our tasks.


      Key takeaways
      Write down your goals daily and practice visualizing them. This will embed your goal into your RAS(Reticular activating System) which in turn will manifest the Goal or dream into reality.
      Also putting yourself in the right environment is important as it will help you stay focused towards your goals by providing you the vital energy.
      Spirituality will also help you center so practicing meditation or praying regularly will help control the monkey mind.
      All these things will help you get clarity & control over your life.


      I take responsibility to complete what I taking the following into account with Clarity and bringing into possibility.
      1. MY GOAL 2. RESOURCES 3.step by step planning and with more automation and group and social help. Like creating money by serving people to their needs and employing people for back office to run automation with best systems employed with cautious and meticulously planning and acting alternatively in inevitable situations to the best of team ability.Finish LOVELY & HAPPILY.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Great clarity, Seshaiah!

      • SESHAIAH M V

        I love the WORD G R E A T. It is great boost.

    • Meena Y

      Clarity is important in every aspect of life.
      When I need it shows up.
      Be clear with goals, description is very important.
      Be clear on what you want, be specific.

    • Dr. Swati Rathod

      How true, mind is like a monkey keeps wondering,
      1. Clarity is must before you begin anything in life
      2. write daily goals
      3. Work on yourself – understand your personality,
      4. Find your strengths and work on your weakness,
      5. set right intentions
      6, surround yourself with actions takers
      7. Train you mind- by breaking the pattern


      think about the big goal which impacts your life after 30 -40 years, and that big purpose will give you the passion and momentum to stay on work and finish the project.

    • Simmi Taneja

      starting thing is easy
      quittinng things is easiier
      taking things to the finish line is hardest
      analyse pattern if you always start and quit
      understand the root cause
      Root cause is lack of clarity lack of vision
      Where there is actual need and actual clarity, then you will be able to take the thingss to the closer lines.
      Clarity can be on multiple areaas liike health, money, relation, sales etc.
      there are other things that cannot be map out
      like aspirationn goal in general, it cannot be specific all the times.
      You should have absolute clarity of your goals.
      Put yourself in the conducive environment that help you to take you to the finish line.

      You need right energy as there already is so much of information

      Control your mind through practice. Meditation, centered, being spiritual helps in achieving your goals.

    • M V Pavan kumar

      I am startted hackathon challenge for multiple times and very excited in the beginning, but can’t take it to finish line
      Root cause – not having strategy and not taking this as business
      Missing clarity and not confident
      Pattern of bad habits keep on repeating
      No backward thinking for setting up my plans
      Overall I need to write goals consistently on daily basis and read affirmations
      Personality trait needs to be shifted to work on strengths an weaknesses
      Put myself in environment of action takers group who are completing tasks on time

    • Prachi Joshi

      Trying to work with whatever clarity I have..
      1) Clarity = Goodness
      2) Craving for clarity = Passion
      3) Relentless resentment of its absence = Ignorance
      So, being unconditional… practicing to slip into the gap during meditation.. and trying to get in tune with the wisdom of uncertainty !
      As is said , I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest are details .- Albert Einstein

    • R. Shivakumar

      Takeaway is start with why then completing it is automatic. Not to start just because it intrest us. It should be aligned with the purpose. Thankyou

    • R. Shivakumar

      What is URL. I don’t understand

    • Shiv kant Dwivedi

      I have decided to be in your community all the time.

    • Vishal Kumar Singh

      Thank you Sidz for this podcast. My learnings:
      1) Have clarity.
      2) Understand your personality – I am a Defender.
      3) Have community of support.
      4) Need right energy/ right intention.

    • Ashok V Mathrani

      With such fine clarity you explained how not to quit & walk yourself to completing that task.
      The biggest enemy of success is procrastination, lack of vision & goal, lack of persistence.
      As you rightly said getting right environment, right guidance & taking actions will make difference.

    • Prashant Chitnis

      Wonderful inaugural podcast. Very precise and clear message and direction. Thanks, Sid.!

    • Bhairavi R Shah

      Root cause to Quitting :
      No clarity On bigger purpose of Vision, Have larger than life Vision
      When u know where u want to go , u will say NO to other things
      Get Absolutely Clear on all Aspects of Life , then walk Backwards to reach that Goal
      Start with the End in Mind
      Start new Things- Creator
      Identify your Personality type , Strengths & Weakness
      Put yourself in a Supportive Environment/Community
      Right Intention & Energy is Important
      Centre your Mind
      Make Decisions that will make Impact 30-40 yrs later
      Delay Gratification

    • Gayathri S

      My takeways: 1. Bigger purpose 2. Take help of an accountability partner. 3. Your environment. 4. Journaling and goal writing.

    • Barathkumar Karunanidhi

      Take Aways
      Be Very Clear on what you want
      Understand your Personality,, strengths & weaknesses
      Put yourself in a Community of achievers and have someone accountable always
      Resist temptation for short term and plan for a long term always – do something that is going to impact for 30-40 years time
      Control your mind with regular meditation prayer, getting more centered, spirituality

    • Barathkumar Karunanidhi

      Take Aways
      => Be Very Clear on what you want
      => Understand your Personality,, strengths & weaknesses
      => Put yourself in a Community of achievers and have someone accountable always
      => Resist temptation for short term and plan for a long term always – do something that is going to impact for 30-40 years time
      => Control your mind with regular meditation prayer, getting more centered, spirituality

    • Madhu

      This was such much needed for me Sidz.. I actually found this pattern in myself through out my life!! I started very strong and put in a lot of work but quit so many projects at the finish line. This literally is the story of my life.
      Biggest bulb on – I was starting because something was exciting without having the end in mind.
      I definitely need Lot to Clarity on the higher vision. Thankyou for this podcast 🙏🏻

    • Ashok Mathrani

      My Take way:
      Easy to start, Much easier to quit but hardest to take things to finish line.
      1. If one wants to be a finisher, then there should be a clarity about what you want.
      2. Know your personality, quitter or finisher
      3. Keep yourself in the environment of like minded people who help you in finish line, give you more energy.
      The decision we make today should have impact on long term.
      and last to control the mind – focus, concentration and meditation are needed.
      thank you for this lovely lesson.

    • azmi

      1)when you dont have CLARITY ,on where you want to go ,You will not have power to say NO , to all those things that is supposed to take u there
      2)get CLEAR on all aspects of life, (personal , financial. health , spiritual)
      3)work backwards… 40 years from the NOW …where r you ?
      4)personality traits …find out or if you already know list them..the strong and week
      5)RAS…what activates the NEED …and what the universe brings to you …

    • Shikha Biswas

      The podcast was really a bulb on, actually I understood that I too start so many things but not able to complete. My mind too is like a monkey and really need your help to be successful Sidz.


      To stay in the battlefield, we have to –
      1. Set goal for visualize and clarify write it daily.
      2. find strength and weakness to be found out to Control the monkey like mind
      3. Always built community
      4. For control mind and to achieve freedom be spiritual.

      Thanks Sidz.


      1.To vision the dream goal must be specifically written. For clarity it should be written.
      2. Find out your strength and weakness.
      3. Play game to finish it means always built community.
      4. Mind is difficult to control Learning form Podcast:
      1. Your goal must be specifically written.
      2. Find out your strength and weakness.
      3. Play game to finish it means always built community.
      4. Mind is difficult to control. For it we have to do meditation.

    • Yogyata

      My key learning from this –
      1- Its easy to start things, its easy to quit things but take things to finish line is hardest.
      2- if we are starting and quitting then pattern is there and we have to break that pattern.
      3- When you have clarity where to go then you have the power to say no.. power to discriminate if it is right project to start or not.
      4- what’s the ideal relationship you want.
      5- Set a clear intention, clear goals see it as after 30 years you want.

    • Vivek Deshpande

      1. Goal Clarity
      2. Write daily goals for refining it
      3. Begin with the end in mind
      4. Know your type of personality
      5. Build community

    • Ashok V Mathrani

      Starting things are easy.
      Quitting things are easier.
      But to take things to the finish line is the hardest…

      – clarity of the goals.
      – understand your personality.
      – put yourself in a community to be in a zone of productivity & action takers
      Thanks Sidz.

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