Curious to know how life is going to be in the next few years?

We are living in interesting times. The pace of innovation in technology is growing exponentially starting from 2019.

Below is a snapshot of how urban cities will look like in the next 50 years.

What’s Coming In The Next 50 Years

According to this really cool information by Futurism, here are the things that are coming from 2019!

How Artifical Intelligence Is Going To Impact The World

AI is the name of the game. Did you know that there are many types of AI and here’s some information which will be useful to you.

Will Brain-Computer Interfaces Impact Our Lives?

Ever wondered how computers can be controlled by the power of your thoughts. This is the next wave.

How Will The Year 2116 Look?

Let’s go far into the future. Below is the snapshot of how the year 2116 will look.


Life Will Never Be The Same Again

Yes, living in cities as we know it, will never be the same again. Below is a rough sketch of life in the future.

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