You are the most valuable asset in your business. If you are not taking care of yourself then there will not be any sustainability.

In this podcast, I go deep into the 10 secrets of getting more energy into your body to build a successful business. Health is wealth.

These are the topics covered inside are:

  1. The Power Water
  2. Food & Consciousness
  3. Importance of Sleep
  4. How much do we need to Move
  5. Milk – Do you really need this?
  6. Minimalism – Having less. Doing more.
  7. Meditation – Different forms
  8. Body Signals – Finding the root cause
  9. Power of a Detox – How frequent to do this?
  10. Ideal Daily Nutrition – How I maintain my body?

Important Resources

  • How Not To Die with Dr.Michael Gerger – In this research, you’ll hear all the valuable points to a plant-based diet as the ideal food source if you want to live a long, disease-free life.
  • Understand your Body Signals according to Louise Hay.
  • Sex Transmutation – Understand this deep science of controlling your urges

Please share your comments below on your biggest takeaways from this podcast.

Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    79 replies to "10 Secrets To Have More Energy In Your Body While Building Your Online Business"

    • Kevin

      namaste Sid,

      great blog, it add life when you put podcast on it.
      keep it up.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Kevin! Glad you found this useful…

        • Ramya Sundar

          10 Secrets to have more energy in your body while building online business

          1. Water – Have 1 liter of water for every 20kgs of body weight.
          Water stores information and affects consciousness.
          Experiments were conducted with 2 variants of water ; classical music was played to one jar and death metal music was played to another one. When each of this was poured to 2 different plants, the plant which received the water listening to classical music grew well compared to the other one!
          2. Food & Consciousness – Food preparation and mindset while eating really matters. Offering to the lord or offering gratitude right before eating instils positive vibes and changes the consciousness of the food.
          Meat eating may rob energy from our body. The main reason may be that the animals which are slaughtered will go through a lot of stress, anxiety and fear. These hormones which are secreted in the animals during the slaughter are directly passed on to us when we eat meat.
          Meetyourmeat – Meet YOUR Meat

          How not to die – Dr Michael Greger – Dr. Michael Greger | How Not To Die | Talks at Google

          3. Importance of sleep – Minimum of 8-9 hours of sleep. Sleep revolution book Arianna Huffington
          4. Move – Atleast 45 min – 1 hour any form of exercise everyday
          5. Milk – Normal milk which we get in the market contains a lot of chemicals. And most of the milk is rendered from A1 cows and are injected with hormone injections for more production of milk. Try to avoid milk or convert to pure A2 sourced milk (Chennai – Madras Milk – Provide pure A2 milk)
          6. Minimalism – Have less, do more. Organized, clutter free space leads to clutter free mind. Having less things and less options to choose from gives much freedom to your mind.
          7. Meditation – Choose the form of meditation the suits you. Helps to keep body, mind and soul aligned and to attain spiritual enlightenment.
          8. Body Signals –
          Every disease has an emotional root cause. To heal the disease we need to uproot the emotional root cause.
          9. Power of a detox – Regular detoxification rejuvenates our body and mind. Atleast once in a year it resets the body and aging process. You are the most valuable asset for you and your business. If you are not working at an optimum level, it affects every aspect of your life.
          10. Ideal Daily Nutrition – Eat food that gives you energy, not food that robs energy. Especially breakfast should be light and quality food, not food that makes us sluggish. Try to have freshly cooked food. Try to avoid Microwave ovens which increases the oxidization process. Fill mid day meal with nuts. Concentrate on the 6 pm Meal which is extremely important. Eat right, eat healthy and control your tongue. There is a direct connection with your tongue, belly and genitals. Napoleon HIll think and grow rich


          My learnings and add on to support the above facts!
          • Dr Masaru Emoto has done an extensive research on how Water stores information.

          • Liver detox happens everyday between 11 pm to 3 am. So it is important to be in deep sleep state during this time. Going to sleep by 10 pm is very important.
          • Happy hormones called Serotonin is released when we exercise. This makes our mind fresh.
          • Simple deep breathing and watching our breathe is also a form of meditation which one can start with
          • Focus on Quality food rather than quality. Always eat lesser quantity of food compared to the previous meal.

          #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Vijaya

      amazing information sidz really living clean really increases the energy level and being simple we achieve lot when you clear on your mind and being more receptive

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Vijaya! Follow these steps and you will be able to achieve your goals faster…

      • Sindhu Varma

        Hi Sidz. Absolutely enlightening to hear this. I know theoretically many things but have not been consistent in following this. Going to take up this challenge now. And I needed to hear this today, right now as I was a little worried about my vascillating health. Thanks a ton Sidz for putting it out so openly.

    • Prasad Bangera

      Thanks Sidz for sharing your secrets. Controlling the 2 inch “Tongue” is indeed a tough task for me.
      I am Prasad Bangera, age 48, a 2D animator and Motion Graphic artist. I had a major Heart Attack 7 months back and had to undergo Bypass Surgery in a week’s time. Now when heard you secrets I realised, for the past 25 years I have just abused my body left, right and centre. My last 7 months of recovery many people advised me to change my lifestyle and job as well, considering won’t be able to stress of deadline projects and odd hours of working. One unique point you touched was “Minimalism – Having less. Doing more”. I totally agree with this tought.
      From today, my struggle starts in implimenting these secrets in my life.
      Hope to meet you one day with a good result of your product.

      Thank you for everything.

      Prasad Bangera

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Wow Prasad! What a back story. I truly wish you all the best in living a healthier and happier life!

    • Prashanth

      Thanks for the Podcast Sidz. It will really helps.

    • Jerold

      Nice one Sidharth. Enjoyed every bit of it. I am a physiotherapist and a lifestyle medicine practioner advocating plant based diet minus any kind of milk. I am buying your course as I’d like to teach people about reversing their lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, arthritis, cholesterol and autoimmune diseases. So impressed by your webinar. Looking forward to talk to you.

    • Sesha Sai

      Hi Sidz,
      This podcast is so powerful, it is packed with golden words every second. Whatever you said is so true, powerful and can make a real difference to ones life. Thank you and god bless you.

    • Chandrashekara Bhat

      Great information Siddarth. It’s really useful and one should practice to live healthier life. In fact I also follow a similar one but sometimes I misses due to other reason..

    • Joga Singh

      You are awesome,Sidz

    • Vijay Yadav

      Really very nice poadcast. We are spiritual being living human being ……I Love this line you said. It changed your image in my mind of a pure, strict business man, now it’s clear that you are a deep spiritual person also and it gave a much delight to me. I will follow your 9 steps. I have to skip the step of annually detox because I can’t afford that in my sallary. Sidz, You are a true person, you are a great mentor. I have bought your course and going to start it from 1st July. I have been trying to make a part time business for 9 years but I couldn’t find out my way,I couldn’t find out what comes out from my heart, what is my true way to proceed with. So, If could be able to find my path to my success, really you will be the most important, most respectable (PUJANIYA) person in my life after my parents. God bless you always. Love you sidz. (Please ignore my English if I have succeed in delivering to you what my heart says)
      – Vijay Yadav ( From DELHI POLICE)

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thank you so much for your message Vijay.. Truly appreciate every single word that you have written. Glad to help you on this journey of freedom!

    • Gowri Ramaswamy

      Thanks. It was truly a complete package and hope to start it one by one as am in the fifties and never took care of myself ever.

      This was a eye opener for me as tamil – brahmin,was busy with my family routine,neglected my mental health leading to lot of physical ailments in the bargain.
      This definitely made my day,thanks side.????????

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Yes Gowri! I’m glad that this was an eye-opener for you… Glad to help you on this journey of freedom!

    • Mani

      Thanks for the powerful information Sid. Pls can you let me know where do you go for your 10 days body detoxification session? I am trying to find a good one since long.
      Thanks !

    • Rahul

      Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This post is really full of right stuff that I can connect very easily. God bless you. Keep on posting such stuff.


      super awesome


      Dear Sidz, I heard the podcast and again read your blog. This is really incredible stuff. I am 38 but even I look like a 25 years and I drink roughly 8 ltrs of water. I am vegetarian now since April 2019.

      The could find the other aspect very helpful and will imbibe them immediately in my life.

      Love the way you have narrated it.

      Hitesh Bodhe

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Hitesh!! Truly appreciate your feedback. I’m glad that this podcast has impacted you in a positive way!! More power to you…

        • Rupam

          It’s really informative , so natural , some of the points like , food habits , i must ensure myself that I should not go for red meat , which I take , with immediate effect , I will implement 10 points in my life , to make me healthy & energetic

    • P Venkateswararao

      Really Awesome
      I want to follow the same 10 points to transform my living style

    • Abhijit rout

      Lovely podcast ..and very to the point .am going to follow it


      Wonderful insights Sidz, thank you very much for sharing all the information. But about point 5, I would like to share my experience. I read a book called “Milk a Silent Killer” by Dr. N.K.Sharma which changed my perspective about consuming any non-plant based food. I follow all the other points about food and yes, successfully did reverse aging too :-).

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Yes! 😉

      • Jogesh Jain

        Brilliant inputs Sid. Thanks so much. Would you mind sharing more details on the 10 days detox retreat?

        Would be greatful.

      • Nandakishore singh

        Very nice I really liked it and follow all this but I eat roti and I will try to have shake in breakfast. Thank you very much for adding value in our lives.

    • Shounak

      Very useful podcast…Your excerpt about cancer is a great example that I have seen practically..Other points very true…I have inculcated all those points you have mentioned and am beginning to see results(feeling energetic)
      And iam happy that kam able to stay away from pharma drugs

    • Anshu

      Thank you Siddharth for such a meaningful podcast. I wish that everyone is like you. Keep doing this way and share such information with us. Wish you a great success. I have been following many of these points explained by you and see the positive results. I just miss decluttering my stuff as I feel attached with everything I own. However, I will start decluttering after listening to you. Thanks again!

    • Dr Apeksha Mandhare

      Everything that you said Sidz is what we have heard alot from our parents & elders, but the way you say it strongly hits directly to our messed wired brain cells… Seriously your studies & research are mindblowing. Though many things from what you said we know, but we fail to implement on daily basis. After listening to your true past stories, its surprising that we see a different Sidz today. The transformation that you undergone which we witness today is truly commendable, thanks for sharing! I am too grateful once again thankyou Sidz !!

    • Ganapathy

      This is awesome Sidz. Every attention to details with regard to taking care of yourself is neatly engrained here. Thanks for doing this…ILH rocks!

    • amrothraj isaac

      Hey! Sidz, I resonate with some of your points, the morning drink is the one I love to take which really helps me the day going, I use to skip breakfast but after started drinking the morning healthy shake I am full-on to start my day with full energy. Today I have learnt new things like detox very use full info, Thanks,

    • Rajjat Bayas

      This is really morning booster sidz sir???? we always search for healthy lifestyle and similar kind of products that can help us, but you explained each and every point in details. This is definately going to help me..

      Thanks a lot❤


      Hi Sidz,
      Thank you very much for this podcast. i have to say i came to me at right time. All points are awsome
      My main take away is every year detox our body. great message.
      D. Arunkumar Bharathy

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        You’re welcome Arunkumar!! Appreciate your feedback

      • Yogesh Khakre

        We only need to convince our mind and our body can do miracles.. good learning..keep motivating.

    • Yogesh Khakre

      We only need to convince our mind and our body can do miracles..nice learnings.. keep inspiring ????

    • RadhaKrishna Kittu

      Great stuff Sidz. You rocks as always. I was totally resonate with that and got fully motivated. Thanks a lot for such a useful content which boosted my down day as well. Awesome!!

    • Kirti singh

      Hey Sidz . It’s very useful and life changing rules you are following . Theoretically I am aware of all these but practically not implementing. But as you said for a 30 day trial I feel like doing it and let you know the results. A2 milk I don’t think practically possible . Herbalife is one thing I am also associated with for my kids nutrition . Soon starting for myself too. There are many restrictions with lockdown now a days but I think I will manage to start with more regular and disciplined life style . Time is a big constraint for me with my hubby not based in India and two teenage players at home ( my kids) there is a lot I have to manage . Let’s hope for the best . Thanks for sharing . I like and strong believer of this what you said ‘ we are not humans on spiritual journey but we are spiritual beings on human journey’ . Thanks again . Take care .

    • Dr.John watts

      Hey sidz , refreshing info..the idea of we being the hub and our businesses radiating as spokes itself is groundbreaking…but to keep the hub / asset energetic is the core of all tasks. You have just let your secrets open

      Thanks for creating this.

    • Jaya

      Hello Siddz. Thanks for the super true guidance! it’s really incredible and awesome. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and lifestyle. It’s really inspiring 🙂

    • Yogesh Rathod

      Every Podcast of yours has deeper effect on me.. really like and resonate completely.. can you speak more about japa meditation you practise everyday (plz specify).. if are okay with it.
      thanks a lot

    • Yogesh Kshirsagar

      Once again good to listen you Sidz sir. Really You are ocean of knowledge, skill and much more. I think and glad to say that
      You are the one who takes care of learners health by such type of Podcast. That’s really great.

    • Arvinder Singh

      Thanks for sharing and speaking your heart out, really shanked my thought process.

    • Kirti Mistry

      Absolutely. Generation before us used to follow all of these as part of their basic life style. Simple living high Thinking. All spiritually inclined people follow this. It elevated one to सात्विक level. Great post. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Rajesh Gope

      Very good info and Loved the personalized heart out speaking from you Sidz. Keep rocking..!!

    • Madhu Jhawar

      Beautiful podcast
      Lot of takeaways
      Simple Tasks to follow which will ensure us to achieve greater successes in our lives. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ganesh JAdhav

      Hi Sidz,
      I’ve listened twice and now I am going to implement it. Thanks.


      Thanks for sharing with care, I already follow the same and can second your tips as great ????

    • Nitin Narkhede

      Absolute collection of Useful information at one place. We know most of it but how it affects our life and how we can use it in daily routine is nailed down. Awesome.

    • Rajkumar

      Thought ful information sid!!!

    • Harish Chavda

      Simple living, High thinking
      Great sidz

    • Prabir Chatterjee

      This is an eye opener, Sid.
      I have already been following a few of the points, e.g. Yoga, Meditation, water, de-cluttering and sleep.
      From now on I will take care of the yearly detox and the will pay more attention to the diet as you mentioned. (However – being a Bengali – going totally vegetarian will be a revolution of sorts!)
      Going to read /listen to the links that you shared, too.

    • Pradeepkumar KP

      ????Our body, the energy it have is the most valuable asset; it’s the driving force which keep us awesome, at every moment we live with rejoice.
      It’s going to reflect in each and every activity we do.
      ????Sidz in this podcast reveal # 10 secrets to have energy in your body to do online business
      1. The power of water : 20kg of body weight require 1 litre of water every day. Water is magical substance, have the power to remove toxins and to energise our body cells. So have enough water daily.
      2. Food has an effect in our consciousness, even people say that thoughts of cook while preparing, reflect in food. Its taste and mood of the people who eat it. All food has its own energy, life value and mental effects. So better have Vegetarian and clean food and have food prepared in good environments. Its will give higher energy to body
      3. Have minimum 6-8 hours sleep, depend on your satisfaction. Sleep helps to revive our energy. Make you reborn with full energy every day.
      4. Move the body; break the sweat your own way (yoga, cycling, walk, gym, sports…)at least 45 -60 minutes every day. Your Mind start gives out of box ideas, when your body start exhausting. So Exercise Regularly. Your Body will start listen your mind spontaneously, and you become more efficient in your efforts.
      5. Milk: Try to get good milk from well bread cows or avoid having it.
      6. Minimalism: having less and doing more. Remove all clutters and keep minimum required. It save time and give better mental state. De clutter the space you live, give more energy.
      7. Meditation: Improve concentration, calm and productive mind. It connect you the higher power or energy. We are not human beings in spiritual journey, but spiritual beings in human journey. Meditation, give focus, confidence and peace to your mind and energy to your body. So Meditate daily for minimum 30 minutes.
      8. Body Signals, its early warning signs that your body is going to affect due to some mental trauma/or bad emotional stagnation ,you are going through or effected earlier. It can affect your body and can cause for diseases. Find the root cause to remove that.
      9. The power of detoxing at least one in year. Rejuvenate whole body.
      10. Nutrition: Take care that foods you eat have enough ingredient that your body want.
      ????You are the most valuable asset in your business. So take utmost care of YOU and get Energised. Also important NOT let your energy loose, due to many impulses in life.????‍♂️

    • jayaprakash nambaru

      reconnect to God, water has the memory and consciousness , milk that need to be good , every single point is connecting great. i recommend every one to go through this podcast and the reference books.
      I read the books by lewis hey – you can heal your body and you can heal your life .
      being warrior who did nationawide campaign on environmental awareness putting the career at stake for 2 years, I can esonate with every single point mentioned by SID.

      power of environment, detox, yoga, meditation are the order of the day and MUST for ENTREPRENEURS who want to handle exceptions before the fatal health errors come up at wrong time in business .

    • Dhaval Ajitbhai Vora

      ” Energy is everything. ”

      Food is not just which fulfils your physical energy needs but it also fulfils your mental energy needs. It purely depends upon with what mood the food is prepared and with what mood you eat the food. I also belive that the vegetarian food is much better than non-vegetarian one from the human body point of view.

      Water stores energy and information too. I do believe. 70% of our body is made of water only and we can not neglect the quantity of it and how it affects our body as well.

      Sleep is a must thing. I consider sleep as charging process. It gives us necessary energy to perform tasks on another day.

      I personally believe that the milk that comes in plastic bag now a days is very unhealthy for our body. Actually we should go for a vegan diet if possible and if it is not then at least the dairy products generally sold by the GAUSHALAS should be purchased and used.

      Exercise is very much important to keep our body fit. Without that we become lazy and always feel sleepy and non-energatic.

      Meditation keeps our mind calm and it makes us continue our journey on the path of spirituality. Chanting Omkar is the best meditation according to me.

      Any unnatural aspiration may lead to different diseases and thus body shows some signals to rethink on what are the natural aspirations and how we should try to achieve them naturally.

      Detoxification of the body is very much necessary. There are many methods available of body detoxification and we can go for anyone we want. I specially like Panchkarma a lot since I have seen the magical results of the same.

      Proper nutrition to the body is a very important thing. Anything which is in excess is toxin. So to have Nutrition does not mean to have food in excess but it means to have a proper and balanced diet.

      • rimjhim kumar charan

        Wow very well summarised. Actually got few more insights

    • rimjhim kumar charan

      Truly an eye-opener read.
      How much water to drink- I came to know for the first time 1 lit / 20kg weight

      Milk – shift to A2 or stop drinking highly chemical prone packedged one.

      Others somewhat I was aware. However your perspective and way of giving the guideline with personal stories and care approach kept me glued to what u had to say.

      Hearty thanks for making it so easy and knowing that there is one person who is ready to share all sorts of data and topics which may be helpful in elevating life of millions in one way or other .

      You had once quoted an analogy in a leadership council meeting and it stayed with me.
      “The rain does not decide n fall from sky whether I have to fall on this land or that land or certain person or living thing … just falls on everyone and everything….it’s upto the person to realise its beauty , power and its impact of life”.

      Your deeply researched posts are like that Siddharth .
      Thank you for helping us all see a direction to walk towards and thanks for being that leader who is so highly worthy of being followed.

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

    • Madhur

      Thank you for sharing your personal health journey and learnings Sidz. I agree with all your suggestions and follow most of these , being in wellness space but I do need to work more on decluttering and meditation.

    • Srinivas TR


      This podcast on 10 secrets to look 10 Years Younger is super useful
      I know the importance of Water but still do not take enough water. Other important thing is water has to be taken right quantity and right time. Even the small quantity of water i take was at wrong time.

      The point on Milk is news to me. I will try to avoid packaged Milk or look for pure Desi Cow Milk
      6 pm Hunger and its after affects . is real eye opener.
      2 inch tongue control it
      Eat right
      Connection – Tongue and Belly to control all urges

      Thanks for the super Powerful Podcast on Energy.


    • Radhika

      What I will start implementing after listening to this podcast:
      1. 1 lt water for 20 kgs of body weight
      2. santify food n water before consumption
      3. get a good night’s sleep
      4. move
      5. meditate
      6. Read – Louise hay – body signals

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