Ever since Facebook introduced Live videos, the power of storytelling has achieved a whole new level. Marketers, publishers, and users welcomed Facebook live, and that made 20% of all videos on the biggest social media channel are Facebook live videos. Also, more than 80% of users prefer to live videos from a brand than reading a blog or reading a social media post.

Ever since Facebook introduced Live videos, the power of storytelling has achieved a whole new level. Marketers, publishers, and users welcomed Facebook live, and that made 20% of all videos on the biggest social media channel are Facebook live videos. Also, more than 80% of users prefer to live videos from a brand than reading a blog or reading a social media post.

As far as engagements are concerned, live videos generate 10x more comments compared to recorded videos, and since 2016, the average number of Facebook live broadcasts have gone double year-over-year.

Below is an example of how I conduct a highly engaged Facebook LIVE.

If you think what makes Facebook live so effective and the favorite tool of storytelling, here are the benefits of using the tool.

Why use Facebook live?

1. It’s Cost Effective.

Generating content especially on Social Media to grab user’s attention is extremely hard. Your content should be unique, stand out and interact with the audience to achieve desired results. Live streaming has got it all.

Live streaming is the most cost-effective form of content that has the power to connect with your audience instantly and provide complete transparency related to content — you would be directly broadcasting whatever is happening around you.

Facebook live is all about living in the present moment. You no longer need a graphic designer or have post-processing skills for the matter. You also don’t need an expensive camera to record the video. Your smartphone would work the best in this scenario.

2. Live Video Can Give you more attention.

You might have observed that whenever someone goes live on Facebook, the application sends a notification about “has started a live video.” Means, Facebook tells your friends and followers that you are broadcasting something so they can instantly join the live broadcast.

3. It Creates Excitement for Special Events

Live video works great for special events and provides excellent coverage — events like a product launch, conference, meetups, etc.

Live videos can give you a unique channel to reach more people. Gamers are seeing high response and attendees whenever they stream their game through Facebook live.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to go live on Facebook

How to Go Live on Facebook

Open your Facebook mobile application, and on the home screen, tap on the area where you can write your status to get the screen below.

Now to go live, tap on the icon of the camcorder to initiate your session.

If you have tapped for the first time, the app will ask to access the camera. Then, you will get a similar screen where you will get a few options.

You can write a description of your live video to inform your viewers what the video is about. A short description will engage your users by telling the objective. They could better connect with the context of your live video and engage appropriately.

Then, there are several filters you can try for your live video or invite your friend to join your session, so your viewers can see both of yours live at the same time.

Furthermore, you can also tag the location from where you are recording to give the idea of the place to your viewers.

Moreover, ensure that you have set the privacy to your desired option.

See the option on the top left corner? Tap it to get a screen like below. You can choose the public to allow anyone on Facebook to join your live video.

Alternatively, you can also tap on the camera icon at the top-left corner to begin the live video. If you are doing it for the first time, Facebook would ask you to allow access to the microphone and camera.

From the option below, you will have to switch from Photo to Live, for the matter.

After you switch to the live, you will get the same screen of asking permissions along with a description, geolocation, filters, etc.

Once everything is set, you can tap on the blue button Start Live Video to begin the Facebook live.

Tools to go live on Facebook


Get a smartphone that has a great camera and gives crisp details in the frame. Flagship devices of Google Pixel, Samsung and iPhones have excellent cameras in their smartphones that can give you the desired video output.


Once you have a smartphone that gives you the basic operations you need, another accessory you can try is the smartphone lenses.

Although the camera on your smartphone would be enough to broadcast the moment but to improve the quality and add zoom of the camera you can try different lenses.

You can also attach these lenses in your front camera. It will cover more radius and give sharper results for your video.

There are usually four types of lenses you can purchase for mobile phones.

  • Telephoto
  • Wide angle
  • Fisheye
  • Macro


Tripod gives the alignment and height the camera requires to record the desired frame. Once you mount the camera, you can reset the orientation of the setup to get the best frame for your videos.

Although you plan everything about the video, the length of the video cannot be determined. Based on the content you are broadcasting it might last up to an hour or several minutes.

For longer videos, if you the smartphone is hand-held the video comes shaky due to the pain you will have in your hand for holding the phone for some time. A tripod can help you cope with such a scenario.


For videography, the subject of the frames must be focused on. It should also get enough exposure to the light to get accurate details.

If you are broadcasting Facebook live video that has outdoor situations, you may get the unwanted shadows or overexposure from the sun or artificial lights. These shadows will impact the subject of the frame and affect the quality of the video.

Even though your frames would be clear, but since the light is not appropriately manipulated, the consequences might ruin the whole setup and end up giving you unwanted elements in the frame.

To avoid them, you can use reflectors so that the light redirected at proper place and highlights desired parts of the frame.

Moreover, reflectors also help you broadcast excellent Facebook live videos in a scenario where the light is not enough. When the light is not up to the mark, you can use the remaining source of light to redirect it to the subject of the video.


If you are broadcasting a press conference or a product launch — anything that has a center stage and the focus of the frame would be constant throughout the video, ensure that there is enough light at the main parts which are going to be prominent during the live broadcast.

In case the lights of the hall are not giving the desired output, go with artificial lights that could highlight the characters in the frames accurately.

External Microphone

As already discussed, along with poor video quality, if your Facebook video does not have a clear sound, it would create a bad user experience. Your phone must catch the sharp voice and should not miss any sound that happens around.

In your Facebook live session, if you are recording behind your smartphone and you are the one who is going to speak in the session, you won’t need external microphone because the Smartphone should grab your voice correctly.

However, if the subject who is speaking is sitting across the table or sitting a few meters away, then you can’t risk by using only the smartphone’s mic to capture. To extend the range, you can go for an external microphone.

Power Source

Even though your smartphone battery is showing 100%, ensure that you have other 3rd party power resource to ensure that your audience gets an uninterrupted live session.

Because your smartphone would be connected to a mobile data or WiFi and transmitting and receiving data at a variable rate, your mobile battery will drain at a faster rate.

Moreover, you are using your camera to record the video which is broadcasted using a mobile application. All these procedures would consume your mobile phone’s power.

Ensure you have enough power sources and keep them with you while broadcasting live Facebook video. Power Bank is a great option to do so.

Also, if you get a chance to set up a shoot near the power source where you can plug the charge straightaway, it would be great. Otherwise, it is a best practice to get 3rd party sources like a Power Bank with you while broadcasting long facebook videos.

Wireless Remote

You may have observed that when the live video starts, the camera is focused too near to the photographer and the frames get settled.

Also while ending the session, when the photographer hits the button of ending the session, the camera again goes too which might create awkward situations in the live video.

Although once the camera is at the position, everything seems fine, but at the start and end of the video, you may have to extend your hand or go nearer to the camera to operate.

To optimize this procedure, you can use Bluetooth remote to operate your camera. Within a single press, you can end or begin your live session without touching your smartphone.

Moreover, when you are using a tripod or monopod for your live video, then your smartphone would be at distant from you, and you might not comfortably control it. At that time too, a wireless remote can help you a lot to manage your live sessions.

Live Broadcasting Software

There is third party software that can help you streamline the whole procedure of going live and give your audience a hassle-free experience.

Here is the best software you can try for your next Facebook live.


Wirecast can bring your Facebook live style to a whole new level. You cannot only use videos from an archive, but you can also stream videos captured through DSLR camera, desktop, or any other video recording devices and run it as your Facebook live video.

This tool allows you to edit your frames on-the-go by adding texts, shapes, orientations, etc. Moreover, you can easily share your screens to showcase your work to the audience.

BlueJeans onSocial

This specific software is excellent for the people who want to broadcast their webinar or video conference on Facebook. First, you need to host a webinar on this tool and invite the members who would join you as the co-hosts.

Here, you can invite more than one co-host of the webinar and have the discussion which you intend to broadcast on Facebook live.

Using this tool only, you can instantly broadcast the discussion as your Facebook live video. Moreover, you can also choose the audience that could see the live session.


HopLive is a free tool that allows you to leverage Facebook live. Through this tool, you can instantly share your screens and broadcast them in your Facebook live.

For the tutors, bloggers, marketers or all of them who want to showcase their work and make a presentation, can use this tool for free and attend their Facebook audiences by showcasing their skills.

Check Internet Connection

You will need to have constant internet accessibility at the place where you go live on Facebook. When you reach the venue, check the phone connection and verify that your phone data is working correctly.

Otherwise, you can ask the organizer to get you the Wifi connection so that Facebook live video can run properly.

You can also use a mobile app like mobile speed test to check the speed of the network.


While planning for the session, it would be helpful if you can make a list of the points you want to cover through the live video and approach everything accordingly. Like, if you are organizing QnA session, you must address the FAQs of the users.

Also, keep an eye on the comments that you will receive during the live video. If you can address those comments, your sessions would be engaging and more people would interact with you.

Do let us know in the comments how do you plan and execute your Facebook live videos.

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