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siddharth rajsekar
siddharth rajsekar

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Firdous Guffor misgar

      01 : Have a mentor.
      03 : One should change his or her
      Destiny by adopting the good
      On daily basis & make it a habit
      04 : There are many sources of getting
      Knowledge like audible, videos
      Text book whatever resonates
      With your personality.
      05 : Above all systems work people fail.

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Good points, Firdous.

      • Tulasi Kondaveeti

        Thoughts are the actions

        I have many thoughts but till now not in action mode . Just a month I started by taking ILH courses. I think ,I’m in right mentor . If our thoughts are in actions , at some point we may struggle but be stubborn at that point .if our actions are done in a pattern we’ll reach our destination
        Destiny: if we are strong in our thoughts , fairness , transparent then destiny takes to our thoughts

    • Reema Noor

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily

      😁Thoughts are influenced by our surroundings and what one is consuming.
      😀Action driven by emotion. Gain more pleasure or to stay away from pain
      🙃Desire and fear strong emotions
      Eg:type of news consumption.(fear instilling and sceptical)
      “U sow a thought u reap an action, u sow an action u reap a habit,u sow a habit u reap a character, u sow a character u reap a destiny. ”
      💟Habits are formed by repetitive action or repetitive inaction.
      📘Changing behaviour or habit and not knowledge only. (then installing relevant stuff) .
      Phew! Almost more than half way through the podcast, now realizing it was not about taking notes but my own character and what I am planing to do.
      Current character
      1) not realizing my full potential (work under progress)
      2) disorganized (point 2 & 3 inter related)
      3) multi-tasking efficiency reduce (enrolled in lot of programs simultaneously paid one (have to attend as money invested) although this strategy didn’t bear fruits earlier also but don’t know my life has been like this one moment lot of things coming simultaneously and the another moment nothing esp when I am working on sth important.
      4) struggling with automation , always been a hard worker or industrious person but lacks in smart approach(learning smart strategy )
      5) At times I forget to eat during work which I don’t like this is coming up again just like my student life (work-life balance)
      In sha Allah
      1) in order to utilize my Full potential (learn do teach and earn)
      2)organize (narrow down my priority areas)
      3)Taking one thing at time. Alloting time though I do but I guess in initial stage there is turbulence and torque before it becomes stable esp when one is working or learning new skill.
      4) Learning and getting better at smart work (ur webinar and podcast)
      5)Reminding myself code of honour FREEDOM no rush.Deep breaths . Patience, prayer and perseverance .

      Of late, I realized that maximum webinar I have attended so far except few ,they contain fillers, motivation, beat around the bush, nach gaana, an iota of real content. Also, lengthy one’s not my jam unless they are creative. Boom! 3 hrs later one realize what they have learned -peanuts.

      Very few are to the point even if it is low ticket and absorbing as well. That’s what I appreciate in your webinar sir, In sha Allah that is what I will keep in mine too. From client perspective or psychology. I have always been an admirer of those who keep it crisp ,short and direct. Respecting each others time, money and resources.

      Work under progress…….. 🎉
      To be continued…… 🎉

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      #ILHDeepLearner #ILHFamily

      Thoughts Creates our Destiny in Life.
      Habits are formed by Repetitive Actions.

      How to Change our Destiny :-

      1. Listening to “Strangest Secret of the Day”everyday and good habits for everyday

      2. There are many sources of getting
      Knowledge like audible, videos
      Text book whatever resonates
      With your personality.

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Thank you Sidz for the quote from Emerson highlighting One’s Destiny is in his thoughts. There are some basic sayings in Hindi that my parents used to remind us every now and then, “Jaisa socho ge vaisa banoge.” I am doing the following to change my destiny :

      a. Surrendered to taking actions as prescribed in the Freedom Business Model, for control of my mind and actions. HABIT TRACKER in the Polestar is the greatest new addition in tools l to assist in monitoring Habits and building my character and destiny.
      b. Have got regular with Charity giving. My mind is being trained to think about how to Help, look for areas. to offer Care, and also building of a Giving attitude..
      c. Nurture a spirit of gratitude towards God, parents, family, friends, and everyone who participates in making my life livable daily.
      d. Complete the Path prescribed to Milestones of Freedom Finisher, HOF, and Crore Club,
      e. Launch my L1 and L2 as soon asap and go ahead to paid webinars.
      My Current character has changed from July after joining Diamond in May 2022. habits of procrastination and analysis paralysis on Niche selection and clarity, I wasted and slowed down my activity until May end when I joined Diamond (Tipping Point and FF interviews are a great source of Inspiration.) Thank you very much Sidz,

    • Renuka Shrinivas

      Human Life is Blessed !!!
      We can either make or break our Destiny.
      How ?
      Well! Thoughts are the primary seed of our actions, which slowly marches towards either making or breaking of our Destiny..

      It’s only we as a Human Being can create our own destiny.

      By simply being in association with Right people, Surroundings, Books, Videos, Audios. Mentor and Gurus, which acts like Right Soil thereby to sow right thoughts.

      Self commitment to stay consistently in the that zone and being happy simultaneously.

      Hence As You Sow , So shall you Reap.

      So one should Sow Right thoughts to Reap a Beautiful Destiny by following the above.

    • Debasmita Basu

      Thank you Siddharth interesting topic of discussion-How to change your Destiny
      Thought is the process of using your mind to consider something. It can also be the product of that process: an idea or just the thing you’re thinking about.
      Sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.
      By Ralph Waldo Emerson

      Action driven more pleasure , desire and fear.
      thought is produced when brain neurons fire. Habit .a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

      Thoughts can change the destiny , so consume the information which gives us valuable information.

      Habits are formed repetitive action

      To listen Strangest Secret,characters gets remoulded

      🧠🏃‍♀️My Plan to change my Destiny –
      👩‍💻To be more Focus
      👨‍💻To more attentive and organized
      👩‍💼I have to come out from my Rigid Zone and become little flexible on certain issues.
      🙊Another most important aspect I have to work on my Listening Power.
      🕐🧘‍♀️To increase my meditation time as sometime time management is becoming a challenge for me, I feel like God should atleast bless with 48 hrs instead of 24 hrs.



      Thanks for this episode sir 🙏 , Below are my thoughts 💭 and views on what learnt from the podcast :

      1) Brainstorming my mind in a positive way so that I can get positive thoughts to actually think positively . (For Eg : Reading a book , Let’s say you can coach by siddharth sir 😃)

      2) So these positive thoughts would actually make me to start the things (ACTIONS) or to take that first step . (So I would actually take that first step to invest in you can coach book)

      3) In the process of doing that particular action (Reading that book) , It can actually turn as a habit for me in the following days or weeks , Because i am doing the things what I love , Instinctively it’ll become as a habit for me (Reading that book every day) .

      4) So now I acquired the best habit to achieve results . In the process of performing this particular habit , I will be Learning new strategies and concepts that can help my business to grow . As well as my Character too .
      (I will be implementing the strategies and concepts which was mentioned in the book , So in the process of doing that I can change my character) {(Like siddharth sir always said VERSION ONE IS BETTER THAN VERSION NONE 😃 Likewise instead of doing what i don’t like , Now i have a goal to be achieved , I know the strategies and tools . So in the process of implementation I could actually change my character too [working hard to get results , daily listening to strangest secret etc])}

      5) Now my character has been changed to version one (Positive) , Now I can change my destiny too . (By applying all those positive strategies and tools mentioned in that book , I got to change my destiny) ..

      ⭐ As I mentioned above reading a book is not only the action you got to do to change your destiny there are many things like learning new things , Watching useful videos , Listening to podcasts and many more . Reading a book is an example to understand Clearly 😇 .

      ⚡ Besides this I think one must have a DRIVING FORCE to perform these things . That’s when you have clutter free mind (Focusing on one thing , Crisp and direct ) and so is your MINDSET , So that you get better thoughts and then you will be able to develop into performing actions , That actions will become as daily habits , So then changing our character would get easier and so is our destiny .. Thanks to my mentors (Including siddharth sir) 🙏 that I have my why reason / driving force to move forward .

      💯 Yeah all the time changing our destiny isn’t easy , Sometimes it may get harder to do things , But it will take time to actually get results ..


        👉 My plan to change my destiny is ,

        🔸HAVING FOCUS ON ONE THING . Not performing so many things that can actually suck my time but focusing on one thing which can help my busines to scale from none to one🔸

        🔹And also following minimalism and being able to live as minimalist , You know 😃 this concept can literally change the whole game 🎯🔹


      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Amazing thoughts, Adithya.

    • Rahul George

      thoughts >> actions >> habit >> character>> DESTINY

      % thoughts – inputs drive what enters the gates
      % actions; pleasure pain concept – either driving us towards or driving us away
      % habits; taking or not taking action – Strangest Secret in the World
      % character – purity of the driving fuel
      % destiny – Paradigm shift

      Taking stock every moment and making one tiny different action that’s inspired – especially when it comes to me in the moment – this is helping me pave the path to my destiny.. & connecting into the power of the community.


    • Ram Narayan

      “Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

    • Ruby Yogi

      #ilhdeeplearner #ilhfamily
      I listened to this line on repeat….
      It irked so many thoughts, self-introspection, and so many replays of what I have done in the past and what I am getting at present.

      I would like to share my current state and how I plan to get to where I want my destiny to be.

      1. Current: I have become an introvert but I used to be an extrovert as a child.
      Many life events made this conversion, but I realise the more I try behaving like an extrovert, the more I feel confident and out there with a can do anything attitude
      Rectification action: Want to open myself again to let my real self come out again by posting videos regularly and interacting with my IG followers on the stories.

      2. Current: I am driven by thoughts that fulfill desire and those that instill fear. My entire day’s activities are driven by them. My desires for relishing junk food and fear of being caught eating junk food makes me hide from the world, not talk to anyone and cripples me from inside with guilt.
      Rectifying action: Be more in control of my thoughts. Control what content I consume on social media. Unsubscribe from street food bloggers and subscribe to healthy eating channels.

      3. Current: My response to negative people and toxicity mirrors the other person immediately. I immediately let the other person influence his/her mood and temperament.
      Rectifying action: Take 5 seconds to process, 5 seconds to let my mind come up with a controlled response and only then react. I have tried it a few times and it is showing results.

      This podcast has influenced me deeply and I feel a sense of empowerment after listening to it…

      You sow a thought, you reap an action; you sow an action, you reap a habit; you sow a habit, you reap a character; you sow a character, you reap a destiny

      I think I am going to write this thought on my wall. It does something to me…

      Thank you Sidz. Yes this podcast was different but so powerful…

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Renuka S

      Human Life is Blessed !!!
      We can either make or break our Destiny.
      How ?
      Well! Thoughts are the primary seed of our actions, which slowly marches towards either making or breaking of our Destiny..

      It’s only we as a Human Being can create our own destiny.

      By simply being in association with Right people, Surroundings, Books, Videos, Audios. Mentor and Gurus, which acts like Right Soil thereby to sow right thoughts.

      Hence As You Sow , So shall you Reap.

      So one should Sow Right thoughts to Reap a Beautiful Destiny by following the above.

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Hetal Desai

      It’s so beautiful and uplifting to here your voice daily and get motivated ..

      So beautifully you explained how to achieve our goals and how to stay consistent.

      Thank you Sodz for Wonderful job you are doing and helps us to stay connected with you and your high vibe community 💞

      #ilhfamily #ilhlearner

    • Anshuman Khullar

      How thoughts become your action.

      What I am going to do to change my destiny?
      1) Continue listening to strangest secret every day.
      2) Surround myself with like minded people. Already changed so much in my life after joining ILH
      3) Continue with my meditation practice for rest of my life.
      4) Learn something new every single day
      5) BE very mindful with whom I am going to share my mindspace.
      6) Being watchful of every thought, words and action.
      1) Continue to mindlessly expose myself to videos and social media junk which are irrelevant
      2) Discuss about people

      Current character that’s not allowing me to the destination I desire?
      – Thinking too much (especially want to do everything at a single time and not really ending up doing anything effectively)
      – Not able to systemize and prioritize the things in my life.
      – Not able to catch up with my learning pace

      THIS WAS THE ONE OF THE BEST PODCAST EPISODES FOR ME SO FAR. I got a strong reality check.

    • Sankar Seshan

      Decisions make Destiny… Your words in council csls always resonate. My action points are 1. Am going to watch all my habit patterns. 2. Become a freedom finisher 3. Discard news intake 4. Focus on my financial freedom….. Grattitude always to you Sidz

    • Visweswaran Sayee

      How to change your DESTINY-
      We sow a thought we reap an action, we sow an action we reap a habit, we sow a habit we reap a character, and when we sow a character we reap DESTINY.
      So everything begins from a thought. Thoughts comes from the daily activities that we do. We have a strong influence of the outer world eg. books, videos, society, people we are living with, family upbringing, family circumstances and the basic trait that we are born with also plays very important role in our thoughts.
      1.THOUGHTS – Human brain is like a sponge, we absorb almost everything. This is what starts evolving the daily thought patterns and actions. We have to protect the thought manufacturing machine so that we can evolve a better person. So we need to decide whom to give that intellectual space to.
      2. ACTIONS -Thoughts influence our action. every action embeds the same thought in our mind, so it is more a vicious circle…The pattern need s to be broken. We act because of fear Actions could be driven by emotions such as to gain more pleasure or stay away from pain.
      3. HABIT – The repeated acts that we do on a regular basis the habits are formed. Habit can be formed by repeating the same action for over 90 days. The entire body cells dies and new cells are born in the span of 90 days.
      4. CHARACTER – character are formed because of the habit we have.

      Patterns that are not taking us to our goal needs to be broken and new patterns need to be installed.

      1. I think more act less….Overthinking leads to fear and thereby no action is taken.(NOW will not overthink and especially for the circumstances which are beyond control)
      2. Fear of not being accepted – This lead me to take action as per the circumstances and not what is right for the situation, (NOW will follow my instincts and passion and perform what is right even if someone doesn’t accept me.)
      3. Self love is the priority….what we have is what we give. (NOW I have started loving my self. First step towards inner peace.)
      4. Accept something less than what I deserve – Most of the times my clients don’t pay my complete fee. I just accept and move on. Unknowingly it has installed inferiority complex in me.(Now i have started asking for what I deserve, this helped me overcome the complex)

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Glad to see you working on yourself, Visweswaran.

        • Visweswaran Sayee

          Thank you Siddharth ji

    • Devanand

      How to change destiny by changing thoughts:
      My present characters:
      1) Unable to priorities things, trying to do many things same time and end up with something which is not upto desired.
      2) Fear of public speaking, Unmotivated, less energy, so much thinking about what others will think even having lots of good ideas.
      3) Fear of Future, because in less time need to do so many things.
      4) Carying burden of past experiences, so feel stuck at one place.
      My plan :
      1) Listening to to the strangent secret daily.
      2) Surrounding by like minded people from ILH.
      3) Definining SMART goals
      4) Commitment toward Actions.
      Thanks Sidz it’s very powerful podcast.

    • Meenu Chaurasiya


      Thought…. The audio you listen ..the people you follow …the community you belong …

      Action… Thought influence our action

      Habit… What action you are doing on repeated consistently …..

      Character …. Your habit form your character …. Change some behavior … Listen to strangest secret .everyday twice …

      Destiny… Your character leads to your destiny …

      My plan ….
      From today onwards I will save for diamond membership …. I hope I will there soon …
      I will follow you 100%
      Productivity dashboard is magical ….
      Always connect back to ilh community

    • Sunilpshatty

      Thank you Sidz…
      How to change the Destiny ..
      we sow a thought we reap the action ,we sow an action we reap the habbits, we sow habbit we reap character, we sow a character we reap the Destiny ,
      Human Character and behavior is depend upon the thoughts every day what we consume from society ,community, the books we read with whom we interact ,family and surroundings what we listen and what we do ….
      We take actions influenced by thoughts, we take actions either to overcome pain or fear ,or pursue desire to get more pleasure
      Daily actions becomes and habit ,to form an habit it may take 21 days or 30 days or 90 days…habits are formed by taking repetitive actions and repetitive inactions..
      Character is formed based on your habits we have..Listen to strangest secret daily to form a habit that change the character…character will redefine …
      What I am going to do to change my destiny
      Challenge myself to listen daily the strangest secrete ,Read a book at least for 30mints and listen to podcast ,and daily affirmation creed and writing goals of 2 pages ,write down the daily plan and days agenda and priorities the same ,surround with positive people who is having mission in there life and ,always connect with community follow mentor Sidz….
      Thank you Sidz…very Useful and Valuable Podcast ,…Thanks

    • Manju

      Its been months I wanted to completely change by Habits to take me to the level I wanted always, but its not so easy to change the old Habits which are sabotaging my Dreams. I know how I can change but still procrastinating😔. But its very simple to change once we simply start working on hourly basis towards our Goal instead of thinking too much….. Very though provoking podcaste… Great be the part of ILH…. Thanks so much to you all your effort to make this community stronger and stronger…. We will not let your effort be wasted any more…. For that Only matra is ACTION, ACTION AND ACTION 😍

    • Vijay Acharya

      WhatHow to change your destiny and take control of your life?
      Ralph Waldo Emerson
      You sow a thought you reap an action
      You sow an action you reap Habit
      You sow a habit you reap a character
      You sow a character you reap a destiny.

      Where do thoughts come from?
      Thoughts are influenced by videos you watch, community, books we read, religion, society, etc
      We should be aware of who we allow entering the mind space.
      The action could be driven by emotion such as to gain more pleasure or stay away from pain
      Pain and pleasure
      The two most prominent emotions are Desire and Fear
      Habits are formed by repetitive action or repetitive inaction
      The Strangest Secret in the world is the habit that changes the character.
      The character gets remodelled when you are continuing to do a particular thing for a long period of time and then it sets into the system.
      What am I going to do to change my destiny?
      • Follow the daily ritual of ILH
      • Complete courses of ILH
      • Focus on my Niche
      • Naming the trip wire, core product, profit maximizer is a challenge
      • Put out more videos based on 100 question
      • Content script for podcast and textual content

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

    • Ananya Ohdedar

      How to change my destiny in case of setting digital coaching business

      1. Listening “Strangest Secrets” twice a day at the time of my everyday travel
      2. Listening podcasts of yours and making notes and sharing key takeaways here
      3. Writing stories under the hashtag ilhstory on my Facebook giving 3 days gap in between
      4. Making YouTube videos on different concepts and strategies related to my niche (I have made separate YouTube channel also for it. I have created one Facebook page as well though I have not put anything on it still now as I am waiting for your instruction)
      5. I have made a logo on photoshop by myself for my YouTube channel though I am waiting for your instruction regarding some professional who can help me to do it with expertise keeping that main theme as it is.

      #ilh deep learner

    • praful C Varma

      #ILHDeep Learner

      Thoughts are influence by the activity we do on day today basis.

      Thought _The audio you listen ,the people you follow, the community you
      belong .

      Action_ Thought influence our action. reap a character.

      Habit _What action you are doing on repeated consistently and change behavior.

      Character _ Your habit form your character ,change some behavior ,Listen to strangest secret everyday twice.

      Destiny _Your character leads to your destiny.

      My actionable routines are _ I am regularly doing Exercise ,Stranger secret of the world twice in a day ,Affirmation Creed daily followed with 20 goals every day and last but not the lest attaining all the hives and meetings .

      I am 100% following your instruction and completely surrendered to you sidz .

      Also following polestar & productivity dashboard on daily basis.

    • Ravi Kishore Bh

      • Habituating Reading & Listening
      • Overwriting Junk with Valuable content
      • Procrastinated the Procrastination
      • Started to Weekly Plan on Saturday
      • Made my Sunday is My First working Day in the week.
      • Little alignment required to setup few things. Working on it.
      • 20% changed till now from my previous character.
      • On the way to achieve 100% in charter building.


      Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Formula of successive action trends to change destiny:
      My understanding: Action-Reaction or cause and effect chain. Effect becoming cause in the next chain till the last as result. Clarity is the starting principle. And simplifying things brings clarity.

      Simplified Farming Principle: . Preceding planting seed, it needs preparation of the land i.e. tilling and de-weeding and manuring. Then plant good/quality seed. Water and manure intermittently as per the requirement of the seed; allow sunshine; de-weed from time to time and at last reap the bountiful crop. Before consuming the product, save a portion of it as matured seed.
      Mind is the land and thought is the seed
      So, it comes to two macro activities-1. preparation of land/MIND. 2. Selection of seed/THOUGHT.
      My action points:
      A. Preparation of mind. mindset- I am doing and will continue Daily ASAN, PRANAYAM, MEDITATION/Prayer, Eating simple nourishing food & adequate clean structured water intake, Moderate Excercise, and needed rest/ sleep. Listening to Strangest Secret.
      B. Selection of Thought and Planting-Visualisation of End Goal/ big worthy problem to solve, reading affirmations and writing 20 goals – I am doing but to make it consistently to make it habit and character, taking to destiny.
      C. Intermittent watering, sunshine and manuring- Creating content & posting (intermittent watering), lead generation and conversion through system implementation/ marketing(regular sunshine), Nurturing/ value addition ( intermittent manuring).
      Here I need to improve a lot by following work discipline(4DWW X 3TX 2hr Chunk + 1 hr break, and a monthly planner).
      Result-solving the problem(accomplishing mission toward vision) scale up next cycle seeding and cropping(funnel building). Here I will be visualising, planning and taking action when the time comes for the next cycle.
      To sum up with the quote: “Contol your DESTINY or someone else will”- I will control my destiny by preparing my mind, planting worthy thoughts and nurturing with affirmation and journalling regularly by discipline and habit.

    • Dr. GN Suma

      Being a learned person in my own field, for me the most important thing was to find a mentor. now that I have found one, next is a total submission to learn. next comes me sharing the same with my tribe.

    • Vivek

      Below are the ways by which I can change my destiny:

      1. Clearing my thoughts by being spiritual as it the best purification method and knowing the subtle part of our existence which is soul.
      2. Working on my habits which is a distraction to my goals.
      3. Try to be in the vicinity of the people who have already achieved what I want to achieve.
      4. Reading books on the subject matter to become expert in my field.
      5. I always stay spiritual, humble and grounded.
      6. Having serving attitude to serve the humanity.

    • Ganga Narayan Das

      Sow a thought, reap an action
      Sow an action, reap a habit
      sow a habit, reap a character
      sow a character, reap your destiny

      So it all begins with a thought

      Habits are formed by either taking action or by not taking action

      Focus on changing behaviour
      So that we can install the right things into it

      As a knowledge giver, How to de-virus, so that I can install the right knowledge into their lives

      How do I plan to change my destiny?
      What is my Current character, which is not allowing me to reach my destination

      5 Ideas
      1. Inculcate daily habits of 7 things that are in polestar
      2. Daily reading of at least 30 min
      3. Daily posting a video in YT, FB, Lin
      4. Daily getting up at the same time, irrespective of sleeping time, to make the bodily cycle (Confirmed with a Doctor, if required make up in the day with less than 1 hour nap)
      5. Disconnect with the dis-empowering thoughts, words and action
      6. Jump out of the bed the moment awake, to create momentum for the whole day

    • Rahil Ahmed S

      1. Systems work people fail – I want to build systems.
      2. Invest in self-learning
      3. Invest in my health.
      4. Exercise Daily
      5. Invest in own business to grow bigger and better.
      6. Listen to Strangest secret daily
      7. Do a Video/Podcast/Story daily.
      8. Build a world-class community.
      9. Eat only Healthy Food.
      10. Consume content only related to digital marketing as thats my niche and self improvement.

    • sridhar kinhal

      In fact it was a Eureka moment for me listening to this podcast !! I could see my Blind Spot – My thoughts were never empowering !!
      English Adage goes- As You Sow – So You Reap !!
      The quote by Emerson looks like an expansion of this adage .
      *Sow Thought- Reap Action
      *Sow Action – Reap Habit ( it takes 21 days to convert a consistent action to a habit – Research output)
      * Sow Habit – Reap Your Character
      * Sow Character – Reap Your Destiny

      Thoughts are where we need to be careful – Mind is the reason for Bondage or Liberty says Bhagavadgeetha – ” Manah Eva Manushyanam Karanam Bandha Mokshyoho ”
      Thoughts can enter into us through the five sensory organs- Gnana indriyas and What we do with them – shapes our action –
      Famous Author mentions – stephen r.covey elaborates : The Occurring World is the context which shapes our default action –
      So if we need to alter the action , We need to alter our thoughts, it is not only about Who and what we allow into our intellectual arena – It is more about How We Create Our Thoughts – not just as information or input but a considered creative thinking to connect the thought to a POSSIBILITY , which gives us wings to take actions consistently- Eg Would-be- Mother dreams about her new born and How she has to shape her child’s future. No lady has any experience of Being Mother the first Time , But She becomes the Possibility of Mother and it gives her those consistent actions and makes her the responsible Mother- which a child wants to be around , till some age for its security!! And Mother becomes a character and Shapes Her Destiny as a Responsible Mother – Come What May – No Mother Ever Has starved her child !!

      So we need to create a very powerful context also called Possibility to sharpen out thoughts towards the Destiny .

      Recently I had conducted training where the participants were asked – Who are You for a Construction project ? They invented possibility of Being Mother of the project!! All these years – we heard our bosses warn us – the project is your baby and you are responsible for its success- But this invention of Being Mother – is really Powerful !! unlike project is my baby- the boss says – and who actually washes off his hands when he tells that !!
      That is why they say- FOOD FOR THOUGHT – knowing fully well that they shape our actions .

      Sowing Action Reaps Character – That also builds our Image around in the society and has a linkage to another Adage :

      If wealth is Lost , Nothing is Lost- we can regain
      If Health is Lost , Some thing is Lost – we can get treatment regain Health
      If Character is Lost – Everything is Lost .

      so if Character is Lost – Destiny Door is always Locked for us .

      The podcast therefore emphasizes the need to explore and de virus the hard disk and change the behavior , before any new content is thrust on the mind – so to say A new thought!!

      We need to format the bad contents of the hard disk !!

      Design Your Destiny in this way !!

      My Current Pattern or Default Mode of thinking/ Actions are as below :

      1. Money is not Important In Life But Happiness ( You changed it by connecting Money to Philanthropy or Noble cause – which I am used to but now , dwindled due to reduced Income after retirement , but still I do , by sacrificing my needs )
      2. Quality of Work is Essence of My Personality and Not Speed- You altered that by giving Mantra- Money loves Speed !!
      3. No one should Tell me what To do – I know what to Do – I have been First Rank student All through- with second rank at least six percent away from Me !!
      4. Fall sick if you want to escape responsibility – not to act falling sick – but – you actually invite disease by this behavior
      5. Give Reasons – with very strong Logic to mask my inefficiency or lack Of Speed
      6. Complicate Matters For the other Person to get confused and Leave me alone
      7. Take vengeance on the people on my hit list -No body Knows – as it is masked – by adopting and loading bullets in my report for him to struggle . I stopped a canopy work of petrol pump for one and half months – for sound reason but did not ever empathize with project head who had to face the music of the Top Management ! not accept short cut methods
      8. I am always Right Attitude
      9. Better Fall In Line Or face the Music
      10. Continue to Chase the action of Others – but Fail in my actions where I am responsible – when they highlight my weakness and bad performance- I take recourse to offence strategy

      How I will alter My thoughts in my Life is by feeding New Foods For Thoughts :
      1. Listen To Strangest Secrets Daily
      2. Invent a new Possibility For every destiny I want to reach eg Being of Service – to push my Community Project- Shakuntala – Empowering Girl Child Through education , Being A Father To a forlorn kid who is either has single parent or is Orphan, Being a Mentor For an intern , Being a Friend for my child ….like that .
      3. Write Goals and track them – ” Plan Your Work – Work your Plan . Lack Of System produces that I ‘m swamped Feeling- Norman Vincent Peale .

      Thank you Sidz .

    • Janardan Kar

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      Thought-Action – Habit- Character- Destiny is a chain of events, the journey of transformation.
      I have positive thoughts and good intentions regarding my business goal, but not taking consistent action.
      It is because of not able to follow the system. It is because I am getting overwhelmed by digital technologies. It is because I think it is difficult and that induces fear and procrastination to adoption.
      So, my action will be to replace the thoughts of fear with enthusiasm and love for digital technology and systems. Learn it deeply and practice.
      It will change my habit, character and destiny.

    • Siv kant

      I am going to change my destiny by implementing below points-
      1- I will follow the system and implement the learnings.
      2- I will be consistent in uploading content on youtube and podcasts.
      3- I will ensure that my community gets 10x value.
      4- I will learn new things about my domain, implement the knowledge, and teach my community.
      5- I will consciously ensure to consume content aligned with my goal.

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