Are you having a tough time in achieving profitable ROI on your webinars? Listen to this podcast from start to finish to learn about all the 8 parameters which affect your return on investment. 

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The aspects that I go deep into in this podcast are:

1. Cost per click
2. Cost per lead
3. Show up rate
4. Retention rate
5. Conversion rate
6. Cost per acquisition
7. Upsell conversion rate
8. Overall ratio

Listen to full podcast. Take notes. Comment below.

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    8 replies to "8 Critical Factors To Increase ROI On Webinars"

    • Vishal

      Hey sid,
      These are my 3 takeaways….
      1) Split test
      2) Cost per Acquisition
      3) Up sell conversion rate

    • AskHemu

      Here are my notes taken during the Podcast

      Got some super pointers to improve my ROI

      Preframing Campaign
      Nurture Leads
      Build Engagement
      Offer chocolates
      1 month of pre-framing
      2 month of launch
      3 month of scale

      VIP Group

      Facebook Group
      Telegram group

      Invite to Launch Webinar

      Send out invites only after pre-framing campaigns have ended
      45-60 Days time Frame

      Storify your Product

      Weave a story into your product
      talk about a concept and weave it
      relate the story to a service
      connect people to the story
      Facts tell and stories sell

      Email your contacts
      Reach out as a friend
      Bring them to your VIP Group
      Facebook gives priority to high engagement groups
      Add them to an email marketing sequence

      Post on FB , YT , Li , TW
      Post trailers
      Post value bombs

      Engage with people who Like your posts
      Like their own posts you resonate
      Comment meaningfully
      Establish a rapport and build bonds

      Build up towards launch
      Have a super active Launch week

      90 Minutes Launch Webinar
      15 mins Intro
      15 mins 3 Secrets
      15 mins Problem

      15 mins Offer
      15 mins Sale
      15 mins Q & A


    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      Best ROI
      For every one rupees …getting 7 to 8 rupees in return … Congratulation sidz

      1.CPC cost per link …. Designe landing page content .everything matter …. Do spilt test yes … With different flavour

      2.CPL cost per lead … Second measure

      3.Showup rate … Good show up rate is 30 to 40 % for small range … In comparison to registration … Share case study … Show some testimonial … Make them feel showing up is important …use chatbot,telegram group , WhatsApp group , smas reminder for show up for the webinar

      4.Retention rate … Maintain your energy … Throughout the webinar
      Use call to engagement … Maintain high engagement … Two way communication …

      5.CONVERSION RATIO.. Look how many people were there in your offer and how many people bought it … For 5000 rupees product 10 to 20 % conversion is good …

      6.CPA… Total add spend to number of people bought your product … Thats what most matter most … Message to market also matter

      7.Up sell conversion rate … How many people update from level one to level two …
      Must have level 2 and level 3 in your funnel …
      To maximize your ROI …. Magic of high ROI ….

      Thank you its worth listening your every webinar ….
      You are value bomb …
      Lots of learning
      I can say active learning …


      Awesome podcast. Even though I am a member of Sidz community, this information is a diamond nugget. I had made notes because if you don’t measure these, the money will not flow into your system ever. Thanks Sid.

    • Mritunjai Tiwary

      Started my day lending both my ears to this particular podcast. This particular podcast is so much useful for any of us who really wants to build a business with the quality tribe.

      I have segregated my notes taken during the Podcast

      My ROI identified by the growth in my business. Here we go…

      *Preframing is so much important to identify your audience and turn them into your loyal customer as they are stranger to you
      * Nurture them well
      * A quality communication and frequent engagement with them
      * Share real values with them.
      * We need to be having sufficient and quality time before we got them to our meeting room
      * Keep a gap of 45 to 60 days as you are building relationships and not just as I always learn from my mentor Siddharth

      Build your emotional and trustful relationship with your customer, delight them with your own true story, as fact tells and story sells folks

      Invite them to your own Group which we have created on various social media platform-Facebook Group/ Telegram group/ WhatsApp group

      Invite them to your Webinar where you are going to give them a 90 minutes quality presentation about your own hardship and breakthrough moment for which they all are here. Give them value, show your care for them, Answer all their query, and sell them your masterpiece service.
      Plan your webinar in such a way so that your Intro, your 3 Secrets, pain points all get covered and now you are offering your best price for an amazing product which is going to change their life forever.
      Being a proud student of Siddharth I don’t believe in just pushing but our service starts once our customer is in.
      Offer them the best at the best price. Take all their doubts and query.
      Create some moments so that the people inside the room should get a lens through your story and information relates to their situation and should get all reasons to join our community.
      Serve your people well keep adding value to their life, offer them the shortest and crisp path to their success, that’s what Siddharth always says.
      Those people who choose to take some more time in taking their decision, bless them, and ask them to stay in touch, keep offering to them also.
      Happy Learning @sidzschool !!

      Build a life and not just a business….

    • Sumit Khatri

      Here are the important pointers:

      Designe landing page content and spilt test
      CPL cost per lead should be decreased overtime by tweaking your designs..

      If show up rate is 30 to 40 % it is good. Share case studies and testimonials,

      Tools and Automation is the key use chatbot, telegram group , WhatsApp group , to follow up with clients and to keep them engaged

      Up sell and do have levels 1,2,3 for maximum leverage.

      Keep your prospects and community engaged.

      Post on Facebook , YouTube etc.
      Post trailers, Post valuable content.

      How to get prospects and engage community and even upsell..

      Engage with people who Like your posts, Like their own posts you resonate with.Establish a rapport and build bonds

      90 Minutes Launch Webinar formula..


    • Vijay kumar kurra

      Excellent education on ROI. How we move forward for leads increasing method. Just follow you anyone can be achieved his goal.

    • Sujata Tole

      Hi, my take away are
      1.split test is important up rate
      3.Retention rate
      4.cost per acquisition
      At least level2 course is necessary

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