Do you want to learn how to build loyal communities online? This is the podcast, I go into the precise steps and strategies for you to build digital communities.

The topics that I cover in this podcast are:

  1. Why is community building important?
  2. What are the differences between offline and online communities?
  3. How to build a community online?
  4. How to craft a mission statement?
  5. Best Tools For Digital Community Building

And by the time you are done with this episode, you will have absolute clarity and conviction to scale up your digital coaching business.

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Siddharth Rajsekar aka Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 11,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

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    • Karthik Sundararaman

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      My Takeaways

      Why community building is important?
      1. As leaders of your communities, it is important to consider the business you are in to be a P2P business than a B2B or a B2C
      2. Building a relationship with your customers is a long-term, mutually beneficial game. Do not approach it as a transaction.
      3. The trust that someone had in your while transacting to buy your product needs to be kept and built upon.
      4. The way to keep up the trust & relationship is by having strong processes like accountability, gamification, that creates engagement and results for your customers.
      5. Think of customers who come into your community as a customer for life vs customers for the quarter.
      6. The proof is in the pudding. The ultimate validation of your product is the results that your customers get.

      Online vs Offline communities:
      7. Online communities do not have boundaries unlike in an offline community
      8. Offline communities does create a deep human connection, you can achieve it in online communities as well if you can build your community based on values, and facilitate better

      Creating an online community:
      9. Creating an online community starts with a problem you want to solve. Once you are clear with the problem, you need to know who is facing this problem (your target market), get them into your community, and help solve the problem.
      10. The way to get your target market into your community is through content
      11. Create a home for your community where they can thrive, learn and inspire each other
      12. Through this private community, you can get quality customers whom you can support & serve further

      Crafting a mission statement
      13. A mission statement should be bigger than the creator of the mission himself/herself
      14. Have a goal (a number) in your mind as it is easier for the brain to know what would be needed to reach there
      15. Mission statement should also have the problem that you intend to solve
      16. Clearly mention what method you intend to use to solve this problem as this makes it very clear to the potential customer to determine if it is for them or not.

      Tools for digital community building
      17. Facebook group, Telegram Groups are nice platforms to start with
      18. Mighty Network is a nice private platform to build & nurture your community

    • Jainab Shaikh

      Sir, your thought of fixing the education system is great. I’m 18 and I’ve gone through your introductory video of digital courses and I’m pleased to enter into digital world. But due to this covid-pandemic it’s difficult to pay fees for these courses so could you please help me by allowing to enrol now. I’ll pay fees as soon as I start earning through this. Your concern would help me to start from 0. Thank you sir.

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