Are you finding it hard to narrow down on your niche? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed on this topic and getting into analysis paralysis? Don’t worry! I’m there for you 🙂

In this podcast, I answer 10 critical questions on niche selection:

  1. What is the difference between a niche and a micro-niche?
  2. Is it ok to select multiple niches?
  3. Is the coaching & training market getting too crowded?
  4. What happens if I go wide in my niche?
  5. Can I change my niche after I select one?
  6. What is the best way to zero down on my niche?
  7. How do I know if my niche is profitable or not?
  8. What if the niche I have selected does not have a market that can pay?
  9. What are the 7 best niches to select as a digital coach?
  10. How to stand out from the crowd and dominate my micro-niche?

By the end of this, you will have absolute clarity on your next steps.

And by the time you are done with this episode, you will have absolute clarity and conviction to scale up your digital coaching business.

Want To Make $5000 Per Month As A Digital Coach?

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 30,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    45 replies to "Top 10 Questions To Help You Finalize Your Niche"

    • Kantigiri

      Niche is life line. Every time I listen I learn something great.
      Deep rooted information about micro niche.
      There will be time when doctor will tell, I have specialisation in “Right Eye”
      Micro-micro niche is the bull eye! Great solo!

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Thanks Kantigiri!!

      • Yogesh Kumar

        -Niche is a Topic and the Micro Niche is the Sub Topic
        -Should not work with multiple Niche at a Time
        – Select one Niche and narrow it down and over deliver the Value
        – Make your positioning unique to stand out from the crowd
        -if you are selling to everybody , you are selling to nobody
        -You can change your Niche Later but start with one at least.
        – Use Niche Finalization tool created by Sidz.
        – use 5p validation Model to validate your Niche.

    • Jayashree Kamble

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner
      My key takeaways – learned a lot from every single word of sidz sir about niche selection…Thank you so much…I am in process of learning…..
      1. Niche – select your passion area for longterm success
      2. Micro niche – your ideal target audience you want to solve the problem of
      3. Never go for multiple niches
      4. Zero down on your niche – is to decide on what problem do you want to solve of your micro niche
      5. Decide what method are you going to use for solving the problem
      6. Your ideal target market may be somebody who is same profile as you…somebody is just like you…ex same age group people, same thinking pattern, who are interested in personal development or Emotional growth, who are inclination in spirituality, your best target market is someone who can resonate you.
      7. Create your mission statement and make it your goal and create community
      8. Your niche is profitable or not – is depend on how you are going to solve the problem area of people, are you able to solve their problem, are you able to give your best, do test marketing and also do some researches, validate your niche.

    • Vishal Audi

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner
      My Niche Is (Make Money For Network Marketers)
      The three steps to zero down your Niche were amazed me..

      1. Solve Problem- exactly The Bigger The Problem You Solve The Bigger the Traffic you get.
      2. Methods to solve the problems
      *Make ppl to shift to digital
      *Getting More and more sign-ups by Traffic Generation

      3. Zero down your Target market..
      I love the concept that – THE BEST MARKET IS PPL WHO ARE JUST LIKE YOU.

      Q. Is my Niche profitable or not..
      – Profitability matters only when I can able to solve their problem..
      – and test market is the best way to know it..

      Q.what if my Niche does not have a market that can pay me..
      – I loved this – it’s a myth ppl will buy you
      -Its not a matter of money it’s a matter of value you give..
      It’s a value exchange
      *Value > Money

      Q. How to standout from the crowd and dominate my Niche..

      I love the Sidz ans.
      I have to “OVER VALUE”
      All are in a race of just selling their products and services but I really want to give Very Huge Value Like My Mentor $idz is doing..

      – give that much value for free on social media that ppl can solve their problem their only..

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      ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????????????

      -To Dominate – you have to present your knowledge in your way by simplifying it more.. so they can really feel it’s not that tough..

      – Should have have proper content strategy on

      #Create Review System To Get Ppl’s Trust.

    • Titus Sam

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner
      Key Takeaways:
      -Narrow down your niche. More your focus on a particular problem, more trust your earn from your target market.
      -Multiple Niches at the same time will dilute the efforts behind it and bring a return.
      -Too crowded, will drain out its quality. And people will get even confused which is best and which is not. Focus on Quality, no matter what happens.
      -Changing niche after selecting one will be fine, as your move forward in the journey. Collect all those transferrable lessons to apply in the next step.
      -Profitability is based on the capability of your solution in the life of your target market. Try Test marketing, research etc.
      -In order to stand out from the crowd and dominate my micro-niche, over deliver and prove with consistency to the value addition.
      -Over delivered values for free, will talk to the market that, you will over deliver even after you pay.
      -Never disappoint their expectations
      -If you break trust, then sands will slip out through your fingers.
      -This reminds me of this verse from the book of Proverbs, in Bible.
      “A brother offended is harder to be won than a strong city: and their contentions are like the bars of a castle.”
      Proverbs 18:19

    • Rajeev Sahu

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner
      It was so amazing to listen to this wonderful podcast on Niche Clarity. My key take aways from this podcast:
      1. Narrower you go in your Niche, the better customer you attract.
      2. Be Specific in your micro-niche. Never try to chase two rabbits together as you will always end up catching none.
      3. Coaching industry seems to be too crowded in India and sometime it feels whether the new entrant may be able to make a place in this marketplace. The answer is yes and it is for the fact that we have got huge population and we still have very less coaches to cater to growing needs in this fast changing world.
      4. Be specific on your micro niche and target market. Don’t think of serving everyone in the market. Be a specialist in your market.
      5. Your Passion should solve a problem of particular persona. And you can feel the abundance coming to your bank accounts.
      6. Money is the by product of the value you exchange in the market so understand the problems of your customer very well and provide the solution to help them.
      7. Over deliver the value than you are paid for.
      8. Be unique and Don’t be a copycat.

    • Manjusha Kelkar

      it was great.I am a member of one of your students community,but would like to join you one day.

    • Animesh Mandal

      Very good indeed

    • Srimaya Mahapatra

      “Hi, I’m Srimaya, a Talent Development Specialist for professionals in age group 25-45 helping them to grow to the next level in their career using Leadership, Communication and Entrepreneurial Mind-Set”

      But, does it pass the niche validation system as guided by Sidz here? Let’s check…

      So how do I practically use the lessons learned in this podcast?

      1. What is my niche out of the 7 major ones?

      Ans: Personal Development (but why not career development? because I absolutely believe that the lessons I will be sharing with my learners are more inclined towards MINDFULNESS – living the moments to the fullest and taking the best decisions in life)

      2. What is my micro-niche?

      Ans: Mindfulness, as explained above

      3. What is my method / modality?

      Ans: NLP (as a certified NLP & ICF coach, I have learned and practiced NLP methods to achieve not only my mindfulness but have testimonials showing the same about my learners)

      So far so well but…

      4. Isn’t the market already saturated with NLP / Mindfulness coaches?

      Ans: Yes very much. Just like MBA, NLP space became very quickly saturated. In fact, I was already late in the game when I got myself certified in 2018!

      But, as Sidz explained, it’s all right. There is no reason to fear since my personality and way of training is pretty different then many.

      Ok, no fear is good, but…

      5. Will this niche-microniche combination financially benefit me?

      Ans: As the podcast clearly explains there are 5-Ps to consider here BEFORE thinking about my monetary benefit!

      PASSIONATE: Am I really passionate about my niche? Yes, I am because I know how helpless I felt NOT being able to stay happy doing the job, NOT staying happy in my relationships, feeling kind of lost in life… for the whole 36 years of my life. I know exactly how I came out of that one step at a time and how much internal fulfilment I have brought to myself applying Mindfulness methods.

      PROBLEM : What Problem Will I be Solving? Definitely there is a big problem of feeling unsatisfied, unrecognized and redundant / stuck especially when the majority jump from one role to another, one company to another without thinking much about LEADERSHIP skills but only thinking about SALARY. I had gone through the same and I am sure many are out there waiting for some guidance.

      PERSONA: What kind of people can majorly benefited by my coaching? Well, people in age group 12 to 55 were able to connect with me during my offline presence. However, when I am going online I need to pick any one personality / age group. From my online advertisement analytics as well I have realized that group are mid-life folks… in the age group of 35 to 45.

      POTENTIAL: People have problem but are they ready to learn to change themselves? Well, statistics say that a large number of people are longing for this especially going through the tough 2020 where many lost jobs, businesses, added stress to their relationships in office and personal life! Google analytics confirm that after Entertainment, Inspirational videos are the most watched ones! Definitely there is potential. I only need to target them appropriately to send my message and offer.

      PAYMENT: Can people actually pay for this kind of a niche? As explained above millions watch YouTube videos looking for mindfulness in their life but do they actually achieve it? I was not able to! I invested in mentors and their systems to make me achieve true mindfulness. I expect the same from people. Someone somewhere is waiting to get mentored in mindfulness and I will be there waiting for him. 🙂

      6. So, I can get paid while serving people but how do I become the best mentor out there in mindfulness?

      Ans: As Sidz explains, GIVE MORE THAN YOU CAN ASK. IMMENSE VALUE MUST BE GIVEN FIRST. Therefore, without jumping guns, not being too impatient, if I make myself available for people in truest, honest way giving almost double value of what I will be charging I believe I can!

      So what is my final, narrowed down and revised Introduction after listening to this podcast?

      “Hi, I am Srimaya, a mindfulness coach with a mission to help 1 million learners to live a cheerful and fulfilling life using NLP methods.

      Even after years of experience, decent salary, maybe profitable business, if you are still feeling lost, unrecognized and unfulfilled in life, then then click on this link below and jump in to this life transforming 90 minutes masterclass on mindfulness now and I can assure you that you will thank me later just as my dearest 7k+ other learners spread across 7 cities. ”

      wow, honestly saying, I feel awesome to have written this comment since I was able to clear few bottlenecks in my mind.

      Thank you so much Siddharth, my #digitalbuddha for this super useful podcast. Humbled to be a part of #ilhfamily and #ilhdeeplearner

      • Siddharth Rajsekar

        Super stuff Srimaya!! You are truly deep learning..


        Hey Srimaya, your thoughts are simply jutting straight out of the heart. KEEP INSPIRING…Cheers.

    • Dr. Anita Mukherjee

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner
      Key takeovers:
      You may have more than one niches to follow, but if you want to stand out in knowledge business you have to choose a single niche, following a micro niche at a time.
      You can select other micro niche under the same niche, latter.
      And, the easy way for selection is as follow:

      1. Your niches: intersecting area of your passion, skills and life-goal
      2. Your selected niche for knowledge business: intersecting area of your niches, people’s problems to solve and market potential for growth
      3. Your micro-niche (s) : intersecting area of your selected niche for KB, methods that you can follow according to your skills and the group of people whom you want to serve.

    • Quinten D'lemos

      #ILH Deep learner – This was cool and crystal clear.
      There were a lot many more things that I learnt from this podcast about Niche and micro-niche.

    • Varshaa Dwivedi

      # ILH FAMILY #ILH DEEP LEARNER It’s like getting answers to all pop up questions in your head but what’s more . I will suggest join us come inside the community to know how much value he really gives here.

    • Karthik Sundararaman

      Takeaways from Sidz podcast – 10 questions to Help you Finalize Your Niche
      #ILHFamily #ILHDeepLearner

      Niche Vs Micro-Niche

      1. Niche is a broad topic
      2. Micro Niche is a narrowed down positioning under the niche. Think of Micro-Niche as a General Physician doing a Specialization. You are still a doctor but a specialist.
      3. The more micro you go the bigger your specialization

      Is it Ok to Select Multiple Niches?

      1. If you are an archer and if your are asked to shoot at a target, then how many would you pick? Remember the test that Arjuna had to go through?
      2. It goes by the saying of Tony Robbins – Where focus goes, energy flows. Focus on one Niche and become a specialist at it.

      Is the coaching and training market getting crowded?

      1. There are many coaches and trainers coming up every day
      2. If you are wondering about how to survive in this kind of competition, think of it this way, do we need more engineers and doctors year after year? The answer is YES, WE NEED MORE, because the challenges that we are facing is increasing and
      those who can provide quality solution are always going to be in demand.
      3. By 2025 you will see a bigger in-flux of trainers, coaches and mentors in the digital space
      4. Given a chance to pick between a quality product which has proven result history vs a low quality product which does not guarentee any results, which one would you pick? Most definitely one which has HIGHER QUALITY.
      5. Focus on providing great products that are really valuable and problem solving in nature and you won’t go out of demand ever

      Can you serve everybody?

      1. If you want to be for everybody, then you can serve nobody
      2. Your micro niche is not just a filter for you but also a filter for your target audience
      3. Until there is an establishment of your brand and until your community gets the results that they desire, do not venture into multiple niches or try to server everyone
      4. Narrowed down targetting also helps you to cut through the noise and those who are your ideal customers will definitely hear your message

      Can I change my Niche after I select one?

      1. As you evolve through your niche and your productization, you’ll start having better clarity
      2. You might have a liking towards a different niche through this process and can definitely think of PIVOTING in the future
      3. One of the best ways to select your Niche (to start off) is to see what problems have you solved or tried to solve for yourself and start off with that
      4. As you grow you may solve multiple other problems for yourself and if you think you can serve people who have similar issues, then you can think of pivoting

      How to zero in on your niche?

      1. There are 7 areas where you can start picking your niche
      2. Once you have done picking your area, you need to think of what method you want to use to solve the problem
      3. Now you need to know who are those that are facing the problem, figure our your target market
      4. Your ideal customer is someone who are just like you who is facing a problem that you faced or one that you intend to solve
      5. Understand demography and psychography of your customers so that you can really know if you are solving the problem or a symptom
      6. If you can think of your customer (ideal) as your own reflection, you already know the daily activities, daily problems faced and what is the best possible solution
      7. Think of creating mission statement so that your ideal target market knows that there is someone who is there to solve their problem
      8. With the mission statement, you will also have a goal to be inspired about everyday when you wake up

      How will you know if your niche is profitable or not?

      1. Profit is direct exchange of value
      2. As Earl Nightingale says, profit is the yardstick for the service you render
      3. Do a POC to know how your market responds and what kind of results they are able to get by using your product(s)
      4. Have methodologies to know how to do designing. Just having the same tools that other experts doesn’t mean the outcome will also be the same
      5. ILH community uses 5P validation system to exactly know if your niche/micro-niche is profitable
      6. Passion –> Problem solving –>Persona–> Potential –> Profits

      What if my niche doesn’t have a market which can pay me?

      1. People pay for having a better lifestyle, to get time freedom, to earn money , to get healthy. If your problem can really provide solution towards one or more of these, you will make profits
      2. Showcase value and you will be shown money by your market
      3. Establish value in a way your market understands and then expect money and profits from your end users

      What are the 7 best niches one can pick as a digital coach?

      1.Business Growth, Career Growth, Health and wealness, Money and wealth, Relationship, Personal Dev, Arts and Crafts
      2.Look at which area interests you or the area you have helped someone already or solved it for yourself and if you find it to be really interesting, go ahead and pick the macro niche and narrow down

      How do you dominate your micro niche?

      1. Think of overdelivering value. By doing so your customer will really understand that you have the genuine interest in helping your customers
      2. If your can overdeliver at the beginning or during Level 1 of your product itself, they will have a better perception of how amazing L2 and L3 would be
      3. Do not be transactional in nature. Because the game ends after transcaction
      4. Add value. The game of adding value begins even before the transaction and continues after the transaction.
      5. The way to know if you are adding value is that if your free contents can point users towards problem solution or even solve, you are on the right path
      6. Along with products think of providing ecosystems, communities, families to your customers
      7. Focus on your content strategy on YouTube and Podcast
      8. Longform contents can provide real good value and can solve specified problems. Because the longer your content you are obviously creating more value

    • Shilpi Khandelwal

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearning

      This podcast is a superuseful reminder …it answers beautifully the 10 inner resistances we have towards a finely tuned topic called niche.

      To be a generalist is not going to help us any way . But to understand the core passion of oneself which cannsolve a burning problem for the prospect is the need of the hour

      Niche can never be more than 1 zoned in …we dont travel in 2 boats at the same time

      It has to be squential : niche market, describe the person, problem to solve and method to solve the problem

      5 Ps niche validation:
      Passionate should solve problem targetting a persona and if there is a potential in the market and then you can get paid

      Substantiate the market with the value in a way the market understands your intention to sell the course .

      Don’t waste time just follow the process Sidz has chartered for us and see the diffence in your confidence and your bank balance!

      To stand out of the crowd I need to over deliver, to present a knowledge with unique POW content should be on you tube and pod cast …long form content preferable ..relationship building should be genuine and long lasting

      The influence building will lead to your lead magnet to become a niche in the crowd 🙂

    • Smita

      Sir, you are great. Masiha ! to people like me. I am marathi student from mumbai. I don’t have command on English & computer knowledge. That’s why I can’t indulged in such type of business. Affraid off. Really I am strongly in need of money.
      Thanks again ???? & God bless you.

    • Suchismita Banerjee

      This podcast makes me grin ear to ear. This is so me. When I started my journey of learning how to become a Digital Coach, I was very disillusioned as I just could not pinpoint what to work on. Niche alone confused me to the hilt; on top of that, I had to identify a micro-niche. Phew! I often doubted myself, I can’t even distinguish my niche what will I teach others? The multitasking soul in me thought I can do this also, wait a minute, I can do that also. I thought I could just fit in all of the niches! I pondered and wondered for a while and eventually surrendered to my mentor. Surprise, surprise – soon each of these and many other questions started getting answered one after the other.

      1. What is the difference between a niche and a micro-niche?
      A macro niche is the topic or the field in which we want to serve people. Since we are here to be Digital coaches and teachers, we are here to serve people, so being specific will be terrific. As I understand if I wish to be ‘Nice’ to others; I can begin with being ‘Polite’. Here the macro niche is ‘being nice’ and micro-niche is ‘being polite’. Of course, there are other ways of being nice too, but I specifically choose to be polite as my sub-topic.

      2. Is it ok to select multiple niches?
      My multitasking soul wanted this as potion, but soon I realised that this would not work! To paraphrase what has so beautifully been explained in this podcast – we can multitask, but we cannot multi-focus. So it is prudent to stick to one specific niche and micro-niche to make a difference to self and others.

      3. Is the coaching & training market getting too crowded?
      Yes, there are quite a few of us who are on their journey of being a digital coach. Sidz has talked about MBA here, so MBA graduates either get high paying jobs or start their startups and get funded too. It is the brand value of the institute that matters. Similarly, we all will have an impact on the new-age education system and we surely will build a new ecosystem on the foundation of integrity. Further (in my experience), being a part of the #ILHFamily we keep getting opportunities to train under international coaches like Vick Strizheus, Blair Singer, Dr DeMartini and many more.

      4. What happens if I go wide in my niche?
      The heart wants more. We get driven by the greed of targeting everyone. Well, I dwelled in this thought for weeks, then figured it is best to go narrow than go wide. Surveys and 1-2-1 conversations are tremendously helpful in narrowing down our target audience. Profile your target audience. Best will be to target someone who is like us.

      5. Can I change my niche after I select one?
      I have changed my niche twice and my micro-niche three times. It is what we resonate with, will make a class apart course; not what is in trend. What is trendy may not have made me who I am. People buy from people. We invest in products and services that make us look and feel better about ourselves. Niches can be changed, but start delivering value to people first. See if people can relate to what you are offering them. Diligently deep dive into your market research, it will be super useful in the long run. Listen to your audience. Change thereafter, if you must.

      6. What is the best way to zero down on my niche?
      We need to know what problem we will solve for the people, then what will be the method and then who will buy these. In the #FreedomBusinessModel, check the #NicheClarityBlueprint as many times as you need to. I did. If still perplexed, check the #NicheFinalisationSystem. The journey will tell you if you are on the right track or need to change directions. Unless we dive into the pool, we cannot say if the water is cold or warm.

      7. How do I know if my niche is profitable or not?
      It is wasteful to go by trends and popular beliefs. We all are unique in our way, so we teach, express and understand things in our unique way. None of us turned out exactly like one another, even though we went to the same class, had similar backgrounds and orientations, read the same books, heard and hummed along with the same songs. So what is profitable for me; may not be profitable for you. Just keep adding value.

      8. What if the niche I have selected does not have a market that can pay?
      Repeating my earlier point, do a deep and diligent market research. Learn more about your niche and micro-niche to offer more value. If the chosen persona does not pay, it means they are not getting enough value. We need to over-deliver in terms of value.

      9. What are the 7 best niches to select as a digital coach?
      No matter which micro-niche we choose, it can be categorised under any of these 7 main headers of Business Growth, Career Growth, Money & Wealth, Health & Wellness, Personal Development, Relationships, and Arts & Crafts. It is our intention that will tell apart our main niche.

      10. How to stand out from the crowd and dominate my micro-niche?
      Follow the golden triangle – Learn, Do and Teach. Do not just focus on earning money; money will be the byproduct of the value we offer to our students, tribe, hub, community. Keep upgrading your skills. #SiddharthRajsekar is a master of raising his bar! It is mind-blowing to watch the mentor evolve. When the teacher evolves, students are left with no other choice but to grow too.

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner #LessonsLearnt #ILHFamily #ILHDeepLearner

    • Angarayan

      That gave a very good clarity Sidz. Thank you. I’m planning to buy your course soon.

    • Nipunn

      This is my first ever podcast, i have listened.
      And in this podcast you have cleared out many other queries with these 10 questions…which are very helpful and also have taught many other values of this empire.
      Thanks a lot sir ????????
      For now my all main queries and questions are cleared out and i am moving forward towards your system to step in great learning from you.

    • Codeaxia Digital Solutions

      thank you very much for the content that help me to find out my niche …


      Sir Thank you for helping me find my niche. I want to learn how to make money in my niche. My niche is business. Pls, help me out.

    • Inder jeet Singh ubhi

      Very insight and deep learning thoughts

    • AK Mahapatra

      #ilhfamily #ilhdeeplearner

      What a revolution bought in this video. My earlier thought was focused on Individual as personal coaching. Now I have to focus on persona.

      Here is my Key Takeaways and Mantra:
      #1 P = Passion
      Love what you are doing!!! Love the way you eat, love how hard you train, and if you don’t feel that way, do it till you make it!!! Have a passion for life, have a passion for being healthy and happy, embrace what you are doing and do it with passion.
      #2 P = Problem
      Many people follow one side of the problem-solution not fully. For example, if someone has to lose weight they focus on the only weight of Fat loss but not muscle mass. If have no strength left, muscles are fire and you can’t possibly push any further.

      #3 P = Persona
      I’m following my passion which I’m Fitness Enthusiast to make a habit in everyday life to be Strong and be better every day. This will solve any problem as habit management in health and wellness. Now I’m intention is to focus on Persona – Working Professional + Post-Pregnancy Women, not as an individual (1:1 Personal Coaching) which was mentioned earlier.

      #4 P = Potential
      ignite your Passion+ Problem you for greater things+ Persona @working Professional @Post-Pregnancy Women = Identify your needs

      #5 P = Payment
      Develop MVP value strategy on Payment (niche) competition with others.

    • Anita Singh

      Sir you have made the coaching point of view a new perspective. So, in my view there can be nothing short of -if your student goes to the market with clarity.
      Your idea about target market is too good if profiling is done.
      If we address the problem with a real intent to help them – money should be the by-product.

    • Parikshit Sreedhar


      Narrow! Narrow! Narrow! Narrow down to one niche! This will lend CLARITY and enable us to FOCUS. Clarity and focus will help us deliver significant value. Money is a by-product of delivering VALUE.

      Key takeaway: Your target market is people who are just like you!!!


      Narrowing done on the target market is the first step. Niche will be profitable if i am able to solve the problem of the target audience. Also my vibe will attract my tribe. Thank U Sidz …lovely podcast once again.

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