What's the difference between a "macro-niche" and a "micro niche"? It's the difference between a general interest and a laser focus. And when it comes to attracting wealth with your knowledge, the narrower you go, the more attractive you will be in the marketplace.

If you're an expert in your field, there's a good chance you've already got a micro niche. But if you're struggling to launch your business or attract high-level clients, this podcast will be very useful for you.

In this episode, you'll learn:

- How to find your micro niche
- How to make your micro niche work for you
- Why a micro niche is essential for attracting wealth

So if you're ready to take your business to the next level, tune in now!

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Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    41 replies to "What’s The Difference Between A “Macro Niche” And A “Micro Niche”?"

    • Sumesh Chhabria

      Great 🙂

    • Manoj Sahu

      Very Nice Podcast .. to Decide you niche 👍🏻

    • Mangai

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH
      Understanding macro and micro niche
      6 macro niche
      1. Business growth
      2.career growth
      3. Health and wellness
      5. Relationship
      6. Creativity
      Don’t look at how much knowledge you have
      Choose the problem you love to solve

      Then choose the Micro niche- sub area- narrow positioning

      Choose the end goal you want your audience then zero down on the method

      To be attractive in the market place be a specialist rather than generalist..
      Choose micro niche very specific to postion yourself in the blue ocean.

    • Arundhati N

      Awesome as always ☺️
      Great strategy on going micro in order to specialise and dominate your market

    • Aaftaab Ali

      Drilling down, going narrow is what creates a winning edge. It makes the compition irrelevant.

    • Shubhamjeet Kumar

      My takeaway:
      Macro-niche is a big or generic market.
      Micro-niche is a narrowed-down or a small market.

      To choose your niche, choose 1 macro-niche from the following 6:
      (1) Business Growth
      (2) Career Growth
      (3) Wealth / Make Money
      (4) Health / Wellness
      (5) Relationships
      (6) Arts / Crafts

      The aforementioned marco-niches are problem areas where people need help.

      Once you have chosen your marco-niche, select a specific sub-area or micro-niche. Choosing one specific micro-niche will help you build authority in that area.

      After choosing your micro-niche, do a deep research on your topic and create solutions for your audience’s problems. The solutions could be products, services, coaching, or consulting.

    • Amala Rai

      Very helpful in understanding micro niche. Thank you

    • Dr Ganesh Hegade

      Good morning
      Very nice ಪೊಡಕಾಸ್ಟ್ 👌👍🏼

    • Dr Manju K

      Very helpful SIDZ


    • Apps Khutwad

      General to Specify expertise…
      One more great podcast on supporting coaches to winning path

    • Jeet Patel

      You are giving such topic of padcast on the right time whrere really I need help on that area of developing.

      Thank you sidz, you are really taking care of us..

      Narrowing down or go deep specialization it’s key to success, Broad niche is no work more, because I have faced it in my businees macro niche.

      Go further deep and deep and you will find very big problem and it needs to be solved. That’s really “Blue Ocean”.

    • Renuka Shrinivas

      What’s The Difference Between A “Macro Niche” And A “Micro Niche”?

      People look for these 6 major problems either in the form of product or services.

      1. Business Growth
      2. Career Growth
      3. Health and wellness
      4. Money and wealth
      5. Relationships
      6. Creativity

      This could be your Macro Niche.

      either in the form of information product, physical product, services, consulting etc.

      But You should have the approach of what problem you can solve with the knowledge that you possess rather than focusing on how much of knowledge you have.

      In short it is about what problem do you want to efficiently solve with the Knowledge or Skills and experience that you already have which aligns with your Niche during your Work.

      And your capability in Understanding subject and expertise to teach Someone in a particular way within a particular given Market.

      “It is not about how much knowledge that you have in your subject . It is about what problem do you want to efficiently solve with the knowledge and experience that you already have “.

      Micro niche
      It’s the sub areas under the main areas .
      The more you are focused on one particular area branching from the main area the more you are specific on the achievable fruits which is the end goal .

      Macro Niche is something that is generic
      And micro Niche is something that is specific

      And this is like blue Ocean . Less compition less people doing same work is blue Ocean.
      Even if many people are doing the same work but the way that you’ll be positioning will be very different from others.
      Unique in your own style.

      For Eg. Under Career Growth as Main Branch.
      Language Skill could be sub branch and
      English Speaking could be another sub topic and again “Confidence in English Speaking” is the End Goal.

      The End Goal is the achievable Fruit or the desired results for a particular Persona or Market Place.

      Thanks a lot Siddharth for this clarity of Macro Niche and Micro Niche.

      Thanks All for Reading.

    • Subhavahini Seetharaman

      #ILHdeeplearner #ILH

      My Macro Niche is “Health and Wellness”
      My Micro Niche is “Reversing Diabetes”

      Before ILH I used to deliver my courses based on what all information I know on my Macro and Micro Niche. It used to be overwhelming for people. Though they feel they got lot of information, what to be implemented was always confusing for them. It resulted poor in getting results.

      As I have clarity on my goal for my community, my product is come out result oriented.

      I used to call myself as “Holistic Wellness Coach”
      Now I call myself as “Diabetes Wellness Coach”

      This has changed my entire gameplan around Diabetes in the market.

      Thank you Sidz for positioning myself beautifully around my Micro Niche and design my products more result oriented.

    • Riddhi Deorah

      The difference between a macro and a micro niche

      Macro means big
      Micro means small

      You should know your Macro and micro niche so that you can sell your expertise with less resistance.

      They are 6 major macro niches. These are mainly the major problems that people want.

      We have to pick one of the 6 macro niches and the idea of picking a niche is to help people travel from point A to Point B using the ideas that we share with them. It is not about how much we know it is about what results can we create for them.

      A micro niche is a sub-area under each of these macro niches. When you have a micro niche you become more attractive in the marketplace. You are specialised in a particular area and you don’t act as a generalist.

      Now to make the micro niche even more attractive we must have a unique formula that will make us unique in the marketplace.

      Personal Insights:
      Niche is an area of your interest that you are good at and willing to get better at, something that can keep you engaged for hours without exhausting you.

      Once you figure out what this is you find people who want to get better in this area and then help them to go from their current state to the desired state using the ideas that you have learnt and collected.

      Niche is basically an idea that keeps you awake and motivates you to improve the lives of others using this idea.

      Once you know what that idea is you work backwards to see what macro niche it falls into and what micro niche you want to particularly serve.

      Niche = Idea that you love getting better at + An idea that motivates you to serve others + Idea that people are actively looking for + Idea that they would be willing to pay for because it is going to simplify things for them

    • Sumit Pathak

      Thank you for this clear explaining about micro and macro sidz

      macro means is big and micro means small

      so we have to work with micro to reach like not becoming expert just become specialist

    • Piyali chakraborty

      Before joining ILH, had no idea about Macro and micro niche.
      Niche is expertise, as the word macro means big and micro means small.
      Macro niche is, the expertise in the area described in bigger aspect. each of these expertise can be even broken down into smaller micro niche, expertise in even specific area within that macro niche.

      There are 6 macro niche.
      1. Business growth
      2. career growth
      3. Health and wellness
      4. Money and wealth
      5. Relationship and
      6. Creativity

      Each of those macro niche has various micro niche area.

      Personal conclusion:
      To find niche, the journey can be started with few self questions:
      What problem i would love to solve for others, which will give me that boost every morning?
      What problem has a congruent story in my own life?
      What problem I solved for myself or solving till date and have gained expertise to solve it?
      Once you get the answer, try to come to a single point, and go backward, which micro niche it can be and under what macro niche does it fall?
      Thank you Sidz, for the simpler explanation once again! Love.

    • Durgam Sathyanarayana

      Macro niche>Micro niche>Solve Specific problem & give a Solution.

      Thank you so much

    • Ashvin Sonagara

      Great #ilh #ilhfamily

    • Prashant Saini

      Macro niche-Micro niche-Being Specific creates the magic .

    • Rajiv Bhatia

      Specialist in the Market Place is attractive positioning rather than a Generalist. Micro Niche is thus flagging one in the crowd of professional Coaches. Also, it gives a focused area to learn and share with the. community.

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