Do you want to know the reason why don't we take action even through we know the right path, this podcast has the answer.

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you know exactly what you should be doing, but for some reason, you just can't seem to take action? It's a common problem, and in this podcast, I'm going to explore why it happens and what we can do about it.

First of all, it's important to understand that if you truly wanted to do something, you would already be doing it. So if you're not taking action, even though you know it's the right thing to do, there must be some kind of resistance holding you back. This resistance can come in the form of internal fears and doubts, such as the fear of failure, the fear of what other people will think, or the fear of not succeeding.

These internal fears and doubts can be incredibly powerful, and they can prevent us from taking action even when we know that it's the right thing to do. However, it's important to remember that they're not real, they are just thoughts. And we can learn to recognize them, understand their source and to overcome them by focusing on the right things.

One way to overcome these internal fears and doubts is to focus on the benefits of taking action. Think about how much better off you'll be once you've taken that step, and how much further along you'll be in achieving your goals.

Another way to overcome these fears and doubts is to take small action steps towards your goal, so you can build momentum and achieve success over time.

In conclusion, it's common to feel resistance when it comes to taking action, even though we know it's the right thing to do. However, it's important to remember that this resistance is usually caused by internal fears and doubts, which can be overcome by focusing on the benefits of taking action, taking small steps and building momentum over time. So don't let your fears hold you back, take action towards your goals today!

To your freedom,

Sidz is a college drop-out, "musician turned digital geek", a spiritually grounded minimalist, father of 2, and husband of a loving wife. He founded the Internet Lifestyle Hub in 2018 to fix the education and employment system for good. Currently, he is helping over 20,000+ coaches, teachers, and experts digitize their knowledge. He’s an international best-selling author of the book You Can Coach and is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people live a lifestyle of freedom!

    49 replies to "Why Don’t We Take Action Even When We Know The Path?"

    • Meena Y

      Thank you sidz.
      Awareness on Internal chatter, the fear, resistance is good.
      surrender and faith and conviction helps to achieve success.
      Changing the environment, patterns is important. I started all of these

    • Shalini Surendar

      This podcast was very relevant and apt for me because i do the same thing.. i would like to listen to more of your podcasts as i feel it will benefit me a lot.

    • Sridhar kihhal

      For me
      Fear of failure
      Lack of faith and self belief
      No risk appetite
      Lack of surrender to Mentor

    • Alka Gupta

      if you truly wanted to do something, you would already be doing it.

      Wow…..there is a deep meaning inside this quote.
      Very well explained.

      ….But sometimes there are some situations hold us to take actions like family responsibilities, guest at home etc.

      I don’t know how many will agree to this…

      Being a woman means additional responsibilities. Even if a woman wants to take action there and there, she already has some or other things scheduled in her way.

      However she will never Stop as she knows how to overcome with this…

      She may not run, she will Crawl and reach her goal🥅

      Thanks for the guidance.

    • Devanand

      Really powerful Tips !

    • Sarvesh

      We have to be Action-Taker in 2023.
      Inter chatter of our brain sometimes confuses us a lot.
      Must Faith have faith with system, path & Mentor!

      No More doubt, surrender Yourself life Arjun to Krishna.
      Change Environment, friends circle, books, and change patterns.
      Our Environment is stronger than willpower. #Sarveshlab #ilhfamily

    • Vinoth Babu

      Great Lesson to take action!

    • Riitu Saraff

      Lovely Podcast Sidz, After how you presented it , What I am getting present also is fear cages us into inaction as we keep feeding fear, it grows bigger than the desire, the knowledge, or system, or the mentor.
      So the first thing to attack is the brain rewiring of the lack of self-belief always!
      Follow through with creating a conducive environment.

      Thank you so much, much gratitude for this short yet powerful podcast!🙏🌈

    • Dr deepak

      Though I am a diamond member till it’s my story. I am going to chamhe this from today.
      I van do it. I am doing it. I have done it.


      Hi Sidz your podcast was really inspiring it very much relates to my situation, I am chartered accountant in practise I qualified my CA exam in Jan2020 at the age of 51 since than I am in practise in collaboration with my husband ADVOCATE Sitaram Agrawal.I run a small proprietorship Firm AGRAWAL ANITA & CO with the aim to expand my business and turn it into a big CA FIRM.I am shy no network no technology knowledge in fact having no clients on my own base all our clients is due to my husband network no such communication skills as you possess.I desire to help professionals in their struggle in CA PRACTISE AND KEEP THEM UPDATED but the problem is that their are many experts and renowned personality working in this field my fear is that how will I compete with them.

    • Medha Gautam

      Really don’t know how you do it, but every time your podcast comes, even after I open your podcast email after weeks, it feels as if it came just at the right time. Really needed to hear this one!

      Action is the only thing that’ll make you succeed, and from today I will share daily updates/wins/losses in our powerful ILH community!

      Thanks for your words, always :))

    • Hetal Desai

      I have broke the pattern to grow …. And joined this community and start taking ACTION !!

    • Neha Akhtar

      Wow! everyone time when I listen to your podcast my energy boost 10X. Loved this super powerful podcast and got very insightful nuggets from this. Thanks alot Sidz.

    • Loretta Sridhar

      Why am I not taking the path, when I know the path?
      Inner fears prevent me from changing.
      Surrender to the process + Self-belief = Action driven journey
      If something is not working for you, Stop working that way.
      If something is working for you, start working in that way.
      Quick fix: For me to be part of a community and have an accountability partner.
      That is so true, I vouch for this, as I am part of a community with Sidz – Pathfinders. I am becoming action driven. Thank you, Sidz.

    • praful C Varma

      Lovely podcast very practical.
      Most people don’t succeed in life spit of knowing that what is right .
      Some times situations arise in our life where we are totally helpless and according me its God wish .But to succeed in life we have to take every day consistent steps to move forward and it will help us to reach to our destiny..

    • Ashima

      Very beautifully explained ….one more reason i feel why we don’t take action is having a perfectionist approach…we feel once we perfect our craft/skill or whatever may be the case then we would take action….but then I think the answer to this is that the process….being into it ..the grill & the grind pushes us towards perfection. And besides nobody is perfect. So yes taking action is very important.

    • Anju Bhakri

      Thanks sidz for such a realistic thought. So, when we become fearless life become limitless.

    • Simmani

      Thankyou sooo much ..I got to know a new perspective from you .

    • Ajay Kumar

      Thank you Sidz to take me out from mud of procrastination, your advice is practical and easy follow. Your advice has started changing my life 360 degree

      These are the golden rules of my life now onward, my gratitude to you

      Looking forwards to meet you soon

    • Angelyne Nongpluh

      Very true to me. I’m encouraged. Thankyou Sidz

    • Hasina

      Hi Sid
      This is exactly what i was thinking.
      Why why why
      Even when i know i know the exact path why is it i can’t move. I know i can , it is not difficult, rather easy, then what is holding me back ? Yes !fear of what others think can be a reason,as i had been a people please throughout my life,but i had been asking myself! is it the only reason?
      I am a silver member of internet lifestyle hub,joined in October 2022
      Due to my pregnancy and delivery i had to take a break in December but now really struggling to catch back.
      I can start from where I left 1 month back.
      I need help.

    • Saurabh Atrey

      I really liked this…our environment is more powerful than our willpower therefore our community is so relevant for us.

    • Meenu Chaurasiya

      Why don’t we take action ….

      If you really want to do will be doing it …

      Lots internal fears ..and mindset …
      Feeling if I am fail …
      Feeling I am not enough ….
      Lack of faith …
      Lack of system ….

      Learning learning learning …really high on learning … And not taking action … It is because of lack of surrender …

      Take action with faith and conviction….
      Surrender yourself to mentor …
      Surrender yourself to path…
      Surrender yourself to system ….

      Do more of what’s working …
      Do less of what’s not working …..

      Quick fix of this problem …
      Change your environment …
      Be a part of like minded community …
      Change to friends ….


    • Ramji Balasubramanian

      1. If you really wanted to do something, you will do
      2. Internal Resistances, Fears – Self Doubt, Internal chatters, Lack of Faith in Mentor or Process
      3. High on Knowledge, Low on Action, Not Completely Surrender.
      4. Even thought you know it is RIGHT PATH, Root cause of Lack of Surrender is Lack of Faith in Mentor or Process or Whole System
      5. Take action with Faith and Conviction, Yes I can do it.
      6. To get inspired to get in right path, change your environment, books, friends, be a part of community
      7. Environment is stronger than will power
      8. Sitting Alone with Doubts and Fears, will push you down. Get Energy Up with the Community and apply the process with the proven system.

      Very True for people to get on Track for the Right Path

    • Atish Sawant

      Hi Siddharth,
      Really appreciate your mastermind. You exactly know where we are stuck and on time your vaccine came into our mailbox for the perfect disease.
      Really thanks, I still waiting for your nurturing messages.
      Atish Sawant
      Professional Real Estate Coach.

    • Sumitra Manamohan

      Lessons Learnt:
      Thanks Sidz for cracking my mindset of self doubt and lack of faith in the system suggested.
      Ive always been learning,learning but hardly applyng the knowledge. Today I learned:
      1.To surrender to the system and follow my mentor without self doubt or lack of faith that it will work for me.
      2. to get inspired change the pattern of your working- Something that doesnt work, STOP DOING IT.
      What work DO MORE OF IT.
      3. Your environment is stronger than your will power because of the support and encouragement you get from others.
      Great learning for your Podcast.


      Reasons for not taking action even if know the path as I understand from the podcast my personal experience:
      1. lack of clarity
      2 lack of confidence- procrastination, perfectionism
      3 Internal resistances- fear of failure, self-doubt and doubt in the system & process and teacher.
      How to overcome:
      1. for clarity -ask, and you will find.
      2. for confidence- affirmations, mindset
      3. for internal fears- surrender to the good teacher/ mentor/coach-follow his directives. be part of a community of a similar group, and follow a discipline of practice. Be positive- love yourself.

    • Saranya Sivaselvanayagan

      Thank you sidz this is really I want to change my environment and my inner fear,self beliefs.When i joined this community i have the right mentor for my entire life and my career.thank a lot sidz😊🙏

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